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Worksheet Present Simple and Present Continuous

1. Puneti verbele din urmatoarele propozitii (Present Simple) la interogativ si negativ: 1. I love my brother. 2. She talks too much. 3. I understand you. 4. You play the piano very well. 5. I always believe you. 6. e remembers my phone number.

!. "hey live in #ucharest. $. e has a hot bath every day.

%. I trust my &riend. 1'. I have lunch at one o(clock. 2. Puneti verbele din urmatoarele propozitii (Present Continuous) la negativ si interogativ: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. !. $. It is rainin). I am havin) a walk. e is tellin) the truth. You are typin) a letter. "hey are swimmin) in the river. *y &riend is wearin) a new dress. *y mother is restin). +e are studyin) ,n)lish.


-nn is knittin). 1'. "he child is learnin) to play the piano.

3. Puneti verbele din paranteze la Present Simple sau la Present Continuous: 1. I .not )o/ shoppin) because it .rain/. 2. +hat you .do/ on Sundays0 3. e usually .drink/ co&&ee but now he .drink/ tea.

4. In ,n)land it o&ten .rain/. 5. I .not like/ that boy. 6. e usually .speak/ so 1uickly that I .not understand/ him.

!. You .like/ this book0 $. You .dream/ at ni)ht0

Yes2 I .dream/ every ni)ht. %. I can(t answer the phone now because I .cook/. 1'. ow you usually .)et/ to work0

I usually .)o/ by bus2 but now I .take/ a ta3i because I am late. 11. "he mana)er can(t receive you now as he .have/ an interview. 12. You .write/ to 4ohn now0

Yes2 I .be/. I always .write/ to him on his birthday. 13. +here you .hurry/0

"o the theatre2 as I .not want/ to miss the &irst act.

14. She always .borrow/ books &rom me and never .remember/ to )ive them back. 15. You .)o/ to work every day0

Yes2 o& course2 e3cept Saturdays and Sundays. 16. +hy you .smoke/ so much0 1!. +ho you .wait/ &or0

I .wait/ &or 4ohn2 but he is late2 as usual. 1$. I always .have/ a rest a&ter lunch. 1%. +hat you .think/ o&0

I .think/ o& my mother 5ust now. 2'. You .know/ what time is it0 4. Traduceti in limba engleza: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. !. $. %. Iarna nin)e. 6uminica el nu se scoala devreme. ,u nu studie7 seara. 8e &aci0 8itesti sau privesti la televi7or0 Secretara tocmai bate la masina un re&erat. ,a mer)e la cumparaturi s9mbata. -cum imi &ac temele la en)le7a. :u;mi place ca&eaua. 8e carte citesti0

1'. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 1!. 1$. 1%.

<a ce ora se scoala 4ohn dimineata0 8e &aci tu in 7ilele libere0 8ui ii tele&one7i0 ,l nu mer)e la scoala cu metroul2 mer)e pe 5os. 6e ce deschi7i &ereastra0 -desea citesc carti en)le7esti. ,a isi &ace ba)a5ul. 89t de des le scrii parintilor tai0 89nd mer) la mare imi place sa inot mult. 8lientul tocmai isi ale)e o pereche de panto&i.