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Professional Writing Minor Portfolio: Business Communication Track

Clint Gordy

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy, October 4



Clint Gordy

Table of Contents

Personal Information and Academic Preparation...........................................3 Writing istor!.................................................................................................4 "tatement of #oals for P$rs$ing the Minor in Professional Writing................% &rac' (hoices ) *+planation.........................................................................., -es$me........................................................................................................... Writings /rom (o$rse0or'.............................................................................1 (Writing 107B Writing 107G Writing 107T Other Coursework) &act 2etter (Writing 10.3)........................................................................10 (hit(hat 3$siness Plan (Writing 10.3)...................................................12 Professional 4egotiation in (hina (Writing 10.#)....................................15 Instr$ctions for Ma'ing a Paper Airplane (Writing 10.&)..........................24 -ecommendation -eport (Writing 10.&).................................................2. 4i'e #olf "ports Mar'eting Plan (6ther (o$rse0or').............................32 6ther Writing "amples..................................................................................3% (Careers Non-academics resentations) (itri+ Podio "ales Internship (o7er 2etter ((areer Writings)...................3, *mail for Inter-/raternit! (o$ncil Presidents (4on-academic).................35 Pre8i for Professional 4egotiating in *ast-Asia (Presentation)................41 (losing -emar's..........................................................................................43

hone! ("0#) $%" & 00'0

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

(mai)! Gord*c)int+gmai),com

Clint Gordy

$% Personal $nformation and &cademic Pre'aration

Personal Information Name! (lint #ord! -oca) .ddress! ,,43 9el Pla!a 9ri7e: #oleta: (A 1311. hone Num/er! (50%) ,15 - 0020 rimar* (mai)! gord!clint; Academic Preparation O0era)) G .! 3.05 1a2or! 3.2. 1inor! 4<A (/or Professional Writing Minor: 3.1) 344er-di0ision writing courses5 com4)eted as 4re-re6uisites 7or the 1inor! (o$rse Instr$ctor Writing 10.3 -o=ert >r$t Writing 10.# ?effre! anson Writing 10.& Am! Propen #rade A AA

@Please note that a co$rse ta'en at another college<$ni7ersit! needs to =e appro7ed as a pre-reA$isite =! the director of the Minor trac' to 0hich !o$Bre appl!ing. Please s$=mit a separate folder 0ith the s!lla=$s: assignments: and 0riting samples for this transfer co$rse.

344er-di0ision writing courses in 4rogress as 4re-re6uisites 7or the 1inor! (o$rse Instr$ctor 4<A 4<A 4<A 4<A 4<A 4<A Other Writing rogram courses 4)anned 7or winter and s4ring! (o$rse C$arter Writing 1%0 "pring Writing 1%.A Winter Writing 1%.3 "pring Tota) units (a44ro8imate)*) *ou 4)an to take during winter 6uarter9 1,-1. $nits s4ring 6uarter9 12-13 $nits
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 3

Clint Gordy

$$% Writing (istory

Brie7)* descri/e *our histor* as a writer: inc)uding writing *ou ha0e done in academic courses: on *our own: and at work (;00 word )imit),

Writing History:
I ha7e =een a passionate 0riter since m! first essa! senior !ear of high school. 6riginall!: I 0anted to ha7e a career associated 0ith mathematicsD ho0e7er: =eca$se of m! e+perience and 'no0ledge gained from E("3Fs 0riting co$rses: m! foc$s has changed to professional 0riting.

Writing Completed in Academic Courses:

I ha7e ta'en the =asic and the $pper-di7ision 0riting co$rses reA$ired to =ecome a part of the Professional Writing Minor. &hese co$rses incl$de the follo0ingG Writing 1 (/all 2010) Writing 2 ("$mmer 2011: "ession 3) Writing 10.3 ("$mmer 2012: "ession 3) Writing 10.# ("pring 2013) Writing 10.& ("$mmer 2013: "ession 3)

In Writing 1: m! 0or' called HAdding a 4e0 *lementI 0as feat$red on the 2010-2011 edition of "tarting 2ines. &he essa! disc$ssed m! progression from =eing a st$dent foc$sed on mathematics to =ecoming a st$dent passionate a=o$t 0riting. In Writing 10.3: 0ith the help of three other st$dents: I created a =$siness plan called (hit(hat that ga7e information a=o$t an! e7ent occ$rring in a specific area. Please refer to page 12 of this portfolio to see the mar'eting portion I completed for this =$siness plan.

Writing Completed on My Own:

In m! o0n time: I $se the s'ills learned from Professional Writing co$rses in all of m! emails. I follo0 the memo format and $se editing techniA$es ta$ght in these 0riting co$rses: incl$ding spacing: =olding: $nderlining: and $sing acti7e 7oice.

Writing Completed at Work:

($rrentl! acting as Jice President of -is' Management for E("3Fs Inter-/raternit! (o$ncil: I compile professional emails each da!. "ome emails regard standard professional comm$nication =et0een the c$rrent e+ec$ti7e =oard and m!self: 0hile others incl$de important information presented to presidents of each fraternit! chapter. Please refer to page 35 of this portfolio for an e+ample. Words! '%#

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy

$$$% )tatement of Goals for Pursuing the Minor in Professional Writing

Brie7)* descri/e *our desire to 2oin the 1inor: as we)) as *our goa)s 7or 4ursuing the 1inor in ro7essiona) Writing (;00 word )imit), I 0ish to Koin this minor =eca$se it is the most practical minor a7aila=le at E("3. &his minor not onl! gi7es st$dents practice 0riting professional doc$ments: =$t also allo0s st$dents to e+perience professional life =efore grad$ation. A goal for p$rs$ing the Minor in Professional Writing is to create a pamphlet for an organi8ation that 0ill =e $sed for mar'eting p$rposes. Another goal is to create m! o0n professional 0e=site for f$t$re emplo!ers: as 0ell as to create a =$siness card for an! interested emplo!ers. In addition: I 0o$ld also li'e to create a s$ccessf$l proposal for an organi8ation that allo0s the compan! to progress in research and o7erall sta=ilit!. A final goal for m!self in p$rs$ing the Professional Writing Minor is to =ecome an e+cellent editor for e7er! t!pe of professional doc$ment. &his incl$des ma'ing corrections to doc$mentation for friends: famil!: co0or'ers: and e7en managers. M! maKor goal I 0ish to achie7e from Koining the Professional Writing Minor is to gain an internship position and positi7el! change the organi8ation for the emplo!er and cons$mers. I plan on doing this =! creating s$ccessf$l proposals: 0riting clear and concise emails: helping fello0 emplo!ees enhance their professional 0riting techniA$es: and assisting co0or'ers in career scenarios other than 0riting. Word Count! '0#

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy

$*% Track Choices + ,-'lanation

Desired Track of t e Minor

.": Business Communication

. : Multimedia Communication

.#: Professional ,diting

!"planation of Track C oices Brie7)* discuss *our choice o7 tracks in terms o7 *our short- or )ong-term goa)s ('00 word )imit), &he 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' gi7es st$dents first hand e+perience for de7eloping 0ritten: oral: 7is$al: and colla=orati7e s'ills in the professional en7ironment. &hese techniA$es help st$dents s$cceed in an! professional field and gi7e st$dents an edge o7er other competitors in the Ko= mar'et. If accepted to this trac': I plan to $tili8e these s'ills after college in a corporate position $nder an! =$siness or organi8ation to increase sales: mar'eting strategies: and o7erall colla=orations =et0een emplo!ees. &he M$ltimedia (omm$nication &rac' gi7es st$dents s'ills to e7al$ate: design: and prod$ce creati7e m$ltimedia content for professional a$diences. In addition: st$dents learn ne0 comp$ter s'ills that are cr$cial for toda!Fs Ko= mar'et. If accepted to this trac': I plan to $se these s'ills to create s$ccessf$l mar'eting strategies for an organi8ation =! creating designs for pamphlets: portfolios: and other doc$ments. &he Professional *diting &rac' gi7es st$dents s'ills to edit an! doc$ment for grammar: genre: tone: and st!le. If accepted to this trac': I plan to $tili8e these techniA$es to correct an! form of professional doc$mentation for m! co0or'ers. Word Count! 17'

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy


Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy

795 Embarcadero Del Norte, Goleta, CA 93117 | (805) 698-0020 | Gord cl!"t#$ma!l%com

&ee'!"$ acce(ta"ce to t)e *ro+e,,!o"al -r!t!"$ .!"or !" a trac' +oc/,ed o" 0/,!"e,, Comm/"!cat!o" to a,,!,t +/t/re em(lo er, 1!t) da!l o(erat!o",

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
E2(ected Grad/at!o"3 4/"e 2015 0%A%, Global a"d 6"ter"at!o"al &t/d!e,, em()a,!, !" C)!"e,e 7a"$/a$e Major GPA: 3%27 Cumulative GPA: 3%08 Relevant Coursewor : 0/,!"e,, -r!t!"$, 8ec)"!cal -r!t!"$, *ro+e,,!o"al -r!t!"$ +or Global Career,, Global Eco"om a"d De9elo(me"t, Global :!,tor a"d C/lt/ral 6deolo$ !an"ua"e Courses: &!2 ;/arter, o+ 6"te",!9e C)!"e,e 7a"$/a$e

#nter$fraternity Coun%il &i%e Presi'ent of Ris Mana"ement, <C&0
A(r!l 2013-C/rre"t De9elo( ,trate$!e, to !m(ro9e ,a+et a"d le$al co"d/ct o" all +rater"!t (rem!,e, Corre,(o"d 1!t) ,c)ool adm!"!,trator,, cam(/, re(re,e"tat!9e,, local a/t)or!t!e,, a"d c)a(ter (re,!de"t, to e",/re r!,' ma"a$eme"t ,trate$!e, are (ro(erl !m(leme"ted Adm!"!,ter r!,' ma"a$eme"t (ol!c!e, +or 10 or more le$al ,!t/at!o", =/arterl !" a tact+/l ma""er Server at San'bar Co%ina an' Bar, &a"ta 0arbara, CA >ebr/ar 2012-?ctober 2012 -or'ed e++!c!e"tl 1!t) +ello1 em(lo ee, to reac) da!l $oal o+ @15,000 !" ,ale, Comm/"!cated e++ect!9el 1!t) ma"a$er, to ,at!,+ t)e "eed, o+ m/lt!(le c/,tomer, at o"ce California Publi% #nterest Resear%( Grou) Mar etin" #ntern, <C&0 &(r!"$ 2012 Coo(erated 1!t) ot)er !"ter", to reac) $oal o+ 500 ,t/de"t ,!$"at/re, to ma!"ta!" c)a(ter o" cam(/, *roctored "e1 member, !" +ac!l!tat!"$ c/,tomer ,er9!ce ,'!ll to !"crea,e ,ale, b 13A *eliver *river at *omino+s Pi,,a, 6,la B!,ta, CA &/mmer 2011--!"ter 2011 Ce,(o"ded =/!c'l a"d e++!c!e"tl to ,at!,+ /( to 50 c/,tomer re=/e,t, !" a 5-)o/r (er!od D!,(er,ed (ro(er c)a"$e a"d )a"dled c/,tomer re=/e,t, t)ro/$) Dom!"oD, com(/ter ,o+t1are


