When i got onto school grounds it was 8:15 and already there was barely a place to park, i circled around

aimlessly when i finally found a spot. I put my hood up and grabbed my bags plugging in my headphones placing them to my ear and calming myself with a little bit of Beethoven and walking up to the door that had big letters on it saying Office. i walked inside and saw a sign that told me to please wait. Right when i sit down a lady about in her 40's asks me if she can help me. "um...yes, im new to this school and i do not know where to go?" "Yes i can see that you are new...follow me." and she brought me to her office told me to sit and she asked a few questions. "Name?" "Renesmee Carlie Cullen" The lady was looking in a file but when she heard the name cullen her head snapped up and her eyes were bright and excited. It was as if she wanted to be a little puppy and ask. 'Really, your a cullen!' I know my parents have history here, so i can't say my parents are them, i have to lie and say i am Carlisle and Esme's real daughter....the lie wont be such a big deal. "....it hasn't been long enough for you to be Edward Cullen's daughter" She said completely side tracked. What did Edward do to this lady. "I am Dr. Carlisle's real duaghter but im really close to Edward....and Bella too, there married." i said, not knowing why i added Bella and the married thing, it wasnt neccasary for her to know that but who knows maybe shed like to know that so she can stop daydreaming about being married to him. "Oh!" she gasped then smiled kindly "I can see the resemblance, now here is your schedule and a map." she showed me where my classes would be and sent a Office helper to guide me to my first class. Homeroom. "Hello, my name is Courtney. Whats yours?" she sounded nice but courtney was just a little too country for me, her southern accent was already starting to drive me crazy and i barely knew her. "My names Renesmee" i said cooly, i wasnt trying to stick out here. "You will like it here its a very nice school. Now heres your first class, goodluck." i could tell she meant it. I hesitated before walking in and i knew i was late because i heard that bell ring when we were walking, luckily i have a pass from the secretary. I felt butterflies in my stomache flutter and i felt nervous instead of jittery. Just keep your thoughts to yourself, no palm contact. I opened the door stepped in and right away everyone was staring at me. I gave my pass to the teacher she checked my schedule then handed me a planner and told me where to sit, which was next to this brunette girl with her head tilted down and she looked shy. I walked over to the desk and sat down smiling at her kindly when she looked up. My homeroom teachers name is Ms. Landers and she was a tall thin teacher with a little voice,

and she was supposed to be our personal counseler for everything like homework and social problems. She let us out early so we had 15 minuites till class started which was a good thing and to be even luckier after homeroom i had English in the same classroom so i had plenty of time to do nothing, I walked out and into the hall. then a stranger (to me anyways) tryed to talk to me. "Hello." "Hi" i said politely, this boy had long spiky Blonde hair and he was a little taller than me, he has blue eyes that were actually really pretty and braces. He wore a vest and tie shirt and tight guy pants and Hot pink fliplops. For this i knew he had to be gay. Which didnt bother me, just surprised me thats all. "what class are you going to?" he asked "Im staying in here" Then he took his hands and in a girly way he said "Ohmygosh me too!" "Do you have Advance placement English?" i asked "I sure do" he said "neat'O" i said "whats your name?" "Kellan Verxon, you?" "Renesmee Cullen" "Ohmygoshy! Your a cullen! there like the richest people in town." he said jumping with excitment "Not to mention every single one of them is beautiful.....including the boys" he giggled. Even though i should have been running away screaming and disturbed for life, i couldnt kellan was just too funny, and very fun to be around. All i could do was laugh. "So which one?" he asked "Dr. Carlisle Cullen" i said with pride even though i would have liked to have said my real parents but all well. "Omygoshy he is a awesome doctor, and beautiful. "Is it okay if i were to say its a little weird for you to say that about my family?" i said making sure i didnt hurt his feelings "Oh no problem i can stop but admit its true." i knodded and said "Yep" "Yes its true, and don't get me wrong your beautiful too but its too bad you dont have those amazing but biazzare hazel eyes, and there only bizzare because i had never seen a shade like that my whole life....There like Gold" "yah...im jealous of that too." "But your like the prettiest girl in the school now, boys are gonna put up a big fight to get you. There jealous that the gay guy gets to be hanging out with you, they probably want me to share, But im not sharing...hhaha." and it was then when i started cracking up laughing. We walked into English and i sat next to that really quiet girl. "hey" i smiled warmly

"Hello" she said quietly. Then this girl walked into the room. She was beautiful with curves and big blonde curls. She was wearing a short mini skirt and a baby pink baby doll shirt with brown strappy heals. She walked to a desk on the other side of me, two girls walking behind her. One was Black and the other Asian. They both were heart breakingly beautiful. They were huddled close together and talking and giggling. The blonde reminded me of Sharpay from Highschool Musical.... "So whats your name." i asked the girl "Alexis Rethen" she said quietly. "My name is Renesmee Cullen" i said extending my hand out to shake hers she reached out and shook my hand. "Thats a very pretty name." she said through her eyelashes. She was definitly shy. Which didnt bother me. I checked my cellphone for time and saw that we had about 8 more minites left till class began, so i thought i would go to the bathroom. When i walked out the room i heard the preppy girls following behind. When i got to the bathroom i was in the stall and then heard the door open. and they started gossiping and giggling over and over again. I flushed the toilet and they got silent. When i walked out they were sorta staring at me, or glaring. I couldnt tell. I turned the faucet to wash my hands. "You shirt is super cute." The blond said "Oh thanks" i said smiling. When i smiled she gazed at me for a minuite and then shivered. Which was odd "You have a amazing smile." the Asian said, she was a little bubbly maybe more ditzy than bubbly there was something kinda 'stupid' about her, like she was a little slow.... "amazing shiny and frizzie free curls." said the black girl, it wasnt like they were complimenting me, it was like they were debating outloud with each other if i could be in there little clique. all i knew was that i didnt like how they examined me. "Your good enough to be one of our friends." The blonde said, which explained why they were looking me over. "um okay." i said gulping "My name is Lorian Vu" said the Asian "Heleney Robertson" said the black girl "Rachel Grant" said the blonde who obviously was the leader of the clique that i honestly didnt want to be a part of. "My name is Renesmee Cullen" and just like everyone else they stopped dead and there mouths were dropped, well partially. "your a cullen?" asked Heleney, Lorian's mouth twitched to a smile, Rachels eyes were wide. "Whos daughter are you?" Rachel asked "Dr. Carlisle's" i said for the eigth billionth time today. "So that means that Emmett Cullen is your brother!" shouted Heleney

"Yeah" i said awkwardly, i knew they would get a kick out of that when i get home. "No you guys that means Edward Cullen is her brother." Rachel said, i gulped hard then said yes. "You should totaly give him my number!" Rachel said smiling "Um...sorry but hes married" i said even more awkwardly than normal. "well whoever it is probably isnt as pretty as me.Tell him hes missing out" Rachel said then i thought to myself i doubt it. "I'll pass it on." i said keeping my fingers crossed. I looked back in the mirror fixed my shirt because too much cleavage was showing then Rachel said. "Why did you do that." "Do what" i said confused "Put your shirt up that high, its meant to show that much." i was fidgeting and for some reason i wanted to get away from these girls, so far every thing we talked about was uncomfortable. "Well, i don't want that type of attention." i said slightly irritated "Why not?" Lorian asked. There were multiple reasons, but i picked the first one that came to mind "I have a boyfriend." then everyone sighed in relief " well thats good cus i thought i would have to kill you so you wouldnt get all the guys in the school everyone is talking about you." Rachel added "Oh, well it's a good thing i'm not single right.....um you guys if we dont hurry up were going to be late." MUST GET OUT OF HERE! these girls are insane. "Oh yeah!" Lorain shouted like a dork When i got in the hall i was starting to speed walk, but then i ran right into somebody and fell to the ground. "oops. i am sooo sorry." a boy with Red hair and familiar goldish green eyes was staring down at me with his hand out. For a minuite i just started at him and his extended arm. But i spoke "I got it." i picked myself up brushed off the dust on me and then said thankyou. he turned to leave. Then it hit me that he was Zacharya. The man who saved my dog. But i didnt want to remind him about me being that girl. The one who kept staring at him, who couldnt concentrate on what i was saying but only on him. I couldnt believe this guy went to my school. "Wow, whats with the intensity girl thought you had a boyfriend." Said Heleney "I do, but i know him....yeah well we really need to get to class now." so we speed walked down the hall and made it to our seats just before the bell rang. English was cool too, but i was most excited for Science, its one of my favorite subjects.

Science comes around and it was exciting but not all that, too much math going on. Tons of memorizing but i love learning about ecosystems and using critical thinking in Biology. I walked with Kellan to History even though he didnt have class with me because I have all AP classes, since im so special....So i found out that we will be doing AP British History which sounded cool. Mr. Vredrick made history fun and not boring. Then when the Bell rang i walked with my 'Friends' to Lunch. I was walking with Rachel Heleney and Lorian when my phone vibrated and becuase of the vibration it snuck it's way out of my pocket. Rachel picked it up. I asked who it was. "Some guy named....Jacob?" i grabbed the phone and answered it. "Hi!" he said so enthusiastically "Jakey your gonna get me in trouble.." i said, i noticed how when i said jakey everyone was like awww, that must be her boyfriend. "Well i came to visit you." "What!" i half screamed, but in a excited way. "So eat outside...i want to meat your new friends, and incase you don't have any friends i can sit with you." That would have been harsh if i didnt have anyone to sit with, but i did even though i wouldnt necessarily call them Friends (hence the quotes) "Thats breaking the rules" i said teasingly "Oh please who cares, Chief Swan won't do nothing." i laughed "hmm whatever" i said then giggled "Just go outside and look for me by the trees and stuff." "Okay" i said "See you then." "yupp see you then" i closed my phone and Lorian said "so....who was that." Heleney rolled her eyes and said "You know who it is, its Jakey sounds like her Boyfriend." "oh." said Lorian. Her spot in the Clique was the not so Bright girl, but the Gossiper. "He wants to eat lunch with me....now" i said "really?" Rachel said "C'mon." i said smiling so wide i couldnt wait to see him. I walked out with my 'friends' then skimmed the crowed then saw him leaning on a tree by a table. So i smiled hugley. When i saw him i completely forgot about my 'friends' and gave him a tender kiss a long one too. When i realized that they were there i blushed and sat down next to him. And Jacob acted like they werent there at all, he acted like he normally did. Taking my hand and being romantic. The girls were really quite but smiling hugely. "Jakey, this is Lorian, Heleney and Rachel." i motioned to each of them "Hi,i'm Jacob."

