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The pH Miracle for Cancer During Week 3 of our Thursday night teleseminar on the pH Miracle for Cancer we answered

several questions on emotions and their impact on our health. The following is an overview of those questons and answers. ! What impact do your emotions have on preventing" causing or reversing cancerous tissue# $motions are energy in motion % &$& motion. '( &$& motion can take place without energy and when energy is )eing consumed acids are produced as a )y%product. *ust like a car when it consumes gasoline for &$& motion" an acidic waste product is produced % car)on mono+ide. ,t is common knowledge that car)on mono+ide is a to+ic acid and if not eliminated through the e+haust system of the car the car would immediately shut down. -nd so it is with us. (ur thoughts" our &$&motions require energy and energy consumed produces meta)olic acids. ,f acids from our thoughts are not eliminated through urination" perspiration" respiration or defication .our e+haust systems! they will make us sick" tired and cancerous. /ince you know that cancer is an acidic liquid you now know that you can cause cancerous tissue with your thoughts" or should we say your &$& motions. When you are constantly in your thoughts % negative thoughts % they give rise to feelings like hatred" revenge or anger. These thought provoked negative feelings can lower the pH of your urine .the urine pH indicates tissue pH! )y over 00 times. This can cause the )ody to go into preservation mode 1234" using up your alkaline )uffering reserves. (nce the alkaline reserves are used up the )ody goes into )ody wasting from all the acids. 5our )ody is )eing tenderi6ed and fermented )y your own acidic waste products generated from &$& motions. The &$& motion formula is as follows7 thoughts 8 feelings or &$& motions 8 acids or negative thoughts 8 negative feelings or negative &$& motions 8 e+cessive acids which can effect the alkaline design of your )ody. 5our alkaline or healthy thoughts create less acid then your acidic or negative thoughts. ,f you want to stop the pain9 if you want to stop the degeneration9 if you want to stop the fermenting from your own acidic waste products you have to slow down or even stop the &e& motions" especially the negative &e& motions. 5our negative thoughts could )e killing you. When you are continually in your thoughts you are having a &thought attack.& -nd &thought attacks& can lead to heart attacks and cancerous tissue. ,n the case with your thoughts or &$& motions" less is more and more is less. To prevent or reverse cancerous tissue you must turn off the negative thoughts" the stories" the movies running in your head. When you turn off the thoughts you reduce acidity" and when you reduce acidity you prevent or reverse sickness" disease and even cancerous tissue. 1! How do your thoughts impact the success for the treatment of cancerous tissue# ,t has )een said that out of 10 people diagnosed and treated for cancer" :0; of them will die from the fear of the cancer rather than the dis%ease. <.$.-.=. is an acronym that stands for" <alse $vidence -ppearing =eal. Many of us live our lives in <.$.-.=. rather than in <.-.,.T.H. % the <irst -ttri)ute ,' Thoughtful Health. When your thoughts move away from <.$.-.=. and move towards <.-.,.T.H." your tissue alkalinity increases and your tissue acidity decreases making your treatments for cancerous tissue more effective.

When you are living your life in <.-.,.T.H. you are living in the present" or in the '(W. >iving in the '(W is alkali6ing" energi6ing and healthful. 5(? are not concerned with the past nor are you concerned with the future. >iving your life in the past or in the future is a <.$.-.=. )ased life and is highly acidic. >iving in the past or the future creates &e& motions that lead to the feelings of regret" worry" and an+iety that can make you more sick" tired and cancerous. 5our treatments for cancerous tissue will not )e effective" or as effective when you are thinking in the past or future living in a state of &$& motions of <.$.-.=. rather than the &$& motions of <.-.,.T.H. % hope" love and charity. Cancerous tissue is not something we get. ,t is something we do as a consequence of daily choice of what we eat" what we drink" what we TH,'@" and how we live. We either have an alkaline lifestyle and diet and enAoy a fit and healthy )ody" or we have an acidic lifestyle and diet and e+perience the aches" pains and suffering from meta)olic acids. 3! Can you cause cancerous tissue with your thoughts# -)solutelyB (ur thoughts require energy and energy meta)oli6ed creates acid. ,f the acidic waste products from your thoughts are not eliminated through urination" perspriation" respiration or defication they will )e a)sor)ed into your tissues to protect and maintain the delicate pH of the )lood at 4.3CD. -cids a)sor)ed into the tissues will )urn" ferment" spoil and even rot any cell and tissue they come into contact with. Therefore" meta)olic acids when a)sor)ed into the tissues will cause cancerous tissues. 2! How does my personal relationship with friends" family and3or spouse prevent or cause cancerous tissue# $ckhart Tolle had this to say a)out our thoughts which , )elieve can affect your personal relationships that in turn will either prevent or cause cancerous tissues7 &The )eginning of freedom is the reali6ation that you are not &the thinker& The moment you start watching the thinker" a higher level of consciousness )ecomes activated. 5ou then )egin to reali6e that there is a vast realm of intelligence )eyond thought" that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. 5ou also reali6e that all the things that truly matter% )eauty" love" creativity" Aoy" inner peace" arise from )eyond the mind.. 5ou )egin to awaken.& , )elieve that this awakening comes through a process of making alkaline lifestyle and dietary choices. When you )ecome more alkaline in your thoughts" words and deeds" you )egin to reconnect to your true self % you are less acidic or less cancerous. When you are reconnected physically" emotionally" mentally and spiritually you will )egin to awaken. When awake" your &e& motions turn to feelings of Aoy" hope" love and charity for self" and then for your neigh)ors" friends" family and spouse. 5ou reali6e that you are a spiritual )eing having a physical e+perience rather than a physical )eing have a spiritual e+perience. 5ou are wholeB 5ou are alkalineB 5ou are healthyB 5ou are aliveB 5ou are a peaceful and loving /(>. (nce again in closing" , would like to share with you my vision of medicine in the 1 st century. My vision of the relative purpose of medicine is to include prevention of illness and promotion of health and fitness rather than focusing all our attention on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. , )elieve the ultimate purpose of medicine is to help people discover something fundamental within

