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Pilot's Drawing of January 1, 1978, Daylight Disc
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Extraterrestrial Life
By Bertil Soderquist
By Ilkka Serra
By Idabel Epperson
Landing Trace Cases By Leonard H. Stringfield
By Paul Cerny
St. Louis/Mass Media By Dave Oldham and Wayne Laporte
JOHN F. SCHUESSLER By Leonard H. Stringfield
By Bertil Soderquist
NORMA E. SHORT By Lucius Parish
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By Richard Hall

A clear-cut dome-shaped UFO aircraft of some type but I couldn't Being dark, they naturally stood
was seen over Santa Monica, identify what type of aircraft it was, out stronger than the rest of the
California, January 1,1978, by veteran so I kept watching and it appeared fuselage....(I) observed it to be of a
to be travelling at a very rapid rate, very bright metal, saying, in a
pilot Floyd Hallstrom of Oxnard. but it being forward of me yet at this sense, that it was more of a nickel
Hallstrom has been flying for 37 years time, it was hard to judge speed.... or high polished chrome or
and is experienced in many types of stainless type of metal than
aircraft, including helicopters. A I started looking to see what it aluminum because it had more of a
detailed investigation report with was but I could see no wings on this mellow glow than (if) it was of the
aircraft although at this time I could type finish on a high finish
statements and sketches by the witness
see windows which appeared to be aluminum.
were submitted by Idabel Epperson of
passenger windows in the aircraft.
MUFON — Southern California. The There were about 16 to 20
As it drew nearer though, I was able
case' was investigated by Lt. Col. to determine that there were no equally spaced "windows" (about 18"
Robert F. Bowker, USAF (Ret). wings or horizontal empennage, tall by 24" wide) around the
horizontal stabilizer, vertical fins, circumference of the dome, located just
Hallstrom departed from or empennage assembly to the above the base. The dome appeared to
Oxnard about 12:35 PM in a Cessna aircraft as a conventional aircraft, be a perfect hemisphere. (See drawing
so immediately, without thinking
17QA en route to San Diego via Los anything else (being a helicopter
by witness on front cover). The UFO
Angeles, following a friend, Jim Victor, pilot), I immediately drew the continued on a steady heading of about
who was delivering another plane to a conclusion that it was a helicopter 310 degrees (while Hallstrom's course
customer at Browns Field, San Diego. of a passenger type...(except) that was about 130 degrees) with no sign of
The plan was for him to transport it was approaching at a rather rapid rotation, oscillation, pitch, roll, or yaw
speed which made me wonder in
Victor back to Oxnard after the — and no signs of propulsion or
my mind as to what type of
delivery. The two kept in touch helicopter it was because not discharge. The sun reflected off the
periodically by radio. knowing of any helicopter that dome as a bright spot as the UFO
would be capable of the speeds it passed by. After about a minute, the
As he approached Santa Monica was approaching. object disappeared from view behind
at 7500 feet altitude, within 2 or 3 the Cessna. Hallstrom estimated the
miles of the airport, the sky was crystal Hallstrom was going through a object's speed at about 650 m.p.h. He
clear except for a smog or haze layer classic "escalation of hypotheses," as rapidly took notes and sketched the
above Los Angeles International described by Dr. J. A. Hynek, trying UFO.
Airport and inland around Highland — and failing— to rationalize what he
Park, with tops at about 6500 feet. was seeing in terms of familiar At this time I was very much
experience. As the UFO passed about dumbfounded as to what to
At this time I was looking for 6,000 feet to his left, he was looking do....(nearing LAX airport) and at
Jim straight ahead when I spotted the same time realizing that it was •
down on it at an angle of about 30-45 something very extraordinary that I
(it) just on the edge of the haze area degrees. There were no rotors or other
above LAX (Los Angeles had just witnessed...
International Airport) slightly to the
accoutrement of a helicopter. Then the
east side approximately along true form of the object suddenly Reaching for his radio mike, he
about where the tower would be, became clear to him. first called Jim Victor to report what he
and I thought it was Jim so I
had seen. Then he reported the sighting
watched it for a minute because he ....all of a sudden I was able to
had just given me his position to various FAA authorities. Eventually
make out the complete form of a
report, but it seemed to get larger the report reached the attention of the
saucer shape or round object as a
and coming toward me so I flying saucer would be and, of UFO groups, and was reported in the
naturally realized that it wan't course, it registered at this time as Ventura County and Harbor News,
Jim....1 being a flying saucer... I was able to January 13 & 20, 1978.
I observed that it was going to pick up the full circumference of
be to my left and below me. At this the saucer as a complete circle and
time I was observing it now as an Idabel Epperson prefaced the
could see the dome, also very
vividly clear, including all the Hallstrom investigation report with the
1. Quotes taken from tape-recorded statements windows which were, of course, the following statement:
by witness. things I saw in the distance first. (continued on next page) 3

