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March 2014

Visit our website at

After a great effort by customers and staff, The next part of the project will be to develop the Threshold’s new website is now live at customer’s blog that has been set up at

Customers received framed certificates highlighting their contribution to the project.

Annie Hopley, Chair of the Board said that with so much customer involvement in design and content the new website had “done us proud.”

site and were joined by members of Threshold’s Board.

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ckport Offenders Customers of Threshold’s Sto cle Maintenance Ser vices have taken part in an Bicy ice project. Course as part of a restorative just l bicycle project Thanks to some joint work with loca ing Ser vices, the Cyclone and Stockport Youth Offend ons in basic less two day pilot course provided cleaning, checks, comprehensive repairs, dismantling, and maintenance.

On Monday 3rd March, Threshold customers and staff gathered together for a preview of the new

If you’d like to help out, please contact


days at Stockport The course took place over two full College.

hard to complete The four customers worked ver y crime victims and the course, restoring bikes for cycle end. were given their own bicycles at the

to become peer Some of them are now looking mentors at the Cyclone Project.

Volunteers to sleep rough in Oldham for tenancy packs


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Raising funds for Inside Out
• Spread the message • Make a donation • Sponsor a sleeper

Tenancy packs to help combat homelessness

Oldham, they will be raising money for the Inside Out service which provides the basics to start a new tenancy - such as bedding, cutlery and a microwave.

Threshold staff will be among those braving the elements on 20th March by taking part in a sponsored ‘sleep out’.

They are approaching people in and around Oldham for sponsorship, aiming to beat the £3,000 raised last year.

Pitching up outside the Mahdlo youth centre in

National International Womens’ Day Apprentice Week
Fifty women attended the International Women’s Day event held by Aksa Homes and Threshold this year in Oldham with workshops on the theme of ‘mind, body and soul.’

Donations can be received through, and you can tweet your support with the hashtag #OldhamSleepOut.

The apprentices and customers worked together to plant poppies in supported housing schemes commemorating those that died in the First World War.

#NAW2014 took place between 3rd-7th March. Westbrook House was visited by New Charter’s latest trainees, promoting the value of apprenticeships in launching careers.

Expert advice on health was provided by a nutritionist and NHS staff.

There were key speakers from the Threshold and Aksa Boards and the Enterprise Centre.

The Inspire Women’s Group who work closely with our Oldham refuge, held a number of events during the week. On International Women’s Day they raised over £140 for the refuge.

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