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a House of Night and Twilight Story

Reb by Anca


A House of Night and Twilight Story

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Explaining .......................................................................4

Chapter 2 – The vision........................................................................8

Chapter 3 – Acquaintances ...............................................................13

Chapter 4 – Proposal ........................................................................17

Chapter 5 – Breaking the known .......................................................22

Chapter 6 – Same old, same old – Updated Edition .............................30

Chapter 7 – Merry Meet, Professors ! ................................................39

Chapter 8 – Assignments and Hellos .................................................46

Chapter 9 – First teach .....................................................................52

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca


One thought…

I mean maybe one vision is more accurate.

One simple vision and the whole history changes – not that there was any history
to begin with but still.

I know I’m still a fledgling – a really gifted and powerful one – but still one and
that’s why I can’t help but feel unprepared and not good enough for whatever
comes my way. Hell!

I’m 17, a fledgling and a high priestess at my school - at my home, at House of


Can life get any better?

It can – but I’m not that lucky…

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 1 – Explaining

As I said, I’m not that lucky. Well maybe a bit - at least now things at House of
Night are kind of peaceful, compared with the chaos prior to that – I really must
thank my friends for a lot of things.

When Kalona and Neferet left, along with the danger, the High Priestess, the God
personification of Erebus (u-huh right!) and the real ugly Raven Mockers (big,
black, dangerous bird-like creatures with limbs of man) also disappeared. My job
now (lucky-me) is to explain, to the fledglings left at House of Night, why all of
this happen.

That turned out to be ok. When I look back – I see that all of this happened for a
reason, and that reason is to heal the world of the powerful – the world of
vampyres – with the help of my loved goddess Nyx – goddess of night.

I’ve decided that I will tell the truth at the full moon ritual in January. The
ceremony was taken place at the east wall…

“I hope everybody comes.” I said impatient.

“Don’t worry Z. Neferet and Kalona are gone and everyone of us denied an
answer as to why. All of them are curious. I bet they come.” Erik said with a
crocked smile that set my heart on fire. By the way – Erik is one of my
boyfriends. Right! One of them cause apparently now I have three, him along
with Heath the Jock and Stark the other full red vampire. Some may think this is
great – believe me – is not!

“On top of that y’all had tons of cars of products delivered here that almost
immediately disappeared under the Rec hall. I’m sure they think we’re up to
something. They just don’t know what. ” Stevie Ray said trying to make me feel

“I heard some hags that were in Aphrodite’s ex - Hags from biatch’s Hell
organization the other day. They were on fire! And they didn’t see Stark for a
while there too. They really want to know what happens.” Shaunee explained
tossing her long dark hair around the lap top where she explored the spring -
summer Jimmy Choo shoes collection (supportive right?).

“Ditto Twin. Hey chill!” Erin – busy with the same thing.

“Ok. I’ll go to see if all the candles are in place. In two minutes the ceremony
begins – be ready.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Damien entered the room having his arm around Jack. “Sweetheart. Relax. All is
in its place.”

Sweet... or not.

“Nerd Herd in action? Sorry to interrupt!” Aphrodite, wearing a gorgeous black

and red dress with a geometrical cut, appeared in the doorstep flipping her long
loose golden curls through the air.”Well, don’t mind me. I just came to see if
Zoey chickened out already.”

“Aphrodite! Y’ll better be nice or else…” Stevie Ray began.

“Give me a brake here! It’s my nice way to say ‘Break a leg!’ “

“Ya hag!” Erin stormed.

“Just my thought Twin. I hold her put, you do the work?”

“I’ll break both your skinny fledgling asses with or without your affinities. But not
tonight. My man awaits after the ceremony.” And by man she means a totally
hot and full-vampyre, a son of Erebus – Darius. I still wonder how she got him –
way too good for her.

“Are you done?” I asked annoyed.


“Ditto.” Shaunee completed.

“For now.” Aphrodite concluded.

“Good. Take your places.”

We exited the Rec Hall and headed for the East Wall that now it couldn’t even be
seen by the entire mass of people – humans, fledglings, vampyres and guard.

I saw Damien, Shaunee, Erin and Stevie Ray take their places on the circle while
I made my way to the middle of it.

“Ok. We can begin the casting.”I said in a tone barely above a whisper (which
was enough) after I saw everybody shutting up at our approach.

I walked to sit in front of Damien who held his yellow candle. Come on Z! Go for

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

I sucked a new breath and begun. “I call air to our circle. We breathe it in with
out first breaths, so it is only right that it be the first element called. Come to us,
air!". I touched the small flame that sit at the point of my index finger and lit the
candle. The small tornado that circled me and Damien made me smile as I
continued to Shaunee, slowly gaining confidence.

"Fire warms us with its passionate flame. I call fire to our circle!" as usual – the
red candle simply combust itself without me even touching it while the hot flame
circled around me and her with a random pattern.

I moved to Erin who smiled with anticipation. “Water is a perfect balance to

flame, just as Erin is a perfect Twin for Shaunee. I call water to our circle!" I said
as I touched my index finger to her candle. In a instant the moisture of the
surroundings intensified and small drops of water emerged from the blue candle
that she was holding.

I moved to Stevie Ray to touch her green candle as I spoke: "Earth supports us
and nurtures us. As the fourth element I call earth to our circle!" the small forest
mood was also normal as well as surprising.

I smiled as I made my way to the center of the cast circle.

“Spirit is in us, with us, around us. As rich and beautiful as the magenta color of
its candle I call Spirit to us!” I said as the combined forces of wind, fire, water,
earth and the sweetness and happiness of spirit washed over me.

I turned to face the crowd. There’s no easy way to say this so here it goes.

“ You have been fooled! Fooled for years. Neferet has stopped serving our great
goddess Nyx for a long time. All she ever did was to use her name to help her
with her plan of freeing Kalona from his under ground prison in which he stayed
for more than 1000 years. Kalona is a god, yes, but a dark one. One fallen, by
freewill, from the bosom of the holy, of the angels.

“His quest wasn’t to become Erebus but by this kind of blasphemy he wants to
control the world and everyone in it. The raven mockers were his children,
conceived by raping of women from the Cherokee clan.

“I stay here before you to open your eyes and see the danger you all
experienced by his presence.”

I paused for a second to look in the eyes of some fledglings and teachers before I

“Are they dead?”

“Kalona and his queen aren’t dead. They are banished, but only for the moment.
We have to join forces and be sure that when he comes we will be ready for

“Without a High Priestess?” someone murmured in the crowd creating a new

range of murmurs.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“We have a High Priestess.” Erik said – with a small smile on his lips. “I proposed
Zoey Redbird to be our Priestess to the High Council of Vampyres and I’m sure
they will agree. Wouldn’t you?”

I jerked my head towards him glaring while the cheers erupted from a part of the
public, but composed myself as I continued.

“May it as it may… We have to be prepared and our only chance is to fight along
with our dear goddess, Nyx.

“I know all of you are disoriented and confused but I really think that with our
goddess help we will go through all of this. Together – united – for Nyx and for
our future.”

I paused another time to be sure nobody has anything else to ask and all I could
see was understanding on their faces. Satisfied I moved to my friends to close
the circle.

“Thank you Spirit. You may depart.” I said as I blew the purple candle.

I moved in front of Stevie Ray. “Great speech girl. Don’t worry – we all are with
you. Huh y’all?!”

I shyly smiled at the approval heard and I spoke “Thank you Earth. You may

As I reached Erin she was grinning at me. “Me and twin have your back! You’re
with us. Everything will be well.”

I gently nodded and spoke: “Thank you Water. You have served us well. You may

“Ditto!!!” Shaunee murmured .

“Thank you fire. Your warmth was of a great importance today. But you may
depart.” I spoke as the fire dissolved in thin air and moved to Damien.

“We are with you – Don’t ever forget that.”

“Thank you air for being here with us. You may go now.” I said as I softly blew
the yellow candle.

I turned to face another time the audience and with the new confidence given to
me by my friends and with hope for our future. I moved my stare on the faces of
the fledglings, of my family now and spoke, loud enough for everybody to hear

I put the question mark on everybody’s mind but now all I could hope for is to
find a way to be ready for that which comes our way. But for now all I can do is
to give a flash of hope to everybody here so the only words left were…

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Merry meet, and Merry part and Merry meet again!” I said as I stepped out of
the imaginary circle and headed for the dining hall.

The exact answer warmed my heart as I took Stevie’s Ray hand while I heard the
strong response given by my mates and now family : “Merry meet, and Merry
part and Merry meet again!”

Chapter 2 – The vision

And now, naturally I find myself stuck with another thought.

After the end of the casting ceremony we went to the dining hall to take our
lunch – the days are reversed for House of Night so when I say lunch I actually
mean 1 o’clock in the morning for some people.

The school classes start at 8 PM and end at 3 AM everyday while the gym stays
open until dawn. The reason for that being that vampyres as well as fledglings
have a sensibility for extreme or simply sun light so the actual change of
program is quite understandable.

I took a place in line to take my meal and then sat at our usual table
accompanied this time by Aphrodite standing next to Darius, Erik and Stark .It’s
unusual to have full grown vampyres dining with us but is also unheard to have
humans so nothing to worry about.

“I really think that we shouldn’t be so nervous – at least not right now. We barely
banished him and I don’t think we need to worry about this now.” Stark began.

I continued. “Yes Stark, but we have to come up with a way to trap him in a thing
that now will stay closed. We can’t let his power unleashed over Tulsa, worse –
the entire world.” I said, firmly expressing my point.

I took advantage of the thoughtful and silent faces of my friends to grab a bite of
my steak. I had time to chew it and swallow it as my attention was other wise
diverted by Darius who was starting to panic at Aphrodite’s unfocused stare.

“Aphrodite? Talk to me. What happened to you?” He blurted as he gently shook

her looking now to me. “What is wrong with her? What can I do?”

“It can’t be! Not possible… They didn’t exist before … It can’t be! What … what
are they? What?! But how?” Aphrodite said in a voice that could have been
classified as a shouted whisper.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Relax. I think she is having one of her visions. Oh Goddess! Kalona is coming
back? Other creatures? Please don’t!” I expressed my worst fears without even
thinking. I came back to our moment of panic and explained. “Her visions are
usually great hazards that are to occur. They have a great impact on her. All you
can do is comfort her and hold her hand while she goes through this.” I said
taking a moment to comfort Darius who looked scared to death by Aphrodite’s

“But will they do it? I hope!...Maybe … If Zoey could...” She continued in the
same unfocused manner.

