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Search Engine Optimisation


Tips on Learning How to SEO.......................................................................................................................3 Top SEO mistakes you ought to avoid .........................................................................................................4 Using SEO as a powerful nternet marketing tool........................................................................................! "e# $esign ssues %nd SEO.........................................................................................................................& "hy SEO is #est for traffi' generation.........................................................................................................( )our *ast Tra'k +uide To SEO......................................................................................................................, %ll you need to know a#out Sear'h Engine Optimi-ation Tools................................................................... %rti'le /arketing 0 %n mportant SEO Strategy.........................................................................................12 3log 4arnivals 0 The Se'ret To SEO Su''ess...............................................................................................11 4hoosing the 5ight 6ey 7hrases and 6eywords for )our "e#site.............................................................18 How To 4hoose The 5ight 6eywords *or )our "e#site.............................................................................13 How To 3uild 3a'k Links *or SEO Su''ess..................................................................................................14 How To +et High Sear'h Engine 5ankings.................................................................................................1! How To Hire The 5ight SEO........................................................................................................................1& /odern SEO Te'hni9ues 0 The mportan'e Of % High 5ank "e#site .......................................................1& The 4ru'ial Elements n SEO......................................................................................................................1, Sear'h Engine Optimi-ation %nd )our 4opywriting 7lan...........................................................................1. Sear'h Engine Optimi-ation That "orks n The Long0Term.......................................................................82 SEO for Small 3usiness...............................................................................................................................81 The 3eginner:s +uide To SEO.....................................................................................................................88 SEO Tips and Tri'ks....................................................................................................................................83 The %rt of SEO............................................................................................................................................84 SEO your way to a top ranking in +oogle...................................................................................................8! The %rt Of 7lanning % 7roper SEO Strategy...............................................................................................8& Steps to a higher sear'h engine positioning..............................................................................................8(

Tips on Learning How to SEO

If you want your Website to feature on top of every important engine search, then it is vital that you learn various Search Engine Optimization [SEO] tricks that can ensure that your Website beats the hun re s of thousan s of other Websites to the post! "ere are some valuable tips on learning how to SEO! #he first an foremost tip is to un erstan the manner in which search engines work! #hey o not un erstan graphics but instea epen on matching the wor s in the search criteria with the keywor s that might be present in your Website! #herefore, you shoul make it a point to inclu e as many keywor s an key phrases as you can into your Website! Imagine the ifferent key phrases that your viewers might type into the search bo$es an try to incorporate them into your site! Even if you have inclu e photos in your site, make it a point to attach te$t tags to those photos so that the search engines can un erstan them! %our key phrases shoul also be mentione in the &'( an other relate file names since search engines look in them! #he title tag, which is on the top of your html ocument, shoul contain the relevant key phrases as shoul your meta escription tags! %our escription tags will not be seen in your Website but will be feature in te$t form when search engine isplay their results! #hus, it is important to inclu e phrases that entice the rea ers towar s your Website in your escription tags! )lthough it is important to remember not to *ust ump the same keywor s an phrases in your &'(, title an escription tags an your file names since most search engines will interpret that as spamming an *ust re*ect your site! Instea , try to incorporate various relate wor s that are similar to your keywor s! It woul also be a goo i ea to check your stan ing after con ucting some ummy searches through various search engines! #his will give you a chance to fine+tune your keywor s an key phrases! ,uring this search, also try to fin out the stan ing of your competitors an try to analyze the reason for their success in case they are place above you! %ou shoul also ensure that your site-s internal links are cross+linke perfectly since search engines will fin it easy to latch on to the right page! )nother important tip is to continually a fresh content to your Website since this will please both search engines an even your visitors! #he chances of your Website getting bookmarke will also increase if you keep on provi ing fresh information! .atience is the key since once you have ma e the necessary changes to your Website, it will still take some time for search engines to recognize that fact an push you up the search la er! /ake sure that your bo y copy is curtaile to aroun 011 wor s an that your keywor s an key phrases are in*ecte at regular intervals instea of *ust bunching them at the top or bottom! If you keep these tips in min an wait patiently after making all the necessary changes to your Website, you shoul be pleasantly surprise to watch the search engines lock on to your site uring any relate search! #ry out various new metho s to ensure that your site remains on top since your competitors too will be oing their best to *ump over you! 3

Top SEO mistakes you ought to avoid Search Engine optimization is all about making mo ifications to websites, which can help attract more visitors, ultimately converting into sales! When you esign the website you ought to make sure that you use techni2ues that will bring in the re2uisite traffic! "owever, sometimes in spite of spen ing a substantial amount of money you may not get the e$pecte results! #hough you have taken the effort for SEO there may be some mistakes that le to losses! %ou shoul be aware of some typical mistakes often ma e an ensure that you avoi them! 3a selection of keywor s4 When you select keywor s make sure that you o not select highly uni2ue or highly popular keywor s! If you use uni2ue keywor s, though you woul list at the top of search engine rankings you may not fin yourself any relevant customers! Similarly, if you use some very popular keywor s, you will face stiff competition from those alrea y at the top! Ignoring title tags4 /any times people ignore the title tags that can greatly improve SEO! &sing keywor s in the title tag helps, as the search engines can fin relevant keywor s in the very beginning, which can make it easier an faster! 5ot provi ing "#/( version4 If you have esigne a website only in 6lash then it becomes ifficult for the viewers with a slower connection to ownloa it! Similarly, it becomes even more ifficult for the search engine spi ers to crawl! 'ather, search engines ignore such sites! In such cases, it is necessary that you provi e a "#/( version also for your website, which is useful for your search engines to fin you! 6ailing to provi e sitemap4 Often when you make 7avaScript menus an o not provi e sitemaps your site fails to make better impact on the search engines! What it means is that search engines cannot rea 7avaScript menus! With sitemaps you can enable in e$ing an crawling by search engines, failing which you woul not get higher rankings! 6ocusing too much on /eta #ags4 /any e$perts feel that /eta #ags are fast becoming obsolete, so avoi focusing too much on them! &sing too many images for menus an hea ings4 #hough images make your page look goo , using te$t for menus an hea ings helps search engines to fin what they are looking for easily! #he search engines cannot rea images, which means a zero effect on your attempts to improve rankings! 'esorting to backlink spamming4 )voi getting backlinks using link farms, hi en links etc! %ou will benefit by creating back links from relevant an authentic sites like article irectories! Similarly, using too much interlinking is also consi ere as backlink spamming! #here are other small things like using fancy fonts, too tiny fonts! Similarly, using 6ront.age is not a visable! #here is a possibility that the output may be poorly crafte an may not even be compatible with all browsers! #hough a small spelling mistake can be of help to get visitors, it is not a visable as they o not speak to well of the 2uality of a website! %our links shoul never have any spelling or grammatical mistakes!

'emember that you shoul regularly up ate an keep your website fresh! Ensure that you o not make these SEO mistakes or all your other efforts will be in vain!