Member of A%%ountin" Asso%iation, <C&0
&/((ort 300 +ello1 member, to (re(are +or o"-cam(/, recr/!t!"$ e2(er!e"ce, &e(tember 2012-*re,e"t

*ivision ### #%e -o% ey .eam Member, <C&0 >all 2010--!"ter 2012 A,,!,ted !" creat!o" a"d ,tab!l!Eat!o" o+ t)e c/rre"t <C&0 6ce :oc'e 8eam Brot(er(oo' *evelo)er of Si"ma P(i /)silon 0raternity, <C&0 A(r!l 2011-&e(tember 2011
?9er,a1 a"d mot!9ated 25 "e1 member, o+ &!$ma *)! E(,!lo" +or 6 mo"t),

8eam collaborat!o" +rom t)e creat!o" o+ a 50-(a$e b/,!"e,, (la" called C)!tC)at !" a 5-(er,o" team *ro+e,,!o"al 1r!t!"$ ,'!ll, +rom co/r,e1or' ,/c) a, *ro+e,,!o"al -r!t!"$ +or Global Career,, 8ec)"!cal -r!t!"$, a"d 0/,!"e,, -r!t!"$
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 5

Clint Gordy

Writings 7rom Coursework

Writing 107B

Writing 107G

Writing 107T

Other Coursework

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)

Clint Gordy

re7ace! Tact -etter (Writing 107B)

The purpose of this tact letter in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the

3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se tactf$l letters are necessar! in man! different sit$ations regarding professional life. When a cons$mer has an iss$e 0ith a prod$ct or ser7ice: emplo!ees m$st =e a=le to handle the complaint in an efficient and $nderstanding manner that 0ill not deter the c$stomer from f$t$re transactions.
The context of this &act 2etter regards a cons$mer 0ho is dissatisfied 0ith

an e7ent planning corporation (-ealit!: Inc.) =eca$se their fa7orite artist: 9octor P: is not pla!ing at /esti7aloo8a this !ear. I first address the pro=lem from the cons$merFs point of 7ie0: then gi7e the logistics to 0h! the artist can not =e =ro$ght =ac' to the festi7al: and finall! offer alternati7e sol$tions to satisf! the c$stomerFs preferences.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

20 ?$ne 2012 11333 3ass -aider Wa! 2os Angeles: (A 11301 Mr. -ichard Martin 300% West 21th: "$ite 140 Waco: &L ..,,3 9ear Mr. MartinG I 0o$ld li'e to than' !o$ on =ehalf of -ealit! for !o$r attendance at /esti7aloo8a last !ear and helping ma'e the e7ent memora=le for o7er %43:000 fans. We $nderstand !o$r concern for 9octor P not =eing a=le to attend the e7ent this !ear: especiall! since he dre0 in a large percentage of o$r cons$mers at the e7ent. 4ot onl! 0as his performance capti7ating: =$t it 0as a no7el e+ample of 0hat 0e here at -ealit! stri7e to0ardsD creating a realistic and memora=le e+perience for o$r c$stomers. It is also o$r polic! to maintain the satisfaction of not onl! o$r c$stomers: =$t the 7en$es that sponsors o$r e7ents as 0ell. &he oll!0ood 3o0l holds nearl! three-A$arter of o$r e7ents: allo0ing $s to maintain the appeasement of o$r c$stomers 0ith large areas for h$ge cro0ds and m$ltiple locations for concession stands. Witho$t the help of these 7en$es: 0e 0o$ld not ha7e =ecome s$ch a s$ccessf$l =$siness in the m$sic ind$str! and =e a=le to reach o$t to s$ch a =road range of c$stomers. o0e7er: an iss$e d$ring last !earBs e7ent occ$rred. 9$e to the increased freA$enc! of 9octor PBs =ass: the oll!0ood 3o0l 0as cited for dist$r=ing the neigh=orhoods s$rro$nding the 7en$e. &he citation 0as appealed on -ealit!Bs legal entities =ehalf: =$t o$r claims 0ere n$llified =! the local K$dge. &herefore: d$e to this $nli'el! circ$mstance: 9octor P can not =e in7ited =ac' to the oll!0ood 3o0l this !ear. e 0as e+cellent at the oll!0ood 3o0l last !ear: and it disappoints this corporation to not in7ite him =ac' for another memora=le e+perience. *7en tho$gh 9octor P is not attending the 7en$e this !ear: other artists of similar genre 0ill =e pla!ing this !ear at /esti7aloo8a. Artists s$ch as *+cision: 9atsi': and >oan "o$nd 0ill ma'e an appearance this !ear at /esti7aloo8a: 0hom are all similar in st!les and are classified $nder the same genre. In addition: /l$+ Pa7ilion: 0ho is $nder the same record la=el as 9octor P: 0ill also =e ma'ing an appearance at the oll!0ood 3o0l this !ear. "ince the! are $nder the same record la=el: he 0ill pla! some of 9octor PBs m$sic d$ring his performance. 6n =ehalf of -ealit!: I apologi8e for an! incon7enience of this ne0s and 0e hope to see !o$ at f$t$re e7ents at oll!0ood 3o0l. Please feel free to contact $s if !o$ ha7e an! f$rther A$estions. "incerel!: (lint A. #ord!
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 11

Clint Gordy

re7ace! ChitChat Business )an (Writing 107B)

The purpose of this =$siness plan in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se =$siness plans are created each da! in professional life. When creating a =$siness from scratch: indi7id$als m$st =e a=le to anal!8e the mar'et for potential competition: calc$late start$p financial statistics: create emplo!ment standards: and form$late other important professional characteristics for the corporation to =e s$ccessf$l. The context of the (hit(hat 3$siness Plan is a 0e=site and "martphone application that allo0s cons$mers to find e7ents in the area the! li7e that accr$es thro$gh their interests. &his is achie7ed =! $tili8ing the c$rrent increase of social media and $sing applications s$ch as /ace=oo': Instagram: and Pinterest. "ho0n in this portfolio is H&he Mar'etI section: the portion of the =$siness plan I form$lated from m! research.@
@&his is onl! a portion of the f$ll =$siness plan. -eferences and citations ha7e =een remo7ed for easier reading. (omplete man$al and list of so$rces a7aila=le $pon reA$est.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

2.0 The Marke

C)!tC)at 1!ll "o1 a"al Ee t)e c/rre"t ,oc!al med!a mar'et a"d de,cr!be t)e rea,o"!"$ +or t)e mar'et%

2.! I" r#$%& '#"

8)e !m(act o+ ,oc!al "et1or'!"$ ,!te, o" t)e )/ma" (o(/lat!o" !, $ro1!"$ e9er da % A, ,ee" !" Ta()e *.!, com(a"!e, are (red!cted to !"crea,e t)e!r ,(e"d!"$ o" t)e /,e o+ ,!te, ,/c) a, >aceboo' remar'abl more t)a" a" ot)er +orm o+ ,oc!al med!a% 6" t)!, ,ect!o", 1e 1!ll ,)o1 )o1 C)!tC)at (la", to /t!l!Ee t)!, !"crea,e !" ,oc!al "et1or'!"$ a"d d!,(la e2am(le, o+ 1)at ,et, /, a)ead o+ com(et!tor,%

2.2 Tar+e Marke a"$ A"a),-'C)!tC)at 1!ll be a com(a" 1)!c) 1!ll ,et !t, +o/"dat!o" !" t)e c!t o+ &a" >ra"c!,co, Cal!+or"!a% :o1e9er, 1e 1!ll tar$et t)e o"l!"e mar'et, e2(a"d!"$ !t, )or!Eo" to ot)er c!t!e, ,/c) a, 7o, A"$ele, or Ne1 For' C!t % 8)e ,!Ee o+ t)e o"l!"e mar'et !, !mmea,/rable, ra"$!"$ acro,, t)e e"t!re (la"et% C)!tC)at 1!ll +oc/, !t, a!m o" t)e ,oc!al med!a !"d/,tr , l!"'!"$ !t, ,o/rce, to 1eb,!te, ,/c) a, >aceboo', 81!tter, 8/mblr, a"d 7!"'ed6"% &oc!al med!a !, de+!"ed a,, Go"l!"e tool, 1)ere co"te"t, o(!"!o",, (er,(ect!9e,, !",!$)t,, a"d med!a ca" be ,)aredH% At t)e core, ,oc!al med!a !, abo/t relat!o",)!(, a"d co""ect!o", bet1ee" (eo(le a"d or$a"!Eat!o",, a +o/"dat!o"al $oal +or C)!tC)at%

2.* The I"&rea-'"+ #. S#&'a) Me$'a

8)e "/mber o+ co",/mer, 1)o /,e ,oc!al med!a !, ra(!dl e2(a"d!"$% >rom 2009-2010, a 53A !"crea,e !" t!me de9oted to ,oc!al!E!"$ er/(ted, occ/( !"$ eac) !"d!9!d/alI, t!me +or more t)a" 13%5 m!"/te, (er da % C/rre"tl , t)e to( te" ,oc!al "et1or'!"$ ,!te, co"ta!" 2%93
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 14

