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The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project

The MEG Project
"..This one works beautifully and produces C P!".#..." has said Tom Bearden

Created on 11-18-00 - $%& %abs - Last update 05-10-02
All informations in this page are published free and are intended for private/educational purposes and not for commercial applications The MEG diagrams published in these pages are currently under test by JL audin and may be subject to modifications after that they have been published on this site! They are the result of some attempts of a private and fully independant replication by the author! These diagrams are not the original MEG diagrams being tested by the "earden#s team$or% or some accredited labs! &isclaimer' The author assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or other liability from the use of this information. ll ris!s and dama"es, incidental or other#ise, arisin" from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the responsibility of the user. lthou"h careful precaution has been ta!en in the preparation of this material, $ assume no responsibility for omissions or errors in the dia"rams or measurement datas published here.

(nited )tates Patent Patric% * et al!

'()'*(+,March +,* +--+

() Patent '()'*(+,- ' Motionless Electromagnetic Generator . MEG /
%ee the full MEG patent $ith diagrams . 01 pages /
Abstract n electroma"netic "enerator #ithout mo&in" parts includes a permanent ma"net and a ma"netic core includin" first and second ma"netic paths. first input coil and a first output coil e'tend around portions of the first ma"netic path, #hile a second input coil and a second output coil e'tend around portions of the second ma"netic path. The input coils are alternati&ely pulsed to pro&ide induced current pulses in the output coils. (ri&in" electrical current throu"h each of the input coils reduces a le&el of flu' from the permanent ma"net #ithin the ma"net path around #hich the input coil e'tends. $n an alternati&e embodiment of an electroma"netic "enerator, the ma"netic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, #ith posts and permanent ma"nets e'tendin" in an alternatin" fashion bet#een the plates. n output coil e'tends around each of these posts. $nput coils e'tendin" around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current #ithin the output coils.

1.505 .$n&entors) Patric% )tephen L* "earden Thomas E!* 2ayes James 3!* Moore 4enneth &!* 4enny James L! ppl.* +--- The T6TAL MEG 7 P(T at the &3 input of the control board .iled) )eptember . +o.) .

Primary coil / Above ' The MEG v+!0 6(TP(T .The A3T(AT68 367L 7 P(T . )ecundary coil / .

+-P oscilloscope* the probe used is a 0/0.and scope setup for the 32+ is 0---mA/9 /* the same resistor and the same method of measurement has been used for input and also the output! . measured at the &3 input of the MEG control board / 6n the 8ight ' The 9oltage* the 3urrent and the Po$er 6(TP(T The A3T(AT68 367L 7 P(T &ote from $ean. $ith a Te%troni: T2).6n the Left ' The 9oltage* the 3urrent and the Po$er 7 P(T .+-P ' 8is% of po$er measurement error $ith non pure sinusoidal $aves .%ouis &audin ' The current has been measured $ith a 0.ohms ceramic and non inductive resistor . -1<0-<-+ / T2).

.Above 'The MEG v+!0 7nput at the &3 po$er supply )ee ' The MEG v+!0 diagram The Po$erLite= 3<3ores . are manufactured #ith the /0T1L % amorphous alloy./oneywell .




.Mh> Philips .The phase bet$een 9oltage and 3urrent at the MEG 6utput has also been chec%ed $ith an analog oscilloscope . . PM5+01 +:1.

1 D 0!1 Catts at the 7 P(T $ith a measured 6(TP(T D .!.1 Catts . $ithout a load connected at the MEG 6utputs /! Chen the output is loaded $ith the A C lamp* the &3 po$er input is 5!+1 Catts! )o* the real po$er used by the lamp is 5!+1 < 0!. TL@A@* "(BB00* LE&!!! / is 0!. Catts ..otes ' 7t is interesting to notice that the measured po$er re?uired by the MEG electronic control board .