Wait – Did she said Zoey?

Almost a full minute later she began blinking and softly shaking her head while
Darius stroked her hand.

“They’ll help!” was all she said.

That’s all – ‘They’ll help’.

Confusion mixed with worry and I don’t know why but also a little bit of hope
flooded me as those simple words rang through my head.

“Huh?!” Stevie Ray said expressing the exact look on Stark’s and Erik’s faces.

They’ll help … They will … I tried to speak but Erin beat me to it.

“Care to explain who’s ‘they’?”

“The vampires.” Aphrodite said as it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Vampyres? You mean the Great Council?” I asked.

“No you moron! The Great Council will not really do much. They won’t thrust us
and risk enough personal to get rid of Kalona. I mean vampires. V-A-M-P-I-R-E-S!
The complete ones – the ones with the only drawback of blood. The ones that
can stand sunlight and all the myths directed to us in every book and fictional
story that was ever written. The ones who were made not grown. The ones that
stay the same as the day that have been turned. Through their children – hybrid
half-vampires who killed their mother by tearing her body free at birth, we – I
mean now you – were created. Through their evolution by conceiving children
further with humans we became what we are today. They are the primordial
prototype of vamps. They are the beginning. We are the end.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Check her food – it has drugs.” Shaunee said as the rest of us were too lost for

“Right with you Twin. Have you lost your mind? What have you done? Have you
upset Nyx so badly that now you need to be institutionalized?” Erin complained.

“Are you…” Damien begun.

“Really?” I managed.

“No really! I’m just making fun of you. Ha ha. Gotcha! We’ll just die in” she
stopped as she looked at the wrist watch dramatically “3 and a half minutes. Of
course I’m serious. You as well as me and everybody else sent a silent prayer to
Nyx to give us an answer and a way to get out of this shit and now while you
should be packing you’re questioning my sanity! Well? Here’s your answer.” She
said I mean she almost shouted and that of course got every person’s available
in the hall attention.

“But your visions are always about hazards and tragedies and death and now
you want us to believe that now you came with the answer?” Damien said trying
to be rational.

“Plus your sanity is always at question.” Jack spoke matter of fact.

“That might be the nicest thing you’ve said to me. The visions are given by Nyx!
And it is about a hazard! If Zoey doesn’t go to get the vampires, Kalona and
Neferet will come and kill us all. Now you see it?”

“Ya’ll be calm – she has a point. This is Nyx showing us what to do. Better be
nice – we’ll sort things out.” Stevie Ray said taking deep breaths – trying to help

“Get the vampires? And Zoey alone? Where are they? Who are they?” Erik said.

“The ones we are interested in are a family. A big one actually. They call
themselves ‘Cullen’. They are a group of ‘vegetarians’ vampires – their little
inside joke – they only feed on animal blood which is good on three sides – first
because it wouldn’t be ethical to encourage them to kill humans around here.
And second, all the fledglings as well as vampyres for a certain point have
human blood in them so it wouldn’t be good for them to seek temptation at
every passing individual out there.” Aphrodite explained stopping to sip her Fiji

“You said three sides.” Stark added after a long silence.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Oh right! Human blood causes the venom from their eyes to turn red. Animal
blood gives them a powerful and beautiful golden color. I don’t think you would
want people with red eyes to wander around here.” Aphrodite said after
chocking down a mouthful.

“That sounds … reasonable.” Erin said.

“True twin. But why Zoey has to get them? Where do they…” Shaunee said
being cut off as her twin completed the sentence.

“ … live? And why she alone?”

“Because Nyx also showed me that this will be the most correct way to approach
them and to make them understand everything. And because the rest of you will
be busy preparing the old storage house into a Cullen house for welcoming them
– Nyx also said that they have to be at home here. Oh! And you still have to
finish the basement under the Rec hall for the red biters – I mean fledglings.”

“So where do they live again?” I asked.

“You won’t like this. Forks, Washington. You’ll have to take the plane to Seattle
and then rent a car to drive to their home – I’ll give you directions and my credit

“So … why I’m not liking it?” I asked feeling a bit stupid.

“It’s the wettest place in continental US. They can’t stay in sunny places during
the day.”

“Why?” Stark said.

“You said they don’t have a problem with sunlight.” Erik continued.

Aphrodite looked at Erik and then Stark with a knowing grin flashing on her face
as she spoke. “They don’t have a problem with it. They sparkle.”

Erin jumped off her seat as she almost screamed. “They…”

“… what?” Shaunee shouted as she mirrored her actions.

Darius – who sat exactly still and unobserved for the entire conversation spoke
now for the first time.

“Please love, explain.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Aphrodite leaned towards him, touching her lips to his, gave him a sweet kiss as
she turned back to face us and continued. “They do – their rock hard skin is so
perfect and polished that the sun light which touches them looks like it hit
thousands of tiny little diamonds and the practically sparkle. If I wouldn’t have
seen it by myself in my vision I really wouldn’t have believed it. Is amazing.” She
said full of beauty and wonder.

“You also said a pretty large family. How large?” Damien said.

“Well there are 4 couples and a younger hybrid.” She answered pulling her gaze
from Darius.

“Didn’t you called a hybrid the first half vampires, those who killed their
mothers?” Damien provoked.

“Yes I did. She is the daughter of one of the couples. The dark hair couple you
may call them because everyone else is mixed. She almost killed her mother but
her father was there to save her by venom. Barely.” Aphrodite said.

“Yo hag! Do you know them names?” Shaunee asked.

“Yes I do. The dark haired family is formed by Edward and Bella with their
daughter Renesmee. There is also a couple formed by a blond girl named Rosalie
and her mate Emmet – a dark-haired huge dude really build. The other couple
posting as kids is formed by Alice – a pixie-like tiny little thing with her mate
Jasper – a guy with a few honey tones in his hair. And also there is the parental
figure consisted of a blond male Carlisle and his wife Esme – a dark long haired
woman. And … yes – that’s about it.”

“So let me see if I get this right. I have to travel across Us to Forks, Washington
and convince 9 vampires to come here and help us to save the world, don’t I?
And I have to go alone because I’ll be more thrust-worthy and I’m sure to
succeed because Nyx showed you this in a vision, right?” I said summarizing the
entire conversation.

“Yep. Better get to work. You leave tomorrow evening. Me and Darius will drive
you to the airport.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 3 – Acquaintances

“Miss? Can I get you anything before we land?” A fairly nice flight attendant
dressed in a cute blue smart suit asked me.

“Can I have a brown pop non light, please?” I said shyly.

“Of course – coming right up!”

After she returned I checked my phone clock. Well it’s almost 1 AM which means
that I’ll be landing in a little short of 10 minutes. Huh. Great. What am I supposed
to do now?

I quickly drained my soda and checked my purse for that small compact mirror
which I borrowed from Erin a few days ago. I looked for my mark – is good – is
still obscured.

Every human knows about vampires who have tattoos on their forehead and
cheeks that are continuations from the complete moon in the middle. But for me,
as well other fledglings is forbidden to wear the marks. We have to cover them
with foundation. Pretty easy for most fledglings – a little hard for me because my
tattoo is added and spread down my shoulders, palms, and the back of my neck
– where could be easily seen.

In fact is that my tattoos were spread on my entire torso and waist – the front
and the back – and I have to be careful not to expose them.

Aphrodite told me to wipe the foundation when I meet the Cullens, again for
thrusting matters. But – until then I have to keep them like this.

After a few minutes later the plane finally landed.

1: 17 AM.

Practically lunch for me.

I exited the plane not bothering to hover in the airport because my only luggage
was the small black satin purse, given to me by Stark (and yes – it went pretty
bad). He waited for Erik to be there.

I was dressed completely in black, pretty much usual for a vampyre.

I dressed myself in a staples mid-thigh black dress that hugged body perfectly
with a low neck line that still hold a faint pink line from healing scar. I added
some really cute stiletto black Jimmy Choos and a knee length dark gray long
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

coat that simply hung over. ( Zoey’s outfit:
id=10210557 )

I practically ran from the painful light that was in every corner of the airport. I
was wearing my sun glasses but it was still too much.

As I approached the Rent–A–Car registry I hunted Aphrodite’s credit card and

thinking what car would be more convenient for me to drive.

I settled for speed . There: a black Mercedes that only by the looks of it promised
a lot. I paid, bought a sandwich, a soda and started my hour and a half drive to

“Ok – this shouldn’t be hard – 7 miles down, 125 to go. “ I said musing to myself.


I poked and twist and press and almost destroy every button on the radio.

“Where is to ON one?.. Oh … there!” I said as I finally reached one big round red
button that just screamed ‘I’m here!!’, feeling stupid again.

A few seconds later – I found a channel. At least is good music.

Something sweet - Radio head – “Creep”. That should do it…

A hour and something later I finally reached green. I now can understand why
Aphrodite said that I wouldn’t like this place – it’s raining and doesn’t look like it
would stop soon. “But focus Zoey! You’re here with a goal. Go for it! You just…

I said as my phone screamed from my bag and interrupted my pep talk. I

reached to it. Just a message – from Heath, my imprintee.

“Yo Zo! Whr you at? Txt bck!”

“Washington” I decided to keep it light.

A few seconds later “Why didn’t you take me?”

“Business trip. Come bck tmrw.”

“Miss you!” he said.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Miss you more!” I continued knowing how true it was. I really do miss him. A

Since I imprinted on him – again – I was in kind of a constant detachment with

him. The dark winged god had something to do with it but still. Being imprinted
means that I have a constant connection with him, and him with me. I am able to
see if he is in danger, what is he thinking – mostly feelings not actual thoughts
and with a degree of concentration (and blood lust) I can even reach in his mind
and actual body.

“Impossible” he responded some moments later.

“But true.”

“Love ya Zo!”

“Love you too.”

And I did love him. And I did miss him. I miss his goofy way, his blond jock hair
and body, his smile, his eyes, his blood… That is why I said some would think
that three boyfriends are better than none but at this point I would want to be
alone and not torn between three boys – actually men, that I love – not equally
but different. I can’t say that I love one more than another, I can’t choose for the
same reason.




And worse – they love me – and they are willing to share…

“The city of Forks Welcomes you.” I read out loud from a green board. Well – as I
said to Heath – I’m here with business so I need to focus.

“Population 3 120 people… Huh. At least is comfy… and small – really small!”
compared with the almost 400.000 that Tulsa has.

Aphrodite said to run through the town on the main road – towards the woods
that lay ahead and at almost 4 miles there is a small unpaved road that takes
left. At the end of the alley there is a big three level faded white house. That is
the Cullen house.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Ok – I’m almost out of town – soon I should see the alley.