date: September 16, 19


NTROL ON 124.5 OR 3 8 1 6

tfe' -irfSCrr F vjfc-*--^' \&

L H TQ (ft

V """nil rnMprnw X

Note Ndut-cai mite distances aie
arts Irom UX vORlAC
All bearings are

Prepaid Or the National Ocean Su'vty Dooarting a i r c r a f t DMCK to t a A i m g arc requosted

at the Oirf'ion of the to advise Los Angeles clearance delivery
FEDERAL AVlATiQN ADMINISTRATION of intended >oute o< flight and altitude

"The enclosed material covers that a pilot who has flown in the the time Hallstrom saw the UFO
e v e r y phase of Floyd skies of many lands for 37 years over Santa Monica, a UFO was
Hallstrom's UFO sighting in and had not had even a glimpse seen and reported over
minute detail and establishes of a UFO might not be Downey. The description was-
Mr. Hallstrom's credibility particularly enthusiastic about the same. Could it have been the
beyond question we believe. the subject. same UFO? If so-did it "come
However, there are certain back?" This is pure speculation,
aspects of his experience that "The first of a series of puzzling of course. The UFO Hallstrom
are puzzling to Mr. Hallstrom as and inexplicable incidents saw over Santa Monica was
well as to those of us who have occurred as the UFO passed headed for the Hollywood Hills--
studied his case closely. under Hallstrom's plane. He had the oposite direction from
a sudden overwhelming urge to Downey.
"Let's start at the very meet with the pilot of the "space
beginning. Hallstrom stated that ship" and wished fervently for "The second puzzling incident
he had "not been a disbeliever the UFO to come back and lead occurred a couple of nights
regarding UFOs"--but he had him to a landing place where later. Hallstrom and his wife,
never been s u f f i c i e n t l y they could meet and talk. Gwen, were both awakened by a
interested to read any of the noise that seemed to be inside
UFO literature. Consequently "A few minutes later Hallstrom their bedroom. They searched
he was totally uninformed on the passed over Downey (about 20 but found nothing. Then they
subject at the time of his miles from LAX) on his way to heard a high pitched humming
sighting. It is understandable San Diego. Ten minutes from sound. Hallstrom rushed
By Prof. Bertil Soderquist
(MUFON Representative for Sweden)

This incident took place in the "sound" seemed to be emitted from a in neary Oxelosund, was reading at this
vicinity of the town of Nykoping on source located above him, although he time in her apartment when she was
April 12, 1977 at 10:37 AM. Farmer could not see anything (he says that the startled by a shrill whisting sound.
Carl-Olof Lindmark, of Ene farm in the sky was overcast at the time). Thinking it was an aircraft, she dashed
community of Stigtomta about 10 to the window and saw a circular,
kilometers west of Nykoping, was At about the same time^ Carl- brownish disc approaching from the
walking toward his garage when all of a Anton Mattsson made an observation NW (i.e., approaching in a bearing from
sudden he felt a powerful vibration that in the town of Nykoping, where he was Nykoping). The UFO was at an altitude
seemed to be transmitted by the busy in his grocery. He felt vibrations of of about 100 meters. She estimates that
atmosphere. Instinctively, he covered low frequency, lasting about 6 seconds its diameter was about 4 meters.
his ears to prevent his eardrums from that caused the large display windows Suddenly, it stopped dead in its course
bursting. After a few seconds, the in his shop to bulge and vibrate severly. and hovered for about 4 seconds. She
vibrations, stopped abruptly. However, The sould was barely audible, having an then saw that the disc had a probe
they resumed after only a few seconds estimated frequency of 40 Hz. Yet shaped like an antenna, the top of
and kept on for an additional 3-4 another person sitting in a basement which was fitted with a sphere. When
seconds before again ceasing. The (presumably nearby) was working with the UFO suddenly resumed its journey,
ground also seemed to shake, and he his electron microscope, but failed to a strong noise was heard causing the
noticed that the windowpanes bulged pick up any vibrations. This latter windows to vibrate. The UFO
and shook. Both Lindmark and his observation is consistent with the fact disappeared toward the southeast. The
father, who lives only about 100 meters that seismologists did not register any sky was overcast at the time of the
away, were gripped by a splitting earth tremors at this time in the observation.
headache. The entire phenomenon Nykoping area.
lasted only about 6 seconds. The A fifth observer, a woman living (From UFO- Information, Sweden, No. 3, 1977)

