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Grapefruit Does NOT Cause Breast Cancer - Grapefruit Prevents Cancer

Dear Susana, We are now finishing the picking of this years Rancho del Sol organic ruby red grapefruit at Ranch Avorado. If one has never tasted a Rancho del Sol ruby red grapefruit, the first experience ay be so ewhat disconcerting! less sweet than an orange, less acid than a le on, and a little sour. At first, this original co bination of flavors ay see strange, but one soon beco es accusto ed to it. "he Rancho del Sol organically grown ruby red grapefruit is the largest of the citrus fruits and the ost alkaline. It has also been the ob#ect of the ost scientific research in recent years. As uch for its co position as for its edicinal properties, the Rancho del Sol organic ruby red grapefruit is surprising investigators, who continue to focus their attention on this incredible alkali$ing fruit. "he Rancho del Sol grapefruit pulp contains a oderate a ount of carbohydrates and very few proteins and lipids. A ong its vita ins, the ost pro inent is % at &'.' g()**gra s. As for ineral salts, it is high in potassiu at )&+ g()** gra s aking it an alkali$ing fruit, in addition to a certain a ount of calciu at ), g()** gra s and agnesiu at - g()** gra s. "he Rancho del Sol .rapefruit contains hundreds of no/nutritive co ponents. A ong these are pectin, flavonoids, carotenoids, and li onoids. 0ectin is a type of soluble vegetable fiber found in any fruits such as citrus. 1egetable fiber was the first non/nutritive food co ponent to be studied because of its edicinal effects. .rapefruit pectin is found in the fiber for ing its pulp and in the whitish layer #ust below the skin and between the sections. "he fiber stands out for its arterial protection and its anti/ cholesterol or anti/acidic effects as deo onstrated in nu erous scientific experi ents. "he flavonoids are part of a group of non/ nutritive co ponents known as phytoche icals. %he ically they are glycosides, which are widespread in plant/based foods and whose edicinal properties continue to a a$e scientists. "he predo inant glucoside found in our grapefruits is naringine,

which is transfor ed into naringenine in the body. It i poves blood flow, and has anti/ oxidant and anticarcinogen properties. It is very i portant to note the anit/cancerous properties of grapefruit since a recent article was released suggesting grapefruit ay increase the risk of breast cancer. "he benefits of eating grapefruit with its any anti/cancerous properties including li onene and naringenine will help buffer the acids in the blood, including cytochro e 0'2* &A' 3%40&A'5. "he recent study suggested that the increase of estrogen in the blood was a result of eating grapefruit and the loss of cytochro e 0'2* &A' and was a risk for increased breast cancer. 6irst, the loss of cytochro e 0'2* &A' is a result of the antioxidant properties of grapefruit. "his is a good thing. Second, the estrogen in the blood is not a direct result of eating grapefruits. "hird, the hor one estrogen is an acidic hor one of glandular function. 6ourth, the increase of estrogen in the blood is a result of an acidic diet of eat, dairy 3especially cheese5 and high sugar fruits which can lead to the over/activity of the reproductive glands producing the acidic waste product or estrogen. 6ifth, the solution to reducing estrogen is not by eli inating grapefruit but by eli inating eat, dairy, high sugar fruits and grains. When this is done the estrogen levels will begin to drop to nor al levels. Sixth, keep eating grapefruit, it will prevent acidity and thus prevent a cancerous state, including breast cancer. 7ating grapefruit provides carotenoids which are a good source of beta/carotene, the precursor to 1ita in A. "he Rancho del Sol grapefruit contains any other substances, called carotenoids, which act si ilarly and facilitates the anitoxidant effect of 1ita in % and flavonoids. 8i onoids are terpenoids that constitute the essence of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit. "he Rancho del Sol .rapefruit is particularly rich in one of these / li onene, which gives the fruit its bitter alkaline taste, and a large portion of its proven anticarcingenic properties and will