“There it is.” I mused to myself.

I took left and drove through the narrow alley until a big house with huge
windows that were actually a entire wall appeared.

I parked the car – not parallel – I’m still not able to do that.

“Spirit – I need you. Come to me!” I gently said as I felt the element surrounding
me calming me and at the same time filling me with courage and life.

I took my purse hovering in it while I found my makeup removal to clean my

tattoos from my forehead, neck and hands. After I was done I opened the door,
stepped out and walked away not bothering to lock it – C’mon! They are
vampires not thieves.

I walked on my stilettos across the damp earth and the climbed the 8 steps till
the door.

I closed the small distance until the door and gently knocked two times.

Like 5 seconds later a short girl figure opened the door.

She was gorgeous.

She had extremely perfect pale skin poked with a pair of deep golden eyes, with
some dark circles under her eyes – like she missed a few hours of sleep.

She had dark pixie-like hair so I knew in a instant who she was. Straight to the
point, Zoey – no hold backs!.

“Hello, Alice. I’m Zoey.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 4 – Proposal

“Nice to meet you. I come with a request… “

“And you want to talk with the entire family. I know. But you will have to wait.
Edward, Bella and Rosalie and in a hunting trip and Nessie is sleeping – but she
can be wakened. They will return in 19 minutes. But come on it.” She said
without the slightest level of surprise in her voice, stepping aside to allow me to

She was wearing a cute Japanese pink mid thigh dress with assorting pink pumps
– I liked her fashion. She would be a great friend for the Twins.
( )

I walked in – careful not to touch her as that would be extremely insulting.

“Nessie? You mean Renesmee?”

“Yes – our little nickname.” She said as she watched another tall man figure
coming in and putting his arms around her waist. I observed his honey tone from
his hair. His eyes were a deep golden color but a little darker than Alice’s. His
eyes shadows were larger too. He was covered in faint white battle scars. You
could have seen them on his neck and forearms where his black shirt was rolled
to. He was wearing dark jeans next to the shirt. He was beautiful – more
beautiful than any other man I’ve ever seen. And he was her mate. I simply

“Hello Jasper! Nice to meet you too. Zoey Redbird.” I said as I extended my

He was surprised – not like Alice who still was completely calm. Maybe because
of the fact that I know his name. But he extended his arm also to shake mine.

I couldn’t help but flinch at the cold temperature. Vampyres as well as fledglings
have a lower temperature compared to humans but only for 3-4 degrees, not
noticeable to humans. He was cold – extremely cold for even a vampire. It was
like he had room temperature.

I composed my features as he responded. “Nice to meet you Zoey Redbird. I see

you know my name.”

“You know mine too?” another man voice that came from my back said in a deep
husky tone.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

I turned only to be stunned again. A man was standing leaned over the wall
behind me. He was huge. Not fat huge – real muscular huge. His biceps were
flexed and the could be seen perfectly from his dark deep blue T-shirt that
hugged him that was made perfectly for him. The t-shirt hanged easily over a
pair of black jeans, completing the outfit with some Italian dark shoes. But yes – I
did know his name.
(Jasper’s and Emmet’s outfits: )

“Yes Emmet – I do.” I said surprised that my voice still worked and sounded
confident. Thank you spirit!

He just grinned as he seamed pleasantly surprised. He measured me in one short


I wondered what he saw. He wasn’t checking me out – I mean he was but not in
that way. But what did he saw? 17 years of age, huge aggressive pink scar
shoulder to shoulder, filled moon, forehead and cheeks, back, shoulder and
palms tattoos that went against everything heard in the world of vampyres,
fledgling blood…

I practically could see the wheels turning in his head as he thought where to
place me.

But the curiosity got the best of him as after 5 seconds he asked.

“What are you?” he said in a flat tone.

I decided to play along. “What are you?” I said with a small grin on my lips.

“You must know – I don’t know how but you must. But I can’t place you. What are

“I’m a fledgling.” I said preparing myself for the other questions.

But this time they came from Jasper. “But you moon is filled. You have additions
– unheard of in your world.”

“Yes – you are correct. Unheard of until this point. But I’m marked by my
goddess Nyx who chose to offer me extremely great powers – also unheard
before in my history.”

“Perhaps we should introduce you to the rest of the family. Nessie is awake now
she will be down shortly. And Edward, Bella and Rosalie are arriving real soon.”
Alice said as she watched the door on my left. I followed her gaze to see two
figures coming out. A man and a woman that I knew in a instant that they were
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Carlisle and Esme, not by their bodies or by the only names left but by the look
on their faces. They both had compassionate figures – and also parental view.

“Good evening Esme, Carlisle. I am so pleased to meet you now.”

“So are we Zoey Redbird. As well as intrigued as to why you are here.” Carlisle
said – looking like a Greek god in his perfectly still posture. God! What have I
gotten myself into?

“While you wait for the rest of the family can I get you something?” Esme asked
me with a motherly smile.

“No thank you ma’am. I don’t need anything.” I smile back.

“You can bring her a Pepsi, Esme. Non diet.” Alice said smiling at me. “Oh!
Sorry… We only have Twist Lemon”. She continued.

I looked startled back to her “How did you..?”

“Stay calm – it was the first thing that you asked the flight attendant. I know you
like it. Besides – we have something stoked for Nessie – she likes it too. You
don’t mind, do you?”

“How did you know what I asked the flight attendant?” I asked trying to make
sense of things.

“I had a vision. I watched over you since I saw you make the decision to come
here.” She spoke in a kind of expectant tone as she was preparing for what
comes. Well better not to let her wait.

“Are you a prophetess?”

“Psychic would be more accurate – but yes I am. Prophetesses mostly see
plagues and disasters – my visions are subjective. Once you made a decision I
see it’s course of action. I’ve seen that you decided to come here and because
no one was around to spy on my head I kept the secret. I saw that you wanted to
talk to us yourself. ”

“Spy on your head?” I asked.

Jasper move towards my direction attracting my attention. “Yes – Edward has a

gift too. He can read people minds. It is a powerful gift and he doesn’t need
physical contact to do so. He receives the thoughts from a few miles distance. Is
this why you were so happy today?” He questioned as he turned back to Alice.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

But I don’t think he could read my mind. No vampire could – my mind is
protected by Nyx.

“Are other persons in your family with gifts?”

“You’re about to find out.”

“Who is this interesting distraction?” a nice and genuinely kind voice asked
coming from the upper level.

I looked up to her. And just when I thought I wouldn’t be mesmerized again I was
proved wrong. The girl had waist long bronze hair that was hanging in loose
loops. ( )She descended
graciously the stairs coming in front of me smiling. Her skin was still pale white
but maybe a shade or two darker than the others vampires. Her eyes were huge
pools of deep chocolate brown only intensified by the construction of her eyes –
she was different – she was the hybrid.

“Zoey Redbird.” I said extending my arm. “You’re Renesmee?”

“Yes – you can call me Nessie though. Aunt Alice! Momma, daddy and aunt Rose
are home yet? I’m just impatient. I want to find out what is going on.”

“Aren’t we all.” Emmet said.

“Yes – they will arrive in less than half of minute. I think they can already hear
out thoughts.”

“I’ll go and welcome them.” Nessie said walking out the door.

“Momma, Daddy, I’ve missed you! Aunt Rosalie!! You will never guess who is in
our house.” Nessie said from outside jumping in the arms of Bella – I presume – a
dark haired female figure.

“I know sweetie, let’s get inside and see what this is all about. ”

They entered. How could I still be amazed by their beauty? It’s beyond me. They
are beyond anyone I’ve seen – like they are out of this world. Pale perfect skin,
great and gorgeous hair, golden eyes – just materialized beauty! (Edward’s and
Bella’s outfits: )

On a second thought : Rosalie is. (Rosalie’s outfit: )

“Hello Edward. Bella. Rosalie.” I begun.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“How do you know our names?” Rosalie asked.

“Because Aphrodite described you in her visions. Although she didn’t mentioned
your beauty – that was a shock for me.” A smile formed on her lips – huh. So she
is so self centered. She and Aphrodite would get along beautifully - or not.

“Aphrodite? That girl really chose the love goddess’s name?”

“Yes. But if you knew her you’d know that it fits her like a glove.”


“My name is Zoey Redbird. I come on behalf of House of Night, Tulsa.” Good. I
got everybody’s attention. “I want you to come to the House of Night to help us
save the world.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 5 – Breaking the known

“Why don’t we go into the dining room? It appears to be an interesting story.”

Edward gestured to a room on the left.

I followed it. It lead to a huge room painted in a soft brown. A big antique dark
mahogany dining table was standing in the middle of it surrounded by 12
matching chairs.

Carlisle gestured to me to take the head place as the rest of them sat around the
table. I had Alice on my left who was sitting next to Jasper, then Rosalie,
Renesmee and Bella, on my right being Esme, Carlisle, Emmet and Edward.

Great – all eyes on me. Breath in, breath out, Go Zoey!

“I’m the High Priestess in training at House of Night Tulsa. Actually now I’m the
High Priestess because Neferet” I cringed at her name ”had gone bad and was
banished from the school.”

“Our high priestess took another part, besides Nyx. She choose evil and to obey
to a different god – a dark fallen angel Kalona.”

“I never heard of Kalona.” Carlisle replied.

“As I said, he is a fallen angel from the Cherokee culture. He was imprisoned by
the Cherokee women deep inside the earth. He is an evil figure. He used to rape
girls, whom later gave birth of his children – dark bird-like creatures with limbs
and eyes like a man.”

“Ew.” Rosalie said mimicking also the look from Nessie’s face.

“Anyway. He was imprisoned about 1000 years ago, but Neferet with the help of
a prophesy released him about a month ago.”

“That coincides with that great storm that took place in Oklahoma. The one that
devastated everything, right?” Bella asked.

“Yes. You are right. We found out that later when we cast him away. The clouds
simply dissolved themselves, giving passing to the clear night. Anyway - the
storm did some great damage to the city and we were in the dark for a while.
The storm did damage to our persons as well. A lot from the sons of Erebus were
killed in the short time in which Kalona was there.” I said feeling a little blue for
the lost ones.

“What are the Sons of Erebus?” Emmet asked.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“They are a group of adult warriors vampyres. When the deaths of the two
vampyres occurred they were called to protect the House.”

“What kind of warriors?” Jasper asked suddenly mode interested as that would
be possible. I wonder why is that.

“In his human days Jasper was a warrior also. He fought in the civil war.” Edward

“How did you knew what… You can read my mind, can’t you?”