Using SEO as a powerful Internet marketing tool Internet is the biggest market place to promote your pro uct with no geographical boun aries! %ou can use ifferent techni2ues to market you pro ucts using your website! Internet provi es you opportunities to reach out to more customers an you nee to ensure that you create a site that can attract visitors as well as convert to sales! Internet re2uires that, if you want to get customer you shoul be foun by them first! #his necessitates that you are liste high in the search engine rankings! 6or this, SEO proves to be a powerful Internet marketing tool! 3ut why oes SEO prove to be so useful! SEO techni2ues are aime at reaching out to customers by way of listing at the top of the search engine search lists! With techni2ues like back links, keywor placement, etc!, you are trying to promote your pro uct an ensure that you list higher in the in e$ing! If you consi er keywor s, they are those wor s or phrases that woul be typically use by prospective customers to try to fin information relate to what they want! %ou shoul un ertake research of keywor s that are relate to your pro uct an which are popularly use an results achieve ! Similarly, once you have the keywor s in han , you woul ensure that they are place appropriately in the website! 'ight from the title of the page you shoul consi er where you might place it! #he search engines search the title tag for the keywor ! If you have use relevant keywor s in the title, the customer woul be tempte enough to click on your link, once he con ucts a search! (ike the placement of the keywor s, the keywor ensity is of e2ual importance! If you use too many keywor or phrases as part of your website content, it will make your content re un ant! E$cessive use of keywor s can lea to re ucing the cre ibility with the search engines as well as the visitors an this loss is irreversible! 8uality of content is as important for search engines as much for the customers! &ni2ue content with a balance use of keywor s rather helps in getting you top rankings! Other SEO tools that are useful are the back links! If you have links from other sites, the search engines consi er you as a site with relevant information! What it means is that the more the number of links you have coming from outsi e the more popular you are! %ou may have links with other website that sell relate pro ucts an have links coming from their sites! So whatever traffic is attracte to these sites may also come to you! Similarly, you may also use anchor links, which is the preferre back link mo e by the search engines! #his can be one by placing your links to keywor s in articles that you may submit to article irectories, blogs or forums! Search engines may not consi er if you have one e$cessive link swapping! (inks can help in getting your site higher rankings! When you are using SEO you shoul consi er using the most appropriate techni2ues that can !

satisfy the nee s of your business! .roperly planne marketing campaign that involves usage of SEO techni2ues like article submission, blogs, pay per click etc are powerful internet marketing tools that will surely get you goo results! We !esign Issues "nd SEO ) website is your link to reach out to more customers! It has become a very important marketing strategy for all businesses, big or small! ) website can make a great impact on prospective customers, which can ensure improvement in sales! )s you esign a website or have a website esigner+ o+it+yourself, there will be few issues relate to your site, which you will fin ! %ou shoul be aware of these issues an take care to sort them out! #hese are mostly relate to the ways your website is esigne , using flash content, uni2ue content, an keywor usage an so on, which are factors that can have a huge impact on your in e$ing with the search engines! #lash sites$ 6lash sites have prove to be a boon or bane for sites! If you want to evelop an all 6lash website, then you woul be at a loss of not being foun at all by the search engines! #his is because the search engine spi ers are unable to fin the relevant content on the flash site relate to the search, which they usually can easily fin from "#/( rich sites! One way out is to have a "#/( site with an option or link provi e to view the content with a 6lash site! Similarly, you may also insert smaller flash content like only the hea er portion ma e with flash or simply using flash, so that it gives the site a goo appearance! #his woul be useful to get your website in e$e with the search engine spi ers fin ing your content rich on "#/( site! %eyword usage$ #he appropriate use of keywor s comes from a thorough research on popular keywor s! %ou shoul etermine keywor s that can get you the best ratings in the search engine in e$! ,epen ing on the suitable keywor s foun , you coul place these keywor s correctly in your content! %our content shoul be rich with keywor s! It oes not, however, mean that you shoul put the keywor s everywhere, as it woul be consi ere as a spam! %ou shoul place them appropriately keeping in min that search engine spi er can make out the relevance of your topic epen ing on the keywor s use ! %ou also have to ensure the keywor ensity, which can also be a factor to place keywor s that can make a ifference to get you high or low ratings! &la'e for keywords$ 9ontent rich keywor s are not the only places that search engine spi er browse for relevant keywor s! #here are other places like your omain name, page title, the /eta tag escription are some places, which can help you to get goo ratings! :enerally, a keywor use at the top of the page proves very useful, as search engines search from top to bottom! #ront&age tri'k$ If you are using 6ront.age e itor, then you can also try an put your keywor in the "; size, as that shows that keywor s are of great value to the page! %ou can re uce the size from the rop own menu, so that it matches your other content! )nything in this "; size is consi ere as a great relevance to a website an thus helps search engines to in e$ you higher! %ou ought to keep these issues in min when you esign your website! If you han le them &

properly, you will surely achieve success to get a goo SEO site to get more customers!

Why SEO is est for traffi' generation Search engine optimization is the only way you can generate huge traffic for your website! SEO helps attract genuine an potential visitors to your website thus improving the online business! )lthough link e$change programs an pop up win ows o attract visitors, nothing works best then SEO for traffic generation! With SEO you will always have customers who have been looking for the same! #here are several reasons why SEO is best for traffic generation! If you use the popular an right keywor s, you improve your ranking an thus en*oy more visibility! SEO is nothing but using those wor s that will easily be recognize by your search engine an pull out your article! When you create content that is search engine optimize , you generate loa s of traffic! 6or e$ample, if your article is on gar ening e2uipment an you use these wor s as your keywor s, you attract people who are looking for the same! If a person is looking for information on gar ening e2uipment, he will type the same wor s in the search bar! #his helps the search engine to recognize an list your site! If you are a beginner, your website will take time to earn high ranking! #hus, you nee to be working har an not e$pect results in a fortnight! Once you un erstan the working of search engines, you can come up with content that will be easy to recognize an generate traffic! %ou nee to un erstan the re2uirement of search engines an plan your website accor ingly! 5o matter how well you esign your site, the search engine spi ers will not be able to pull it out unless it has keywor s to attract it! Only the right wor s will attract the search engine to your website, which in return will generate huge traffic! )part from 2uality content an goo images, you nee to make your site Search engine optimize to make a healthy online business! %ou can take help from wor tracker !com an look out for wor s that are popular an can generate the right traffic for you! SEO makes it convenient for you to get e$pose to the right kin of visitor! When you use pop up win ows or e$change links, you cannot be sure if those people are looking out for your information! "owever, with search engine optimization you are assure of right visitor who certainly is intereste in the information that your website is provi ing!

SEO har ly nee s any efforts in comparison to other metho s of generating traffic! %ou simply nee to get accustome to its re2uirement an work on the same! &sing the correct wor s in coor ination to your articles an in your title is the key to earn high ranking! )mong most strategies, SEO is the best way to generate huge traffic! 9reating content on the re2uirement of SEO will help the search engines i entify your website thus helping you get the (

potential customer! So, if you still have not opte for SEO, its time you i that in or er to survive the competition!

(our #ast Tra'k )uide To SEO SEO, which stan s for search engine optimization, is a critical part of your web site esigning program! When you esign your website you are oing so to get relevant customers to visit your website so that you can convince them into buying your pro uct! )s much as it is important that your website esign is attractive, it is e2ually important that your website attracts more customers! #his is possible when you are able to get search engines to in e$ you high on their list for searches relevant to your pro uct! <eep in min a few things like keywor research, on+ page an off+page optimization techni2ues, also a few long+term plans for SEO, an you can rive many customers to your website! %eyword resear'h <eywor research hol s relevance, as it is necessary that your targete customers fin your website an reach you! %ou shoul un ertake a systematic research of keywor s relate to your pro uct an etermine what attracts ma$imum traffic an generates the ma$imum response! )longsi e, also research the keywor ensity of your website, making sure not to stuff in too many keywor s nor put in less, so as to affect your ratings ba ly! On*page optimi+ation ) very important thing to try to o is to keep your omain name with the keywor ! Similarly, you can also put the keywor in the #itle tag as the search engine spi ers woul fin the relevant keywor s for your pro ucts an woul fin your site suitable right in the beginning of the page itself! 'ather than making your entire site using 6lash, esign only some parts of it like banners or buttons with 6lash, which can be enough to make it attractive! Similarly, make internal navigation simple, which helps not *ust the visitors but even the search engines! It is important that you o not use frames that pose ifficulties for search engines! ,o not use hi en te$ts or links, spamming, mirror omains etc Off*page optimi+ation 3ack links are very useful an help you get higher rankings! #ry to get links from high page rank pages! 'ather than using reciprocal linking, anchor linking proves to be beneficial! Sometimes e$cessive reciprocal linking can even get you penalize ! Submitting articles to article irectories, blogs, an forums is a better way of getting back links! %ou may also try blog carnivals sometimes, which can attract great traffic for you! Long term plans 'emember that content is important for SEO but uni2ue content is rewar ing! It can make a huge ifference if what you write is not simply re+written content from other websites! &p ating ,

