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'Wa((.\,l.llal!.9' ~\'oj:ett ~ubHtatton

Barbara Fisher & Richard Spiegel co-directors Thomas Perry C.U.N.Y. Intern Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent

Office of Alternative High Schools and Programs

Uni~ue Creation~

Manhattan Community Service High. School Jane Endler, Coordinator

Aileen Chester, Bill Stroud, Teachers

(f) 1991 The Waterways Project ofTen Penny Players, Inc.

Support for the Waterways Project is provided by participating schools

the New York State Council on the Arts

the Office of Alternative High Schools and Programs


Jonnie Belleau 2,3 Louis Albornoz 4 OreoS


J ames Budden 6,7 Jelmifer 8

Patrice 8, 9, 10

Anonymous ~/11/1L, B/lb/17/1~

Rashard Graham 12 Flappy Flap 13 Monique 13 Demetrius 14 George 14,15 Sheila Melendez 15 Abby Ayma 16 Victor 16

Patricia Andujar 17,19,20


A N'"e"",," Li.£e Jon.n.i.e Belleau.

As my body changes, It grows inside me.

It is a very warm feeling. It excites me.

All I want to do is see it.

See its blushing, plump face. I want to hear it laughing, crying and talking.

I can't wait 'til it starts to kick my insides;

until I can't see my feet any more, wobbling around, looking like

a penguin.

I can't wait to see my baby.

Ti.n.a Jon.n.i.e Belleau.

Tina with her snow white fur; she always be smiling. At night, she keeps me wann, and as I move around, I hear the sound of her plastic skates banging together,

When she was first given

to me, it was love at first sight. She was so squeezable,

so comforting.

Tina, my squeezable, lovable Teddy Bear.



Lo'V"e Bellea"U.

What exactly is Love? To me it is sharing a common feeling.

When you touch the person

you love, you start breathing harder and your heart beats faster. When you think about the person you love, you feel your heart

go to your throat and you feel empty inside because you're not with him.

And when the person you love takes you in his arms, nothing in the world can hurt you. Be11ea"U.

Times change. People change.

Why don't societies change? They are afraid. But why? This world would be a better place with change.

No racism. No violence. No color line.

Just true people without masks on.



In.spira.tion. Alborn.oz

There is a rose in my life. Her smell is sweet.

She tries to guide me But, I don't always listen.

In the end, she is always right. My mother is my guiding light.

Tl .... e Streets Alborn.oz

People rush to' work. Students go to school.

People go about their daily lives, But still the homeless man lies there, On the floor ....



p-u.11 ..A~ay Orea

Growing up in the streets is hard and you learn to pull away.

I meet a person,

we become friends,

we share things,

I pull away.

Having or feeling love is dangerous for me,

I must pull away.

I've been betrayed and lied to, I must pull away.

NEVER get close I was told by my so called elders

you must pull away.

So today being scared

by my past and too afraid to trust I must pull away. Maybe one day instead

of pulling away I'll pull in.

rv.Iy N i.n.e Sh.ot: G-u.n.

My nine is like a brother to me. Whenever I have a beef,

my nine takes care of it.

I'm broke sometimes,

but my nine give me money. Me and my nine were close. But now he's gone

and I have Mac to take his place.



Relat:ior1ship, Lo"Ve,, Der1ial, Disast:er, ::I-l:ope Jaxnes Bu.dden..


Relationship - what I thought we could have. Love - Where I thought it would lead. Change - Things weren't the same.

Denial- So we played the game.

Disaster - Things came to an end.

Hope - Because we're still friends.

The Ixn.porta:n.ce o£ Pop-u.larit:y Bu.dder1

It is important for certain people like myself to be popular. I feel this way because I don't remember not being popular. Popularity is something that comes natural. Either you are or you're not. It is not always easy, being popular, and being so gets harder and hamer as you grow older. Popularity is needed in life, because everyone needs it at some particular time in life. Even if it doesn't stay. There are many different kinds of popularity. There's nerd popularity, sports popularity, funny popularity, good looks popularity, bad looks popularity, etc ... Not everyone can handle being popular. It can go to their head or they just might not like it. I'm glad to be popular.


JaD:" B ....... dde:n.

He has come like a thief in the night. He has come and taken away,

Taken what should be mine,

Oooh what is all so fine.

He took it from under my nose. He came like a cat on its toes. And, yes, he has taken away.

I know not the time nor the day. What did he do? What did he say? Was he cunning?

Was he shy?

Was it the look he had in his eye? Have I not found it in all my years? Is it in his smile or his tears?

I don't know. 4/91 J aD:" B ....... dde:n.

The day is long. I'm bored again,

So, I pick up the phone to call a friend. Not just any, but the one of my dreams. Nancy's her name. She's all that I need. To my dismay, she's not home.

The day just got longer. Where did she go? Getting upset, I'm trying to find her.