“Yes… That’s my gift.”

“But how could you? I mean none of the vampyres in our school could. Even
Neferet couldn’t read my mind. My mind is protected by Nyx. You shouldn’t be
able to.” I thought out loud.

“Only if…”

“Yes..?” Carlisle pressed suddenly watching me as a scientific subject.

I ignored him while I continued thinking. “The only possible answer would be if
my goddess released my mind for you to read to help me convince you. I’d be
more thrust worthy like this.” Perhaps this is it. Yes my instinct doesn’t tell me
I’m wrong. Huh. I should watch my thinking then.

“Besides Edward and Alice anyone of you have gifts?” I asked.

Bella talked this time. “I’m a shield. I block any kind of mental attack or influence
and I can also shield someone else. It manifest itself as a bubble. Jasper has the
ability to control and change emotions. And then there is Renesmee who can
send mental pictures or images by simply touching a person. Her gift can’t be
blocked even by me.” She added with a smile of smugness directed to her

I still can’t get Jasper’s and Nessie’s gift.

“Perhaps a demonstration?” Edward asked. “Jasper?”

At first nothing happened. Then I felt a wave of extreme anger as if I could kill
everyone in this world. After a few seconds the anger changed in happiness and
then excitement. At last Jasper gave me a wave of extreme boredom which
eventually faded in my usual state.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

“And Renesmee?” Edward continued.

Renesmee sat up from her seat and walked over to me. She extended her hand
as a clear invitation. I took it and it was as if an electric current passed through
me. I jerked my hand back clearly surprised in an involuntary gesture.

“Sorry. That’s the first reaction. Try again.” She smiled. She gave me again her
hand and I took it.

The electric current was still there but now much milder. I saw me, from above,
in the living room. I saw my expression of hope as I clutched tight in my purse in
my hand. I saw me from her point of view as she descended slowly the stairs.
When the images faded a clear message appeared written in white with a
beautiful, aged calligraphy on a mat black background with the message: ‘ Love
the outfit  and chill – we will help you’.

I smiled. “Thank you Nessie.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Tell Aphrodite I said ‘Hi’.“ Alice said.

“Huh?” I managed to say as my phone rang.

I got my phone from my bag to see a message from Aphrodite. “Thank you

I pressed open. “I no u'r busy but i wanted 2 tell u dat da Cullen house is
ready. A rum 4 each couple'n' R sleeps at da dorm wth u.”

“Thanks. Alice says hi.” I returned.

“/:) huh?”

I left it at that.

“Sorry about that.” I said in a general direction.

“You said that your goddess blessed you with great powers, right?” Emmet

“Yes Emmet. My goddess gave my affinities for each of the 5 elements.” I said
carefully not to sound as bragging.
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Whoa! All 5?” Rosalie asked.

“Yes. Care for a demonstration?”

“Sure!” Emmet exclaimed.

Well – here goes nothing.

“Wind – Come to me!” I said as the gentle breeze of the cold air brushed my
cheeks. I concentrated the force of the wind in Emmet’s direction forcing him to
stand back on his chair.

“Fire – come to me!” A big orange flame combusted above the center of the
table, easily burning. I let the flame burn for a few more seconds then I let it

“Oh my!” Esme murmured.

“Water – I need you now.” I whispered as water began dropping from my

fingertips and glide on the mahogany table.

“Earth.” I simply stated. In a instant the smell of moss and forest and clean
flooded me and I sent the earth to the people at the table.

“Spirit, go to them.” I commanded the spirit that was already obeying me. I
heard them gasping as the element reached them.

“Thank you Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Spirit remain by my side.” I sensed each of
the elements leave as I relaxed in my seat.

“That was awesome!” Emmet said. I simply smiled.

“So what is it that you want from us?” Rosalie snapped.

“I want you to come to the House of Night and help us deal with this situation. I
want you to come to help us save the world from destruction.” Where all the
confidence came from?

“Why we?” Jasper asked.

“Nyx gave Aphrodite a vision in which she saw you as the answer and the
solution to this mess. You are the prototype for us the vampyres. From you were
are born.“

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Aphrodite is a prophetess?” Alice asked.

“Yes she is.”

“You’re wrong. How can it be? We can’t further kids.” Esme said with a
disappointed look.

I smiled comfortingly. “Women can’t. Male do. You have the proof in your house.
Hybrids like Renesmee, with farther mating with humans created in the end our
known vampyres. And from us a new kind of vampyres emerged.”

“What kind?” Edward asked.

“We call them red vampyres or fledglings. After the death of a fledgling, a new
type of creatures appears. They change their tattoos from dark blue to blood-
like, which eventually comports itself like our normal tattoo. After the change
takes place they become red vampyres, and their tattoo receives adding. But
with their deaths drawbacks emerge. Even as fledglings they crave human blood,
they can’t stand at all the sunlight – they die if they are exposed to it and they
need to be underground to be truly comfortable. For that we designed an
underground home for them beneath the Rec Hall at the House back in Tulsa. My
best friend Stevie Ray completed the change also Stark.” I startled at his name.

“What’s wrong?” Carlisle asked.

“Nothing. Stark is my boyfriend. I mean one of them.”

“One of them? How many do you have?” Emmet questioned amused.


“Whoa. How did that happen?” He continued.

“Really long story.” I really wish he would stop.

“Emmet! Give Zoey a break!” Edward exclaimed as I saw Rosalie lean across the
table in time to smack the back of his head. I muttered a ‘thank you’ to Edward
– he just smiled and nodded.

“Sorry babe.” Emmet said smiling as Rosalie leaned back against her chair with a
smug grin.

“Anyway. So what could we do at House of Night?”

“Teach.” I stated.
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Teach?! Teach what?” Nessie asked.

“Not all of you. I think that for you would be better if you took the part of a
fledgling – given your younger age.” I said that as I mentally wandered what age
she was. She looked 16-17 but I knew something has to do with the fact that she
is a vampire.

“She is 5 – she hasn’t reached maturity yet . But she is much mature than a lot
of people a I had the pleasure to meet.” I actually believed that.

“As for the rest of you I’m sure we can find some courses. I mean: Emmet you’re
a big guy. We already have a Fencing course with Professor D. Lankford – we all
call him Dragon. We can introduce a wrestling course for the boys.”

“Yeah! That sounds awesome – I’m in.” Emmet said jumping up and down his

“And not a girl’s course?” Alice asked disappointed.

“Well I think that a f…”

Alice stopped me. “Yey!!! A fashion course for the ladies. Cool! Bella is with me.”
She blurted with a grin – Bella looked really miserable at this point.

A fashion course. Well I know at least thirty girls that would be excited about this
– that includes me too.

“Also we have three post that have remained vacant. Drama, Poetry and
Vampyre Sociology. I mean drama is partially occupied by Erik Night” I startled
again “world champion at Drama but only a vampyre for about a month an I’m
sure he wouldn’t mind to share his course”.

“Let me guess.” Emmet begun. “Another boyfriend?”

I felt my cheeks turned red but I answered. “Yes – another boyfriend.”

“I see you like variety – one’s a vampyre, one’s a red one, what’s the third –
human?” He asked.

I froze. I breathe in, then out but my frozen state still remained.

“Oh my god Zoey – Am I right?” Emmet asked really entertained.

I said nothing. I couldn’t – I wouldn’t!

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“What’s his name?” Nessie joined as Emmet’s loud laughter shook the entire

“Heath. He is my imprintee.” With that Emmet stopped and looked at Renesmee.

“Your imprintee – you mean you imprinted on him?” Nessie provoked.

“Yes I did – for a second time actually. I mean I imprinted on his blood. Is how the
connection is set between us.

“What kind of former are you?” Jasper asked.


“And you crave blood already? Normal fledgling don’t crave blood until they are
sixth formers, right?”

“I’m not normal, am I? Yes is true – but I craved blood from the first day. That’s
what makes the imprint so powerful.”

I took advantage of the silent break created and continued.

“As I was saying. Drama, Poetry and Vampyre Sociology. I think that Poetry is
good for Jasper for his gift. I’m only asking – you are allowed to deny.”

“No – is good. I take poetry.”

“Thank you Jasper. I also think that Esme is perfect for the Sociology class
because of her motherly figure. I think something close to the heart of the
fledglings is more suitable.” I continued.

“Is good – I can do it.”

“And Carlisle – you’re a doctor, right? Maybe we can make a Biology course.”

“Perfect – Thank you.”

“That leaves Rosalie and Edward.” I stated.

“I think Rosalie is best for Drama. She’s a drama queen – literally.” Edward
added chuckling – and watching Rosalie who took it as a compliment. That gave
me an idea.

“But you can sing?” I asked him.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Bella responded this. “Yes – the plays piano as well as other instruments and he
has a gorgeous voice.” She said as she pecked his lips.

“Is settled then? Are you coming?”

“I don’t know if I can. What about Jake?” Nessie asked now worried.

“Sweetie – this is only temporarily. Jake can wait you – or he can visit. This is not
a real problem.”

“We will have a family meeting about it but I think so. We’ve been in this place
for 9 years now. People are getting really suspicious on Carlisle who looks like
he did when we first moved here.”

“Ok. Can we leave tomorrow evening?”

“Yes – I think we can.”

“Here!” I said as I reached for Aphrodite’s credit card. “Make reservations for the

“Non sense! Already taken cared of. 10 airplane tickets to Tulsa, leaving
tomorrow evening at 9. 15. I need to pack!!!” Alice screamed as she stormed out
of the room leaving us chuckling.

“Is she always like this?” I asked.

“You have no idea.” Jasper chuckled as his mate.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 6 – Same old, same old – Updated Edition

After Alice finished packing we talked for a bit.

I took a shower and I crashed the day in a room at the last floor with a huge bed
in the middle of it. I later found out that it was Edward’s room but he moved in a
little cottage in the woods – not far from the home. But what’s the purpose to a
huge bed I mean is not like they could sleep … – oh … I get it now …

When the clock rang, I got up of bed feeling completely refreshed – it felt good
after months of unsleeping to simply rest.

After I ran through the morning toiletries I found on the bed a complete outfit of
black and a deep burgundy waiting for me. Next to it – a note :

‘Wear this, Alice.’ Aw! I love the pumps! (Zoey’s outfit: )

‘Thank you, Alice’ I said in a normal voice – while talking last night I found out
that they have an amazing senses so a regular voice from me would be like a
shouting for them.

“You’re welcome – your things are already in the bag.” She shouted from below.

“I owe you!” I continued.