your website with fresh content is an important part of your SEO plans! )lways keep a check an analyze on what is getting you more visitors an ensure that you fine+tune your strategy to that area! When you gather your information, try to create a niche area for it! It is necessary that you communicate a service that can be seen as a solution to some problem by the visitors! %ou shoul be able to provi e great stuff for the customer! )lways get fee back an try to improve on those areas! When you esign your website keep in min that though your ultimate aim is to make money, your website shoul be such that it is helpful to your target customers!

"ll you need to know a out Sear'h Engine Optimi+ation Tools

Search engine optimization is one strategy that is 2uite essential if you want to see your website higher than that of your competitors! #here is no oubt that it is the best way to generate more traffic for your website! 9hances of you succee ing are bright only if you use some of the top search engine optimization tools! One thing that you have to un erstan right now is that your website will never have the potential to reach millions of people unless it has been optimize effectively by a SEO e$pert! It-s not all that ifficult to see your website ranke higher in the :oogle search results! :oo content is all that is nee e to keep your website popular an running effectively! &sing proper keywor s has always been an effective tool to get your website ranke higher! #his increases your website-s chances of being more search engine frien ly! #he ensity of the keywor an its proper allocation hol s a lot of importance with respect to getting your website ranke higher! #he ne$t thing that you can o is get your website liste with the ma*or search engines like :oogle, %ahoo an /S5! #he fastest way for you to get liste woul be through article marketing! %ou coul also buil your search rankings faster by provi ing back links to your website! )nother fre2uently use SEO tool woul be posting a link to your website! "owever, it is a visable that you rea the terms an con itions relating to the forum before you o so or else your post will simply be counte as another e$ample of spamming! In or er for proper mining of your keywor s an saving on .ay .er 9licks, you can simply search on the Internet the various SEO tools available! #his way you can compare the prices an select the best tools that will be more effective an e$pensive for your online business! If you-re looking to save time, you can simply rely on auto submissions! #hese auto submitter programs will take care of submitting your website to hun re s of search engine irectories! #his ensures that your website is in e$e effectively an apart from that, it also helps in marketing your blogs an articles instantly! )nother tool that is a must have for all online marketers is the :oogle )nalytics! #his simply makes you aware about your website-s performance from time to time! #hese analytics isplays a chart that lets you know the number of visitors that you-ve ha on any given ay, the me ium through which they came across your website, etc! #hese results shoul simply help you etermine what your ne$t plan of action .

woul be! )nother tool woul be the :oogle /onitor, which is probably the best if you-ve *ust built your website, as it helps you search your keywor s an at the same time tells you the rank of your website in the :oogle search results! With that being sai , simply search the Internet for the SEO tools that woul best suit your business an help you improve your search rankings, thereby riving more traffic to your website!

"rti'le ,arketing * "n Important SEO Strategy )rticle marketing is the best way to generate traffic an gain popularity to access your website! "owever, it is not an a vertising tool, where you can simply boast about your company an pro ucts to lure people to buy them! )rticle marketing is all about provi ing information to web browsers! Offer beneficial information to help attract large number of people to your website! #here are hun re s of people, who browse the Internet aily in search of information! .rovi ing them with imme iate information they are looking out for, can help you to attract them to your website! Every time you write an article, you get a chance to mention about your services an pro ucts on your website! )lways remember to inclu e the links to your website, so that the visitor can use them! #here are several article irectories on the Internet! %ou can create goo content an associate with other popular websites an irectories! #his will help you to get e$posure an attain popularity! ) well+ written article will always fin takers an you woul get wi e istribution! )part from your website, a goo article poste to other websites irectories woul attract browsers to your website! So, make sure you always have your signature on them! Signature is simply the powerful te$t that you write for your website along with the links at the en of the article! If you keep writing goo articles, you shall fin search engines looking out for your articles containing information! )ny website with goo content has several people coming back again an again on a regular basis! "ence, you can keep creating 2uality content an submit it to your website! If the web master picks up your article, your website is sure to get a wi er e$posure! #his will certainly attract numerous people to your website! 'emember every website is in search of 2uality information! #hus, you simply can=t write the way you want! %ou nee to un erstan the re2uirements of people an be accurate with your information as well as the use of key wor s to improve your ranking! If you want your article to be viewe by the ma$imum number of people, you nee to follow the search engine optimization strategy! #his means you nee to know an use the right key wor s that will help the search engine to forwar your article on the first page! )lways give your article a catchy title! We all choose to rea a particular article epen ing on its title! If your title is ull an says nothing clearly, you probably woul have very few rea ers or none at all! )lso make sure that the key wor s make way in the title too, as it eci es the SEO 12

value for your content! Opting for an SEO strategy will certainly help you generate huge traffic for your website! Every time that you write an submit an article, make sure you istribute it to the popular irectories! #he irectories that are most commonly use will have numerous people logging on to it aily! #hus, you can take a vantage of this opportunity an come up with 2uality content! Every time you write an article, o keep your rea ers in min an yet compile an SEO optimize article!

-log Carnivals * The Se'ret To SEO Su''ess %ou will have to take lot of efforts constantly to try an get traffic to your website! When customers un ertake searches they woul generally visit sites that rate high in the listing an on the first few pages of the search list! SEO is critical part of your attempts to get relevant customers to your website! #his is because only when search engines are able to fin you an in e$ or rate you higher on the list, then only woul any customers come to your site! 6rom that point onwar s, it=s up to you to convert them into buyers! #o get lots of traffic to your website, the blog carnivals are amongst the best options! ) blog carnival is a kin of blog community with various types of blogs an articles on a wi e range of topics! 3asically, these carnivals typically are like magazines with links pointing to blog articles on particular topics! #hese blog carnivals are free for anyone to use an prove to be easier to increase links with other online businesses! #his helps to get a lot of targete traffic! What you nee is free articles on your website! Informative articles an >how to? articles work the best! %ou can also use a blog on your website with posts! Search engines are attracte to such free articles an blogs an can thus get you a lot of free traffic! %ou only nee to have a link to your website at the bottom of such articles! /oreover, if you have linke up your pro ucts or services in similar area, you can have traffic coming in from there! %ou can fin many blogs with varie topics! %ou can easily fin a few carnivals that you can submit your articles to! %ou can submit the title an &'( to your article an the carnival host will provi e a link to others in a few ays! #he visitors to the blog carnival host can fin an click your link to reach you! Similarly, search engine spi ers crawl to this carnival site an fin your site, which helps to increase your ranking, which in turn means more traffic! #he search engines also rank you epen ing on the inboun links to etermine your website 2uality! In other wor s, if your website has many incoming links, your website has the chance to rank near the top of search lists! 3log carnivals help in creation of this re2uisite value an at the same time increases traffic to the website! %our articles shoul be of goo 2uality with uni2ue an precise content, which helps to sprea your popularity further! %ou may submit articles to blogs once a week! In a month=s time, you may start getting notice an fin an increase in traffic! #he best part of such carnivals is that you can get in more targete traffic from the hosting websites! #he sub*ects for such carnivals are varie an you may even fin yourself, even more than one area for article submission! 11

9onsi ering the huge opportunity that blog carnivals provi e you with generation of traffic, it is a secret weapon that you can use for SEO success, before too many people catch on to it!

