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The volume of information conveyed in the last blast may have obscured key -points therein; therefore, this

recapitulates key-concepts therein, and then embellishes other points with fresh links. Unlike the customary effort to ID the action-item [beyond the obvious desire to provoke support for Guzzardis candidacy], the goal additionally is to chronicle his activitiesand to invite intense feedback. Otherwise, it is again assumed that anyone following any hyperlink who draws a conclusion that then deviates from those previously articulated hereinis cordially invited to challenge accumulated-data.

Guzzardi Guzzardi warns of a fiscal-iceberg and observes a distinction-with-a-difference when citing the Titanic; both hit icebergs, regardless of whether anyone saw it or not, but divergence occurred after the trauma. The crew and the captain went down with the ship whereas, in Harrisburg, they become super-well-paid lobbyists like Tom Ridge. In any case, he advocates Liberty and Limited Government Pro Growth Economic Freedom Constitutional Limited Government Spending Reduced Regulation and Restricted Government Intervention in the Free Market Low taxes Individual Empowerment, Personal Autonomy, Personal Responsibility and is planning to make-the-rounds of the Editorial Boards. He is also receiving unsolicited advice regarding what others want him to say and do; he unabashedly repeats his messaging, inviting recipients to upgrade their viewpoints accordingly. Indeed, in follow-up of his formal filing yesterday regarding alleged engineering of electioneering in York County, it is noted that Citizen activist Gene Stilp also has called for a probe into any 'political deal' behind Mike Waugh's sudden Farm Show appointment. [Also, notwithstanding claims by a Dem who feels guzzardis plan to-appear-on-republican-ballot may be successfully challenged, his cursory review of the on-line Cumberland-County filings did not yield any meaningful slam-dunk; this is not surprising because of the experience of the petition-circulators.] Guzzardi notes that ObamaDontCare has probably prompted Highmark to eliminate 100+ PA jobs, and he notes that a proposed hike in CHICAGO PROPERTY TAXES [THEY MAY DOUBLE] has been proposed TO FUND PENSIONS; thus, other governments are being forced to tackle what he perceives as the major problem facing Pennsylvania. [Thus, when queried about reports that Republicans have come out in support of legalizing gay marriage, he notes the word denotes heterosexuality and then, politely, labors to change the discussion-topic back to fiscal management by a businessman; emphasized is the fact that gay people need to make a living and want to pay low tax. [One agenda-item is to explore the ability to network via the PA Freedom Network.] Meanwhile, Guzzardi will continue to bash how Corbett made promises to the voters who voted for him in 2010 that he would not raise taxes and increase fees. It is notable that his recent ads proclaim that these promises had been honored with regard to the income taxation rate, but notably absent was any defense of having raised fees. Guzzardi notes the pervasive effect of this hidden-tax [which already is @ ~7 cents/gallon and is expected to rise to ~28 cents/gallon]. Such costs will be integrated, for example, into what businesses must budget when determining transportation-overheadyielding higher prices. And he will continue to rail against granting millions to billionaires [both people and corporations].

It is recognized that some feel Tea Party groups are facing uphill challenges in GOP primaries, but are upbeat about the future; such mixed-sentiments are amplified when they hear Mitch McConnell [being primaried by Bevin, who had STRUGGLED TO EXPLAIN A PRO-TARP LETTER] tell the New York Timesperhaps thinking of the strong fiscal support he and establishment-GOP candidates are receiving from both Karl Rove and the Chambers of CommerceI think we will crush them everywhere.I dont think they will have a single nominee anywhere in the country. Guzzardi certainly shares the fiscal-responsibility views of the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement butjust like he gets prickly when others advise him regarding what his themes should be attendance @ prior TPM-events has purely been as a listener; he has not spoken at any, while maintaining cordial relationships with all except those that are self-absorbed. Therefore, he will be happy to receive support from them, but he will remain wary of those that are using the TPM as a vehicle through which they channel their strongly-held social-conservatism; again, although Guzzardi is personally pro-Life [as snippets of quotes have confirmed], he distances himself from those who wear it on their sleevesan approach that is equally applicable to the people who have approached him with single-issue advocacy concerns. Therefore, maintaining this self-discipline has precluded being characterized in any particular movements corneror anything but his own man. The issues covered at the end of the last blast [higher education, Common Core, Scott Wagner, Paycheck-Protection, Voter Fraud, Pension Bomb, Media, and Union Violence] have been forthrightly addressed, thereby clearing-the-way for Guzzardi to convey what he considers to be the most urgent problems that the next governor will have to face.

