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Solid Waste And Importance of It Management.

There has been significant increase in MSW (municipal solid waste) generation in Malaysia in the last few decades. This is largely because of increasing number of population and economic changing in Malaysia from argiculture country to industrial country. So, solid waste management has become a major concern in Malaysia. This is due to solid waste management is not only comes from industrial unit. It also come from arious sources li!e municipal, domestic, trade, industrial, agriculture, mining, construction acti ities and from public ser ices. It is important to correctly manage this solid waste due to poorly managed waste has left many people ulnerable to ailments such as cancer and cholera. "esearch shows that the dangers of failing to contain waste in all its forms are far more de astating than originally anticipated as they go beyond medical complications. #esides that, the major purpose of solid waste management is also to !eep the surroundings clean to pre ent disease. if the surrounding is not clean $ green also then people become diseases prone $ unhealthy.

Responsibility of the parties involved in managing the solid waste collection system.

In Malaysia, there are a few company responsible for sor managing solid waste collection system. %or e&ample, '(Idaman, )lam %lora and many more. There are se eral responsibilities of this company iin managing solid waste such as*

+) ,ollecting and to ensure the area are clean from solid waste. The type of collection of solid waste management system that ha e been standardise by go erment is refuse bins which hugely place in residental area, commercial area and factory area. )ll type of solid wastes are put inside the refuse bin. So it is the reponsibilities of this company to collect this solid wastes which ha e been place inside the refuse bin and to ma!e sure area around the place is clean from any types of solid waste.

-) Transporting solid waste from residental area to dumping site. )fter all the solid wastes ha e been collect, all the solid wastes will be bring to the dumping site. There are se eral way of bringing the solid waste to dumping site. %or e&ample brought by lorries by the company which is responsible for it.

.) /isposing all the solid wastes at dumping sites. There are se eral types of disposal of solid wastes which conducted in our country which are sea dumping, open land dumping, controlled landfill, incinerator and recycle plant. )fter solid waste are brought to dumping sites, all this solid wastes will be dispose by the responsible solid wastes management companies. 0owe er, for sea dumping and open land dumping there are some of negeti e effect which is unhygienic and pro ide en iromental ris!s. The slightly clean way than sea dumping and open land dumping are controlled landfill, incinerator and recycle plant.

1) To ensure the cleanliness of dumping site. Since there are se eral type of disposal method are slightly unclean, this is the responsibility of the parties which in ol es in solid wastes management to !eep the site clean and undangered to en iroment. %or e&ample there are se eral ways which ha e been introduced by solid management companies which are incineration, leachate nitrification treatment, groundwater monitoring and many more.

2) To ma!e sure the dumping site are clean and safe enough for en iroment after dumping site closed. )fter dumping site are closed, the dumping site must clean by company that responsible for it. Sanitary landfills is the most use ways by the parties which in ol e in solid waste management for cleaning wastes after dumping site is closed. Sanitary landfill is method of controlled disposal of municipal solid waste (refuse) on land. The method was introduced in 'ngland in +3+- (where it is called controlled tipping). Waste is deposited in thin layers (up to + metre, or . feet) and promptly compacted by hea y machinery (e.g., bulldo4ers)5 se eral layers are placed and compacted on top of each other to form a refuse cell (up to . metres, or +6 feet, thic!). )t the end of each day the compacted refuse cell is co ered with a layer of compacted soil7 to pre ent odours and windblown debris.