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XXVIII 2014 Luigi Russolo Award: Call for participation

The Russolo competition is one of the most prestigious contests for electro-acoustic composition. It began in 1979 as homage to the painter and composer Luigi Russolo, the founder of noise music. Initially and over 30 years, the Concorso Internazionale Luigi Rusolo, was organised by Gian Franco Maffina and Rossana Maggia. After a break of 9 years, the competition returned in 2010 under the both direction of Studio Forum and Grcia Territori Sonor within the Bruit de la Neige Festival (Annecy) and LEM Barcelona Festival (Barcelona). This year, the contest will be held for the second year in two different locations, la Soierie de Faverges (France) on the 31st of May 2014 and during October 2014 at the Museum of Modern Art of Barcelona (MACBA, Spain).


Studio Forum (Annecy- Festival Le Bruit de la neige) and Grcia Territori Sonor (Barcelona Festival LEM), once again announce the Luigi Russolo - Rossana Maggia competition now in its XXVII edition with the goal of fomenting the creation of experimental and electroacoustic music, especially that which is based on the sonic semantics of Luigi Russolo.


The competition is open to candidates from any country, composers/artists under the age of 35 at the date of the 15th of april 2014. There is one single category. Each candidate may only present one piece. There is no fee required for participation in the competition. There is no theme imposed for 2014 The piece must be of a duration comprised between 6' and 10' The piece must be sent: Before the 15th of April 2014 (deadline) It must be recorded in stereo on a CD-R marked exclusively with the title of the piece. The CD must be accompanied by: - A short description of the piece with no mention of the composers name. - A separate CV of the composer. - A photocopy of the composers passport or identity card. Mailing address: STUDIO FORUM 7 rue du Forum 74000 Annecy - France

Each participant must send an e-mail confirming the sending of the package to the following address:

The jury will convene on the 31 of May 2014 at La Soierie (Faverges), they will audition all the pieces st nd rd received and will decide of the 1 /2 and 3 Award and will selected 12 works to participate to the final in Barcelona. The results of the competition will be announced in October 2014 with a presentation of the selected pieces during a concert in MACBA (Barcelona) during the Festival LEM.

The following Awards will be attributed: In Faverges (FR): Luigi Russolo : 1 /2 and 3 Award Jury of Faverges will selected 12 works to participate to the final in Barcelona.
st nd rd

In Barcelona (SP): Luigi Russolo Grand Prize (one of the3 Luigi Russolo Award) Rossana Maggia mention to the best electroacoustic piece that uses vocals or onomatopoeias. Gianfranco Maffina mention for the best piece that uses innovative ideas of composition Jury Special Mention An Audience Award will be decided in an open session in MACBA during the 2014 Festival Lem A CD with the awarded pieces will be released by Monochromevision (Mosc) : Each awarded artist will receive 10 copies. Participation in the competition implies the agreement of the piece being released by Monochromevision.

A concert to showcase the awarded pieces will take place at the Studio Forum acousmonium during the Le Bruit de la Neige Festival. The participating pieces will be included in Studio Forums & Grcia Territori Sonors sonic archive. The award will be made public on the respective websites of the Le Bruit de la Neige Festival and Gracia Territori Sonor. The awarded pieces will receive airplay on the Msica i Geografia and Msica i Qumica radio programes, on Barcelonas FM frequency.

In 2012, the local company ST Dupont had very generously provided gifts for the three winners. The first prize received a pen Ligne 1, a product created in 1977 just two small years before the premiere of the competition (Varse, Italy). The history of ST Dupont is intimately linked to the music school as many of its workers historically have been and are currently members of the harmony choir and also the school is located in one of the company's old production units. In 2013, the gift for the Grand Prix Luigi Russolo (Barcelona) was the Andy Warhol Ltd edition ST Dupont. In 2014, the gift for the Grand Prix Luigi Russolo (Barcelona) will be a fabulous fountain pen Humphrey Bogart ST Dupont, Edition Thmatique Bogie Night (900 ):


Experimental Studio Slovak Radio, Pacific 231 (Dublin), La Soierie (Faverges) and Ecole de Musique de Faverges (France). A CD with the awarded music will be produced by Monochromevision (Moscow)


MACBA Barcelona

Victor Nubla, Sebasti Jovani, Lucy Tcherno

Jury Barcelona

Luigi Russolo contest in Faverges

Jury Faverges with Renaud Martelet



The 1 Jury in 1979 was composed by: P. Grossi, Franois Bayle, C. Picardi, G.M. Koenig, C. Ferrario, Pierre Schaeffer and G. F. Maffina.