calo"imet"ic output measu"ements on the .met"las..products.m at 50 cm far from the 8Load.E/ fo" !ettin! the output datas measu"ed abo$e% .products.The Output (V/I si!nals a"e "eally measu"ed by the scope and this has also been chec#ed by $a"ious methods (analo! and di!ital scopes and multimete"s % but unfo"tunately measu"ement a"tifacts "emain possible% .8 milli-Tesla .I..the wo"#in! f"e0uency and the output $olta!e must be hi!h ( about 1'#23 and 4&(V pea#-to-pea# loaded % .products.ield 9 1250 :.E-. 2 3ith an 0-. Lon"itudinal .the two p"ima"y coils must be switched alte"nati$ely (see the MEG animated simulation 7 .com)80.the .. #ith the probe &ery close to the 8Load.met"las.oad% most of the powe" is "adiated in EM fo"m : 2 3ith an electronic Teslameter.ield %tren"th meter in C mode.flippin! of the hyste"esis cu"$es by the actuato" coils% .pa"e5<1<2<=..ield nneal Typical"e satu"ation effect by the ma!net% .at 14567 .MEG Project status ( by JLN on 12-06-00 ) : You will find below the only facts about my MEG units that I am able to say today : .I ha$e used fe""ite ma!nets and an inte"estin! effect that I ha$e obse"$ed is : when the ma!net is added and with actuato"s coils set in the c"oss-flu+ ma!netic !ates confi!u"ation% the output si!nal inc"eases si!nificantly% .com)80. 2 3ith a "amma counter ) +o "amma radiation has yet been detected <o be ca"efull if you wo"# close to the MEG t"ansfo"me" because of the st"on! EM !ene"ated7 Not yet c"ec#ed : .the switchin! si!nal is a s0ua"ed pulse at )'5 /T6% .htm http).oad and this ma#es me pessimistic about the calo"imet"ic tests "esults7 $onc%usion (on 12-06-00) & My MEG "eplication seems to be "eally close to the o"i!inal de$ice p"esented in the =ea"den:s MEG pape" and I thin# that I ha$e been able to "eplicate and measu"e the same si!nals at the Input/Output of the de$ice7 I ha$e not used the o"i!inal elect"onic and co"e dia!"ams f"om the =ea"den:s teamwo"# (because I don:t ha$e them77 % so may be the"e a"e some impo"tant diffe"ences between the setups7 The pu"pose of this p"o>ect seems to be achie$ed : the "eplication of the MEG si!nals measu"ed at its output is in line with the o"i!inal pape"s and the in$ento"s claims7 ?ow% the =E<T $e"ification to do is to con$e"t the 8appa"ent8 powe" measu"ed in useable powe" such as : li!ht% heat% mechanical ene"!y (in moto"s 7777 and also% of cou"se% to close the loop777 This has not yet been done today7 Good advices for the MEG builders ' The MEG otes by $on 0lickinger Technical datasheets ' • • The TL494..htm http).load wa"ms up 0ui#ly when the MEG is switched on% . the 0-. $ ha&e measured"e5<1<2. http).oad Vs the Input but in the most of case the 8appa"ent8 powe" measu"ed seems !"eate" than the heat dissipated by 9oule:s effect in the .pa"e5<1<2<=<1.met"las.. Pulse-Width-Modulation (Pwm) Control Circuit from Texas Instrument The !"## Mos$et %-Channel transistor from Intersil AM68P26() METAL) Magnetic Materials METGLA)E /a"netic lloy 2405% 1 -$ most of cases the 8appa"ent8 powe" measu"ed seems !"eate" than the heat dissipated by 9oule:s effect in the .htm 1ee also the 2 .the $olta!e and cu""ent a"e in phase as shown in my scope pictu"es abo$e% a "conditionned" RLoad (&'' (ohms% non inducti$e ca"bon% )*atts o" a M ! (Metal O+ide Va"isto" is .the wo"#in! f"e0uency must be tuned so as to !et a pu"e sine wa$e and the ma+ amplitude at the output (4&(V pea#-to-pea# loaded % .com)80.

are manufactured #ith the /0T1L % amorphous alloy. b T!"! Bearden Giant egentropy from the 3ommon &ipole B T! "! Bearden (PDF Format #6 $B) 6n E:tracting Electromagnetic Energy from the 9acuum B T! "! Bearden (PDF Format 16% $B) Technical Papers database from Tom Bearden 1ome technical infos & 'e-based Nanocrysta%%ine (oroida% $ore )or $urrent (rans)or*ers & Characteristics: ?anoc"ystalline alloy has simila" featu"es of hi!h initial pe"meability and tempe"atu"e stability% less !"a$ity and pac#in! facto" than that of @e"malloy7 ../oneywell .nde" the same conditions of co"e si3e and pe"fo"mance% it is li!hte" ( about &/A li!hte" and cheape" than that of @e"malloy7 Nanocrysta%%ine Ma+netic $ore : Characteristics: 2i!h satu"ation ma!netic induction (&71)T % hi!h pe"meability% hi!h inductance (ten times hi!he" than that of fe""ite % low loss% small $olume% li!ht in wei!ht% hi!h elect"ic inte"fe"ence "esistance% !ood f"e0uency pe"fo"mance and hi!h tempe"atu"e stability7 0or more infos about the &anocrystalline material see 2 • A 638I)TALL7 E )6JT MAG ET73 ALL6I) J68 APPL73AT76 7 ELE3T873AL A & ELE3T86 73 &E973E) by 9!8! 8amanan A""<Electric )ystems Technology 7nstitute Magnetic material suppliers 2 • • • The Po$erLite= 3<3ores .• • Previous tests results about the MEG v+!The Motional Electromagnetic Generator . "Ji6TiLA) ' Magnetics 3omponents' )oftcores material MAG ETE3 ' Tape #ound core based on the ne# nanocrystalline softma"netic material called A 6PE8M . MEG / from Thomas Bearden January +-th* +--0 ' 7nteresting papers and patents ' • • • • F6verunity device installed in Minuteman Missile < patented by CestinghouseF by Tom 3earden 2! Andreatta* F2igh Po$er )$itching Amplifier Cherein Energy is Transferred to a Tuned 3ircuit &uring "oth 2alf 3ycles*F (!)! Patent o! 5*+5A*..@! 4nteresting papers and documents about the project ' • • • • The MEG paper ' E:tracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet $ith Energy< 8eplenishing from the Active 9acuum* a PDF document ( 69 pages 1.29 MB)..0* Mar! G* 0A.H Tom L! &ennis* Jr!* F2ighly Efficient )emiconductor )$itching Amplifier*F (!)! Patent o! 5*+5A*..+* Mar! G* 0A.H 2eber J! Morrison* F)?uare Cave &riven Po$er Amplifier*F (!)! Patent o! 5*G01*-5-* June @* 0A.