"Do you go here?" Heleney asked all dreamy eyed, i wanted to roll my eyes. "Nope" he replied with a crooked smile. then Rachel said "Um your phone is ringing again." it was on the end of the table and out of my reach with my other bags, so Rachel picked it up. "It says Dad...." Then i panicked "want me to answer?" "No i can get it." I said then while my hand was on Jacob i showed him about how i said Carlise was my dad, he knodded his head and Lorian looked at him like he was crazy when he did that. "I want to say hi,i havnt seen him since i had Strep throat." Rachel said, but before i could say no again she pressed talk. So i tryed to talk to him, in my head wondering if that was a power of mine. "Hello?" Rachel said (hello Nessie) "No this is her friend Rachel, How are you Dr. Cullen?" she asked Dont listen to her dad try to get the phone to me! (Im not Dr. Cullen? um can you hand the phone to Renesmee please.) "Who are you then?" Either hang up or Lie, i said to everyone that Carlisle was my father since that was so much more likely. (Ed......) then i heard silence "What?" she asked (im just kidding im Carlisle) "Oh, thats good how are you Dr. do you remember me, its Rachel?" (Yeah i remember) "okay well i will see you soon i got a physical next week so i will visit you. (Okay bye, and hand that phone to Renesmee) "Bye" then she handed me the phone "Dad?" i said "Hi, just wanted to know how your day is going" "good....im sitting here with Jacob" "why?' what for" "He only came to kiss me basically" i said playfully knowing that he wouldnt freak over me telling him this. The girls looked at me in shock that i am telling my father this. "tell him i said dont kiss my daughter too much, she needs those lips to talk with." i laughed then told him. "Jake, he said, 'don't kiss my daughter too much she needs those lips to talk with.' haha." he laughed and then said into the phone "okay i wont" then he gently kissed my kneck and made me laugh because it tickled. then he said into the phone. "No, lips, got it. but how about the kneck?" jacob said "Whatever" he said, i could almost picture him rolling his eyes. "okay dad well i have to eat so bye, see you when i get home." i

said "bye honey, say goodbye to your friends for me." "okay, loves you." "Bye, Oh and nice job communicating to me" he said, talking about the reading mind thing "Mhh-hm" i said, then i turned to Jacob "That tickled so much Jake and i didnt even know you were gonna do it, i need to be prepared." "Really?" he said with a brow arched. "yes" "okay, okay, well how about this then he tickled me in my ribs and then when he was all done he kissed my kneck again and i slapped him playfully. "Stoppp!! that tickles." i said through laughter. The girls were just rolling there eyes and or smiling. Rachel just sat there observing, a ammused smile stretching across her face. "Okay, well i gotta go so you can eat okay bye." he leaned down to touch his lips to mine and then when i wasnt paying attention he kissed my kneck again and i slapped him so hard he actually said "Ow." then he laughed "Bye Jakey." i said sarcastic "Bye." he said then jumped the gate. I looked down to my food and started picking at my chicken wrap Esme made me when Lorian said "woooow" "What?" i said "he is so hot!" said Heleney; so i understood Heleney's part in the group too.....shes the stylish one, the attitude but not the head of the group. "Yeah" Rachel commented "Sorry girls hes mine, we grew up together since Day One!" I tryed to joke but i really didnt want to dicuss me and Jacob with them, they hardly knew him nevertheless me. "no wonder there so good together." Rachel said to Heleney. "yeah...i love him, alot! its amazing how i feel when im around him" i said Hoping they didnt see the double meaning in what i said "Yeah, it must be amazing sex too." Rachel said. "Excuse me!" i said dropping my chicken wrap to the grass. "Your still a virgin?" Rachel asked in a mocking tone " UM yeah!" i said shocked "ametuer" Rachel said and rolled her eyes. "yeah...." said Heleney "mh hhm" Lorian chimed in too. i got up picked up my bags and said as i walked away. "i want to sit overthere soo..." "We will join you" Rachel started to get up

"no thanks, but no offense, you were kinda rude there and it sorta pissed me off so im going to sit with Kellan...." "Okay then bye." Heleney said with thick attitude. "Yeah go and sit with the Losers where you belong."I ignored Rachel on that last remark. I looked around to find Kellan and when i found him he was with The Alexis girl. I strode over there then sat down. Kellan was eating a organic cookie and Alexis was eating a apple. "Hi" i said. "Hi, so i saw you snogging some random guy....who was he" Kellan said "Whoever he was he was Hot" Alexis laughed "That is my Boyfriend, he snuck to this school to see me, and told me to meet him over there." "But you were sitting with the snobs." Alexis said "yeah, but never again will I." "You fit right in with them though..." Alexis continued. I was trying to understand if she was talking about personality or looks. "First of all, they made fun of the fact that im a virgin i mean seriously thats sick! and i was already uncomfortable with them, and Rachel just taking my phone and answering my phone calls and jeez its so rude. Second i like you guys better." "We do too" Said Kellan "So Alexis, can i see your schedule so i can see what classes we have in common?" "Sure." she took it out of her bookbag which i noticed had tons of book names inbeaded into the print on her bookbag. "My gosh i LOVE your bag, i read almost all those books...." "Really?" Alexis said stunned "Yeah, those books are amazing...good choices." "yeah i stitched all of them on." "really?" i said shocked "yeah really" she said smiling "Well look at my bag" she looked under the table and saw that mine had book titles on it too, but mine had music notes and bands and then Jacob written all over it." "You stitch?" "Oh yeahh...alot" i said extaticly "Wow me too.." Kellan looked back and forth between us then said "You too have alot in common." and then we both said "Yea! we do." i took the schedule and drew a little line next to the classes we had together. I put a mark on orchestra which we had next period. "You play a instrument?" she asked "Oh yeah girl,....i play the guitar, the flute, the drums, especialy the Piano and i play the Violin."

"Me too!, well not the drums and all that stuff but the violin and some piano." "do you like classical music...." "Of course." then we jus went on and on about our favorites and dislikes, and we had alot in common. When the bell rang for our next class i got up and gave her back her schedule. "Bye Kellan" we both said. Now in the time we spent during lunch she definitly opened up to me, i used to think That Alexis Mae Rethen was shy, but not anymore. "Can i call you Lexi?" "Sure, and i want to call you Nessie." "Fine with me..." "About your family, are you really related to the Cullens?" "yeah!" "hmm...well my dads a Doctor too and he didnt know about Dr. Cullen having kids?" "well yeah....he sure did." i said awkwardly. "I thought he only adopted...." "Well Esme got lucky." "where have you been for 16 years nobodies heard about you and the Cullens are famous in this town?" why was she so suspicious acting, i hope her dad doesnt have the wrong idea about us. "i was with my Grandma for a while." "Huh?" "I wanted to see her i guess i dont know, i moved back this summer and its only because my grandma died." "i'm so sorry..." "its okay now we knew she was getting old, and we didnt know when it would happen." "oh" Lexi replied. Now the thing i didnt like was that i had to lie alot, and i hated to lie to Lexi...it was just so wrong. In Orchestra we learned about future performances and she passed out our violins. So the rest of the day i had to carry a case around. My next class was Math and it was the only class that we actually had homework in. But all it was was to read the first Chapter in the books so i could no whats going on in math tomorrow. I noticed how Lexi has all AP classes but Math and Science. But i only have Homeroom English, Lunch and Gym/Studyhall with Kellan. I have English With ms Landers for first period with Lexi too i just never noticed her in homeroom, so im going to sit with her tomorrow. I liked studyhall because then i could text Kellan, yes i already had his and Lexi's number but i still wanted to text. They seperated us in studyhall so thats the only reason why im texting. So far i found out that Kellan has only dated 2 boys before and me Lexi and him are planning on chilling at my house this afternoon. And since they dont have

cars....well Lexi does but her parents don't trust her for some reason and even though they are sorta rich too they got her a trashy car and Lexi hates driving it. So i im going to drive them too and from school and i dont mind doing carpooling. After studyhall i walked out with Kellan and went to meet Lexi at her class, I had my Ipod in when i was walking and i was too sidetracked to notice that everytime i saw Rachel she would whisper these odd things to her friends. Luckily i was through with them and didnt care what they thought, Snobs are snobs. When i got to Lexi's Class she was the last one there. "sorry....we had to walk a few buildings." "its okay. I got everything i already went in my Locker. "yeah, i don't use my locker since we have to walk to different buildings." "Most people don't" Kellan mentioned "Hey lexi, you look stressed." i asked " i am....i hate Math" "Why?" i asked shocked "Because i just don't get it" "oh...well if you need help ask me, im like a genious when it comes to math." "Will do." Lexi said taking out her pink nano Ipod like i did with my blue one and we just listened to music, poor Kellan didnt have anything to listen too so i put one of my earbuds in his and Lexi put one of hers in his other ear and he listened to My Chemical Romance and a Bauche number. He got so annoyed he ripped the buds out of his ear and then when we got to my car. There were only 5 cars left in the parking lot, of course they didnt know which one was mine. "Which one...." Kellan said standing by a Honda Civic "the Mercedies" "I dont speak car?" kellan said "The shiny black one" said Lexi "Wholy Crap! What a nice ride!" he yelped "Yeah but theres only two seats?" i said in shame "Thats okay i can get a ride home with my mom or something." Kellan said. No way im letting go home with out meeting my family first. "get your butt in this car!" i said teasingly "Fine" he sat in the middle i backed out the parking lot and looked at my phone. 1missed call. I checked to see who it was and found a voicemail from Bella. So i called her back. "hey mom, im coming home now." "How was your day?" "Good" i said "Well thats sounds swell." "Can i bring my friends over." i asked "Fine with me, i hope your room is clean."

"Probably is, Alice always cleans it." "Okay well see you later." "Yup see yah in a bit." Then i texted her saying 'pretend to be my sister, everyone thinks Carlisel and Esme is my mom okay. warn them too.' she replyed back with 'goodthinking honey.' "Whats your family like?" Lexi asks me "big, crazy, but i have my own little house." we were going through the curves and turns of the forest now, which meant i would be home soon. "Is your hunka fella going to be there?" Kellan said "Yeah, he almost always is, but he might not," i said i think he was talking about Jacob, you never know with Kellan "Okay. Well my mom texted me and said i have to be home in about a hour so....." It was 4 o clock now "Ill drop you off or my mom dad or one of my brother or sister will do it." "Okay" Kellan replied "I'm staying till like after dinner right?" Lexi asked "yeah....thats fine with me." i said happy to have a friend over thats not part of the supernatural world. We pulled up in the driveway and they saw all the expensive cars Kellans jaw dropped, "your family is so rich." he said "Yeah pretty much."when i opened the door everyone jumped out and we walked inside Everyone was doing the usual. Esme was sitting at the table with Carlisle reading a newspaper, Edward playing a unfamiliar song on the Piano, this time Bella was next to him watching closely but everynow and then she would try to pitch in and play too. Jasper playing chess again and Jacob and Alice playing a video game? "Um....hi everyone these are my friends Alexis Mae Rethen and this here is Kellan Verxon. they waved. "Lexie, Kellan here is my Brother Jasper, Emmett and Edward and my sister Rosalie, Alice, and Bella and over here is my mom Esme and daddy Carlisle." i Hugged my 'parents' like i normaly do with Edward and Bella. "And you already Know Jacob, or atleast who he is." i said he got up and kissed my forhead and put me in a tight squeeze, very protective like. "How was your first day kids?" Carlisle asked "good." i said smiling to Lexi so she could go next "Im most excited for English." then i looked at Kellan and he was staring at my real dad. "Kellan!" i snapped then sighed in embarrasment "Oh sorry..." he blushed "It was cool" then i rolled my eyes. "we made some snacks for you." Edward said...but then he reprashed himself when realizing he sounded like a father so he resaid it. "So little ting ting, go and get some brownies." he playfully punched

my arm. I rolled my eyes at him and he started laughing so hard, i bet to my friends it looked like we were siblings if only they knew.....Then i started laughing. My friends looked at me for a minuite then went in the kitchen and helped themselves to a brownie, then we got some milk and i chugged it down. I was so hungry probably because i dropped my chicken wrap on the ground. Then i remembered how i wasnt at all thirsty....how odd was that. It just occured to me then that i wasnt thirsty at school but because of that occurance i became thirsty....How odd. I drank my milk hoping that would satisfy the 'thirst' but of course not. I scooted out of my chair brought my plate into the kitchen and told my 'mom' that we were going to my room. "Your family is so beautiful" Kellan was the first to speak as i led them to the cottage "yeah they are." "But you look alot like your brother....its crazy." Kellan said. "We get that alot"i said, i looked over to Lexi wondering why she was so quiet, when i saw that she was thinking i decided not to bother her. But i was too curious so i used my powers on Lexi for the first time. She looks so much like Edward.....and come to think of it none of them look related and why do i feel like all warm and fuzzy around Jasper. Weird family if you ask me. I wonder if there realy related. I trust Nessie though but why do i feel like there hiding something. Most of all that one girl with the darkish brown hair looks like Nessie too.....so much to think about but im sure she will either explain when we are away from her family or i should just leave it be. No need to think anything. But im just so curious.....i need to just drop it because its not important. "So you guys....heres my house." i motioned to the cottage now that it was in view. I unlocked the door and stepped in. "You have your own house?" Kellan asked "She told us when we were in her car Kellan" Lexi teased "Yea Kellan pay attention to what i say not just my families looks." i said giggling. We walked into my mini kitchen grabbed a coke and i showed them around. "My....um parents room." i didnt open the door because i didnt know if they had any pictures up. "Then my room" i pointed to the door. "Wheres the bathroom" Kellan asked "I have my own bathroom my parents have there own too." "Should have known." kellan said. I opened my door and luckily saw that it was clean. My bed made, my mini carpet vacummed and my closhes neatly on hangers. My windows looked like they were cleaned too but i dont remember how it looked before i left for school. My bathroom door was closed, and i hoped they cleaned that because i

