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Major Lawrence J. Coyne

and Crew Chief
1973 Helicopter Case
(See story, Page 3)
JOURNAL The apparent disinclination of NASA to undertake an open-
ended UFO study at this time should not be interpreted as a total
103 Oldtowne Rd. rebuff, or as a sign that the Carter administration will do nothing
Seguin, Texas 78155 about UFOs. Many signs suggest that there is "more to come" in this
story, and there are many different ways and different levels of
RICHARD HALL involvement by which the Federal government could participate in
Editor or "encourage" UFO research.

WALTER H. ANDRUS Some small indications of possible administration maneuvers

Director of MUFON
behind the scenes appear in Len Stringfield's account of his
experience at the UN, and also reports from countries half a globe
Promotion/publicity apart that have reached me. Two MUFON foreign representatives
have reported sudden interest on the part of their governments in
REV. BARRY DOWNING certain UFO cases, wherein they have contacted private UFO
Religion and UFOs
groups or individuals for information. With the known history of
other countries looking to the U.S. for leadership in UFO
California Report investigations, these could well be signs that UFOs are being
discussed seriously in Washington diplomatic circles. We shall have
LUCIUS PARISH to wait and see whether this is merely wishful thinking, or correct
Books/Periodicals/History interpretation of straws in the wind.
MARJOR1E FISH (Cover photograph furnished by National Enquirer)
Extraterrestrial Life


Astronomy ,
Helicopter Case Update 3
ROSETTA HOLMES By Jennie Zeidman
Promotion/Publicity The Birdwood UFO 4
By Keith Basterfield
TED PHIIUPS NASA Letter (News) ; 6
Landing Trace Cases
What Can We Learn From Hypnosis of Imaginary "Abductees"? 7
By Alvin H. Lawson
St. Louis/Mass Media The UFO Status Quo 10
By Leonard H. Stringfield
UFO Related Information From the FBI Files 12
UFO Propulsion By Bruce S. Maccabee
California Report 15
NORMA E. SHORT By Ann Druffel
DWIGHT CONNELLY In Others' Words 17
Editor/Publishers Emeritus
By Lucius Parish
Director's Message 18
By Walt Andrus
Magazine Hoax Exposed 20
By Ann Druffel
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Jennie Zeidman
(MUFON Field Investigator,
Columbus, Ohio)

The Coyne helicopter-Close •There is no. physical evidence to course did not know of the existence
Encounter of October 18, 1973, near indicate that the 1,800 foot - 1,000 of the ground witnesses nor the
Mansfield, Ohio, continues to be of feet per minute climb or the apparent exact site of the encounter.
interest to both serious investigators radio malfunctions were in any way a
A full report, covering the details of
and "throwaway" skeptics. Within a product of the object's proximity.
my work, will be published by CUFOS.
few months of its occurrence, the four-
Meanwhile, I refer readers to Flying
man crew had divided the National •The object presented to the crew a
Saucer Review Vol. 22, No. 4, for my
Enquirer award for the best case of precisely defined opaque oval shape,
detailed arguments against the meteor
1973, and Philip Klass had published slightly domed, without wings,
hypothesis, and to FSR Vol. 23, No.4,
(with dark insinuations that the crew engine pods, empennage, logo,
for a discussion of the ground witness
should return the money) that the numbers, windows, strobe, or
object was merely "a fireball of the rotating beacon. testimony and my arguments against
Orionid meteor shower." the possibility that the object was a
•The ground witnesses described the conventional aircraft.
At the request of Dr. J. A. Hynek, I
have been working on this case since object as "pear shaped," "like a
blimp," "big as a school bus," "bigger ^Credits for finding the ground witnesses and the
May 1976. I have personally first two interviews with them are due to Warren
interrogated each of the crew and a than the helicopter."
Nicholson, MUFON State Section Director,
family of five who apparently witnessed Ohio, (Civil Commission on Aerial Phenomena,
the event from the ground.* My work •At no time was there an overall Worthington, Ohio) and to William E. Jones,
represents over 18 hours face-to-face . luminosity to the object or an MUFON Field Investigator (formerly CCAP, now
with the witnesses, the study of several irregularly defined train or trail. The CUFOS).

hours of tapes made with them by lights were emitted from specific
Hynek and others as early as the day positions on the otherwise
following the event, plus many hours of featureless object.
additional investigation and analysis.
•The event took place at the shore of
The general details of the case are
well publicised; my specific findings are:
Charles Mill Lake, which is 997 feet UFO upsets
above sea level. Thus, at the lowest
•The object was in continual view for altitude noted (1700 ft. msl) the a trawler
approximately 300 seconds. helicopter had a near 700 foot margin Lisbon
of safety. •An unidenified flying
•The object, as a red light, was visible object ( U F O ) upset a
on the eastern horizon for •As it proceeded away from the Portuguese trawler's electrical
approximately 90 seconds before it helicopter, the object's intensity system recently setting off its
turned and began its run toward the remained quite bright until it alarm sirens, the official news
helicopter. "snapped out" on (or over) the agency Anop- r e p o r t e d
northwestern horizon. yesterday.
•The object definitely decelerated, The UFO, emitting a
and maintained a hovering •Klass and Coyne have never met. glaring light, hovered above the
relationship over the helicopter for Klass's contact with the witnesses 300-ton Pardelhas off
as long as ten seconds. (and hence the basis of his "rigorous Southwest Africa (Namibia) for
investigation") consisted of three eight minutes then departed at
•The ground witnesses were long distance calls to Coyne and a high speed, Anop said.
apparently within 1,000 feet of the talk-show chat with crew member Buenos Aires Herald
actual encounter; they corroborate Healey. Klass never talked at all to 11/25/77 . - . .
the crew testimony. the other two crew members and of
By Keith Basterfield