And from 1980 to 2001 by: Klaus Ager (A), Francois Bayle (F), Berndt R Berndtson (SW), Michele Biasutti (I), Philippe Blanchard (F), Christian Calon (CND), Luis De Pablo (E), Antonio De Santis (I), Giuseppe Di Giugno (I), Roberto Dikmann (CH), Tsvetan Dobrev (BG), Bernard Donzel Gargand (FR), Denis Dufour (FR), Juraj Duris (SK), Luigi Finarelli (I), Carlo Ferrario (I), Gian Felice Fugazza (I), Pietro Grossi (I), Gotfried Michael Koenig (NL), Igor Lintz Maues (A), Tod Machover (USA), Angelo Paccagnini (I), Bernard Parmegiani (F), Carlo Pessina (I), Carlo Piccardi (CH), Ubaldo Polonio (I), Terresa Rampazzi (I), Michael Redolfi (F), Pierre Schaeffer (F), Richard Szeremeta (PL), Alvise Vidolin (I), Rossana Maggia (I).

From 2010 by: Jean Louis Belmonte (F), Philippe Blanchard (F), Guillaume Caillot (F), Paul Clouvel (F), Pierre Coppier (F), Bernard Donzel-Gargand (F), Juraj Duris (SL), Pierre Jolivet (FR/IRL), Pierre Launay (F), Victor Nubla (SP), Dmitry Vasilyev (R), Enric Les Palau (SP), Carme Pardo (SP), Pablo Rega (SP), Pierre Delnieppe (F), Renaud Martelet (F), Sebasti Jovani (SP), Lucy Tcherno (SP), Georges Castagn (F).

1979 (I) - Prix : Denis Dufour (F), Michel Redolfi (F), Alfonso Belfiore (I) - Mentions: Andrew Bentley (USA), Matrin Burlas (SK), Peter Beyls (B) 1980 (II) - Prix : Stefano Ughi (I), Reed Holmes (USA) - Mentions: Patrick Kosk (SF), Tate Byron (USA), Frank Royon Le Mee (F) 1981 (III) - Prix : Richard Szeremeta (PL), Maggy Payne (USA), Daniel Arfib (F) - Mentions: Franco Sbacco (I), Corrado Canepa (I), Frank Royon Le Mee (F), Gianni Di Capua (I), Peter Smith (USA), Jacquees Diennet (F), Stefano Farneda (I) 1982 (IV) - Prix : Kim Dyett (NZ), Michael Obst (D) - Mentions: Ricardo Mandolini (D), Kajia Saariaho (SF), Francesco Sardella (I), Corrado Canepa (I) 1983 (V) - Prix : Tsvetan Dobrev (BG), Bertrand Dubedout (F), Frank Royon Le Mee (F), Maria Luisa Bon (I) - Mentions: Francesco Sardella (I), Lelio Camilleri (I), Corrado Canepa (I), Vincenzo Carlucci (I), Luca Martegani (I) 1984 (VI) - Prix : Frank Royon Le Mee (F), Paul Dolden (CDN), Corrado Canepa (I) - Mentions: Richard Karpen (USA), Richard Szeremeta (PL), Scott A. Wyatt (USA), Tiziano Popoli (I) 1985 (VII) - Prix : Christian Calon (CDN), Luigi Finarelli (I), Juraj Duris (SK) - Mentions: Franco Nanni (I), Andrea Liberti (I), Cort Lippe (F) 1986 (VIII) - Prix : Paul Dolden (CDN) - Special mentions: Manuela Rossi (I), Luigi Finarelli (I) - Mentions: Jacopo Duran-Loriga (E), Manuel Berenguer (E), Roland Jvanez (F)