definitly left a mess in there this morning. "Nice room" Kellan commented "yeah its pretty" Lexi said. then she looked over to my closet door. "Whats in there?" she asked "My walk in closet..."i said "Let me see!" kellan jumped up and put his hand on the door handle then stopped "i mean, may we see it" "Go ahead" i encouraged. He turned the handle and walked into a huge room with rows of clothes. "Whoa!" kellan said. "And when i saw that little closet with dresses on it i thought that was alot and seeing that drawer this doesnt compare." My closet was huge, it was almost as bigger than my room, maybe it was. "You should see my parents closet it is even bigger" i smiled "Yeah i bet." Lexi made her way to the back and saw a built in shelf and cupboard are on the back wall. She walked back and saw my collection of jeans and then next to that was this huge shelf for shoes full of them. "Gosh this is more than i ever had." she said "I have some i dont want if you want something....this includes you too Kellan." i called when i looked for him i saw him trying on a scarf. This made me chuckle. "So what size shoes do you where?" "7" she said "So do I!" so i looked for my size 7 shoes "Well i wear a 7 '1/2 or a8 "Yet you have shoes in size 4,5,6 and 7" she said with a brow raised "I have all my shoes from a few years ago." more like months. "Oh...." She said. i picked out 6 pairs of shoes a pair of nikes a few flats a pair of heal boats that no longer fit me and a few wedged heels and one pair of regular heals. "Ill take the nikes..." she said then i insisted on her taking all of them. "Just take them all i have no use for them" "Can i keep the scarf!" Kellan screamed "Sure can!" i yelled back "Lexi you can pick out some more stuff if you want like jeans and shirts....if you want." "I dont need anything im fine." "Okay fine then im picking some out for you that i dont want and then you and Kellan decide if you want it...." i went to the jeans picked out a old pair of Skinny jeans and then asked. "Size?" she looked at me shyly. "2" "Your so tiny! sheesh i feel huge..." i said i wear a size 4 in juniors, so i had to go all the way on my hands and knees to get to the

two's. "Since your so tiny and i will never fit these again you can have all my size 2's kay." i said and just handed her the whole pile then went to the shirts part of my closet. I picked out a ton of shirts and gave her some but i fit alot of them so it was hard to decide. I had 3 of the same shirts in different sizes so i kept one gave the size small to Lexi and gave the large one to Kellan, he was really happy. It was a Tee that said "Kool Kid Crossing" This shirt actually made Lexi smile.... "Where this shirt tomorrow okay" i said to both of them "And your Skinny jeans with your black heal boots okay." "No way!" Lexi yelled "Ill do it" Kellan said "Well we already know you will silly, now why not Lexi?" "I dont know, i just cant do it....." "Try on the blue skinny's i gave you with those heals and that T shirt okay." I led her to the bathroom and me and Kellan waited on the Bed impatiently. Kellan sang a horable Opera while waiting and i just sat there rolling my eyes, laughing then after a few minuites i begged him to stop then got up to knock on the bahroom door but she opened it. "I was just going to see if you were oka.."then i saw her outfit. "wow!" i said smiling she shyly smiled back "You look great" Kellan said skipping to my side. "Your hair lookes to short though....you should get bangs instead of parting it in the middle." "Will your mom care if you get it cut?" I asked "My mom is dead" she said staring down at the ground. I immediatly felt bad for asking "Im sorry.....i shouldnt have asked then?" "You can cut my hair i dont mind...and its fine shes been dead for 7 years now so don't worry okay...."she said a little bit of anger in her voice but i could hardly notice. It might have been my imagination "Okay um....do you care if i get the best hairstylest to cut your bangs and give you some layers?" i asked hoping she wouldnt get mad. "I don't mind..." I took my cell phone out and Called my personal hairstylest "Alice can you come over to the cottage bring your hairstlying stuff." "Yup sure can, whos hair am i doing." "Lexi's" then Kellan yells into the phone "Me too!" i gove him such a crazy look he adds on "Incase you didnt know im Gay, so please do my Hair! i dont like what my father makes me do to my hair." "Ignore him please" i said

"Wow, (small laugh) okay im there." i shut the phone and open my bedroom door and there she was smiling, then she saw Lexi "Cute outfit!" and she smiles kindly then tells her to sit down. "What am i doing?" "Parting her hair to the side and giving her bangs." "Okay sounds good, layers too right?" "Yeah add some in there." i said. she sits down in the chair and Alice gets to cutting when she finishes in 15 min we look at Alexis Mae Rethen and smile hugely. She looks amazing but not only that its like shes radiating too. I do her make up and then i finally say. "You look gorgeous!" "Thanks" she says smiling "Your amazing at hairstyling" she compliments Alice "You think! i mean its not like i did my own hair this morning." i said also commenting on Alice's creativity "Thanks you guys." Lexi says "Your welcome." alice says and i just smile "My turn!" Kellan says 'What do you want me to do?" Alice asked, even though she aready knew the answer she just had to pretend not to know. "Give me dramatic bangs and spicky hair in the back" he said standing up and explaining with his hands what he wanted. I actualy could vision it. "Isnt your hair too short?" Lexi said "No there just spiked, if she straights them and styles i bet she can do it, so far she can do anything." i knew Alice was loving this attention, so she made his bangs go in his face and it was spiky in the back instead of the front and Alice put pink hair dye on the tips of the spikes in the back and then it was finally done. He looked in the mirror and smiled hugely. "I love it!" he squeeled. "Glad you do, cus it is something else." i said "And i bet i look hot with this scarf dont i?" He was Posing in the mirror, in my oppinion he looked more rocker with those tight pants and that Gray and white Vest shirt and Tie, and believe it or not Kellan was actually pretty muscular, but him wearing Hot pink flipflops and a pink and blue scarf made him look gay, which is what he wanted. "I love my Blonde hair, its all natural" "I like the pink" i said "Me too, your creative Kellan" Alice said "No your creative" He said, i looked over to Lexi and she was folding her clothes and putting them away into a bag." "Um...i hate to be a party pooper but i have to go home." Kellan said. "Ill take you home." So i went out to my car with Lexi and Kellan and again i saw Jacob by my car with Jem. "Awww whos dog is that?" Lexi asked

"Mine, her name is Alosalie or you can just call her Jem." i leaned down to pick her up. "I havnt seen you all day girl! and then Jacob stole you from me, Where were you guys?" "I walked her for a long time, she was bored and wanted attention." Jacob said "Oh well thanks." i leaned in to hug him. "Im going to bring him inside for Dinner see you when you get back, or not....where are you going." "Dropping off Kellan." "Kellan?" "Yeah he's one of my friends, Alexis and Kellan." i said, i was sure he was wondering where my other friends were. But they were definitly not the type of people i wanted to hang out with. "What about those one...Oh never mind" He stopped talking when i pressed my palm to his cheek in a romantic way, but of course him and i knew i was just covering up the fact that i was showing him why im not there friends. He Didnt reply after words he just kissed my cheek "Well get going, you dont want him to be late going home." he said "Kay." i was getting in the car. We drove to his house which was farely close to Charlie's. "Bye Kellan see you tomorrow, do you have a ride?" "Yea, Lexi gave me her car said she was getting herself a new one." he was closing the door. then he waved "Okay Bye" then i drove back home. "So what are you getting?" i asked Lexi "i don't know, thats where you can help me.....?" "Well what are you going to drive untill then?" "Thats what i was going to ask you, can you do carpool for me?" "Sure can." i said "when are you going home?" i asked a little confused why she didnt bring her stuff home. i looked at my phone and saw that it was only 5 o'clock "I wasnt going home till after dinner i thought, i said i was able to be here till like 8?" she said "Why so late?" i asked "My parents work really late and i hate being home alone, so is it okay if i stay here?" "Sure" "Okay thanks" "No problem." i pulled into the drive way and then went to the House. This time only finding Jacob and Edward and Bella sitting on the couch trying to actualy watch TV, weird but true. I was about to say hi mom and dad but instead i said "Um....wheres mom and dad?" i hated to lie, i feel so uptight

everytime im around my family with her, i just wish she could no the truth. I started to sit down and tryed to relax knowing Edward was reading my mind the whole time, he kinda looked at me funny too with one eyebrow raised. "How are you Alexis, i like your new hair." my mom smiled politely. "Doing well and thanks." "Is it true your father works with Dr. Carlisle?" "Yeah...it is, but hes not my dad he adopted me, his wife is my moms sister so she got the right to adopt me when my mom was killed by.....something. She was murdered 7 years ago." I was surprised by how much she just threw out there, not caring that she said it to someone who she just met, maybe she just got irratated by Edward calling them her parents when there not. I know i would feel the same, actually i do since they know Esme as my mom when really shes my grandma. "Oh..im sorry" "Yeah me too" Lexi looked down at the ground. "Well dad...do you know whats for dinner?" right when it came out my mouth i paused then realized i just called him my dad in front of her. Lexi's head snapped up and Edward stared at me, it was really silent which was even worst. "I think Nessie and i need to talk to each other." i ruined everything! i shouted in my head. We walked to the kitchen then he spoke first. "You have to tell her, ive been reading her mind and she was suspicious from us from the first minite she met us" "Why though?" "Her mother was killed, i think she was killed by Vampires and somehow Lexi has had contact with a source and she believes we are a family of them. You have to come clean. Atleast about somethings....i really wish we didnt have to do this but maybe she is trust worthy?" "I think so too. and i read her mind to but seriously she must read too much if she thinks right away those things." "She does read alot, one of her favorite Genres is Supernatural and she still believes thats what killed her mother. And i wouldnt be surprised if thats the truth." "Okay so tell her what we are." "NO! she will run away screaming....." "Tell her were something" "I dont know.....but you cant leave her in there after you calling me dad." "i know shes suspicious but why! other than her mother." "Her father believes they are there and have a theory for them, he has tons of book and in her past she read them, now shes putting two and two together."

"Well?" "Say were something, but not what your are okay......tell her about Jacob and what he does and how they will keep her safe and what they were meant for, then after she gets that in her head and she becomes closer to you tell her what you are....but only you. Then later on tell her what I am, and then when you tell her that say that there are bad ones too you have to explain but you must grow closer else you will loose your friend. Alice had a vision that you told her and she ran, so keep it safe okay. And she also had a vision you told her you would hunt down who killed her mother....." "Will we?" i asked "I dont know yet, well see what happens." "Okay....im nervouse." "I know but you can do it." "Okay dad." i hugged him then went back into the living room and sat down with Lexi. "I thought he was your brother?" she asked anger in her eyes "yeah can i talk to you alone??" "Fine" she said stubbornly We walked upstairs and asked if we could sit in Alices room for privacy even though i know everyone can hear, its just so she thinks we have privacy. I closed the door. "Whats going on Nessie?" she asked suspiciously, then i put my gift of reading minds on her and listened as i spoke to watch what i say. I knew something was up with her and her family, i should just leave. "No! don't leave!" i asked and then realied she never said anything outloud. She glared at me then threw her hands in the air "What is up with you seriously! you have alot of explaining to do." I sat down on Alices couch, but Lexi was still standing which made me uncomfortable, i patted the seat next to me then she shook her head. "Okay fine then i said." fidgeting with my fingers not sure where to start. "So......what do you need so badly to talk to me about." she asked, i turned off the mind reading thing deciding it wasnt fair to use it, it might scare her away even more. Chapter 11: Let me explain "So i lied to you a few times?" "But why would you lie about your parents, okay its one thing that im adopted but lying seriously i didnt lie did i? "No, and im not adopted." She thought i lied, so i wouldnt look like i was adopted she though i was adopted like her.... "Then i dont see a reason to lie about your parents." "Who did i call my dad?" i was gonna tell her about Us being

Vamps by asking her questions "Your 'Brother'" "And how old do you think he is?" "17-18" "Exactly, but hes my father.....him and Bella, shes 18 and hes 17." "But how....?" she looked so confused. "Now see that is a HUGE! secret, that if i tell you can never tell anyone....ever." "Right whatever" she rolled her eyes. i took a huge breath "Im serious" "Yeah me too, i may be mad at you and i may just met you but i keep my word." "I know i feel like ive known you for a few years, rather than just meeting today." "I 'did' feel that way" "oh....well im sorry about that but you will forgive me after this." "Just say it already." she was tapping her foot. "Im not what you think i am," "I see that" "No, im not what you thought i was when you met me either." "I know that too." "How?" "when i met you i thought for sure you would be at the snob table, but then you moved so i was wrong about that but now im wrong again thinking your not a snob, you not a snob your a lyer." "Not true." "Then what are you, other than being human" i could tell in her voice that she was impatient "aaahhh but see thats the thing, im not human." she laughed bit when she saw i wasnt laughing either she was serious "Oh please give me a break" "Im serious Lexi" "Then what are you!" she half yelled, yup i sure did reach the impatient part of her. "Im ........i am a immortal." she didnt say anything and her eyes started wandering when she didnt say anything i spoke "Im not dangerous" i spoke again "Your a freak thats what you are!" she half yelled. Ouch! that hurt a bit "NO!, im not a freak......" i said calmly "So you can read my mind can't you?" "well yes, but-" "And you know everything about me, without me even telling you?" "No....i didnt eaves drop"

