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LEASE DEED THIS LEASE DEED is made on this the 23rd December 2013 at Vizag BETWEEN Mr.

Sunita Kumari, residing at Ukkunagaram steel plant herein a!ter re!erred to as the " Lessor# ha$ing Income Ta% &'( )*+&,-./0D D12 3r SH4'3U D'S aged about 3/ 5ears 67hich e%pression shall unless it be repugnant to the conte%t or meaning thereo! shall deem to mean and include its successors in title e%ecutors and representati$es8 o! ONE PART9 AND

31s9 Tebodin :onsultants ; <ngineers India &$t =td a compan5 incorporated under the
:ompanies 'ct 1.>? and ha$ing its registered o!!ice at (o912? )(T To7er 2 nd @loor (elson 3anickam +oad :hennaiA?00 02. and a place o! business at (o912? )(T To7er 2 nd @loor (elson 3anickam +oad :hennaiA?00 02. ha$ing Income Ta% &'( ''::T///0H hereina!ter re!erred to as B=esseeB represented b5 3r9 T9,9Sudheeran 2!!ice 3anager aged about >- 5ears dul5 authorized b5 the +esolution passed b5 the )oard o! Directors o! the :ompan5 o! 2TH<+ &'+T9 W H E R E AS:

a9 b9

Mrs. SUNITA KUMARI is the o7ner o! land bearing &lot (o930?A< )=2:, in the SHIV'CI ('D'+ 'D'('3&UDI and measuring appro%9 1?>0 SE9!t9 o! land9 &ursuant to negotiations bet7een the parties the =essor has agreed to lease to the =essee and the =essee has agreed to take on lease !rom =essor the Scheduled &remises !or the rent reser$ed herein and on the terms and conditions herein pro$ided9

NOW THERE ORE THIS LEASE DEED WITNESSETH and the parties hereto agree as !ollo7sF 19 029 That This =ease 7ill be !or a period o! ele$en months !rom the . th o! D<:<3)<+ 2013 up to the .th o! 2ctober 201-9 !HAR"EABLE AREA:

The =essor has represented to the =essee that the total chargeable area !or entire schedule premises is admeasuring appro%9 1?>0 SE9 !t9 039 a. !ONSIDERATION: RENT:

The =essee shall pa5 to the =essor a monthl5 =ease rental amounting to Rs. 0>00 6+upees <ight Thousand and @i$e hundred onl58 6+ent G 3aintenance8 7hich shall be paid on or be!ore 10th da5 o! each month !or the month !or 7hich it is due and subHect to deduction o! TDS as applicable9 The parties agree and con!irm that the =essee shall pa5 rent !or the period commencing !rom the . th o! (o$9 @urther the =essee shall be liable to pa5 an5 ta%es and le$ies such as but not limited to ser$ice ta% at the stipulated rate promptl5 7ithout an5 demand or reEuest b5 the =essor9 #. SE!URIT$ DEPOSIT:

6i8 'n interest !ree deposit o! +s9 1- 0001A shall be paid b5 the =essee to the =essor9 The =essor has simultaneousl5 handed o$er the scheduled premises to the =essee9 6ii8 The said Deposit 7ill be held b5 the =essor as and b5 7a5 o! interest !ree re!undable securit5 deposit to secure the due and !aith!ul per!ormance b5 the =essee o! the terms and co$enants herein contained and on the part o! the =essee to be per!ormed9 6iii8 The Securit5 Deposit mentioned in clause 6i8 abo$e shall be re!unded b5 the =essor to the =essee simultaneousl5 against the =essee handing o$er the $acant possession o! the scheduled premises to the =essor on e%pir5 or earlier termination o! this 'greement9 6i$8 'll the amounts pa5able as stated abo$e to the =essor b5 the =essee shall be paid in !a$our o! ISU(IT' ,U3'+I 'cc (o9 ?21>0/33.2- )ranch code 6I@S:8 S)H 0020>3?9 0-9 DURATION O THE LEASE:

The =ease shall be $alid !or a period o! <le$en months !rom the . th da5 o! December 2013 up to the . th da5 o! 2ctober 201- o! 7hich the initial period o! one month shall be the lock in period9 0>9 RI"HTS AND OBLI"ATIONS O PARTIES:

In pursuance o! the a!oresaid and in consideration o! the rent and other amounts pa5able b5 the =essee under this 'greement and the interest !ree securit5 mone5 deposited b5 the =essee 7ith the =essor and

the co$enants and conditions hereina!ter contained on the part o! the =essee to be paid obser$ed and per!ormed the =essee shall be entitled toF Install such !urniture and electric !ittings and to carr5 out at its o7n costs such interior 7ork i! an5 7ithout damaging or de$aluing the said scheduled premises so as to suit its reEuirements9 The =essee and its emplo5ees ser$ants and agents and $isitors 7ill ha$e !ree ingress to and egress !rom the Scheduled &remises 7ithout ha$ing an5 independent claim during the subsistence o! this 'greement9 0?9 i9 ii9 LESSEE !O%ENANTS WITH THE LESSOR AS UNDER: To pa5 the monthl5 =ease rental in respect o! the Scheduled &remises on or be!ore the 10 th da5 o! e$er5 month o! the lease and 7ithout the necessit5 o! an5 notice or demand !rom the =essor subHect ho7e$er to an5 deductions reEuired to be made b5 la7 J To bear the operational costs !or the electricit5 7ater telecommunication air conditioning generator gas securit5 maintenance pest control 1 housekeeping etc in the Scheduled &remises consumed b5 it during the term o! the lease based on the actual rates charged b5 concerned statutor5 authorities 1 other ser$ice pro$iders J The =essee shall bear the cost and responsibilit5 o! keeping the premises in good repair e%cluding those matters 7hich are the responsibilit5 o! =essor pursuant to paragraph (ot to make an5 structural alterations to the premises 7ithout the =essorKs prior consent in 7riting9

iii9 i$9

$9 $i9

The =essee shall not subAlet assign trans!er or part 7ith either the 7hole or a part o! the Scheduled &remises to an5 third part59 The =essee shall not store an5 combustible or hazardous materials in the Scheduled &remises9
The =essee shall keep and maintain the Scheduled &remises its interior and partition 7alls interior structural parts and supporting in a state o! good tenantable repair order and condition and particularl5 so as to support shelter and protect the other parts o! the building besides the Scheduled &remises9


The =essor shall ha$e the right to inspect the Scheduled &remises at mutuall5 agreed time a!ter gi$ing to the =essee minimum 1 6one8 da5 ad$ance noticeJ
Upon the e%pir5 or earlier termination o! the lease and subHect to and against obtaining re!und o! the securit5 deposit made b5 the =essee and to the other pro$isions herein contained to surrender simultaneousl5 to the =essor $acant possession o! the Scheduled &remises in tenantable condition and in the condition it 7as originall5 leased subHect to normal 7ear and tearJ That all the representations made in clauses 6i8 to 6i%8 abo$e b5 the =essee are true and correct and i! an5 o! the abo$e representation made b5 =essee is or turns out to be !alse or incorrect then 7ithout preHudice to an5 rights remedies a$ailable in la7 to the =essor the =essor shall be entitled to claim appropriate damages !rom the =essee9 0/9 THE LESSOR DE!LARES A"REES AND !O%ENANTS TO THE LESSEE AS UNDER: 6i8 The title o! the said propert5 is clear and marketable and the =essor has absolute unencumbered unimpeded and unrestricted right and po7er to lease the Scheduled &remises to the =essee as herein pro$idedJ 6ii8 The =essor has !ull right and authorit5 to e%ecute and implement this =ease 7ithout an5 charges encumbrances thereon o! 7hatsoe$er nature and that the e%ecution and implementation o! this


=ease 7ill not result in an5 breach or contra$ention o! an5 pro$ision o! la7 or an5 contract to 7hich it is a part5 or b5 7hich it is other7ise boundJ 6iii8 that the =essee on pa5ing the agreed =ease rental subHect to deduction o! ta% at source pa5ment o! ser$ice ta% and other le$ies per!orming and obser$ing the agreed terms and co$enants as con!irmed herein and on its part to be per!ormed shall peaceabl5 hold and enHo5 the Scheduled &remises during the term o! the =ease 7ithout an5 interruption inter!erence or claims b5 or !rom the =essor or an5 person claiming under through or in trust !or it9 @urther the =essee shall ha$e unlimited access to the Scheduled &remises t7ent5A!our 62-8 hours a da5 se$en da5s a 7eek and through all da5s o! the 5ear !or the term o! the leaseJ 6i$8 to promptl5 pa5 during the term o! the lease all the e%isting present and !uture ta%es in respect o! the Scheduled &remises and the land on 7hich it stands such as land ta% building ta% propert5 ta% and corporation ta%J 6$8 that the =essor shall throughout the term o! the lease carr5 out all maHor and structural repairs to the Scheduled &remises at their o7n risk cost and e%pense and 7hich has not become necessar5 due to the negligence o! the =essee9 The =essor shall keep the bare shell o! the )uilding insured against all natural calamities at its o7n cost all the time during the tenure o! the leaseJ 6$i8 The =essor shall upon e%pir5 or earlier termination o! the lease and 7ithout the necessit5 o! an5 demand !rom =essee re!und in !ull to the =essee the securit5 deposit paid b5 the =essee and to permit the =essee to remo$e !rom the Scheduled &remises an5 !i%tures !ittings appliances or other impro$ements belonging to or pro$ided b5 the =essee in or about the Scheduled &remises a!ter deducting the cost o! an5 repairs that ma5 be incurred b5 the =essor on the =esseeKs account or on account o! the =esseeKs occupation o! the premisesJ 6$ii8 That all the representations made in clauses 6i8 to 6$i8 abo$e b5 the =essor are true and correct and i! an5 o! the abo$e representation made b5 =essor is or turns out to be !alse or incorrect then 7ithout preHudice to an5 rights remedies a$ailable in la7 to the =essee the =essee shall be entitled to claim appropriate damages !rom the =essor9 6$iii8 'll Disputes are SubHect to 'ndhra &radesh Curisdiction LESSOR: Mr. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& LESSEE: M's. Te#o(in !onsu)tants * En+ineers In(ia P,t Lt( (o912? )(T To7er 2nd @loor (elson 3anickam +oad :hennai ?00 02. 'll notices shall be in 7riting b5 registered mail or b5 !acsimile !ollo7ed b5 a con!irmation letter b5 registered mail9 009 TERMINATION:

These presents ma5 be terminated in !ollo7ing circumstancesF 6i8 2n the completion o! the lease period contemplated under this deedJ

6ii8 In the e$ent o! the =essee !ailing to pa5 the agreed lease rent !or t7o consecuti$e months then in that e$ent the =essor shall gi$e notice o! such de!ault in pa5ment to the =essee and call upon the =essee to recti!5 the breach 7ithin a period o! 30 da5s o! the receipt o! the notice a!ter 7hich period the =essor shall be entitled to terminate the leaseJ 6iii8 '!ter the e%pir5 o! the lock in period o! three months the =essor and the =essee shall be entitled to terminate this lease at an5 time b5 gi$ing 1 month 7ritten notice o! its intention o! doing so to the other part5 in 7hich case the lease shall stand terminated on the e%pir5 o! the abo$e notice periodJ 6i$8 The =essee agrees that upon termination o! the lease in an5 o! the circumstances mentioned in an5 o! the :lauses set out hereinabo$e the =essor shall be entitled to on such termination resume possession o! the demised Scheduled &remises against re!und o! Securit5 Deposit to the =essee as stated abo$eJ 6$8 The signatories to this lease personall5 co$enant that the5 are each dul5 authorised to e%ecute this =ease Deed on behal! o! the respecti$e part5 to 7hom the5 represent9 6$i8 The parties hereto e%pressl5 agree that it shall be open !or the parties to mutuall5 add1alter1amend1change1$ar51modi!5 an5 o! the terms and conditions to this agreement as the need be a!ter the e%ecution o! this agreement9 Such additions1 alterations1amendments1changes1$ariations1modi!ications shall be in 7riting in an5 !ormat ho7e$er the same 7ill not be $alid unless dul5 signed b5 the authorized representati$es o! both the partiesJ 6$ii8 The &arties hereto agree that in the e$ent o! there being an5 dela5 in or indulgence sho7n b5 either o! the parties 7ith regard to the en!orcement o! an5 o! the terms o! this =ease Deed the same shall not be construed as a 7ai$er on the part o! the part5 sho7ing such indulgence or tolerance and an5 such indulgence or !orbearance shall not be deemed to be a 7ai$er o! the rights and the parties shall be entitled to en!orce such right 7ithout preHudice to such indulgence or tolerance sho7nJ S!HEDULE - I .T/e S0/e(u)e( Pro1ert23 'll that piece and parcel o! propert5 being o!!ice premises measuring an area o! about LLLLLLLsE !t in the LLLLLL !loor o! the building kno7n as LLLLLLLLLLLL comprising o! LLLLLLLL sE !t comprised in SubADi$ision (o9 LLLLLLL and car parking space speci!ied in clause 6i%8 o! this Deed the entire land bounded as !ollo7sF 2n the <ast b5 2n the Mest b5 2n the (orth b5 2n the South b5 F F F F LLLLLLL !eet +oad LLLLLLLLL Home LLLLLL !eet +oad LLLLLLLLLL !lat

and situated in the SubA+egistration District o! Vizag and +egistration District o! Visakhapatnam9

'rticles !urnished b5 the lessor include9 19 Tube lights - G 3:@= 29 @itting lights in hallF 3 39 @ans and e%haust !ansF- ;1
IN WITNESS WHEREO the parties hereto ha$e e%ecuted this =ease Deed and a duplicate hereo! at :hennai on the da5 and 5ear !irst abo$e 7ritten9 SI"NED an( DELI%ERED !or and on behal! o! 8


Mr. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& the =essor a!oresaid ha$ing as its SoleA&roprietor 3r LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL in the presence o! F SI"NED an( DELI%ERED !or and on behal! o! M's.Te#o(in !onsu)tants * En+ineers In(ia P,t Lt( the =essee a!oresaid b5 its 'uthorized Signator5 3r9T9,9Sudheeran in the presence o! F 8 8 8 8 8 8 8