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Section A
[25 marks]
You are advised to spend 50 minutes on this section.

Questions 1 - 25
Each question is based on a given stimulus. Study the information carefully and choose the best answer.

Question 1
Read the text below carefully and then answer the question that follows.

This instrument is used in the field of astronomy.

It aids scientists and most students of science to
study the stars and the planets. It can be used,
both during the day and at night too.

1. What is this instrument called?

A. Microscope
B. Stethoscope
C. Telescope
D. Periscope

Questions 2 and 3

Garbage is the stuff we don't need anymore, the junk we think is useless. It's the rejects
we don't want to deal with, and the cast-offs from the way we live. It comes from our
homes, businesses, government agencies, and institutions like schools and hospitals.
Garbage is also known as "municipal solid waste."

Americans create nearly 210 million tons of municipal solid waste each year.
Malaysians too are being deluged with waste as the nation heads towards a throwaway
lifestyle. The Malaysian Government is spending RM400million to handle our daily
Why areofMalaysians
eight million tons.
said to be heading towards a throwaway lifestyle?

A. They throw away everything.

B. They throw their garbage everywhere.
C. Malaysians are deluged with garbage, just like America.

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3. Which of the following is not a correct definition for garbage, as given in the text?

A. Stuff that we do not need anymore.

B. Cast-offs of the way we live.
C. Rejects of the people.
D. Useful junk.

Question 4

Many liquid crystals of technological significance have the arrangement

represented in Figure 1, below. Liquid crystals with this arrangement are
called twisted nematic liquid crystals. In this arrangement, the layers
contain the long axes of the molecules. Furthermore, the long axes rotate
by a small angle from one layer to the next. Twisted nematic liquid
crystals are used in temperature-sensing devices that change color. They
are also the most common type used in the liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
found in calculators and watches.

Figure 1

4. Which of the followinginstruments does not make use of LCDs?

A. Calculators C. Computers
B. Cinema screens D. Handphones

Questions 5 and 6
Read the given text and then answer the questions that follow.

Fries will supply you with energy-giving

carbohydrates, but even a small portion will add
around 11g of fat to your meal. When choosing fries,
remember that the thicker they are the less fat they
soak up during cooking. A side salad is by far the
healthier option. Not only does it provide you with a
lot of the fruit and vegetables you are recommended to
eat every day (about five portions), it also contains
loads of fibre and is packed full of vitamin C.

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5. Based on information from the text, we can say that fries are ……………. to eat.

A. healthy
B. not good
C. dangerous
D. better

6. Why is a side salad a healthier option?

A. It is packed full of vitamin E.

B. It gives you 11g of fat.
C. It soaks up less fat.
D. It contains fibre which is good for our body.

Question 7
Read the text below and then answer the given question.

A recent study into Internet addiction shows that the number of so-called webaholics
is growing appreciably. The study showed that the Internet is as addictive as alcohol
or gambling. The characteristic Net addict uses the Internet not for seeking
information, but for social support, and the opportunity to re-invent themselves as
someone else. "In cyberspace, a shy, unassertive person can become outgoing and
forceful," said Dr Jenny Allbright, a psychologist at Abel Tasman University.

7. A ‘webaholic’ is someone who………….

A. studies all about spider webs.

B. plays on the web.
C. surfs the internet at anytime.
D. is addicted to surfing the internet.

Questions 8 and 9
Study the table below. Then answer the questions that follow.

Vegetables That Are Good for Our Bodies

Asparagus Grapefruit Chillies
Provides essential Very high in Vitamin C. Excellent source of beta
nutrients. Carotene and vitamin C.

Gives fibre and important Contains chemicals that Can help relieve nasal
antioxidants. protect against Cancer congestion.
and Heart disease.

Can be lightly boiled or Very high in Pectin Chillies add spice and
steamed for a tasty meal. which can help reduce interest to many dishes and
blood cholesterol. can be consumed as snacks.

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8. Of the three vegetables given above, which one type has to be cooked before
it can be eaten?

A. Asparagus
B. Grapefruit
C. Chillies

9. Which of the following does contain Vitamin C?

A. Lemons and Jackfruits

B. Grapefruit and Chillies.
C. Cucumber and Turnips

Question 10
Geotropism is the tendency for plants to grow down into the earth. In other words,
roots follow the pull of gravity. Hydrotropism is when roots grow in the direction of
water. If the source of water is deep in the soil, the roots will grow down. If the source
of water is near the surface, the roots then will grow sideways. Hydrotropism can be a
problem for home owners who landscape with certain plants.