Clint Gordy

b!ll!o" re$!,tered /,er,, a((roac)!"$ "earl )al+ t)e (o(/lat!o" o+ t)e (la"et% C)!tC)at ,ee', to ta'e ad9a"ta$e o+ t)!, !"crea,e !" ,oc!al!Eat!o" b allo1!"$ !"d!9!d/al, to +!"d e9e"t, !" a" locat!o" aro/"d t)e 1orld t)ro/$) t)e,e ,oc!al med!a !",tr/me"t,% &oc!al med!a /,er, e"$a$e !" (eer-to-(eer co"9er,at!o" to collaborate, ,)are, ta$, ed!t, or create !"+ormat!o"% 8)!, )el(, co",/mer, ma'e dec!,!o", to1ard 1)at '!"d o+ e9e"t, or (lace, t)e 1o/ld l!'e to atte"d beca/,e /,er,, Grel o" t)e recomme"dat!o", $!9e" to t)em b +r!e"d,H% 6" add!t!o", ,oc!al med!a allo1, /,er, to !"teract 1!t) a com(a" t)ro/$) t)e doma!" o+ a ,oc!al "et1or', (erm!tt!"$ c/,tomer, 1)o /,e C)!tC)at to ,)are t)e!r o(!"!o", 1!t) ot)er,% D/e to t)!, !"teract!9!t , C)!tC)at ca" $e"erate +eedbac' +rom c/,tomer, t)at 1!ll )el( ma'e t)e com(a" $ro1 1)!le ,t!ll )el(!"$ t)e co",/mer, 8o /t!l!Ee ,oc!al med!a e++!c!e"tl , a com(a" m/,t +!r,t determ!"e ,trate$!call 1) creat!"$ a 81!tter, >aceboo', 8/mblr, or ot)er ,!m!lar a((l!cat!o" 1o/ld )el( e,tabl!,) t)e $oal, o+ a com(a" %

2./ Marke Tre"$- a"$ Gr#0 h P# e" 'a)

C)!tC)at a!m, to create a ,oc!al e"9!ro"me"t +or /,er, t)ro/$) a ,!m(le /,er-!"ter+ace, e2(lo!t!"$ ,oc!al med!a a"d ,oc!al !ma$e, to +!"d e9e"t,, 9e"/e,, ,)o1,, re,ta/ra"t,, or a" t)!"$ el,e !" a co",/merI, ,/rro/"d!"$ area% 8)e creat!o" o+ t)e C(itC(at A))li%ation +or all &mart()o"e de9!ce, 1!ll allo1 /,er, to c/,tom!Ee t)e!r (ro+!le,, ,)are t)e!r "!$)t-l!+e (re+ere"ce,, c)art t)e!r tra9el )!,tor!e, to d!++ere"t locat!o",, a"d ,)are !"+ormat!o" bet1ee" +r!e"d, o" ot)er ,oc!al "et1or'!"$ 1eb,!te,% 8)e /,e o+ t)!, a((l!cat!o" 1!ll be e++ect!9e +or !"+l/e"c!"$ a"d trac'!"$ co",/mer bel!e+, a"d att!t/de, related to o/r ,er9!ce% :o1e9er, t)!, !, "ot t)e o"l +orm o+ ,oc!al med!a 1e 1!ll create% A, ,ee" !" 1'+%re 2.!, C)!tC)at 1!ll /t!l!Ee a (let)ora o+ ,oc!al med!a 1eb,!te, to $!9e /,er, more o(t!o", to +!"d a" e9e"t t)at (erta!", t)e be,t to t)e!r !"d!9!d/al "eed,% 6" a rece"t ,t/d , a((ro2!matel 93A o+ bra"d, acro,, t)e $lobe )a9e e,tabl!,)ed a" o++!c!al >aceboo' (a$e% >aceboo' alo"e )a, $ro1" to 750 m!ll!o" /,er,, ma'!"$ ,oc!al med!a a9a!lable to a" bod acro,, t)e (la"et% ?/r <C7 111%+aceboo'%comJC)!tC)at 1!ll +oc/, o" de9elo(!"$ relat!o",)!(, 1!t) co",/mer, rat)er t)a" ,olel (ro9!d!"$ !"+ormat!o"% ?"l C)!tC)at 1!ll be able to co"trol 1all co"te"t, b/t /,er, ma re,(o"d to c/rre"t (o,t!"$,% -e 1!ll create (o,t!"$, related to e9e"t !"+ormat!o" a"d 9ot!"$ , ,tem, ba,ed o" )o1 co",/mer, +elt abo/t (a,t 9e"/e,% C)!tC)at 1!ll e",/re t)at t)e,e (o,t!"$, 1!ll "ot e2ceed more t)a" 20 a da ,o 1e do "ot bombard co",/mer, 1!t) e2ce,,!9e !"+ormat!o" !" t)e!r "e1, +eed% 8)e,e (o,t!"$, 1!ll e"ta!l deta!l, ,/c) a, t)e,e, relat!"$ to +/t/re e9e"t !"+ormat!o"3
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 1%

Clint Gordy

a,'!"$ /,er, to d!,c/,, (re9!o/, e2(er!e"ce at t)e 9e"/e,, 9ot!"$ o" )o1 t)e t)o/$)t o+ (a,t e9e"t,, ,elect!"$ +a9orable a,(ect, o+ a" e9e"t ,/c) a, ,o/"d , ,tem a"d cro1d d "am!c,, a"d creat!"$ (o,t!"$, 1!t) !ma$e, o+ e9e"t, ,o co",/mer, ca" ta$ t)em,el9e, o" t)e!r >aceboo', allo1!"$ +r!e"d, to $et a 9!,/al re(re,e"tat!o" o+ t)e 9e"/e be+ore t)e are e9e" t)ere% 8)e creat!o" o+ C)!tC)atI, m!cro blo$ o" <C7 111%t/mblrJta$$edJC)!tC)at 1!ll allo1 /,er, to (o,t (!ct/re, o+ t)em,el9e, at e9e"t,, ta'e (oll, (erta!"!"$ 9e"/e, a"d (a,t art!,t,, 1r!te re9!e1, o" (a,t ,)o1,, or ,!m(l comm/"!cate bet1ee" !"d!9!d/al, o" t)e ,ame ,oc!al "et1or'% .!cro-blo$$!"$ create, a" o((ort/"!t +or e,tabl!,)!"$ t)e C)!tC)at bra"d 1)!le ,t!ll de9elo(!"$ relat!o",)!(, 1!t) t)e c/,tomer% 8)!, 8/mblr <C7 1!ll create a (o,!t!9e att!t/de +or /, a"d c/,tomer, 1!t) a,(!rat!o", o+ )!$)er t/r"-o/t rat!o, at e9e"t,% %

2.2 C#34e ' '5e A"a),-'?"l!"e re9!e1, are becom!"$ !"crea,!"$l !m(orta"t ,o/rce, o+ c/,tomer !"+ormat!o"% 8)e,e re9!e1, 1!ll a++ect t)e ,ale, o+ t!c'et, at eac) 9e"/e (o,!t!9el , allo1!"$ t)e re9e"/e o+ "ot o"l C)!tC)at to !"crea,e, b/t t)e locat!o" t)e co"cert !, be!"$ )eld at a, 1ell% :o1e9er, ot)er com(a"!e, ,/c) a, Fel( a"d C!t ,earc) (re,e"t t)em,el9e, a, t)e lar$e,t )!"dra"ce, to1ard, o/r $ro1t)% 8e", o+ m!ll!o", (eo(le )a9e 9!,!ted all t)ree 1eb,!te, at lea,t o"ce b A(r!l 2009% 8)e,e +orce, 1!ll "ot !"t!m!date C)!tC)at% -!t) !t, "e1 !""o9at!o", a"d /"!=/e, ,!m(le !"ter+ace, C)!tC)at 1!ll be (/t o" t)e ma( /,!"$ ,!m(le !dea, +rom t)e,e com(et!tor, 1)!le adK/,t!"$ t)em to meet t)e e2(ectat!o", o+ !"9e,tor, a"d co",/mer,%

2.2.! C#34e ' #r6- Pr#.')e8)e +ollo1!"$ !"+ormat!o" (re,e"t, !"+ormat!o" o" bot) o+ C)!tC)atD, com(et!tor,, C!t ,earc) a"d Fel(% 1232424 Citysear%( 6" 2006, C!t ,earc) 1a, t)e 52"d mo,t (o(/lar 1eb,!te !" t)e <"!ted &tate, 1!t) 15%1 m!ll!o" 9!,!tor,% 8)!, com(a" +ollo1, t)e a"o" m!t ,trate$ , a t)eor 1)!c) ma'e, o"l!"e re9!e1, !"de(e"de"t, mea"!"$ re9!e1er, ca" "ot e"$a$e !" a" (er,o"al comm/"!cat!o" or ,oc!al !"teract!o" d/e to a lac' o+ (er,o"al (ro+!le, a"d !",ta"t me,,a$!"$ de9!ce,% 6" +act, /,er re9!e1, 1ere +o/"d to be Gb/r!ed /"der (ro+e,,!o"al re9!e1,H ,!"ce t)e )!red (ro+e,,!o"al ,ta++ to 1r!te ed!tor!al re9!e1, o+ local b/,!"e,,e,% 8)e!r /,e o+ t)e a"o" m!t ,trate$ made m!"!mal attem(t, to attract a co",ta"t re9!e1!"$ rat!o% 6" t/r", C!t ,earc) ,)o1ed ,tat!,t!c, o+ 71%2A o+ re9!e1er, 1r!t!"$ a ,!"$le re9!e1, 0%6A 1rote 20 or more re9!e1,, 65%5A o+ re9!e1er, 1r!t!"$ +!9e or le,,, a"d a" a9era$e o+ t1o re9!e1, (er-acco/"t% 1232421 5el) Fel( la/"c)ed !" 2005 a"d rece!9ed @31 m!ll!o" !" +/"d!"$ b t)e e"d o+ 4/l 2009% -!t) !""o9at!o" ,/c) a, t)e Gel!teH member ad9a"ta$e,, a tal' +or/m, a"d com(l!me"t letter,, Fel( ro,e =/!c'l to t)e to( o+ t)e o"l!"e re9!e1 mar'et% <,!"$ a +o/"dat!o" o+ !"tr!",!c !"ce"t!9e, to b/!ld ,oc!al !ma$e, 9ol/"teer, came to 1or' +or Fel( 1!t) t)e de,!re to be co"ce!9ed a, Gr!$)teo/,H +rom a lar$e "/mber o+ re9!e1, or a (ro+!le (!ct/re% 8)!, de+!"!t!o" o+ Gr!$)teo/,H mea", be!"$ a model !"d!9!d/al +or ot)er, to +ollo1% -!t) ,tat!,t!c, ,/c) a, 9%2A re9!e1er, 1r!t!"$ o"e re9!e1, 27%1A 1r!t!"$ t1e"t or more, 2%3A o+ re9!e1er, 1r!t!"$ +!9e or le,, re9!e1,, a"d a" a9era$e o+ 25 re9!e1, (er re9!e1er acco/"t, Fel( !, ca(!tal!E!"$ !" t)!, mar'et 1!t) t)e!r !""o9at!o",, /"t!l C)!tC)at matc)e, or beat, t)e,e "/mber, 1!t) !t, o1" /"!=/e !""o9at!o",%
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 1,

