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Exercitii cu concordanta timpurilor 1.

Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect (Past Tense Simple sau Continuous), avnd in vedere simultaneitatea actiunilor din propozitia principala si cea secundara: 1. It was clear they (talk) business again. 2. I believe you (be) at the seasi e. !. I un erstoo you (be) a painter. ". They i n#t know that I (play) $ootball. %. &e reali'e he (not remember) (ohn#s phone number. ). I was not sure i$ you (speak) *nglish. +. ,ooking out o$ the win ow- she saw the sun (shine) brightly. .. &e aske me i$ I usually (rea ) that newspaper. /. 0ou i n#t tell me you (have to) type this report. 11. &e was in a hurry because he (want) to catch the train. 1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect ( Past Per$ect Simple sau Continuous), tinnd seama de relatia de anterioritate exprimata de verbul din propozitia principala sau din cea secundara: 1. 2. !. ". %. ). +. .. /. She tol me his name a$ter he (leave). She i n#t even say thank you a$ter all I ( o) $or her. 2$ter I (hear) the news- I congratulate him. 3hen I arrive - the concert alrea y (begin). 3hen it starte to rain- we ( ig) in the gar en $or an hour. &e i n#t a mit that he (steal) the book. &e 4ust (leave) home when he came across (ohn. 0ester ay I bought a new umbrella because I (lose) my ol one. 3hen he $inally reache ,on on- he was tire because he (travel) $or three ays. 11. I i n#t think that book to be a nice birth ay present $or you because I (rea ) it an I (not en4oy) it. 1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul Future-in-the-Past, avnd in vedere faptul ca propozitia secundara exprima o actiune posterioara celei din principala: 1. 2. !. ". %. ). +. .. /. They sai they (remain) at the seasi e $or another week. &e hope he ($inish) rea ing the book in two ays. I thought you soon (have) a holi ay. I was not sure I (remain) at home that evening. &e believe the strike (en ) very soon. &e promise he ( rive) me home. 3e all believe he (win) the competition. 2s wages ha gone up- we suppose prices (go up)- too. &e was sure he (pass) the e5am an he promise he (give) a party a$terwar s. 11. 3hen I hear the main actor was ill- I was sue the per$ormance (be cancelle ).

1. Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul Present Simple sau Present Perfect Simple: 1. I will pay my ebts a$ter I (receive) my salary. 2. 3e shall start inner as soon as the guests (arrive). !. 6y the time you ($inish) translating the te5t- I shall have type all the letters. ". 2$ter he (repair) the car- he will rive to Sinaia. %. I will buy a car when I (have) enough money. ). 0ou will be surprise when you (see) how well she (look). +. 0ou will be surprise when you (see) how much she (change). .. 2s soon as the holi ays (begin)- this beach will become very crow e . /. I will go on playing the piano till he (tell) me to stop. 11. 2$ter she (learn) to type- she will take a 4ob as a secretary. 11. &e will write to me a$ter he (arrive) in *nglan . 12. The train will have le$t be$ore we (reach) the station. 1!. 3hen their $irst baby (be born)- they will have been marrie $or $ive years. 1". 3hen I ($inish) the book- I will len it to you. 1%. I will never $orget what you 4ust (tell ) me. 1). 0our mother will be upset when she (notice) you (break) the vase. 1+. 0ou will get a shock when you (see) the mess in that room. 1.. 0ou won#t be able to speak about this book till you (rea ) it. 1/. It is sai that one *nglishman will not speak to another be$ore they (be) intro uce . 21. 2$ter you ( rink) a co$$ee- you will $eel better. 5 Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, tinnd seama de exceptiile de la concordanta timpurilor: 1. I i n#t know at what temperature this metal (melt). 2. The teacher tol the pupils what the capital o$ 7e5ico (be). !. I wasn#t aware 8erman (be) such a i$$icult language. ". In 1//.- the 9omanians travelle less than they ( o) this year. %. ,ast year you spoke *nglish less $luently than you ( o) now. ). ,ast night I (rea ) the book which you (rea ) now. +. ,ast night I met the couple who soon (move) ne5t oor to me. .. ,ast year I earne more money than I (earn) in the ne5t $ive years. /. The book I (rea ) in the last $ew ays was lent to me by (ohn. 11. I $oun out that yoga (be) a very use$ul practice. ! Puneti verbele din paranteze la timpul corect, respectnd toate re"ulile de concordanta a timpurilor, precum si exceptiile: 1. 2. !. ". %. ). I will come as soon as I ($inish) my work. &e tol me he never (see) the sea. &e tol me hibernating animal (not eat) in winter. They (know) each other $or a long time be$ore they $inally got marrie . I hope it (not rain) when I (arrive) at the beach. 3hen we (go) to see them last night- they were listening to music- they sai they (listen to) music since % o#clock.

+. 3hen you aske me where I (spen ) my holi ays- I (not eci e) yet. .. I will o it when I (want) to- not be$ore. /. &e was very upset because I (be) late. 11. I i not know that you (wear) glasses since chil hoo . 11. I was surprise that his son ($ail) the e5am- he (trust) his son an he (not e5pect) such a thing to happen. 12. 3hen I $inally arrive home- I (be) very hungry because I (not eat) anything all ay. 1!. &e sai he (have to) write own my a ress as he (not remember) it otherwise. 1". 0ou will never know how much I (su$$er). 1%. 2 week ago- he eci e he (change) his 4ob. 1). &e iscovere to his horror that he (eat) the worms in the cherries. 1+. 2$ter having visite Italy- my $rien s tol me there (be) many small houses an narrow streets in Pa ua. 1.. I hope the company where I (work) (not go) bankrupt. 1/. 2$ter we have $inishe inner- we ( rink) co$$ee an bran y. 21. &e was very tire an he (hope) he (have) time to rest that a$ternoon. # $raduceti in limba en"leza: 1. 2. !. ". %. :u mi;am amintit ca ne cunoscusem cu un an inainte. :u am stat acasa sa te astept pentru ca nu stiam c<n vei veni. Secretara mi;a spus ca irectorul este ocupat. Stiam ca esti in 6ucuresti. *ra $oarte suparat ca isi pier use ictionarul si nu era sigur ca va gasi unul nou in librarii. ). I;am promis ca ii voi scrie c<n voi a4unge la ,on ra. +. &otul nu si;a at seama ca politia il urmarea e o saptam<na. .. Iti voi spune a evarul upa ce il voi a$la eu insami. /. Tata imi va a un ca ou upa ce voi lua e5amenul. 11. 7asina pe cae o voi cumpara va $i importata in 8ermania. 11. 7;a intrebat c<te litere sunt in al$abetul chine' si nu am putut sa;I raspun . 12. Politistul ma va intreba ce am va'ut in timpul acci entul.