Choosing the .ight %ey &hrases and %eywords for (our We site Search engines are an important link between your customer an your website! When any customer wants any information relate to something, they can make use of searches engines to fin website that can provi e them with information re2uire ! #he search engine spi ers crawl websites an on the basis of the search criteria given, try to fin those keywor s an key phrases in the website content! #his is what is to be kept in min when you choose key phrases for your site=s optimization! %ou shoul research on popular key phrases an keywor s before you evelop content for ma$imizing you optimization of your efforts! #o choose the right key phrase you shoul make a list of phrases, research key phrases an wor s an evaluate the performance of each if it suits your nee s! If you plan to optimize your page to get relevant customers to fin you, it is necessary that you think like a customer woul ! .ut yourself in your customer=s shoes an think of ifferent keywor s that may be useful to fin websites like yours! %ou may even ask some people other than those in your organization for suggestions! %ou may come up with a uni2ue list of keywor s an phrases that you may not even have thought about as being useful to fin your pro uct! Once you have the list, evaluate the key phrases an etermine the popularity of those phrases! #here are tools like Wor #racker that can help fin popularity of key wor s an phrases! #he higher the popularity the higher will be the e$pecte traffic! "owever, o not rest your ecision only on the fact that a particular wor is popular an there are many establishe websites using the same! In this case, you woul never be able to reach high in rankings! &se other criteria as well like specific use of keywor s! 'ather than simply using a keywor like footwear, you may fin chil ren=s footwear even more useful, as you are giving a specific search! Once you select a key phrase make sure to keep track of its performance over a perio of time! #here is software available which can o that for you for specific time! &se these to fin non+performing key phrases an wor s an fin others to replace them with! When you evelop content using keywor s researche by you, keep a few things in min ! ,o not overuse keywor s! It can bring in repetition an break the natural flow of your language! If you use the key phrases too often, it may ilute whatever impact you have been able to make! )s your first page is one to impress visitors, make wise use of key phrases! #his is also necessary for search engines that start looking for keywor s an phrases from the title tag of the page! #he over use of key phrases is consi ere as spamming by some search engines an your site may even face a ban! (ogically group your keywor s an key phrases, as even that helps in optimization! #he key phrase ensity is of e2ual importance! 3y choosing the right key phrases an key wor s for your website, you are buil ing up a goo search engine optimize website that can get you lots of customers! 18

How To Choose The .ight %eywords #or (our We site #o ay, there is so much competition an to survive in any venture or business is tough an one nee s to be on your toes to make it to the top! (et=s face it that only goo content is not enough to generate traffic, as far as your website is concerne ! %ou may write amazingly well, but if there were no rea ers to take it, the content woul be a waste! If you want your content to be viewe by large number of people, you nee to choose the right keywor s for your website! %es, keywor s play an important role, when it comes to earn a high rank on any of the search engine! %ou may want to stan out from the crow an use rare an uni2ue wor s for your content! "owever, this may not work well with the SEO strategy! %ou nee to choose common an popular keywor s to generate huge traffic! %ou may fin several other websites using the same keywor s! "owever, if you provi e 2uality an useful content, you are sure to lure several visitors to your website! #o make sure, you shoul use the right keywor s, or you can visit wor tracker!com, which can give you an insight about the popular keywor s to be use ! When it comes to use keywor s, you nee to keep your rea ers in min ! %ou nee to un erstan what appropriate wor s coul be use to offer them timely help, when they are looking out for some particular information! #hus wor tracker!com will help you figure out these keywor s an help your article to become search engine optimize ! "owever, remember that these keywor s will be wi ely use by your competitors an thus you nee to have a variation in its use! #o survive the competition, you nee to create a uni2ue content with the help of well+known keywor s! 7ust o not keep on using an repeating the same keywor s every now an then in the articles, as they may take away the interest of the rea ers! %ou shoul learn the art to choose the right keywor s an use them at the right place! )s a beginner, you may want to look out for keywor s that are less popular an rive less traffic, which is a goo tact! "owever, once your website gets recognition an have people coming back again an again, then you can e$periment with those keywor s that generate huge traffic! Even though, your rivals use these keywor s, which are commonly use an yet ue to your recognition, you will certainly have visitors flocking to your site! #o be successful in the search engine optimization campaign an process, you have to be wise, when it comes to choose the right keywor s! )ll the search engines that show results have an impact to generate traffic to your site, since it has alrea y gaine recognition! #his is the main reason why we nee to use the keywor s! 9oming up with the right SEO strategy plan will help you stay on top in the competition! #he keywor s that you choose also epen on your target au ience! %ou nee to con uct a research to un erstan your target au ience an know what keywor s they woul use to fin out particular information! In these situations, you can take the help of keywor s suggestion tools! 13

%our online success completely epen s on your choice an utilization of the keywor s! 9on ucting research an coming up with a right SEO strategy plan will help you compete with your rivals! /ake the most from keywor s an en*oy the highest rankings!

How To -uild -a'k Links #or SEO Su''ess If you want to succee in your SEO efforts, then getting back links is of utmost use! ) back link is a link that comes to your site from another site! It helps to attract traffic to your website, if you have very strong back links! It helps to buil up your ranking for search engines! Even for :oogle, when it assigns .age'anks, the back links are consi ere as very important factors! Overall, if you want to improve your page ranking on search engine results, then it is necessary to buil up effective back links! ) general consi eration is that if a page is goo , there will be links to it! "owever, it is not the only factor! %ou can get goo links, if you have 2uality an uni2ue content from sites, which have similar topics or pro ucts as yours! #his is the natural way to get back links! "owever, that won=t be sufficient if you want to boost your rankings! %ou nee to buil up back links! #he typical useful ways often use by many are to get listing with irectories, posting blogs an participating in forums! <eep in min though that you shoul never link to spam sites or sites with illegal content! %ou shoul rather make use of tools like 3acklink 3uil er tool, which can help you to enter keywor s of your choice an fin out, where you can post your articles an messages, which can get you goo back link partners! Such partners may offer you back links for free, as they re2uire 2uality content, which you can easily provi e! #o create a web presence, you can get liste with irectories like %ahoo, where search engines as well as potential customers woul notice you! "owever, this may take some time to be effective! "owever, another simple way to o it is by way of forums an submissions to article irectories! Search engines actively in e$ forums, blog postings! %ou can easily have 2uality back links with anchor te$t from such postings! It is important for you to provi e goo 2uality articles, when you post them to article irectories! Ensure that your content is keywor , rich as well provi es very uni2ue an high 2uality information! )nother goo way to get 2uality back links is by using content e$change an affiliate programs! %ou may offer them with 'SS fee s for free! When they publish your 'SS fee , you get a back link with a potential for many visitors for further etails! Similarly affiliate programs can also help to get more visitors as well as buyers! .ress releases an news announcements are also useful to create goo back links! #here are some sites that offer free publishing of news announcements an press releases! %ou can have a professionally written press release, which can bring in many visitors an boost your SEO efforts! "owever, these cannot be use as an every ay strategy, an nee s to be something newsworthy! "owever, keep in min that when you have options like link e$change, ensure that you are not linking to a link farm! If you are foun linke to such sites, search engines may even ban you! <eeping in min all these options, you shoul buil up your back link plan, which is boun to get 14

goo results for the success of your SEO efforts!