(A report on an alleged observation of its vertical velocity to be on the order of meters wide and this rear section was
an unusual aerial object at Birdwood, 6000 Kph. high from the ground level about the 20
South Australia, July 30, 1977. A meter. . ."
preliminary report appeared in No. 118, "At no time did it emit any light or
Sept. 1977. This report is copyrighted sound. Its descent and departure did "I would estimate the average part
by UFOR (SA) Inc.) not seem even to disturb the foliage of of it to be 5-8 meters in height, length 50-
the trees. Its ascent was also noiseless- 60 meters and I would conjecture that
(1) Summary of details as given by not even a supersonic 'bang'." its width could have been in the 20
the reporter (based on interviews meter mark.. .Its width being about one
August 26 & 27, and September (2) The object as described third of its length."
"When it came down it came down Color: ". . .it was a light pinkish
Date: Saturday, 30 Jul 77 , , nose up, a bit like a Mirage coming in, color. Salmon pink. It just appeared a
Time: 1540 CST (0610 GMT) many, many times bigger than that and clear color to me. In other words it was
Location: Approx. 5 Km NNW of instead of rolling as it touched, it just just an object and I was only getting
Birdwood, on the Birdwood to stopped there. I would say its speed was reflected light from it. I don't think it had
Williamstown road, some 32 Km NE of round ' about 120 Kph coming in, any source of its own.. .There was not
Adelaide, South Australia. because it was paralleling me and then it metallic luster. It wasn't shiny, but not
Duration: 3y2 minutes. just stopped dead. dull. A light pink in color. A satin finish."
Reporter: High school science
teacher. Male. Aged 36 years. PhD in "As it approached the ground just Shape: "It seemed to have a little
organic chemistry. Name withheld on behind some trees, the nose dipped and bit of a drooped nose and this was all
his request. Available on file. it stopped. . It descended at a glide scalloped. Like one of those fan shells
angle of 15-18°.. .Velocity slowed down that I used to collect when I was a
Account: "I was driving along the tremendously as it approached the kiddie. It smoothed out into just straight
Birdwood-Williamstown road about 5 ground and then '* dipped its nose and lines as it went back, and then the rear
Km from Birdwood when I noticed an was down." section of it seemed to point a little into
object in the sky. I thought for a while the air, and it had these two other, it
that it was an aircraft, but then I realized It was first noted at an angular almost looked like an airfoil surfaces,
-• that it was not. It was descending from elevation of some 35-40° to the right but I wouldn't say exactly.. .1 didn't see
an altitude of 1-2 Km at a 15-20° glide hand side of the car through the closed any landing gear as such. I didn't see
path. As it approached the ground, its driver's window, descending at about a any legs or pegs.
nose lowered and it settled between a minus 15°'angle from the horizon,
clump of trees and a power pylon about towards the ground. Initially seen at "It had a rounded front, i.e., a three
400 meters from the road. As I got out about 1-1% minutes and 2-3 Km South dimensional point. The rear tail
of my car, a cream 1969-1970 Torana of where it was reported to have settled. surfaces were visible through the first
stopped behind me and the driver got gap in the main body upon settling
out and shouted, 'did you see that ?. The ascent: ". . .then it just went down. The underside of the entire thing
vertically straight up. I would say almost was concave—this was noticed as it
"I replied that I still could and instantly to a very definite supersonic took off. The two tail pieces were also
pointed it out to him. We observed the speed. . .It lifted off and went tail first concave underneath."
object for 3 minutes; during this time 1 backward, then levelled off and went
took particular notice of the position of vertically upwards. Within three Effects: The reporter says that
the object and other reference points so seconds it was lost to view almost there was no unusual noise noted at any
that I would be able to estimate its size directly overhead." stage throughout the observation, and
and location. It then raised its tail a little no movement of vegetation was noted
and slid backwards and upwards a little, Size: ". . .probably about the 60 by him. The weather was clear skies
then it accelerated vertically to meter mark in length. . .about ten and light winds. It was not noted if there
disappear in three seconds. I calculated meters thick. . .probably about 20-30 were any livestock in the paddock
concerned at the time. "shock" or similar. She was very quiet were taken. The area was further
on the way back, but still sees him. inspected on September 11, 1977,
(3) Reactions according to the for refined measurements and
reporter Comments on the people in the car further pictures to be taken. The
which pulled up: occupants of the houses to the
"I was sitting there and quite north and south of the paddock
frankly it absolutely stunned me. Not "The bloke ran across to me and concerned were interviewed but
that I didn't believe such things exist but said 'Did .you see that, did you see had heard, seen, nor felt nothing
for me to actually see one myself. . ."I that?. To which I said, 'Yes. There it is they considered out of the
looked at it for about three minutes. over there.' We both stood just looking ordinary.
That was two getting over the shock at it for about three minutes... A man, a
and I was considering going across to it. woman, and three children." 4. A further personal interview was
I would have gone right up to it and undertaken on September 17,
knocked on its hull if it stayed there "I stopped when it stopped and as I •1977, to check on several points.
long enough." got out of my car, another man got out Photographs and tape recorded
of a car behind me. He was driving an interviews are on file.
His immediate reaction was to look earlier model Torana, big bloke and he
again. Then he saw it coming down and ran up to me and said 'Hey did you see 5. Soil samples were taken on
so stopped his vehicle. He got out, that ? and I said, 'Yes, there it is.' " November 27,1977, and forwarded
crossed the road and watched— to the ACOS consultant for tests.
amazed. Then the other person arrived The man was described as 55 years
and after the object had gone he talked old, stout, balding, grey suit, tie, white APPENDIX A:
to him for. 10-15 minutes about it. He shirt, monacle, early model white NOTES ON INTERVIEW
doesn't know why he didn't think to go Torana. SA registration—clean. The CONDUCTED SEPTEMBER 17, 1977
over to the spot after the object had left. man mentioned having heard of the
He says he considered life to probably magazine of which the reporter is We called on- the reporter at his
exist elsewhere in the universe, didn't editor. The reporter gave this man one home in a quiet residential suburb. The
think too much about UFOs prior to of his business cards. They did not reporter is married with two children
the event, . but .has clearly .seen discuss telling anyone about the event. aged 7 and 3. He is an Australian aged
something beyond him. 36 years; his wife was born in Belgium.
Record of Investigations To Date:
The reporter stated that there was . He used to be a Major in the
a woman in the car with him at the time. 1. The. reporter telephoned UFOR regular Australian army and is now on
The following comments are made: (SA) Inc. on the evening of August the reserve list. However, his
26, 1977 and related details of his occupation for the last few years has
"The passenger in my car, though, report. Arrangements were made been that of a teacher. The family live in
is very adamant. She doesn't want to for two investigators. to visit the a housing trust home and run a Ford
open her mouth to .anyone, anywhere location together with the reporter Capri sedan motor car. As we talked to
for fear of ridicule. . .1 don't think that I on August 27th. him his wife returned'home and for the
could convince this particular person. It rest of the evening she remained in the
shattered her belief enough as it is. A . 2. The location of the reported event lounge where we were talking to her
very, very religious woman, elderly was inspected by two investigators husband.
woman." with the reporter, paying particular
attention to the ground beneath Appearing a very friendly,
At the interview on September 17, the location where it was stated to confident person, he answered all our
1977, he stated that he was in fact doing have "settled". Nothing out of the questions in a forthright manner and
a "demonstration drive" at the time and ordinary was noted. No sign of any gave the impression of a person who
that the person with him was a disturbed grass, tree branches, no was adamant about that which he had
"student". Age, early twenties. A very holes, indentations, burns, etc. observed. Discussions centered on
religious or Christian person. She took what he had reported but deviated into
a quick look at the object and then 3. A detailed inspection of the topics of astronomy and physics. He
didn't want anything more to do with it. location was made on September mentioned he had a PhD in organic
She remained in the car when he looked 4,1977, when photographs and chemistry but that he couldn't get any
at it. In his opinion she was in a state of rough measurements of the area work with that so turned to teaching.
(Continued on next page) rj
(Birdwood UFO, Continued)

During the interview we clarified all

points that we wished to and the only NASA Letter Declines
real discrepancy noted in this interview
as opposed to previous discussions was UFO "Research Activity"
that he now says he had a young
woman in the car with him. Previously
he had mentioned that his companion
was an elderly lady. December 21, 1977

When queried about the possibility

of locating the other people in the white
car he said that the man intimated to Honorable Frank Press, Director
him that he read the magazine of which Office of Science and Technology Policy
the reporter is editor. The reporter Executive Office of the President
agreed to put an item in the November Washington, DC 20500
issue of his magazine and ask the other
man to get in touch with him. No
developments have occurred so far. Dear Frank:
(11/27/77). We suggested the use of
hypnosis to try and find this other man's In response to your letter of September 14,1977, regarding NASA's possible role in
name or car registration number, but UFO matters, we are fully prepared at this time to continue responding to public
the reporter firmly declined this. inquiries along the same lines as we have in the past. If some new element of hard
evidence is brought to our attention, in the future, it would be entirely appropriate
We asked re: the young lady who for a NASA laboratory to analyze and report upon an otherwise unexplained
had been in the car with him, as to the organic or inorganic sample; we stand ready to respond to any bona fide physical
evidence from credible sources. We intend to leave the door clearly open for such
possibility of talking to her. He said she
did not wish to talk to anyone. a possibility.

We have given considerable thought to the question of what else the United States
might and should do in the area of UFO research. There is an absence of tangible
or physical evidence available for thorough laboratory analysis. And because of the
absence of such evidence, we have not been able to devise a sound scientific
procedure for investigating these phenomena. To proceed on a research task
without a disciplinary framework and an exploratory technique in mind would be
wasteful and probably unproductive. I do not feel that we could mount a research
effort without a better starting point than we have been able to identify thus far. I
would therefore propose that NASA take no steps to establish a research activity
in this area or to convene a symposium on this subject.

I wish in no way to indicate that NASA has come to any conclusion about these
phenomena as such; institutionally, we retain an open mind, a keen sense of
scientific curiosity, and a willingness to analyze technical problems within our

Very truly yours,

Robert A. Frosch
Administrator (NASA)
By Alvin H. Lawson*
(Copyright Alvin H. Lawson, 1977)