Daylight Disc, Continued

he did sleep, he had disquieting indifference he encountered
outdoors but saw nothing. dreams, mostly about UFOs when he attempted to report his
and aliens. This too, was a new sighting led him to think that the
"The third incident(s) occurred experience; previously he was public was not aware of the
three different mornings during not even aware of dreaming. In presence of aliens from space.
the week as Hallstrom opened spite of all of this he still This was understandably
his front door to go to work (it maintained that he would go frustrating. '
was still dark) he saw a light with the aliens willingly if they
hovering over their house. He is came after him. When I asked "We have talked to Mr.
fully acquainted with the lights him, "Why?" he answered, Hallstrom from time to time, by
on all kinds of aircraft. He said "Because they have superior phone, since his sighting. Our
positively that it was none of intelligence and we have much last conversation with him two
these. He was not approached. to learn." days ago was very encouraging.
He is feeling very much himself
"But the most puzzling and "Mr. Hallstrom's lack of again and "back to normal" as.
disturbing of all was the change knowledge of the UFO he put it."
that had come over Hallstrom movement plus the seeming
himself. He told me that he had a
very uncomfortable pressure in Floyd Hallstrom, whose parents were both pilots, has been flying for 37years.
his head that he had never had During World War II he served as a Navy combat air crewman and mechanic
before. Also he had trouble on all types of aircraft, and was a Navy Chief for 17% years. He served as
sleeping and some nights he did personal crew chief for the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet, and on
not sleep at all. Here again, this the crew of four other admirals subsequently. He is also an experienced
was a new experience for him. helicopter pilot.
To add to his discomforts, when
By Dkka Serra
(MUFON Representative for Finland)

