Mar 14, 2014 - STATEMENT BY ALLAUDIN MERALI My lawyer has filed a Statement of Claim today in the Court of Queen’s Bench

of Alberta against Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne and Alberta Health Services (AHS). The Statement of Claim includes claims for a breach of contract, defamation, and loss of income. As the Statement of Claim is a public document, I am releasing this statement to put my position on the record. I joined AHS as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2012 in good faith, to help build a leading health care system for all Albertans. The Minister of Health personally encouraged me to take the job. I was given a long term contract but was dismissed after only a few months. Although there was no allegation of just cause for dismissal, circumstances had arisen involving public disclosure of claims for reimbursement of expenses, incurred several years earlier with a different employer, Capital Health. AHS understood that those expenses had been properly incurred for the benefit of Capital Health and said so in a press release on August 1, 2012: “Mr. Merali’s responsibilities in previous roles in health care included developing relationships with external partners, businesses and service providers and acting as an official representative in numerous meetings and functions. This included hosting events as well as representing the organization locally, nationally and internationally. These were an integral and necessary part of his duties. It is important to be clear that the appropriate and accepted policies and processes were in place relating to expenses incurred in Mr. Merali’s former role, and at that time they reflected the standards in public sector organizations.” Notwithstanding the intention of AHS to support me in continuing my role as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AHS suddenly reversed its position. The circumstances which led AHS to reverse its position will be the subject matter of evidence in the legal action which is now before the Court. What is apparent from widely publicized statements by the Minister and other government representatives is that my expense claims were spun by the Defendants to make me a scapegoat and to distract the media and the public from issues with other AHS executives. I was held to a different standard than the one enjoyed by others who have not been made the subject of public ridicule by the government. I have filed a claim because the Minister and AHS have failed to meet obligations clearly given to me by a signed employment contract. Not only did they tear up a legally binding contract, but defamatory statements were made which questioned my integrity and have damaged my ability to work in a senior management capacity in Canada. As a result I have no choice but to file a claim to seek compensation for my loss of employment and damage to my reputation. I do not intend to comment further until the Court proceedings are concluded.

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