(This, the first of a three-part article, 1. "REAL" AND IMAGINARY Ss' (3) No borrowing; narratives were
starting with the November 1977 issue, CONSCIOUS MEMORIES OF supplemental with few differences
is a continuation'of the paper presented" UFO ENCOUNTERS
by Dr. Lawson at the 1977 MUFON (4) After awakening, twins agreed their
UFO SYMPOSIUM in Scottsdale, It has been supposed that a major . : experiences were imaginary
Arizona, on July 16,1977 and published distinction between allegedly real and
in the 1977 M U F O N UFO imaginary witnesses is that "real" Ss The most significant contrast
SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS.) usually have a vivid conscious memory between the two is that, despite
of at least part of the UFO event. extensive discussion, the couple were
ABSTRACT: I m a g i n a r y UFO However, a recent regression casts unable afterwards to say whether or not,
"abductions" were induced doubt on this thesis and indicates that they had actually experienced a CE-III.
hypnotically in a group of subjects (Ss) some imaginary Ss may develop post- This finding shows that "real" witnesses
of varied ages with no significant
knowledge of UFOs. Eight situational regression conscious "memories" of a might similarly confuse fact with fancy,
questions comprising the major UFO encounter.; a possibility which could cast doubt on
components of a "real" abduction were the credibility of many established CE-
asked of each S. Responses indicated a In an attempt to analyze multiple- IH's. (It may be objected that we
wide range of imaginative invention, but witness testimony' more thoroughly, inadvertently chose a couple who had
an averaged comparison of the two pairs of Ss, a man and woman, and actually experienced an abduction,
imaginary sessions with "real"
abduction regressions from the a set of identical female twins, were though before the session neither had
literature showed no substantive given simultaneous imaginary any conscious memory of such an
differences. Many presumably obscure abductions. The protocol followed was event-in part or whole.)
"patterns" from UFO literature identical in each case, except that the
emerged in the imaginary narratives. In twins were asked to hold hands during The twins' apparently shared
addition, there was evidence that ESP-.
like effects were manifest during some their session. The Ss were able to hear experience suggests that additional
of the hypnosis sessions. The each other during the hypnosis. Some hypnosis of multiple Ss will reveal much
implications of the study' for future contrasting details follow: about the many psychological
hypnotic regression of Close mysteries in "real" cases. Their
Encounter cases, and for abduction COUPLE seemingly identical experiences may
cases now deemed of the highest (1) Each individual had a distinct have involved paranormal communi-
credibility, are unclear at this time.
experience cation which, as we will see below, may
be a significant aspect of all close
Introduction (2) Male S asked to be awakened encounters.
Some remarkable abduction cases 2. DOMINATION BY ONE
have recently been the focus of
research in Southern California. Each (3) Female S "borrowed" exam details WITNESS IN M U L T I P L E -
of the cases emerged under hypnosis, from male S after he was awakened WITNESS ABDUCTIONS
and each is uniquely interesting; but
together they pose questions for (4) After awakening, couple could not Multiple-witness abduction cases
ufology of perhaps unparalleled affirm they had not had a "real" have usually been dominated by one of
seriousness and c o m p l e x i t y . abduction
Summaries of six of these imaginary the witnesses: one is more observant,
hypnotic "abductions" follow. often seems less negative in his or her
TWINS emotional response to the event, and is
In view of this complicated study; (1) Both shared a near-identical inclined to be more cooperative and
some observations and speculations experience even more articulate with investigators.
about abduction reports are in order: Betty Hill, Charles Hickson, Sandy
(2) Neither asked to be awakened Larson, and Elaine Thomas are .good
'Professor of English, California State University, (Continued on next page) _
Long Beach
._ ('Abductees', Continued) ;: . physiological effects,;- but also about the absence of unambiguous physical
why the dominantwitness undergoes data--a psychic rather than a simple
examples in their respective abduction - the "illusion" of a UFO experience in physical interpretation. This relative
incidents of domination" (in this trie'first place: in short, what is stimulus abundance of psychic effects does not
restricted sense) over their fellow for the event which witnesses describe seem typical of other UFO sightings
witnesses. It is interesting that even the as a UFO abduction? These and other and close encounters, where the ratio
male S of the imaginary couple (see questions may lead us to wonder of physical to psychic effects is roughly
above) requested to be awakened, whether the elaborate explanations reversed. But even if abductions should
thereby indicating a less active interest offered are any less exotic--or prove to be some sort of mental
in. the proceedings and so deferring to improbable-than what some witnesses phenomenon, the question of why-if
his more intrigued partner. The evidently believe has happened to abductions are the ultimate in close
meaning of this domination pattern is them. encounter experiences-they are
unclear, but Charles Tart's discussion fundamentally different in these ways
of what he terms "discrete altered 3. WHY AREN'T THERE MORE from other UFO adventures, is another
states of consciousness" (or d-ASC) INTERRUPTED ABDUCTIONS? in a long line of puzzlers which cannot
may have relevance to the emotionally be ignored by thoughtful researchers.
traumatic experiences of UFO , Of the hundred-odd UFO
abductees: • . . abductions reported, none has been a 4. WHY DO
half-way affair. Each has a wholeness or WITNESSES' MEDICAL person's illusion in a given integral quality (although details and HISTORIES PARALLEL UFO
d-ASC can sometimes be duration vary) which differs from other "PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS"
communicated to another person - . close encounters. Many witnesses have
in the same d-ASC so that a false reported, for instance, that a CE-I or An interesting pattern in "real"
consensual validation results.* CE-II was in progress when an abduction narratives is that details of
approaching vehicle or other witnesses' personal medical histories
Exactly how one abduction witness interruption apparently caused the are sometimes reflected in their alleged
might communicate an "illusion" to UFO to leave. Occasionally there have physical ^examinations by aliens on
another is not known, but if it is been CE-ID's where the entities have board the UFO's. For instance, in her
reasonable to expect witnesses to North Dakota abduction Sandy Larson
made a hurried departure apparently
undergo an alteration of consciousness because of some human, intrusion. But told of having her sinuses "scraped" by
during the excitement .of a UFO no partial abductions ,have been her alien examiner. But she had had her
encounter, the single-witness reported and I think that is very sinuses operated on by an MD
domination pattern may tell us curious. . previously. In the Woodland, California
something about the "reality" of UFO case (see Appendix #1) a woman, who
abductions. To the extent that such It could be suggested that aliens was allegedly abducted with her two
experiences are "real", their sensory with sufficiently exquisite knowledge sisters in 1971, described how she was
record may depend largely if not totally and control of time could well know in "catheterized" (had urine drawn from
upon the sensibility of a single witness advance when such interruptions were her bladder) by a grasshopper-eyed
who, through some mysterious means, going to occur, and so schedule their alien and his human-like female
induces or otherwise communicates a abductions accordingly. But this idea, assistant; she later revealed that she
sensory experience of an abduction to aside from its ET assumptions, does not had been catheterized while in a
fellow witnesses. explain the persistence of reported hospital. There are other examples in
interruptions of other kinds of close the literature, and it is probable that
Thus multiple-witness abductees encounters, nor why .only abductions more parallels might be found if a
may merely be sharing in the abduction should be unique in this regard. diligent search of abductees' personal
illusions of another witness's medical records were made.
dominating sensibility-rather than truly
It seems to the writer that
participating in actual events-illusions abductions, for whatever reasons, are But such parallels are not limited to
which their memories or hynotic qualitatively distinct from other types of "real" cases; one of our imaginary
sessions ultimately "recall". Of course UFO experiences. One may speculate abductees' narratives involved
we are left with a series of still-baffling that their wholeness or psychologically personal medical history as well. Under
questions, not only about reported integral nature, along with alleged hypnosis a college student told of
abduction-caused physical and mental effects such as time-lapses, having a large mask-like apparatus put
amnesia, and blackouts, suggests-in over her face during her "examination"
*In States of Consciousness (New York,
1975), pp. 223-224.
on board a UFO; afterward she 5. S, being "talk" about heaven, end others), vast questions remain as to the
remembered that a similar mask was of world. nature and meaning of the common
used when she was given a stimuli for religious events such as
tonsilectomy as a child. 6. S sees being float upward "in a Lourdes on the one hand and the Hill
cloud", and disappear. abduction on the other. Is a divine light
Thus?- there is an irresistible. thus cast on the Hills? Or, were Fatima
invitation to see a basis in memory 7. S feels positive about experience,, and Lourdes caused by ET and/or
and/or imagination for at least some "Glad I've been picked!" psychic phenomena? The questions get
details of "physical examinations" curiouser and curiouser!
during alleged UFO abductions. One can interpret this scene as a rather
Further, if medical histories play a routine UFO close encounter: The S (To be continued)
significant part in abduction narratives, saw an alien entity float towards her.
there is no reason why ofher She was fascinated by its eyes and she *It should be noted that a partial replication of our
biographical data could not similarly was aware of an exotic power in it. At experiment took place during a public session of
emerge during other aspects of the one point she was tranquilized by its the International. UFO Congress in Chicago,
June 25,1977. Three voluntary "abductees" were
\ UFO encounter tale. This does not t o u c h . They c o m m u n i c a t e d hypnotized and reported patterned imaginary
necessarily mean that all such details telepathically about another world and CE-IIFs. Two "real" witnesses, however, had
, are baseless; rather, it tells us that the about the end of this world. Finally the unsatisfactory hypnosis experiences, arid no
interplay of imagination and memory entity floated upward "in a cloud" and meaningful comparison was possible.
may make determination of the disappeared. Afterward, the S felt very
unvarnished truth very difficult indeed. special about her experience.

5. SIMILARITIES BETWEEN UFO There are doubtless other parallels

ABDUCTIONS AND AN in the S's narrative, though these few
IMAGINARY "DIVINE support the hypothesis that UFO
VISITATION" encounters and alleged miraculous POSTAL EXCHANGE
religious events have a closely related The MUFON program of trading
The possibility of a significant or even common origin. If religious cancelled foreign stamps to a collector
relationship between UFO encounters "miracles" such as allegedly occurred in exchange for current U.S. postage
and events of religious mythology such at Lourdes and Fatima were "real" stamps continues to be successful,
as "miracles" and "visitations" has been events, either physically or psychically thanks to generous contributions by
widely noted, and particularly by for the immediate witnesses, a similar MUFON members. This program helps
Jacques Vallee. In order to test this case may thus'be made for the "reality" to underwrite the expense of extensive
idea, we enlisted a student volunteer (in the same restricted sense as for correspondence, and results in better
who described herself as a "reborn religious events) of UFO close information exchange internationally.
Christian" with a serious religious encounters. To reverse the argument, if
commitment. The S was hypnotized there is no relationship between the two We would like to thank Harry
and told that an unspecified "divine classes of alleged phenomena, why Cohen, editor of Aerial Phenomenon
figure" would visit with her. The data then the substantial parallels? (Some Clipping and Information Center
from her session suggest obvious may find the similarities unconvincing; (APCIC), for a recent contribution and
parallels with UFO abduction others may object that the hypnotic pledge of contributing stamps on a
1 narratives. A general summary of the protocol utilized leading questions regular basis.. (APCIC offers a UFO
f imaginary regression follows: which predetermined the desired data. I newsclipping service for $5 per month.
do not feel these responses have merit, For more information, write H.. R.
1. S sees "divine figure" floating though I will not take time to argue the Cohen, P. O. Box 9073, Cleveland, OH
towards her. . points beyond suggesting*--yet once 44137). .
more- that replication of each and all of
2. S is fascinated by the being's eyes. our hypnosis experiments be Please continue to send cancelled
attempted before our data are foreign stamps in any quantity from 5 to
3. S senses "power" in being, is drawn rejected.)* 500. It takes a lot of them to equal the
. to him. value of current U.S. stamps. (Send to
Supposing, then, that a case for a Richard Hall, 4418 39th St., Brentwood,
4. S is touched by being, feels soothed UFO-religious mythology' parallel to MD 20722).
"special". have been made (both here and by