1987 (IX) - Prix : Juraj Duris (SK), Wragget R. D. Wes (CDN), Michele Biasutti (I) - Mentions: Vidmantas Bartulis (SU), Gilles Gobeil (CDN), Richard Karpen (USA) 1988 (X) - Prix : Claudio Chianura (I), Gilles Gobeil (CDN), Paul Dolden (CDN) - Special mention: Marilinda Santi (I) - Mentions: Paul Koonce (USA), Michele Biasutti (I), Robert Rudolf (SK), Fabio Turatti (I) 1989 (XI) - Prix : Gilles Gobeil (CDN), Peter Machajdik (SK) - Special mention: John Oliver (CDN) - Mentions: Stephan Roy (CDN), Gerard Trimmel (A), Saur Etienne (F), Robert Normandeau (CND), Faustas Latenas (Lietua) 1990 (XII) - Prix : Michael Schell (USA), Robert Normandeau (CDN), Michele Biasutti (I) - Special mention: Andre Ruschkowski (D) - Mentions: Paul Dolden (CDN), Sergio Borsato (I), Graziano Gallo (I) 1991 (XIII) - Prix : Marek Piacek (SK), Francois Donato (F), Stephan Roy (CDN) - Mentions: Marco Airaghi (I), Michele Biasutti (I), Graziano Gallo (I)

1992 (XIV) - Prix : Stefan Roy (CDND), Miwa Masahiro (J), Philippe Blanchard (F) - Mentions: Elio Martusciello (I), Ludger Brummer (D), Marco Ligabue (I), Michele Biasutti (I), Egils Bebris (CDN), Martusciello Elio (I) 1993 (XV) - Prix Musique Electronique : Randall Smith (CDN), Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (BRA), Ned Bouhalassa (CDN) - Mention: Zhang Xiao Fu (China) - Prix Musique Mixte : Xu Shuya (China),Jean Francois Cavro (F)-Mention: Giorgio Colombo Tccani (I) - Prix Musique Radiophonique : Christian Banasik (PL) - Mention: Philippe Blanchard (F), Randall Smith (CDN) 1994 (XVI)
- Prix Musique Electronique : Mario Marcelo Mary (RA), Akemi Ishjima (J), Alistar Mac Donald (GB) Mentions: Mathew Adhins (GB), Frank Schweizer (D), Robert Scott Thompson (USA) - Prix Musique Mixte : Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (BR), Michele Biasutti (I) , Joseph Hyde (GB) Mentions: Katharine Norman (GB), Neville Hall (NZ), Jean Francois Cavro (F) - Prix Musique Radiophonique : Mentions: Mark Tremblay (CDN), Evan Chambers (USA 1995 (XVII) - Prix Musique Electronique : Joseph Hyde (GB), Francesco Giomi (I), Manolo Remidi (I) Mentions: Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (BR), Darren Copeland (CDN), Eduardo R. Miranda (GB) - Prix Musique Mixte : Jon Cristopher Nelson (USA), Randall Smith (CDN) Mentions: Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (BR), Pierre Jodlowski (F) 1996 (XVIII) - Prix Musique Electronique : Antonio Gatti (I), Rose Dodd (E), David Monacchi (I) - Mentions : Katharina Klement (A) - Prix Musique Mixte : Flo Menezes (BR), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico), Fabrizio Ferrari (I) - Mentions: Riccardo Santoboni (I) - Prix Musique Radiophonique : Matthias Schneider (D), Georg Weidinger (A), Donnaha Dennehy (IR)Mentions: Franois Giraudon (F)

