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Adjective Order

Introduction In English, it is common to use more than one adjective before a noun for example, He's a silly young fool, or he's a smart, energetic !oman" #hen you use more than one adjective, you have to put them in the right order, according to type" 1. The basic types of adjectives $n opinion adjective explains !hat you thin% about something &other people may not agree !ith you'" (or example) silly, beautiful, horrible, difficult $ size adjective, of course, tells you ho! big or small something is" (or example) large, tiny, enormous, little $n age adjective tells you ho! young or old something or someone is" (or example) ancient, ne!, young, old $ shape adjective describes the shape of something" (or example) s*uare, round, flat, rectangular $ colour adjective, of course, describes the colour of something" (or example) blue, pin%, reddish, grey $n origin adjective describes !here something comes from" (or example) (rench, lunar, $merican, eastern, +ree% $ aterial adjective describes !hat something is made from" (or example) !ooden, metal, cotton, paper $ purpose adjective describes !hat something is used for" ,hese adjectives often end !ith -ing" (or example) sleeping &as in sleeping bag', roasting &as in roasting tin' ples of adjective order
Size Age Shape Colour Origin Material !urpose









". So

e e#a

a a a

silly huge small

young round red

English metal sleeping

man bo!l bag

." #hich $" 0" 1" 2" 3" #hich $" 0" 1" 2" 4" #hich $" 0" 1" 2" 5" #hich $" 0" 1" 2"

Choose the correct $ord%order for each noun phrase. is the correct order a small serving /apanese bo!l 6" #hich is the correct order a /apanese small serving bo!l $" a sailing beautiful blue boat a serving small /apanese bo!l 0" a beautiful blue sailing boat a small /apanese serving bo!l 1" a blue sailing beautiful boat is the correct order 2" a blue beautiful sailing boat a carving steel ne! %nife 7" #hich is the correct order a ne! steel carving %nife $" an old !ooden s*uare table a ne! carving steel %nife 0" a s*uare !ooden old table a steel ne! carving %nife 1" an old s*uare !ooden table is the correct order 2" a !ooden old s*uare table a dirty old cotton tie 8" #hich is the correct order a dirty cotton old tie $" a red big plastic hat an old cotton dirty tie 0" a bit plastic red hat a cotton dirty old tie 1" a big red plastic hat is the correct order 2" a plastic big red hat a small 1anadian thin lady 9" #hich is the correct order a thin small 1anadian lady $" an ne! (rench exciting band a small thin 1anadian lady 0" a (rench ne! exciting band a 1anadian small thin lady 1" an exciting (rench ne! band 2" an exciting ne! (rench band