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TABLE OF CONTENTS Advertising Strategy Statement 4 Big Idea 5 New Slogan 6 Marcom Matrix 7 Advertising 8 Public Relations 9 Sales Promotion 10 Event Marketing 11 New Media 12 Direct Mail 13 TV Ad 14-15 Radio Ad 16-17


The purpose for advertising and promoting the Denver Broncos is to inspire our secondary and tertiary target audienceswomen 25-45 and youth 10-18to be loyal life-long Denver Broncos fans and while doing so increasing merchandise sales. For women this will be accomplished by helping women understand that football is not just for men, and inspire them to become loyal Denver Broncos fans independent of their male counterparts. For the youth this will be accomplished by showing them that the Denver Broncos organization cares about them and their future and that the Denver Broncos are invested in them and their success in life. The tone of the campaign for the women is independence and exciting, while the tone for youth will be inspiring and exciting.

BIG IDEA: Creating Lifelong Denver Broncos Fans From Women and Youth
The Broncos main target audience has always been primarily male fans. Although men make up the greatest majority of the Broncos fan base they are a group that need little or no persuasion to remain Broncos fans. This doesnt mean that they shouldnt be encouraged and reassured that they have made the correct choice in being a Broncos fan, and if not yet a fan, than they should become one. Its very unlikely that a life-long sports fan will convert to a new sports team. Their loyalties usually run deep and have been developed and encouraged from their youth by their male role models. Its important to continue courting this target audience and encouraging them in their loyalty, but to spend valuable assets on swaying the male audience to become Denver Broncos fans would not likely have a high return on investment (ROI). Men are more likely to purchase season tickets, but due to the fact that there hasnt been a season since 1970 when the Broncos Stadium hasnt been sold out, there is no opportunity to increase revenue from ticket sales. Revenue from clothing and other Broncos products come from much of the male fan base, but men tend to buy less apparel and accessories compared to their female counterparts. Due to these facts it would be beneficial for the Broncos to focus on their secondary and tertiary target audiences, females and youth respectively. The female market in respect to the Football industry, though growing, is largely untapped and presents enormous potential for growth and increased revenues. Increasing the female fan base and strengthening their life-long loyalty to the Broncos will increase the franchise merchandise revenues substantially. As women become more interested and invested in something, they tend to purchase more clothing and accessories related to those activities. As a general rule mothers are the parent who shops and dresses the children, and are more likely to purchase toddler and youth clothing than their male counterparts. As women become independently involved and invested in the Broncos franchise they will become life-long fans. A byproduct of womens loyalty to the Broncos organization is their children. They will instill in their children a love for, and dedication to, the Broncos as they grow into revenue generating life-long loyal Broncos fans. Youth are the rising generation who will grow up and become the season ticket purchasers of the Denver Broncos. As the organization strives to inspire the youth of Denver to be life-long Denver Broncos fans the organization will continue to have sold out stadiums with waiting lists in the tens of thousands. Inspiring the youth will also increase sales revenue as they encourage their parents to buy more Broncos apparel and accessories for them.




Our print campaign is designed to connect with women and inspire them to don the Blue and Orange. Our big idea is demonstrated in that the ads will run in the top read magazines by women. These magazines consist of Cosmopolitan, People, and Vogue which promote inspiration and independence of women. Our slogan is a call to action to all women: #CrushedIt! This will link them to the Denver Broncos twitter page and from there to the apparel section of the main website. Our campaign is also designed to connect with children and cultivate Broncos fanship from an early age. It will also encourage independence and individuality for growing minds. The ads will be placed in childrens magazines consisting of Sports Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids, and Highlights.

Seating for Underprivileged youth:


In a PR marketing effort the Broncos organization will team up with season ticket holders to provide underprivileged youth with an opportunity to go to Broncos home games. Charity will inspire Denver youth to be loyal life long fans and will help to build community relations. Season ticket holders are encouraged to donate seats from any games they are unable to attend allowing underprivileged youth an opportunity to attend a Broncos home game. During the games those who have donated their seats to underprivileged youth will have their names run across the scoreboards showing their support for the program. During half time a few minutes will be taken to highlight under privileged youth who were able to attend the game and those who have donated the seats.