“No you don’t. I’ll love my room.” She shouted back.

Not exactly sure what is my contribution in this but – oh well.

Later that day, after loading the baggage, I rode with Edward, Bella and Nessie
to the airport in a red Ferrari – Bella’s car. Carlisle with Esme took my rented
Mercedes and Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet went in a yellow Porsche (thank
goddess – I mean mostly for Emmet who couldn’t stop questioning me about my
three boyfriends, my dead vampyre bff, my nun friend and my dead ex-boyfriend
that also was my imprinter Loren Blake – yes I actually did the mistake to talk
about that).

“I’m sorry – he’s like that.” Edward excused him.

“I mostly deserve this – but it looks worse when I hear someone talk about it.” I
smiled shyly.

“But how did you end up with three boyfriends?” Nessie, who rode back with me,
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Long story – but oh well… I was hanging with Heath since before I was marked. I
dumped him a few days before my tracker found me. I didn’t liked him anymore
– he was getting into alcohol and drugs and stuff and I said no. ”

I saw I had everybody’s attention. Nessie mumbled ‘Smart girl!’

Great! Since when do I get the spot light?

“Go on.” Bella urged.

“Well anyway – after a couple of days at the House, he and my ex bitchy best
friend - that’s ex best friend not ex bitchy - thought they should bust me out – of
course they didn’t think about the fact that if they took me from vampyres, my
body would reject the change and I would die. Can’t blame him though – he’s not
that fast.”

Nessie left out a chuckle. I smiled with her. But then my smile turned sour. She
noticed it.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing – I mean this is the time when I first tasted his blood. Now the first
imprint occurred. It tasted great, he liked it too but I can’t help but be disgusted
by myself. Ironic huh?”

“How did you end up tasting his blood – did you bit him or something?” Bella
asked concerned.

“No. But I may as well have. I scratched his wrist and drank from there. With this
first exchange of blood I connected the imprint. I didn’t knew what I was doing – I
only found out later from Neferet that probably wasn’t a full imprint and that if I
stay away from him – the connection would eventually fade, but it wasn’t like he
was making this easy. I mean the next time I accidently saw him - he cut his
neck with a razor blade making me fall again in temptation.”

I sensed Bella gasp but I continued.

“Neferet also told me the destruction of a full on imprint is very painful mostly on
behalf of the imprintee but I couldn’t cause Heath pain – I just couldn’t.”

“Why was Neferet such a big part in your life?” Edward asked.

“Yeah – is like she is present in every sentence.” Nessie followed.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“We she is part of my entire life at the House. She was the High Priestess. But
before becoming my nemesis she was also my mentor.” I admitted.

“Whoa! Really?” Nessie asked.

“Yep.” I concluded.

“How did that go?” Bella pressed.

“As a mentor she is, I mean was great – she thought me to deal with all the new
and unheard of things for someone my age like blood lust, parental problems,
imprintee and so, she became like a mother for me. That was before I found out
she was out of my goddess’s path. Then it was like anything she had ever done
for me didn’t matter anymore. I felt betrayed. Lonely.” As I was holding back
silent tears my eye caught a glimpse of something black outside. I recognized
the Mercedes.

“Why are they…” Edward stopped me.

“They can hear you.” Bella said. “They are curious about you. Especially Emmet.
His years are like glued to the window.”

“I underestimated your senses. I didn’t knew you can do that.”

“Believe me – they can so much more. They are going to be great teachers.”
Nessie said.

I could picture it – Bella running after Alice to help her, I noticed the crease
between her eyes. God – they were so beautiful – you couldn’t help but feel self
conscious. All about them are perfect – their body, their hair, their faces, their
eyes… Their faces?!

“Crap!!! You can’t show at the House of Night looking like this! Where are your
marks, your tattoos? We can let you be discovered. I have to come up with

“Zoey – relax!” Nessie soothed me. “Look!” she said as she opened her purse
and pulling out like about thirty or so dark blue eye liners. “We knew we can’t
appear like this. When you were asleep each of them designed their own
patterns. And you will help me apply mine. Daddy told me that I’m going to sleep
in your room as your best friend must sleep underground with her fledglings. And
see? Extra precise, extra powerful, extra sure!” she chanted in her little beautiful
voice. Thank you goddess!

“We’re here.” Edward stated.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“But we left half an hour ago!”I protested – it took me near 2 hours to complete
the journey.

“Edward drives like a maniac.” Bella smiled looking at her husband adoringly.
“But now so do I.” She said as she leaned in to him until she found his lips.

She kissed him passionately, like there was no tomorrow. Like they are willing to
die this instant, but they would die happy.

I wanted to torn my gaze from them, to stop watching this form of passion – but
I couldn’t! I was like committed. I knew this was much to personal for me to
assist but I still stared at them.

Renesmee fake coughed. Once. Twice. Another time.

“Momma! I know you love daddy but Zoey will get sick soon. So will I if you two
don’t stop.”

“Sorry baby. I still can’t help myself.” She said grinning at Edward as she leaned
and kiss him again.


They kept it another two seconds and then let it go.

“Sorry.” Bella said deviously.

“You always do that!” Nessie provoked.

“How long have you two been together?” I asked.

“Almost eight years. And before you ask – married for 5.” Edward replied.

“Oh. Ok.”

Esme came to us. “Come on darlings – we will not have time to go through al the
check-ins if we move like that.”

“Besides you two love birds have your own room at Tulsa. You should be safe.”
Emmet whispered the last line while chuckling. I couldn’t help but join.

As it turned out we did have enough time to go through all the check-ins and
soon I found myself in first class. Why am I not surprised that we are the only
ones in the room?
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“All passengers must fasten their seatbelts immediately. We’re going to take off
soon. We wish you a pleasant and safe flight.”

Well at least I can see the differences between business and first class. I’d better
enjoy as I could. The flight only takes like 3 hours.

I sat with Ness as each of the couples took their seats together.

“Can you continue now?” she suddenly asked.

“Continue what?”

“The story how you got yourself three boyfriends. You were at the part where
you connected the first imprint.”

“Oh yeah, in the same night when I drank his blood I first talked with Erik Night.
He was a fledgling then – the hottest fledgling then and the ex-boyfriend of the
most popular girl at the House, Aphrodite.

“Any way – then we connected and soon we got together. And we were great. He
was great, he had a good heart and soul, a little of oversized ego but I loved him
and still do.”

“What went wrong?”

“Everything. The vampyre laureate Loren Blake got the mission from his lover
Neferet to seduce me. It wasn’t that hard – and he did a pretty good job. I traded
everything with that guy – even blood. This is how I broke the imprint with Heath
– by replacing it with his own. The next day he was killed.”

“How did you take it?” She asked now concerned.

“Not well – I hated him now but I still loved him. When he died was like a part of
me died too. Like I burned my life and I had left was a pile of ashes. Empty.” I felt
the path of a tear on my cheek – I wiped it immediately.

“I’m sorry… You can stop if you want to, you know…” She excused herself.

“Hey – I’m fine. You can keep asking. Is time to get over it.”

“How did you end up with Stark?”

“He was a transfer from the House of Night in Chicago. Neferet asked him
because of his gift. He has the gift of never miss what he’s aiming for. He died
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

soon after to become a red fledgling and after that a full red vampyre like my
best friend.”

“I know Emmet wants to ask but I’ll go first – how did you end up with that scar?”

“Thanks shortie!” Emmet said.

“Oh – because of it I had my second imprint on Heath. A Raven Mockers hurt me

and I had to drink Heath’s blood to get better and to be able to live.”

And we talked. Occasionally one of the Cullens would interfere and ask a
question or add an explanation.

I told her all my life, I confided in her as she confided in me.

She told me of another kind of imprint in which she was the imprintee. She
talked about Jacob – now her lover (Edward was almost destroying the seat when
we talked about it). Over protective – father.

At least he is better than mine – that’s for sure.

The flight attendant didn’t bother us almost at all. She only came once in a while
to bring me and Nessie some Pepsi lemon. I must find a way to score some of it
in the dorm. I love it – Ness does too.

“What are we going to do about the blood?” Nessie questioned.

“The teachers always have some stoked at the House. New supplies come
regularly . But you guys can’t drink human blood, right? I can always get Darius
to bring human blood bottles to Renesmee – I don’t really need it, I only crave it
but this is another story. But I could talk with Lenobia to order animal blood.”

“There’s no need for that. We’ll go periodically to hunt. And Renesmee will come
with us.”

“But Momma!” she complained.

“There is really no need for that. I can procure it easily.”

“She’ll get used to it. She needs to know that when we move back she won’t be
drinking it. We’re not changing who we are.” Bella stated.

“She’ll drink it like me. Rare.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“She doesn’t need food to live – she can live on blood – she prefers it this way.
But Ness doesn’t have to drink often. So she can come with us when we go.”

“She’ll live on Pepsi and blood – hell – we already match.” I joked. “No Bella. I
insist. Each of you are free to do whatever you want here at House of Night –
including drinking blood – but I guess this isn’t the best for you. Nessie can drink
with me. We’ll keep it rare – once or twice a week. There really isn’t any point in
arguing here.”

“She shouldn’t get used to it.” Edward interceded as the rest of the Cullens were
watching us with amusement.

“I won’t.” Nessie stated simple.

“You win this one but watch it young lady.” Bella said trying to sound full of
authority when her voice came out like happiness and proud for her daughter. I
really miss my mom in this moments. I wish she was still here, I mean like she
was – before he married that douche bag.

Edward gave me an apologetic look. I grinned in response as I realized he had

been reading my mind.

“For your own good – you’d better not be able to hear Aphrodite’s mind. You’ll be
marked for life.”

“That bad, huh?”

“You have no idea!” I said between chuckles.

“We will be arriving soon. You should place your tattoos. No one would question
you at the airport but at the House, people would get suspicious if full vampyres
are hiding their marks to travel. Nessie – you are obligated to hide it so you don’t
have to put it on.”

Each one did as I told them.

How can I still be amazed?

Excluding the completed moon that started every tattoo each one was perfect
and unique.

I saw Rosalie first. Besides the moon she had beautiful roses with leaves and
pikes that framed her eyes gorgeously.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Emmet had a series of fine chains that looped around his eyes, while Carlisle and
Jasper each shared a tribal model that for Carlisle showed light and for Jasper

Alice’s tattoo showed soap bubbles and fine lines that connected them as a tree
perfect for he bubbly personality.

Bella’s and Edward’s tattoo were kind of completing. Bella had different sized
dots that framed the moon and the outline of her eyes and eyebrows and as for
Edward two huge stars were at the sharp edges of the moon and small ones
around the eyebrows and near his water line.

