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Republic of the Philippines CARAGA STATE UNIVERSITY Cabadbaran Campus T. Curato Ave.

, City of Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte Table of Specification (IT !"#$ %idterm &'am




Data Sources, Types and Representation

GIS Geographic data GIS Data So rce GIS Data Repre!entation o Ra!ter Data Model
Ra!ter Data "ile "or#at! Digital Ele$ation Model Vector Data Model Net%or& Data Model Con!tr ction of co#ple' !patial ob(ect! Data Integrit) Chec&! Triang lated Irreg lar Net%or& Data Model Vector "ile "or#at


I. 1 - 15


1 40


II. Introd ction to Map De!ign T)pe! of Map! General Mapping Concept! Map Scale! De!cribing Scale Map *ro(ection Map De!ign GeoReferencing Map +a)o t TOTAL

10 III. 1-3 25






Prepared by:


RYAN O C!ARE" Lecturer

#ARILYN $ CASTILLO Ed D ha!r"a#$ %&I'

CARAGA STATE UNIVERSITY Cabadbaran Campus T. Curato Ave., City of Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte S.Y. 2013-2014 2nd Sem

Midter# E'a#, Introd ction to Re#ote Sen!ing

I. True or %a&se (r!te ) !* the u#der+!#e ,ord-s. "a/e the state"e#t "a/e the state"e#t '01&$ other,!se ,r!te the correct ,ord-s. that "a/e the state"e#t '01&. ' pts eac(
1. Geographic Information System (GIS) utilizes data known as Geographic View. 2. rcView is the heart of any Geographic Information System and a way of representing data. !. "on#entional $ata is a static data representation for it only represents a general% purpose snapshot of the real world at a gi#en time only). &. 'aster $ata (odel uses an array of rectangular cells)pi*els)grids to represent real%world o+,ects. -. Vector $ata (odel is essentially a simple #ector data model structured using topologic rules.. .. $/( is an encoding scheme de#eloped +y the 0S 1ureau of "ensus for efficiently storing geographical data. 2. $3G ($igital 3ine Graphs) is a file format for 0SGS topographic maps. 4. Simple or Spaghetti (odel is a one%for%one translation of the analog map. 5. Shapefiles is an IS6 standard for #ector data format7 widely used in a 8"%+ased computer graphics applications. 19. (rSI$ is a proprietary format used +y /S'I in rcInfo and rcView GIS. 11. :I;; is a patent%free file format which is intended to replace the GI; format. 12. GI; (Graphical Interchange ;ormat) is a widely used file format for images to +e used on the <orld <ide <e+. 1!. $/1 is a format used to define de#ice%independent +itmaps in #arious colour resolutions. 1&. BMP (bitmaps) is a raster data file format used +y graphics in (icrosoft <indows applications. 1-. $igital $ata is a dynamic representation of geospatial data for it allows a range of functions for storing= processing= analyzing= and #isualizing spatial data.

II Enu)eration
1 > 5 d#antages of 'aster $ata (odel 19 > 12 $isad#antages of 'aster $ata (odel 14 > 2- d#antages of Vector $ata (odel 2. > !9 $isad#antages of Vector $ata (odel !1 > !- Steps on how to dd :hemes in rc#iew !. > &9 Steps on how to remo#e :hemes in rc#iew

III Discussion
1. <hat is the purpose of ha#ing sym+ol colors in a map and gi#e 4 colors they represented. 19 pts 2. "ompare and contrast nautical chart to physical map. - pts !. ?ow important is map legend and sym+ols and gi#e 19 legend that usually found in a map. 19 pts

Prepared by:


RYAN O C!ARE" Lecturer

#ARILYN $ CASTILLO Ed D ha!r"a#$ %&I'