Are you losing waste at work?
Applied Language Solutions emphasise the necessity of ‘green days’ in our everyday work practices. Here’s their advice on how to keep the planet healthy by decreasing the use of energy and trimming down your waste with their ‘5 A Day’ programme.

Date of issue: 01/02/07
Despite the mounting pressure placed upon managing the impacts a company has upon the environment, latest figures demonstrate we continue to overlook how our planet must feel struggling with the excess waste and decreasing fuel supplies contributed to by our lack of concern in the workplace. A recent survey of 100 companies listed on the FTSE-250 share index shows that one in three UK firms is slow in working towards green standards. Many have yet to put in place environmental management systems and some industries are failing to take direct action about their damaging contribution to environmental issues. Applied Language Solutions’ pro-active approach has placed them at the forefront of the translation industry for environmental management. As a company, they recognise an environmentally friendlier work place makes for a healthier environment in the local community and globe all-round, and are dedicated to watching their waste and slimming down on energy use in all of their international offices. As a result, the Huddersfield based company is the first translation agency in the world to attain ISO 14001 for environmental management. As Gavin Wheeldon, the Managing Director of Applied Language explained “Unlike companies in say manufacturing, our operation doesn’t create a major problem for the environment. However, since the company was established in 2003 we’ve always made a conscientious effort to manage our impacts on the environment. We realise that environmental management is both our environmental and social responsibility, and pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining the standards of ISO 14001. We believe that our company is setting a leading example by which other companies, even those with the smallest of impacts, must follow.” The internationally recognised ISO 14001 is a specific environmental management standard. It acknowledges Applied Language for achieving the required benchmarks for managing their environmental impacts. The company has worked very hard to achieve this accreditation, and such action is highly praised by Mike Low, Director of British Standard Institute, who identifies that as a nation we still have some way to go in terms of environmental management. Gavin, 30 explains “We have implemented a ‘5 A Day’ system in our workplace to increase fuel efficiency and trim down our waste. That is five practices at least that all companies must work towards to achieve a green environment.” Take Applied Language’s advice and treat our planet to with their ‘5 A Day’ programme to help keep our planet healthy. 1. Encourage staff to avoid the use of paper wherever possible. Minimise the number of printers and photocopiers in the office, and those that are necessary locate as far away as possible from staff. That way, if they can’t see it or may have to walk across the office, they may think twice about the necessity of printing. 2. Position recycling bins for paper, ink cartridges, etc. prominently in the office so they remain visible to staff and act as a reminder to recycle. Make sure all staff are aware of the recycling scheme.

3. Situate staff in offices that are open plan as this permits more efficient use of space and energy
consumption. 4. Always purchase energy efficient electric products and never leave any on standby. 5. Reduce travel wherever possible through holding meetings over the Internet with the use of modern technology. Applied Language Solutions translate all kinds of documents from simple letters to large technical documents, including whole websites and printed catalogues, for specialist Medical, Legal, Financial and Marketing organisations. The company is committed to using only professional in-country translators and interpreters, of whom they have over 6,000 on their books. These translators work in over 140 languages including all the major European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and American languages. Applied Language Solutions now have six offices world wide: Huddersfield, California, Paris, Barcelona, Sofia and Guatemala City. Applied Language Solutions is proud to be awarded the winner of the HSBC Start-Up Stars Award 2006. For a FREE quote visit or call +44 (0)870 172 0000 in the UK or +1 (800) 579 5010 in the US to talk to a one of the team. END

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