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April 7, 1989

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Madame Blavatsky: The Making of a Satanist
by Patricia Noble-Schenk

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, in !!" in #ondon, from $here she maintained contact $ith a net$ork of s%irit&alists aro&nd the $orld'

What do Bolshevism, Nazism, hard- ore !ata"ism, #lvis Presle$, a"d heav$ metal ro % m&si have i" ommo"' All, to a large e(te"t, a" tra e their roots )a % to *adame +ele"a Petrov"a Blavats%$, o-,o&"der o, the Theosophi al !o iet$, a %e$ )ra" hi"g poi"t ,or toda$-s New Age !ata"i moveme"t.

#lvis Presle$ li%ed *adame Blavats%$-s writi"gs so m& h, that he /sometimes read ,rom 0her )oo%1 Voice of Silence o" stage, a"d was i"spired )$ it to "ame his ow" gospel gro&p, 2oi e./ A,ter his arrest ,or the assassi"atio" o, 3o)ert 4e""ed$, o"e o, the ,irst a ts o, !irha" !irha" was to re5&est a op$ o, Blavats%$-s The Secret Doctrine. Aleister 6rowle$, /leadi"g light/ o, moder" da$ hard ore !ata"ists, was i"spired )$ *adame-s /o &lt/ tea hi"gs, as were the m$sti s that ,ormed the leadership o, +itler-s Nazi part$ a"d 3&ssia-s Bolshevi% Part$. Blavats%$-s &p)ri"gi"g a"d ed& atio" made her a ps$ hoti . 7" e she was destro$ed me"tall$, her ,amil$-s )a %gro&"d a"d i"tellige" e o""e tio"s made her the per,e t target ,or re r&itme"t )$ the 3&ssia" oligar h$-s ,reemaso"i i"tellige" e "etwor%s, ,or whose )e"e,it she spread her l&rid theosophi al do tri"e a ross Wester" #&rope a"d the 8"ited !tates ,or more tha" ,ive de ades. 9" the perso" o, *adame Blavats%$ a"d her Theosophi al !o iet$, is em)odied the em)r$o o, the A"glo-!oviet New Age moveme"t we see toda$. Not o"l$ was Blavats%$ the ,irst 3&ssia" woma" to )e ome a "at&ralized Ameri a" itize", )&t the Theosophi al !o iet$ was :oi"tl$ ,o&"ded )$ Blavats%$ a"d a" Ameri a" Freemaso", 6ol. +e"r$ 7l &tt, who pla$ed a leadi"g role i" the over-&p o, the assassi"atio" o, Preside"t A)raham ;i" ol" <he )elo"ged to a three-ma" ommissio" that /i"vestigated/ the m&rder=. No wo"der toda$-s New-Agers )elieve that !oviet leader *i%hail >or)a hev is the path,i"der ,or the /"ew o"s io&s"ess/ a"d that /,rom 3&ssia omes the hope o, the world./ This is stri tl$ i" the traditio" o, Blavats%$-s Theosophi al !o iet$. 9"ter"atio"al ,reemaso"r$ pla$ed a %e$ role i" the )&ildi"g o, the theosophi al moveme"t, a high-level deplo$me"t )$ the i"ter"atio"al oligar h$ o, the "i"etee"th e"t&r$, to destro$ the ommitme"t to the s$stem o, sovereig" "atio"-states, )ased o" >od-s "at&ral law, as e(empli,ied )$ the ,o&"di"g o, the 8"ited !tates i" the great Ameri a" 3evol&tio". 6e"tral to the traditio" o, the Ameri a" 3evol&tio" is the right o, the i"divid&al to develop the reative spar% o, reaso" give" to ea h a"d ever$ i"divid&al )$ >od? a"d it is pre isel$ this reative spar% o, reaso" whi h the m$sti al irratio"alism promoted )$ *adame-s Theosoph$ was reated to destro$.

