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Project report for 1) Product description- home interior product with a strong emphases on artistic sensibility which end ever to promotes traditional Indian technique 2) Production and general evaluation of prospects- there is a growing demand for home interior products that score high on art quotient with a high degree of sustainability and affinity 3) Market aspects a) Target users- 20-40 years old urban dwelling art lovers hailing from upper financial segment. They are European in taste ideology and design sensibility , they appreciate the organic way of living and are sensitized towards the aura of hand crafting. b) Sales channel and methods of distribution- The products will be marketed through EBOs( exclusive brand online ) and MBOs(Multi brand stores) ,sales channels will be direct for EBOs and 2way channels for MBOs through an agent. c) Geographical extent of market- India d) Competitive situation i) Domestic market- online stores :fab furnish , e) Market needed for plant described4) Production requirements a) Annual capacity (one/two/three shifts)- 6000 2 shift b) Capital requirement for land and building on rent- equipment, furniture, fitting and working capital- self land ,40,00,000 c) Total capital which the entrepreneurs need for the whole project i) Own- 4,00,000 ii) Borrowing-6,00,000 d) Expected net profit per annum- 30,00,000 5) Capital requirements a) Fixed assets and working capital i) Land (1.5 acre) and building 10,00,000(outskirts) ii) Equipments 20,00,000 Production equipment- sculpting equipment, textile related equipment, finishing equipment Other tools and equipment- computers, printing machines, Xerox, scanners. Furniture and fittings-working tables chairs fans, lightings, A/C iii) Working capital 10,00,000 b) Raw material and allied supplies DESCRIPTION QUANTITY (UNIT) RATE (Rs) ANNUAL REQUIREMENT (Rs)


AND SOURCES OTHER SUPPLIES c) Manpower (annual) DESCRIPTION MANAGER Designer/ Artist SUPERVISORS SKILLED WORKERS SEMI-SKILLED WORKERS UNSKILLED WORKERS OTHER STAFF OTHER d) NUMBER 1 5 3 20 15 15 5 2 RATE PER MONTH (Rs) 50,000 30,000 12000 7000 5000 3500 4000 4000 ANNUAL (Rs) 6,00,000 18,00,000 576000 168000 900000 630000 240000 96000 COST

Other costs i) Depreciation of equipments/furniture and fitting/per annum ii) Interest on capital (fixed and working per annum) iii) Administrative cost iv) Sales cost (including sales commission advertisement) v) Provision for discount, bad debts and miscellaneous vi) Training cost 6) Total annual costs, sales, revenue and net profits a) Annual costs i) Rent for land and building ii) Raw material and allied suppliers iii) Manpower iv) Other cost b) Annual sales revenue c) Expected annual net profit (b-a) d) Percent profit of own capital e) Percent profit of total annual sales turnover f) Percent of total investment 7) Remarks