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Applications of Softwares used in Hotels


Hotel software is designed for all areas of hotel operation including property management, \accounting, Internet/GDS reservations, central reservations, reception, P S/hospitality, spa/clu!/golf management, guest management, inventory management, yield/revenue management, accounting, and we! site design" Small hotel software is availa!le for properties with less than #$$ rooms and focuses on !asic front and !ac% office functions and/or reservations and guest management"

ne of the ma&or types of hotel software used !y the hotel/motel industry is hotel property management software 'P(S)" P(S is a comprehensive software pac%age that manages all aspects of hotel operations, which has front des%, and !ac% office modules that handle reservations, guest profile/folio, reporting, night auditing, and house%eeping, accounting, payroll and asset and inventory management"

*or reservations, there are two types of hotel software a +,S 'central reservation system) and an I-. 'Internet !oo%ing engine)" /n I-. allows guests to remotely ma%e reservations accessing the hotel0s we!site" Hotel reservation systems will also have reservation software capa!ility that allows guests to ma%e reservations using a GDS service" / +,S !oo%s reservations for multiple properties"

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

Hospitality management software includes sales and catering software, which will have a P S module to manage, and trac% sales from restaurants, lounge/!ar, and room service" .vent management is another important module of hospitality management software" .vent management modules manage group/convention sales, room !oo%ing, function and layout"

(any hotel property management software, hotel reservation system software, hotel accounting software, hotel front des% software, and hospitality software companies provide free hotel software downloads for evaluation to help hotels select the !est hotel software pac%age that meets their operational needs" *ree hotel software downloads can save time in researching the right hotel software pac%age for your property"

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels


Hotels, motels and private resort locations must !e up to speed of technology to !e on the cutting edge of the hotel industry" Hotels that have the latest in computer technology are a!le to perform more successfully" 1he following information is a listing of hotel technology used in the 2# century"

1he modules and %ey features of Hotel Software Systems are (ulti2(odule Systems '((S), Select (odule Systems 'S(S) and -asic ,eservation Systems '-,S)"

(ulti2(odule Systems is a software solution is availa!le to three to five2star2rated hotels or resorts" 1his software delivers a thorough software solution with hotels that have #$$ rooms or more"

Select (odule Systems is geared towards single property reservation" -asic ,eservation Systems is software that provides a more !asic reservation2processing unit for motels and hotels"

Imagine a ma&or hotel chain without the use of top of the line hotel software" 1op chain hotels and private resorts use state of the art e3uipment, so that they can cater to their customers0 desires and demands" 1hey install their hotel reservation software onto the following computer hardware4 I-(, Sony and Hewlett Pac%ard, which are all state of the art computer hardware" 5hen new hotel properties are !uilt, amenities and location are on the priority list" Studies show that I1 facilitated hotels will saturate the mar%et !y 2$$6" Property owners reali7e the value of having a sophisticated operating system within their hotels" Hotel reservation software systems are not only used for reservations, !ut are used for employee records as well as hotel

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels security monitoring"

1he features of hotel software will depend on the type of software module" 1he most common module used !y hotels is a property management system 'P(S), which will have some or all of the following integrated software4 hotel management 'front des%, !ac% office, spa/golf/clu! management), reservation/!illing, hospitality/sales and catering, P S 'point of sale), Internet !oo%ing engine, and hotel accounting"

,eservation software features include group and individual !oo%ings, chec%2in/chec%2out, rate management, and room management/availa!ility" (ulti2unit hotel properties will re3uire a central reservation system '+,S), which can handle reservations from a central system for all properties" /n Internet !oo%ing engine will allow real2time reservations to !e made from we! !ased sites"

Hotel management software has front des% and !ac% office management features" *ront des% features include daily ledger, night audit, guest folios/guest history, guest !illing/accounting, house%eeping, and credit card !illing" -ac% office features manage payroll, accounts paya!le, general inventory, general ledger and personnel/human resources"