prevent breast cancer. "he Rancho del Sol grapefruit serves to protect the arterial walls fro the acidic hardening and indulation associated with the deposit of acid bound cholesterol and its conse9uent acidic calcification, the process known as arteriosclerosis. In this way the Rancho del Sol grapefruit increases the volu e of blood reaching the tissues and i proves circulation. 0ectin is the non/nutritive co ponent that is principally associated with this effect. "he protective and healing effects of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit on arteriosclerosis are ore pronounced if the whole fruit is eaten and not #ust its extracted pectin. "his is probably because the flavonoid aringine contained in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit has the proven effect of lowering the blood he atocrit when this is excessive 3 ore than 22:5. ;e atocrit is a easure of the concentration of the blood in cells. When the he atocrit is lowered to nor al levels by the effect of grapefruit, the blood beco es ore fluid, circulation i proves through the artieries, and there is less risk for blood clots, which are the ost serious co plication of arteriosclerosis. It is i portant to note that when the he atocrit is low because of excess acidity 3causing ane ia5, the Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not reduce it further, but rather, it causes it to rise toward ore nor al levels. "he co bined co ponents of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, then, have a positive effect! )5 on the arterial walls, increasing their interior dia eter, ,5 preventing cancer, including breast cancer, and, &5 on the blood, aking it ore fluid. "he use of the whole Rancho del Sol grapefruit, including the pulp is particularly useful for all for s of arteriosclerosis, whether or not its is co plicated by clotting! )5 cerebral 3lack of circulation to the brain5< ,5 coronary 3angina pectoris, heart attack5! &5 peripheral 3lack of circulation to the li bs5. "he virtual absence of sodiu and fat in the Rancho del Sol grapefruit, as well as its high level of potassiu , akes it very suitable for those challenged with heart dis/ease, particularly heart failure. "hose suffering fro hypertension should also eat an abundant a ount of Rancho del Sol grapefruit, since it has a ild diuretic effect that helps de/congest the circulatory syste . In these cases the #uice is ade9uate, although eating the whole fruit including the pulp provides better access to the benefits for the circulatory syste .

7xcess uric acid fro eating ani al proteins, in any of its for s! gout, uratic arthritis, kidney stones, breast stones, brain stones, gallstones, a Rancho del Sol grapefruit is very effective in dealing with these sy pto s of over/acidity. Whenever one wishes to =cleanse the blood,= thus pro oting the body=s detoxifying functions 3particularly in the liver5, one ay drink a glass of fresh Rancho del Sol grapefruit #uice on an e pty sto ach each orning. "he best results are obtained by following this regi e for one onth, resting one or two days a week. "he detoxifying effect of the Rancho del Sol grapefruit , at least partially, because its li onoids chelate excess acids in the body and especially the liver. "he Rancho del Sol grapefruit does not pro ote weight loss in and of itself, although it is reco ended in the p; >iracle Weight 8oss 0lan. ;owever, because of its depurative and detoxifying properties, it is an excellent co ple ent to the diet of anyone wishing to lose weight. "his is acco plished by including the Rancho del Sol grapefruit #uice in the diet. An interesting study using laboratory ani als was conducted at the ?niversity of 6lorida, ?SA. During an entire year the ani als were fed an atherogenic diet 3one that generates arteriosclerosis5 very rich in saturated fat and that, indeed, generated arterio/ sclerosis. 6ro that point, one group of ani als was fed s all a ounts of grapefruit pectin each day. After nine onths, the average arterial narrowing in these ani als was ,':, as opposed to '2: in those ani als that had not been fed pectin. @ther experi ents show that grapefruit pectin intake ay lower the level of 8D8 cholesterol by )*.-: in four weeks. "he grapefruit=s specific co bination of pectin, and li onoids help protect against the acids that cause cancerous tissue, including breast cancer. Regular consu ption of Rancho del Sol grapefruit is a good way to protect against the acid that ay cause cancerous tissue any where in the body. "o order your freshly picked Rancho del Sol grapefruit go to! http!(( ( "o learn the ore about the cause of cancer go to!

"he p; >iracle for %ancer http!(( ( Resources!

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