A Satanist (s Born Bor" +ele"a Petrov"a vo" +ah", *adame Blavats%$, a mem)er o, 3&ssia-s high "o)ilit$, o&ld tra e her roots all the wa$ )a % to the twel,th e"t&r$-s lege"dar$ Pri" e 3&ri%, ,irst r&ler o, 3&ssia. +er a" estors o" her mother-s side i" l&ded Pri" e >regor$, am)assador to Pola"d? Pri" e @a%ov, the ,avorite o, Peter the >reat? a"d Pri" ess 6atheri"e, who was )etrothed to 6zar Peter 99. Blavats%$-s mother was a radi al ,emi"ist, the /,irst "ovel-writer that had ever appeared i" 3&ssia,/ who revolted agai"st the low stat&s o, wome" i" 3&ssia )$ t&r"i"g her rage o" her h&s)a"d, a"d writi"g "ovels, i" whi h wome" are a)&sed )$ domi"eeri"g, evil me". As a res&lt o, this &p)ri"gi"g, Blavats%$ wo&ld later sa$ o, hersel,, /There is "othi"g o, the woma" i" me. Whe" 9 was $o&"g, i, a $o&"g ma" had dared to spea% to me o, love, 9 wo&ld have shot him li%e a dog who )it me,/ a"d, /;ove is a vile dream, a "ightmare./ Bor" premat&rel$, pla"s were made ,or her immediate )aptism, )&t as the eremo"$ drew to a lose, a"d !ata" was )ei"g s$m)oli all$ re"o&" ed, a a"dle lit the )ottom o, the priest-s ro)es. The priest a"d several )$sta"ders were severel$ )&r"ed. A ordi"g to )elie,s o, orthodo( 3&ssia, she was doomed ,rom that da$ ,orward to a li,e o, tro&)le a"d vi issit&de. +ele"a grew &p i" a ho&sehold domi"ated )$ a deadl$ om)i"atio", )ei"g )oth devo&tl$ 3&ssia" 7rthodo(, with i o"s ha"gi"g i" ever$ room, while at the same time retai"i"g the pop&lar paga" religio" amo"g the serva"ts. !&per"at&ral )ei"gs, a ordi"g to paga" lege"d, o&ld )e pla ated or o"trolled )$ i"divid&als who were )or" )etwee" A&l$ 1B a"d B1, as was +ele"a. 7" the "ight o, her )irthda$, the serva"ts wo&ld arr$ +ele"a aro&"d the gro&"ds, spri"%li"g hol$ water a"d repeati"g m$sti al i" a"tatio"s to appease the lo al go)li". At a" earl$ age, +ele"a )elieved i" a" i"visi)le world o, s&per"at&ral )ei"gs, a"d )e ame i" reasi"gl$ o"vi" ed that might$ ,or es wo&ld arr$ o&t her wishes. Tr$i"g "&mero&s e(or isms a"d )eati"gs to e"d what was des ri)ed as /her o&trageo&sl$ &"a epta)le )ehavior,/ did"-t help a"$. Perhaps the a)&se meted o&t to +ele"a was desig"ed to reate a !ata"i perso"alit$. +ele"a too% to ,lights o, me"tal ,a"tas$, a ordi"g to her sister, )elievi"g that, /People o&ld ha"ge i"to a"imals a"d ta%e a"$ ,orm the$ li%ed, i, the$