"I should have known" "Im a good immortal, but Lexi trust me there are some reaaallly bad immortals out there." she was about to run out the door. "I know who killed you mother!" i shouted, i didnt know i f i regreted it or not, but she stopped trying to run which was the point "Oh yeah who?" she asked Still facing the door "a immortal.....but they are bad" "i dont see a difference" "listen to me for a minuit....what specific classifications do you know of a immortal?" "Witchs, zombies, i dunno" "Specifically" "Vampires?" she said then shivvered "Yes...." she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples "Are you a vampire?" she said her eyes still closed "Sorta" i waited for her to run but when she didnt i just waited for her to speak "So you know who killed my mother?" "Not exactly but i know its a vampire, and i know how to find out.....i have powers infact every single one of my family members does too. Even Jacob." "Jacobs a Vampire?" her eyes flew open "No" "i didnt think so he acted sorta normal" "Well hes not normal either" "Then what is he??" she said "Shapeshifter......not a werewolf but he can shift to one anytime he wants..." she halfway screamed in terror "Are you scared?" "Terrified" she said shaking "Listen Lexi, he has a pack of shapeshifters and guess what he does?" "kill people." she whispered "No, kill Vampires...." "But your a vampire?" "No i am not...im immortal" "but your family is a vampire coven" "Yes, but were goood, we chose good we live like humans so we can blend in, but we fight with the shapeshifters and kill any bad vampires on our land." "Confused." "means you dont have to be scared of us okay....were really good. We protect the humans from the bad guys" "Fine" she said stubbornly "Do you trust me?" "No"

"Okay then...does it comfort you if i say that i am half human?" "What?" she was so confused, knowing that she trusted me enough to listen to me i explained everything from Edwards love story with my mom and then them having me (i edited that part) then i told her about what my powers are and everyone elses. No i didnt say everything but to let her know everything i let her read my mothers diary. She read it during dinner time which was meatloaf anf she also read it while i took a shower and dressed into my pajamas. When she was finally done i told her i had to take her home. "Do you trust me now?" i asked trying to force a smile "Completely, i trust you more than before and i feel safer around you guys now that i understand." i grinned then reminded her "You cant tell anyone....not even Kellan!" "Okay.." "And if he comes over continue pretending that Dr. Carlisle is my father and Esme is my mother." "got it" she said When i started the car i put on some calming music in my stereo and she relaxed. I hoped she wouldnt get nightmares. "Nessie?" she asked as i was driving "yea" i said keeping my eyes on the road since it was dark but peaking over when she asked "Will you actually find the murderer of my mother." i pressed my lips together and then said "We havnt decided if we wanted to involve ourselves in that stuff because of the Volture." she shuddered "Those are the ones who almost killed you, and still want to." "yes, if we make one mistake they will come and destroy us.' i said through tight teeth "Arnt i a problem" "Yes. thats why it is important that you dont say anything" "I can do that, cus i dont want to be killed just because i blurt it to someone." "Yeah that would be bad." "Okay well thanks for telling me, i am no longer suspicious and it kept me uptight when you were acting like you were keeping secrets from me." "Yea, i felt the same way i just wished i could tell you." "glad you did huh?"she asked "Very" "Okay well, goodnight" she grabbed her bag of clothes, bookbag and this dream catcher Esme made her so she would sleep good tonight. "Night" she walked to her door and then i rode back to my house, and for some odd reason i felt like i was being watched, the erie feeling vanished once i walked into the door to my Living room.

"Is everything taken care of?" Rose asked "Yeah." i said relieved "Goodjob telling her." Edward said "I agree" Carlisle commented "i think what made her feel the most comfortable was the diary." i said, relieved that Bella gave me it for my Birthday "You let her read it?" Bella asked "yeah, i just couldnt explain everything, she needed to know we were good guys and she needed to be aware of the bad guys too so she realizes that Jacobs pack is good too." "Well im proud of you, long day today huh?" "yeah.....very" i said walking to the kitchen to get a drink of milk and a left over Brownie. When i walked back into the Living room Edward said "But i dont like Kellan very much....." he made a face, and i laughed "leave him alone its not his fault he likes men, and since you 'dazzle' everyone why is it so creepy when it is the opposite sex?" i said "I dunno but what goes through his mind creeps me out." he made another face, but this time it almost made me spill milk on my shirt. "Then i will sheild your mind for you honey." Bella said "Or i will" i said smiling. "i keep forgetting you even have a mind since your always covering it up." haha i giggled Edward said "If in my mind im saying to myself i dont want anyone to knoe 'this' then i will automatically sheild it. Its awesome." i explained "its like i command my mind to it. "Yeah sure is.....i wonder why you get to have all the cool powers?" Rose says "I havnt tryed seeing the future yet so i dont think i have all powers." i said "Try it" Esme said. So i did. I closed my eyes and commanded in my mind to see what will happen tomorrow. For a minuite there was a little picture but it went away. I heard Edward say Whoa! what was that. i smiled knowing my mind was open for him to see, which meant if i do see the future so will he. I tryed again. I commanded my mind to sift through tomorrows day. Then i saw a picture in my head of Lexi going off on Rachel and then Kellan was writing things on Rachels folder when she wasnt looking. Behind Kellan i could see a calander, and It read tomorrows date. Then Edward spoke "My god! she can see the future too!" he yelled, Then Emmett and Jasper walked into the room and overheard. "She can?" jasper said

"Awesome" Emmett commented "Try Jaspers power" Carlisle said so i commanded my mind for a second to make Emmett furious for No apparent reason. then as i was concentrating i hear Emmett yell "I hate how that stupid TV freezes every now and then!" he had the remote in his hand and he was squeezing it so hard it smashed to dust "Emmett!, clean that up" Esme said with her mother like tone. "Calm down Emmett jeeez!" Rose said then looked at me "wait a minuit?" she said, Jasper looked at me wide eyed and Edward started to repeat under his breath O my goodness. Carlisle said Wow and Esme smiled. Bella giggled "Amazing" Jasper said Then Alice came from upstairs and said "How did she do it?" she asked as she came down the steps. "I dont know" Edward said quietly "Try to make up a power?" So i did, i wanted to be able to manipulate peoples powers so they wouldnt be able to use it at all. Then i commanded everyone to try to use there powers. Edward couldnt read anyones mind. Alice couldnt see into the future and Jasper couldnt manipulate any emotions..... "Omygoshy!" i said stealing Kellans word. Then everyone started to laugh and smile and i spent the next 30 min trying out different powers. "You are extremely powerfull Nessie.....its almost Dangerous!" Carlisle said "How?" i asked "The Volture will either see you as a total threat or they will want you really bad.....from now on we are in danger." Carlisle said "I thought we already knew we were in danger?" i said "No....now that are minds are full of the fact you can create any power you want, They can read everything and if we come across another mind reading vampire then we could be SOL." Edward said "Well we have me and mom" i smiled "Yea....we do but that doesnt mean someone out there has a power that can destroy all powers."Jasper says "I think were making a big deal out of this." Rosalie said "Your right Rose you are absolutely right" Emmett said "Cus i think Nessie Totaly kicks As* and if someone trys to mess with, things will get down and dirty." jasper saidin a howling tone "So wait this means that you can do anything you want?" Esme "basically" Jasper said for me "So unfare, do you have the ability to give powers away?" "I dont know?" i said then i commanded my mind to give Emmett the ability to read minds" then he said "Why is everyone talking all at once." he covered his ears "Were not talking....?" Esme said

"Awesome! i can read minds" he said "For now...." and then i took the power away. "awww" he said then i said "This is crazy.....i dont believe its really happening. Maybe i should go to bed you guys.....so goodnight" I swore i was dreaming! it couldnt be true that i could do all this. I was trying to escape from all the excitement that couldnt have been true. I said goodnight to everyone, looked at my phone and saw that it was 10 then i crawled into bed and Jem was at my feet, sleeping deeply after such a long day of puppy training with Jacob and the pack. Hes teaching her how to hunt and be a guard dog. Its really helping him. I picked him up and brought him by my face and he licked it and i scratched his ears and he yawned and next thing i know im sleeping. Chapter 12: Im going to pretend i didnt See that coming Second day of school wasnt as good as the first of course, in fact it wasnt very exciting at all. So I pick up Lexi and Drive her to school the whole time she was awkwardly silent. Uh oh....that was NOT a good sign. The first thing i said after a few minuites of silence was "So.....ive got to thinking, that maybe i could try and show you one of my powers or something." She looked at me funny then she said fine. It was at that moment that i noticed she had dark circles under her eyes and she probably didnt sleep well last night. So much for the dream catcher. "Well im going to show you what i wanted to wear today, its going to be awesome." I picked that because i know she wouldnt mind that vision in her head. I almost forgot this morning that we planned to wear our shirts. I put my hand on her shoulder so it wouldnt be awkward. Then her eyes went from tired to wide. When i let go she was shocked. "Do that again" So i did, i showed her my dog last night when i was cuddling with her, she said aww. "Can you do other stuff?" she asked it was apparent that she felt better now, atleast in a better mood to talk. "Believe it or not, i can do anything i want." her eyebrow raised. "Yesterday you said you could only read minds and this." "well after you left we experimented with my abilities and found that i could do anything i wanted." "Wow" "I know......my family is so shocked." "They cant do that?" she asked "No, apparently im the most powerful Vampire out there right now.....your lucky im on the good side." "So do something...?" she asked, so since i was so curious about seeing if i could manipilate powers i wondered if i could give Humans powers. I tryed to give her the ability to read minds for a minuite. I

commanded my mind to do so and then she asked me "Why is everyone suddenly talking, its kinda weird." i simply smiled and then she looked around stopping when she met my eyes. "Whoaaa!" and her face tured wicked. "Amazing" she said at only a whisper. Discovering these powers made me excited for the real world. Excited to be able to actualy do what i want to do. It was so exhilerating, a overwhelming urge to Show the world what i can do, but of course i need to keep it on the down low. We arrived at school grounds, this time i parked next to The newer cars now (since there was parking space today because of us being early) and i didnt want to stick out so much. Then i cut the engine and sat there for a minuite not sure what for though. Then after Lexi got tired of sitting we got up and moved to homeroom. Since I know Alexis now im not worried about us having to be seperated in the classroom as far as seating goes, and then me suffering next to the snobs. "Look what the wind blew in....Trash" Rachel said "Look what the cat coughed up.....puke" i said smiling teasingly. They exchanged dirty looks and whispered eww thats gross, which made me and Lexi laugh even harder. "Dont laugh, your pukish too...." Rachel said taunting Lexi. Her head bobbled back and forth and she looked like she was going to snap her fingers, but of course no thats just attitude filled body language "I so am NOT! puke.....do i look anything like you?"they didnt say anything "Well since you dont agree on me looking like you, which is correct, then we stick with you being the nasty stinky Stupid ones, and me as the nice not selfish and maybe actually pretty one! Just because someone Isnt a Slut doesnt mean you have to treat them wrong. Go and get a Life!" Then Lexi stomped off with me, arm in arm. Lorian calls behind "Well, atleast we dont match....and....where leather black heels......and Hey lexi did you get your hair cut?" Lorian said completely sidetracked "Yea and why do you care" "Its pretty" Lorian smiled then Heleney smacked her and said "You a idiot, you dont compliment them when in the middle of a horrific roast. I mean seriously make fun of there cute heals and that awesome shirt i mean C'mon." Then Rachel pushed both of them into a locker and walked with her 6in Stilleto's and extremely tight jeans right past us spitting her gum out on this boys bag. "Am i the ONLY one who makes sense in this school?" she questioned as she tossed her hair, then Lorian and Heleney squirmished back to her then tryed there best to shake there little butts as hard as they could. Then i remembered i saw this Vision yesterday, i looked behind us and saw on the Bulliten board the calender i saw in the vision. From