By Leonard H. Stringfield

On November .14,1977,1 got word Gairy seemed willing to risk his political and editing. Working far into the night
f r o m Dr. W e l l i n g t o n Friday, future as he crossed swords in support and rising early Monday to resume, I
Ambassador At Large for Grenada, of the UFO in open forum — a matter had sharply edited the 45-page text.
that I was chosen to serve as his adviser too long delayed in the UN. It was in this Parts were deleted, parts added, and -J
at the United Nations where he was spirit, that I was willing to serve as statements factually corrected or
scheduled to propose the establish- adviser. rhetorically rephrased. Friday,
ment of an agency, within the United however, had done his homework well.
Nations framework, to study UFOs. The man behind Grenada's UFO He had searched UN files, exhuming
thrust was Prime Minister Gairy. old data from the 1960*5 when the late
As I now look back on my five days Openly admitting he witnessed a UFO Secretary General U Thant had
spent in New York with Grenada's .and knowing of other UFO close expressed his interest in the worldwide
Prime Minister and his delegation, and encounters on his island, he addressed UFO problem. He had also uncovered
being witness to their dramatic the UN's 32nd General Assembly, many records showing that Major
endeavors at the UN, I must hasten to October 7, 1977, requesting. that the Colman Von Keviczky of ICUFON had
say that my experience in playing a part UFO question be placed on the agenda pressed the UN in 1966 to act on the
in the affairs was rewarding. I saw for serious review and that steps be UFO question. Friday had also
history being made and I have the taken to establish an agency for ". . . included in his draft many quotes from
satisfaction of getting a good inside coordinating and disseminating the Dr. Hynek's two books, The UFO
glimpse at diplomatic manuevers, results of its research." Experience and The Hynek UFO
especially on an issue so sensitive as the Report, and, from my book, Situation
UFO! • It was Gairy's October Red, The UFO Siege.
address that I first became involved as
Before departing from Cincinnati, adviser. Following a meeting in New On November 28th, the day when
Sunday, November 27th, I pondered York on September 16, 1977, when I Dr. Friday was scheduled to make his
the possible pitfalls of such a bold met Grenada's. Ambassador to the address at 3 p.m. in the General
venture. I could see the cynical press United States, Franklin Dolland, at his Assembly, the phone in his room
being amused by the blatant antics of a mission's office, I was introduced to Dr. jangled all morning. One call standing
flyspeck Caribbean island nation; and I Friday. During a private meeting later at out above the others occurred while
could see the great powers, secretly my hotel, Friday asked if I would submit Ambassador Dolland and I were
knowledgeable of the UFO, glowering a paper to him describing the objectives rushing some last minute copy changes
down at a country so puny, poor, and for serious UFO research. I promptly which were to be delivered to his '
politically unstable who would dare responded with a 4-page guideline mission office for typing. It came from
champion the UFO instead of taking which I later learned was used as the Coast Guard Commander John Feigle, I
issue with other world problems like theme in the.Prime Minister's address. a member of the U.S. delegation. In a
human rights in South Africa or the polite manner, he at first offered the
ownership of the Panama Canal. As "official" adviser, I was greeted United States' hopeful support for
Sunday, November 27, at LaGuardia Grenada's UFO stand at the UN, even
But, in my point of view, I saw Airport by limousine and a Grenada though the text of Friday's address was
Grenada as a nation standing staff member. unknown to him. Then Feigle inquired
legitimately alongside other nations as a about Grenada's objectives which drew
member of the UN. Moreover, Shortly after arrival at the Roger from Friday only a rhetorical response.
Grenada's Prime Minister Sir Eric Smith Hotel I got into action. Dr. Feigle then stated that the U.S. position
Friday, in a nearby room, gave me a was based on the Condon Report.
10 rough draft of his address for review Friday, indicating some annoyance,
stated that he was aware of the Condon for the U.S. delegation. Calls came conducted behind closed doors.
Report, that he knew of new UFO data from Delegates, Commander Feigle,
since the report's release in 1969 which and John Krindler. After consulting the In essence, the closed-door
made the Condon Report invalid, and White House, they said they could session was triggered by a maneuver by
then promised to call back. In a matter "sympathize" with Grenada's efforts the British UN delegation. Having met
of minutes, Friday and I discussed and but could not support the existing draft with the U.S. team they had averred
formulated Grenada's policy. We had resolution. Several items were too that the establishment of an -UFO
hoped for US support but hopes were demanding, such as the lines agency in the UN, on the basis
fading fast. Our decision:.Stand firm! underscored from the text as follows: proposed by Grenada, would be
"(1) Requests the Secretary-General prohibitive in measure of cost and time.
Dr. Friday's hour-long oratory, to consider the scope and various The U.S. agreed and reiterated that the
following the Prime Minister's opening aspects of this item and to undertake terms in the draft resolution were too
statement, was in my opinion, a for consideration by the 33rd session demanding.
moment for history. Sitting with the of the General Assembly, a survey of
Greriadan staff, I watched the reaction the UFO phenomenon which should Once again the resolution was
of delegates representing certain include...(b) the results of studies reworked to a more moderate posture,
countries which I knew beforehand . and such documentation and other however, the salient points remained
would be mentioned as having a part in data pertinent to this item as may be intact. The last word I had before
UFO affairs.. Notably, only the provided from records of repre- departure from New York, December
Communist Chinese delegate arose sentative governments, ' t h e 1st, was that the U.S. was in a
during the talk, and smiling inscrutably, . committee on the Peaceful Uses of "supportive" mood of the draft
strolled but of the assembly. - Outer Spaces, etc. etc." resolution, probably knowing that given
time for more diplomatic maneuvers
' The U.S., as expected, requested On Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., a the final wording of the document
time for rebuttal, but any chance for press conference was held at Prime would hopefully be revised more to its
debate was cut short as the delegate Minister Gairy's suite at the Plaza liking.
from Nepal had asked for adjournment Hotel. I was there with my briefcase
to allow time to review Friday's text. containing UFO data just in case it was On December 7th, the draft
The next meeting was scheduled for needed. Gairy fielded questions about resolution (with few changes) was
Wednesday, November SO.Disap- the UFOs by the media well, and, of shelved until next year's General
pointingly, I had no recourse to open course, there were political questions Assembly to be convened in September
my briefcase where I had stored UFO about human rights in his country and 1978. This would allow the delegates of
data to offer Dr. Friday if needed in the about alleged Chilean Communists member nations to consult with their
debate. operating in his country. This he home governments for an'evaluatiori of
-' " - '- .* - • '- ' -
emphatically denied, calling his political their own UFO status quo.
The day at the UN ended but the opposition "liars". Gairy said Genada is
day of the diplomat never ends. a quaint, non-military, religious country Dr. Friday, a man of great vigor
Meetings and phone calls go far into the which rejects communism as he does. and an astute diplomat, toasted my
night. For me, I was privileged to be In my opinion, at no time was Gairy departure from the Roger Smith Hotel.
invited by the. Prime Minister as his evasive, nor lacking in forthright He thanked me for my contributions
guest to see Close Encounters of the answers to questions on UFOs or and we agreed that the UFO had won
Third Kind at the Ziegfield Theatre. politics. • new international respectability
Arriving by limousine, with adequate through Grenada's efforts. The United
Secret Service cover, we avoided a long ': At the close of the conference, the States got off the limb at the UN
queuing line outdoors and went up the Prime Minister was pressed td share his without embarrassment. Perhaps, the
back stairs to reserved seats. I not only opinion of the movie, "Close U.S. was hoping that by the time a
saw the movie" royally but never felt so Encounters of the Third Kind". He said crucial vote would come up in
protected, as stone-faced agents that he was "favorably impressed" and September 1978, that Prime Minister
deployed to seats nearby. then asked that I state my views. As I Gairy's views might change on the
gave my critique, the Secret Service UFO. After all, President Carter had
The next two days, November 29 agents standing behind me had quietly gifted him, during a diplomatic
and 30, were focused on extensive ushered in the U.S. delegates, Feigle exchange in September 1977, with a
work on the draft resolution which was and Krindler. They had kept an copy of the Condon Report.
scheduled for' presentation at the appointment with Gairy for a
General Assembly at 3 -p.m. of discussion of the draft resolution. In
November 30. Both days were active bounds of .protocol, the meeting was 11
By Bruce S. Maccabcc
MUFON State Director for Maryland
(Copyright Bruce S. Maccabee, 1977) •