o"l$ %"ew how? me" o&ld ,l$, i, the$ o"l$ wished so ,irml$./ Whe" the other hildre" la&ghed at her, she wo&ld sa$, /s& h wise me" had e(isted i" all ages, a"d e(isted eve" i" o&r ow" da$s, ma%i"g themselves %"ow", o, o&rse, o"l$ to those who were worth$ o, %"owi"g a"d seei"g them, a"d who )elieved i" them./ !he imagi"ed she had i"visi)le pla$mates, a"d wo&ld )e ,o&"d i" deep o"versatio" with these )ei"gs. ;ater, her sister 2era wo&ld write that +ele"a /was the stra"gest girl o"e had ever see"./ *a"$ alled her raz$, "ot witho&t a&se. +er o,,i ial )iographer, +e"r$ !i""ett, reported that as a hild she e(perie" ed terri,$i"g hall& i"atio"s i" whi h she was p&rs&ed )$ the /terri)le glari"g e$es/ o, i"a"imate o):e ts. /!he wo&ld sh&t her e$es tight d&ri"g s& h visio"s, a"d r&" awa$ to hide ,rom the ghostl$ gla" es throw" o" her )$ pie es o, ,&r"it&re or arti les o, dress, s reami"g desperatel$, a"d ,righte"i"g the whole ho&sehold. At other times, she wo&ld )e seized with ,its o, la&ghter, e(plai"i"g them as the am&si"g pra"%s o, her i"visi)le ompa"io"s./ C&ri"g her adoles e" e, +ele"a was e(posed to a" e(te"sive o &lt li)rar$, whi h had )elo"ged to her great gra"d,ather, Pri" e Pa&l Colgor&%ov. The li)rar$ o"tai"ed h&"dreds o, )oo%s o" al hem$, magi , a"d o &lt s ie" es, a"d she read all o, them )e,ore she rea hed ,i,tee" $ears o, age. B$ midadoles e" e, she lived, i" her words, /a do&)le e(iste" e, m$sterio&s, i" omprehe"si)le eve" to m$sel,,/ spe"di"g, /the da$ i" m$ ph$si al )od$ a"d m$ "ights i" m$ astral )od$./ !he was i"vestigati"g, /the powers o, "at&re that are i"a essi)le to o&r reaso"./ 9t is pre isel$ this d&alit$ )etwee" "at&re a"d reaso", that la$s the )asis ,or the !ata"i perso"alit$.

The symbol of Blavatsky)s Theoso%hical Society, com%lete $ith gnostic cross, ser%ent, and s$astika'

Blavatsky in Ne$ *ork in !+,, the year she fo&nded the Theoso%hical Society'

EIRNS/William Martel

An o&t%ost in Boston, Massach&setts today of the Theoso%hical Society, fo&nded by Blavatsky and the American freemason -ol' Henry .lc&tt, in !+,'

A scene from the early "!/s film Excalibur, only one of do0ens %rod&ced in Holly$ood to %o%&lari0e the occ&lt o&tlook and mysticism s&bscribed to by Blavatsky, among today)s yo&th'