this fact i became excited with my new abilities. The day went on nicely, Kellan showed off his hair and the shirt i gave him, and again he wore his hot pink sparkly flipflops, and the scarf i gave him, and i also noticed his long nails were filed and painted a pretty magenta. he also wore black plastic framed glasses (emo glasses) each corner had a little gem or fake diamond on it. I have to admit it was pretty stylish but very Gay. A few weeks later after the same ruitine something new finally happened there was a new kid named Damian. He was also gay, but more manly Kellan was, he didnt wear girly colors but the wat you knew was how he walked it was just......different than other men. He wore buttoned up shirts that wearent tucked in and his pants were only a little baggy, and he wore Red converse the hightops. His hair was Brown and it was spiked as a arched point on his head, he also wore glasses but they were metal framed. He also had a badge on his shirt that said 'Knitting Club' which was also a very weird thing for a man to have on his shirt...every single day, and he and Kellan flirted alot. After a another week they started dating, It was kinda cute if you thought about it from there perspective but seeing them walk down the hallway hand in hand, rubbing noses was too much "I hope we get to the first kiss stage!" kellan said jumping up and down. I slightly smiled but nisioning it was not fun. I just said i hope you towo get there too. "I saw Zacharya Alot! he just seemed to pop up out of know where everytime i may have been alone. he carried my books a few times and he sat with me at Lunch a few times. He was very nice and very cute. He reminded me of a 'too good to be true' type of person. The only thing is that everytime hes around me, i cant read his mind? i tryed a few times but just cant.....i wondered if maybe i was blocking him personally but that was not the case. It made me anxious to read what he thought espesialy since im so used to getting my way, what with the powers and what not. "I think your hair is so pretty, it matches you completely....is it natural." i blushed and said "Yes....this is natural but i do curl my hair sometimes." i said smiling and then fidgeting with me pop can.I was deciding if i wanted to flirt back or not. When i look back at him his eyes are still on my face watching carefully looking deep into my eyes, it was odd but im sure he was still trying to flirt. So i decided i would go for it, since obviously he was waiting for someone to talk. "You have amazing eyes, the grean and then the goldish color underneath and around it looks to good to be true." this time he fidgeted which i have never seen like what i said bothered him, and then i knew i shouldnt have tryed to flirt. He musn't like me....though that doesnt stop me. Maybe i should just stay away. Orchestra is cool, we put on our first show for Homecoming on

September 30 like Viva La Vida and Beethovens 5th Symphony and another song called Listen to your heart and this opera girl in our school will sing to it. Gym is awesome were playing volleyball right now and today I hit Rachel in the head, but made it seam like it was a accident. She cussed me out after words in the Locker room. "Nice one you little stupid Virgin." i ignored them because i thought they were immature and i felt that i didnt need to listen to this. So i grabbed my bag while she was still talking and walked out on her i wasnt sure what she said all i know was when i walked out she was screaming in ther still trying to talk to me. "You will sooo be getting some problems from my girls, Are you even listening to me? Get back here!" thats when i left. That day I met Lexi at math and again she looked stressed. "I hate math!' she said slamming her books in her bag. "I can tutor you yah no, i offered weeks ago..... i could have helped you study for this test." "I thought i understood it, but when he finished grading it yesterday and then gave it back today i saw that i totaly Failed, he told me i need to see tutoring or start studying with a friend, but i normally can do it all on my own you know. "i understand but you have to allow help, ill help you tonight. You me Kellan and Damian okay." so i texted Kellan to see if he can study with me today but he was all like, sorry i have a date with Damian tonight.....so i just invited Lexi to sleep over since it was Friday (technically Sept. 18) "Fine with me, My parents dont get home till 11 tonight ill just call them and tell them i am with you." she sounded so down "Alexis, dont let that F bring you down, were going to do our homework together, study for this retest on Monday and then have fun okay...so Dont be depressed all weekend." i said patting her on the back "Fine" i was getting used to her and her responses, fine didnt mean fine, it was her way of closing a conversation instead of ignoring. Fine normally means okay, or yes......but if Lexi says fine it doesnt mean she really is fine with it so i pressed my lips and tryed a little harder. "You have to mean it" i said eyeing her carefully, but playfully. "Okay" she said "i want a smile!" i said then she smiled a weak smile "C'mon a real one" so she did, but only cus i made a face at her. As we were driving home i saw Zacharya again. i forgot that he was a Senior, that would explain why i never see him. When i passed i waved and called Hi, he replied with "Hi Nessie!" then i was stopped at a light and in my rear view mirror i saw him running up to my car. "Nessie wait up" he called he was almost to my car now

"Yea Zach?" "Do you have a date to homecoming?" he asked.....i immediatly blushed "Um, no but Zach i dont kn-" he cut me off "think about it okay.....dont answer me yet untill your sure." he said then he ran back in the other direction, the light turned green "Wow?" Lexi said "yea....wow" i said, confused on how i felt about that. I am In love with Jacob, but i have a crush on Zach....and even though i wasnt going to Homecoming with Jake since i cant i was just going to go with my friends, but now have a choice. The rest of the way home was quiet. I couldnt get out of my mind though how i felt when he asked me to go with him....i felt happy, excited, butterflies, i felt stunned by his beauty and pale features....not only that but his voice was so appealing i almost said yes but i know i need to talk to Jacob about it, and Lexi cus if i go with Zach, Lexi wont have a date. Alexis Mae Rethen has no date....i said to myself, maybe thats why shes depressed. She sees me and Jacob all the time hugging and talking and kissing and holding hands and cuddling and various activites. She even sees us looking into each others eyes just for the heck of it. And now she sees Kellan and Damian giving nose kisses and hugs and holding hands just about everything i do, apart from the kissing. I dont always kiss Jacob though, i try to balance things out, not to do it in front of her too much, not to do it in front of my family unless its goodbye. Not to kiss randomly or because i want to. But truth is i dont want to. Lately ive been pushing Jacob away and i know hes oblivious to what goes on at school......everyone is, even Edward but i think it has to do with me starting to like Zacharya. Nothing can change the way i fell for Jacob, but it could change us physically. Not only that but ever since my first kiss ive been thinking, kissing is not necessary....And i dont know why Jacob always wants to kiss, but i dont sometimes i just want to chill and hang out and just be in love not physically.....emotionaly. When i tryed to tell him this i could see that i hurt him, and was tempting to touch his face and say okay then nevermind what i said, but he told me ever since school started he decided no mattter what he would be on my side, and if less touchy more talky works for me then im fine with it. See that was fine then, but Now....bow on September 18th when i walk in the door i feel funny, i not only feel like i want to accept his offer but when Jacob comes to hug me i just hug him for a second not like we normally do. And i dont understand why? but im pretty sure its cause of my piling on feelings for Zach. Just wait until ach becomes Zachy and Jakey becomes Jacob, i rarely call him that unless its formally.....just like he never calls me Renesmee unless hes being extremely Seriouse.

"Renesmee What is wrong....?" he asked when i finally got inside the house ready to ask mom if Lexi can sleep over or not even though im sure its a yes. "Nothing is wrong" then he stared at my face, but with worry "You can tell me anything you know" he said "I know" "Then tell me" "See thats the thing Jacob, i dont know....i dont know why im being so distant but trust me your not the only one who has noticed i have too and so has everyone else." "oh" he said walking behind me as i ask my mom about the sleeping over plan. "Mom....can Alexis sleep over tonight?" i was about to spring around and tell Lexi it is all set but my mom said "Um...not tonight, me and Edward are going out of town and Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper are going to Las Vegas tonight to play some Poker" i raised a eyebrow "In celebration to the weekend to themselves....meaning with out us they are going for the night." even though i knew each couple wanted some privacy she was trying to give me and Jacob privacy because Alice probably had a vision. one i hadnt had yet.... "but Carlisle will be here, and so will Esme?" i asked "No, they are gone already they are going on a second honey moon." "Then who is going to watch me tonight?" i said, missing my whole family already "Nobody your staying home alone tonight and tomorrow morning, but Alice and everyone else will be back by the time you wake up, remember its Saturday tomorrow and that you always sleep in." she said "Well that sucks...." i said "Well, i might not allow her or anyone else sleep over, but i might allow a few friends over...just not over night and believe me will be calling to check on you. and Carlisle and Esme are not very far, they are going to come home tonight and i wont say what time, and try to read my mind but you cant, i blocked it." she said almost paranoid "Oh mom...i wasnt going to" i said rolling my eyes and chuckeling. Then i saw Edward skipping down the steps. "Everything is packed and we got everything in the trunk, but Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Jemm bear." he smiled "have tons! of stuff they need to lode, so why dont you come and help Nessie." i walked upstairs and saw the varietly of 14 bags/ duffel bags/ suitcases and started carrying some down and into the Jeep they were going in. Then when i was finished i saw my mom making dinner for me, French fries and a good'ole hamburger, completely American and not healthy. she set it on the counter called Jem down and reminded me to feed her,

take her out every once in a while use a leash because "Jacob and the pack dont have her fully trained and then she told me if i need anything got to Grandpa or Billy. They might check on you too.....so dont bother to break any rules Nessie, we trust you." is what she said "I wont break any rules, I love you guys" i said Edwad came to kiss my forehead, Bella kissed my cheek and then i grabbed my necklace and whispered "With all of my heart" then headed to my room where Lexi waited with Jacob eating her dinner, i brought mines over with Jem and sat on my bed with both of them. My heart thumping in my chest with excitement that i had the whole Town! to myself now.....it was so exciting "Your family knoes how to cook!" Lexi said before neatly biting into her hamburger. "But did you know that this enitire meal is a just asking for high Cholestoral and blood clots." she said "i know missy! im a Science Wiz remember" i said unlike her shoving the hamburger into my mouth getting ketchep on my cheek. "So Nessie? Do you want to tell me why you and i are so distant these days?" he said with sad eyes "I told you though Jacob i dont know yet" i said, my moment of excitment ruined immediatly "oh...well can i ask you something" he said staring deep into my eyes "Do you still love me? or is there someone else....." he said still looking deep into my eyes with his dark round sad eyes and long lashes that blinked once and i thought that maybe i saw a tear in his eyes. "Of course i still love you!" i said "Then why?" "I have not quite figured that part out?" "Why wont you hug me like you used to, we havnt kissed on the lips in 2 days, and you never call me your Jakey anymore.....i am sure theres a reason that you know now, but just dont want to say it." "I may not want to say somethings that may have parts to do with stuff....but im not sure thats the case, yet." "That answers one, but what about the Jakey part?" then i didnt reply and over and over again in my head i repeated because i want Zachy.....now that i have more opportunity i want to explore the sea i want to try different fish. But i was too scared to say it so i stood there biting my lip when he said "Forget it" then took his plate and and said "Im going for a walk with your dog....that you never seem to notice." then i look down and find Jem gazing up at me trying to get my attention. I feel bad because thats very true i never notice her i forget shes even there sometimes, and its sad because i wanted a dog and here i am stressing over boys

instead of petting my special gift. He takes the leash of my dressor pets her when she starts to wiggle like crazy and slap her tail on his leg and then clips her collar and walks out the door. Leaving me with Lexi "Im sorry" Alexis said, at first i thought she was saying sorry about me and Jacob, but knowing better that i was the one who felt sorry/....sorry for myself "I would stay but i got a text from my dad, he said he got home early today and wants to know where i am, and now i have to go home since i forgot to tell him im at your house." she said getting up and walking to the door then she said "And sorry about you and Jacob...i hope im not leaving you with tons of stress" she said eyeing me carefully "No im fine" i tryed to sound cheerfull but fail of course "Bye" she says "yeah see ya'" "And ill call you tonight after i do my homework" "Mhh-hhmm" i said "Are you sure your okay?" she asked "Yeah...im fine, and dont worry about the plate ill get it." then she walked out and called "Thanks" After i knew she was gone i frowned. The night and morning to myself with out Parents and No one to spend it with... i crossed my arms "how come when lifes going good do i have to ruin it....every time" i say stubbornly, i walked to the house and washed the dishes when i finished i saw that Jacob was just coming in from a thunder Storm i didnt even seem to notice the thunder the whole time i washed the dishes. Jem was all wet so i grabbed a towel picked her up and started to dry her. Jacob went upstairs for what i had no clue, but i didnt know if we were talking right now....and if we do start talking he will only want to know why im being so distant. When he came down he was in Basketball Shorts and a Tee, instead of what he was wearing earlyier. But what i didnt get was why he was changing if he would have to go back out again? When Jem saw Jacob she jumped out my arms and attacked him, getting his shirt wet. So i had to tell him.....today.... "Jaco-" then he cut me off "I was wondering if you would like company by me tonight....since you dont have any one to hang out with." He almost cringed when i opened my mouth to say No im fine, but i closed my mouth again and then stealing Lexi's attitude i said "Fine" but knowing he couldnt tell the difference. "Okay" he said, but still didnt smile, he opened his arms for me so i could sit with him but i shook my head no. He then looked Hurt and was about to say something but then i said "Your shirts all wet" then understanding crossed his face and he took his shirt off, showing the veins and Muscels in his arm. But still i

