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Car Mate

Cybro CRMS is a car rental management software for managing your car rental business. The Software features are standard features such as reservation & booking, vehicle management, client management, invoice report etc. It can calculate hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rates. You can also view the vehicle reminder such as insurance, tax and inspection dates.

Setup tab allows you to configure CRMS before first use. Company Info Here you can fill all your primary company details like Company name, address, phone numbers etc. General Settings This section allows you to set some general values. Vehicle Reminders

Vehicle reminders reminds you whenever a service date or inspection date is approaching or just passed. To enable or disable these reminders check or un-check the boxes. To change the number of days in advance that the reminders are displayed, update the text fields.

Regional Settings Here you can set some format settings like currency and also make a choice between Kilometer or mile that will be used as your distance unit. Business and non-business days It is essential that you can set the days of the week that your company do business. Whenever you book an agreement, CRMS will check if the start or end date is a non-business day and will show a warning dialog telling you that the day you selected is not a business day. Default Values These are default values that are used in invoices, booking, reservation etc. The values that you can set a default is:

Pick-up and Drop-off Location Tariff Adjustment Deposit Method Deposit Amount Deposit Payment Default Country

Season Settings The rates can be adjusted based on the season. When select one of the adjustment during a reservation the rates are reduced or increased for the value entered in the selected adjustment in accordance with the season you are booking the reservation. Payment Types Payment types for applying invoice payments are added here. Holidays Keep track of all holidays in a year used on the start and end date of a booking. Whenever you book an agreement CRMS will check if the start or end date is a holiday and will show a warning dialog. Locations Locations for pick-up & drop-off are added here. Vehicle Classes Before you start to input your vehicles, you have to setup Vehicle Classes.

Click on Setup Select the 'Vehicle Classes' tab You can add and delete vehicle classes from here.

Vehicle Expenses You can customize your vehicles expense types from here.

Click on Setup Select the 'Vehicle Expenses' tab You can add and delete vehicle expense types from here.

User Management

Here Administrator can change his password and can create new users. Users have no access to SetUp tab. Invoice Settings Driver Text & Insurance Text When clicking on the drivers or insurance text a window will be opened with the text that are displayed on the default invoice. You can edit this text to meet your requirements. Tax & Charges Here you can define up to 5 charges & taxes to be calculated in the subtotal of your invoice. You can apply the following options for each

Rate value '+/-' if the rate is addition or subtraction 'Values in' if the value is amount or percentage 'Calculation' if the calculation is fixed or per day You can also set if it applies always or only when you ask for'.


Click on 'Vehicles' Click Generate to generate a Stock number and start entering the vehicle details To load a picture of the vehicle click on Load Picture' and select the picture to add. To remove a picture click 'Clear Picture'

Maintenance On this tab you can enter details of your vehicle like service interval, inspection date, insurance expiration date etc. Damage Report Damages on the vehicles can be recorded here. It will display the current damges on the vehicle and provision to modify when a damage is solved. Vehicle Expenses Vehicle expenses can be filed on the Expenses tab.

Check for available vehicles

To check for available vehicles before you initiate a new rental agreement

Click 'Select Vehicle' on the Rental window Select your start and end date Select your class Click 'View' After selecting your vehicle click 'Select Vehicle'

Check for Client All clients details are saved in case of recurring. If the client exists in CRMS, you can search it by Client Name or by 'Company Name'. After selecting the client (optional) click 'Select Client'. This screen will lead you to the booking window where you can enter all your contract details. Rental Booking

If you are initiating a reservation, click and select the 'Reservation' option else, select 'Booking if you are initiating a Booking. Enter clients details in case of non-recurring. Detailed overview of the rate calculation will be displayed. Add up to 5 Charges and/or tax items to your subtotal. When done click on save button, If you initiated a reservation the reservation will be saved and no further action need to be done. Lease Cotract will be generated for the cotract period. You can print or export the report. If you initiated a booking after saving a dialog will ask you if you want to create an invoice for this booking. Click Yes to continue.

Rental Invoice The booking window will close and the invoice window will open with the summary of the booking. If payment took place , click the 'Pay' Button to enter the payment details. Rental Payment Enter the necessary fields and click 'Accept' Button. Print Invoice To print the invoice click 'Print' button on the invoice.

Here you can run the following reports.

Rental Report Invoice Report Payment Report Vehicle Report Expense Report Damage Report

To run a report.

Select the Report Type from the List Select a start and end date