Esme had a simple one – she had a fine line that looped symmetrically on her
forehead and around her eyes.

They all did it in like 4 seconds. I was amazed.

But I didn’t have time for it.

Soon the pilot was announcing our arrival in Tulsa.

We descended the plane and went to the luggage area.

Damn light!!!

“Look in your bag!” Alice exclaimed.

I did, only to find in them a pair of dark black sun glasses. ‘Thank you Alice’ I
murmured again.

“No problem – I saw that it would be uncomfortable for you so I bought them last
Saturday at the mall.”

Thoughtful. Very thoughtful.

The boys unloaded the luggage – not because the women couldn’t but because it
would look a little conspicuous if Alice would easily carry in one arm a bag 4
times her body mass.

I told Aphrodite that we would arrive a little after midnight and that it isn’t
necessarily to wait for us but Alice already saw that she would be here.

And yes – she was. Next to Darius and Stevie Ray who as soon as she saw me
and the group came before us with a huge grin buried on her face and shouted.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Welcome to Tulsa!”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 7 – Merry Meet, Professors !

Stevie Ray walked right before me and gave me a bear hug.

“I’ve missed ya, Z! oh! I love what you’re wearing. The kids have been good, you
know?” She said in her gorgeous Oklahoman accent. She stopped a second to

Edward took advantage as he leaned to me to whisper. “I see what you mean…”

A second I looked confused but then I saw Aphrodite coming confidently to us.

“Oh! Feel for you man… Can I guess what she is thinking? I bet she already hates
Rosalie.” I said as I saw Rose giving me a glance and then to Aphrodite.

“Close.” He answered.

Rosalie joined our whispering while grinning.

“The girl is delusional. She’s ok for a human. But I’m NOT human. I’m way out of
her league.” She added as she sent a smile to Aphrodite, who looked annoyed

She walked right before her and extended her arm.

“Oh hi there! Nice to meet you Aphrodite. I’m Rosalie.” She said with a huge grin
and confidence that was coming out of every pore. “You’re too confident, girl!
Back off!” would be more accurate.

“Rosalie. Be careful!” Edward muttered under his breath.

“What? I’m meeting people here.” Rosalie defended. Translation: ‘Back off
Edward. I’m destroying people here.’

Edward said again... chuckling. “Close.”

But thankfully – Aphrodite is a trained hag – I mean girl.

“Oh how nice to meet you Rosalie. Glad you know my name. Skip the
introductions. We’ll going to enjoy your staying here at House of Night.”
Aphrodite returned with a smile. Translation: You’re going to be a pain in my ass,
biatch! ‘Close again, Edward?’ I thought.

He just grinned in return.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Rosalie smiled again. And added a bell ring like chuckle.

“Oh – I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here. But you are pretty much human. Will you

“No – but I won’t miss the campus.” Aphrodite continued with the same hag-grin.
“And you won’t miss me.” Translation again: ‘Don’t worry - I’ll be a pain for you
too. You don’t have anything on me leech!’

“Well, why don’t I introduce you guys?” I interrupted. ”This is Stevie Ray, my
best friend. That is Darius and Aphrodite.” I said pointing to each of them. “And
this is Alice with her husband Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet, Carlisle, Esme, Bella,
Edward and their daughter Renesmee.” I continued pointing.

“You can call me Nessie.” Renesmee intervened.

“Everybody is at the House?” I asked.

“You mean the Nerd Herd, Erik and the professors? Yeah sure. But you have your
puppy here too.” Aphrodite said.


“Zo! Missed you love.” A voice boomed from my left. Heath! He ran over to me
and gave me that king of hug that leaved you breathless. Again he smelled like
home. An delicious and inviting home I might add. He reminded me of that night
in the park, his sweet rich blood, our kiss on the bench… oops! Not good. That
night ended with me throwing two jerks that pissed me off in front of a truck. I

“Heath? What are you doing here?” I said, trying to free myself from his iron

“I came to see you of course. I went at the House of Night and Stevie Rae told
me when you arrive. Look – I brought you your favorite soda.” He spoke, smiling
creating dimples on his cute little heart – I mean face. Goddess! What’s wrong
with me?

“Thank you, Heath. You shouldn’t have.” I said as I took the soda from him –
goddess – he is so sweet. “Everybody, this is Heath. Heath, this is everybody.” I
said looking embarrassed. My extra sensible instinct told me that I must brace
myself for what could happen. Well… it didn’t disappoint.

“So, you’re Zoey’s human boyfriend and imprintee, right?” Emmet said with a
smile playing on his lips.
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Heath didn’t seemed surprised – or even the slightest embarrassed. “Yes. I am.
Who’s asking?” he said, suddenly looking serious.

“Emmet Cullen.” - arm extended – “Wrestling professor at House of Night Tulsa.”

“You have a wrestling professor?” he asked this time to me.

“We do now. It’s the optional boy’s course.”

“Girls don’t have one?” Stevie Ray asked with a slight pout on her face.

“This is not the time or the place. But yes they do – they have a Fashion and
Woman Behavior course that will be taught by Alice and Bella. Can we move to
the House? The lights are killing me!” I complained as I saw Stevie Ray and
Aphrodite smile.

“Heath? Can I talk with you tomorrow?”

“Yes – you will call me tomorrow, but I’ll drive you to school. Not open for
discussion, Zo.” He said with authority. Well… what the hell. I didn’t even want to
argue now.

He continued. “I have three extra seats in my truck. Who goes with me?” he

“I can.” Renesmee said. “Momma, Daddy you’re coming?”

“Yes sweet heart.” Bella answered.

“Three more ride with Aphrodite and Darius.” Stevie Rae told us.

“Me, Jasper and Emmet?” Alice said while all of them slightly nodded.

“And ya’ll rest come with me in Zoey’s car.” My vampyre friend continued
looking at Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie.

“We can talk with the rest of the staff at the House. The Council meeting room is

“Who do you think used it? You was gone for 2 days, ya know?”

“Lenobia and Dragon are waiting with the others profs there.”

“K. Let’s go.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

The trip was amazingly uneventful. Heath was silent. Something is wrong.

“Heath, is there something you want to tell me?”

“No.” He answered curtly. Through the imprint bond I was getting all kind of
messages. Pain, fear, doubt but mostly lying.

“Heath. You’re lying. I can feel that. What is wrong?” I said as I put my hand on
his forearm - as I was riding in the front with him.

“Nothing. Really! I’m good.”

“If you’re not going to tell me I’ll call others methods to find out.” I threatened.

“Like what?”

“I can get into your head – or I can ask Edward here, who is a mind reader to tell
me what’s wrong.” I continued matter of fact.

“When we get to school I’ll promise to tell you.”

“Ok Heath.”

Well… the ride isn’t that long so in 5 more minutes we were at the school.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll be right back.” Emmet and Stevie Rae looked like they
were to protest but Edward cut them off.

I was left behind with Heath.

“So what’s up?”

“Who are those guys?”

“What guys?”

“The good looking ones. All four of them.”

Oh! So that what’s all about. I begun to laugh. “Not funny.” He said.

“Oh yes it is! You can’t really tell me that you are jealous, right?”

“Just tell me that I don’t have to share you with others. Those two boneheads are
enough.” He said while pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“You have nothing to worry about.” I spoke honestly.

“But why did that Emmet guy was checking you out?” he protested.

“That Emmet guy is married to Rosalie, the gorgeous blonde for 80 years!”

“And the others?”

“Edward is married for 5 with the love of his existence, Bella, Jasper is with Alice
– the short woman and Carlisle is with Esme. Even Renesmee is spoken for crying
out loud! Heath. No one is hitting on me.”

He debated. Apparently he came to an answer.

The worry on his face was now gone and replaced with a grin. “Prove it!” he

Ok! I will.

I don’t know who was now there, in my body, but I no longer could retain myself.
I pushed him on the school’s wall, fisting my hands on his deep blue sweater.

My primal instinct no longer could be held in place.

I crushed my lips to his, loosing me in the sweetness there. Our kiss was soft for
my part and rough for his. The sync that we fed was perfect, like a song written
just for the two of us. His thong caressed my lower lip, making me to explode in
a different level than two seconds ago. I allowed entrance, like that opening a
door, I brushed the tip of my thong to his, loosing myself in a new sensation.

My hand reached to pin itself on the back of his neck. I felt his pulse there. I
inhaled – smelling his sweet and flavored blood that was calling me like a woman
perfume is calling one man.

I hold the hand there just to feel the pulse, the same pulse in sync with the one I
could feel on his lips.

“Drink from me baby. I want you to. I want you to taste me and to make the pain
fade.” He murmured.

And it was like my will was gone. I couldn’t oppose. I reached my fingernail to his
neck and press causing a line of rich, sweet and yummy burgundy liquid to come

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

He put a hand on my head and pressed my lips to his neck. “Yeah baby – like
that. Yes Zoey – drink from me.”

And I did. The taste exploded in my mouth in that familiar and beautiful way. I
drank from him, feeling every cell of my body warming and filing with my
ecstasy drug – inducing me in a state of dream, euphoria and madness.

I let a small moan escape my lips in the same time that he did.

The cut on his neck was barely bleeding now. I wanted to reach and make a new
one, but amazingly Heath stopped me. “No babe. You must go now. We will have
time for that.”

He kissed me another time, brushing the blood left on my lips and let go. “I love
you, Zo!”

“Love you too Heath.” I spoke, watching him go and taking a part of my soul with

I sat there, for a few moments just enjoying the filling of his blood running
through me, warming me, and providing feelings that are so unique that I could
only associate them with Heath and his blood.

What am I going to do?

It isn’t fair for any of the boys to let them like this. To let them sharing me…

Why do I love them? And them all? Why couldn’t I just chose?

Why I am me?

I don’t really know how much I’ve been standing there crying but my mental
debate was stopped when I heard a voice – two voices.

“Zoey? Are you ok?”

“Z? you good?”

“Stevie Rae. Nessie. What are you guys doing here?”

“I wanted to give ya your time but when ya wouldn’t come I Nessie ask Alice
where ya at. She told us that you are here crying. We came after ya.” Stevie Rae

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“I thought I am faster, but I have almost the same speed with your best friend
here. We got here at the same time.” Ness told me. I noticed she was wearing
her crescent moon fake tattoo.

“You’ve been drinking from Heath, didn’t ya? I can smell him everywhere in
you.” I remained silent.

“Everybody is at the council hall?”