stood there, Struggling to just sit in his arms. I wanted to so badly love him, with all my heart but its like now that im sharing my heart with my friends and maybe Zach i feel like i took a piece away from Jake "Nessie, if you dont want me here just tell me" he said not looking at me "Because i can leave" "No! dont leave" i said "I Love you" "Then show me!" he said getting up suddenly hands into fists" I wasnt scared but i was mad that he was mad at me, i mean shouldnt he understand "What by making out all day?" "NO" he yelled "I just asked you to sit with me" then i stood there again, pealing nail polish off of my fingernails "Show me you love me by letting me Love you" "I cant" "WHY!" he raised his voice "you wont understand "Tell me why so i can learn to understand, right now your keeping me in the dark....again" i looked up from my nails and questioned him with my eyes "You told me we needed to communicate, yet your being a hypocryte by not communicating to me....I need to know whats holding you back." then i sighed "This is different" i said sighing "No it is the H*ll NOT! different" he said slamming his fists on the table. My lip quivered, i was too scared to loose him again....and it would be all my fault, but i couldnt bring myself to say it. My eyes were stinging and i was starting to shake from trying so hard to keep the tears in. "What are you so afraid of?" he asked when he saw me....then i broke down "Oh Nessie" he said coming towards me, and he put his palm to my face. Its been a while since hes did that. "Please tell me, please....I promise i wont get mad" "Yes you will" i said throwing my arms up and down. "You will hate me" "Never, i could never in eternity hate you" "You get mad at me?" i said "No i get mad at us. I want to understand, i just wish you werent so scared to tell me, its my fault for making you distrust me." "I do trust you" "If you did you would have told me" "I cant do it" i finally said pressing my lips together and keeping there while the last tear fell...for now then he let go of my face, arms shaking and he back up from me with anger on his face and then he whispered "Then im leaving" he said turning around opening the door and stroding out. I expected myself to stay there, based on my behavior

lately but instead i ran after him in the pouring rain and grabbed his hand "Jake!" i screamed "Dont go! Im sorry" he turned around "Prove you love me! i wont believe you untill you say whats bothering you" rain was dripping fast down his nose and lip and eyelashes. He looked so handsome in the rain, I felt a sprwaling urge to kiss him again. I stared into his eyes, this time he waited for my response then slowly but surely we had our first kiss All over again Its like we were reunited, the rain soaking my hair and our hands that were not intwined since i was on my tippytoes, but he supported my back and then I let him kiss me back, the way he has been longing too since the beginning of this week. I didnt know when it was going to end because it was so long but beautiful. Not the kinds that make you gag when you see it in a theatre, like the ones when you find tow deeply deeply in love characters, one coming home from war, the other dirty and in old clothes.....kissing not just because we want to, but because our heart wanted to. I not only felt his intense heat on his lips i felt it in his hair, his cheek his arm, every nerve ending in my body sparked from the Electricity that i havnt felt since the first few times we connected lips.....and while i was kissing him, i thought of how horrible it would be if i were to tell him what i was afraid to say after this moment, once my fear came back to me i pulled away, startling him. He smiled but when i didnt smile he asked "Whats wrong" i knew he would be mad now, now that i kissed him, now that we reunited its like the Man coming home from war, and the wife saying after they share there lips romantically,'By the way, i am dating another man and we have 3.Children' I can imagine how that would go down. I just couldnt say anything now. Not at all. "Nessie......seriously, i know we just reunited but why are you acting weird again, thought this was behind us?" he asked then i immediatly calmed myself, glad that he wants the past to end and our future to restart. "I dont even know that time" and i tryed to smile my best smile, so he could see i was serious, even though i wasnt. "Um..by the way you still have to tell me why you werent before since theres no reason i could be mad at you know." his eyebrows went up and down and he smiled big. I rolled my eyes and got back to the problem at hand. "Here it is....." i huffed a huge breath His eyes were eagerly on my face waiting for the reason "well....there this person" "Where at?" he asked "In my school...." "And?"

"He....." i looked up from my lashes to see his response, but his face was normal and plane, but beautiful, so i looked back down to the ground, while noticing i was still close enough to feel his hot breathe on my skin. "Hes very nice...." was all i managed to say he stayed quite, still a straight face "And he asked me to Homecoming, and since you cant go can i go with him?" i asked, but blurted it out and im not sure if he could even understand "This cant possibly be the reason why your so distant?" he said "Well its partly why" "i want the whole." "well thing is i sorta....um like him." i cringed incase he decided to scream at me "Then go out with him" "No, thats the problem.........i LOVE you, i LIKE him, two different things, i am so distant because i feel uncomfortable kissing you when Hes on my mind, and im sorry for that. "Renesemee it's okay...im fine with it." he grabbed me into a hug, when he released i looked up at him, and even though he didnt know i was looking at him i swore i saw anger on his face, or again maybe that was my imagination. Chapter 13: Would it be bad for me to say im scared now? So i walked with him back to the cottage, Jem in my arms licking me and trying to reach Jakey, but i didnt want her to get loose. When i got inside we layed with her for a long time, tug a war, and fetch and a chasing game. It was fun for her, histerical for us. Then finally when i saw that it was not raining anymore we decided to take a walk in the woods at night. We took Jem and two Huge flashlights, and a electrical one incase one went out. I changed into Short shorts, and a Tee, knowing and letting him hold me to keep me warm forcing myself a reason to be in his arms so i dont freak out again. I did grab a jacket incase....we planned on going to the Cave again and make some smores. It was 8:30 now so we would probably be there by 9:10 and be back by 10:40 perfect alone time. We started across the feild and jumped the river Jacob carried Jem when he jumped since i didnt quite trust myself yet. We started our walk East then made a few Northern turns, but we stayed going East. "So whats he like?" "Pardon?" i asked "The guy....you like" "um....hes nice, and he has these greenish colored eyes that have a tint of gold like hazel to them. I dunno, what specifically do you want to know?"

"His name" "Zacharya Hargonan" his eyebrow raised "He's from Italy" i said "Does he treat you right" he asked "Sure....i havnt been around him enough to decided whether he does or not" "Does he like you?" "Thing is i dont know" again he looked shocked "I cant read his mind" i shrugged "But when he asked me to formal i figured yeah he does" "Tell me" "huh" i said "What do you like about me?" he said "You mean 'Love' and i Love your smile, and your warm hands." he squeezed my hand thrice "I love your laugh, your so trust worthy, you make me feel safe.....and the way you make me feel when the tips of your finger touch my skin even if its a light brush, like a Angels wing, it makes me feel alive and Electrical. I feel like im dreaming"i said gazing at him "How old is this Zacharya?" "He's 17 turning 18 next year in May, he graduates soon." i said "hmm" he nods, i could sense jealousy "What do you like about me?" i asked "Everything" "Specifically" i said "Your cute botton like nose, your lovely rosey pink cheeks, your bronze waves, your smile, your heart, your bravery, intelligence." "And probably the Butt" i commented "Nessie you know i dont always look at that....even though it seems like your trying to get me to look, whats with the tiny shorts?" he asked "I dunno, felt like wearing them" i said "I like your style too by the way, you know how you wear heals with certain things and then dont mind wearing sandals or sneakers, i like a girl who doesnt mind dressing down, and i like a girl who can eat." he said "I hate the ones who obsess over calories" "Haha, i dont even read them when im bored i just assume somethingis healthy. The cave was in the distance, i could hear the the murmur of the river and the roar of the water fall. "So Nessie, where are we going from here?" "um....crossing this big gap or hole in the ground by swinging on the vine." I said as i looked up and saw the Canopy of Trees, and how they were already changing colors. "No, i mean you and me." this startled me i turned around looked him in the eye sadly "Im not breaking up with you Jakey" i said "Im just going to the

dance with Zach" "I must admit though i am jealous and i dont know if i can handle being with you while hes flirting with you...I just cant, dealt with it before and it caused problems and i dont want to be stupid and mess up your life." He was sitting on a dry rock in the cave, i put my hand gently on his knee and said "Never, i love always and forever, and more than my own heart.....i cant bere to do that especially after i got you back, i want to go to homecoming but i made a deal with myself, if i dont find a date for Lexi then i wont go with him......So please dont say those words." I saw that Jem was laying down, eyes fluttering so i woke her up by clapping and letting the walls of the cave bounce and crack in her ear to wake her up "I want to" he said "No!....i cant let you do that" "i think its right" "But i dont get it....you dont love me anymore?" "I will always love you" he said looking at me like im crazy " I think to decrease any chance of conflict between this guy and me, and even you that we should break up, so atleast he thinks that way.....Im not sure if it will be the same but of course i will be around alot." "So we wont be sharing our lips anymore will we." "I will only kiss your forehead, when necessary." "Is now necessary?" i asked "No" "But i want to kiss you right now....i dont want to kiss Zach, ive never kissed a human and dont understand why you want to leave me because i say i have a small crush on this kid......I want you!" "and i want you, but trust me its whats best." "Fine" i said, again using Lexi's word...... He kissed my forehead then said we need to get back, c'mon. "Jacob" i said "Yeah" "Didyou ever think about maybe i dont want to be broken up with you?" "You told me to do whats best and not always what you want" "But your wrong this time, i dont know it yet but i have a bad feeling that something is going to happen to us....and very soon." "Thats just your consiouse telling you that you need to sleep and think it over in your head. Please, i dont and wont love you less im just giving you breathing room." He said "But i dont get it, you want me and you want to understand and now i tell you and this is what happens and your just cool with it." i said working myself up again "Im not really breaking up with you, its not the traditional break up we wont see each other any less than we do now, im just letting

you love another man.....i dont want you to feel like your cheating on me, so Im going to give you a break." "Okay" i said, it was a compromise "But i still feel like either someone is watching us or that soon we will be in grave danger....." "Why would you thi-" then i heard a branch crack behind us. I know he heard it to because his head snapped up and skimmed through the forest. I was completely still, knowing that any sudden movement or sound would either frighten the intruder, or make it want to attack. Eventhough i was sure i could handle them. I stared into the dark, wondering if i would see a set of eyes glaring back at me, The whites of the eyes bolging out there skull. Jacob slowly started to get up from the rock in the cave, the rushing of the waterfall spraying out faces but on the outside of the cave i swore i saw small movement, normally it wouldnt frighten me but something was erie about this thing. I tryed to read the mind of the intruder but for some reason my power wouldnt work....at all. I tryed to show Jacob a frightening image of blood and gore, just so he would respond with out talking but he didnt seem to get the image. Now that i was just a weak human and for some odd reason I was more scared than ever. Something was happening. He finally spoke but so quiet i could hardly hear him. "We have to get back to the cottage, i know you can fend for yourself so we will go our seperate ways, and i know how you can just beat there butts so i will attack them myself okay just run as fast as you can back to the cottage and when you get there lock yourself in." "What about Jem?" i asked frightened, not sure what this was about, The ignorence overwhelmed me, i just wished i could peak into the intruders mind. "I got him, weve been training so he will come with me, unless you would rather him come with you?" he asked "Jakey.....my powers arnt working i cant leave you" my voice rose too loud so he 'shh'ed me "What do you mean your powers arnt working." "There just not......whos out there?" I asked "I dont know......but i have the feeling they are-" and then a big wolf jumped out of the Bushes. Pouncing on Jacob. I screamed but the first thing that came to my mind was get Jem and run, i untied the leash from the rock but couldnt pick him up because he was growling like crazy. When i got him in my arms he squirmed free and ran toward the Wolf like animal and started chewing his leg. The wolf grabbed him by the neck and through him into a tree, Jacob Rolled over top of him and started ripping flesh but i saw that the bigger wolf was Four times Jacobs size, it wasnt a even fight. I ran toward Jem but saw that her eyes were closed. I panicked trying to feel for a heartbeat....when i finally found a heart beat that was racing very fast something smacked into the back of my head. My face felt like it was being slashed at and it looked like it burned me uncomfortably. The smell was like a dead