How To )et High Sear'h Engine .ankings /any online marketers woul fin search engine optimization pretty har , however, it is very simple as long as you are able to fin your targete au ience! Once you are one with the esigning aspect of your website, it is time you work on the keywor s an the content to intro uce your website to the search engines! It simply oes not matter how won erful your website is! )s long as it is rate poorly in the search engines, all your efforts woul go in vain! #he keywor s are really important if you plan on achieving high search engine rankings! Other aspects that hol as much importance woul be the title, the first paragraph of your content an the meta tags! Every online marketer woul hope that his website is foun on something we all know as >organic search?! Organic search is nothing but an event when a visitor types in a keywor that is richly use on your website, your website will be isplaye in the first two or three pages of the search engine results! #his way you on-t even have to bother about something like .ay .er 9lick a vertising! In or er to promote your business online, you have to ensure that you have proper content an links that link back to your website! %ou also have to be aware that :oogle is known all over to change its algorithms, which is critical to your search engine rankings! 3ecause of this constant change in algorithms, websites like S2ui oo are nowhere to be foun these ays in :oogle search, while earlier, it coul easily be foun in the first page of the :oogle search results! )part from making your website visually more appealing, you shoul give a bit more priority to the content! #hen comes the aspect of choosing your keywor s an key phrases an carefully placing them in your website-s content, taking care that it oes not result to spamming! #hese keywor s an key phrases shoul not be something too common that you must have seen your competitors using a lot! It shoul consist of something that your website specializes in which coul be pro ucts or services or both for that matter! It is not always possible to rely on the keywor s alone if you want your search rankings to get better! #his calls you to search for some popular key phrases relating your pro ucts an services an inclu e them in your website-s content! #he titles that you choose for your website-s content are not *ust for the visitors, but also for the search engines! #he recommen e length of the title shoul not be more than ;@ A B1 wor s! It woul be a visable that your title-s shoul be somewhere in conte$t to your key wor s or the keywor phrases! )lthough it is not all that necessary to stress too much on meta tags since ma*or search engines on-t pay much hee to it, there are some that o! /eta tags are nothing but a short escription of your website! #hese are some of the basic things that you shoul consi er in or er to get high search engine rankings!


How To Hire The .ight SEO 6or online businesses as well as those businesses that epen a lot on their websites, attracting relevant customers to their websites is important! #his re2uires that their websites are esigne with ue care to ensure that they are search engine optimize ! #hough it is possible to esign a site yourself, it may not be the easiest thing to bring in the e$pecte results if you are not aware about the ifferent techni2ues use for search engine optimization! 6or this, you can hire Search Engine optimization e$perts or professionals! #hese Search Engine Optimization e$perts are also known as SEOs an o not nee to have any special 2ualification! :enerally, SEOs are not those who have taken up any special egree as an SEO! #hey may be web evelopers or copywriters or with similar professions, who have stu ie an learne the SEO tricks an techni2ues! "owever, they un ertake to remove barriers from the website esign, that make it ifficult for search engine from fin ing an rating your page higher in the search engine rankings! #hey have the knowle ge about the various tools that can be use to fin keywor s that can have the ma$imum effects on your ratings! #hey are aware of another techni2ue, which is important to back links to generate traffic! Overall, they shoul be go marketers! #hey shoul be able to generate lea s to get traffic to the website, which is important! When hiring a SEO, you have to keep in min that he has no special magical tricks in han ! %ou may very well say that goo SEOs won=t nee to be involve in tricks or secret metho s to get you goo rankings! If they say they o, then better not hire them! %ou shoul get contact information about their satisfie clients! #estimonials on their sites may not be enough or reliable! 9heckout those clients=s website, for whom they have worke ! #here website rankings achieve can iffer ue to various ifficulty levels of keywor s! It is important that the SEO you hire is aware an keeps himself up ate with the latest techni2ues use ! "e shoul constantly up ate his skill an knowle ge! ) SEO has to keep track of the evelopments on a aily basis! Each company tries its level best to get higher rankings! "owever, if you fin an SEO, who gets high rankings for keywor s, which are not searche often by visitors, then that SEO may not be of much help to you either! 5o one can guarantee you that you will get rankings at specific pages, but they can surely assure you that they can get you goo amount of traffic to rive your sales! #hey shoul be open to tell you what techni2ue woul be use an how much it woul cost for that service! If you run a small business, you coul hire the services of a freelance SEO, or if possible, you may hire the services of the consultancy firm with SEOs on their roll! When hiring a firm, ensure that you o not talk to the Sales reps only! It is a goo i ea to talk to those who o the actual work! #he size of your business may be a eci ing factor on whom to hire! /ake sure you hire a goo SEO to get goo rankings!

,odern SEO Te'hni/ues * The Importan'e Of " High .ank We site Every business is trying to achieve higher sales by having their own website to reach out to the 1&

customers! Every website tries har to impress customers with attractive content, images an offers! %ou may have a very impressive site for your pro uct with wi e range of offers! "owever, unless you reach out to more customers to get the in e$ high in search engine searches, only your relatives an frien s woul know of your pro uct! Search engine optimization is very important, so that you are ranke high by the search engine spi ers! %ou will have to make use of ifferent techni2ues available to top the ranking an get in more relevant customers! #here are many simple, but relevant techni2ues that you may use to get goo results from your website esign! &la'ement of keywords$ #he appropriate use of keywor s can be a eci ing factor to get you a high ranking! With e$tensive research fin out keywor s that are best suite for your pro uct an which can bring in ma$imum traffic! Once one, to place them appropriately is of e2ual importance! %ou shoul evelop a keywor rich website! It oes not mean that you have to go out of your way using keywor s in every sentence, but where you place them is important! "aving keywor s in the beginning of the content is useful, as the search engine spi ers search from top to own! If it fin s the use of the keywor in the very beginning, it means that that the site has what it is trying to fin ! :ive your content a goo thought an use the keywor s appropriately at ifferent locations of your website content! %eyword !ensity$ )long with the placement of the keywor s, the keywor ensity also nee s to be tracke ! #he search engines have varie criteria an you woul be walking a thin line to manage the usage! #here coul be sites, which e$pect the ensity to be 0C or some favor @C or DC! With some research, you will fin out the right ensity to help you earn a higher rank! "aving too high a ensity makes will be consi ere as spam! Title tag$ #he title tag will be checke for keywor s by search engine spi ers! It is important that your title is written in a creative manner, keeping in min using the strongest keywor ! If the title tag has the keywor s use , then it means that the site is relevant to the search! "lt Tags$ Images are use to enhance the look of a website! "owever, some te$t browsers o not isplay images an for such browsers having an )lt #ag proves useful! #his tag gives information of the relevance of the image! &sing only the e$tremely relevant wor s an keywor s helps, rather than too much of information, which may lea to the sites elimination or even a ban! Content ri'h as well as attra'tive design$ ) website has to be rich in keywor an rich in content as well as attractively esigne ! &se of keywor s an uni2ue content in clichE areas can help to get a high+ranking an thus huge traffic! "void ad te'hni/ues$ Ensure that you o not use ba optimization techni2ues like too e$tensive use of keywor s, keywor s in author tags, tiny or invisible te$t etc!

Simplicity is the key for SEO an can wi ely impact your website rankings!


