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Music Industry Seminar Management Or Headache?

Music Therapy 101 Presents One of the sensitive areas of discussion in the music
2003 DO FOR SELF TOUR business is artist management. And I say sensitive not
merely because of the contractual implications of such a
relationship, but also because of the human, emotional and
Call 800-963-0949 or visit psychological dynamics of the relationship that exists or

should exist between an artist and their manager. for details The usual procedure is that an artist embarks on his or
her career, and they may meet someone (or many people)
along the way who may want to be manager but one in
Below is a brief list of names of per-
sons and companies that have particular is extra good at promising the stars and the moon and
dancing angels in the sky, “if only they sign a one, three, four,

played a role in assisting Music
Therapy 101 continue its success- five or even seven year (I’ve seen this!) management contract”,
ful journey. Thank you! says aspiring manager, “in order to ‘protect the position of both
Dan Silas-DNA Productions, Robert L.
parties’”. Now one big problem there is with this picture is that
Sheats-Millionaire Entertainement, technically speaking, it’s the artist who should present the
Michael Fullwood-FM International, contract to the manager, not vice versa. This is because of the
Edford M. Banuel, Jr.-EMB Fimworks, nature of this particular relationship as stated in the following

LLC, Daisy’s of Atlanta, Inc., Shrine
of the Black Madonna #9 Culture Cen-
paragraph. However, most times, the artist may not have access
ter & Bookstore, Darrell Jenkins-Pep- to an attorney for some reason or other, so they ask the
permint Music, Sean Stanley Pub- manager if they could present them with a copy of the contract
lisher-GA Up & Coming, Angelina instead. However, one thing I must say to all the artists out there
“Angie” Griffin,, Ty
Young,CEO-Music Business Consult-
who are looking to hire a manager. It is not important how broke
ants, Raheem the Dream-Raheem you may be, please, do hire a good attorney or consultant to at
Consulting, Rodgel “GEEZ” Gilford, least review the contract for you and give you some pointers. If the manager is not doing his or her job right, the
Jumpstreet Records, Inc., E-Class Better still, pay a little extra and have them negotiate it! Believe contract will also have wording, which provides for such a
Barbershop (404) 766-7666, Hasson
S. Diggs-Brainstorm Enterprise, DJ
me, if you don’t do this, you might be very sorry in the long run! situation. Same thing if the manager feels that the artist is not
Knotts-Black Trump Entertainment, contributing enough towards his or her career. Notwithstanding
Stacey N. Justice-Rekles Entertain- Anyway – back to the contract: The all this, however, one must never forget the true
ment, Business, Natalie G. Owens-En- parties may argue over percentage – one nature of this relationship – that of employer and
tertainment Business Consultants, because they feel they deserve it, “after all the
Herman Hudson, Esq., Cliff Lovette, employee.
hard work”, and the other because they don’t
Esq.-Lovette Consulting Group,
feel they should hand over more than half their
Donald Jarmond-Party After all this is said and done, I have to say that I
Promotions.Com, Super Sound Mu- life earnings to someone they hardly know, and Negotiate! am all for building a solid business and personal
sic, Natasha T. Brison, Esq.-Brison & even if they did know the prospective manager,
Associates, LLC, Hotep-Skinnymen
why should they give away a pound of their
Know the Business! relationship between the parties first. Trust is the
Productions, Calvin Thorbourne- key word here. I understand the importance of a
Univseral Music Group, Jerrilyn Z. flesh to pay for just one employee? Because contract, but do not underestimate the power of
Bilal, Kim Lewis, William & Ronda that’s what a manager is – an employee. The loyalty and positive relationships. One may say
Morrow, Robert E. Spencer Jr., Betty manager – artist relationship is characterized by this peculiarity,
Haynie, Allen Richardson-Smoove
that money changes people – which may be true in many cases.
Entertainment, Inc., Tangela Butler- in that the manager supposedly has so much power to make or However, if there is no trust and mutual respect to begin with,
TNT Entertainment, Inc., Steve Gor- break the artist’s career because of drive, skill and contacts – how can an artist put their career in the hands of someone they
don, Esq., Jason Brown-HardKnox but at the same time, the manager is merely an employee who don’t completely and totally trust? Perhaps this is a question to
Entertainment, Aaron White, Ken cannot expect to stay on board forever if the job is not being
Webb, Amorin, Meechee, Tommie
ponder. If there is a solid relationship between the parties from
Lewis, Marilyn Atkinson-MD Produc- done properly. the start – there should be no question of one party doing the job
tion & Publishing Co. Ltd., J-Dog- perfectly and the other party paying them what they deserve
SelectOHits Distribution, Arlinda One may ask, at this point, what is the use of signing a without reservations. This should happen in an ideal world, of
Garrett-A to Z Records, Lucy Beer, contract then? Well, a contract is useful in that it clearly defines course. But in the real world – who are we to think outside the
Eric Kline-Inside the Music Business, the business relationship between the parties and outlines the
Sonny, Disc Mak- box?
ers, Khan’s Bookstore, Seneferu Ast, responsibilities of both. This may be useful for either side
Leslie Brown-Homebanc Mortgage, depending on the situation in case of disputes. A breach of One last note to artists without representation who are
Maurice Beatty, KEMETIC contract is something that cannot be taken lightly. If there is no about to sign a recording contract and are offered a personal
RECORDS, Bizness, Al Weems-Roll- contract, there may be no recourse with regards to a specific
ing Out Weekly, Jacinta-Rolling Out
manager by the record label itself. I would be extremely careful
Weekly, Al Kapone, Bianca Bennett, problem. For example, the manager may have invested a lot before accepting such an offer, for obvious and other reasons.
Ty Miller, Teoorah, Brother David Cole, financially in a particular artist. The contract will have to define Sometimes it may be good to follow your instinct – but slide in a
Esq., Taharaka, Jeffrey Omari, Esq., when and how and what the manager is to be reimbursed for, little business savvy too. Consult the professionals if you are at a
Eric Robinson-Grooveline Magazine, and if manager is a well-organized person and keeps log of all
Felisha-Ear to Da Street, KPatt &
loss or are not sure. Prepare a series of questions to ask at the
Whitey-Capitol Venture Inc., Jamal relevant receipts which he can promptly produce – then it should consultation and make sure you get the most bang for your
Jones-Reality Magazine, Cha-Wash- be very easy for the artist to follow the terms of the contract, and buck. Make smart decisions, do not be afraid to invest in your
ington D.C., Prentiss, Michael Caroff- if not, manager will have a case against artist. This would be the career, and you will have fewer regrets.
TAXI.COM, Shani Byard-Urban Rising case all other things being equal of course. The artist may have
another grievance against their manager, which they will state in Natalie G. Owens
a counterclaim. The gist of the matter is, however, that terms Entertainment Business Consultants
stated in a well-drafted contract (not something you downloaded For details or an appointment, call (404) 861-2558 or visit
from the internet at $19.95 and used verbatim) would have a lot
of weight in a case such as this. Volume 1, Issue 2
Compilations Music Therapy 101
Music Industry Seminar
The music industry has evolved into a proliferation of compilation
recordings. The recordings use a variety of artists often from different Bring this newspaper and receive 10% savings on walk-up registration for
record labels. Artist license their songs for use on soundtrack albums the Feb 15, 2003-Atlanta, Feb. 22, 2003-Macon, GA, March 1, 2003-Los
Angeles, March 29, 2003-Atlanta, GA.
and license record labels to use their vocals as sideman or featured
artists on other artist’s albums. Such licensing creates layers of rights
and royalty obligations. One Newspaper per person.
There has been a long-standing custom in the music industry that
sideman performances are freely permitted, even with artists signed to "I enjoyed your event and will be ever so happy to come again."
exclusive recording agreements with labels. Sometimes there are Wendy Day, Founder Rap Coalition
specific provisions in recording agreements allowing artist to enter into