Hotel hospitality/sales and catering software features are designed for food and !everage and event management and provides for the efficient operation of restaurant, lounge/!ar, room service and %itchen" Hotel catering software can also trac% sales and analy7e employee productivity and trac% inventory" 9in%ed to the hospitality/sales and catering software is a P S module which records food and !everage, spa/golf/clu! charges and posts to the guest folio/ledger for one, comprehensive : itemi7ed !illing"

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

Hotel accounting software features will have general ledger, accounts paya!le, accounts receiva!le, personnel, and payroll" Purchasing/receiving, inventory recording and reporting functions"

Hotel software features can !e viewed on software manufacturers0 we!sites and most offer free downloaded trials of software products"


1here are software applications to support, manage and operate every aspect of the hotel and hospitality industry" .;amples of hotel software are hotel reservation and hotel !oo%ing


Applications of Softwares used in Hotels software, hotel management software, hotel accounting software, hotel P(S software, hotel mar%eting software, hospitality software, hotel front des% software, and P S software" nline/Internet reservation software is used to ena!le guests to !oo% online through a GDS or directly through the hotel0s we!site" Small hotel software for hotel property management is designed for a single property reservation system, while a multi2module system is a more comprehensive hotel management software application for large properties"

Hotel property management software offers !oth front des% and !ac% office modules" *ront des% modules are designed for guest and room management and include reservation, rate and guest profile management, chec%2in/chec%2out, house%eeping management, customer communication, night audit, and city ledger" -ac% office modules are designed to manage hotel resources, assets and inventory and include payroll, accounts paya!le" Hospitality management software has applications in the sales, mar%eting, event management, and catering operations of the hotel" Hospitality software has features designed to manage all aspects of the hotel0s sales and catering operations including special events, restaurant, !ar and room service as well as account and inventory management" ther hospitality software features are availa!le for spa, golf and clu! management, activity scheduling" P S 'point of sale) software is designed to manage sales generated from restaurants, lounge/!ar, room service, and retail operations in a hotel property" Hotel software can also !e used to generate reports in all areas of hotel management for front and !ac% office reporting, sales and catering, P S"


Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

MICROS Systems, Inc., is head3uartered in +olum!ia, (aryland, >S/" 1he company manufactures and sells computer hardware, software, and services for the restaurant point of sale, hotel, hospitality, specialty retail mar%ets and other similar mar%ets" /nalyst estimates cited in 2$$8 put (I+, S? mar%et share at a!out 8<@ of the restaurant point2of2sale !usiness" (I+, S Systems? software and hardware is used in the restaurant industry and primarily includes touchscreen computers for the serving staff to place orders, which are then sent to %itchen and !ar printers for preparation" 1he !ac%2office and enterprise software allow different types of reports, such as total sales and total menu items sold, to !e produced" (I+, S provides different products for different restaurant si7es and styles, including products for single2entity restaurants, ma&or chain restaurants 'with centrali7ed reporting) and multiple2 restaurant properties, including casinos, stadiums and cruise ships" (I+, S products have the a!ility to interface to other systems such as inventory control systems and hotel systems" (I+, S2*idelio, a division/part of (I+, S, offers several products for hotel systems including Property (anagement Systems, +entral ,eservations Systems, and Sales A +atering software, and is often installed at the same site as (I+, S point of sale systems for interface integration" 5.1 History 1he company was incorporated in #6BB as Picos Manufacturing, Inc. and changed its name to MICROS Systems, Inc. in #6BC" (I+, S Systems, Inc" is head3uartered in +olum!ia, (aryland"1he term MICROS is an acronym for Modular Integrated Cash Register Operating Systems"

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

(I+, S Systems uses several distri!ution channels including different regions, districts, and dealers" 5. F!n"nc!"# $es%#ts F!sc"# Re&en%e ye"$ 2$$B

