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com>, GroupDIY2 <>, Subject: UA 610 schematic (1960s) I traded some PMs with John Hinson yesterday, and his Here is a schematic John Hinson drew up while doing work for UA. It is based on two 1960's pres, one from Neil Young's old desk and one from a pre that belong to Bill Putnam. According to him this will sound much better than anything UA is offering, as they made several (budget) cuts to his design. For those interested, you could use a Cinemag CMMI-7 for the input (it has a CT primary (1:7 or 1:14) so you could do two input impedances) or an Altran (I don't have the model number but if you call them they will know which one... no CT, just 1:7, I think) The output is another story. Here is a transcript of his 3 replies to me (didn't save my sent PMs) I will also post this somewhere in the forum.

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The schematic you have is one I drew up from two original 1960's era 610 modules - one from Neil Young's old desk and the other that belonged to Bill Putnam.! If you build a unit from that schematic, you'll have a better pre than any current UA reissue.! When I did the design work for UA on the re-issue 2-610, M610 etc, there were budget and other constraints that made it not quite what I would have done had I been given a free hand. Hope that helps!

You have forwarded or responded to this message. Quote from: mitsos on April 16, 2009, 07:28:52 pm I did a bit of searching and found there are both Cinemag (CMMI-7C) and Altran input trafos used.

You're talking about in the UA re-issues then.! In the old 610's, a UTC O-1 was used. Quote from: mitsos on April 16, 2009, 07:28:52 pm I generally like Altran stuff and the guys in Chicago are great, so I thought about using that as a front end (I don't think it has dual primaries like the Cinemag model though I don't know if that matters so much). The Cinemag doesn't have dual primaries but does have a tap on the winding for a lower impedance.! It can be used for 200 ohm sources or 50 ohm sources.!! I don't know the Altran but if you don't need or want the option of the dual input Z then, no, it doesn't matter. Quote from: mitsos on April 16, 2009, 07:28:52 pm ! btw, is the Cinemag also used in the REDD47? I used it myself in about 100 that were built.! I also used a different transformer in a few special units. Quote from: mitsos on April 16, 2009, 07:28:52 pm Also, Ed Anderson recommended two different output trafos (both Cinemag) CM-9661A if I use an output cap, and CMO-30/600 if I don't.! Is there an advantage to either one in this circuit?

If you're building from the schematic I drew rather than trying to build one like a re-issue, the issue at hand is one of there being about 7mA of current through the transformer primary.! You need to know the inductance of the primary at the current owing through it to determine your low end limit.! Inductance drops when current ows through the winding.! You gure this low end limit out by knowing the source impedance coming from the tube plate and knowing the inductance of the transformer at the standing current.! The 9661 won't explode if you use it to load the plate - in other words, don't cap couple to it -! but you would want to check what's happening at the low end. If you do use a cap to block the DC from the primary (to avoid current owing through it and thus not dealing with a lowering of inductance)! then you will loose headroom if you are then loading the plate before it with a resistor.! Unless, that is, you raise the H.T. for that tube plate (not the whole amp) by about a factor of! 2.!! If you "impedance couple" with a choke loading the plate then you won't loose headroom.! You just need to, again, make sure the choke has sufcient inductance for the impedance in hand.

I haven't used the CMO-30/600 but if it has a gap and the inductance is at least 60 Hy with 7mA, then it will work in the circuit. p.s. the thought occurs to me that there may be others who are thinking of building a 610.! Maybe you could copy and paste this somewhere in a thread if you think it might be useful

Sent to: mitsos on: Today at 01:42:59 am Yes, it's OK to post the schematic.! I think the reason it was hard to nd for a while was that I had switched servers at some point and had neglected to update links etc.! If it's on your server then it's your responsibility then and not mine! Maybe just give me a credit for drawing it but, either way. it's good, John