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Which two statements describe factors that influence the layout of a

proposal? (Choose two.)

Proposal layouts are required to use sans serif typefaces.

A specific proposal layout is followed when one is specified in the RFP.

A designer chooses the layout if a written RFP does not specify an outline.

The software that is used to create the proposal dictates the proposal layouts.

Proposal layouts are required to use a format that is designed by the network

What two items are typically included in the executive summary of a
proposal? (Choose two.)

project scope summary

high-level implementation plan

quotes for all needed equipment

technical requirements for the design

emphasis on the benefits that meet the goals of the customer

Which proposal section describes the intended routing protocol, security
mechanisms, and addressing for the planned network?

logical design

physical design

executive summary

implementation plan

network requirements
Which occurrence would indicate a failure of the design phase?

The incorrect model switches were ordered.

There is no customer signoff for task completion.

New requirements are identified after implementation begins.

The new network capacity is inadequate to support required traffic.

A network installation team is assigned to replace all core switches in an
existing data center. No other upgrades are planned. Which kind of installation
is this?

a new installation

a fork-lift installation

a phased installation

a green field installation

What service is provided Cisco standard warranty?

software application maintenance

replacement of defected hardware

next business day delivery of replacement parts

access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) 24 hours a day, 7 days a

An upgraded version of the Cisco IOS has been purchased. However,
the CD arrived damaged. How will this loss be covered?

a hardware warranty
a software warranty

the Cisco SMARTnet Service

an additional service contract

A company informs the account manager that the installation of a new
edge router at the customer remote branch location cannot be done at the
scheduled time
because of a large order that the branch office needs to complete. As a result, the
end date of the
project must be adjusted to accommodate the additional time. What is the action
should the
account manager take?

Cancel the order for the new edge router.

Work with designer to redesign the branch network.

Instruct the technician to complete the install of the router at on the date in the

Adjust the timeline documentation to show the company how the delay will
affect the
project completion date.

NetworkingCompany completes the installation of a network upgrade for
a retail customer. All of the onsite tests complete successfully and the customer
IT staff approves
the results of the tests. The manager of the retail store contacts
NetworkingCompany to inform
the company that the store will not pay for the upgrade until a recently
purchased software
package is installed and tested on the network. Which two items that are
contained in the
proposal can the account manager refer to when discussing this issue with the
store manager?(Choose two.)

the project scope
the bill-of-material

the project timeline

the terms and conditions

the business goals of the customer

the evaluation of the current network

The operation of a new branch location network is delayed because a
VPN cannot be configured and established between the branch location and the
main office. It is
determined that the router at the main office does not have enough memory and
does not have
the correct Cisco IOS version image to support the VPN features. To prevent
this delay, this
problem should have been identified and corrected during which part of the
design project?

the preparation of the business case

the prioritizing of the technical goals

the characterization of the existing network

the implementation of the approved design

The NetworkingCompany team is tasked to prepare an implementation
schedule for a customer. It is determined that the new firewalls and wireless
controllers that are
specified in the design cannot be delivered and installed within the agreed upon
time frame. The
NetworkingCompany informs the customer of the problem. What two options
can the
NetworkingCompany team take to ensure the success of the project? (Choose

plan to add additional staff and resources to shorten the installation time after the
equipment is delivered
eliminate redundancy in the design to reduce the amount of equipment that is

renegotiate a new time frame with the customer to accommodate the delay

delay the installation of the security devices and controllers until a later time

redesign the network to use only readily available equipment and software

AAA Financial Services Company is performing implementation planning
for a core switch upgrade. The company has 200 financial software
programmers that work
billable hours during the week. They have critical, scheduled money transfer
transmissions that
occur at hourly intervals every night. There are two, two-hour long IT
maintenance windows
scheduled for software upgrades, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The bank
online banking as available 24 hours on business days and 21 hours on the
weekends. However,
a network upgrade that is necessary to replace some switches is expected to take
four hours.
Because of rack constraints, this time includes three hours to remove the old
switches before the
new switches can be installed and one hour to test the logical configuration.
How should the
implementation scheduling be handled

Defer the software upgrades. Use the Saturday window to perform the hardware
installation. Use the Sunday window to perform the logical testing.

Coordinate and publish a separate four-hour downtime during Friday to perform

complete switch installation and testing process. Use the Saturday and Sunday
windows to
correct any outage problems after the Friday window.

Coordinate and publish two, four-hour downtimes incorporating the published

and Sunday windows. Defer any software upgrades until the new network is
proven to be working
correctly with the old software. Use the Sunday window as a fallback scheduling
period if there
are problems necessitating backing out of the Saturday window.

Coordinate and publish an eight-hour downtime incorporating the Saturday

window. This
will allow four hours for installation and logical testing, one hour for
troubleshooting and decision,
and three hours to roll back to the previous configuration if the new switching
cannot pass the
logical testing. Defer any software upgrades until the new network is proven to
be working
correctly with the old software.

Included in a Bill of Materials (BOM) for a SOHO wired implementation is
a Cisco 2811 router, Catalyst 2560 switch, four PCs, three laptops, and a
networked printer.
Wireless LAN capability will be implemented on this network. Which two
equipment types must be
added to the BOM to implement this request? (Choose two.)

DNS server

LAN switch

wireless NICs

DHCP server

wireless access points

A customer has just taken delivery of a Cisco 2811 router and Catalyst
3560 switch. Included with the purchase is the SMARTnet Service. Which two
resources are
included with SMARTnet Service? (Choose two.)

signature file updates

technical support from TAC

maintenance releases for OS
software application major releases

software application maintenance and minor releases

A Cisco 1841 router has been purchased without an agreement for
SMARTnet Service. What two items are guaranteed under the standard
warranty? (Choose two.)

access to TAC

replacement of defective physical media

advanced replacement of hardware parts

access to a renewable standard warranty contract

under normal use, replacement of defective hardware

Upon completion of a proposal, a network design team must sell their
ideas to two key stakeholders. Who are these two stakeholders? (Choose two.)


licensing boards

cabling contractors

internal management

project implementation team

What are two important guidelines when creating a slide presentation for
a meeting with a customer? (Choose two.)

Use all capital letters on words and phrases when possible for added emphasis.

Provide varied background graphics to enhance viewer interest.

Use contrasting colors for background and text to aid visibility.
Change fonts frequently to denote differences in subject matter.

Use bulleted text to lead the discussion.

In order to finalize a project proposal, an account manager of a
networking company creates the terms and conditions section. What are two
clauses that should
be included in this section? (Choose two.)

cost summary

installation steps

change order procedures

problem resolution process

maintenance contract quotation

Which two items will a systems engineer include in an implementation plan?
(Choose two.)

references to design documents

the business goals of the customer

diagrams of the existing traffic flows

the steps to install and test the network

cost of each network device and component

Which statement describes a phased installation into an existing network?

A phased installation generally takes less time and expense than a green-field

A phased installation is not suitable for large, multi-site network installations or

A phased installation requires detailed planning in order to avoid disruption of

user services.

A phased installation involves building an entire replacement network and

migrating users
over to it.