10. Which term relates to the growth of roots deep down into the earth .

A. Geography
B. Geotropics
C. Geotropism
D. Geophysics

Question 11
Read the text below and then answer the question that follows.

In science, work is defined as a force acting on an object to move it across a distance.

Pushing, pulling, and lifting are common forms of work. Furniture movers do work
when they move boxes. Gardeners do work when they pull weeds. Children do work
when they go up and down on a see-saw. Machines make their work easier.

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11. Based on information from the text above, machines can be said to ………

A. make work faster.

B. make work simpler.
C. make work easier.
D. make work difficult.

Question 12
Study the picture. Read the text and answer the question that follows.

• The engine in a Champ Car creates an incredible amount of heat.

The car is burning a gallon of methanol fuel every 30 seconds or so,
and that process releases approximately 100,000 BTU of heat per minute
that the car must dump through its radiators. One Champ Car produces
enough heat in 10 hours to heat a 2,000 square-foot house all winter.
The side pods are designed to move a huge amount of air past the radiators
to help this process.

12. Where would you find a car as seen and described above?
A. In an affluent home
B. In the home of a scientist
C. At the race tracks
D. At the football stadium

Questions 13 and 14
Read the text below and then answer the question that follows.

Because it is colourless, odourless and tasteless, arsenic was the poison of

choice for the rich aristocrats of the Italian Renaissance families. In the fifth
century B.C., Hippocrates used arsenic to treat ulcers. It became an ingredient
in Fowler’s solution, created in 1786 and used for more than 150 years to treat
everything from asthma to Cancer. In 1910 an arsenic compound became the
first effective remedy for Syphilis. Joshua Hamilton, Professor of Toxicology
and Pharmacology at Dartmouth, U.S.A. says that arsenic is both a poison and
a drug. Too much can kill. Whereas, a little can cure and do miracles!

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13. Who is the founder of modern medical education?

A. Hippocrates
B. Fowler
C. William Olsen
D. West Life

14. Pick the correct statement.

A. Arsenic is tasty, colourful and healthy.

B. Arsenic is an essential ingredient in cake recipes.
C. Arsenic is a drug that cures all illnesses.
D. Arsenic is poisonous.

Question 15
Study the table below, then answer the question that follows.



51-100 Moderate Few or None None

101-200 Unhealthy * Mild eye irritation * reduce outdoor activity

* Respiratory symptoms especially for persons with
Heart/respiratory ailments

201-300 Very unhealthy * Significant aggravation * Elderly /people with heart/

of symptoms. Lung disease must stay indoors
* Widespread eye/respiratory * Avoid physical exertion

Over 300 Hazardous *Early onset of certain * Staying indoors

*Aggravation of symptoms * Avoid physical exertion
* Decreased exercise

Over 400 * Premature death of ill & * Avoid outdoor activity

elderly * Remain indoors
*Adverse symptoms * Keep windows/doors closed
* Minimize physical exertion

15. My town is suffering from an air pollutant index reading of 299. Which of the following
should I do?

A. Play outdoor games as usual. It is not unhealthy.

B. Allow my grandparents to take their evening walks.
C. Stay indoors and avoid physical exertion.

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Question 16

Colours are also found in parts of plants such as the flowers, fruits,
leaves, stems, roots and seeds. These are not only due to the different
pigments but also due to the different cellular environments in which
the pigments are found.

16. Colours are found in parts of plants such as the following, except

A. flowers C. fruits
B. leaves D. trunk

Question 17

Speed limits are set based on a road design.

Speeding may get you where you want to go
faster or it may not get you there at all. Speed
influences traffic crashes in many ways. Speed
reduces the reaction time drivers need to avoid
crashes. Speed also increases the distance
needed to stop a vehicle.

17. What can speeding result in?

A. Traffic jams. C. Deaths

B. Delays D. Accidents

Questions 18 and 19
Read the text below, then answer the questions that follow.