1hat (s Satanism2 9" a re e"t do &me"t o" the !ata"i perso"alit$, ;$"do" +. ;a3o& he stressed that !ata"ists )ase their world view o" a spe i,i sort o, d&alism, whi h ,alsel$ separates the realm o, the ph$si al a"d metaph$si al. This ta%es the ,orm i" the evil philosoph$ o, 9mma"&el 4a"t, o, de"$i"g the i"telligi)ilit$ o, the reative pro essDthat the pro ess o, reatio" is "ot %"owa)le to ma", a"d he" e is "ot apa)le o, reaso"a)le e(pla"atio"Dit is impossi)le ,or the h&ma" mi"d to des ri)e or represe"t the pro ess )$ whi h s ie"ti,i dis overies are made. 9" other worlds, >od-s laws are "ot %"owa)le to me", there is a" &")ridgea)le g&l, )etwee" the metaph$si al <spirit&al= a"d ph$si al world, with "o ohere" e )etwee" the two. 6arried ,&rther, this /&"%"owa)ilit$/ o, the laws o, the spirit&al world is the ,o&"datio" &po" whi h o &ltism is )asedDthat irratio"alit$ whi h is the )asis o, )elie, i" /phe"ome"o"/ <e(hi)ited at sea" es, ,or e(ample= a"d m$sti ism. 9ro"i all$, lo"g )e,ore 4a"t prese"ted his evil thesis, ;ei)"iz, i" his Theodicy, had prove" that >od reated this world i" the )est possi)le ma""er, a"d that there,ore the )est laws wo&ld gover" all aspe ts o, >od-s reatio", whi h wo&ld ma%e ph$si s a"d metaph$si s ohere"t. 9" his Theodicy, ;ei)"iz sa$s, /B&t si" e reaso" is a gi,t o, >od, eve" as ,aith is, o"te"tio" )etwee" them wo&ld a&se >od to o"te"d agai"st >od? a"d i, the o):e tio"s o, reaso" agai"st a"$ arti le o, ,aith are i"sol&)le, the" it m&st )e said that this alleged arti le will )e ,alse a"d "ot revealedE this will )e a himera o, the h&ma" mi"d, a"d the tri&mph o, this ,aith will )e apa)le o, ompariso" with )o",ires lighted a,ter a de,eat./ 9t is i" this realm o, d&alit$, the area whi h to the proto-!ata"ist is &"%"owa)le to reaso", that the gro&"dwor% ,or !ata"ism is laid. 7" this d&alit$, *adame Blavats%$ is ver$ e(pli it i" her )oo%, The Secret Doctrine, /The *a"i,ested 8"iverse . . . is pervaded )$ d&alit$./ The ver$ irratio"alit$ o, the /o &lt m$steries/ )e omes the )asis ,or the destr& tio" o, reaso". To o"e who does "ot have !ata"ist pro livities, there is "o s& h di hotom$, as >od wo&ld "ot reate the )est possi)le &"iverse with irratio"alit$ as its )ase. The ohere" e )etwee" the two a" readil$ )e see" i" the ,a t that the material mea"s <ph$si al world= allow ,or the developme"t o, o"e-s spiritDgives the i"divid&al the a)ilit$ to devote e"erg$ to the developme"t o, their hara ter a"d i"telle t.

A"other mar% o, the !ata"i method is to o"s io&sl$ ha"ge de e"t h&ma" val&es i"to their opposite. 9" this, *adame Blavats%$ is shamelessl$ straight,orward. While hara terizi"g >e"esis as /mi"d )a,,li"g a"d s ie" e harassi"g,/ she pro eeds to des ri)e dar%"ess as /the o"e tr&e a t&alit$, the )asis ,or the root o, light, witho&t whi h the latter o&ld "ever . . . eve" e(ist./ !he pro eeds, "Demon est Deus in ersus 0the devil is the i"verse o, >od1. . . . The Cevil is "ow alled Car%"ess )$ the 6h&r h, whereas, i" the Bi)le he is alled the !o" o, >od, the )right star o, the earl$ mor"i"g, ;& i,er. . . . +e was tra"s,ormed )$ the 6h&r h i"to ;& i,er or !ata", )e a&se he is higher a"d older tha" Aehovah a"d had to )e sa ri,i ed to the "ew dogma./ The Pan-Slavs The $o&"g +ele"a-s earl$ irratio"alit$ made her a per,e t re r&it ,or the 3&ssia" oligar h$-s ,reemaso"i i"tellige" e "etwor%s. +er ,amil$ was a tive i" a ,a tio" o, the 3&ssia" "o)ilit$ %"ow" as the Pa"-!lavsDthose who were ommitted to e(pa"di"g the 3&ssia" empire immediatel$ i" the Bal%a"s, the *ideast, a"d e"tral Asia. !he was pi %ed &p at a" earl$ age )$ Pri" e >olits$", a high-level maso" ,rie"d o, her &" le, >e"eral 3ostislav Fade$ev, whom she was lose to. >olits$" arried o" the traditio" o, his gra"d,ather, who )elieved that spirit&al ,or es r&led the world a"d that a "ew &"iversal o &lt h&r h wo&ld spri"g &p i" 3&ssia. The $o&"ger Pri" e >olits$" was i"volved i" medi&mship a"d lairvo$a" e. A writer a"d pamphleteer ,or the Pa"-!lavs, the ge"eral was a propo"e"t o, militar$ o",ro"tatio" with #&rope, to deplo$ the !lavs agai"st the West, there)$ lea"si"g themselves o, Wester" ideas, Wester" &lt&re, a"d Wester" i"stit&tio"s. !ig"i,i a"tl$, +ele"a had the )lessi"g o, the 3&ssia" 7rthodo( 6h&r h. The *etropolita" o, 4iev, 9sidore, met with +ele"a i" 18FG, a"d, a,ter i"5&iri"g a)o&t her /ps$ hi / gi,ts, said, /There is "o ,or e, that )oth i" its esse" e a"d i" its ma"i,estatio" does "ot pro eed ,rom the 6reator. !o lo"g as $o& do "ot a)&se the gi,ts give" $o&, have "o &"easi"ess. We are )$ "o mea"s ,or)idde" to i"vestigate the hidde" ,or es o, "at&re. 7"e da$ the$ will )e &"derstood a"d &tilized )$ ma", tho&gh that is "ot $et. *a$ the )lessi"g o, >od rest o" $o&, m$ hildH/