First at her brother's, she's not there either. She's not at work; I tried there too.

Where is she at? Where and with whom?

Trying to forget, but still having thoughts;

'Cause that sound I just heard, that's the way she talks. 1 turn around, and to my surprise.

She's standing there before my eyes.

Feeling guilty I worried for nothing,

Now I know she deserves my loving. 7

LoV"e A:n.o:n. yD:'l.ous

1 think the meaning of love is ...

L is for when you think you're in love o is for the only person you loved

V is when you think they're very special E is for every time you feel this way

Bool< o£ Li£e Je:n.:n.i£er

Life is so amazing. Why do we live? What are we here for?

And where will we go after? I think life is like books. There are different types of books. There are different types of lives. Just like people often open and close a book, some people in this world - if they do not like the way their life is going - they kill themselves and don't go on. While others fight and struggle to see what happens at the end. Giving up is so easy to do. But fighting and struggling until the end with pain and suffering is much harder. So when you are faced with those hard chapters, my friends, please don't choose to close the book. Keep on reading. You just might like the ending.

LoV"e Patrice



Love is a passion.

Love is a thought.

Love is not borrowed. Love is not bought. Love can be the answer to every aching need. You can feel it's real.

You can give it, it's a deal. So try it, you'll like it.

I really think you should try.

Love can be the answer

8 for all your aches and pains. Lo"Ve Patrice

Love is never an easy thing. It doesn't last forever.

It comes and it goes, "-

Shattering the window of your life. As you pick up the pieces

It comes again

Shattering you, yet again.



I can never express my feelings for you. I only know

that they are true.

I can't explain My trust in you. I only know

I'll never doubt you.

I can never tell

my feelings [or you.

I can only say to myself that I love you.


I 'I


~ I


R.e'Vie~ o£ Blacl< Boy Pat:rice Bu.t:ler

Recently, I read the famous book, Black Boy, by Richard Wright. It's sort of like a biography, but more upbeat. It's only about his childhood. It's interesting. It contains Richard's earliest memories to his worst stemming from about the age seven or eight to about when he turned seventeen. His memories are so vivid and detailed, it's as if he went back in time and relived every moment, and respoke every word, which, in a way, he did. He gave so much detail and put so much life into his words, I could create a mental picture in my mind describing his life. I enjoyed the conversations he had with his mother and the pondering thoughts and fights he had with his conscience. I disliked the treatment Richard received from his own flesh and blood; the uncle that wanted to beat him for not being stupid, and the other family members who were harsh on him for the same reason: he wasn't stupid. But that didn't stop him. He was selfmotivated. He read books and novels. he learned. I thought . Richard was very dependent on material things. As a fellow classmate stated, he was only dependent on himself at the end of the book. I really enjoyed the book. I would recommend it to anybody. It is a very interesting book for those who like to read the truth. It's a very good book. I recommend it to all. I hope you like my review. Good night to all.


No",," It·s Dv-er An.on.y:J:rl.ou.s

June 3, 1990. The first day I met you.

When I looked into your eyes, I thought I was set.

The love we had together, baby, I will never forget. Month after month, I thought our love grew stronger,

but 9 months later

my heart is broken and we are over.

You are part of history now. You are the past. I won't be the fool again to think love can always last.



. ~ An.on. Y:J:rl.Ou.s

the games these Guys play are because they're Animals

are because they think they're Men enough to say it are because they think they got Enough from us are because I consider them Stupid.


Sad:n.ess 1:0 I-Iappin.ess A:n.o:n.yxn..o'1.1S

As I walked on the beach,

I thought back on the past 21/2 years. I changed more than I thought Anyone ever could.

As I kicked the sand, I remembered Kicking him. That memory is one of the Worst ones.

I asked myseU, how could I do that? I didn't know.

When I got out of the hospital I Had so much anger. I didn't know What to do with it all.

Now I have what I finally want. I am happy .•

Thinking about that, makes me think Of all the great times.

The times he gave me roses.

The times he held me tight and told Me that he loves me.

But, I have what I want.

And I am happy.

R.~shard Grahar.n

Come with me

to the rocks. They're hard

and very slippery. So be careful.

Way up on top of the rocks there is snow, and it is hard to get to the top.

The snow will try everything

12 to hold you back.

Birth.days FlappyFlap

Today is my birthday. Just a coincidence,

it's one of the kid's birthdays from the daycare.

When I came in the class

he had some nice clothes on.

I asked him why was he dressed up and he said today was his birthday so I said today's my birthday too and he said it's his birthday first.

I was surprised,

surprised to see someone

with the same birthday as mine.

The lV[o:n:t:h. o£ .April

lV["U..e '

My boyfriend was here, but now he's gone.

He left me with a baby to carryon.

He said I love you. I said I love you too.

He said guess what, Moni, this is April Fool.