Clint Gordy

2.2.2 Ser5'&e C#34ar'-#"

?"l!"e com(a"!e, )old a ,tro"$ !"ce"t!9e to !"9e,t !" !""o9at!o", t)at red/ce ad9ert!,!"$ co,t, a"d !"crea,e a((eal to all co",/mer, e=/all % Eac) a,(ect o+ a com(a" !, a ,trate$!c com(leme"t, mea"!"$ t)at !m(leme"t!"$ o"e a,(ect !"crea,e, t)e 9al/e o+ a"ot)er, a"d decrea,!"$ o"e a,(ect decrea,e, t)e 9al/e a"ot)er% >or e2am(le, !m(leme"t!"$ +a,t, o(e"-,o/rce ,o+t1are +or o/r ,earc) e"$!"e 1!ll !"crea,e t)e 9al/e o+ t)e com(a" , a"d decrea,!"$ t)e ,(eed o+ o/r ,earc) e"$!"e 1!ll do t)e o((o,!te% :o1e9er, C)!tC)at o"l (la", o" /,!"$ t)e +!r,t o(t!o", e"abl!"$ a +a,t ,earc) e"$!"e +or o/r /,er, to +!"d e9e"t, =/!c'l a"d /,e a" o(e"-,o/rce ,o+t1are to create ,oc!al !"teract!o", bet1ee" o/r co",/mer,% C)!tC)at 1!ll /t!l!Ee t)e !"tr!",!c !"ce"t!9e o+ ,oc!al !ma$e to create re9!e1, o+ e9e"t, +rom 9ol/"teer,% -e 1!ll al,o e"able a"d e"co/ra$e re9!e1er, to e,tabl!,) a ,oc!al re(/tat!o" b e9al/at!"$ ot)er co",/mer,D re9!e1,, c)att!"$ o"l!"e, becom!"$ +r!e"d, 9!a t)e o++!c!al C)!tC)at (a$e, a"d $!9!"$ /,er, t)e ab!l!t to meet eac) ot)er at o++l!"e ,oc!al e9e"t, t)e +o/"d o" t)e 1eb,!te% ?"ce a /,er )a, re$!,tered 1!t) C)!tC)at a"d )a, made 15 cred!ble re9!e1,, t)e member 1!ll be (romoted to a G>re=/e"t C)atterH (o,!t!o"L 30 cred!ble re9!e1, (romote, t)e /,er to G.r%J.,%J.r,% *o(/larHL 50 cred!ble re9!e1, (romote, t)e /,er to G8)e M6tI G/ JG!rlH% Not o"l doe, t)!, a((roac) (romote cred!b!l!t o+ eac) !"d!9!d/alI, re9!e1,, b/t !t al,o $!9e, /,er, !"ce"t!9e to co"t!"/e re9!e1!"$ a"d +!"d!"$ locat!o", o" C)!tC)at, creat!"$ a" e2tremel ,oc!al e"9!ro"me"t +or co",/mer,% C)!tC)at 1!ll al,o $!9e !"ce"t!9e, to c/,tomer, t)ro/$) d!,co/"t, at e9e"t, b +re=/e"t re9!e1, or ,1ee(,ta'e, to 1!" B6* t!c'et, to d!++ere"t 9e"/e,, allo1!"$ co",/mer, to $et !"9ol9ed !" t)e ,oc!al "et1or'!"$ a,(ect a"d ret/r" to locat!o", 1)!c) t)e +o/"d ,/!table% 8)!, 1!ll be accom(l!,)ed b t)e /,e o+ o(e"-,o/rce ,o+t1are, 1)ere eac) /,er 1!ll be able to ,tate t)e!r o1" o(!"!o", o+ 9e"/e, a"d ,ee t)o,e 1)o 1o" ,1ee(,ta'e, a, !"ce"t!9e +or +/t/re 1!""!"$,% 8)e ad9ert!,!"$ d!,c/,,ed !" later ,ect!o", 1!ll +/"d t)e,e (romot!o",%

2.7 C#"&)%-'#"
-!t) t)e (o(/lat!o"I, /,e o+ ,oc!al med!a !"crea,!"$ ra(!dl , "o1 !, t)e (er+ect o((ort/"!t to ta'e ad9a"ta$e o+ t)e o"l!"e re9!e1 mar'et% &oc!al "et1or'!"$ ,!te, ,/c) a, >aceboo', 81!tter, a"d 8/mblr are !"crea,!"$ !" re$!,tered /,er, eac) da % 8)!, allo1, C)!tC)at to ,te( !" a"d create a /"!=/e a"d ,!m(le !"ter+ace, (erm!tt!"$ co",/mer, to l!"' 1!t) old a"d "e1 +r!e"d, to meet at e9e"t, o+ t)e!r (art!c/lar !"tere,t,% A, ,ee" !" 1'+%re 2.2, 1e 1!ll /t!l!Ee a t)ree-(art d "am!c e"$!"e !"te$rat!"$ t)e !dea, o+ ,oc!al med!a, or$a"!c ,earc), a"d a local ,earc) to +!"d a" e9e"t 1)!c) !, tr/l /"!=/e to eac) !"d!9!d/alI, ta,te% -!t) t)!, ,earc) e"$!"e, co",/mer, ca" +!"d a 9e"/e t)at !, "ot o"l clo,e-b a"d (erta!", to t)e!r !"d!9!d/al!t , b/t al,o allo1, /,er, to ma!"ta!" a ,oc!al ,ta"dard a"d )a9e +/" 1!t) t)e!r +r!e"d, a, 1ell%
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 1.

Clint Gordy

re7ace! ro7essiona) Negotiating in China (Writing 107G)

The purpose of this professional negotiation man$al in m! Professional Writing Minor application for the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se ha7ing s$ccessf$l negotiations are cr$cial to s$ccess in professional life. 4egotiation tactics are different all o7er the 0orldD therefore: 'no0ing ho0 to negotiate deals in a different co$ntr! (in this case: (hina) is an e+cellent s'ill to ha7e for s$ccessf$l =$siness comm$nication. The context of this doc$ment is to gi7e certain tactics to =$siness professionals loo'ing to do =$siness in *ast-Asia. &his entire negotiation man$al 0as created 0ith si+ fello0 st$dents and foc$sed on areas s$ch as (hina: India: &ai0an: ong >ong: and >orea. &he name of o$r compan! is Asian (ons$lting #ro$p (A(#). &he follo0ing professional doc$ment is m! portion of the man$al foc$sing on research I fo$nd regarding (hinaFs c$rrent negotiating tactics.@
@&his is onl! a portion of the f$ll man$al. -eferences and citations ha7e =een remo7ed for easier reading. (omplete man$al and list of so$rces a7aila=le $pon reA$est.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

C ina
/or cent$ries: (hina has stood as a leading ci7ili8ation: o$tpacing the rest of the 0orld in arts and sciences. "ince the earl! 1110s: (hina has increased its glo=al o$treach and participation in international organi8ations. As seen in /ig$re 1.1: (hinaBs #ross 9omestic Prod$ct (#9P) has seen a tenfold increase since the co$ntr!Bs economic reconstr$ction in 11.5. As a gro0ing s$perpo0er: (hina is A$ic'l! =ecoming more in7ol7ed in international =$siness. &herefore: it is imperati7e for !o$ to 'no0 ho0 to negotiate properl! 0ith (hinese =$siness professionals.

#igure $%$: C ina&s 'DP 'rowt Percentage( )**+,)*$)

$% -egotiation in C ina
3efore esta=lishing contact 0ith !o$r =$siness associates in (hina: !o$ m$st $nderstand the core c$lt$ral difference =et0een the Enited "tates and (hina. &hese differences 0ill affect !o$r =$siness negotiations in 7ario$s aspects. 3$siness professionals loo'ing to s$ccessf$ll! cond$ct =$siness in (hina need to $nderstand ho0 (hinaBs c$lt$ral ideologies 0ill affect negotiations. Please refer to /ig$re 1.2 to see a 7is$al comparison of fo$r c$lt$ral dimensions that affect negotiating tactics differentl! in =oth the Enited "tates and (hina.

&he Enited "tates represents a highl! indi7id$alistic c$lt$re. In Enited "tates =$siness c$lt$re: !o$ are e+pected to =e self-reliant and displa! initiati7e. (hina is a highl! collecti7ist c$lt$re 0here indi7id$als act in the interest of the gro$p and not of themsel7es.

$%) Power,Distance
&he Enited "tates foc$ses on eA$al rights for all indi7id$als in societ!. Information is shared freA$entl! and =oth managers and emplo!ees e+pect to =e cons$lted. (hina is a societ! that =elie7es ineA$alities amongst people are accepta=le. &he s$=ordinate-s$perior relationship is polari8ed and there is no defense against po0er a=$se =! seniors.
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 11

Clint Gordy

$%/ 0ong,Term Orientation

&he Enited "tates is a short-term oriented c$lt$re. &his orientation dri7es indi7id$als to stri7e for A$ic' res$lts in the 0or'place. (hina is a highl! long-term oriented societ! in 0hich persistence and perse7erance are normal.

$%1 Masculinity2 #emininity

&he Enited "tates is considered a masc$line societ!. (onflicts are resol7ed at the indi7id$al le7el the main goal is to 0in the conflict. (hina is also a masc$line societ! =! =eing s$ccess oriented and dri7en. Man! (hinese =$siness professionals 0ill sacrifice famil! and leis$re time for their =$siness.

#igure $%): Types of Cultural Dimensions in C ina and t e 3nited 4tates

)% !sta5lis ing Communication

4o0 that !o$ $nderstand some =asic c$lt$ral differences =et0een (hina and the Enited "tates: 0e 0ill lead !o$ thro$gh se7eral different methods to s$ccessf$ll! esta=lish comm$nication 0ith !o$r =$siness associates in (hina. In (hinese =$siness c$lt$re: initiating proper contact is 'e! to s$ccessf$l negotiations.

)%$ Initial Contact

3efore initiating =$siness negotiations in (hina: !o$ sho$ld identif! and engage a local intermediar!. &his person 0ill help =ridge the c$lt$ral and comm$nications gap: allo0ing !o$ to cond$ct =$siness 0ith greater effecti7eness. In most cases: initial contact ma! =e more of a social opport$nit! as opposed to a negotiation disc$ssion.