B$ the time o, her marriage to Ni%i,or Blavats%$, +ele"a was a ommitted o &ltist, )elievi"g i" magi a"d m$sti al spirits. !hortl$ a,ter her marriage, she ra" awa$ ,rom her h&s)a"d, to 6o"sta"ti"ople, where she had o""e tio"s thro&gh Pri" e >olits$". At this time, *adame Blavats%$ )e ame a" avid hashish a"d opi&m ta%er, whi h a tivit$ she o"ti"&ed ,or de ades. Altho&gh she was %"ow" ,or her large "&m)er o, se(&al es apades, a"d had a" illegitimate hild )$ Agardi *etrovit h, a ,ollower o, the 9talia" terrorist *azzi"i, toward the e"d o, her li,e, she i"sisted that she was a virgi", d&e to a / o"ge"ital roo%ed"ess o, the &ter&s. . . . 9 am la %i"g somethi"g a"d the pla e is ,illed &p with some roo%ed & &m)er,/ she said. B&t l$i"g a"d dr&g addi tio" were )&t two o, ma"$ o, the /*adame-s/ vi es. !he was also %"ow" to reg&larl$ smo%e a po&"d o, to)a o a da$, whi h, alo"g with the dr&gs, helped i" her /o&t o, )od$/ e(perie" es. /9 lose m$ e$es a"d ,loat o" a"d o", a"$where or wherever 9 wish,/ she said. From here o", *adame Blavats%$-s li,e rossed paths with a virt&al Who-s Who o, ,reemaso"r$ a"d the A"glo-Ameri a"-!oviet o &lt )&rea&, a"d she was i" to& h with ever$ %e$ spirit&alist aro&"d the world. 7"e o, her lose 3&ssia" ,rie"ds, *adame Novi%o,,, was deplo$ed )$ the Freemaso"i "etwor%s to ;o"do", a"d des ri)ed )$ a o"temporar$ "ovelistE /0*adame Novi%o,,1, whose i",l&e" e a"d power over a ertai" Premier o, #"gla"d is )&t a matter o, on dits, a"d who at o"e time serio&sl$ a,,e ted the ,oreig" poli $ o, >reat Britai"./ !aili"g to the 8"ited !tates i" 187B, she )e ame ,rie"ds with a "&m)er o, spirit&alists, i" l&di"g A"drew Aa %so" Cavis, who p&t her i" to& h with Ale(a"der A%sa%ov, a 3&ssia" spirit&alist who ,i"a" ed Blavats%$ 5&ite e(te"sivel$. 9t is ver$ stri%i"g, how /Ameri a" spirit&alism/ is ver$ losel$ tied to 3&ssia. Priv$ 6o&" ilor to Ale(a"der 99, A%sa%ov )ro&ght a "&m)er o, Ameri a" medi&ms to 3&ssia, to give sea" es to Ale(a"der 999 a,ter Ale(a"der 99-s assassi"atio". A%sa%ov also gave over hal, o, the mo"e$ whi h ,i"a" ed the 3esear h #"dowme"t F&"d o, the !o iet$ ,or Ps$ hi al 3esear h, whi h to this da$ is a o""e tio" poi"t )etwee" the 3&ssia" a"d British spirit&alists. ;ater, whe" Blavats%$ was i" 9"dia, she o"ti"&ed to re eive 3&ssia" mo"e$ ,rom *i hael 4at%ov, a "ewspaper editor a"d p&)lisher o, the Mosco! "hronicle, a leadi"g Pa"-!lav paper whi h was losel$ read )$ a"d greatl$ i",l&e" ed the 6zar.

