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Karakalpak Kergis

Karakalpak Kergis

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Karakalpak kergi woven in combination technique

The most dramatic bag woven by the Karakalpaks was the kergi, a flat rectangular bag that was hung on the kerege lattice wall of the yurt and held the household plates and cutlery. Kergis are quite rare and were generally only found within the yurts of wealthy Karakalpaks. They are the equivalent of the large Turkmen chuval although some of them are longer and narrower like the Turkmen torba.

Home Page Anna Morozova only had a small amount to say about Karakalpak kergis: New Book Lectures & Articles "Red carpetwork bags decorate the yurt a lot; they are used for keeping clothes, dishes and small things; they are put on trunks or hung on the kerege. ... There are two types of bags for clothes: kerge and bukd'jama. The front side of the kerge is made of carpet or dark wool cloth; the bottom part is decorated with a fringe and tassels." According to Tatyana Zhdanko in “Karakalpak Ornamental Folk Art”, carpet (1 of 3)01/03/2014 14:02:50

The Karakalpaks Costume

html (2 of 3)01/03/2014 14:02:50 . their fronts consisting of a single integral http://www. she mentioned that most of them were made from strips of carpet with relief ornament.karakalpak. were rare in the everyday life of the Karakalpak people. Some Karakalpaks made rustic kergi bag faces by sewing together fragments of basqurs. Please note that the dotless letter 'i' (•) is pronounced 'uh'.qaraqalpaq. or kerge. sewn together side to side. G basqur janbaw kerege kergi suwag'ar G G G G Visit our sister site www. Note that both of these Russian scholars use the Russian spelling kerge as opposed to the Karakalpak spelling kergi.Karakalpak Kergis Yurts History Karakalpakstan Tour Guide kitbags. Qaraqalpaq. and suwag' In museum collections the majority of kergis are not actually of this type. rather than the Russian transliteration. Glossary External Links About Us Contact Us Pronunciation of Karakalpak Terms To listen to a Karakalpak pronounce any of the following words just click on the one you wish to hear. which uses the correct transliteration. many were clearly woven by women belonging to established Karakalpak clans. Yet from the known provenance of some of these bags. It is clear that many of the patterns used were copied from the neighbouring Turkmen tribes. Knotted pile kergis are rarer still and tend to be decorated with patterns that are distinctly Turkmen rather than Karakalpak. janbaw. Karakalpak.

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