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Environmental has become a factor that influences: 1. Marketing Plywood export to EEC (European Economic Community) was halted due to the issue of deforestation of tropical rain forest. 2. Politics orest fire during dry season exceed geopolitical !oundary" up to Malaysia" #runei" $hailand. %. &n'estment unding agencies such as ()#" *orld #ank" etc re+uired en'ironmental studies (E&() to !e carried out for any pro,ect using their loan. -. .ocial &ssues Pu!lic protest due to en'ironmental pollution Combination of 3 feasibilities that support environmental management: 1. 2. %. $echnical feasi!ility Economic feasi!ility En'ironmental feasi!ility

Participation in environmental management: 1. re+uired at all le'els of de'elopment 2. the effort should !e continual %. political -. commitment of all in'ol'ed to reali/e the plan 0. !asis for the sustaina!le de'elopment Environmental Management should take into account constrain: 1. $echnical #est ('aila!le $echnology (#($) or #est Practica!le $echnical (#P$) 2. Cost

1easona!le not to small %. $ime Mandatory of environmental management 1. (M)(2 (En'ironmental &mpact (ssessment) (M)(2 legal !asis M32E 4o.2% of 1556. Criteria of significant impact7 4um!er of affected people (rea of impact &ntensity of impact 1e'ersi!ility of impact )uration of impact &mpact nature7 synergistic or antagonistic 4um!er of en'ironmental components affected $erm of references of study En'ironmental &mpact (nalysis ((4)(2) 182 (En'ironmental Management Plan) 1P2 (En'ironmental Monitoring Plan) Executi'e .ummary

(M)(2 documents7

2. 982 : 9P2 (En'ironmental Management Effort : En'ironmental Monitoring Effort) %. En'ironmental permits (for deep ground water" sea water" waste disposal" incinerator" etc) Voluntary of environmental management: 1. EM. (En'ironmental Management .ystem) 2. &.3 1-;;1 is re+uired for trade agreements either with certain clients or international trade. En'ironmental (udit are internal and external audit which carried out !y third party in line with &.3 1-;;1 certification. %. En'ironmental (udit

(udit is a systematic e'aluation" well documented" periodic and o!,ecti'e" used as a management tool in performing en'ironmental impact control and compliance. 1ef. M32E )EC1EE 43. -2<ME42=<11<55$ypes of en'ironmental audit7 EM. audit *aste minimi/ation audit $oxic use reduction audit Energy audit >reen audit Compliance audit" etc. #enefit of en'ironmental audit7 1educe harmful emissions Conser'e natural resources #etter pu!lic image Credit for !etter en'ironment -. Cleaner Production Continuous impro'ement of an integrated pre'enti'e en'ironmental strategy applied to process" products" and ser'ices in order to increase eco?efficiency and reduce risks for human and en'ironment !y adopting cleaner production. Examples7 .u!stitution of reon used as cooling agent in air conditioner. .u!stitution of ))$ as pest control !y more degrada!le products" while ))$ production was phased out.