Chapter 3: La Push I was dreaming happy dreams, dreams with bright colors the sun, and no cloudy skies

and i was on the beach. The shore was washing up against the sand and my toes and i was walking along side it. Up ahead i could see Quil and Claire playing in the sand making a sand castle but it kept falling apart. I was going to ask Quil if he's seen Jake anywhere? Then Jacob came up behind me. He looked upset, or disappointed. "Hi Ja-" "I'm not here to say hello, im saying goodbye." "Why are you saying goodbye?" "We can't be friends anymore" he was becoming volatile "Please don't say that, whatever it is wrong with me i can change." "I don't want your change, i want you out of my life, i dont love you anymore." I tryed to put my palm to his cheek and tell him i was worried about this moment, scared i would be rejected like i was now, and that i was sorry i changed but i was so confused but he pushed it away. I didnt know why he didnt want me. He turned to leave "Jake Wait!" i cryed "Get out of here Renesmee go, i dont want you." I don't know why he called me by my full name, he never did that, Then he was shaking violently his warning made sense, but for some reason my feet stayed planted where they were. "GET AWAY FROM ME! HURRY GET OUT OF HERE!" He yelled there was a huge ripping sound and he morphed into a wolf, but Quil came out from behind me knocking Jake out of the way, while they were brawling fighting and tearing each other apart Claire came behind me grabbing my hand and pulling me to get away from this place, but i still couldnt walk. She talked with great dignity "C'mon lets get away from here." She kept tugging on my hand but when i wouldnt budge she ran away. I knew i should have followed her but i felt like i was dead. Then the storm came in. The clouds were circling violently around each other their were winds of violent speeds, suddenly there was a whirpool in the middle of the ocean and then a huge wave came up. I looked to Quil for help but he was still fighting Jake. Jake was struggling for some reason. Why wasn't he fighting. I looked around me looking for Claire making sure she was safe but she was know where in sight.I looked back to the Ocean but right when i looked over a huge wave was climbing towards me like a wall. It was so tall that i couldnt see over it. I should have ran but my legs were still paralyzed. Then it smashed into me like a boulder, icy and hard. There was a sudden pressure, and i felt like i was being pulled under. When i opened my eyes i saw darkness. I didnt know which way was up, or down. My lungs started burning and then i saw in the darkness a small opening. i swam towards it as it got closer and closer. The light from it got bigger and bigger when finally it was so big it captured me like a nightmare. The whole time i heard singing. Voices i never heard before, it was so peacefull, but when the light took me with it away. Away to a place i didnt recognize the voices got louder, so loud that i couldnt hear my own heartbeat. I dont think i even had a heartbeat. Then it got impossibly loud that i felt like my head was smashing into a wall. Everything was so bright that i couldnt see then instantly everything went Dark, and there was no sound anymore it was completely Silent. My eyes flashed open and i immediatly felt dissoriented. I was sticking to my sheats. I felt dizzy and hungry. And i was sweating prefusoly. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was 8 AM. "Crap!" i yelled, jumping out of bed and changed into one of my new outfits. I Brushed my teeth and brushed my curls out so they were nice and neat. I grabbed my purse looked out the window and saw that it was very sunny out. Today would have a good day to go swimming but since i had that horrible dream, i think i'm going to stay away from the water. i put my flipflops on and then i heard a horn. He was here! My heart raced. i looked out the window to find Jakes rabbit in the drive way the engine on, and Jake walking out to the door.