Pound Crush:

In connection with sales promotions and in an effort to encourage healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition, the Broncos trainers will participate in a weight loss competition for women. Fitness trainers will train participants in appropriate and effective exercise and nutrition. Participants will compete for season tickets and a chance to meet the entire team and coaching staff at a dinner in honor of the wining participant. The competition will be documented in a video series that will run weekly on the Broncos YouTube channel where fans can follow and interact with other fans through discussions and other social medias. The competition will be promoted through all other Broncos social media channels. Promo codes for registering for the competition will be given with the purchase of Broncos womens apparel. All those who sign up for the competition will receive a 20% off coupon, regardless of acceptance into the competition, which will encourage more merchandise sales. If women loose weight during the competition and their Broncos apparel becomes too large for them, they will be able to donate it to the needy and will receive new apparel that fits. After the registration period is over and participants have been selected for the competition, an email will be sent to all of those who were not selected to participate in the official competition. They will be invited to participate in a from-home competition and program where they can log their own progress and compete against other from-home participants for a chance to win season tickets and a chance to meet the team and trainers with the official competition champion. Weekly emails will be sent to from-home participants with training and nutritional information that the official completion will be focusing on that week. Broncos apparel and accessories will be promoted on the weekly YouTube competition video and in the weekly emails encouraging Broncos merchandise sales. A byproduct of the competition is an increased email list that can be used in other direct marketing efforts. Participants signing up for the competition will be required to submit email addresses.

Youth Crush:

Youth crush is a short weekly video promoted on the YouTube channel that features the teams strength training personnel. The channel will feature different players each week during their workouts and speed training. The trainers will give tips on how to exercise and eat appropriately. Youth who have subscribed to the channel can post questions to be discussed in future videos or on the discussion boards. The Youth Crush will also be promoted through other social medias especially Facebook where many youth spend a considerable amount of time.

As a sales promotion we want to partner with Sports Authority stores. By allowing Sports Authority to be a sponsor we can extend our reach to our entire geographical fan base which includes Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada. In each store we will have a line of Denver Broncos endorsed performance apparel. We will offer a redemption code on every piece of Denver Broncos performance apparel. Each redemption code can be used to enter a contest online to win a chance to exercise with the Denver Broncos team for a day as well as a 5 Year Long membership to Curves Fitness Center.This event can be advertised through the social media, email, In-store signs, website banners, as well as through the the womens club. We want our women fans to be inspired to stay active and be healthy. The chance to exercise with the Denver broncos will help create a woman who loves the Football and the Denver Broncos independent of their friends and spouse. Cost: 5 year membership-$3,300 travel expense-$600 Displays for 67 stores-$8,330.78 Total-12,230.78 If 50 people buy one performance outfit they would make up over half the cost of this promotion.



Event Promotion, Seven-on-seven flag football. This pop warner style event will incorporate both the young children as well as the women we want to target. Starting in august, 16 teams each will be formed of Women and children. The following four weeks teams will play seven-on-seven flag football. Each week teams will play each other to advance in the bracket rankings. The two teams that make it to the championships will get the chance to play their final game at the Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High during the first game of the Denver Broncos season. The winners of the championship match will win Season tickets to that season, signed jersey, and dinner with the entire Denver Broncos team. This event will inspire the youth as well as the women to stay active and how to do it in a fun way. This will also show the commitment to the community that the Denver Broncos have. Cost: Jerseys: $4,480 Mouth Guards: $1,566 Flags: $336 Footballs: $864 Flyers: $20 Total Cost: $7,266



Twitter is popular and well utilized by all target audiences and provides many opportunities to promote events, programs, and Denver Broncos merchandise. It also helps to increase brand recognition and provides opportunity for opinion leader endorsements. Denver Broncos Coachs and players wives/girlfriends are encouraged to Tweet during games about their significant other in order to create hype and interestespecially in the female fan base. These women will also tweet recipes that their men love and feminine ideas and products. Fans are encouraged to tweet about what they are doing for game day parties and other Denver Broncos themed activities, such as childrens birthday parties and family get-togethers.