)%) 'reetings and Mannerisms

&here are t0o main mannerisms of negotiations (hinese =$siness professionals follo0. Mo$ sho$ld follo0 these mannerisms to ha7e the most positi7e impact on !o$r negotiations 0ith (hinese professionals.
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 20

Clint Gordy

&he 1ian=i mannerism centrali8es on the term HfaceI. H/aceI is a mar' of personal pride and forms the =asis of an indi7id$alFs rep$tation and social stat$s. (a$sing someone to Hlose faceI thro$gh p$=lic h$miliation or inappropriate allocation of respect to indi7id$als 0ithin the organi8ation can serio$sl! damage !o$r =$siness disc$ssions. o0e7er: praising someone in moderation =efore their colleag$es is a form of Hgi7ing faceI and can earn !o$ respect and lo!alt!: 0hich 0ill aid !o$r negotiations. &he Con7ucianism mannerism is =ased on the concept of relationships and the elements of responsi=ilit! and o=ligation. It is paramo$nt that !o$ =$ild !o$r rep$tation in an! (hinese =$siness =! forming positi7e relations and =eing responsi=le for an! claims !o$ ma'e.

/%/ Attitudes and 4tyles

(hinese negotiation sessions are a team effort. (hinese =$siness professionals create 0or' teams 0ith tas's assigned to these gro$ps rather than to indi7id$als. In addition: it is also important to maintain e!e contact 0ith !o$r interloc$tor. A7oiding e!e contact is considered $ntr$st0orth! and !o$ 0ill deplete the chance of positi7e negotiations. It is also important to not sho0 e+cessi7e emotion 0hile cond$cting =$siness transactions =eca$se (hinese professionals see it as $nfriendl!. P$nct$alit! is also 7er! important d$ring (hinese =$siness negotiations.

1% Conducting Meetings
It is rare that (hinese professionals 0ill deal 0ith people the! do not 'no0 or tr$st. &herefore: it is important that !o$ $nderstand ho0 to cond$ct !o$rself appropriatel! d$ring meetings to ha7e s$ccessf$l negotiations.

1%$ Preparation
An important element =efore commencing =$siness meetings is to engage in small tal'. 3e prepared: =eca$se (hinese professionals ma! as' rather personal A$estions. /$rthermore: (hinese professionals 0ill li'el! $se their nati7e dialect: Mandarin or (antonese. &herefore: some things to consider =efore attending a meeting incl$de the follo0ingG 9o =ring a translator if !o$ do not 'no0 (hinese 9o $se formal H!o$I (Nin) instead of informal H!o$I (Ni) 9o not $se direct negati7e replies =eca$se the! are considered impolite 9o address !o$r (hinese co$nterparts 0ith their title and their last name

1%) 0ocations
&he (hinese $s$all! cond$ct =$siness o7er l$nch and dinner. If not: negotiations are done at places of =$siness: s$ch as a compan! meeting room. /$rthermore: man! deals are often concl$ded o7er a meal.

1%/ Pace of -egotiating

(hinese =$siness negotiations ta'e longer and meander more than the Enited "tates. &he (hinese send large delegations of =$siness professionals to negotiation sessions. A gro$p
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 21

Clint Gordy

consens$s among the delegation is an important factor in determining the progress of =$siness tal's. $m=leness and patience are cr$cial for s$ccessf$l negotiations. -emem=er that Hgi7ing faceI 0ill increase the pace of negotiating.

1%1 Information,4 aring

(hinese negotiators are 0illing to spend man! 0ee's or man! months gathering information and disc$ssing 7ario$s details =efore the =argaining stage of a negotiation can =egin. &he (hinese =elie7e that pri7ileged information creates =argaining ad7antages: so information is rarel! shared freel!.

6% 7uilding 8elations ips

(hinese =$siness professionals place a foc$s on the concept of relationships and the elements of responsi=ilit! and o=ligation. 3$ilding a solid relationship 0ith the (hinese =$siness c$lt$re is cr$cial for !o$ to ha7e s$ccessf$l negotiations.

6%$ 4ocial #unctions

4egotiations 0ill often ta'e place d$ring long and ela=orate meals 0ith alcohol. 2ocal clients and =$siness professionals ma! come into these meetings 0ith the e+pectation that !o$ 0ill drin' 0ith or for them. &herefore: it is important to pace !o$rself in =oth drin'ing and eating. In addition: eat slo0l! =eca$se there 0ill =e m$ltiple co$rses.

6%) 'ifting
In man! sit$ations: !o$ ma! =e e+pected to gi7e or accept gifts. In (hina: gift gi7ing is m$ch more common in =$siness sit$ations. /ailing to sho0 $p 0ith a gift ma! ca$se the other side to lo0er their ass$mption of !o$ as a =$siness professional. 3e s$re to cons$lt 0ith the s$per7isor or the compan! polic! so that !o$r gift does not cross the line into =ri=er!.

9% #inali:ing Deals
Enderstanding the proper methods to close important deals is important for !o$r s$ccess as a professional in (hina. "$ccessf$ll! =$siness closing interactions 0ill gi7e !o$ connections for f$t$re negotiations. &herefore: finali8ing transactions 0ith (hinese professionals is cr$cial to f$t$re of !o$r (hinese =$siness 7ent$res.

9%$ 7argaining
3argaining and haggling are $sed freA$entl! in (hinese =$siness life: and nati7e professionals ma! $se a 0ide 7ariet! of negotiation techniA$es confidentl!. &hese negotiation aspects can =e e+tensi7e. 9ecepti7e techniA$es can =e freA$entl! emplo!ed: and (hinese negotiators ma! e+pect !o$ to $se them too.

9%) Decisions
9ecisions ma'ing is normall! a consens$s-oriented gro$p process in (hina. &his negotiation aspect can ta'e a long time and !o$ m$st =e patient in some negotiations. (hinese =$siness professionals are rel$ctant to ta'e ris's. If !o$ 0ant them to s$pport a decision the! are $ns$re
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 22

Clint Gordy

a=o$t: !o$ ma! need to find 0a!s for the (hinese professionals to =ecome comforta=le 0ith it first. Mo$ are m$ch more li'el! to s$cceed in negotiations if the relationship 0ith !o$r co$nterparts is strong and !o$ ha7e their tr$st.

9%/ Contracts
When negotiating contracts: ma'e s$re !o$ e+change 0ritten agreements 0ith !o$r co$nterpart after meetings and at 'e! stages in negotiation. 6ral statements are not al0a!s $sef$l =eca$se an! part of an agreement can still change =efore =oth parties sign the final contact. (ontracts are not al0a!s dependa=le: so remem=er to =e fle+i=le.

9% 4ection
/or !o$r reference: &a=le 1.1 presents a A$ic' s$mmar! on the 'e! negotiating tactics to $se 0hen !o$ tra7el to (hina to do =$siness. "teps *sta=lishing (omm$nication Actions 3ring a local representati7e 3e p$nct$al for first meetings Maintain proper HfaceI 0hen negotiating *ngage in small tal' prior to meetings 3ring a translator 3e h$m=le and patient after negotiating 3$ild a solid relationship 0ith !o$r associates Parta'e in dining f$nctions for negotiating 3ring gifts that do not cross the line into =ri=er! *mplo! proper =argaining techniA$es 3e patient: decisions are consens$s-oriented *+change 0ritten agreements for contracts

(ond$cting Meetings

3$ilding -elationships

/inali8ing 9eals

Ta5le $%$: C ina 4ection

(hinaBs negotiation techniA$es ma! ta'e time and patience to master. It ta'es time to =$ild longlasting relationship 0ith (hinese =$siness professionals. Mo$ sho$ld remem=er to =e patient 0hen negotiation or =argaining 0ith them. &his 0ait 0ill help !o$ esta=lish a strong relationship =et0een !o$ and the nati7e professionals: ena=ling f$t$re negotiations to r$n faster and smoother. /$rthermore: !o$ co$ld $tili8e !o$r co$nterpart as a connection for later (hinese =$siness 7ent$res.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

re7ace! >nstructions 7or 1aking a a4er .ir4)ane (Writing 107T)

The purpose of these instr$ctions for ma'ing a paper airplane in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se creating clear and concise steps for ma'ing an o=Kect or completing a tas' is cr$cial to professional life. Instr$ctions s$ch as these are $tili8ed for ma'ing items as small as paper airplanes: to o=Kects as large as commercial airplanes. In addition: instr$ctions are also $sed =! =$sinesses as g$idelines for completing certain tas's: s$ch as s$ccessf$ll! negotiating 0ith a client o7er the telephone. The context of these instr$ctions are to g$ide st$dents in ma'ing a 0or'ing paper airplane from a single piece of paper. Incl$ded in the instr$ctions are images for a 7is$al reference to the $ser: lists of items needed for assem=l!: and ledgers for an! $n'no0n s!m=ols to the st$dent.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

H#0 # Make a Pa4er A'r4)a"e

8)e,e !",tr/ct!o", 1!ll )el( o/ create a +/ll -+/"ct!o"al (a(er a!r(la"e 1!t) a (!ece o+ (a(er%

I e3- Nee$e$ 1% *a(er (*re+erabl 8 NH 2 11H) 2% &c!,,or, (?(t!o"al)


Le$+er 1% ---- O +old mar' 2% G O !"c)e,

S e4 !8 >old t)e (a(er le"$t)1!,e a"d r/" o/r t)/mb alo"$ t)e +old to crea,e !t ,)ar(l % A+ter, /"+old t)e

9! S e4 28 >old do1" t)e to( 2 cor"er, to t)e crea,e o/ K/,t made, a, !"d!cated b t)e arro1,% 8)!, 1!ll be
t)e +ro"t o+ o/r (a(er a!r(la"e%

92 S e4 *8 >old t)e t1o ed$e, to1ard t)e ce"ter l!"e, a, d!rected b t)e +old, a"d arro1,%


Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

S e4 /8 >old t)e (la"e !" )al+ alo"$ t)e ce"ter crea,e, a, !"d!cated b t)e arro1% A+ter1ord,, t/r" t)e
(la"e a, ,)o1" !" S e4 2%

9/ S e4 28 Create a 1!"$ crea,e t)at be at abo/t 1 NH +rom t)e +ro"t "o,e, a, ,)o1"%

92 S e4 78 .a'e ,/re o/r (a(er a!r(la"e loo', ,!m!lar to t)!, t)ree-d!me",!o"al !ma$e% >or more l!+t, be"d
/( t)e ta!l!"$ ed$e, o+ t)e 1!"$, abo/t 1H, a, !",tr/cted b t)e red arro1% No1 K/,t t)ro1 !t a"d let !t +l P


Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

re7ace! <ecommendation <e4ort 7or ?e)4ing G)o/a) 1a2ors @isco0er Their Autures (Writing 107T)
The purpose of this recommendation report in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the 3$siness (omm$nication trac' is =eca$se researching information to ma'e a change in a c$rrent iss$e is pre7alent in professional life. &his research is compiled from m$ltiple so$rces: ranging from scholarl! articles to one-on-one inter7ie0s. After the research is compiled: professional 0riters form$late a recommendation for their a$dience to adopt. &herefore: $tili8ing these research techniA$es are cr$cial for s$ccessf$l =$siness comm$nication. The context of this recommendation report is for career co$nselors to adopt ne0 g$idance methods that 0ill aid #lo=al maKors in finding a specific emphasis 0ithin their maKor. &his is accomplished =! $sing ne0 g$idance techniA$es I researched: s$ch as the HPossi=le 2i7esI Map and the Indi7id$al Jocational *7al$ation Plan. 3ased on m! research: I recommend that career co$nselors $se these approaches =eca$se the! are eas!: 7is$al: and entertaining methods for helping #lo=al maKors find a specific emphasis. /$rthermore: I recommend that career co$nselors 0or' colla=orati7el! 0ith st$dents after these approaches are finished to help them find an internship or Ko= that accr$es to their partic$lar interests.@
@&his is onl! a portion of the f$ll report. &his sample onl! incl$des the co7er letter: introd$ction: concl$sion: and recommendation. -eferences and citations ha7e =een remo7ed for easier reading. (omplete man$al and list of so$rces a7aila=le $pon reA$est.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy


August 31, 2013 Career Counseling Office, UCSB Clint !or"#, Stu"ent Reco%%en"a&on Re'ort to (el' Counselors Fin" a S'eci)c E%'*asis +or !lo,al Stu"ies a-ors

Accor"ing to (" e*linger o+ t*e /a&onal E"uca&on Associa&on, t*e !lo,al an" 0nterna&onal Stu"ies %a-or "e1elo's a glo,al 'ers'ec&1e +or stu"ents to un"erstan" an" +unc&on e2ec&1el# in to"a#3s .orl"4 5erce'&ons gaine" range +ro% *u%an societ# an" t*e natural en1iron%ent to "i2ering cultural li+est#les an" *u%an rig*ts4 T*ere+ore, !lo,al stu"ents learn a .i"e range o+ ca'a,ili&es in t*e 'ro+essional .orl", ac6uiring s7ills suc* as rea"ing, "eli,era&ng, researc*ing, "e,a&ng, an" ga%ing +ro% course.or7 in t*e %a-or4 To ac*ie1e an un"erstan"ing o+ career counseling tec*ni6ues, 0 co%'lete" t*e tas7s: +or%ulate a ,asic un"erstan"ing o+ t*e !lo,al Stu"ies %a-or, inter1ie. t.o t#'es o+ UCSB counselors +or current career gui"ance %et*o"s, an" researc* gui"ance %et*o"s u&li8e" ,# counselors .orl".i"e4 9*en 'er+or%ing t*ese tas7s, 0 con"ucte" 'ri%ar# an" secon"ar# researc*4 0 *el" inter1ie.s .it* t*e un"ergra"uate a"1isor +or !lo,al Stu"ies an" a career counselor at UCSB3s Counseling an" 5s#c*ological Ser1ices De'art%ent4 0 also researc*e" sc*olarl# ar&cles to )n" career gui"ing %et*o"s t*at UCSB currentl# "oes not u&li8e4 # )n"ings suggest t*at t*ere are si%'ler an" %ore colla,ora&1e a''roac*es +or *el'ing !lo,al %a-ors )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis4 T*ese %et*o"ologies inclu"e t*e 0n"i1i"ual :oca&onal E1alua&on 5lan an" t*e ;5ossi,le <i1es= a'4 Bot* t*ese a''roac*es 'ro1i"e stu"ents .it* a )r% un"erstan"ing o+ t*eir s7ills an" strengt*s, t*e% to +ollo. a career 'at* t*at 'ertains to t*eir 'ar&cular interests4 On t*e ,asis o+ t*ese )n"ings, 0 reco%%en" t*at career counselors a"o't t*ese ne. a''roac*es +or *el'ing stu"ents )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis4 0 .oul" li7e to t*an7 #ou +or ta7ing t*e &%e to 1ie. t*is reco%%en"a&on re'ort an" %e resol1e a 're1alent issue in t*e !lo,al Stu"ies %a-or4 0+ #ou *a1e an# 6ues&ons or co%%ents, 'lease +eel +ree to contact %e at or at >?0@A BC? D 00204

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

an# !lo,al Stu"ies %a-ors oEen *a1e a "ifficult &%e )n"ing a secure -o, aEer gra"ua&on4 Accor"ing to $o"i Cutler, t*e un"ergra"uate a"1isor +or !lo,al an" 0nterna&onal Stu"ies at UCSB, t*e %ost in6uire" 6ues&on ,# !lo,al stu"ents is, ;9*at can 0 "o .it* t*is %a-orF= !lo,al Stu"ies %a-ors learn %ul&'le 'ro+essional s7ills inclu"ing rea"ing, "eli,era&ng, researc*ing, "e,a&ng, an" ga%ing4 Due to t*e ,roa" nature o+ t*e %a-or, %an# stu"ents *a1e a "ifficult &%e )n"ing a nic*e in 'ro+essional li+e aEer college t*at accrues to t*eir 'ar&cular interest4 T*ere+ore, t*e 'ur'ose o+ t*is re'ort is to reco%%en" ne. %et*o"s +or career counselors at t*e Uni1ersit# o+ Cali+ornia, Santa Bar,ara >UCSBA to *el' !lo,al Stu"ies a-ors )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis to *el' 're'are t*e% +or 'ro+essional li+e aEer college4 Currentl#, career counselors use a Basic Career Assess%ent +or stu"ents .*o are con+use" a,out t*eir +utures4 0t allo.s stu"ents )n" t*eir 're+erences ,# +ocusing on t*ings t*e# en-o# to narro. "o.n 'oten&al %a-or c*oices4 T*e# also o2er in+or%a&onal inter1ie.s or -o, s*a" ,ase" on stu"ents3 're+erences +oun" +ro% t*e assess%ent4 (o.e1er, t*is a''roac* is not a colla,ora&1e e2ort ,et.een stu"ents an" counselors4 !enerall#, stu"ents *an"le t*ese tas7s ,# t*e%sel1es, .*ic* can cause con+usion or "isa''oint%ent i+ t*e results are not as eG'ecte"4 0n a""i&on, t*is a''roac* a''lies to e1er# %a-or, instea" o+ s'eci)call# ai"ing stu"ents .*o alrea"# *a1e a %a-or4 For t*is reco%%en"a&on re'ort, 0 )rst inter1ie.e" a career counselor at t*e Counseling an" 5s#c*ological Ser1ices on UCSB3s ca%'us to "isco1er t*eir current %et*o"s +or gui"ing !lo,al %a-ors to a s'eci)c e%'*asis4 /eGt, 0 also inter1ie.e" $o"i Cutler, t*e %ain counselor +or un"ergra"uate !lo,al %a-ors, to )n" out .*at 7in" o+ 6ues&ons !lo,al stu"ents co%e to *er .it* regar"ing t*eir career 'lans4 AEer, 0 researc*e" %ul&'le sc*olas&c an" 'o'ular ar&cles 'ertaining to co%%on career counseling tec*ni6ues4 Finall#, 0 collecte" t*e "ata an" a''lie" it to t*e conteGt o+ !lo,al %a-ors at UCSB4 0 +oun" t*at ot*er .a#s o+ counseling .oul" ,e %ore ,ene)cial to !lo,al Stu"ies %a-ors at UCSB4 T*is inclu"es t*e ;Four Do%ains o+ Assess%ent= +oun"e" ,# t*e 0ns&tute +or E"uca&on <ea"ers*i', t*e ;5ossi,le <i1es= a''roac* "isco1ere" ,# Hat*arine Broo7s, or t*e 0n"i1i"ual :oca&onal E1alua&on 5lan >0:E5A +or a t*oroug* ,rea7"o.n o+ +uture career interests4 T*ese %et*o"ologies *el' stu"ents .*o alrea"# *a1e a %a-or )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis easil#, accuratel#, an" en-o#a,l#4 Base" o+ t*ese )n"ings, 0 reco%%en" t*at UCSB career counselors u&li8e an# o+ t*ese gui"ance a''roac*es to *el' !lo,al %a-ors )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis .it*in t*e %a-or4 AEer.or"s, counselors s*oul" .or7 .it* stu"ents to )n" a -o, or interns*i' t*at sa&s)es t*is e%'*asis4 0n t*e sec&ons, 0 'ro1i"e a""i&onal "etails a,out %# researc* %et*o"s, %# results 0 o,taine", %# conclusions 0 "re. +ro% t*ose results, an" %# reco%%en"a&on4

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

0n t*is sec&on, 0 'resent %# conclusions ,ase" on %# researc* on career counseling tec*ni6ues4

Current Counseling Techniques

Career counselors at UCSB currentl# use tec*ni6ues to *el' stu"ents )n" a 'oten&al career 'at*4 (o.e1er, t*ese a''roac*es are generali8e" +or all %a-ors an" not s'eci)e"" t*e !lo,al Stu"ies %a-or4 T*oug* *el'+ul to a certain "egree, t*ese a''roac*es are not colla,ora&1e an" t*e results o+ t*ese counseling %et*o"s can "issa&s+# !lo,al %a-ors4

