This is a Seed Stitch Tank Top / Vest that I created for Knit-a-Square ( Volunteers make an of the followin!: " in squares# $ests like this# hats# socks# sweaters. I make the squares and $ests. I%$e ne$er $entured into socks. &ou can knit or crochet items. 'ack to the pattern. (hen I do the seed stitch I like to use more then ) arn so ou can see the desi!n it creates. *ll ou need to +e a+le to do is a sin!le crochet and dou+le crochet. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR THIS? The t pe of arn ou use depends on the wa ou are !oin! to wear this piece. If ou want it for summer then use a cotton arn. If ou are !oin! for a warmer !arment ou can use a worsted wei!ht arn. &ou can wear a lon! slee$ed shirt under it. *t the +ottom of this is a si,in! chart in case ou want to make different si,es. This is the order in which o! wi"" #$%e the &est $'ter the 'ront $nd ($c% $re done) •*ttach the straps to the -'ack- piece (this .*S to +e done in order to do the ne/t) •0etermine the arm hole len!th •Sew the sides

<epeat across the row Row 3/ chain )# turn= .53 wide / " inches tall (uses 6 stitches) -o#.)S8 in second chain from hook# )08 in ne/t stitch.$. Re. 1 <epeat the instructions +etween them PATTERN/ 8alls for an odd num+er of stitches.e: 2. (hen ou !et to the top of the front/+ack ou end with 5 rows of tan.Skip ) stitch (which is the last dc on the pre$ious row)# 0o >)S8 and )08? in ne/t stitch (which is the last S8 from pre$ious row).3 mm Stitches Used: •Sin!le 8rochet •0ou+le 8rochet S%i"" Le&e": 'e!inner A((re&i$tions: .3 inches / )4 inches (+efore straps) Str$.ht Y$rn/ 8aron ) 9ound# 'lue and Tan G$!. ."eted Rows: 75 rows 1 )4 inches hi!h Worsted Wei.e . 8hain 7) with an I hook &ou are workin! from the +ottom up.e$t row 3 !nti" o! re$ch 43 rows) See ne5t . <epeat from .s 1 2.3 rows per inch Hoo% Si0e/ I / 3.:3 stitches per inches and 5. There are 7 rows of +lue and 5 rows of tan.*ront $nd +$c%# width 1 )2. to . *RONT 1 +A-K Row 2/ 0o .

Re.ic%) Str$.$rdin.s)))I alwa s do them on the rectan!le that will +e the front that wa when ou stitch the ends onto the other rectan!le ou can%t see the seemin!. Re#e#(er the ($c% $nd 'ront $re identic$" so it doesn6t #$tter which one o! . The tail is for sewin! it to the +ack. @ollow the straps directions +elow. Row 47899/ chain )# turn# > . See row 72 for that. $ "on. t$i" and finish off.s/ (hen ou are done with row 75 turn the piece and crochet into the first 6 stitches onl . the str$.Skip ) stitch# )S8 and )08 in ne/t stitch. This is wh$t it sho!"d "oo% "i%e) . *fter row 33 cut arn "e$&in.? / 3 .

&ou need it so ou know when to stop when sewin! the sides up. :ETER. Eow ou%re read to sew the sides up.SEWING THE STRAPS: (ith our lon! tail thread it to our arn needle. (hen ou are at the last stitch secure it reall well. If ou happen to ha$e a tail to work with ou can use that. Then sew the other strap. Aine up the strap to the +ack. Sewin! + !oin! under the top of the stitch (the -$-)See picture +elow. See photo +elow. 0o this for the opposite side as well. HOLE LENGTH/ This has to +e done after the straps are attached and +efore sewin! the sides up. Take a ruler and measure where D inches is and put a safet pin there. It%s hard to see +ut it%s at the +e!innin! of the ruler all the wa to the left.INE AR. . @old our $est in half Cust like ou see in the +e!innin! photo. Btherwise Cust take a piece of arn and start sewin!.

com . Start at the +ottom and work our wa up. 8ut a piece of arn that is ) )/5 times the len!th of the side that ou%re sewin!. Fust thread our arn needed and pick up threads closest to the ed!e our sewin! heatherg !"aol. (hen ou !et to the safet pin stop and make a knot so it%s secure. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.SEWING UP THE SI:ES 'efore ou +e!in turn the tank top inside out so the arn ou are usin! to sew the sides does not show.blogspot. Heather Hope you have fun creating your garment. (hen done flip it inside out a!ain and ou ha$e our Vest / Tank Top! 8hart $ia www.

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