The Cru'ial Elements In SEO SEO FSearch engine optimizationG plays a crucial role in every online business! SEO is like an a vertising tool to generate traffic to your website! It has certain elements that one nee s to un erstan an take care of when it comes to content! %ou ought to have hear about search engine optimize content, if you own an online business to sell your pro ucts or services! "owever, many of us fail to un erstan the basic means an measures to be taken to o business online! #o make your online business successful, you nee to take care of certain elements that are liste below! When it comes to On .age optimization, you nee to pay attention to the title tag, escription an keywor tag! #hese tags play an important role, when it comes to SEO! #he title tag is nothing, but the hea ing of your webpage! It has to be attractive an to consist of keywor s! #he /eta tag has the list of all your important keywor s! #he escription tag will consist of all the content or a pro uct on your webpage! Search engines are not goo at i entifying the images! #hus, you re2uire the )lt tag! If a particular browser is not able to isplay the image, this tag informs about the presence of a picture! (ink title helps one to view the escription link! #his will be visible only when the mouse is place on it! Optimizing the content is one of most crucial elements in SEO! %ou nee to use the right keywor s! )lso pay attention to grammatical mistakes an spellings! %our content shoul be original, well written an informative! %ou shoul use the keywor s in the right place! (earn to keep variation, when it comes to using of keywor s! ,o not over o the article with keywor s, as it will make the content ull an rea ers woul not be intereste an never browse that website again! When it comes to Off .age optimization, you nee to make sure that you submit your content on popular websites an irectories! #his will help you get e$posure an thus increase your traffic! #hese ays, irectories are wi ely use to get information on anything un er this globe! %ou can actually keep submitting your articles regularly, till your website gains popularity! %ou can also opt for link e$change programs, where you can share your links with other websites! #he moment you start receiving offers to isplay others link, un erstan that your website is gaining recognition! 3logs are most popular means to get in touch with people over the web! #hrough blogs you can let the worl know about your presence an your pro ucts an services! It is the best way to interact with your visitors regularly! 3logs allow you to put up your views, i eas an opinions an create an interesting content! .ress release is another goo way to e$pose your website!


If your content is not search engine optimize , people will not be able to locate your site! #aking care of the above crucial elements will make a lot of ifference to your website! #his will in return generate huge traffic an you will en*oy profits an ultimate success!

Sear'h Engine Optimi+ation "nd (our Copywriting &lan It is necessary to have a goo website to market your pro ucts! It is very important to have an e$cellent 2uality content to leave a mark on the min s of your customers, who search for right information about pro ucts or services on the websites! What you write is important an if you have some e$citing an amazing content to keep the viewers glue , then you woul surely leave an impact an increase the chances of selling your pro uct! #his is where the nee for a great copywriting plan is paramount! #he first look at your website shoul leave a goo impact on the visitors! When you esign a copywriting plan for the customers, your aim is to hook them at the first glance itself! %our target is to attract the customers an provi e content, where your customers woul simply not move their eyes away even for a moment! #hese woul be your target customers, who woul be rea ing very carefully to weigh every wor of your content to have information concerning the range of your offers! #hey may have some 2ueries in their min , which you nee to answer! )s a part of your plan, you have to keep in min the nee to analyze your target market, the customers= e$pectations an their nee s! %ou shoul have rea y solutions that will satisfy their nee s an tastes! :et straight to the point an keep your tone even an straightforwar , which will engage them in conversation an finally only to convince them! #he customer is king! #his is a challenge an you nee to go all out to esign a copywriting plan for your search engines to satisfy your customers= nee s! ) general rule or gui eline to follow is the use of three key phrases per page, so as not to make the te$t of the content repetitive! It is better to research the key phrases before you start writing, so that you can focus on the key phrases for that page! If your pro uct is new in the market, then you may give a etaile e$planation! "owever, having aroun B@1 wor s can be enough to get your message through! It is important to write in a normal language! #he copywriting shoul be such that the customer is unable to track any of your key phrases! #he copywriting shoul not appear as a force stuff, but you shoul give your content a smooth flow of wor s! %ou can also use the keywor phrases in the hea line an sub hea lines! 3efore you write the copy plan, see where all you may nee to use ifferent keywor s an phrases! %ou may sometimes fin using keywor s once or twice per paragraph as most effective! <eep in min that it shoul n=t soun stupi or artificial! Some keywor in hea line may not match the flow of your hea line! Similarly, in every place where you use a wor from the keywor phrase, o not replace it with the entire phrase, since the smooth flow of language for your copy may be lost! #ry to inclu e keywor s in the anchor te$t within the bo y or even in the te$t navigation links! )s part of the plan, it is necessary that you test an track your website! See what works best an has the ma$imum impact!


)ll these factors have to be kept in min an a copywriting plan prepare accor ingly! If you plan your copy well, you will be able to buil up a very goo content that will keep your visitors lure an ensure that they keep coming back!

Sear'h Engine Optimi+ation That Works In The Long*Term Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is not *ust an e$ercise that you can embark on a one+time basis but rather is a process that nee s to continually evolve with these fast changing times! If you have your own Website, then you will continually nee to fine+tune your SEO tactics if you want to remain on the first page of every search! In or er to en up on the first page of every search engine, you will first nee to stu y the important criteria that search engines nee an satisfactorily satisfy that thirst! One important e$ercise that you will nee to con uct on a regular basis is to ensure that you have the right keywor s an key phrases inserte in your title tags, hea ings an escription tags! #he te$t bo y in your Website shoul also have the matching keywor s an key phrases, which shoul be evenly sprea out instea of *ust being umpe together! %our visitors too woul like to rea new content every time they enter your site! "ence, you will nee to continually up ate the content of your Website without losing track of your keywor s or phrases, since this will either pull your site own or push it towar s the top! #hus, up ating your Website regularly an keeping track of your content will ensure long+term success! )nother important point that can ensure long+term success is to un erstan the importance of link popularity in etermining whether your website tops any relate search! Search engines like :oogle have an algorithm+base search that etermines the popularity of all the incoming links to a page! #his is matche with the relevance of the type keywor by your visitor an matching results are isplaye higher on their search chart! #herefore, it is important that your Website gets linke with all the right sites that can irect traffic to your site! %ou can also buy links from some high ranke sites an increase your position in the process! %ou can also use the pay+ per+click process an bi for particular keywor s an phrases to inch your way to the top! %ou might not have the re2uire time, skills, an energy to maintain a regular eye on your Website an tweak it on a regular basis! #hus, it is very important to hire an efficient company that not only has an e$pert SEO team but can also han le other aspects of your Website such as web esigning an even marketing! #his will enable you to monitor every angle of your business much more effectively an will also help you to e$pan your business without getting tie up with only increasing your Website rating! #his move will also enable you to see the larger picture an gui e your team towar s the top! #herefore, by paying constant attention to the nee s of various search engines an fulfilling the nee s with an efficient team that can provi e the necessary content rich in relate keywor s an key phrases an which can also un erstan the importance of links, you can ensure that your Website remains on the top of all relate searches for a long+long time!


SEO for Small -usiness

Small business owners have to keep in min that they o not have to be big in or er to get big clients! #he trick is that you on-t have to be big! Instea , all you have to o is look big enough to show your image an your business! #his way, it simply oesn-t matter whether you are a business to consumer or a business to business company, looking more professional will surely help you get bigger clients an pro*ects! Search Engine Optimization is the key here an it can surely make your small business look big! #his strategy can easily increase the traffic to your website thereby improve your ranking in the search engine results! Why get a high ranking you askH Well, it-s pretty simple, search engines like :oogle, %ahoo an /S5 rive the traffic only to those websites that are ranke higher in their search engine results! #his means that your website has to be place at least somewhere in the first three pages of the search engine results! )nything more than that woul not get you the inten e traffic that you ha been hoping for! So, how e$actly o you optimize your website to be ranke better in the search engine resultsH #he first thing that you can o is etermine the market you inten to target! /any online marketers often overlook this aspect an their efforts usually en in vain! #he targete market is crucial since your keywor s will efinitely epen on that! %ou have to take care of certain aspects of your targete market like their gen er, age, profession, etc! an buil your keywor s aroun it! 5ow that we-re talking about keywor s, the ne$t thing that you ought to o is choosing your keywor s carefully as a part of Search Engine Optimization! Simply search online an you will fin a number of keywor generating tools an programs! Search engines like :oogle an /S5 have a keywor suggestion tool that can help you to generate keywor s! #his can help you along the way with respect to etermining which keywor s coul be best suite for the SEO of your website! %ou can start by buil ing up a huge list of keywor s an then cut them own epen ing on the popularity of some of the keywor s! #he ne$t step is where you use the keywor s that you have an the information at your isposal about your targete au ience an combining them in or er to get your esire results! #he content is one of the most important aspects of your website! %ou have to up ate it constantly so that your targete au ience keep coming back to your website! #ry your best to inclu e your keywor s at least twice in every paragraph! )nything more than that coul simply result in spamming an your website may be ranke very poorly because of this! #he search engines coul even blacklist your website if you in ulge in spamming! &se your keywor s in places like the image tags, the hea lines, links to other pages in your website or some other website altogether, etc!