Knock Knock "Nessie i'm here" he yelled. I ran down the steps, almost falling twice, and then he knocked again. "Coming!" i yelled. I still felt disoriented, i quickly got a poptart and started opening it, picked a piece off shoved it in my mouth and opened the door. "Hey Jake." i was smiling laughing a little nervousley, my hands were shaking a little when i went to get another piece of poptart. "Hey Nessie......." he looked me over "Looking gooood." he said teasingly and he smiled i chuckled even more nervously again, but not as bad. It was a relief to know that i didnt look bad to him. I blushed He went around to open the door for me. Then he sat inside himself. "I'm sorry if that made you feel akward, shall i say you look beautiful." I laughed hesitantly "Hehe.." there goes the nerves i was trying to hide, my voice was so shaky. WHY! i hope it wasn't that dream. I was already worried enough before the nightmare. Then he looked worried "Whats wrong?" his brows mashed together in anxiety and his eyes were anxiouse too. "I was worried you wouldnt like the.... new me?" i shoved another peice of poptart into my mouth. "well lets see their are multiple reasons why i should like you 1 I imprinted on you, and 2 I imprinted on you, of course i'm going to love you, no matter how you look. all though i'd rather you not be smelly." I looked at myself instantly examining making sure i wasnt on the stinky side. "OH stop it!, your not smelly!" i sighed in relief "I know what Stench is and your know where near, but you do have a salty smell to you, were you sweating alot?" I blushed again " Bad dream" i admitted sheepishly, bet he'd get a kick out of the fact that he was the bad dream i chuckled "ohhh" he said understandingly. I love Jacobs Husky voice! its so nice just to listen to him talk, i could do it all day. I wouldnt even wanna talk myself, i'd just want him to speak so i could listen, listen as much as he would want me to. "So what have you been up too. See you got new clothes." we both said at the same time "Alice" i was complaining, sort a' and he was saying it as in comprehention. "You got alot of nice clothes there" "Yep" "How was vacation?" He asked "Good, we went scuba diving, hiking, boating, swimming, we played volleyball, hunting......speaking of which, i need to go hunting! Havn't had Elk in 7 days, and Macaws dont fill me up at all." "Sure ill take yah," he smiled "And we'll even get you a fox...mhhhmm your favorite." A huge smile spread across my face "YAY!" i squeeled excitingly. It was almost too easy to be myself around Jake, he knew so much about me. I'm glad i'm not nervouse anymore. It all went away when he first smiled today. "Did your hear? I'm going to school Monday." I said with mighty pride "Well thats cool, don't get too excited school isnt that fun." He frowned, how could school be bad? "Do you know if you will be going on the reservation?" "No i'm pretty sure i'm going to Forks High." "Thats okay, i was just hoping you'd be able to go to the Reservation for school." he looked down at his hands for a moment. "I'm sorry" And i truly was sorry. He looked surprised "Its s'okay, no need to apologize." I looked up from my hands and saw that we were at Billy's. He was on his porch getting ready to grab the ramp and wheel his way down the steps when Jake rushed out of his rabbit running toward his father to be lend a helping hand i'm assuming. "Be careful dad, your not as young as you were oh i dont know about 50 years ago!" he said sarcastically. He was rolling him down the ramp now. "Hey Billy." i said as cheerfull as possible. I didn't want to rub off my

mood on him like i did to Jake. I don't feel like explaining why i'm upset or tired. Heck i dont even want to tell Jacob about my dream. "Greetings little one." he looked me over briefly "Well your not quite so little anymore." I felt my cheaks getting just a tad warmer than my normaly hot skin. I knew I'd have to face this type of attention sooner or later. So why not now? I just faked a smile and hoped he would leave my Jacob and I to the garage. Alone. I need to talk to him. I was making my way around to his garage with the sodas in one hand and Jake in the other. "Hope you don't mind but i have to work on this truck for good ol'e Embry k." "I dont mind." i was taking a soda out of the bag. Then i wondered something about our ages. Now that me and him are alike, and compatable i want Jake to own little place where i dont have to keep secrets or lie, or anything that would hurt him, most of all i want him to really like me. I hope he's not too 'old' for me. Else 'daddy' won't approve. I scoffed under my breath. "What?" Jacob said "I was just thinking...that" Okay so i don't want to tell him cause what if HE doesn't approve now that would just make me want to hide under a bush and wait to see if mommy and daddy will hurry to get me. Maybe i could ask it differently? "that.....??" here it goes "If you were to keep aging how old would you be?" YOU HAD TO CHANGE THE QUESTION! i need to stop chickening out and just get straight to the point. "I'd be 25." he raised an eyebrow. "Why?" "But you don't look 25?" HECK no you don't look 25! "Well technically i'm 25, but i look 16. Like you are technically 6, but you look 16 too." I must have been smilling like an idiot. I mean my purpose was finally laid out and he was just sitting there wondering why i was grinning obnoxiously. "soooo....." he was probably waiting for me to reply to what he was saying. he eyed me questionly. I was starting to stay hopeful. I we were 16 for a long time. Then i could look goot by him forever. Finally i spoke up "Do you think we will stay 16 forever?" i had to translate my words because he looked a little confused. I changed the question instead of giving what i wanted away. Which was to tell him that i wanted to like him more than a friend, i must not be doing a good job flirting. Obviously he still didn't know where i was trying to get at. "Do you think you will ever age? And do you think that this." i gestured to myself " is my full grown body?" i continued. he thought for a minuite "Well yes for the first and almost for the second. I don't think you will be changing anytime soon. The rate you are growing now is much slower then when you were a child." Oh was all i could say. He still didn't understand what i was trying to say. Enough of these riddles. "Nessie....your hiding something." gosh! i wish he couldn't read my expressions so easily. "I'll tell you some other time." I said wishing he would drop it now. I don't even want to tell him He jumped up and held out his hand for me to take."But for now, we are hanging at the beach and then you can tell me whats been keeping my Nessie from blushing." I really don't want to go to the beach Jake. Remember my dream. but of course he doesn't know my dream. So now when i tell him i will be even more terrified with the presence of the beach. jeeesh i have issues. He went to get something out of the garage and when he came back he had 2 helmets, and a black motorcycle. "This is the same motorcycle I fixed with bella." i rolled my eyes. Oh not one of his stupid bella tales again. i wish we could focus on me and him. Thats it. My Jakey and mine only! "wanna ride with me." He asked it as if he was proposing. I'm glad he wasn't down on one knee. I shuddered thinking about it. thats sooooo comical, married at 6. or Hey dad will you give me your blessing and let me marry a 25 year old. he would just kill him right then and there. I hesitated "umm....suree.." actually i wonder what Edward will think if he