animal with a hard dry burnt smell. I opened my eyes to see the Monster carrying me his big Yellow eyes on my face. I tryed to look around but felt too weak. I heard Jacob screaming my name, but i couldnt see him. It was a horrbible scream like he lost me forever, completely in agony. The fur of the Wolf felt scratchy and matted, and i saw scaps all over. I knew we were moving very fast but i couldnt open my eyes, they filt slit shut....and there was a terrible pain the came along with my struggle to break free. Last thing i remember is being thrown to the ground and a sharp pain banged into my chest, causing me to Black out. Chapter 14: Questions unanswered I opened my eyes and at first everything was blurry, but then i remembered those bright peircing and dangerous Yellow eyes. They made me jump but when i jumped something held me back. My vision cleared but when i really could see i was facing the ground.....from the ceiling. My arms were tied to a chain on this wooden platform is where the chains were connected to. My feet were shackeled to the plat form tight enough that it could hurt, but it prevented me from squirming. Then more of the memories from yesterday hit me and i panicked. Wheres Jacob Wheres Jem Is Jem and Jacob alive Where am I What was that thing that captured me what do they want from me.....why me! and how can i get out of here When i tryed to use my powers i felt even more useless when again i failed. I screamed in anger, a rumbling shriek....i kept trying to break free but nothing happened. After a few minuites of my screaming i saw the door open. A man with huge muscles and a massive scar on his scalp walked in without even looking at me. He walked over to a table where a blaket covered something it was old and dusty. I never realized that the room was dark untill he walked over to a window and took the curtain off, blinding me it made me groan in pain. I closed my eyes, but only to feel nausea from the upside down pressue, all the blood was rushing to my head. The man never once looked at me, he just left the room and closed the door, but didnt latch it. A few minites later he reapears with a man with long hair running down his back, tied with a single gold ribbon and he had dark Black eyes. He too was muscular. But not as many tatoos as the other man did, They started to talk quietly and quickly in a language i didnt understand, then i wondered if i was even in America. I became nervous when the man with the ribbon smacked the bald guy....he

called him Niakoje, then spoke english when saying at barely above a whisper "You should listen to me from now on, and not Miggdjad, theres too much to do." "I tryed master" he said in a very THICK accent that i couldnt place. "You know if we dont follow the Demands of My boss, then you are fired....and if im sentence to death because of YOUR stupidity" he growled "Then i kill you too" he said then he pushed him into the Table and he lifted the blanket, Underneath was tons of tools and they were all dustly, things like knives and hammers, and then a few odd tools i didnt understand. Niakoje took a srynge and stuck it to a bottle drew medication, the other man Whispered something really fast in English, but i dont know what he said. then Niakoje walked toward me. The other man sat there tapping his foot impatiantly. "Greogory, lower the platform" Niakoje said, even though it sounded more like Gdregdodry. then Gregory, when the platform started to lower i became nervous i liked it better out of there reach but now that i am lowered they could hurt me if they wanted to. Now i used to think Niakoje was scary, but im more scared of Gregory and his oddly Pale skin that looked fake. His uneven face that was scared everywhere, everything about him sent chills through my body. I hadnt seen what i was wearing but now that i was flipped onto my back and laid gently onto a table, all by machinery i saw that i was only wearing a Sheet......It made me wonder what they did to me and i started to Hyperventilate when Niakoje walked toward me with a wicked smile on his face. He cleared his throat and grunted while giving me the shot, then he took the sheet off and i was completely naked, which scared but what frightened me even more than that was that there was a ton of tubes stuck in me, on my chest, where my heart was located and other various places. I saw that the tubes werent connected to anything but i was sure that they would connect in a minite. Niakoje didnt speak to me at all, he barely touched me too but he was cutting wires and making things that i didnt understand, None of it made sense. Why was i here i thought, then i thought over and over again would it kill me to ask, and even though i was more scared about who they were i just couldnt take it out of my mind that it has something to do with the Volturi "What do you want me for" was the safest question i could think of. Niakoje smiled and said "We dont want you" "Then why am i here." Niakoje was going to answer but Gregory walked forward clapping his hands "She speaks! i was begininng to worry"he stopped when he was a few feet away from the busy Niakoje "you might as well ask me the questions, this thing" he spit on Niakoje "doesnt know the answers....."

i stood there deciding if this is a trick, or something "Where is Jacob" i said a little harsher than i intended it to be "Carefull now," "Can you just tell me where?" i said closing my eyes "No, i can not....i wont answer anything about Where you aer or Where is who....nothing like that, i wont even answer who are you but i will answer Why questions." Okay.... "Why am i here?" i asked "Because my boss told me to" "Why did your boss tell you to?" "Because he wants something you have.....so we came to get it and were almost finished with the process." this is why i want to ask Who! i screamed in my head "Why am i connected to tubes?" i said "Thats how we will get what we want from you" "What is your bosses name?" i said finally coming up with a question that doesnt have a who, are where in it. He stopped silent and stared at me "I cant tell you" "Why?" "They told me not to?" "So its more than one person" i asked He knodded cautiously knowing i figured it out. The Volturi "What do your bosses want from me?" i asked for my final question "Your powers Ms. Renesmee Carlie Cullen..." i looked at the door to wear that horribly recognizable voice came from. It was Caius in a Big black Robe walking towards me slowly, and he looked like he floated. His blood red eyes glaring at me with a sneer as big as mars on his face. "My Lord" Gregory bowed "My Lord" Niakoje bowed also then continued to his work. I stayed still, wondering if he was going to kill me or if he was going to tease me. "You grew up so nicely.....im surprised to see that, thought you would have turned out like your Father." he said, yup he was definitly going to tease me Niakoje plugged this electronical device into the wall and it made me Jolt......were they going to Electricute me, i said to myself panicked. "Aro doesnt want to kill anyone, he just wants your power to read minds....can you give it to us." he asked but he didnt expect a answer, "Well thankyou, now stay very still while we take away your power to read minds.....can you do that for me, now this may only hurt a lot." he said laughing at his own joke, that wasnt even his,." I cringed as he plugged the cap to my skull, his Icy! fingers barely touched me but left a burning trail behind them. I shivered but in the middle of the Shiver

he turned on the cap. at first i thought maybe i fell or something because it felt like something smahed into my head, then it slowly began to heat my skull. It made me shake violently and I foamed at the mouth, my body shivereing at every part of me. The pain unbearable I screamed in agony my eyes rolling to the back of my head, and then it stopped leaving my body limp and broken. Then i saw them take a bottle of some sort of clear juice and they walked away. I closed my eyes slowly and went into a spell full of nightmares. Chapter 15: Ignorance This time when i wake up i am in my bedroom, my family around me pained expressions and if they could they would be crying. "Renesmee?" my mother asked my eyes fluttering, since everything is still blurry and im feeling overwhelmingly groggy. "Renesmee.......Honey" My dad asked then i heard Emmett say "Pour water on her" then when i remembered everything all at once i shot up from my bed "OH!" then fell back down because i felt lightheaded. I remembered the confusion, the ignorance i faced, when the most importan question hit me. "Wheres Jacob!" i shouted.....i looked around the room everyone's sad eyes were on me, i immediatly thought he was dead "is he dead!" i half shrieked and then i cryed moaning and saying No no no no when i felt Edward's touch on my shoulder "No nessie he's Alive, he is at the Vet with Jem....." he said, then i thought i understood "Jem is dead!" then my lip quivered my tears streaming down my face again "Alice had a vision he died, but she didnt know why he did.....and Nessie we still don't know why." "So he's dead??" i asked "He was almost there when Jacob found him yesterday...but he said he couldnt remember why he was in the forest with Alosalie, see the thing is Jem might be dead now, were waiting for the call but we dont know if its happened yet i think you should go see her incase.....then we have some seriouse talking to do" i got up and ran to my car everyone else followed behind. I tryed read the minds of my family but then i couldnt....I sat there confused "Why cant i read your mind dad?" i asked "I dont know you tell me" he said then it hit me.... "Aro doesnt want to kill anyone, he just wants your power to read minds....can you give it to us." he asked but he didnt expect a answer, "Well thankyou, now stay very still while we take away your power to read minds.....can you do that for me, now this may only hurt a lot."

"NO!" i crumbled to the ground everyone ran to me, trying to help me up "Nessie! whats wrong?" Bella asked panicked "Please tell us" "Theres No time! we have to save Jem" "You cant save her" Carlisle said "yes YOU can" Carlisle stared at me, feeling sorry for me and he just knodded "i can try" "we have to hurry" i said opening The jeeps door, so we could all fit. "Me and Bella will ride in the same car" Edward said, and then we zoomed off to the Veteranarian. ********************Vet's Office********************* "Let us in! its our dog, i have to see her" i said causing attention. I figured if we could save her, we could see what killed her by having Edward read her mind, and read what she saw that attacked her. Those yellow eyes was all i could see, but if she could show him the visual he could help me identify who stole my powers. And also i needed her to live, her and I just started to bond too. "Back this way maa'm" the lady said We walked past many doors, and they had little windows on them and you could see many different dogs and cats being worked on. Finally we got to the door that had a clipboard saying Alosoalie/Jem We walked inside, the vet said onlt 3 at a time so me and Edward and Bella went first. What i saw of her first was a lump underneath a pillow, but underneath was hidden. I saw the tool that read the heart speed up but not fast enough that her heart would stop but it looked like it could any minite. "Jem" i whispered seeing Jacob sleeping in a chair. "Jem...." i moved around the chair and instead of that once cute little beagle, is now a completely scarred up dog, she had one eye open, the other eye was missing.....her ear had a piece missing and her fur started to grow back on her very pink skin, some of it scabbed. She opened that one eye and her tail flopped up and down. I leaned down to her and kissed her forhead but of course her tongue sliped from her mouth and pressed to my cheek frantically like she couldnt give enough kisses in the world. "I love you Jem" i said i stared at her excited eyes and wished i spent more time with her, its like i felt her slipping away from me now. She blinked and then coughed. " aww honey" i said trying to pet her without hurting her she soflty whimpered, they lifted the blanket so they could fix her IV but when they took it off i only saw 3 paws. I gasped covered my mouth

while i tryed to cover my scream. Bella grabbed me "shhh its okay, its going to be okay" I shook my head No, then i saw that she was coughing even more and more, i started to walk to the door....i said my goodbyes now i have to leave before i see her die, ive seen enough. But as im walking she coughs up some sort of wet sloshy stuff. i look back to see that theres blood all over the bed. i start to cry, Jacob Then opens his eyes looks at Jem and then at me, and jumped up, he comes toward me saying my name "Nessie Nessie" he grabs my arm takes out in the hall "I cant talk about what happened yesterday, but i was thinking that maybe we can save her" "how Jake how?" i said all faith lost "Theres nothing we can do" "I wonder if Edward or Bella can bite into him, and make him a vampire? we just have to make the Nurse leave." i stare at him for a moment understanding where he got te idea, Bella was saved by a bite, so maybe Jem could.I then decided that it wasnt a bad idea.Still crying i say to Edward "Just leave him okay.................just leave him, were taking him home to burry him" i said staring intesnly at Edward so he can read my thoughts, he just nodds The Vet says "No....he must stay here" "You've done all you can, and there isnt any hope please.....let us take him, so hes not in misery." i said, she stared at my sad face then knodded and said faintly "as you wish" then walked out of the room a few tears in her eyes. then i begged Edward to do it now, before he dies. Jem is coughing up blood like he's trying to get rid of it....like he doesnt want to live anymore, his eyes arnt even here anymore,there somewhere distant and cold. I beg Edward to do it, so he can be warm again "ive never done it before, i dont know if it is possible" "yes it has to be" i said "okay Nessie, i will try" then he looks at the coughing Jem one last time and leans down on a area that is scab free and he sinks his teeth into him, Jem yelps making me run out of the room covering my ears and from then on i worry if i did the right thing. Im being cradeled by Esme, shes gently running her fingers through my hair while i cry, and then after a minuite or two they come out with a body in a bag and they walk towards the desk. She didnt survive. My eyes purted with tears once again. "I am so sorry about your dog" She says "me too" i mumble staring at the ground my eyes spirting tears everywhere. When we get outside Edward tells me to sit with him and Bella on the way back Im staring at the bag crying and crying "Nessie please open your eyes" bella said "no" i sob, my face still in my hands "Yes do it now!" edward says, so i open them and find in the bag