As of July 31, 1947, the FBI was plane for analysis.13 On July 9 the because of the considerable national
officially involved with the UFO resident agent in Burbank, Cal., called skepticism regarding the subject at
phenomenon. Agents were ordered to the main FBI office to report that a fire present. However, local newspapers
carry out intense investigations of in a nearby wood had been caused by inform us that the U.S. Government
reports which came to their attention. the landing of a "flying disc". A further admits no authority for such a ship or
The Washington office began to report on July 10 described the disc as object and for its flights. Then we must
accumulate a mass of UFO-related being made of aluminum, about two assume this strange object to be
data. This would seem to be an ideal feet in diameter, and "having a sort of foreign." The report goes on to
situation for an investigative agency radio tube in the center of the disc." describe several sightings. "Mr. . .
that wanted to understand what was (name removed) has observed this
going on. However, only two months By the time the FBI had agreed to strange metallic disc on three occasions
later the FBI left the center stage and investigate UFO witnesses (July 24, through the theodolite while making his
began its retreat into the shadows. To 1947 communication to Gen. pibal observation during the last six
understand part of the reason why, it is Schulgen), the files contained several months. Miss Baron (name accidently
necessary to consider the types of more reports of hoax objects and only not removed) has reported observing it
reports that the FBI investigated. three reports that could be considered on one occasion. Miss Baron's report
good. These reports will be referred to agrees with Mr.... observations except
By the time Gen. Schulgen later. The hoax reports included a as to the color which she reported as a
contacted the FBI (July 10, 1947) the report from Twin Falls, Idaho, about a dull metallic luster. Mr . . . . last
FBI had a collection of newspaper dome, wires and "tubes similar to radio observed this disc in April 1947
clippings and teletype messages. The tubes". It was about 30 inches in (underlining by present author) at the
first teletype message was rather brief, diameter and apparently had some 1100E Pibal Observation when the
to say the least. It read: "About 12 so- wiring burned off and "looked as balloon was at 15,000 feet. The disc was
called flying discs passed over though something might be missing". followed for 15 seconds, apparently
Darlington, S.C. approximately 5:30 This saucer was reported by a woman moving on level flight from east to west
PM today. Advise if wish details."11 Two who claimed she had heard a noise like to the far north of the station. The
other teletype messages that had been a collision in her back yard.14 Another object was a metallic like chrome-
received by July 10 were more hoax object was found by Mr. . . . shaped something like an ellipse with a
detailed, but they were reports of (name crossed off) in Laurel, Md. He flat level bottom and a dome like-round
mechanical hoax devices which were called to report that a buzzing object top. The disc .appeared below the
apparently typical of the hoaxes that had landed in his back yard "and the balloon, was much larger in size in the
were perpetrated during the early days machinery is still buzzing".15 Still instrument (sic; this may mean it
of UFOs. On July 7 a report was filed another object was reported from appeared larger than the instrument
from Shreveport, La., of an object that Black River Falls, Wisconsin. It was a package hanging below the balloon),
had "Made in USA" written on it. It was large, possibly cardboard, disc that had and shined like silver. It was impossible
a disc which reportedly landed and a small propeller attached to the side.16 to estimate the height or speed of the
smoke issued forth. It was found to be a A disc found in Seattle on July 16 was disc except that it appeared to be
thin aluminum disc, 16 inches in analyzed by the ONI (Office of Naval moving very rapidly. Miss Baron
diameter with coils of wire attached. Intelligence). It had a hammer and observed the disc when her balloon was
The Army at Barksdale Field retrieved sickle painted on it. at about 27,000 feet. All days
the disc befoore the FBI agent had a observed were either clear or with very
chance to look at it.12 On July 8 a "disc" The three good reports in the FBI few clouds and good visibility." This
was found near Rpswell, N.M. This file at the time of the response to report was received by the FBI on the
"disc" was hexagonal in shape and was General Shulgen all came from the 22nd of July. It stands out as one of the
suspended from a balloon. This "disc" Army Air Force (AAF) and were the highly credible pre-Arnold reports.
was sent to Wright Field by a special following. (1) Two meteoro/ogiste in
Virginia wrote "We hesitate to make Aside from the early dates of the
this report concerning our pilot balloon sightings, one is struck by the detailed
12 observations in regards to a flying disc description by trained meteorologists
using instruments to track and observe at an altitude about 1000 ft. lower. The they "know" that whoever sees them
'the "saucer". One is also struck by the, speed of the saucer in the third report will not be believed.
in retrospect, amusing references to was estimated' at 3690 mph. The
rriaiiy sightings of "this disc" and "the weather during both of the sightings A- scenario as just described
disc" as if there were only one object was clear ("CAVU") with scattered (Russia has real discs and flies them
of its type which had been seen on altocumulus clouds at 6000 ft. Both of over the USA while "covering up" the
several occasions. It is clear from the the above reports were sent via the flights by discrediting witnesses) may
report that the meteorologists were Civil Air Patrol in Wisconsin to the have been considered by the FBI in its
afraid that "the disc" represented Commanding General at Boiling AFB. decision to investigate, but in any .event
foreign technology of which the U.S. There was no suggestion that the the suggestion of subversion :and
government should be made aware. observers might have been mistaken or creation :of hysteria. by a "foreign
They even suggested that the that they were attempting to create power" was definitely made (see
occurrence of flying discs might be (independent) hoaxes. Schulgen's letter in Part I). Whatever
sufficiently serious that if they sighted reasoning may have been invoked to
such a disc again they should consider I have presented these three connect the "bonafide" reports with the
ending their weather measurements to reports in detail to show that the FBI did hoax reports, the FBI entered the UFO
observe the disc: 'If sighted again, we have some interesting evidence "arena" with the -intent to discover
wdndef if it would be a good idea to available which could not be explained: whether or hot any of the UFO reports
drop the balloon and instead make as simple hoaxes by the time the .could be directly attributable : to
observations on this disc." decision was made to investigate UFO subversion. For example, Gen.
reports/Although it wasn't the job of Schulgen asked that Kenneth.Arnold
The second :and third reports in the FBI to investigate aerial and Byron Savage (an RCA field
the FBI file by July 24 were both phenomena, it was the job of the FBI to engineer .who reported seeing a disc in
sightings from the air in southern investigate subversion within the U.S. May 1947) be investigated "since they
Wisconsin. They both took place on Thus, if all reports of saucers had been were .among the first to sight the alleged
July 7, the second at 1145 CSTand the (a) clearly hoax objects and/or (b) flying discs. He. indicated that ,he
third at 1430 CST. Each was a two clearly mistakes of observers, the FBI desired that -the investigation be.
observer report, with'an A.F. captain could have concluded that there was no directed toward ascertaining whether
involved in the second sighting. The reason to investigate. However, with a or. not either of these individuals have
second report stated: "saucer few good, detailed observations of any. subversive background or to
descended vertically edgewise through what seemed to be real craft that ascertain, whether or not they had any
altocumulous clouds, stopped at 4000 exhibited capabilities far beyond our ulterior motives for reporting these
ft. and assumed horizontal position and own, the existence of hoax reports sightings."17 (According to a note on
proceeded in horizontal flight from a became more suspicious because one the document that included this
horizontal position for 15 seconds could argue that a foreign power (e;g., request, "a review of Bureau files failed
covering 25 miles and again stopped Russia) was flying a new type of aircraft to reveal any derogatory information
and disappeared." This observation over the USA (for intelligence purposes that could be identified with these
was made from an altitude of about 800 or whatever) while trying to cover up its individuals.") Many of the teletype
feet above ground, while the "saucer" flights by discrediting witnesses by messages to FBI headquarters and
was estimated to be about 4000 ft. means of hoaxes. To be more explicit, reports on investigations made after
above sea level. The speed of the suppose John Doe (or Kenneth Arnold) July 30, 1947, were headed "security
saucer was estimated at 6000 mph. reports seeing a flying disc. Whether or matter X", "internal security",- and
not he gives a detailed description is sabotage". '
The t h i r d report s t a t e d : immaterial. Then soon after many other
"Observed in horizontal flight in a people also report seeing objects in the By the end of September, the FBI
horizontal attitude for a period of 20 sky and also they report finding file contained many reports, about
seconds covering 22 miles. By the time objects. Suppose, moreover, that the equally divided between good reports
pilot had removed his camera from the objects which are found have the same and poor reports/hoaxes. Many of the
glove compartment of his plane, the - general shape as the descriptions of reports had been supplied by the AAF
saucer disappeared and again objects reportedly seen in the sky merely as information for the FBI with
reappeared approximately 10 miles but that they are clearly hoax devices. no investigation requested. Many of
farther along its course after 6 seconds Then John Doe's (and Kenneth these reports concerned sightings by
making its final disappearance." This Arnold's) story is discredited, and the technically oriented individuals (pilots,
third observation was made' at an few discs that the foreign power has are military personnel, scientists). There
altitude of 3500 ft. above sea level and free to fly wherever they wish (as long
the saucer was estimated to have been as they stay away from cities) because (continued on next page) 13
(FBI Files, Continued) 2. When a trail is observed, it is Garrett (Col. G) of the Air Forces
lightly colored, a Blue-Brown haze, that Intelligence, expressed the possibility
was even an early analysis of sightings is similar to a rocket engine's exhaust.. that flying discs were, in fact, a .very .
that had been carried out by someone Contary to a rocket of the solid highly classified experiment of *he
in the AAF (no name given). It (propellant) type, one observation, Army or Navy. SA was very much
contained 18 sightings up to late July indicates that the fuel may be throttled surprised when Col. G. not only agreed
1947, and broke these sightings into which would indicate a liquid rocket that this was a possibility, but
their various characteristics for engine. confidentially stated it was his personal
comparison according to Date, Hour opinion, that such was a probability.
(local time), Location, Observer's 3. As to shape, all observations Col. G. indicated confidentially that a
Name, Occupation, Ground or Air state that the object is circular or at Mr who is a scientist attached to the
Observation, Number of Objects, least elliptical, flat on the bottom and Air Forces Intelligence, was of the same
Altitude, Direction of Flight, Speed slightly domed on the top. The size opinion."
Distance Covered, Length of Time in estimates place it somewhere near the
Sight, Deviation from Straight Flight, size of a C-54 or a Constellation. "Col. G. stated that he based his
Color, Size, Shape, Sound, Trail, assumption on the following: He
Weather, Manner of Disappearance, 4. Some reports describe two tabs, pointed out that when flying objects
and "Remarks". The analysis included located at the rear and symmetrical were reported seen over Sweden, the
copies of all the sightings analyzed, but about the axis of flight motion.- "high brass" of the War Department
there was no conclusion expressed. exerted tremendous pressure on the
However, associated with the analysis 5. Flights have been reported from Air Force Intelligence to conduct
in the FBI file, but not necessarily a part three to nine of them, flying good research and collect information in an
of it, is an updated page with no formation on each other, with speeds effort to identify these sightings. Col. G.
signature which expresses someone's about 300 knots. stated that, in contrast to this, we have
interesting conclusions. The paper, reported sightings of unknown objects
which was very likely written in late July 6. The discs oscillate laterally while over the United States, and the "high
or in August 1947, reads as follows: flying along, which could be snaking." brass" appeared to be totally
unconcerned. He indicated this led him
"From detailed study of reports All of the previous information has to believe that they knew enough about
selected for their impression of veracity been presented to indicate the types of these objects to express no concern.
and reliability, several conclusions have reports and the sort of information that Col G. pointed out further that the
been formed: was available to the FBI by the end of objects in question have been seen by
September. About 60 non-trivial, non- many individuals who are what he
(a) This "flying saucer" situation is hoax reports, some from FBI sources terms "trained observers", such as
not all imaginary or seeing too much in and many from AAF sources, were filed airplane pilots. He indicated also that
some natural phenomenon. Something by the end of September. Also filed several of the individuals are reliable
is really flying around. were documents giving viewpoints on members of the community. He stated
the situation regarding "flying discs". the above has led him to come to the
(b) Lack of topside inquiries (i.e., All of this information played an conclusion that there were objects seen
lack of requests by top echelon military important part in the decision of the FBI which somebody in the Government
officers), when compared to the to end its official investigatory status. knows all about."
prompt and demanding inquiries that However, the FBI investigation might
have originated topside upon former have continued anyway, if it hadn't "SA pointed out to Col. G. that if it
events, give more than ordinary weight been for "the last straw", which I will is a fact experimentations are being
to the possibility that this is a domestic describe shortly. conducted by the United States
project, about which the President, etc. Government, then it does not appear
know. However, first I would like to reasonable to request the FBI to spend
present some information which money and precious time conducting
(c) Whatever the objects are, this suggested to the FBI that it might be inquiries with respect to this matter.
much can be said of their physical investigating our own secret weapons. Col. G. stated that he agreed with SA in
appearance: The document of interest reads as this regard and indicated that it would
follows:18 be extremely, embarrassing to the Air
1. The surface of these objects is Forces Intelligence if it later is learned
metallic, indicating a metallic skin at "Special Agent Reynolds (call him that these flying discs are, in fact, an
least. SA) of the Liasion Section, while experiment of the United States
14 discussing (flying discs) with Lt. Col. (continued on page 19) .
NOTE: Walt Greenawald, the author of studied the UFO phenomena on a
ff this month's guest column, is a mechanical continuing, volunteer basis. The following
engineer with 25 years' experience in article has been taken from a much longer
rocket engine research and development. report w r i t t e n recently by Mr.
In 1972, he observed a UFO over Greenawald. The full report, including
California from the window of a tables and graphs, is available to interested
By Ann Druffel commercial airliner and since that time has researchers. .