Skill Assessment Techniques for Counselors

For a 6uic7 an" 1isual re'resenta&on o+ stu"ents3 s7ills, career counselors use t*e ;5ossi,le <i1es= a''roac*4 Counselors en-o# using t*is %et*o" ,ecause it ser1es t*e 'ur'oses: Sees *o. clear t*e 1isions are o+ a stu"ent3s ;5ossi,le <i1es=4 Sees .*at stu"ents 7no. an" "o not 7no. a,out eac* ;5ossi,le <i+e=4 Con)r%s stu"ents genuine interest in t*e ;5ossi,le <i+e=4 (el's stu"ents "eter%ine .*ic* ;5ossi,le <i+e= to +ocus on )rst4 Hat*arine Broo73s ;5ossi,le <i1es= a''roac* *as ,een 'raise" ,# counselors all o1er t*e .orl"4 For eGa%'le, $a#e Rose,oroug*, EGecu&1e Director o+ Career Ser1ices at i""le,ur# College, states t*at t*is a''roac* *as ;'ro1i"e" li,eral arts gra"s .it* eGactl# .*at t*e# nee" to succee"=4 0n a""i&on, 5aul Bin7le#, Director o+ Career De1elo'%ent Ser1ices at T*e !eorge 9as*ington Uni1ersit#, sa#s t*at t*e ;5ossi,le <i1es= a''roac* ;*el's #oung 'eo'le )n" t*e connec&ons ,et.een t*eir interests an" t*e ineG*aus&,le career o'&ons a1aila,le to t*e%=4 For a t*oroug*, nonI1isual, su'er1ise" eGa%ina&on o+ stu"ent3s s7ills, career counselors use t*e Four Assess%ent a''roac*4 :oca&onal e1alua&ons, suc* as t*e 0:E5, 'ro1i"e stu"ents .it* a co%'re*ensi1e un"erstan"ing o+ t*eir s7ills4 On going colla,ora&on ,et.een t*e counselor an" t*e stu"ent are crucial to success+ull# co%'le&ng t*is e1alua&on4 T*is co%%unica&on creates a co%%on un"erstan"ing o+ t*e e1alua&on 'rogra%, s'eci)es 6ues&ons t*at nee" to ,e a""resse", an" i"en&)es tec*ni6ues to %eet t*e nee"s o+ counselors an" stu"ents4

0 reco%%en" t*at UCSB career counselors a"o't t*e 0:E5 an" ;5ossi,le <i1es= a''roac* to *el' !lo,al %a-ors )n" a s'eci)c e%'*asis .it*in t*e %a-or4 0+ a counselor co%'iles ,ot* a''roac*es, it .ill increase t*e c*ance o+ )n"ing a route t*at trul# )ts t*e stu"ent3s interests4 0n a""i&on, career counselors s*oul" *el' !lo,al %a-ors gain eG'erience in )el"s t*at u&li8e t*eir s'eci)c e%'*asis4 T*is can ,e acco%'lis*e" t*roug* interns*i's, -o,s, 1olunteer o''ortuni&es, an" ot*er %et*o"s t*at *el' a stu"ent gain eG'erience4
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 30

Clint Gordy

re7ace! Nike Go)7 B4orts 1arketing )an (Other Coursework)

The purpose of this sports mar'eting plan in m! Professional Writing Portfolio to0ards the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se creating a mar'eting plan is necessar! for an! corporation to s$cceed. In addition: this 0riting 0as completed colla=orati7el! 0ith a gro$p of si+ st$dents in m! "ports Management co$rse. (olla=oration is a 'e! concept in =$siness comm$nication =eca$se most proKects in professional life are completed =! a team then completed =! an indi7id$al. The context of this sports mar'eting plan is creating a ne0 mar'eting strateg! for 4i'e #olf =et0een the !ears of 2012 to 201%. &his ne0 mar'eting plan is foc$sed to0ard helping to increase a0areness and participation in golf for the !o$nger pop$lation and 0omen of the Enited "tates. &his is the H&arget Mar'etI section of the sports mar'eting plan. &he research of this doc$ment is compiled =! m!self and the 0riting of this mar'eting plan 0as completed colla=orati7el!.@
@&his is onl! a portion of the f$ll mar'eting plan. -eferences and citations ha7e =een remo7ed for easier reading. (omplete plan and list of so$rces a7aila=le $pon reA$est.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

)*$),)*$6 Marketing Plan

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

III% Target Market

A% Target Market
&he target mar'et for the mar'eting plan is potential !o$th cons$mers =et0een the ages of 12 to 15 in the Enited "tates. &he 2010 Enited "tates (ens$s estimates that there are ,0.% million indi7id$als 0ho meet this specification.

A,$% Demograp ics

&he target mar'et for 4i'e #olf is !o$th cons$mers =et0een the ages of 12 and 15 in the Enited "tates. Altho$gh this age range seems rather =road: it is act$all! a speciali8ed niche =eca$se the maKorit! of Enited "tates golfers are o7er the age of 40. &he 2010: the Enited "tates (ens$s estimates that there are ,0.% million indi7id$als 0ho meet this specification. An!one 0ho pla!s golf reg$larl!: competiti7el!: or sporadicall! is incl$ded in this target mar'et. &here 0ere 25.5 million golfers in the Enited "tates a=o7e age si+ in 2001. 3! foc$sing on a !o$nger age gro$p: the =rand 0ill =e a=le to increase pop$larit! as this pop$lation age and contin$e golfing. Also: this !o$nger age gro$p is more conscio$s a=o$t the =rands the! $tili8e and replicate 0hat is trending in their generation. &he !o$nger target mar'et: ages 12-15: has a pop$lation of appro+imatel! 1% million according to the 2010 Enited "tates (ens$s. &his pop$lation 0ill =e mar'eted separatel! =! ad7ertisements: commercials: competitions: and other mar'eting factors =eca$se this generation is t!picall! associated 0ith their parentFs p$rchasing po0er. &eenagers 0ill 0ant to =$! a =rand that is engaging and 0ell-'no0n. Ad$lts 0ill =e more 0illing to =$! their 'ids a =rand 0ith a positi7e image that offers opport$nit! for s$ccess and social stigma.

A,)% Income and Purc asing Power

&he proposed target mar'et are indi7id$als 0ith lo0-to-high income p$rchasing po0er. In 2011: men and 0omen =et0een the ages of 12 and 15 had an income of a=o$t N.:000 per !ear. &he (ons$mer Price Inde+ for p$rchasing menBs sports apparel increased from 2010 to 2011 =! 1.,O for this age gro$p. &he (ons$mer Price Inde+ for cons$ming 0omenBs sports apparel also increased =! 1%.4O: sho0ing an increase in the target mar'etFs need for athletic apparel.

A,/% C aracteristics
Men: 0omen: and the !o$th =et0een the ages of 12 and 15 increasingl! $tili8e social media 0e=sites and applications. In 2010: social media $sage in this target mar'et rose from ,1O to ,%O. &his generation enKo!s reading information a=o$t sports prod$cts 7ia social media instit$tions s$ch as third-part! re7ie0ers: social media 0e=sites: =logs: and online prod$ct re7ie0s. &hese indi7id$als $tili8e social media 0e=sites for getting information on prod$cts =eca$se the! feel that the! can tr$st their friendBs or peerFs re7ie0s since their age gro$p share similar tastes. With this generation $sing social media instr$ments s$ch as /ace=oo': &0itter: Instagram: and &$m=lr at a higher freA$enc!: the! can find a ne0 prod$ct intentionall! or =! chance. In addition: this !o$th age gro$p enKo!s comm$nicating 0ith their famil! and friends a=o$t ne0 prod$cts the! recentl! p$rchased: gi7ing the cons$mer ass$rance 0hen ma'ing decisions a=o$t p$rchasing a sports good.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

A,1% Trends
($rrent trends in the golf ind$str! sho0 cons$mer interests increasing. In 2011: there 0as a ,.3O increase in demand for fitness eA$ipment: an indicator that people are loo'ing to =ecome healthier and more acti7e. In partic$lar: golf re7en$es ha7e increased 1.1O in the past !ear: sho0ing a gro0th in the sports ind$str!. #olf eA$ipment is e+pected to increase steadil! from 2012-201,: ma'ing the mar'et fa7ora=le for golf sales. In addition: 0omenBs in7ol7ement in golf has e+panded o7er the past se7eral !ears. &herefore: 0omenFs increased in7ol7ement in golfing 0ill increase feminine apparel sales this $pcoming A$arter.

A,6% 8ationale
&his gro$p of !o$th cons$mers has man! long-term ad7antages: so 4i'e #olf is shifting its mar'eting strategies to this age gro$p. 9$e to long-term potential =rand lo!alt! 0ith cons$mer aging: and the recent increase in demand for athletic apparel: this target mar'et has the capa=ilit! to place 4i'e #olf at the top of the golf ind$str!.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

Other Writing Bam4)es

Career Writings



Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

re7ace! Citri8 odio Ba)es Co0er -etter (Career Writings)

The purpose of placing this co7er letter in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se creating a clear and concise co7er letter is important for an! professional 0riter to =e s$ccessf$l in the Ko= mar'et. A co7er letter is the emplo!erFs 0a! of finding o$t 0hat 'ind of emplo!ee an applicant 0ill =e if the! are hired. &his doc$ment is a professionalFs 0a! of spea'ing and pers$ading the reader thro$gh their 0riting: a cr$cial element to =$siness comm$nication. The context of this co7er letter is a=o$t m! s$ccessf$l application to =ecome an intern at (itri+Fs sales di7ision for Podio: a colla=orati7e interface 0here professionals meet and chat thro$gh social media and other applications. &his doc$ment gi7es m! p$rpose for 0riting the co7er letter: disc$sses m! ed$cation as it pertains to the position: states m! e+perience that relates to sales: and closes 0ith sal$tations and contact information.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