Pinterest has become a popular and a highly utilized social media among the female population. Pinterest can be a very influential medium where women post products or ideas for their friends to see. By effectively utilizing Pinterest, apparel and accessory products will be promoted among the female target audiences. With the endorsements of female opinion leaders the promotion will be much more affective. The coaches and players wives/girlfriends are encouraged to pin things on their Pinterest board related to their significant other, especially apparel and accessories. This will serve to increase product and brand awareness and increase merchandise sales and build interest in the organization.




Email produces the highest ROI in marketing and should be utilized effectively. Email will be used to promote events, programs, merchandise, and to inform fans of important information. A periodic newsletter will be sent through email with merchandise and sales promotions, which will provide needed frequency and encourage merchandise sales.


With YouTube becoming an increasingly popular medium, for both youth and adults, its important to take advantage of this medium. The YouTube channel will be utilized to broadcast a weight loss program for women, and youth training program as part of PR marketing and for advertising Denver Broncos merchandise.


Facebook is a strong medium in which male, female, youth and adults all participate. A large share of our desired target audiences spends at least some time on Facebook almost everyday. Utilizing Facebook will allow the Denver Broncos to promote events and programs such as, Pound Crush and Youth Crush. It will also be used to promote merchandise sales and create team spirit. Effectively utilizing Facebook will increase brand awareness, loyalty, and merchandise sales. It will also be used in efforts to build community relations through promoting programs like Seats for Underprivileged Youth.


Instagram is a popular medium among the women and youth target audiences. This medium is a very visual medium and when used effectively will increase brand recognition and increase interest through frequency and opinion leaders endorsements. Instagram is an effective medium for promoting merchandise and will help to increase merchandise sales. The Denver Broncos coaches and players wives/girlfriends are encouraged to post pictures related to their significant other. For example what they prepared for gameday breakfast or what their children wear on game day while cheering for their heroic fathers. They are encouraged to post pictures of their families in their latest and greatest Denver Broncos apparel and accessories to help encourage merchandise sales and promote the popularity of the team and its players. Fans are encouraged to post pictures of game-day apparel, parties, and party refreshments. Fan involvement helps build stronger loyalty and life-long Denver Broncos fans.



Direct Marketing includes email, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. In all of these media the fans have given their email, subscribed or opted to follow these media making it possible to direct market. Because some of the media are more gender or age based the marketing can be better tailored to specific target audiences. New products and sales promotions will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Email will be used to send a periodic newsletter with featured merchandise and sales promotions. All of these media will help to increase merchandise sales, build brand equity, and inspire lifelong Broncos fans.


TV AD #1


TV AD #2




Kids Radio Ad- Situation Type 30 seconds BOY 1: Hey where did you get that cool jersey? BOY 2: BOY 1: BOY 2: BOY 1: BOY 2: BOY 1: BOY 2: BOY 1: BOY 2: Denver Broncos?!


My mom signed me up for the Denver Broncos football camp last summer. Yeah, I played with the pros and got my jersey signed by them! You should go this summer!

Well my mom has been nagging me to do something other than play video games this summer. buy you a jersey! Then shell be so happy youre doing something other than that shell have to Youre right! And that would make my sister so jealous!

Well the Broncos cheerleaders have a camp for the girls too! So they get to go and cheer and have jerseys and hats just like they give the boys. start? No way? That would totally get her off my back this summer! When does it In just a few weeks, so dont wait too long to have your mom sign you up!

MOM OF BOY 1: (YELLING) Brad, come clean your room! BOY 1: I dont know if I can wait that long MUSIC IN BACKGROUND



Let the kids play! Sign up now for the Denver Broncos kids camp, Football for boys and cheerleading for girls! Inspiring life long Broncos fans! Call now or visit our website for more information.