Several years ago, after I had ANSWERS: Only three pilots Possible 4 (17.5%)
become sufficiently intrigued by the could correctly No 6 (26.0%)
UFO enigma to digest everything I identify this UFO
could afford on the subject, I had a research group. 3. Have any of your flying
casual conversation with a pilot friend colleagues ever reported (publicly or
of mine who flew for American Airlines. 9. Do you think the UFO privately) a UFO sighting?
He, being somewhat surprised at my phenomena should be studied openly
interest and position on the alien by the U.S. Government? ANSWERS: Yes 8 (34.8%)
spacecraft theory, insisted that folks No 15 (65.2%)
who reported discoidal-shaped craft ANSWERS: Yes 14 (63.5%)
were viewing airplanes at odd angles. No 8 (37.5%) 4. What UFO literature have you .
Since that conversation, I wondered if read (books, reports, private
anyone had specifically polled a group 10. Do you have a college publications, magazines, etc.)?
of airline pilots for their impressions of degree?
these controversial UFOs. ANSWERS: Books 5 (22.7%)
ANSWERS: Yes 17 (74%) Magazines 5 (22.7%)
I speculated that the average pilot, No 6 (26%) Reports, articles 2
highly trained and with so much (9.1%)
responsibility, would make an 11. Most UFO sightings are None 10 (45.5%)
excellent observer and would be explained as known phenomena—
considered a very credible witness. approximately 80%. Give an opinion as 5. Does your airline have an
From their unique vantage point, to what you think the remaining 20% official (or unofficial) policy on UFO
observing airspace for hours on end for may be (some rare, unknown thing, sightings?
anything near the flight path 'which hallucinations, alien spacecraft, a new
could endanger the airliner, I expected weapons system, etc.) ANSWERS: Yes 1 (4%)
that they would see more than their No 22 (92%)
share of UFOs. ANSWERS: Six pilots, 25%, gave Unknown 1(4%)
their opinion that
The following questionnaire was UFOs came from 6. For what is Professor George
subsequently sent to approximately an alien source. Adamski famous?
170 airline pilots, mostly captains, all Five pilots, 20.8%,
actively flying for a major US airline. I responded that ANSWERS: Only one pilot could
received 24 responses or a 14% return. UFOs probably identify Adamski,
were caused by un- as an early "con-
1. In your opinion what is the known phenomena. tactee" arid author.
probability that some UFOs are
intelligently controlled spacecraft from 12. True or false: People with 7. Who is Dr. J. Allen Hynek?
some other planet? more education are more likely to
report a UFO sighting? ANSWERS: Only one pilot could
ANSWERS: 0-10% Probability 16 identify Hynek, as
(69.5%) ANSWERS: Yes 4 (20%) an astronomer and
11-50% Probability 1 (right answer) UFO researcher.
(4.5%) No 16 (80%) ••"•••
51-100% Probability 8. What did the Condon
6 (26.0%) 13. At least one major college Committee (University of Colorado)
offers a course on UFOs for do? - .
2. Do you think there are credit?
intelligent beings elsewhere in the 15
universe? ANSWERS: Yes 13 (56.5%) (continued on next page)
ANSWERS: Yes 4 (16.7%) reported over France in the great flap of There also appeared to be a
(right answer) 1954. This particular UFO may* have definite trend of skepticism with age for,
Other 20 (83.3%) been relatively huge to have been seen those pilots who had not sighted a
(responses like by other nearby pilots, as normally UFO. The older p i l o t s are
"hope not", un- airliners are spaced far apart for safety, . predominantly skeptical.of UFO reality. r
known, "waste of considerations.
money", etc.) Regarding the feeler as to airline
PILOTS ATTITUDES: One of the policy on UFO sightings, only one
14. Have you ever seen a UFO? most striking results of this poll was an respondent said "yes" to this query,
emergence of an extremely skeptical and added, "not official airline position
ANSWERS: Yes 5 (20.8%) viewpoint regarding the reality of UFOs when making statements." I would
No 19 (79.2%) among those pilots who had never presume that he means that a pilot may
observed something in the sky which report a UFO sighting on his own, and
they could not explain. Graphs whatever he says does not reflect the
One pilot reported two sightings in available from the author indicate that airline's position on the matter. No
his 23,000 hours, in the air, briefly the airline pilots studied by him were at other pilot reported that this particular
describing them as: least twice as skeptical of UFO reality airline had an official or unofficial policy
as the U.S. national average. on UFO matters.
"In a mid-1948 night 50 miles west Exploration of the reasons for this
of Phoenix, Arizona, sighted a cigar- variance, most likely psychological in My own opinion is that all airlines
shaped object, white-lighted nature, could very well be the subject of have an unwritten rule—DON'T
proceeding south at high speed. It some future study. PUBLICIZE UFO SIGHTINGS AND
appeared to hover then disappear. The In contrast to the skepticism noted OUR AIRLINE! This is conjecture on
other pilot saw the same thing as I." relative to the belief in UFOs, airline my part, but UFO stories associated
pilots are much more prone to accept with commercial airline travel is bad for
And "In 1950, on a night trip to Salt that intelligent life exists elsewhere in business. Any pilot reporting one to the
Lake City, Utah, sighted a delta-shaped the universe. Results of Question 2 press is sticking his neck out.
object, green lighted, proceeding west, show that 56% of the pilots polled
south of the airport at what appeared to believe that there are smart beings out The most interesting character
be a rather slow speed. This sighting there. Comparing this to a survey of from this effort was the pilot who
was reported on TV by the other pilot." participants in a Center for UFO responded that he never seen a UFO,
Studies (CUFOS) conference at had never talked to another pilot who
Another pilot reported the most Lincolnwood, Illinois, in early 1976, it had seen one, had read some books
interesting UFO event: "About 1964 was learned that approximately 50% of and articles, and was 100% convinced
approximately 75 miles west of those polled attributed UFOs to an that some UFOs were alien spacecraft.
Allentown, Pa., at 37,000 ft. and over a extraterrestrial source. In other words, He even admitted that he carried a
25,000 ft. solid overcast, an object pilots tend to support the ETI belief but loaded 35-mm camera in the cockpit—
appeared as a small moon. Several generally refuse to accept that an alien just in case.
smaller objects seemed to fly into and has arrived on this planet.
away from the brightly lit object. CONCLUSIONS:
Several other airline pilots in the area These skeptical attitudes on the 1. Airline pilots see significantly
sighted the objects and questioned the part of the polled pilots should not be more UFOs than the average person,
New York Center about it. The center assessed without an evaluation of an 20.8% as compared to 8% of the U.S.
had no radar contact with the object. individual's knowledge on the subject. population polled in 1973. In early 1977,
The object was viewed for about 10 In an area so controversial as UFOs, it the National Inquirer reported in their
minutes until we descended into the is not surprising that the most skeptical own poll of airline pilots that 11.4% had
overcast. There appeared to be no way ones are those who have not seen a UFO, somewhere between the
that the object would have been a investigated the great wealth of two previous percentages.1
reflection because the overcast was information available. The most
solid for at least 20,000 ft." skeptical pilots had never heard of 2. Airline pilots are significantly
Adamski, Condon, or Hynek, and had more skeptical regarding the reality of
This event appears to have. read little at all on the UFO subject. UFOs than is the average citizen.
involved a rare "mother-craft" type of Regarding UFOs, skepticism correlates 3. Airline pilots "shoot the bull"
UFO. . .similar sounding to those well with the ignorance factor. about UFOs.

