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1. WEDDING INVITATIONS Check List for Ordering Invitations Before your scheduled appointment, here are a few bits of information that you'll need to know. You will need to bring the following information with you to your appointment: * Date and time of wedding * Location and complete address of wedding and reception locations * Number of people and number invitations needed for wedding and reception * Groom's middle name * Bride and Groom’s parents full names Wedding Invitation Ti: Etic The wedding invitation sets the tone of the wedding! Proper etiquette for Formal Wedding: * Invitations printed on heavyweight ivory, cream, or white paper using a classic letter style. * Formal, traditional wording is used. * These are usually engraved and traditionally written in the third person style. Proper etiquette for Informal Wedding: © If your wedding is informal, you are free to customize your invitation with more informal language and style. * Fun, unique fonts and ink colors are ok to use. * It is ok to invite guests via email, phone or word of mou For brides who are having a destination wedding and are planning a reception in their hometown after the wedding, including a reception card information as to the in-town celebration is a good way to invite guests to attend the celebration if they are not able to make it to the destination. It is considered impolite to invite guests to a wedding and not to the reception. This is implying that some guests are important enough to entertain and some are not. Invitations Do’: * Order Extras - even the most carefully held pen can slip up. Invitations typically come in increments of 25. It is far less costly to print extras that you may not need than to go back to the printer to order more. Chances are, there will be additions to your list, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. At the very least, order extra envelopes. Think about where you want responses sent — Usually gifts are sent to the return address on the envelope or to the address printed by the RSVP. If the bride lives in New York, but her wedding will be held in Phoenix where her parents live, it is far easier to have gifts sent to her New York home. Also, who will be keeping track of responses. Whether it is the bride or mother of the bride...that person should receive the responses. Allow plenty of time — typically many of my companies have very quick turn around, but you need to factor in time for reviewing the proof, shipping, etc. You will also need to allow plenty of time to address, assemble and mail, especially if you are using a calligrapher. Get Organized — Develop a system of organization that makes the process of addressing and mailing your invitations easy, not painful. When you request your list from your in-laws, ask them to send the list complete with names and full addresses. And to include names of children or unmarried partner to be invited. Use a database to make it easier. Check Postage- It is strongly encouraged to make sure you know how much your invite will cost to mail, if not, it might be a costly mistake with returned invitations! Use the correct names of guests of invited guests — it is more welcoming to have the correct name on the invitation of your friend’s guests than saying, “Miss Smith’s Guest” or “and guest.” Use correct titles — It is very flattering when invitations are addressed correctly. Make sure you use professional titles, “The Honorable” for an elected official, etc. If there is doubt, ask before addressing. Never separate the man’s first and last name - When addressing whether it be for an invitation or a thank you card....people typically write out names with the man’s name first - John and Susan Smith. Proper etiquette says that you