This is the most significant case reflections were seen on the water. The fragment was 36 millimeters
in the history of UFO Research of There was a vibrating movement on the long before it was cut up for studies. It
Finland. It involves a strange fragment water directly below the UFO. The was 6 millimeters thick, weighed 15
that fell from a UFO on to Kallavesi object was three or four meters in grams, and had a density of 4 kg/dm3.
Lake in August 1964. The event was diameter and a couple of meters high. The fragment was not radioactive, but it
witnessed by Mr. Raimo Blomqvist (43) was magnetic. There were five layers of
of Kuopio. The fragment has been After 20 seconds of hovering, a material. In the middle there was a 2.5
studied.both in Finland and in Sweden, small fragment fell from the UFO to the millimeter thick layer of light-colored
at two universities, at four metallurgic shallow water. A hissing sound could be metallic iron. On both sides of the
laboratories, etc. A huge amount of heard when it hit the water. The middle layer there were dark grey
documents has been accumulated: fragment looked as bright as a welding layers and 0.5 millimeter thick light grey
about a hundred photographs, light before it landed. Now the yellow, layers. The thickness of the layers
electron microscope analyses, green, and orange color stripes on the varied.
interview tapes, X-ray analysis papers, UFO began to glow brightly and the
personality ratings, etc. So far every UFO zoomed into the clouds within a
piece of information has supported Mr. second. The speed was enormous since
Blomqvist's story. We don't know of the clouds were at an altitude of 300
any natural objects or machines that meters.
the fragment could have originated Now Mr. Blomqvist wanted to
from. find out what had fallen to the water.
It was a Saturday afternoon in The water was only 20 centimeters
August 1964 (the last or second to last deep at the site of the incident. It was
Saturday in August) that Mr. Blomqvist easy for the witness to find the
and his family drove to their summer fragment since it differed from the Fragment from UFO in Finland
house. It was cloudy but warm. There surroundings. He picked it up and put it
were no winds over the Kallavesi Lake. into his pocket. He didn't say anything According to an expert on metal
After having chopped wood for the about the incident to his family. In studies, engineer Olavi Kiviniemi, the
sauna, Mr. Blomqvist went for a.walk February 1975, Mr. Blomqvist met contents of the fragment were as
on the shores of the lake. He had a some UFO "research people at Turku follows:
strange feeling that something special and so the case was finally made public.
was about to happen, but he couldn't The middle layer: Mostly Fe and
figure out what it might be. He stood on One of the UFO research O (The contents were analyzed by
the cliff for a while, and at about 7 PM he people, Mr. Mikko Toivola, took the mass spectrometer.)
saw a light in the ME. The light grew in fragment to Abo Akademi University
size and Mr. Blomqvist realized that it where an X-ray analysis was 1.0% Mn
was approaching him. performed. Professor Edelman stated 0.4% Cu
that material of this sort could be found 0.3% Si, V, Ti
The silent UFO stopped at a close to active volcanoes, but only at a 0.1% P, Na
distance of 10 meters from the witness couple of locations in the world. The 0.06% Sn
and hovered a couple of meters above fragment is definitely not a geological 0.03% Cr, W, K
the water. Mr. Blomqvist was surprised entity, continued professor Edelman. 0.008% Ca
and excited, but not afraid. He felt a An expert on meteoroids, professor 0.006% Ta
"force field" around himself. The UFO Papunen at Turku University stated Other layers: Mostly Fe and O
was multicolored, oval in shape, and that the fragment is not a meteoroid. As 0.8% Zr
surrounded by a hazy light. The left far as iron is concerned it could be an 0.6% Mn
edge of the object was bent upwards as iron meteoroid, but the amount of other 0.3% Si, P, K
if the UFO had collided with something. substances does not support the 0.2% Cu, Zn
The light was relatively bright, but no meteoroid theory, and the fragment 0.1% Mg, Na
contains some substances that have 0.04% Rb
never been found in meteors. 0.03% Ca, La, Ce, Nd
By Idabel Epperson
(MUFON Director for Southern California)