6653 Del *la a Dr!9e Goleta, CA 93117 (805) 698-0020 $ord cl!"t#$ma!l%com 4/"e 12, 2013 C!tr!2 ?"l!"e, 77C 7515 :oll!,ter A9e"/e Goleta, CA 93117 <"!ted &tate, Dear :/ma" Ce,o/rce, .a"a$er3 6 am 1r!t!"$ to e2(re,, m !"tere,t !" t)e *od!o &ale, 6"ter",)!( a9a!lable +rom o/r com(a" % 6 lear"ed o+ t)!, (o,!t!o" t)ro/$) t)e <"!9er,!t o+ Cal!+or"!a, &a"ta 0arbaraD, (<C&0) career a!d!"$ 1eb,!te Ga/c)ol!"'% A, a" !"d/,tr -lead!"$ +!rm t)at ,er9!ce, ma" cl!e"t,, t)!, com(a" "ot o"l t)r!9e, eco"om!call , b/t al,o re+lect, m 9al/e, o+ team1or' a"d c/,tomer ,er9!ce +or cl!e"t, a"d em(lo ee,% . ed/cat!o" !" !"ter"at!o"al relat!o", a"d m c/,tomer ,er9!ce ,'!ll, $a!"ed +rom m 1or' e2(er!e"ce )a9e (re(ared me +or t)!, !"ter",)!( (o,!t!o"% 8)e '"o1led$e 6 $a!"ed +rom 9ar!o/, co/r,e, at <C&0 )a9e (re(ared me +or t)!, !"ter",)!(% 6 )a9e ta'e" ,e9eral !"ter"at!o"al ,t/d!e,, !"ter"at!o"al relat!o",, a"d ba,!c acco/"t!"$ co/r,e, to ed/cate m ,el+ o" b/,!"e,, ,t le, o+ d!++ere"t c/lt/re,% 6" add!t!o", m co/r,e1or' !" ad9a"ced calc/l/, allo1, me to +ollo1 +orm/la model, +o/"d !" t)e 1or' e"9!ro"me"t% >/rt)ermore, m ab!l!t to /,e acco/"t!"$ com(/ter (ro$ram, ,/c) a, .!cro,o+t E2cel to create ,ale, model, a"d (roKect, )a9e al,o )el(ed (re(are me +or t)!, (o,!t!o"% Add!t!o"all , m '"o1led$e o+ t)e C)!"e,e la"$/a$e (erm!t, me to comm/"!cate !"ter"at!o"all , allo1!"$ me to o/treac) to cl!e"t, acro,, t)e $lobe% 8)e e2(er!e"ce 6 $a!"ed +rom Kob, a"d !"ter",)!(, )a9e al,o (re(ared me +or t)!, (o,!t!o"% . (o,!t!o" a, t)e B!ce *re,!de"t o+ C!,' .a"a$eme"t +or t)e 6"ter-+rater"!t Co/"c!l at <C&0 $a9e me t)e leader,)!( ,'!ll, to co",/lt +rater"!t!e, o" (ro(er comm/"!t ,a+et a"d le$al co"d/ct, a, 1ell a, )el( me de9elo( e++ect!9e comm/"!cat!o" ,'!ll, 1!t) )!$)-ra"'!"$ o++!c!al,% 6" add!t!o", m em(lo me"t a, a ,er9er at &a"dbar Ce,ta/ra"t )a, $!9e" me t)e c/,tomer ,er9!ce ,'!ll, to re,(o"d e++!c!e"tl to t)e re=/e,t, o+ cl!e"t,% 7!'e1!,e, 1or'!"$ a, a" !"ter" at t)e Cal!+or"!a */bl!c 6"tere,t Ce,earc) Gro/( at <C&0 )a, $!9e" me t)e team1or' ,'!ll, to 1or' 1!t) ot)er !"ter", to ,/cce,,+/ll reac) $oal,, ,/c) a, obta!"!"$ 500 ,t/de"t ,!$"at/re, to ma!"ta!" CA7*6CGD, c)arter o" cam(/,% 8)a"' o/ +or o/r t!me !" read!"$ t)!, co9er letter a"d re,/me% 6 ca" be reac)ed a" t!me t)ro/$) m ema!l $ord cl!"t#$ma!l%com% 6 )o(e o/ 1!ll a$ree t)at m crede"t!al, matc) t)e re=/!reme"t, +or t)e *od!o &ale, 6"ter",)!( (o,!t!o", a"d 6 loo' +or1ard to )ear!"$ +rom o/ ,oo"% &!"cerel ,

Cl!"t Gord

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

re7ace! <isk 1anagement (mai) 7or .)) >nter-Araternit* Counci) Cha4ter residents (Non-academics)
The purpose of this email in m! Professional Writing Portfolio to0ard the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se contacting people =! electronic messaging is a part of e7er!da! professional life. Whether the recipient is an important client or fello0 co0or'er: professional emails sho$ld =e handled 0ith concise grammar: clear editing: and consistent spacing. &his allo0s the reader to esta=lish the main points presented in the email A$ic'l! and effecti7el!: a cr$cial element for s$ccessf$l =$siness comm$nication. The context of this email is for the Inter-/raternit! (o$ncil (hapter Presidents at E("3 =ecoming $pdated on c$rrent ris' management proced$res. &his information 0as collected from a primar! research inter7ie0 0ith 2ie$tenant 9arren Miller: head of the Isla Jista /oot Patrol. &he research presented in the email gi7es presidents information a=o$t ho0 to a7oid getting cited for instances s$ch as a noise 7iolation.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

Dear C)a(ter :o/,e *re,!de"t,3 6 )o(e &(r!"$ =/arter )a, bee" treat!"$ o/ 1ell% E"clo,ed !" t)!, ema!l o/ 1!ll +!"d !"+ormat!o" abo/t certa!" 9!olat!o",, +!re )aEard,, a"d le$al!t !,,/e, t)e &a"ta 0arbara *ol!ce De(artme"t a"d 6,la B!,ta >oot *atrol e"+orce% *lea,e +eel +ree to d!,tr!b/te t)!, !"+ormat!o" to o/r e2ec/t!9e board, o/r r!,' ma"a$eme"t c)a!r, or o/r c)a(ter )o/,e member,%

P#)'&e:- A% h#r' 'e8)!, ,ect!o" !"cl/de, t)e att!t/de, a"d re,(o",!b!l!t!e, o+ (ol!ce o++!cer, d/r!"$ a" e9e"t or (art %

#n w(at ways is a )oli%e offi%er allowe' to wal into a )arty6

A (ol!ce o++!cer ca" e"ter !" a" o+ t)e +ollo1!"$ ,!t/at!o",3 Ca" 1al' !" !+ a" e"tra"ce !, barr!caded Ca" 1al' !" 1!t) a 1arra"t Ca" 1al' !" 1!t) co",e"t o+ a c)a(ter-)o/,e member Ca" 1al' !" beca/,e o+ e2ter"al c!rc/m,ta"ce, (e%$% >!$)t !" (ro$re,,, ,!$)t o+ 1ea(o",, etc%)

4/,t beca/,e a" o++!cer )a, t)e!r +oot !" t)e door doe, "ot mea"t t)e are allo1ed to 1al' !"% :o1e9er, ,)o1 t)em '!"d"e,, a"d re,(ect !+ t)e do e"d /( 1al'!"$ !"to a" e9e"t% 8r to ,ee' o/t o"e, o/ $et alo"$ 1!t) a"d "et1or' t)em to ot)er c)a(ter )o/,e,% 6+ ,ome do "ot ,)a'e o/r )a"d /(o" $reet!"$, do "ot be o++e"ded beca/,e ,ome o++!cer, are 9er ca/t!o/, o+ $erm,% 0e+ore t)e a/t)or!t!e, lea9e, a (re+erabl ,ober c)a(ter )o/,e member ,)o/ld a,' t)e o++!cer !+ t)ere !, a" t)!"$ t)at o/r )o/,e ca" do to (re9e"t ,!m!lar !",ta"ce, +rom )a((e"!"$% 8)e,e =/e,t!o", b/!ld $ood relat!o", 1!t) t)e local la1 e"+orceme"t +or o/r c)a(ter a"d +or t)e Gree' comm/"!t %

-ow far 'oes a 7front$'oor se%urity+s8 aut(ority e9ten' on%e a )oli%e offi%er arrives6
Do "ot $et !" t)e 1a !+ t)e a/t)or!t!e, ,)o1 /(% Fo/ 1!ll be arre,ted !mmed!atel +or !m(ed!"$ a" o++!cerD, d/t!e,% Get ,omeo"e ,ober to tal' to t)e (ol!ce o++!cer a"d re+ra!" !"to2!cated (eo(le +rom co"+ro"t!"$ t)e a/t)or!t!e,% 6t !, (re+erable to /,e a (er,o" !" o/r o1" )o/,e beca/,e !t !, c)ea(er a"d doe, t)e ,ame obl!$at!o" a, )!red ,ec/r!t % Al,o, !t !, better to )a9e ,omeo"e o/ tr/,t $/ard!"$ t)e e"tra"ce to o/r e9e"t to (re9e"t /"1a"ted (eo(le +rom 1al'!"$ !"to a" e9e"t%

Are offi%ers allowe' to %ome into senior (ouses 'urin" a )arty6

8)ere are ,ome le$al!t !,,/e, be)!"d t)!, matter, b/t !+ a (ol!ce o++!cer doe, e"ter a ,e"!or )o/,e /"1arra"ted, do "ot co"+ro"t t)e co(, 1!t) "e$at!9e att!t/de% Cemember, ,)o1 t)em '!"d"e,, a"d re,(ect to b/!ld +/t/re relat!o",%
Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014) 31

Clint Gordy

6 )o(e o/ )a9e +o/"d t)e !"+ormat!o" (re,e"ted !" t)!, ema!l /,e+/l% 6+ o/ )a9e a" +/rt)er =/e,t!o",, (lea,e +eel +ree to co"tact me at $ord cl!"t#$ma!l%com% 8)a"' o/ +or o/r t!me, a"d letD, ma'e &(r!"$ ;/arter $reat +or e9er o"e% Ce$ard,, Cl!"t Gord 6>C B!ce *re,!de"t o+ C!,' .a"a$eme"t $ord cl!"t#$ma!l%com

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

re7ace! .sian Consu)ting Grou4 (.CG) 1anua) re=i ( resentations)

The purpose of this Pre8i in m! Professional Writing Portfolio for the

3$siness (omm$nication &rac' is =eca$se presentations are a 7er! important aspect for negotiations in professional life. &hese presentations allo0 an a$dience to gain a tr$e perspecti7e of the personalit! of a professional. 3$sinesses $se presentations to gain grants: gi7e information: or recei7e re0ards. &hese are all important characteristics to an indi7id$alFs s$ccess in professional life.
The context of this presentation is from m! colla=orati7e team Asian

(ons$lting #ro$p (A(#) to 0in a grant for the prod$ction of o$r professional negotiation man$al in *ast-Asia for Writing 10.# 0ith Professor anson. &his Pre8i incl$ded a promotional 7ideo: a la!o$t of ho0 A(# form$lated their man$al: and an application of real-life professional negotiating scenarios in *ast-Asia.@
@&his is onl! a screenshot of the presentation. &o 7ie0 the entire presentation: please 7isit the follo0ing E-2G httpG<<<Atm1g8iKs.dh<present<P a$thQ'e!Rd'$cs.0)follo0R8!e14ts0ec0K)'0Rpresent-Atm1g8iKs.dh)rcRref-42112131

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)


Clint Gordy

C)osing <emarks
&han' !o$ for !o$r time in reading m! Professional Writing Minor Portfolio. I hope that !o$ 0ill agree m! e+perience gained =! ta'ing the reA$ired $pper-di7ision and lo0-di7ision 0riting co$rses match the credentials for the 3$siness (omm$nication &rac'. If !o$ ha7e an! f$rther A$estions: please feel contact me at m! telephone n$m=er or email listed in the HPersonal Information and Academic PreparationI section on page 3. In addition: I 0o$ld li'e to than' all of the 0riting professors that helped me prepare for this minor. *7en if I am not accepted into the minor: I learned tools from these co$rses that are in7al$a=le and that 0ill carr! on into an! aspect of m! f$t$re career.

Portfolio for the Minor in Professional Writing (2013-2014)