“All the teachers, my family, the warriors and the Prefect Council. We are waiting
for you.”

“Mkay. I’m good. Let’s go.”

We took off to the professors building in which was the Council room.

I noticed the heads that I turned when I passed my others fledglings mates, most
of them bowing and greeting me in the traditional way of fist over heart salute. I
bowed back, rushing to the hall.

As I passed the double French dark mahogany wood doors, I saw the round table,
in the middle of the room occupied by the Cullens, the prefect council and the
remaining teachers at the House.

Lenobia greeted me and I bowed gently back.

Dragon smiled encouragingly and nodded so I could begin.

‘Spirit – come to me and help me speak.’ I murmured as I sensed the lightness of

the element filling me from every corner. I could begin now.

“You all are probably wondering why are you here. I present you the new
professors that will be attending House of Night for the next year.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 8 – Assignments and Hellos

“All of them?” Professor Penthesilia asked.

“Yes – all of them. I mean besides Renesmee.” I gestured my hand towards her”
Our beloved Nyx showed Aphrodite in a vision that we need help – and nobody
needs to be psychic to know that. She showed her that we have to get the help
for our school to function from this family and also, Nyx encouraged us to
perform a change in out curriculum by introducing other profiles.”

“What other profiles?” a deep man voice purred from my right.

Erik ! Oh Erik, how I missed him!

He looked the same as last time. As a fledgling he was the hottest fledgling from
our school. I mean he is – but now he is a vampyre, a man. My man – to be
exact. And as he could read my mind he caught my gaze and grinned at me.

His ruffled jet black hair, his eyes, his dark shit that hugged him, his gorgeous
lips – all of them reminded me of how lucky I was to have him.

“Z! Pay attention!” Stevie Rae pressed interrupting my current buzz.

“Oh sorry! Yeah. Well – better I present you the teachers and their profiles. First
– we had to fill our existing posts.

“For Vampyre Sociology – Esme Cullen will take over as professor. For Poetry, we
have Jasper Hale” I didn’t forget to point – the dorky side of me will never fade
”that will replace our Vampyre Poet Laureate and take over his classes.

“Because Professor Erik Night is a beginner at teaching – and no, I’m contesting
his skills, Rosalie Hale will help him teach the class.

“We introduced two new optional courses, one of Wrestling for boys, hosted by
Emmet Cullen and one of Fashion and Woman Behavior or F.W.B. for the girls
that is lectured by Alice Hale and Bella Cullen.

“We finally introduced a Music Course, that is lectured by Edward Cullen, and a
Biology Class, thought by Carlisle Cullen.”

Lenobia stepped in. “I talked with the Great council of Vampyres. They’re in
mourning now and they haven’t chosen another leader. But I talked with the next
one in charge and she approved the implication and the authority of Zoey
Redbird, on behalf of our Goddess.”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Resuming to the teachers problem, you said family?” Penthesilia asked.

Edward stepped in. “Yes. But not completely biological. Carlisle and his wife
Esme adopted me, Emmet, Alice, Jasper and Rosalie before we were marked.
Jasper and Rosalie are twins. After changing, Jasper married Alice – giving her his
name, and Rosalie married Emmet. I found and married Bella and Renesmee is
our daughter who got marked 5 days ago and will attend here as a third former.
She is also one of the reasons for what we came here in the first place.”

“Really? I trust that each of you have special preparations to be teachers, right?”

“Yes. Each of us is very good at what we’re doing – your students will be safe
with us.”

“We’re all on your side. And you’ll get the comfort needed for your staying here.
You’ll just have to ask us.” One of the guardians told them.

“Good. Since there isn’t enough place at the professor’s building, the Cullens will
live in the former storage house. It’s now redeveloped and worthy for their home.
And since the house has just 4 available bedrooms, Nessie will sleep with me in
my room. The conditions are good for the red vamps too?” I asked Stevie Rae.

“Yes. We constructed their home under the rec hall. They are safe and well
protected there.”

“Another question. The what not problem is resolved?” I continued still

addressing to my best friend, knowing that she will get the code name for the
extra blood.

She didn’t seemed startled. “Yes. In the red dorm are 5 fridges full of what not,
and the kids will eat their normal dinner at the dining hall without a problem.
Their former colleagues are truly happy to be once again with their friends.”

“Good. We’ll take the Cullens to their new house.” I turned to Lenobia. “Is there
any chance that I’m excused of class today?”

“Yes Zoey. It’s already taken cared of. But you’ll resume your classes tomorrow.
The new fledgling will be in most of your classes. Her schedule is in your room.”

“I think the meeting is over. Lenobia! Can I talk with you for a second?”

She seemed a bit surprised as I walked confidently towards her.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Can we do something about the Cullens? Can we order some animal blood so
that if they can’t leave to hunt they’ll be able to drink? They can’t drink

“That’s an odd request but I’m sure it can be arranged. May I ask what kind?”
She stiffed a chuckle under her breath.

“Umm.. “ I begun as I saw Emmet come to us with a grin knowing that he heard
our conversation.

“Predator. But much won’t be required. We’ll leave every week or so to hunt.” He
said with his winning smile that I was absolutely positive that Lenobia’s heart

“Yes. That will be all.” I said trying to bring Lenobia with her feat on the ground,
on the same time pushing Emmet towards his family. Of course I didn’t even
moved a hair - he is like stone.

Eventually Lenobia snapped out of it and while gently shaking of her head she
turned around and left for the teacher’s building.

I left with the Cullens, Stevie Rae, Erik and Aphrodite with Darius for the old
Storage house. My friends had to return to class and Erik had a spare. As soon
as we were out of hearing range I turned to Emmet and started hissing.

“Are you insane? She’s a teacher. You’re married!”

“What! Is not my fault that she can’t control herself. I wouldn’t have gone a
stray.” He looked at Rosalie who looked rather bored than intrigued by Emmet
and his possibility of cheating.

“We’re used to it. People see us like very beautiful creatures. No biggy!”

“Yeah yeah. And I’m- “ I wanted to say Virgin Mary but I knew that would be bad
and really stupid to bring up this subject with Erik here.

I dropped it.

I went to Erik and cuddled aside his arm as he welcomed me with a hug. As I
leaned my head to his shoulder I realized I haven’t been seeing Stark since my
return. I blurted the words before I was able to stop them.

“Where’s Stark?”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Erik looked a bit hurt but quickly recomposed himself to speak. “He’s helping out
at the Red Dorm. He wanted to see you” he hissed the last word “but he couldn’t
have come at the council so he was left out.”

“Don’t worry. Boyfriend there will contact you the first chance he has.” Aphrodite

“You know? I really missed you. I haven’t gotten my share of stupid lines from
you up in the north.”

“Aw! That might be the nicest thing ever. Stop it. I don’t do nice!”

“Aphrodite. Be good!” Stevie Rae amended.

“Oh BITE ME, country dork.” She snapped.

I couldn’t help but grin. “She already has. Twice actually.”

Heat rushed to her cheeks for like half a second before her perfect face pushed
them away and she became her normal self.

“Only to save her pathetic little life. Lucky she – I have a lot of crap to make up

“Oh shush! You liked it! and don’t try to lie. I was there.”

I haven’t realized we’ve stopped until we finished out arguments and took a look
around to see all the Cullens look dumb stuck at us, while they were enjoying our

“I can’t believe you haven’t showed them the house yet!” I heard Erin’s voice.

I looked to them to see the twins, Damien and Jack coming to us.

“Actually twin – this is better – we have the chance to present it ourselves.”

Shaunee replied.

“True spoken Twin!”

“What are you doing here?” shouldn’t they be at school?

“Lunch time girl. And we didn’t do Poetry since our teacher has just came.” Erin
explained as she battled her eyes sweetly to the Cullen men.

“What are we discussing?” Damien started.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“The fact that Stevie Rae has bitten Aphrodite.” I simply stated.

“Why don’t we get inside?” Alice said.

“Yes. Let’s go.” Erin begun.

“…We have a tour planned for you.” Shaunee completed her twin.
We entered what I’ve only seen so far from outside.

Well – at least they did a good job. The house was complete. The paint job was
done in a calm and beautiful soft brown. There was obviously new leather
furniture with a big tv screen glued to the wall. At the first floor was the living
room and the kitchen in which you could see two refrigerators through the open
door which I assumed will be later filled with blood. The building has three floors
so I think the rest of the rooms were distributed upstairs.

“Why don’t we start with the rest of the introductions? This is Damien and his
boyfriend Jack. “ I started determined to drop the gay issue out of the way here –
I didn’t think the Cullens were judgmental and for their credit – they weren’t.

“Damien has an affinity for air while Jack is out tech and electronic master. Next
we have Erin and Shaunee. As you can see, they are freakishly alike so they’ve
earned the nick name ‘Twins’. Shaunee’s affinity is fire and Erin’s is water. You
already know Stevie Rae but I haven’t told you that her affinity is Earth.”

I said as I watched the Cullens smoothly nodding to each of them.

“This is Edward and his wife Bella.” I motioned to them. “Edward is a mind
reader and Bella is a shield able to block mental attack.” I heard the twins mutter
an ‘OOPS’ when I said Edward’s ability but ignored it and moved on. “Their
daughter is Renesmee or you can call her Nessie. She can transmit her thoughts
to you by touching and she will sleep in my room. I know that Stevie Rae has to
be underground on day hours and is better to have her with one of us now.”

“Next is Jasper and his wife Alice. He is an emotion controller while Alice is a
psychic. This is Emmet and his mate is Rosalie.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at
the glares that Aphrodite was exchanging with Rosalie. As I chuckled they
focused their glares to me. Great.

“And this is Esme and Carlisle. Well here you go. This are your teachers.”

“You are some fiiiiine vampires – I’ll give you that!” Shaunee said sounding as
her usual self.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“Right back at cha twin. Too bad they’re taken though.” Erin inserted.

At that, Emmet with Jasper started their booming laughter.

“Well if you ever change your minds, there still is some chocolate mix right
here.” Shaunee said pointing with both her thumbs to herself.

“And some vanilla here, Twin. Don’t forget.” Erin continued leaning slightly back
while pointing with her left hand’s index towards her.

“Don’t you have your boyfriends?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

They looked kind of annoyed back at me as they said together, “Your point

“Save it Z. They aren’t the monogamist type.” Damien explained.

I begun chuckle as Shaunee said, “The what?”

“Dude – you always have to do that? I say just please with your stupid huge
vocabulary crap already!” Erin supported her twin.