movement, growling and then after a few seconds the bag is ripped open, blood dripping out but not as much as it should have, its like he soaked it all up, or ate it. Then i screamed and Jem ran over pounced on me and she was completely healed, just the only thing is that she doesnt have brown eyes anymore her eyes are Red. It scared me at first but i let it go.I hugged her so close that i cryed happy tears, and she kissed my face with her overly excited eyes, and her tail smacked my mom in the seat over and over again. Then when i said "I missed you Alosalie" she smiled and i read her mind without even trying to, it almost scared me....Because if i was trying to read her mind i would have know, but since i lost the ability too i was shocked. "I missed you too...are you okay?" she said in her mind her head cocked to the side "I think" i said scratching my head, but i was still worried to find whatever powers they taken away from me....But OH! how relieved i was that Alosalie Jemmett Cullen was okay (aka Jem) then when we got home she jumped out the car and walked toward the house without a leash, at first i panicked but then she said, of course in her mind "Oh chillax, i know what im doing" and she jumped up turned the door nob, and went inside. I hugged my mom and dad closely and Dad said "We have a meeting with the pack in 5 minites so meet us in the Living room." he said then i went to meet jacob in the Jeep, he was very quiet and still. At first it was very very akward because i didnt know what to do, how to act. We were broken up now, so how could i possibly kiss him the same way i used to....and even though i was longing too and i wanted to so bad i had to force myself not too, I felt a little empty when we werent exactly dating but i still felt complete in a odd way. I think it was because of our imprintion. So i decided to get in the Jeep with him. I sat there staring at the dashboard like he was. I didnt even know if he knew i was there, until he finally spoke "I didnt know if i would ever see you again" he said so quiet, i didnt respnd because i felt the same way too "I was pretty sure once they took you away that you would be killed, after i gained concious Nessie, i cryed my eyes out. I felt horrible. My Pack doesnt even know what that creature was, but it was three times as powerful as me and it blocked my communication with the pack so there was no way i could help you. He put his face in his hands for a minuite then i saw that he was actually crying. "Jacob....Dont cry, im here now im safe" "Your not safe Nessie, they have something of you once they figure out more it will be the end, and i suddenly feel weak, I dont know what happened to me but its like that thing took my strength with him. I cant find the strength the competition to fight them, i just

don't see how we could make it. We are either going to die or loose one of our family members we will die. And Nessie if you die, then i go with you." He wasnt looking at me, but his words sent a trail of warmth through me, We both felt the same way. "I would die if you die...i dont see the point of living if your not by my side" i said putting my hand on his shoulder. "But Nessie, it sounds good coming out our mouths but its the truth, someone is going to die and i can't take the pain if it was you or your mother. If you get taken away from me, then i will have to die too its the only way." ive never seen him so emotional, ive also never seen him cry, it takes a true man to cry. A true man to die for someone they love. "You were right" i said, he looked up from his hands a few glistening tears on his face "You were right about us being a messed up pair, i mean look at us" i said lifting up our hands like he did with me that day in the forest a while back. Then a smile slowly crossed his face "Yeah" was all he said " Well since im not scared to die, im only scared for you lets just live the rest of our lives not caring..." i said trying to make humor but when i found that it wasnt funny he said "And let your family die too....they would have no reason to live too" "well then lets just do nothing?" i said "Why dont we die with pride, ever wonder what it was like to be in war Nessie?" he asked me, his old Jacob coming back and the emotional slowly leaving him "No not really" "Well your going to need to hold on tight for the next few weeks, you can expect a few unexpected visitors....and when they come they probably wont leave till they get the job done." then i shuddered realizing that they were going to come to forks again, last time they left but this time im certain they will stay till they get what they wanted. "Scared now?" he asked "Are you actually scared to die?" he asked "What about Charlie" i didnt even bother too answer "See what i mean, you have to try, even though i wont have any strength but if you need me i will! help you." he said. "Well i sure hope so" i said "Theres the pack, lets go" he said jumping out the jeep to meet all 17 members of wolves. Jake went behind the other cares and i think he went nude for a minuite, then next thing i know hes a wolf carrying his clothes in his mouth. he jumped up the steps, but he wasnt kidding about being weak. and i noticed the other members looking at him funny. Questions in there eyes, but im sure they no because of there

commmunication. I walked up the steps after them and into the living room where it looked like a mini party, but this wasnt going to be like a party. I sat in the chair inbetween my mom and dad the pack sat on the floor everyone else grabbed a chair, and then Alice comes down the steps quietly and fast. She walked over to the chair but didnt sit down, i looked over to Edward who was eyeing her suspicioucly, then I find that she has something in her hand. I tryed to see what it was but i couldnt, then i waited for them to start. What i didnt understand was why the pack was in there wolf form, they need to communicate, especially Jake, when i tryed to pass it to them i saw that i failed, this made me a little nervous but i took my hand pressed it to Jakes fur and then he looked into my eyes comrhending what i said, then he walked out the door and changed outside, with the rest of the pack. When the meeting finally began, it was storming outside, which annoyed me because the roof was pattering really loud. Alice spoke very fluently and loud her windchime voice having a perfect synchronization with the rain, echoing off the walls and ringing through out the livingroom. "As you know, We had a bit of a attack, or invasion." she said "And we will discuss that in a minuite but first we must discuss Alosalie, or you can call her Jem"i saw Jem walk in with he now gold eyes, odd that she advanced as a vampire dog so quickly. The pack looked at her stunned and a little worried. They watched as she came in jumped up on my lap and looked across the room. Drawing all the attention to me. "So Alosalie was in danger, and barely made it we will discuss what happened in a minuite, but she has many abilities now that no one has.....She is now a Vampire, but different. Alosalie can do special things." Alosalie got up from my lap stood in the middle of the living room and so quickly i couldnt even tell, she changed into a big wolf as mig as the pack but with gold eyes. She sat there in her new form so we could examine her. I looked at her so confused wondering why she was so shapeshifter like, what did we do to her. "Now it may look like the Venom is what did it, but we found that its the thing that attacked her that changed her, Yes she was going to die if we didnt change her, but we saw that whatever attacked Nessie Jake and Alosalie, has some sort of Venom too.....And this is where we talk about what happened." she turned it over to me. "Me and Jake were walking in the woods and then we heard something and i noticed how i couldnt read minds anymore, communicate with him or anything. And the only time this ever happened was when...." then i stopped and remembered that they didnt know about Zacharya, and i reallly didnt want to tell them about him in front of everyone. So i continued "anyways, Jake told me to take Jem and run, but i wasnt able to run, because i didnt have any powers incase it came after me, and i didnt want to drag out into our house, so

he was going to say something else and then it attacked him, When it did Jem jumped out of my arms and tryed to bite this thing and it kicked him into a rock and yeah..." i stopped and shuddered with the memory "What did this thing look like" asked Sam "It was waaaaay bigger than your wolf form, it was huge, and it was very strong." i said starring at my fingers "So what happened to Jacob, and you of course?" Sam asked "I'm not sure, Jacob was yelling for me to run, and I would have but after the thing attacked Jacob to the point where he could not heal fast enough, So i tryed to hit the thing and it slapped me into a rock too, but i didnt get up because i was in pain and i didnt heal either it was very odd? And next thing i know im being swooped up and carried away?" i said "Where were you when you woke up?" this is where Edward stared at me intensly and so did everyone else. "I was hanging upside down on a platform thingy, hanging from the ceiling and by the looks of it, i was being tested on. There was a Bright glaring sunshine coming in through the one window in the corner, but a dusty curtain covered it. Then these men that were very foreign walked in and lowered me and injected things into me, and i tryed to ask question but one of the questions they were going to riddle me on was answered by a familiar voice, he was walking in the room from a different direction, It was Caius." Then i paused, my mom looked very rigid Edward looked calm but it was Esme who looked terrified. "He's the one who took some sorta juice thing out my brain, and then walked away while i fell unconsious?" then i looked around the room "Where was i when you found me?" i asked my family "You were lying in the Cave on the ground. We knew to look there because Jacob was with us, but he didnt remember what the heck happened. And then we found you passed out on the cold damp floor soaking wet from the waterfall." i stared at my feet trying to remember if they said anything about Location? I tryed verrrry hard but couldnt find anything. Then i remembered They started to talk quietly and quickly in a language i didnt understand, then i wondered if i was even in America. I became nervous when the man with the ribbon smacked the bald guy....he called him Niakoje, then spoke english when saying at barely above a whisper "You should listen to me from now on, and not Miggdjad, theres too much to do." "I tryed master" he said in a very THICK accent that i couldnt place. "You know if we dont follow the Demands of My boss, then you are fired....and if im sentence to death because of YOUR stupidity" he

growled "Then i kill you too" he said then he pushed him into the Table and he lifted the blanket, Underneath was tons of tools and they were all dustly, things like knives and hammers, and then a few odd tools i didnt understand. Niakoje took a sirynge and stuck it to a bottle drew medication, the other man Whispered something really fast in English, but it was hard to understand what he said, i also felt to tired to figure it out. then Niakoje walked toward me. The other man sat there tapping his foot impatiantly. Then i tryed to dig deeper into my memory on what they said the other man Whispered something really fast in English, but it was hard to understand what he said, i also felt to tired to figure it out. Niakoje- When will the others come? Gregory- They are almost here Niakoje- Did we get the Hallucinator? Gregory- yeah, dont worry about it, we got it from Gajurat Tech. Niakoje- here right? Gregory- Shhhh....she might hear Niakoje- she is not even looking? All i heard out of that was "Just shut up and listen to what i say, and do what i tell you to do!" Gregory yelled, then Niakoje walked toward me. The other man sat there tapping his foot impatiantly. Then when i finally found what i was looking for from my memory i said "Whats Gajurat Tech?" i asked everyone "you mean the Island Gajurat?" said Embry "No i mean the store, or something" "What are you talking about?" Sam said "Its a place, by India and Asia" then i sat there but Edward talked before i could "That's where she was, she was located on Gajurat Island.....that far away though? There must be a crazy hideout there." then Carlisle said "I think they've been planning this for 6 years, ever since there humiliation they've been making a army setting up a Site to call theres, that is secret....and i have a feeling it wont be pretty." "We will be in another war with them" Said Jasper, he was staring ahead, as if he had a really deep thought on his mind, and he was trying to focus. "I dont mind a fight." then tooo quickly bella shouted "I DO!" and her fists were clenched "I dont want them to come here ever again, i dont want the little Peace we have built here to be wiped away, i dont want any of us to die, why cant they just leave us alone?" bella said, sounding really....young "Well Honey, we knew this day would come, i think you just got

to used to the pleasant setting, me on the other hand have been watching Alices mind carefully to see when they were coming." his eyes tightened "I just didnt know it would be so soon" he said "now everyone, lets be more Positive, we dont know when they will come? It might be in a whole year." "I doubt that" said Seth, then Leah punched his arm. "No He's right" Jasper said "They had what they wanted, they will come for more" then it hit me. As hard as Ice, as hard as a Semi truck smashing into me breaking me into peices.....And from this moment on our family is in Grave Danger! And again, its all because of me. And i couldnt help to feel like someone was listening to our meeting, someone uninvited. For the moment i left my seat and slipped into a new place and watched a horrifying film, One where the Characters Depend on me to survive, btu i can handle that I started this i should end it. But do i live in the end? I guess im willing to sacrifice. Chapter 16: Another State of my crappy mind-Definition "Oh sweet hell!" One minuite im in my livingroom discussing the evicting of me Jacob and Jem, next thing you know im watching some weird film. Except im not in the theatre, i was pretty sure i was seing the future but did alice live the future or just see it? Here i am watching my family in the house doing what they normally do when

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