The -eginner0s )uide To SEO

If you have eci e to enter the virtual worl with a Website of your own, then you will nee to learn an also un erstan some of the commonly spoken an written terms that are connecte with the Internet! One lesser+known term that has now gaine tremen ous importance is Search Engine Optimization or SEO! If you have type in a 2uery in any of the commonly use search engines such as :oogle, /S5 or %ahoo, you might have notice that out of the thousan s of Websites that match your search criteria, some Websites en up on the ;st page while many others en up at the bottom of the list! #his means that these Websites have some features that have impresse the search engine enough to pick them up an isplay them on a priority basis! SEO is basically researching, un erstan ing an then implementing those impressive factors so that your Website manages to claw its way up on the relate searches an thus increase your chances of getting higher hits an increase business! #he key wor to SEO success is keywor s an key phrases! It is very important to have the right keywor s an phrases sprea out evenly in your Website so that the search engine can compare it with the 2uery type in by any visitor! Search engines search for relate te$t only so inserting graphics or photos in your site will not help it in any way until you manage to attach a te$t tag to each photo! It is also important that you un erstan terms such as /eta tag, which consists of title tag, escription tag an keywor tag! #hese tags are utilize while co ing in "#/( an care nee s to be taken that the right wor s an phrases are use since they play a big role in etermining the position of your site! )n )lt tag is the te$t tag, which is attache to all your photos so that the search engine can also inclu e it in its search criteria! %our te$t bo y shoul also consist of aroun 011 wor s an all your keywor s an key phrases shoul be evenly sprea out within the bo y! #oo much, an the search engine will eci e that your site is spam an re*ect it, too little, an your site will slip own the isplaye list! ) little patience an e$perimentation will enable you to get the hang of it! &p ating the content of your Website on a regular basis will not only impress your visitors but will also help in moving it up the search list! )nother important aspect that will nee to be covere is link popularity! /any search engines also base their search on the popularity of your Website by assessing all the incoming links to your page! #his is compare with the wor s an phrases that have been type by the visitor! #hus, your Website will also nee to get linke with many popular sites that can ensure that more traffic is iverte towar s your Website! In a ition, you can also purchase links from many popular Websites to increase the chances of getting higher traffic! #hus, SEO involves combining various keywor s an phrases an inserting them subtly into your content so as to suitably impress various search engines into picking an isplaying your Website at the top of their chart! (ink popularity an inter+linking between your own pages too plays an important role in etermining your position! .atience an fine+tuning are important attributes that can turn you from a beginner to an efficient SEO!


SEO Tips and Tri'ks

SEO or search engine optimization is making mo ifications to your website such that it gets liste among the top rankings for search engine searches relevant to your pro uct! Search engines, epen ing upon certain algorithms, try an fin all those websites with information on the given search keywor ! While oing so they check the content, the title an the entire page as a whole of the website to see how relevant information that page has to search criteria an can rank or in e$ you accor ingly! :enerally, if you are liste among the top liste sites or on the first few pages, you may get more visitors to your site, which can then lea to sales! SEO tips and tri'ks ) very important part of your strategy shoul be to create very goo content for your website! :oo an uni2ue content helps attract search engines for relevant information! &ni2ue content can also help in getting you liste higher! Similarly, if your content is reliable the visitors will feel assure about you an your pro uct! 6or this, it is also important that up ate you website on a regular basis! <eywor placement is of top priority! %ou shoul make it a point to research for keywor s relevant to your pro ucts that can get more traffic to your website! If you use the appropriate keywor s that can best escribe your pro uct it helps in getting search engines to list your website higher! Select a phrase that is popular but not highly popular because there woul be tough competition for you! &se your keywor multiple times in the website but not too often that it may be consi ere as spam! #he keywor s ensity generally maintaine is about @C to DC! 'ather than using flash to evelop your website use "#/(! It makes it easier for search engines to search, as flash content is not accessible to them! So the search engines woul not fin any information on a flash website! &se flash to make it attractive in select locations only! It also makes your website easy for ownloa with slow spee Internet connection also! &se the keywor s in the #itle #ag an "ea line #ags of the page! #ry to get a omain name with your keywor s or if that is not possible then at least try to put in the &'( as even these are searche by the search engines! Similarly, putting keywor s in the beginning of first few paragraphs also helps! :etting back links an more preferably using anchor links is very useful to get higher rating an traffic! &se keywor s in anchor te$t of links! %ou shoul try to create links with sites in fiel s relate to yours! #o generate a higher number of links from other sites which help in isplaying to search engines the popularity of your website, you can make use of article irectories, blogs, forums etc! %ou can submit 2uality articles to these article irectories an blogs relate to your fiel with anchor links wherever possible! #he targete traffic can get irecte to your website if you content is high 2uality an you up ate it an keep it fresh!


#here are many tricks you may use to increase your ranking with search engines! %ou have to be alert an keep trying out ifferent techni2ues as search engines keep on changing their search algorithms!

The "rt of SEO

.roper search engine optimization techni2ues can help your business by generating more traffic to your website! "owever, at the same time it is pretty much impossible for any SEO e$pert to guarantee you the results because the :oogle search engine has always been known to change its algorithms which in turn effects your search engine rankings! %ou have to know that in or er for the website to be ranke high in the search engines, it is important that your website shoul be rich in content as well as keywor s! 3ut that oesn-t mean that you have to be un er the prete$t that if your site has been perfectly optimize with the right keywor s an content an even after getting a number one status in the search engine rankings, you will be able to rive the ma$imum traffic to your website! #his means that the visitors simply o not like your website for whatever reasons an they- rather prefer the website ranke five in the search engine results than yours! #his coul be a SEO-s nightmare coming true an there have been many instances of this event to support this claim! )lso, you shoul keep in min that the SEO techni2ues use years ago might have worke like a charm for some websites but if you go on to use them now, it woul go on to create more amage than serenity for your business! Some of the tra itional SEO techni2ues that were use earlier are rightly terme by :oogle as spamming! #hey woul inclu e the keywor s in areas like the title, file name, omain name, the first wor s on the page, highlighting the keywor s in bol or italics or both for that matter, etc! If you go on to this now by inclu ing the same keywor s in the aforementione e$amples, you are more likely to trigger :oogle search engine-s spam filter than riving a mass traffic to your website! %ou have to un erstan the mentality of your website-s visitors an unless you get that, your website won-t be able to generate enough traffic! It simply makes no sense if you-ve put a bunch of keywor s in all the right places but it simply oesn-t relate to your website! Or it coul be 2uite the contrary for that matter, like your website may not be easy to navigate even though it has the perfect content! )n you efinitely o not want your visitors to make a mental note of your website &'( so that they can avoi it in future! One must un erstan that SEO is not *ust a science but also an art! It is like a growing tren in the online marketing worl ! One of the simplest way to un erstan what SEO is all about is that your website gets into a competition with other websites that eal with the same pro ucts an services that you eal in! ) proper search engine optimization makes it sure that your website is ranke higher by the search engines that act as referees! :etting more traffic shoul be sole ob*ective of your website an utilizing SEO tools are the best way to get going thereby generating more income for your business!