A:n.o:n. YIUO"U..S

Some people live care-free lives Others are always on the run But everybody in the world

Is waiting for peace to come.

lVIy Job De:t:rl.etril..1s

One day at my job, which is at PS 53, exciting news occurred to me. It began nine thirty in the morning when I was going downstairs to the office to get the attendance folder. When one of the secretaries hung up the phone, I arrived. She was talking about the exciting news that happened. It was the first time. I was so happy that I couldn't get over the feeling. Now I am glad that I have my own job.

Now after the exciting news, it made me feel like a student with a real responsibility. It made me happy.

Dear E-vely:n,

I am glad we had that little talk, because I want to have an open relationship. Don't be afraid to talk about anything that's on your mind or express your feelings. Let's not keep secrets from one another. I hate to hear things from other people.

Enough of that. I have a warm personal feeling that keeps boiling inside of me that has to be distributed to gratify your sexual desire. By embracing you, I will release passionate affection. I never wanted anyone as much as I want you (it's like a dream come true). I just want you to know that you mean the world tome.

Love always, George P.S. I hope this shows you're in my thoughts and my heart.


Co :trl.:trl.i t:trl. en. t piece o£ paper is 4: you.


If you break it - you want me

If you fold it- you want to make love to me If you throw it out - you can't live without me If you give it away - you want me to be yours If you burn it - you want to marry me

If you lose it - you love me.

Now tell me my love what are you going to do with this piece of paper?

You.r "IN"ays Sheila lVIelen.dez

Your gentle ways your loving touch

Will al wa ys mean so very much

For all the special things you do


I'll always be

in love with you!


Money Greed Power Cars Drugs Guns Stupid Uneducated Death

A.bby Ay:lr1.a


Drugs Justice Money Power Police Jail. Death Guns



Weight lifting Muscles Knowledge Power Action Boxing Money Hype


Not Here Care Miss Sex Love Relationship Baby


"IN"1 .... e:n You.r lVIoJ:rl. :I-J:as AIDS (a:no:n.yrn.ou.s)

Things are not the same when she starts to get

sores in her mouth, you can't kiss her on the cheek, she can't kiss your forehead. When you're sick.she can't nurse you, because if she gets sick she gets terrible, She stays one month in bed or so. She gets frustrated easily and picks on you for the stupid little things you can't imagine.

But deep down inside she doesn't mean it, and she will apologize

when she notices she's wrong. Just understand

and have patience.

"IN"h.y Patricia

Why don't you like me like I like you?

Why don't you love me like I love you?

Why don't you understand me like I understand you?

It won't hurt to try.


lVty Li:£e"'\IVi th. AIl::> S (an.on.YIrLo-u.s)

I feel everything has been taken away from me.

My dad left my mom

and us the children.

That hurt, to live without a dad. My mom used to be a

run away when she used to be my age.

She did drugs of all kinds, never sold her body,

She used to be a member of a posse back in the days.

My morn used to beat us

for no reason and it was all because

of drugs. We went to P.R. and-back constantly. Now it's so painful to think about what happened in VA. My mom got arrested. So did I. But before I went

to VA, I found outmy mom was 5 months pregnant with AIDS. She had a baby girl. Beautiful baby, she got out of jail in N.Y. My morn is married. Me, my sister, Ronnie, and her plus her husband live in a one

bedroom apartment. My baby sister is lost forever with full blown AIDS. My mom and step dad have the HIV virus and the one thing that

makes me happy about it, is that my mom is

drug free. She's been drug free for 4 years.

Now she's an AIDS educator and she's happy.

It's hard to deal with it, but

if your love is strong anybody can do it. Please don't do drugs!!!



Patricia An.du..ja.r

Dos cosas hare contigo que tu conmigo

no haras,

Amarte toda Ia vida y no olvidarte [amas,

En. EI I-Iospital

hoy enfermos

que no se pueden eurar yen mialma

un rnuchaeho

que jamas podre olvidar

En. EI Cielo

hoy una es trella

que me llama la a ttencion yen la escuela unmuehacho

que me roba el corazon


Amarte con fervor Mirarte con rencor Olvidarte con dolor Recordartecon arnot



Patricia A:n.d-u..j ar

lVIi Caxn.a

Cuando tiendo mi carna maldigo la suerte mia de que me sirve la cama si no tengo compafiia.

:I-Iace Tiexn.po

Hace tiempo que me dejaste

y ahora quieres volver con migo Recuerda que yo sufri

y sufrir es tu castigo.



mis ojos se iluminaci6n y cuando te perdl

mis ojos por te llor6n


Eres crystalina como ehnar, brillosa como el robI, armoniosa como el violin.

Eres amiga fiel,

siempre me acompafias,

rasta en 10 mas subito del silencio

Nunca cambiare

a esa amiga que nunca imagine

20 Dedicado a Yari, Mei Ling, Sheila, lonnie, Chanima