themselves. -nd that is the awareness that the true source of well%)eing" Aoy" and contentment that we all seek lies within oneEs mind and heart % the emotions and the spirit % not in the physical world. This is important so we can all )egin to )e freed from the process of grasping for happiness in this physical world. To support this approach" , )elieve we must )egin to em)race a more spiritual vision of ourselves and of humanity as a whole. While providing great love" care and attention to the physical )ody" medicine can then" and only then help people discover the nonphysical" spiritual dimensions of themselves. When this happens" we can all live and work with less fear and stress" grasping to preserve the physical )ody at all costs % we can truly )e free.

Broccoli Destroys Cancer-Causing Bacterium /cience is )eginning to catch up to what we all ready know %% )roccoli is a /uper <oodB Thank Fod for Doc Groc and Doc Groc HitaMins which contains )roccoli .it was left off the la)el! and wonderful grasses. 'ow you can get your concentration .10 to ! of grasses and vegeta)les in a chewa)le ta)let. <or you vegetarians Doc Groc is perfect for you. (h" )y the way dogs and cats love Doc Groc HitaMins tooBBB /o" remem)er three things7 ! Doc Groc =ocks 1! Doc Groc HitaMins are for real champions" and 3! The )reakfast of champions is )roccoli not cerealB /o here is the latest research on )roccoli7 Groccoli Destroys Cancer%Causing Gacterium Gy @atrina Wo6nicki in Washington <rom the /cience I Technology Desk D%1J%1 G->T,M(=$ .?K,! % - potent compound found in )roccoli destroys the )acterium that causes ulcers and stomach cancers" new research released Monday reports. The compound" called sulforaphane" killed Helico)acter pylori" a tough" anti)iotic%resistant )acterium that is responsi)le for thousands of cases of ulcers and stomach cancer worldwide. =esearchers at *ohns Hopkins Medical /chool in Galtimore and at the <rench 'ational /cientific =esearch Center in Karis" conducted la)oratory tests on mice that showed sulforaphane killed two types of resistant strains of H. pylori )oth inside and outside the cell. This is a key finding" researchers said" )ecause destroying disease%causing organisms at the intracellular level can )e difficult. ,n people particularly" the cells lining the stomach can har)or H. pylori" making it harder to eradicate any infection. &The fact .sulforaphane! is an anti)acterial agent is an une+pected discovery"& researcher Dr. Kaul Talalay" a pharmacology professor at *ohns Hopkins" told ?nited Kress ,nternational. &What this says is thereEs really a two%pronged approach to the pro)lem ... so you have potential for dou)le insurance.& =esearchers said it is not clear whether sulforaphane in )roccoli can work like a magic )ullet" as la)oratory tests suggest" or whether the compound must )e used in pure form. &Groccoli is highly varia)le in its content"&

Talalay said. &,tEs not Aust any kind of )roccoli"& that would work. Talalay declined to disclose what types of )roccoli were grown to e+tract the sulforaphane that was tested" though he did say they were standard seeds and not genetically modified. /tomach cancer is not as common in the ?nited /tates as it is in -sia" /outh -merica and -frica" Talalay said" where H. pylori infection rates are high. -lready" scientists are interested in studying the potential effects of sulforaphane in *apan" a country with a high stomach cancer rate. Talalay said )roccoli has received a great deal of attention in the past for its cancer%fighting properties" )ut anecdotes from ulcer patients who reported relief from their symptoms after consuming )roccoli triggered scientistsE curiosity. &This finding is interesting"& Melanie Kolk" director of nutrition education for the -merican ,nstitute for Cancer =esearch in Washington and a registered dietitian" told ?K,. &This finding that .)roccoli! has another function is even more e+citing. (ne more reason to include )roccoli in your diet.& This does not mean )roccoli is a cure%all" Kolk cautioned. &,tEs important that we put this into perspective"& she said. &There are pro)a)ly thousands of protective phytochemicals"& yet to )e discovered. &,tEs important to understand that phytochemical research is really still in its infancy.& The findings will )e pu)lished in the May 1J issue of the Kroceedings of the 'ational -cademy of /ciences. Copyright L 1001 ?nited Kress ,nternational ,n >ove and ,nner>ight" Dr. =o)ert and /helley 5oung