sideman agreements. Usually the requirements for a sideman perfor-
mance are that the music or lyrics must be a background performance,
the record label gets a written credit for the artist’s courtesy perfor-
mance, re-recording during the term of the artist’s exclusive recording

contract is prohibited and all the members of a group can not perform
at one time.

Today, featured artist performances are very common. Here, artists

perform lyrics that stand out on the song. An example is Sisqo of Dru
Hill’s performance on Mya’s single, ‘It’s All About Me’. The Bulworth
movie soundtrack was a popular compilation, which included various
artists. The soundtrack included the Witchdoctor’s song ‘Holiday’ are
also included on the artist’s album, and other songs, like ‘Ghetto
Superstar’, are exclusively on the soundtrack compilation. Other Music Industry Seminar
compilation recordings are put together by personal managers using Saturday, February 15, 2003-Atlanta, GA
several artists to shop for deals with labels. Saturday, February 22, 2003-Macon, GA
Saturday, March 1, 2003-Los Angeles, CA
Typically, record companies are willing to agree to sideman clearances Saturday, March 29, 2003-Atlanta, GA
with other labels. The label producing the compilation submits a For details call 800-963-0949 or visit
contract to the sideman-artist’s label for clearance to release the re-
cording. The contract permits the performance and outlines the perfor-
mance payment. A Letter of Direction is issued by the host label
directing payment by the label of royalties directly to the side artist and
producers, providing for an advance, recoupment schedule, amongst
Get Connected
other provisions. Record Pool List
An artist contributing to a compilation recording receives publishing
Thomas "TJ" Chapman Dannie “Fut” James
rights and royalties for their authorship of lyrics and music. The artist
1424 NW Capital Circle, 4055 Mcclung Drive
is paid for mechanical royalties based on the sale of the compilation Tallahassee, FL 32302 Los Angeles, CA 90008
recording and their contribution. An artist receives synchronization (850) 877-6090 (323) 292-2022
fees for movie soundtracks. If the song on the compilation is per- (850) 877-3110 (323) 298-0913
formed specifically for the compilation, the artist is paid a performance

