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ASTRONOMICAL PRECISION You are serious about your horoscope; knowing that business issues, excellent health and married life depend on your accurately displaced natal stars a. Astronomical precision

means that you are in good hands b. Instead of perusing superstitious material c for the
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masses, your natal data 1 are processed with ultimate technology such as the recently

updated NASA JPL HORIZONS system. REAL SKY PREDICTIONS Prediction may depend on natal datum as well as being completely independent from sometimes somehow obfuscated natal data. At any rate, to predict means to strive and determine the second of the event about to happen in the future and past as well. The minute represents a good guess while the day is calculable by memory. In our often mentioned practical parable, the shoeshine boy calculates the important astrologer’s horoscope by memory, thus enlightening said expert as to the relevant upcoming dates in his own life. That is to say, predictive techniques not only survived superstition and abuse, but also added to their number: there is no such thing as non-predictive astrology – events like 9-11 are largely predictive d, once one adopts real sky.


An allusion at directions. The directions, some 500 of them, are mathematical methods in astrological prediction. Our latest contribution is the ultra-precise secondary angular direction. Patients have been having healthy organs cut out on account of pseudo-astrological advice. Ascendant Gemini turns out to be Pisces or – more precisely – Cetus – that alone offers a 90degrees offset in your horoscope. All horoscopes on this planet have been miscalculated for the past 500 years. Presently there are up to seven signs of non-linear zodiacal offset, which turn to be a deadly warning against perusing any sky that is not the real one. Which is yours? Which sky is yours, indeed? We deal with the real one. Divorce happens by direction whenever two incompatible as well as miscalculated horoscopes meet. Bankruptcy has its timely day and minute, whenever miscalculation, superstition and fraud set in. Also, 9-11 had its precise minute. Of course fraudulent posers could not calculate it at all. Firstly: they don’t even know that there is any calculation to be done. Secondly: they have no idea of the position of the planets: any planets at any time; and thus have nothing to calculate, even if they knew that prediction is about certain methods of calculation – the directions. b Meaning NASA JPL. c That includes toy programs that e.g. spawn “12 ascendants” – something that will never happen in the real skies and never did. d Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon χ1 Orionis = WTC 9-11.

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Datum, data - An item of factual information derived from measurement or research. Real sky means the sky as it is. This one and only sky is of course opposed to various faux skies as well as kindergarten models for the asinine. Not just any skies or models will do as toy models bear more than 90 non-linear degrees of offset #QuarterSky

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