“Monogamist - having only one spouse at a time. There. Is it that hard to read
once in a while? Now – can you all stop bickering? We’re freaking the Cullens
out! Try to behave!”

“Are you always so entertaining?” Emmet asked holding his laughter.

“Unfortunately yes.” I answered.

“They’re not called Nerd Herd for nothing, you know.” Aphrodite said.

“Save it Afro! You’re in the same thing as us. So stop-” Erin started.

“-Complaining and embrace you dorky nature!” Shaunee continued while giving
Aphrodite a miss world – worthy smile.

“What did you just called me? Oh that’s it! Bring up your dork’s Stargate battle
skills dorkameese morons! You’re so ON!”


a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Chapter 9 – First teach

“He he! Someone bring the blood!” Emmet blurted while laughing.

“Blood? Blood for what?” I asked suddenly imagining that the battle will be
massive and me flowing around bags of delicious scarlet feeding IVs.

“Well we don’t like pop corn, do we? It sounds like a show is coming up.” He

Huh… True.

“Some nerve, you hag! Do you really believe you could take down any of us?”
Erin spoke.

“- Because if you do, you are seriously delusional.” Shaunee continued.

With that the Twins leaned back while bringing their fists up like preparing for

“Bring it! We’re sick and tired of your acting!”

“Yeah! Come on! We’ll snap your neck with a spin of a finger.” Shaunee inserted.

“And we’ll eviscerate you here and now. Or better yet Twin, what do you say if
we tie her by the ceiling with her head down and torture her? “ Erin continued,
her face lightened up.

“Cool! But, Twin, I think the paint job needs reinforcements. What do you say
about red?” Shaunee grinned at Erin who mirrored her smile.

“Um.” Bella begun eyeing Jasper. “That’s not the best idea.”

Stevie Rae intervened. “Seriously, ya’ll. Stop it!”

“Um… Yes. You should stop. We had enough for one day.” I argued.

“Hey – I’m enjoying this here.” Emmet chuckled.

“Why we should stop? “ Shaunee argued.

”It’s not like we promised we’d be good.” Erin added.

“Well actually you did. In the casted circle. You made a promise to Nyx. You
respect it!” I was actually mad now – I know that their my friends but now – in
a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

the middle of this crisis why couldn’t the overcome their difference and be

“Aphrodite is one of us – as much as she would like to deny it. and we are all a
team - so start acting like one - we can’t risk being apart now.”

As an answer the air around me started to compress and swirl – oh goddess -

you’re with me – thank you.

“Z is right. Why don’t we continue with the tour?” Damien started.

“Aw…” I heard a muffled whine coming from Emmet and Jasper.

“Fine Aphro-“ Erin started.

“You live another day!” Shaunee continued.

“So count your blessings, hag!” Erin again.

“Girls…!” – I warned.

“Don’t sweat it Zoey – they’ll be good.” Aphrodite said with a fake grin on her
face emphasizing the double meaning of her words .

“Great – now who will continue the tour?”

“Oh oh ! We do! We do!” Erin and Shaunee started to bounce up and down to
make themselves clear.

“Well I don’t think there’s any way around it…” Damien agreed. “We’ll just have
to let them make their way – after all – it was their and Aphrodite’s credit to
begin with.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yes Zoey, and we busted our asses here so show some respect!” Aphrodite
snapped watching me with piercing eyes.

If looks could kill…

But they can’t. “Yeah yeah. Well, start already! Day’s waisting!”

“Cute.” Aphrodite begun. “Not!”

“You know you love me…”I sweetly smiled.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“You’re pushing your luck girl!” she warned.

“OK! Let’s get on with it shall we?” a cute country accent stopped us. I snapped
my head towards Stevie Ray and gave her a grin too.

“Yeah – maybe we should.” Damien begun.

“Ok then… This is the living room” Shaunee begun. “We didn’t knew what you’d
like so feel free to decorate as you wish. We put in the necessaries. There is also
a bathroom on this level and a kitchen – not that you’d use that very often.”

“But the staff will come here like once a week to clean and stock to keep the
appearances. There are two bedrooms with additional bathrooms on each of the
following floors and you can call dibs on them as you please.” Erin continued for
her twin.

“Oh yeah and I saw a little something about extra hearing and special senses in
one of my visions and we thought that is only right to have the rooms sound
proof.” Aphrodite added with a grin and a big wink.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this one – apparently neither could the Cullens.

Damien piped in. “So there you have it. This is the house, also you have access
at the teacher’s building without any problems. Also, as any teacher you have
access to the dorm’s receptions and fledgling’s rooms – on curfew of course – but
I don’t think it’s wise that you little fine ass mommas and daddys to wonder
around here especially with the whole quantity of dumb and horny teenage
fledglings. But do as you please.” He concluded also with a wink this time behind
Jack’s back.

Erik intervened as well “Your teaching schedules are planted on the dining table
and Rosalie –“


“I need to give you the script for tomorrow’s lesson so you can memorize the
master piece.”

“I don’t read it. Which one is it? I doubt anything new came up since I last read
Shakespeare 60 years ago.”

“Ok then – ‘We’re doing The Taming of the Shrew’ you know it?”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

At this point Emmet, the twins, Aphrodite and I did a huge mistake – we begun
laughing hard. How could it be more perfect as a first reading for Rosalie? Oh –
this fit her like a glove.

“I know it by heart. Ok – we’ll discuss tomorrow. By the way – one of my


And why is that? I wonder.

“I hear Renesmee will be staying with you?” Bella asked me.

“Yes Bella. She will sit with me in the room that me and Stevie Ray shared before
he change. She isn’t anymore comfortable above the earth during day time and
she moved with her fledglings under the rec hall. Any who – is a good idea to
have Nessie with one of us while she is here.”

“Yes. I think you’re right.” Carlisle agreed.

“Um daddy?” Nessie begun.

“Yes sweet heart.” Edward answered her daughter.

“Could you go shopping and stock us with some soda while we sleep?”

“Dammit girl – you’ve got the chica hopeless – you’re rubbing on to her.” Erin

“And I’m not completely sure that’s a good thing.” Shaunee continued.

“Yes Renesmee – we’ll get you a mini fridge stoked with soda. Anyway – Bella,
Rose, Esme and I are going shopping. I don’t have what to plan as outfits for next
Wednesday.” Alice said to a very disappointed Bella who begun whining.

“C’mon Alice! It’s the freaking first hour since we’re here.”

“No buts Bella. We’re doing this either you want to or not. Anyway – if you give
me a hard time I’ll make sure to not give you a single night alone with Edward in
this house and we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Bella’s mouth went shut and then her jaw relaxed. “Fine you pixie demon. You
win this one.”

“I’ll win everytime but come on – time’s wasting. You kids go and play – we have
shopping to do. Chop chop!”

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

“And what are we supposed to do now?” I asked.

In a flash Alice took Bella, Rosalie and Esme at shopping – I offered to show them
the malls and the cute little shops and stuff but her only answer was this one:
“Bloomingdales draws me in, Zoey. Never forget that!“

Ok! – I left it there. Oh and all my instincts screamed at me: ‘Retreat!’ so I

figured butter safe than sorry. Later I did remembered that they left in the
middle of the night but I knew the mall is still open.


The rest of the Cullens that remained at home took off in different activities.

Carlisle begun writing his classes as his subject was a completely new and
unexplored one. Let’s face it – biology isn’t so hugged by vampyres – with they
dying and stuff at a moment notice but Lenobia already told me that the fifth and
sixth formers are intrigued by this new thing – and it’s for upper classes only.

I told the Cullens that they can take my car if they needed to drive around the
city but Edward assured me that 4 of their cars (only 4?!) are being transferred
by some I don’t know what company to Tulsa so that won’t be a problem.

Erik was with me when Edward answered and his man ego (damn you Freud!)
took in.

To say he was awed when Edward told him, in a completely non-bragging tone,
that they expect Alice’s yellow Porsche 911 Turbo, Rosalie’s red BMW M3, his
Volvo and Carlisle Mercedes Benz would be a major understatement. He said
that the plan was to get only one maybe two cars to be less conspicuous but that
won’t do with Alice’s shopping frenzy and Rosalie’s driving skills.

Well at least we know what it was supposed to be – it didn’t happen.

Emmet begun whining at Jasper that he wants a battle of some sort but Jasper
took his role as the Poetry teacher really seriously and he was noting on a sheet
of paper a list of pro’s and con’s as to why or not he should present a certain
poem. The truth is that secretly I was thankful I didn’t chose Poetry when I came
here – it still hurts.

Emmet starting pouting and making cute doggy faces but as no one pay
attention at him (except of the twins who couldn’t stop drooling over him – and
they thought it was subtle – HA!) took his iPod and shuffled through it ‘till he
apparently found what he was looking for.

a House of Night and Twilight Story
Reb by Anca

Edward was talking with his daughter about what music he should play at his
class and she promptly responded as well with arguments why she thought that.

She said something about her mother’s lullaby how it’s a total must to play in the
classes – with that my interest started building and I was glad I chose to take
music too. Bella’s lullaby apparently snapped even the Twins from they secret
conversation with Emmet – who didn’t make any attempt to feel flattered about
the attention he was getting (by secret conversation I mean: *sweet eyes*,
*smile*,*blush*,*grin*,*kisses noises*,*battling eyelashes* and *blush again* -

Aphrodite took off with Darius and I couldn’t help but wonder what would her
fight with Rosalie would come to.

After some extenuating hours – the dawn started creeping in the far horizon.
Stevie Rae left to the red hall as soon as she felt the sunshine coming and I
decided it was a good call to take Renesmee to our room and to help her get

“Don’t worry about the refreshments, Nessie. While you’ll be sleeping I’ll send
Alice to install the new fridge in your room so that should do it.” Edward said as
we were leaving – probably answering a question in Nessie’s mind.

“Ok. Let’s go.” I said – I was getting really tired.

On the way to the dorms, every fledgling and son of Erebus that I found
proceeded into greeting me with the proper way of respect – slight bow and fist
closed over heart. I still couldn’t get used to that.

Lenobia assured me that the Nessie’s uniform will be in the room and than we
shouldn’t worry about that. I stopped on the first floor to get some crackers, two
bottles of water and some brown pop from the kitchen area, refusing to meet
anyone’s stares about the beauty that is with me.

This will be hard.

I mean they all made me scream: Stop it already! But Nessie seemed oblivious at
the stares. She kept talking about how excided she is to be a part of the Tulsa’s
House of Night and how she couldn’t wait to see Rosalie with my boyfriend
tomorrow at school.

Hehe – The Taming of the Shrew – that will be fun!


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