SEO your way to a top ranking in )oogle &sing appropriate keywor s is not enough to get you to the top of the :oogle rankings! 5either is it enough to get a few link pointing to your site! #here are 2uiet a few other consi erations when you want your site liste at the top of the :oogle search pages! It is not very simple but it is not that ifficult either! %ou will have to use multiple techni2ues to get your site liste at the top! %ou will have to use techni2ues like keywor placement, anchor links, using correct keywor s an so on! ) very useful metho of getting higher rankings is to get links for you site! If you have links pointing to your website from other links then it means that you have reasonable goo traffic coming your way! #o have a better rating you shoul have an anchor link to your site! )nchor linking is nothing but using your keywor phrase at the clickable te$t for your link! It is the IWi gets= you woul be using as the link te$t an that makes it better than simply having a link place at the en ! %ou shoul never forget the ne$t important thing that can get you a goo ranking an that is the keywor or keywor phrase that you use so that your site is foun ! If you use a wrong keywor you may top the ranking an get traffic even but it may not necessarily be the relevant traffic for you! 6or e$ample, if you are specifically marketing your bran of customize ki =s footwear, a keywor like Ifootwear= will get you customers but they may not be all looking out for ki =s shoes! In this case, keywor s better escribing your pro uct may be >ki s footwear? or similar ones! %ou can have an anchor link to your site from another site that specifically mentions ki s shoes relate information or it may be seen as spam or irrelevant content! &se the Wor #racker tool to see which keywor s are searche the most! It comes at a small fee but can give you substantially accurate results! %ou can get the list of highest searche keywor s with content relevant to your site! 3uil up a link campaign that not only involves reciprocal link e$change but strategic linking as well! With reciprocal link e$change you place your link with a pro uct similar or relate to your pro uct an have their link onto yours! With strategic linking you will not have to return the favor! %ou can write articles with your link in it an if you get any website to use this article you will have it pointing to your site without having to reciprocate with their link! (inking campaigns can get you results in as less as J ays an even after K months! If you have links from popular websites your ranking will grow faster! #here are several other things like using keywor s in #itle #ags, using keywor s in the bo y te$t, creating an using uni2ue content in a clichE market an so on! %ou can also fin other ways of linking from blog content, blog carnivals, article irectories an so on! If your content is goo an you have use these techni2ues wisely it woul n=t be long before you fin your way to the top :oogle rankings!


The "rt Of &lanning " &roper SEO Strategy #o ay, there are several people involve in article writing! "owever, not everyone has taste success, as it is ifficult an the competition is tough enough! #o ay, if you want a wi e e$posure for your content writing, you nee to have it on search engine optimize ! )part from goo content, you nee to use correct keywor s to earn a high rank on the search engine! When it comes to SEO FSearch Engine OptimizationG, it nee s to o a lot of planning couple with un erstan ing! Search engine optimization gives you two choices, when it comes to article marketing! With the competition being high, you nee to make a smart move! %ou nee to either choose one common keywor that can generate huge traffic or go in for a rare keywor that has less competition! If you go for a common keywor , you will certainly generate huge traffic! "owever, there will be many others in competition! #he art of planning a proper SEO strategy epen s on your nee ! If you o not have a ti y sum to invest, you can go in for that option that has less competition! )lthough it may generate less traffic, it will certainly attract genuine visitors! So, once you earn income from this, you can then move on to use common keywor s an attract huge traffic! When it comes to optimization, you nee to be sure, whether you want to optimize your home page or sales page! ,epen ing on this, you can plan up your strategy! 5o goo content is of any use, if it has no rea ers! #hus, to attract goo number of people, you nee to make sure about the keywor s to be use ! One of the important steps in SEO strategy is to create uni2ue content! "owever, it shoul have popular keywor s, when you want to generate huge traffic! When it comes to investing money, one shoul be sure about his or her SEO strategy plans! ,epen ing on your how much you can invest, you can choose the right path to attract visitors to your website! #o come up with a proper strategy, you nee to have teamwork an also nee to be sure about your motive behin writing the content! If you are looking out for some serious online business, you nee to get your keywor s an SEO strategy right! #o accomplish your long+term goals you nee to have your entire content search engine optimize ! #his is the only way you can en*oy wi e e$posure an attract people to your website! Search engine optimization is an in irect way to a vertise your website! "ence, you can make up a plan that is similar to marketing an a vertising! %ou nee to have a vision an come up with a plan accor ingly! Once the strategy plan is formulate , you can take steps to e$ecute it! Once you are sure with your search engine optimization campaign, you are sure to be successful! 3ehin every successful campaign there is a goo planning! #hus, if you want to be ahea in to ay=s competition, you certainly nee to learn the art to plan a proper SEO strategy!


Steps to a higher sear'h engine positioning

Internet offers a wi e range of tools an techni2ues that allow businesses big as well as small to compete with each other! Once you esign your website to get in relevant customers, you will have to ensure that you are positione higher in search engine rankings! #his re2uires that you use ifferent search engine optimization techni2ues! #he a vantage of higher search engine positioning is that you get more traffic relevant to you, an who woul fin you within the first few pages! It helps in pro ucing revenue online an with more efforts sustains the ranking aroun that place!

Steps to get higher sear'h engine position Choose keywords4 9hoose appropriate keywor s using ifferent tools like Overture, Wor #racker, etc! 6in keywor s that have the potential to generate lots of traffic that you are targeting! &sing uni2ue keywor s can get you top ranking, but it oes not necessarily mean relevant traffic! )lso o not use such keywor s which are so popular that you may not get anywhere near the top rankings! Content development4 When you are optimizing your site it will have to be on the basis of content that you put up! <nowing what keywor s to use you shoul evelop content an put the content on the website! #hink about some uni2ue ways that you may use to give your website a fresh look! If your website is new, fin out the ifferent techni2ues like blogs, articles, forums etc that may be use for optimization an back linking! Site stru'ture4 "aving a soli structure is very important! #he structure shoul be such that can be easily crawle by search engine spi ers as well one which proves to be very attractive as well as easy to use for the visitors! .rioritize what you will place where an put the tags like #itle tag with appropriate keywor s accor ingly! Optimi+ation$ Search engines try to fin the information like we rea the books! When any search keywor is entere , the search engine will look for relevant information from top left an go towar s the en of the page! #he placement of keywor s in the title tags, the beginning of the website, the starting of paragraph etc helps in optimization efforts! %ou shoul also keep in min the keywor ensity which may range from @C to ;1C even;BC! #hough keywor usage is important, use it only as much as is rea able to the visitor! Internal linking$ 6or optimization purpose internal linking also helps! %ou may have a variety of information that you woul place on ifferent pages! .lace links such that search spi ers are also able to easily navigation an give you a higher position for relevance of information! Testing$ Once you have esigne an optimize your website, testing it is necessary! )sk them to fin certain information an fin how much time it takes! #hey may even be able to give you fee back about the content as well as the esign!


Link uilding and su mission$ )fter you have esigne your site submit it to article irectories an irectories to buil back links, which helps in positioning or ranking! If you are able to fin goo partners to share links it woul be of immense help to generate traffic!

/onitor what you have create regularly for the position achieve an if the nee be make mo ifications to help you improve further!