found out about a 6 year old on a Harley. Not so pretty their either. Too late now. I tried to brighten up but i didn't have to try very hard for too long because i found that i was enjoying myself with the wind blowing through my hair gracefully. We were flying with the speed of a bullet. I would normally be cold by all the wind but naturally Jacob kept me very warm. I held him closer to me. Squeezing him tighter and tighter. Realizing that i havn't seen him all week and that we were finally alone. Maybe i could tell him. Then i saw the beach. Stiffening up immediatly. Nobody was there, but that just made it worst. Too much like my dream. Allthough seagulls were everywhere. Like a bird could help. i rolled my eyes again because Jacob was always trying to be a gentlemen but he and i both knew that he was not that proper. He related more too a pig than a human. Would it be wrong of me to say that he related more to a dog? Yes, yes it would. He gently lifted ot down. "You were saying?" I was talking as we were walking down to the shore. What should i start with.... "Well i don't like that you went to kill Ron or whatever." he looked instantly surprised, probably by my unexpected turn on the conversation that we were probably both hoping for. "Hey who told you that!" KNEW IT! If someone defends a question like that means they did it. I groaned " Jake you can't keep secrets from me! I don't like not knowing." We were sitting on the rocks now "I'm sorry i knew you would be upset by his death. I just didn't want you in the way." "In the way." i eyed him carefully trying to read what he meant " I just want to know wha' you are facing these days." "Why does it matter" He suddenly looked angry Uh oh, not like my dream! I don't want him upset because of me it reminds me too much of that horrid nightmare and he was so angry, he was trembling..... "I just want you safe!" i almost was pleading. "Don't worry about us we can handle ourselves." Now he was chuckling. Talk about mood swings. "What is humoring you" i was getting impatient now. For what? i don't know, but the way he responded to me made me feel all funny. "That was three years ago Nessie. Why does it matter now?" "Do you forget that whoever you kill could have a mate or what not, don't you think they will want revenge or something?" Now my anxiety burst when i realized what i was saying was threatning to my family. His face softened when he realized why i was so worried. "I highly doubt anyone will want revenge so late." Thats what you think. I was getting up when he grabbed my wrist. "Calm's okay. And it's over now. Know one will come, and i don't think that Vamp had a family." "I'm worried about you" I whinned now we were walking down the beach together "Don't be, We's fine. Were monsters remember? Your supposed to be scared of me!" He tickeled me "OH JAKE! stop that it tickles! haha. C'mon Jake cut it out! hee hee" He picked me up and ran around with me on his back. I held my arms out and flapped them, acting like a bird. "WOHOO man do i like flying!" then he tripped on a shell and fell letting me fall to the ground with a 'thud'. We laughed laughed and laughed all the while with sand in our hair and what not. We were trying to crack jokes one after the other. While laying in the sun for a extended period but then i finally felt the courage to tell him my dream. I would instead of telling him (Which made me scared again) I showed him. Pressing my palm to his warm cheek. He wat there eyes widening in concern. When I was finished showing that awfull dream he stared at me for a while. Then he hugged me friendly.