' &s ($e&!)%s * &s ($e&!)%s Net Inc)me ye"$ FBC<"B F6<:"2 G F#$="C G F#=C"< ye"$ Growing 26@ to F6#"#(, or F2"2# per G #<"B@ diluted share Growing 2="=@ to F#$#"8(, or F#"2# G 2#":@ 2 :"::@ G $"B@ G #$"2@ per diluted share F66"8(, or F#"2# per diluted share F##:":(, or F#":# per diluted share F#::"#(, or F#"B: per diluted share

2$$CD:E 2$$6 2$#$D2E 2$##D#E N)tes


F6##"C 2 F:2": F6#:"8 G F="= F#,$$B"6 G F68"=

1he fiscal year for (I+, S !egins on Huly #" Iet income !ased on a non2G//P !asis" Dollar figures represented in millions"

5.3 Products P)!nt+),+S"#e S!m(-)ny is used in the entertainment mar%etplace, including restaurants, casinos, stadiums, hotels and cruise ships" Simphony, (I+, S0s first Software as a Service offering, is an enterprise, service2oriented architecture 'S /), point2of2sale 'P S), hospitality product" S / allows organi7ations to deploy the hosted P S system using a design that provides fle;i!ility, resiliency, and streamlined integration of applications"D Simphony is designed for SaaS C

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

deployment into diverse environments to deliver the comple;, mission2critical functions demanded !y the most innovative customers" SaaS alleviates the !urden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support" Simphony allows the client to !e fully resilient and capa!le of performing mission critical operations in the event of an upstream failure" S / allows for the integration of !usiness functions such as property management systems, paperless %itchen display systems, credit card interfaces, and reporting at the individual property or revenue center to ensure continuous system operation" /dditionally, S / allows for the elimination of costly local servers !y allowing only the necessary SaaS services to !e run at the property level"D 5.4 HMS 1he (I+, S 6B$$ H(S point2of2sale system is used in the entertainment mar%etplace, including casinos, stadiums, hotels and cruise ships" 1he 6B$$ H(S is platform2 and data!ase2 independent" It can !e installed on (ultiple 5indows platforms and can have the data!ase run on (S2SJ9 or racle, including racle on 9inu;"Dcitation neededE 6B$$ H(S is installed at sites

ranging from small, speciali7ed operations to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties in large geographic areas" 5.5 MICROS RES .3/001 (I+, S ,.S offers a complete point2of2sales solution with comprehensive reporting, tools for the !ac%2office, restaurant operations, and guest services" (I+, S ,.S offers enterprise management for owners of multiple restaurant locations" (I+, S ,.S provides end2to2end communications throughout operation to increase efficiency and speed of service" 1he latest release, as of Hanuary 2$##, is ,.S :"6" 6

Applications of Softwares used in Hotels

5.2 MICROS e/ (I+, S eB is a point2of2sales system aimed at smaller restaurant locations" 1he system is not as customi7a!le or detailed as 8B$$ or 6B$$, !ut is simpler and more user friendly" It has a !uilt in limit of supporting at most # P+ and = wor%stations" /s of Hune 2$#$ the latest version is 8"$ (,2" P.,/ is the (I+, S property management system used in many large hotel chains, such as 1ravelodge Hotels >K, Hyatt Hotels and ,esorts, ,ydges Hotels and ,esorts, (arriott Hotels, ,esorts and Suites, ,adisson Hotels and ,esorts 'su!sidiary of +arlson +ompanies), the Inter+ontinental Hotels Group and the 1histle Hotels" pera can essentially !e the only management software a hotel needs, as it can handle ,eservations, +ustomer Profiles, House%eeping (anagement, (aintenance logs, +ashiering, /ccounts ,eceiva!le, /gent commissions and third party interfaces such as (ini!ar systems or Guest 1L" /rrivals and in2house guests are served using the *ront Des% features of the property management software" 1his module handles individual guests, groups, and wal%2ins, and has features for room !loc%ing, managing guest messages and wa%eup calls, and creating and following up on inter2department memos" It is the successor to the popular *idelio P(S 'Property (anagement System)