16 (continued on next page)

Lucius Parish

In Others' Words
The October 18 issue of conference. researchers ponder the vast
NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported on complexity of the subject. In relating
the new NASA examination of UFO Wendelle Stevens' article on UFO UFO cases which he has heard from
reports since 1967. This preliminary activity in the area of Virginia Beach, various sources, Stringfield provides a
study will determine if a further Virginia, and William Leet's report on wealth of potentially important
investigation is necessary. A total of 92 Kentucky UFO cases are about the material, but one might wish for a bit
UFO sightings were reported to the only two items of interest in the #8 issue more documentation for these stories.
ENQUIRER, following its "Operation of TRUE FLYING SAUCERS & UFOs. However, SITUATION RED is
Skywatch" on September 10, currently well worth your attention.
according to an article in the October December's UFO REPORT The rather dramatic title is the
25 issue. This issue also contains a very contains articles by Wendelle Stevens, publisher's choice, not the author's,
interesting item about a Martian Brinsley Le Poer Trench, John A. Keel, incidentally. The book is available for
formation which resembles a ruined and others, including an interesting $8.95 from Doubleday &Co., Inc., 245
city. The November 8 ENQUIRER tells interview with Dr. James Harder. Park Avenue, N.Y., NY 10017.
of the Defense Department's
continuing interest in UFO reports. Dr. The January issue of OFFICIAL Readers who are interested in
Robert Jastrow, director of NASA's UFO contains a couple of semi-decent Leonard Stringfield's earlier writings
Goddard Institute for Space Studies, articles, but the remainder of the issue might like to know that the full set of 36
gives his views on the likelihood of is total garbage. Ditto for January CRIFO publications is available from
contact with extraterrestrials within the ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, whose the author (4412 Grove Avenue,
next 40 years in this same issue. A only redeeming feature is a reprint of Cincinnati, Ohio 45227) for $18.00.
proposal for a United Nations one of Wendelle Stevens' good articles. Copies of his first book, INSIDE
examination of the UFO subject is SAUCER POST 3-O BLUE, are also
discussed in the November 15 Leonard Stringfield has been available at $3.00 each. All items are
ENQUIRER. interested in UFOs since that day in well worth the price, in my estimation.
August, 1945, when three glowing
The November issue of "blobs" affected, the engines of the
READER'S DIGEST contains an anti- plane in which he was flying. In later
UFO article by Ronald Schiller. He years, his interest was responsible for California Report, continued
"explains" specific UFO cases by using producing the CRIFO (Civilian
Klassic methods, apparently unaware Research, Interplanetary Flying 4. Airline pilots are grossly under-
of the total inadequacy of Klass' Objects) periodicals, NEWSLETTER informed about the UFO phenomena.
"research." and ORBIT. 5. Older pilots tend to be more
skeptical than younger pilots regarding
Another report on the Acapulco These excellent additions to UFO UFO reality.
UFO conference appears in the literature were followed by his first
November 7 issue of NEW WEST. book, INSIDE SAUCER POST 3-O (There is only one comment which can
Some errors are evident, but it is a BLUE. His latest book, SITUATION be added to Walt's splendid study. Why
generally interesting report on the RED, THE UFO SIEGE!, is, in the in the world hasn't the U.S.
goings-on. A related article in this issue words of the sub-title, "An Update on Government made use of this vast built-
deals with Steven Spielberg's film, Strange and Frequently Frightening in monitoring system—all the pilots on
"Close Enclounters of the Third Kind." Encounters." Essentially, it is a report the U.S. airlines—to gather detailed
on the events of the 1973 UFO flap, plus and expert UFO reports?—Ann
The Vol. 1, No. 3 issue of NEW later happenings which Stringfield has Druffel)
REALITIES has three articles of investigated. It is filled with reports of
interest: a survey of Ufology after 30 sightings, landings, occupant and
years, a report on Ray Stanford's abduction cases—the fascinating and 'NATIONAL ENQUIRER, Feb. 8, 1977
Project Starlight International, and still often mind-boggling events which
another examination of the Acapulco make even the most seasoned UFO