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2001 (XXIII) - Prix Musique Electronique : Hideko Kawamoto (Japon), Paul Noel (USA), Guillermo Fabian (Argentine) - Mentions : Mathew Adkins (GB), Michael Edwards (Austriche), Alessandro Petrolati (Italie) - Prix Musique Mixte : Jean Francois Laporte (Canada), Maja S. K Ratkje (Norvge), Pablo Garcia (Mexique) - Mentions : Mei Fang Lin (Chine), Rodrigo Sigal (Mexique) NEW JURY AND CONTEST 2010 (XXIV) - 1er Prix Russolo : Yota Kobayashi (Japon) - 2me Prix Russolo : Elia Marios Joannou (Chypre) - 3me Prix Russolo : Valrie Delaney (Canada) - Mention Rossana Maggia : Sergy Khismatov (Russie) - Mention Franco G. Maffina : Sebastian Peter (Allemagne) - Mention Spciale du Jury : Joan Bages Rubi (Espagne) 2011 (XXV) - 1er Prix Russolo ex-aequo : Donal Sarsfield (Irlande) - 1er Prix Russolo ex-aequo : Georges Forget (France) - 3me Prix Russolo : Alejandro Casales Navarrete (Mexique) - Mention du Jury : Hayashi Kyohei (Japon) - Mention du Jury : Cendrine Robelin (France) - Mention Rossana Maggia : Junya Oikawa (Japon) - Mention Franco G. Maffina : Victor Hurtado Torres

2012 (XXVI) 1st Luigi Russolo Award: Timothy Schmele (Germany) 2nd Luigi Russolo Award:Steven Snethkamp (USA) 3rd Luigi Russolo Award: Carlos David Perales Cejudo (Espaa) Luigi Russolo Grand Prize: Timothy Schmele (Germany)
Gianfranco Maffina Mention: Theodore Karkatselas (Greece) Rossana Maggia Mention: Esteban Ziga (Mxico) Jury Special Mention: Salem Osamah Hasan Abdel Majid (UK) The Audience Award decided in an open session on the 19th of October 2012: Salem Osamah Hasan Abdel Majid (UK) ex-aequo with Mathieu Prual (France)

2013 (XXVII)
Luigi Russolo Grand Prize: Lee Fraser (UK) Vision of Ezekiel 1st Luigi Russolo Award: Sina Fallahzadeh (Iran) Etoiles filantes 2nd Luigi Russolo Award: Lee Fraser (UK) Vision of Ezekiel 3rd Luigi Russolo Award: Tho Martelet (France) Progradation Gianfranco Maffina Mention: Jullian Hoff (France) Home Rossana Maggia Mention: Simone Faliva (Italy) Lessence du rel Jury Special Mention: John Nichols III (USA) The Ways The Audience Award decided in an open session on the 10th of October 2013: John Nichols III (USA) The Ways Please download the completed 2013 document on:

LUIGI RUSSOLO: Luigi Russolo, born 30th of April 1885 in Portogruaro (Italy) and deceased the 4th of February 1947 in Cerro di Laveno, was a futurist artist considered to be the father of electroacoustic music. He is the author of The Art of Noises in 1913, manifest in which he declared: modern music goes round in this small circle, struggling in vain to create new ranges of tones. This limited circle of pure sounds must be broken, and the infinite variety of noise -sound conquered. Besides, everyone will acknowledge that all musical sound carries with it a development of sensations that are already familiar and exhausted, and which predispose the listener to boredom in spite of the efforts of all the innovatory musicians. We Futurists have deeply oved and enjoyed the harmonies of the great masters. For many years Beethoven and Wagner shook our nerves and hearts. Now we are satiated and we find far more enjoyment in the combination of the noises of trams, backfiring motors, carriages and bawling crowds than in rehearsing, for example, the Eroica or the Pastoral .

ROSSANA MAGGIA: Rossana Maggia lives in Varese. She studied in the Pdua Conservatory and in the Florence Lyrical Centre. In 1970 she collaborated with her husband Gianfranco Maffina in the Varse Cultural Centre and then from 1979 in the Fondazione Russolo-Pratella and for over thirty years has organized the famous Electroacoustic Music Competition for young composers. She sung in the greatest European operas before dedicating herself to renovating the catalogue of futurist music and composing music and free verse poems, onomatopoeias, accompanied by reconstructions of Luigi Russolos intonarumori. In 1981, The Russolo Ensemble for voice, piano, string quartet and Intonarumori interpreted the " Petit caf concert futuriste in the most important theatres and festivals in Italy and abroad: Fenice of Venice, The Pompidou Centre in Paris, Nice, Valencia, Vienna, Amsterdam...The works of Rossana Maggia to the date are compiled on three CDs (1997 Live in Bratislava, Slovakia; in 2003 Rossana & Rossana and in 2010 Expriences 1981 all released on the Studio Forum label).