All was quiet and peaceful in periodically for a few seconds while she also thank the humans in her family for
the Semaza household (City of Orange, stared at the wall with an expression observing Susie's problem — and how
Orange County, California) at 3:30 AM that baffled the members of the family. she solved it.
Saturday morning February 4, 1978. Susie continued this behavior for 30 Susie made her anguish known
But that serenity was soon to be minutes. clear and loud. It seems apparent that
replaced by a general commotion and In the meantime Mrs. Semaza when Susie realized that her humans
downright frenzy on the part of and her son and daughter were curious were not going to solve her problem
"Susie," the family pet — a gentle little as to what was causing the loud that she had better do it herself. There
dog that had given birth to her first litter humming sound — which Mrs. Semaza she was with seven puppies to protect,
of puppies two days earlier. described as sounding as if a "mob of and she must have felt that extreme
people were humming." Donna thought danger threatened. The cozy box that
Sometime between 3:30 and about recording the weird sound but she and the puppies occupied was on
4:00 AM a weird humming sound couldn't find the tape recorder in all the the ground floor. She carried a puppy
awakened Mrs. Claire Semaza, her 14- excitement. It was probably just as well; upstairs and tried to hide it in a couple
year-old daughter, Donna, and 11-year- Susie's wailing would, no doubt, have of places — the last place she .tried was
old son, Eric. A neighbor, Mrs. Dorothy drowned it out. under the bed — but that didn't satisfy
Pascl, also was awakened by the When they looked out the her. She took the puppy out from under
humming sound which continued to window facing south and east they saw the bed and hid it behind the drapes.
increase in volume until Mrs. Semaza an object oval in outline. It seemed to be This was the right place, she thought,
said that it hurt her ears. Susie's not far above the trees and not more so she carried the rest of her puppies
whimpering developed into frantic than a half mile away. (She thought it one by one upstairs and hid them all
howls and barks, which ceased could have been two blocks.) In one behind the drapes. .
area the sky above glowed with a Can anyone top this for animal
pinkish color and a little distance away, reaction to UFOs?
(UFO Fragment, continued) above it to the left, was a hot, clear red Recently Bob Kirkpatrick called
color. Below and around the object was on Mr. and Mrs. Semaza for the
0.01% Sm a layer of haze or "smoke," gray in purpose of taking photographs of Susie
0.009% Pr color. The object seemed to be and her puppies. Susie was uery
0.006% Pb hovering but soon started rising very friendly and seemed even pleased and
0.004% Sr slowly leaving the smoke layer behind. proud for the attention her puppies
0.003% Ba (Shades of the Rex Heflin UFO and the were getting. Bob told me, "Susie has
smoke "ring it left behind!) The object personality!"
Apparatus like mass spectro- had a bright red light at each end which
meter and scanning electron sent shafts of light toward the ground.
microscope were used to perform the There were several bluish white lights
* * * * * * *.* * * * * * * * * * * * *
studies. The fragment is not a piece of strung horizontally between the two
ore, not of volcanic origin, not a red lights. The object rose higher, Postal Exchange
meteoroid, and not a piece of any flashed a brilliant white light on and off
known machine. However, nothing for approximately three seconds, then Contributions of cancelled foreign
supernatural has been found either.' quickly disappeared. stamps are used by MUFON to
The fragment has probably been exchange with a collector for current
affected by a very high temperature We have not gone into details U.S. postage, which helps to offset the
around 650 degrees Celsius. here about the three witnesses; they high cost of foreign correspondence.
Substances like carbon and sulphur were excellent witnesses who studied We would like to acknowledge recent
have practically disappeared, if they the mysterious object, remembered contributions from Mr. Ted Bloecher,
ever existed. The high temperature has what they saw, and reported Mrs. Eric Bluhm, Mr. Harry Cohen, and
radically reduced the amount of clues everything carefully and fully. The Mrs. Barbara Mathey.
about the origins of the fragment. unique part of this story has to do with a
However, the UFO Research of Finland gentle little dog called "Susie" and her
will continue to study the case. reaction to the presence of a UFO. We
Incidents In Kentucky
By Leonard H. Stringfield

