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He Seeks Those Who Worship Him in Truth (John 4:23-24)

I. Introduction. A. Orientation. Morning, Jesus said to S woman When she asked whether Gerizim or Jerusalem Right place to worship, Though was Jerusalem, Now its neither.

Place doesnt matter, Heart does.

God spirit, Must worship in spirit In love Spirit creates.

B. Preview. But there more Also said truth.

God, among other things, Doesnt delight in false worship Either wrong ideas of Him Or how would be worshiped.

You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews (v. 22). Had revealed Self to Jews, But not to Samaritans.

Again, Ss were half Jewish/pagan. After king of Assyria, took most Jews away, Settled men from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath, Sephar-vaim (2 Kings 17).

Initially, they didnt fear Lord, Sent lions that killed some. So asked Assyrian king To send someone to teach customs of god of land. He did, but people still worshiped own gods.

Gradually, they gave up idolatry, Adopted part of Jewish religion.

When Judah returned from captivity, Didnt let S help with Temple, So they built rival temple on Mt Gerizim. When that destroyed, built another at Shechem.

Point is: Ss didnt know Lord, Or how to worship Him.

The Jews knew who and how, Because they Gods people (v. 22).

Evening, need to see importance Of worshiping God in truth As well as in Spirit. This kind person God seeks.

Well consider four things: 1. Must worship true God, 2. According to His Word, 3. In truth/sincerity, not hypocrisy, 4. In the One who is the Truth. II. Sermon. A. First, if worship God in truth, Must know truth about God.

This reason He reveals Self. Not pleased if have false idea. Sometimes cant be helped If young, Or newly converted Sometimes it can Need study revelation more.

What does He want us to know?

Hes not like us Not that no point of contact Are communicable attributes, We are made in image That might know Him But God, not man Not share limitations, Especially not sin. God not man, should repent, Or son of man, should change mind (Num. 23:19).

Nor is He like any other creature (other than man). One most serious indictments Is lower God to creature Such as when make images (Ex. 20:4-6). God is Spirit, Doesnt have body Hes not a creature.

He is other than we are. Has no limitations as we. Why use word infinite We finite, all creatures finite, Hes infinite

With regard to time (eternal), Space (everywhere), Power/strength (nothing cant do), Knowledge (comprehensive).

That natural image, But theres also moral He is holy, Has perfect love of good.

Must know whom worship To please One we worship.

If One you seek to worship is true God, He is looking for you.

B. If worship God, Must worship according to truth.

Cant approach God any way. S not know how to approach Him. If had, still couldnt no priesthood.

Now they can, like rest of mankind, through Christ.

But even now,

If we come worship, Must come as He says.

Narrowly, as meet publicly, Must come as commands Not any way we please Not through images As says in Second Commandment No longer through Ceremonial Law Fulfilled in Christ But now through more spiritual worship Reading/preaching Word, Praise, prayer, sacrament.

Broadly, need live as commands. Are to offer self as living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1) Devote self to love God, And neighbor as self.

Instead asking whether can do something and not sin, Ask instead, is this what God tells me to do? Is this honoring to Him? Should treat life as do worship Not, if God hasnt forbid, can do, But do what commanded.

If youre willing To worship God as commands, And live as commands Regardless of what other believers do, Or the world God is looking for you Because can use you.

C. Must worship sincerely, With a true heart, Not hypocritically.

Remember, can have right form Pharisees did, Scribes and elders did But wrong heart They wanted praise of men, We need to seek God sincerely.

Its so hard in worship Not to seek praise from others Esp. when public others present. It affects how we behave, Because want to appear certain way to others.

Thats one reason Jesus says do broader worship in secret Prayer, fasting, giving to poor. Others cant praise what cant see. Only God can.

But what about when others around? When worship service? When doing things for Lord Others have to see Such as when counsel brother/sister, Help someone in need? Need to guard heart That dont do to be seen of men, But seen of God.

Need to keep goal in front Do out love for God, To please and honor Him Not self.

If have true heart, If really want to honor Him, Not yourself,

Hes looking for you.

D. Finally, if worship in truth, Must worship in Jesus Christ, who is Truth. Jesus said He is way, truth, and life (John 14:9).

Must listen to Him As He only authoritative Interpreter of God. John writes, No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him (John 1:18). He reveals God through His life and word (1:1), And through His Spirit Moving authors to write His Word (2 Pet. 1:20-21). Shows who He is, And how He would be worshiped.

Must worship through Him As He only Mediator between God and man Only One can make acceptable to God The church doesnt make acceptable, Only Jesus.

Must worship in Him He is New Covenant Temple Jesus said, Tear down Temple,

Raise in three days (John 2:19-21). Speaking of temple of body. When trust in Jesus, Become living stones Being built into Temple to offer spiritual sacrifices (1 Pet. 2:4-5). Jesus only One in whom worship acceptable.

If worship in truth, Must be in Christ.

If received by God, Must be through Christ.

There is nothing you can offer God He will accept If offer it yourself. Your best efforts, Even with grace, fall short. You must come through Christ.

If you would worship in truth, You must listen to Christ, Worship through His mediation, And offer your worship in Him. If you do,

Gods looking for you.

Conclusion: If you would worship in Spirit, Must come to Christ He alone can give.

If worship in truth, Must come to Him. He is truth of God.

If havent come to Christ, Must start here. Repent and trust.

He will reveal Father, Tell how to worship, Cleanse heart/make sincere, And make worship acceptable.

If have come, Seek to be filled with Spirit Knowing truth one thing, Wanting to do, another. You need Spirit to want to The more He fills you,

The more you will do His will, And the more you do, The more it will put you on His radar. He will use you. Thats what life all about. May Lord grant grace to do so. Amen.