A 3&ssian S%y A,ter the ,o&"di"g o, the Theosophi al !o iet$ i" 1875 i" New @or% 6it$, *adame Blavats%$ a"d the o,o&"der, +e"r$ 7l &tt, set o,,, i" 1878, to 9"dia, whi h )e ame the i"ter"atio"al head5&arters o, the so iet$. C&ri"g her time i" 9"dia, she was a &sed )$ more tha" o"e perso" o, )ei"g a 3&ssia" sp$. B&t as to *adame Blavats%$-s real p&rpose, let her spea% ,or hersel,. The ,ollowi"g 5&ote is ta%e" ,rom a letter writte" )$ *adame to a"other 3&ssia" m$sti , 2sevolod !olov$ovE ;oo% here, this is what it is, $o& are soo" goi"g to !t. Peters)&rg? "ow do &"derta%e a ver$ importa"t )&si"ess o, the greatest )e"e,it to 3&ssia. 9 wish to propose m$sel, as a se ret age"t o, the 3&ssia" >over"me"t i" 9"dia. To promote the tri&mph o, m$ o&"tr$ over those vile #"glish 9 am apa)le o, a"$thi"g. 9 hate the #"glish >over"me"t i" 9"dia, with its missio"aries? the$ are all m$ perso"al e"emies, thirsti"g ,or m$ destr& tio". That alo"e is reaso" e"o&gh wh$ 9 sho&ld throw m$ whole so&l i"to the str&ggle with them. A"d that 9 a" do them imme"se harm i" 9"dia is ertai"? a"d 9 alo"e a" do it, "o o"e else is apa)le o, the tas%. *$ i",l&e" e o" the +i"d&s is e"ormo&s? o, that 9 a" easil$ prod& e as m& h evide" e as $o& will. At a sig" ,rom me, millio"s o, +i"d&s wo&ld ,ollow me. 9 a" easil$ orga"ize a giga"ti re)ellio". 9 will g&ara"tee that i" a $ear-s time the whole o, 9"dia wo&ld )e i" 3&ssia-s ha"ds. 7"l$ the$ m&st give me the pe &"iar$ mea"sD9 do"-t wa"t m& h. @o& %"ow how 9 am i" this respe t. A"d the$ m&st p&t it i" m$ power to pe"etrate i"to 9"dia thro&gh 3&ssiaD,or 9 a"-t go )a % there a"$ other wa$, si" e this a,,air o, the 6o&lom)s a"d the missio"ariesDa"d 9 will )ri"g a)o&t o"e o, the greatest eve"ts i" histor$. 9 proposed the same thi"g )e,ore, some $ears ago, whe" Timashe,, was still mi"ister? )&t 9 did "ot re eive a"$ a"swer. B&t "ow, "ow it is m& h easier ,or me? 9 a" arra"ge the whole thi"g i" a $ear. +elp me i" s& h a patrioti a&se.