"Yes, i can see how that might have made you scared. But you should know i would never do such a thing to you. And as far as the wave goes..." He looked it the waters. "I would pull you out of here in a flash." I felt better hearing that. "By the way" i said remembering Quil and Claire "How are they?" "Very good actually" he said "Can we make a sand castle like them?" I chuckled "Yeah but we will make ours with more detail." thus assuring our creatvity was precise by walking around trying to find perfect leaves for the flag and a stick. maybe a few pebbles for decoration, when my phone rang scaring us half to death. i looked at the phone. Rosalie. Now what could she possibly want with me, its MY time with Jake, no interruptions. I answered "Hellooo..." i said as sourly as possible. But Rose just acted like nothing was happening "Hey beauty Queen." She referred to me as, but we all knew she was more beautifull than me." How are you and Jake." she said a little to flirty. Now whats that supposed to me. Were definitly NOT! ever going rated R on her, so she should stop instead i replied giving Rose her own taste of her own medicine. "Good, until you called.....How are you and your lil' Emm bear.." My voice was so sour i couldnt believe i was being so mean to her. Naturally i would have just replied with innocence. Instead i was acting bratty. "Were good thanks for asking." again sarcasm "Hey were about to go to the movies. See ya there." She was talking fast. Now why would vampires go to the movies? "huh?" makes no sense really.......probably a joke. Emmet! "Go back to Charlies, and he'll take you and Jake to the theatre." "But i don't understand!?!" i hated when Rosalie acted this way "Just Go!" she yelled immpatiantly. Then she hung up. I took the phone away from my ear and stared at it for a minuite "That was strange?" "Who was it?" Jake asked curiously he came back with a perfect leaf for the sand castle. "Rose" I scoffed "What did she want?" "Evidently were going to a theatre and i dont why?" Jake replied sarcastically trying very hard to do a unsuccessful eyeroll. "I dont know, maybe to watch a moviiieeee." He paused waiting for me to get it then continued. "Like normal people do." " Neither of us are humans, and there is no way were normal. Not even me, so what your saying doesn't apply." "Whatever." He was getting his helmet on smiling contently, when i felt the urge to ask him a very daring question. "You should let me drive." I put on my best crooked smile like my father always did. But his playfull smile faded and he got very angry. "NO WAY I COULD NEVER RISK YOUR LIFE LIKE THAT!" he shouted. he was so angry. Oh please oh please dont shadow my dream please. wait maybe i should beg? "Please" i know i sounded like an idiot "No" he said very firmly. Then a flash of anger passed through me "You let my mother ride!" perfect a weak spot. He will have to let me sooner or later. "Yeah i did, and your mother CRASHED into a tree! now be reasonable" aghhh 'reasonable' i hate that word, thats my fathers favorite word. but i didn't know she crashed into a tree? "Oh...?" "Yeah 'OH??'" he mocked me. So instead i pretended to ignore him and act all mad. "Awww C'mon Nessie, don't be mad, i'm trying to protect you."

"YEAH RIGHT!" i tryed to sound angry "You like my mother more." he laughed "ppp-leaassseeee" he said. So i tryed to look away from him. He put his finger under my chin and tryed to turn my face around so he could see me but i jerked away. I could tell he was hurt, by me acting upset. i was tormenting him and that was wrong. So i looked up and gave up. But it was all worth it cus he sort' a said yes. "I'll make you a deal...." he sighed heavily "Maybe......and when i say maybe i mean it." he looked like he was scolding me "MAYBE some other time okay!" "Fine" I huffed crossing my arms. That was good enough for me. I stomped to my helmet, pouting all the while, hopped behind Jake and we flew to Charlies. When we got to Charlies, He was waiting on his Steps by the Cruisor. "You better be smart on that Motorcycle." Charlie was serious"Ready Kids?"he asked "Yep" we both said climbing into the backseat together. "What movie are we going to see?" I really wanted to know why we were going to a theatre anyways, we have every single movie possible right at home. Since when do Vampires even watch TV? "I'm not sure, some kind of romance comedy?" Charlie replied noticing that me and Jake were rather close to each other. Was it that noticable? I muttered "Romance." and thats was just it, my family especially Emmet would never watch a Romance, there was something up. I knew it! "Whats the occasion?" i asked sheepishly. Definitly something else happening. I may not know what but it was total bull crap what he was telling me now. I chuckled. Charlie looked surprised by my question. I guess he's sort'a weird like that. "Do you even know the date?" Even Jacob was looking at me funny. "Actualy i don't?" "It's Friday.” Jake replied “Okay is it what like Friday the 13th” i joked, though they were still looking very serious. So much for joking. Whats a joke if no one even laughs. “Its the 10th Nessie, August 10th?” he looked at me as if i was supposed to know something special was on a random day. “Not ringing a bell” i said, still not catching on. Although i did remember the date, but i’n not sure what for...... Charlie laughed, like a snorting elephant. “Never mind” Jake said. I havn’t been paying attention to the streets or where we were going. But i realized we were going home again. “Why are we heading home first?” Confused and annoyed that i was being left out on what was really going on. Charlie answered “I left my wallet over here last time i was here.” “Which was..?” “Last week, i was um...helping Esme clean for a bit. And let me tell you it wasn’t my type of fun.” “Oh” that doesn’t sound like something Charlie would, Nothing at all? “Wanna come in with me to get it?” Charlie asked me “Umm....sure” again confused and annoyed i got out of the cruisor with Jake right behind me and we made out way to the door. All the lights were off in the house, when we were on the porch i was about to dig my keys out of my purse when Charlie opened the door with out unlocking. That was weird, we never left the house unlocked. And he just waltzed right inside. Thats kinda weird..... When we got in the door way i smelled Freesia and a mixture of something else. Something sweet...... Charlie searchedfor the light switched and Jacob followed quietly behind. When he flipped the switch i heard a chorus of voices singing.

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