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4G Mobile (LTE & Mobile WiMAX

Seminar & Panel Discussion

3Q 2009

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4G Mobile Technology IPRs
Seminar & Panel Discussion
As a part of PATINEX 2009, which is scheduled on Nov. 10-11 in Seoul,
S. Korea, there will be a special session on Mobile technology IPR
development and portfolio management especially for 4G mobile technologies

After short presentations by each panel, there will be an in-depth discussion

b t currentt status
t t off 4G (LTE,
(LTE Mobile
M bil WiMAX) essentialti l patent
t t IPRs,
strategic patent portfolio development and management, and issue with
licensing (patent pool) and NPEs.

Moderator : Alex G. Lee, Ph.D. (Principal, TechIPm, LLC)

Panel: Jari Varrio,, Ph.D. (IPR
( Director,, Nokia))
James Maccoun, J.D. (Sr. Counsel, HP and former IPR Director,
Junwon Lee (Principal Engineer
Engineer, Samsung Electronics)
Hyeonwoo Lee, Ph.D. (Next G Mobile Program Director, Ministry of
Knowledge Economy)

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Trends & Issues
with Strategic Patent Management
for Mobile Comm
nication Technologies

Nov. 11 2009

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We are now eye witnessing the dawning of 4th generation mobile evolution era.
Technology innovations have been the key enabler for the mobile evolution,
and IPRs for technology innovations were at the heart of mobile business
Thus, as the starting of worldwide commercial services and standardization by
ITU, it will be timely matter to review the current trends and issues with IPRs for
emergingi 4G mobilebil ttechnologies.
h l i

In parallel with the current increasing interests in 4G mobile IPRs, we analyze

the IPRs for LTE, which is one of emerging 4G mobile technologies, as a case
study. In this presentation, we show the result of analysis for LTE IPR
p , the case studyy for the strategic
g management
g of LTE p
portfolios, licensing issues such as patent pool royalties, and NPE related

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1. Mobile Revolution Began with Patent

2. Patents at the Heart of Mobile Business: Qualcomm’s Profit Center
3 Beginning of 4th Generation Mobile
4. Complex IPR Landscape
4.1 LTE IPR Landscape
4 2 Mobile WiMAX IPR Landscape
5. IPR Strategy: Strategic Alignment
5.1 IPR-Standardization Alignment Best Practice: LTE Case Study
6. St
6 Strategic
t i Management
M t off Patent
P t t Portfolio
P tf li
7. Patent Portfolio Management: Mobile Telecom Case Study
8. Patent Portfolio Management: LTE Case Study (1)
9. Patent Portfolio Management: LTE Case Study (2)
10. Licensing Issues: Pool or Bilateral
11. NPE Issues: Evolution of IP business?
11.1 NPEs in Mobile Telecom
Appendix. 4G IPR References

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