own investigation into the study of the

Director's Message UFO phenomenon. We should not be

discouraged, because they clearly kept
the door open for response to any
By Walt Andrus bona fide physical evidence from
credible sources. For further details,
As promised, Columbia Pictures' be premature to speculate upon its please read a copy of Dr. Frosch's letter
epic film "Close Encounters of the overall influence. However, we do not to Dr. Press published in this issue of
Third Kind" made its nationwide debut believe that it will create an abnormal the Journal.
December 14, 1977, opening in 460 number of hoax reports.
selected theaters. P r e l i m i n a r y -As readers have no doubt noted,
attendance figures indicate that it could On the other hand, the film has each recent issue of THE MUFON
surpass "Star Wars" in popularity, many positive aspects which we predict UFO JOURNAL has contained an add
although this prediction is premature, will be forthcoming. for the "1977 MUFON SYMPOSIUM
since both continue to run week after PROCEEDINGS". For those who may
week in major theaters. Nearly every (1) Older UFO sighting reports have forgotten to order or who are
publication has given "CE3K" favorable by respectable citizens, that have been relatively new on the UFO scene,
reviews as an entertainment film, that shared only with their immediate MUFON still has copies available of
leaves viewers very impressed as they families due to the fear of ridicule, will prior Symposium Proceedings for 1973
depart from the theater. Steven now rise to the surface. The personal at $3.25, 1975 at $4.00, and 1976 for
Spielberg has built up the final scene to feeling that the experience was "too $5.00 postpaid. All other years are out
a climax which could only be described fantastic" for anyone to believe had of print and no longer available.
as "beautiful". Others come away compelled the observer to remain
feeling that it has religious silent. Plan your 1978 vacations so that
connotations, which was also inten- you may attend the Ninth Annual
tional in the Script. An evaluation (2) Even though the film is MUFON UFO Symposium to be held
of the film by scientific UFOlogists considered science-fiction by a large July 29 and 30, 1978 (Saturday and
would lack the enthusiasm expressed segment of the population, there will be Sunday) at the Dayton Convention
by motion picture film critics. Even thousands of competent scientists, Center in Dayton, Ohio, former home
though actual UFO cases were the engineers, educators, etc., who will of Project Blue Book at Wright-
inspiration for the story, Hollywood recognize this scientific problem and be Patterson AFB. Confirmed speakers
sensationalistic techniques embellished motivated to volunteer their services are Ted Bloecher, Ray Fowler, Richard
the action, lighting, and sound effects toward it's resolution. Hall, Leonard Stringfield, and Major
far beyond the real event, causing Donald Keyhoe.
some phases to ring of Walt Disney, (3) It may provide the necessary
while others are reminiscent of a incentive to individual nations to open If "CE3K" was found to be
horrible nightmare. A prior concern their own UFO investigations study if inadequate by UFOlogists as a
that the hiimanoids depicted and the they are presently in the evaluation documentary on UFOs, the new TV
shapes of the craft might influence stage. series directed by Jack Webb, titled
future UFO sighting reports may be "Project UFO", may have a far greater
discounted, since nothing new was Just as we recommend that every impact on the viewing public. Allegedly,
injected into the film in this respect. M U F O N member should be it is based upon sighting reports taken
conversant with the contents of the from the files of Project Blue Book, and
MUFON has received numerous MUFON "Field Investigator's Manual", will, hopefully, be more factual in
telephone calls from newspaper viewing the film "CE3K" is essential content. Please consult your local TV
reporters coast to coast, inquiring groundwork for recognition of reports station program listings for this series
whether the influence of "CE3K" has that may be so influenced by this scheduled to start in February.
caused the number of UFO reports to Hollywood extravaganza.
increase and to what degree. Since we At the Eighth Annual MUFON
have been going through a very low Needless to say, we are UFO SYMPOSIUM in Scottsdale,
intensity period, the impact of the film disappointed that Dr. Robert Frosch, Arizona, on July 16, 1977, Bill Pitts,
would be significantly apparent if it had NASA Administrator, in his response MUFON State Director for Arkansas,
a bearing. To date, it has only been a to Dr. Frank Press, Scientific Advisor disclosed preliminary information
conversational item. Since it has only to President Jimmy Carter, did not concerning telephone conversations,
been showing for a few weeks, it would recommend that NASA launch their correspondence, and personal
18 (Continued on page 19)
regarding the flying discs, especially any
Director's Message Continued FBI Files continued
information indicating that they are, in
interviews with influential government Government." fact, an experiment of some
people in Washington, D.C., in their Governmental agency."
inquiry into the status of the UFO "SA subsequently discussed this
situation in the United States. Bill was matter with Col. L. R. Forney of the On Sept. 5, 1947, the FBI received
apparently selected as a contact due to Intelligence Division of the War the following note from Gen.
his work in organizing and chairing the Department. Col. Forney stated that he Schulgen:18
Fort Smith UFO Conference, wherein had discussed the matter previously
all the major UFO organizations were with Gen. Chamberlain. Col. Forney "In answer to a verbal request of
represented. Since NASA has given indicated to SA that he has the your Mr. S. W. Reynolds, a complete
their response to President Jimmy assurance of Gen. Chamberlain and survey of research activities discloses
Carter via Dr. Frank Press, Bill Pitts Gen. Todd that the Army is conducting that the Army Air Forces has no project
feels that he can now be more specific. no experimentations with anything with the characteristics similar to those
Starting on February 11, 1977, Bill which could possible be mistaken for a which have been associated with the
received an unsolicited telephone call flying disc." Flying Discs." (signed) Geo. F.
from the office of the Secretary of the Schulgen, Brig. General, USA; Deputy,
Air Force Liaison for Legislative Inquiry "Col. G. of the Air Force Ass't. Chief of Air Staff - 2.
(S.A.F.L.LI.) at the Pentagon. After Intelligence subsequently contacted SA
sending a letter with the UFO and indicated that he had discussed this This officially laid to rest the
information requested, he received matter with Gen. Schulgen of the Army possibility that the US government had
another call on April 4th. This was Air Forces. Gen Schulgen had any devices which could have
followed by another phone call on May previously assured both SA and Col. G. generated flying disc reports, although
11 from Mr. William Montgomery of Dr. that to the best of his knowledge and the possibility was again discussed in
Frank Press' office, in the Executive information no experiments were being 1950.20
Offices of the President. While in undertaken by the Government which
could be mistaken for flying discs. Col. (To be continued)
Washington, D.C. from July 4 to 10, Bill
met with Mr. Stanley Schneider, G. indicated to SA that he had pointed Part 3 will appear in December 1977 issue of
Assistant to the Director (Dr. Press) on out his beliefs to Gen. Schulgen and The Journal
July 6 for approximately two hours. Mr. had mentioned the possibility of an
Schneider had been handling the mail embarrassing situation arising between REFERENCES
on UFOs for Dr. Press, as well as the Air Forces Intelligence and the FBI.
11. FBI document; filed 7/6/47
serving as the initial contact and Gen. Schulgen agreed with Col. G. that 12. FBI document; filed 7/7/47
subsequent contact with NASA on a memorandum would be prepared for 13. FBI document; filed 7/8/47
UFOs. This information and other the signature of Gen. McDonald, A2 to 14. FBI document; filed 7/11/47
15. FBI document; Wed 7/1V47
items were discussed with Bill during Gen. LeMay, who is in charge of 16. FBI document; filed 7/11/47
the two hour session in the Executive Research and Development in the Air 17. FBI document; filed 8/20/47
Office of the President. During this Corps. Col. G. indicated that this 18. FBI document; filed 8/19/47
19. FBI document; filed 9/15/47
meeting, BUI was told that NASA was memorandum will set forth the 20. FBI document; filed 8/19/50
being contracted in order to take the characteristics of the objects seen by
matter of UFOs away from the U.S. Air various reliable individuals. The
Force and, hopefully, establish an memorandum will then request Gen.
agency which could give an honest LeMay to indicate whether or not any
effort toward a solution. Nothing of a experiments are being undertaken by
confidential matter has been disclosed the Air Forces which could possibly be
in Bill's statements herein, but only a connected with any of the observed
confirmation that he would provide phenomena. Col. G. stated that when a
names and dates at an appropriate reply is received from Gen. LeMay, a
time. communication will be addressed to the

"SA will follow this matter closely

with Lt. Col. Garrett and Gen.
Schulgen so that the Bureau will be
promptly advised of all information
By Ann Druffel

In the January 1978 issue of other property in flames. Investigative magazine no longer deserves the
OFFICIAL UFO, the title of a lead reporters from the above-mentioned support of ufologists. In view of its
article blared out the startling news of newspapers could find no evidence of widespread popularity, however, we
"The Night an American Town Died of fire or other destruction. wonder how many more hoax articles
Fright". The story was listed on the must be printed before the
magazine's cover as "Saucers Loot and 2. That the entire town of 5,300 unworthiness of the magazine is
B u r n Chester, Illinois: Story experienced a night of terror from the universally recognized.
Suppressed by Officials". continually attacking, low-level UFOs.
The truth is that not even Chester's
The skepticism with which Mayor nor any of its citizens who were (Credit: James A. Williams, Benton, Illinois, for
objective ufologists and investigators interviewed have any idea of what local news reports)
met this "information" was justified attack the author was writing about.
when followup research by the Benton
Evening News, Dlinois, and the 3. The "City Sheriff' Luke
Grisholm repeatedly called nearby I Mark R. Herbstritt
Southern Illinoian of Carbondale,
Illinois, revealed the entire story to be
Chanute Air Force Base to send jet
fighters to chase away the UFOs. The
Neither reporter Bob Nesoff nor
truth is that Chester has no Sheriff, but
a Police Chief, Harold Howie, who Notes
Joseph Arimond found the town of denies the entire story as a deliberate
Chester looted, burned, destroyed or canard.
otherwise damaged by UFOs or any THE SKY FOR
other marauders. 4. That Channel 8 went blank on JANUARY 1978
television sets in Chester, followed by
OFFICIAL UFO, until a few the appearance of an alien figure, Mercury — For a few days around the
months ago, was a fine magazine presumably from one of the attacking llth, it may be seen low in the
publishing honest research. The craft. There was no verification southeast before sunrise. At greatest
Chester hoax, however, follows hard whatsoever of this rumor. elongation west, the planet is about 14
upon its July 1977 issue in which degrees above the horizon at sunrise.
another blatant hoax was published In New York, OFFICIAL UFOs
and later exposed by MUFON UFO editor, Jeffrey Goodman, attempted Venus — It is too close to the sun for
JOURNAL then-editor, Dennis Hauck. weakly to defend the article by stating observation, being in superior
that it had been submitted by a conjunction on the 22nd.
The Chester, Dlinois, story in the freelance writer and that the
January 1978 issue was written by magazine's staff had tried to check out Mars — In Cancer, it rises at about
someone purporting to be "City Sheriff the story. Evidently, their methods of sunset and is visible all night, opposition
Luke Grisholm" (an admitted checking leave much to be desired being on the 21st.
pseudonym), who conveniently stated Goodman would not comment further.
in the article that he was leaving town Jupiter — Moving from Gemini into
after revealing the facts of the UFO OFFICIAL UFO is distributed Taurus, it is well up in the east at sunset
assault on his home town and moving widely throughout the United States and sets before dawn.
elsewhere so that he could not be and Canada, as well as overseas.
located. Publication figures are not available, Saturn — In Leo, it rises about three
but about 150,000 newsstand sales per hours after sunset and is low in the west
The article contained the following issue are claimed. at sunrise. On the 20th, it is 1.1 degrees
falsehoods: north of Regulus.
It has become plain that
1. That giant UFOs repeatedly information published in OFFICIAL The Quadrantid Meteor shower in the
swept over the town, setting homes and UFO is untrustworthy and that the constellation Bootes occurs Jan. 1 - 4.