1hat (s Theoso%hy2 From its i" eptio", theosoph$ was )ased o" ,ra&d a"d lies. 7ste"si)l$ to i"vestigate /espe iall$ . . . the st&d$ o, those laws least &"derstood )$ moder" people, a"d so termed the o &lt s ie" es/ a"d to promote a /,eeli"g o, )rotherhood amo"g "atio"s,/ the gro&p gathered together i",ormall$ at *adame-s drawi"g room i" New @or% 6it$ ,or wee%l$ dis &ssio"s. At the e"ter o, these dis &ssio"s were the re e"t /spirit&al ma"i,estatio"s/ at the Fo( a"d #dd$ homes i" &pstate New @or%. These /ma"i,estatio"s o, departed spirits/ were later admitted to )e ,ra&d&le"t. *adame Blavats%$, "ot to )e &pstaged, )ro&ght her ow" spirits to these sea" es, as well as havi"g /astral )ells/ <whi h wo&ld m$sterio&sl$ ri"g ,rom thi" air i" *adame-s vi i"it$=, rappi"gs, a"d stra"ge o &rre" es aro&"d her at all time. Appare"tl$, her earlier sta$ i" 6o"sta"ti"ople with the i",amo&s 6opti magi ia" Pa&los *e"tamo", where she lear"ed the sea" e a"d magi trade, paid o,, well, as her /ma"i,estatio"s/ were 5&ite o"vi" i"g to those aro&"d her who wa"ted to )elieve i" this "o"se"se. Blavats%$-s writi"gs are a" i" ohere"t mishmash s$"thesis o, world religio"s, whi h is s&pposed to )e s&perior to a"$ parti &lar religio". /Theosoph$,/ she said, /is "ot a religio", it is the religio"./ Based o" the same #aster" a"d paga" religio"s whi h have )ee" pop&larized toda$ with the ro %-dr&g-se( o&"ter &lt&re, she was a" avid hater o, 6hristia"it$. 9" her ,irst ma:or wor%, Isis #n eiled, Blavats%$ ma%es lear that her idea o, /)rotherhood/ is 5&ite ra istE /3a es o, me" di,,er i" spirit&al gi,ts as i" olor, stat&re, or a"$ other e(ter"al 5&alit$? amo"g some people seership "at&rall$ prevails, amo"g others medi&mship. !ome are addi ted to sor er$, a"d tra"smit its se ret r&les o, pra ti e ,rom ge"eratio" to ge"eratio", with a ra"ge o, ph$si al phe"ome"a./ *ost o, her wor% o" 6hristia"it$ is ta%e" dire tl$ ,rom the evil >"osti Bi)le. *adame o"vi" ed those i" her so iet$ that she was a / hela/Do"e hose" )$ the /masters/ o, the #ast, who omm&"i ated with her, a"d thro&gh her to others, )$ mea"s o, telepath$, a"d eve" /astral letter drops./ Whe" she wa"ted someo"e to do somethi"g, all o, a s&dde" a" /astral/ letter wo&ld drop ,rom the eili"g with whatever orders ,rom the /masters,/ )e it to a ompa"$ her to 9"dia, or simpl$ to lea" her roomH C&ri"g her time i" 9"dia, she rigged a shri"e to the masters, omplete with ,alse doors, a"d

slidi"g pa"els, where ,ollowers wo&ld ome to pa$ homage to the /masters/ a"d re eive omm&"i atio"s. Tho&gh she was e(posed as a ,ra&d, a&ght i" "&mero&s lies, e(posed as a plagiarist, a"d was a)sol&tel$ a)&sive to those aro&"d her, she "o"etheless remai"s toda$ as a leadi"g g&r& a"d i"spiratio" to the m$sti s, who ,orm a" importa"t part o, orga"ized !ata"ism toda$. 9" the A&deo-6hristia" traditio", e(pli ated i" ;eviti &s, 6hapter IG, verses F a"d I7, o&r tas% toda$ is well de,i"edE A"d the so&l that t&r"eth a,ter s& h as worship spirits, a"d a,ter wizards, to go a whori"g a,ter them, 9 will eve" set m$ ,a e agai"st that so&l, a"d will &t him o,, ,rom amo"g his people. A ma" also or woma" that worshippeth spirits, or that is a wizard, shall s&rel$ )e p&t to death? the$ shall sto"e them with sto"es? their )lood shall )e &po" them.

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