Quiz: Identify Passive Voice

You should avoid using passive voice in your reports, for three reasons: It omits vital information (who did what), can lead to usage errors because it requires past participles, and can make sentences difficult to read. Here are a fe e!amples: "ochin as handcuffed and informed of his #iranda rights. $%&&I'( ()ho made the arrest and informed "ochin of his rights*) I handcuffed "ochin and informed him of his #iranda rights. %"+I'( +hree open bottles of beer ere seen on the front seat. $%&&I'( ()ho sa them*) ,fficer -enney sa three open bottles of beer on the front seat. %"+I'( .ote: .ot every is, are, was or were sentence is passive. /oster as heading for the back door hen 0eonid stopped him. %"+I'( 0ayton is in charge of the pro1ect. %"+I'( )hile e ere questioning "olon, his ife as crying. %"+I'( Instructions: $ut a check 2 if a sentence is active voice, and an 3 if the sentence is passive voice. You can check your ans ers at http:44 .scribd.com4doc45657897:;4$assive<'oice<%ns er<=ey. >>>>6. "lancy as upset hen he read the holiday schedule. >>>>5. +he car as going ell over the speed limit. >>>>8. +he driver as stopped and given a arning. >>>>?. )hen I as living in #iami, I earned an %.&. in criminal 1ustice. >>>>7. #any buildings ere damaged during Hurricane %ndre . >>>>@. Aecause of decreasing ta! revenues, our agencyBs budget as cut by 6; percent. >>>>9. +hree same<se! couples ere married immediately after the 1udge

announced his decision. >>>>C. #ayor 0ongan is aiting to talk to you. >>>>:. Aecause temperatures are falling, shelters e!pect a busy night. >>>>6;. Homeo ners are being told to take e!tra precautions tonight.

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