Royalty payments to artists contributing to compilation recordings are S.U.R.E RECORD POOL ILLINOIS RECORD POOL
first divided by the number of songs on the album, then by the number Bobby Davis David Casto
of artists and producers contributing to each song. Customarily artists 2128 Westchester Ave, 3625 W. 125th St.
and producers receive less payment in royalties from compilation Bronx, NY 10462 Chicago, IL 60803
albums then their own albums because royalties are split between so (718) 904-0500 (708) 389-9629
many artists and producers. The advantage of inclusion on compilation (718) 904-1799 (708) 389-9628
albums is to supplement an artist’s income and provide marketing
Available on CD for $15, or printed version for $25, for a limited
Cynthia Cartwright is a sports, arts, and entertainment law attorney
time only. The list contains over 130 record pools nationwide.
practicing in Atlanta. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psy- Send money orders payable to Music Industry Connection, LLC,
chology from the University of Washington and her J.D. from the P.O. Box 52682, Atlanta, GA 30355
University of Florida Law School. She may be contacted at 404-753-
7336. Publisher/Editor and Chief - JaWar The MIC is meant to inform you about
Contributing Writers future Music Therapy 101 Seminars, give
1. Sideman performances are usually non-featured performances Cynthia Cartwright you industry insider information and
by artists and musicians on another artist’s album contributing back- Natalie Owens provide you with tips and resources to help
ground vocals or musical tracks. Layout Crafted by - Alfred Bacon you achieve your goals and realize your
potential. Receive the MIC monthly by
2. Features artist performances include solos, duets, and “step- Contact The MIC at joining the email list at
ping out” vocal or musical performances by artist and musicians on P.O. Box 52682 Know thyself.
other artist’s albums. Atlanta, GA 30355
800-963-0949 © 2003 Music Industry Connection, LLC

Stay In Touch With Fans by JaWar

Staying in touch with fans is extremely important to an artist’s attractive people. For instance, lets say you have just completed one of your
long-term success. A well designed website and email list are best performances and the audience was feeling you (this is a great time to
great ways to stay in contact with new and existing fans. network, network, network) you are in a great position to introduce yourself
to that attractive person. You can initiate the conversation by asking the
An artist’s website should be used to inform fans of tour dates (i.e. live person how they enjoyed your performance. Then you could proceed to
performances), autograph signings, release dates, merchandise for sale and asking them if they would like to join your email list to receive periodic
t.v. and radio appearances. To ensure that this information is easily acces-
updates on your future performances. It has been my experience that people
sible you may want to put live performances, autograph signings and radio are very receptive to this approach and many times are eager to be kept
appearances on one page. In addition, this will make it easier for your abreast of one’s live performances, especially if one’s performance was
supporters to support you at various venues. Your supporters should come
extraordinary! No matter how many CDs you sell or how many perfor-
to know your website as the one stop shop for regularly updated details mances you do, it is always the support of fans that help you maintain long-
about your appearances and performances. For example, at the top of a term success. Remember a well designed website and email list are great
page you may list dates, locations and event type in a row. Then you may
ways to stay in contact with new
create columns under each category (i.e. dates, locations and events) to list and existing fans.
your scheduled events. In addition to being able to give people information
about upcoming performances and CD release dates on your well designed Written by JaWar
website, you may also use your internet presence to increase your mailing
list by allowing people to join your email list through your website. To
encourage people to join your mailing list, offer them something of value. JaWar, Chief Visionary Officer of
This could be everything from a monthly ezine like The MIC (Music Music Therapy 101 (MT 101)
Industry Connection) to a discount on your CD or merchandise. The easier since 1998, has given informative
it is for people to subscribe to your email list the greater the likelihood that seminars in and around the
they will do it. For instance, allowing people to subscribe to your list on Atlanta area. He created the
every page of your website is advantageous. workshop to identify and share
vital information in a step-by-step
In addition, to allowing people to subscribe to your email list via your
process necessary for success and
website, you can also create a sign-up sheet to grow your database. The
ultimate longevity in the music
sign-up sheet should be taken with you wherever you go, as it will help
biz with aspiring artists and those
create “windows of opportunity” to advance your career. For instance, take
willing to be involved in the
it with you at your live performances, autograph signings, talent showcases
music industry. When your event
and music seminars like Music Therapy 101, etc. It is simple to use; you
demands practical, relevant, and useful information from an enthusiastic
simply ask people if they would like to join your email list. This is an
speaker who has legitimately “been there” by releasing two independent
exciting way of growing your list because it gives you an opportunity to
CDs of his own, consider JaWar, Chief Visionary Officer of Music Therapy
interact with new and existing fans.
101 and Kemetic Records. He may be contacted at either 800-963-0949
Of course you can always use this to initiate a conversation with some very or

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