Internationally The hyperlinked 2-minute video probes Obama's Year of Reckoning, as events quickly devolve in 2014; last night, on FNCs Special Report, the question posed was whether relations with any one country had gotten better during the past half-decade, and one panelist suggested France while others noted unique electoral circumstances that had been more responsible [flipping to a more liberal governance] than had BHO. Regardless, BHOs decisions will continue to be played-out on the world stage. Our inaction in Benghazi has emboldened our enemies. When we failed to act when Syria crossed BHOs red-line on its use of chemical weapons, Putin in Russia filled the vacuum of leadership. Now Putin feels he can treat Obama with impunity as he goes into the Ukraine with no tangible consequences from the U.S. Meanwhile, China, Iran, and North Korea are watching, and the world is becoming a more dangerous place.

This is due precisely to what was suffered under Carter, liberal policies of appeasement and diplomacy. Tyrants only understand strength and power. Obama and his political allies don't understand [or dont want to appreciate] the nature of tyrants and hence will continue to remain weak and feckless. When a region such as Crimea experiences strife and instability the first to come under threat are the Jews and, on-cue, a Ukrainian rabbi told Kiev's Jews to flee city; indeed, fearing violence against Ukraine's Jews, the Jewish community has asked Israel for assistance with the security of the community. This is quite ironic, of course, because there were Jews who fought for Hitler ['We did not help the Germans. We had a common enemy'], having fought alongside them, healed them, and befriended them. Such little-mentioned conflicts are experienced today by, for example, by Finland's Jews. In short, when Cheney observes that Obama Has No Credibility With Allies, it is difficult to conjure how to Punish Putin, as would be desired by Clifford May; in fact, even were there suddenly to be a recognition of the need to reverse Americas unilateral disarmament, Paul Ryan has found, predictably, that Obama has Negotiated in Bad Faith on Defense Cuts. In any case, Robert Fisk has noted that Ukraines future is tied up with Syriasand Vladimir Putin is crucial to both, while Putins paid-media consists offor examplea Russia Today Anchor who is Kremlin-Funded, Anti-Israel, 9/11 Truther. Nationally, Regionally, Locally The jockeying for POTUS-16 [for both parties] will continue; it would seem the Ted Cruz/Rand Paul dichotomy/unity reverberation will continue unabated, while others strike-out on their own [Jindal, perhaps] or ultimately choose-up-sides [Kasich, perhaps]. Rick Perry will probably fade, as Texas-$ goes to Cruz, and Rick Santorum will have to accept his having experienced his 15-minutes of fame. Indeed, Sarah will probably emerge as the king-maker for this arm of the party [and, perhaps, for the others], but it is hoped the GOP will grow beyond depending upon playing-it-safe by relying on ObamaDontCare in lieu of positing positive proposals. If/when the GOP takes-over the Senate, BHO will need to choose his nominees [such as to the SCOTUS, should a seat open] mighty-carefully, and the issue of BHOs ego will assuredly be the subject of enhanced scrutiny as he adjusts to lame-duck status; overhanging, naturally, is BHOs Scandal-Sheet, although most observers would expect him to skate to 1/20/2017. Perhaps by default, he will end-up shying away from tangential initiatives [guns, illegals], sensing that eroding strength will increasingly prompt other Dems to hold him @ arms lengthanswering his actions [in ignoring Congress] comparably to how a son [who had been ignored by his father, in song] ended-up growing-up just like you, Dad [Harry Chapin, Cats in the Cradle]. It is anticipated that two themes that havent yet been elucidated [NSA and Economy] or updated [IRS and BenghaziGate] will emerge [and the media will continue to merit monitoring], but none of these issues will affect Guzzardis plans.