Because of the radiation hazard, uranium and its compounds should only
ever be handled by properly trained professionals in a properly accredited
institution. Its compound can cause major kidney problems. Uranium is a
carcinogen, that is, it causes cancer. Its high radioactivity makes uranium
subject to special handling techniques and precautions.

Since it is naturally radioactive, uranium, usually in the form of uranium

dioxide (UO2), is most commonly used in the nuclear power industry to
generate electricity. Naturally occurring uranium consists of three isotopes:
uranium-234, uranium-235 and uranium-238.

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18. ‘Uranium is a carcinogen.’ What does this mean?

A. It has carbon and oxygen

B. It is an important in building cars.
C. It causes scars on our skin.
D. It causes cancer.

19. In which industry is uranium most commonly used?

A. In the car industry.

B. In the nuclear power industry.
C. In chemical industries

Question 20
Study the text and diagram below. Then answer the question that follows.

Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher that keeps

the handle from being accidentally pressed.

Aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire.

Stand approximately 8 feet away from the fire and

squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguisher. If
you release the handle, the discharge will stop.

Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the

fire. After the fire appears to be out, watch it carefully
since it may re-ignite!

Congratulations -- you did it!!!

20. Based on the instructions above which of the following is the best acronym for fire
extinguisher use?

A. P.A.S.S. B. S.A.P.S. C. S.A.S.P. D. A.S.S.P.

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Question 21
Read the text below then answer the question that follows.

Moths fly at night. They have feathered

antennae and rest with their wings open.
Moths make soft cocoons.
Moths are usually seen at night.
Moths have antennae which look like
When a moth rests, its wings lie down
flat over the moth’s sides and back Moth
caterpillars make soft cocoons instead of
a chrysalis.

21. Moths……………..

A. fly at night.
B. have feathers.
C. have chrysalis.

Questions 22 and 23
Read the given text. Then answer the questions.

Sports utility vehicles are often marketed as fashionable, sporty and

striking and their popularity is on the rise. However, they are not as safe as
they sound. Their high centre of gravity makes them prone to roll over in
accidents; their high stance on the road makes them more likely to kill
people in ordinary cars struck by them; and their roofs are more liable to be
crushed in a roll over, causing terrible injuries to those inside.

22. Choose one reason from the list below, why sports utility vehicles are dangerous?

A. They are fashionable.

B. They can kill.
C. They have striking colours.

23. Which of the following is not a reason that explains why such vehicles are not popular anymore?

A. Their high stance on the road..

B. They can easily turn turtle.
C. Their high roofs can get crushed easily.
D. They are fashionable and sporty.

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Questions 24 and 25
Read the given text and then answer the questions that follow.

Water is constantly changing from liquid to vapour and floating up into the air.
The heat for this to happen comes from the Sun. It’s the sun’s warmth that
makes water move, and this is what gives it energy. Solar power is rather
cheap and can be easily harnessed with very little cost

24. The best meaning for the phrase that is underlined is ……..

A. water cannot change.

B. water does not change.
C. water always changes.
D. water never changes.

25. The best meaning for the word “harnessed” is…..

A. produced B. utilised C. harassed

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Section B
[ 5 marks ]
Questions 26 – 30
Read the following passage and then choose the best answer.

The energy crisis has revealed the physical aspect of human society in a sudden and
dramatic fashion. Nothing can escape the ___(26)___ laws of thermodynamics.
Human society, like any machine or organism, is no exception. Economists are
finding this out now, apparently with some surprise, in the ___(27)__ of the
discoveries of biologists and ecologists.

The necessary tools for considering the overall picture of the flow and degradation of
energy in human society--the metabolism of the social organism, its primary function
of self-maintenance--have been ___(28)___ for only a short time. Observing this
metabolism through the macroscope, we see its dynamic behavior, heretofore
impossible to grasp from within.

Out of the relationship between the "anatomy" and the "physiology" of society the
long-unsuspected ___(29)___between energy, economy, ecology, and entropy has
been brought to light. This relationship not only reveals the possible causes of the ills
of the social organism,but it also suggests the ___(30)___ of remedies that one might
apply to a system on which the lives of all of us depend.

26. A. implacable 27. A. rise 28. A. attributable

B. irreplaceable B. wake B. available
C. impeccable C. birth C. admirable
D. implaceable D. turn D. avoidable

29. A. link 30. A. ways

B. chain B. kinds
C. force C. months
D. rhythm D. various


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