Lizbeth Juarez

707 S. 3
W. ApL. 2301
8exburg, lu 83440
Þ: 312.972.1336
L: llzbeLh[uarez[

8roLher Cswald,

l am applylng for Lhe CommunlcaLlon SpeclallsL poslLlon LhaL ls currenLly open ln your deparLmenL. AL
your convenlence, l'd appreclaLe Lhe opporLunlLy Lo dlscuss Lhe poslLlon and my ellglblllLy wlLh you.

l am currenLly a senlor sLudylng CommunlcaLlons aL 8?u-ldaho. l wlll be done wlLh all my classes Lhls
comlng !uly.

ÞerLlnenL experlence and skllls for Lhe posLed poslLlon lnclude:

• 8lllngual: l am proflclenL ln Spanlsh and Lngllsh. l have held poslLlons as a LranslaLor and able Lo
answer under pressure whlle glvlng sufflclenL lnformaLlon and feedback Lo cllenLs.

• SufflclenL undersLandlng of onllne communlcaLlons, MlcrosofL Cfflce Þrograms, Adobe ueslgn
Þrograms, and an exLenslve knowledge and sklll ln Þubllc Speaklng and Þrofesslonal ÞresenLaLlons.

• CommunlcaLlon: l have worked wlLh very dlfferenL klnds of people and many of Lhrough
volunLeer work ln Chlcago ln Lhe lnner ClLy ?ouLh CharlLable loundaLlon and AfLer School MaLLers. 1he
sLrucLure of my degree has exposed me Lo dlfferenL people and dlsclpllnes.

• Self-moLlvaLlon and Llme managemenL: l have been a ÞhoLo[ournallsL for lComm SLudenL Medla aL
8?u-ldaho for 4 semesLers. l worked wlLh Lhe Scroll edlLors and agency wlLh very LlghL
deadllnes wlLh real cllenLs. l have handled Lasks wlLh llLLle or no supervlslon. l llke Lo work.

• 8achelor of Sclence ln CommunlcaLlon, mlnor ln CompuLer lnformaLlon 1echnology.

l am very lnLeresLed ln flndlng ouL more abouL Lhls poslLlon and any oLhers ln Lhls deparLmenL LhaL you
are looklng Lo flll, and l would welcome Lhe opporLunlLy Lo Lell you why my skllls, experlence, and ldeas
wlll be a greaL conLrlbuLlon Lhe deparLmenL's success. l can be reached aL (312) 972-1336 or

1hank you for your Llme and conslderaLlon, l look forward Lo hearlng and perhaps meeLlng wlLh you

8esL regards,

LlzbeLh !uarez

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