Since the debut of the movie the green fireball. They had no who cried in fear during a sleepless
extravaganza, "Close Encounters of explanation, however, the operator night.
the Third Kind", with all its sensational said that an aircraft was approaching to A meteor? Perhaps. But
publicity in the media, reports of UFOs land about 9:30 PM. meteors do not fly erratically and are
in the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana, The next day I received several not normally green. According to the
and Kentucky, have been at an all-time phone reports describing the green color described by at least a dozen
tow. In fact, UFO reports during the UFO. One came from Dave Dobbs of witnesses, the object is analagous to the
year 1977 in this region have been MUFON, who had received a report green fireball phenomena observed
significantly scarce. Obviously, the from an associate of his radio net, a over the U.S. Southwest in 1948. That
movie has not provided the stimulus, as pilot, who had witnessed from his home flap prompted the establishment of
predicted, to, create a wave of UFO in Cincinnati, a bluish green disc, the "Project Twinkle", which, following its
sightings. But we do have a ripple. size of a full moon, breaking through study of the phenomena, never
the clouds as it descended to the satisfactorily explained the nondescript
The ripple began with the ground. Also the next day, my missiles.
sighting and reporting of a green fireball comments about the green fireball drew Whatever the answer for the
on January 18, 1978. This random headlines in the Kentucky Post. I was green fireball, the media's coverage of
event triggered publicity in the beseiged with calls, many relating the incident brought me other UFO
Kentucky edition of the Cincinnati Post firsthand reports. reports.
in which I was quoted in the form of a One witness in Covington, On Sunday, January 15,1978, at
headline. This, in turn, brought forth Kentucky, described the large about 7:10 PM, a single engine
earlier stories which we have learned to teardrop-shaped object as "very Sundowner flying from Evansville,
expect and to hope for in research. But green," which she said suddenly Indiana, to Cincinnati encountered a
the movie had no part in prompting the dropped from its straight flight course UFO flying a collision course,
green fireball sighting. The reports and "floated to the ground". Two other approximately 22 miles north of
came from a dozen independent witnesses, while driving home from the Louisville, Kentucky. The pilot,
witnesses who had not seen the movie. University of Cincinnati, agreed in their accompanied by his instructor and
The other reports I received were close report that the huge green object made girlfriend, related that he was flying at
encounters, also from people who had a slow vertical descent. Still another 5,500 ft. when he spotted two bright
not seen the movie. witness described in her letter to me, '1 lights at eye level at some unknown
On January 18, 1973, at 9:30 saw the object streak across the distance ahead.
PM, Patrolmen Ron Jones and Al Winn Cincinnati sky about 9:30 in a ME to SW Suddenly one of the white lights
of the Erlanger, Kentucky, Police were direction. It was in view for about 15 began to move horizontally away from
driving home from their shift, when seconds, but its color was yellow". the stationary light, then it made a
Jones witnessed a lime-green, egg- Another report of a close perfect circle, and then another, while
shaped, noiseless "fireball" flying low in encounter came from Melody Harrison remaining at the same distance. This
a straight course. He called to Winn, in F l o r e n c e , K e n t u c k y . By erratic behavior continued for several
"Look at that!" Winn looked in the happenstance, Melody is the niece of minutes, then the animated object
opposite direction at first, then turned Patrolman Ron Jones. Melody and became brighter, looking like a "blob"
too late to see the object vanish behind Ron's four-year-old son were out and began what appeared to the pilot,
trees. Jones said it moved very playing in the heavy snow at 9:30 PM. to head in a collison course with the
erratically before its vertical descent Suddenly she saw a large, round, green Sundowner. As the blob came
near the Greater Cincinnati Airport in object as big as a car soar low overhead. menacingly closer, ,the pilot, fearful of
Boone County, Kentucky. Said Jones, The object, she said, flew straight collision dove his craft down 1,000 ft. In
referring to the face of a clock, 'It across a building nearby, then turned an instant, the white blob streaked
moved from 3 o'clock to 9o'clock, up to and went straight down. "I saw two overhead and out of view.
12, down to 6 — roughly making the white flashes from the ground", she
figure 4." said, "but I could hear no sound." The pilot told me that when he
The Control Tower at the arrived in Cincinnati he called the
airport was called but they had not seen The close proximity of the Standiford Control Tower in Louisville,
8 object terrified her little companion Kentucky. He was told they had no
UFO confirmed by radar, but had the boy's disappearance. Two days was metallic. The moon's glow reflected
received calls from'people in the area later I received a second call for a on it and she could determine that its
who had seen a UFO. statement, but I declined again. visible surface was clearly divided in
equal-sized squares. The bottom of the
Judy and husband Rick G. I have not been asked again, object was in darkness, appearing flat,
called me on January 23, prompted by even though Keith's disappearance still and it was into this section that the
my name appearing in the Kentucky remains a mystery. I will not volunteer recoiling beam of green light was
Post. Judy related their close the Judy and Rick encounter as a drawn. 'It looked as though the beam
encounter with a UFO sometime possible tie-in, even though its was sucked in," she said. When the
around Christmas, 1977, perhaps a few occurrence may have been the same beam vanished, the object gracefully
days before. Living in Ft. Mitchell, day as Keith's disappearance. Actually, lifted and disappeared into a wooded
Kentucky, near a small lake and a there is not a shred of evidence to area.
wooded area on the end of a deadend suggest a link to a UFO, and it would be Mrs. Frey said that nothing
street, Judy explained that she and unwise to speculate on the matter in the electrical in her house was affected. A
Rick were watching the late show on local press. dog in the kitchen behind a closed door
TV at 1:10 AM when suddenly their Avoiding the media in many made no sound, nor did her daughter
living room was bathed in an eerie green instances is necessary in UFO awaken. The next day she called the
glow. "It came through the curtain," she investigation. And in most instances it is Federal Building in Cincinnati to report
said, "flashing three times." necessary to keep the names of the incident. She was referred to me,
witnesses confidential. As an example I but decided not to call because she
Both she and her husband had to sacrifice a major promotion for already had told two friends who had
jumped up and scurried to the window, my book, SITUATION RED, in the laughed. .
there to see an egg-shaped object, National Enquirer when the editors of I am convinced that Mrs. Frey
glowing green, about 50-100 ft. distant the tabloid, who wanted to serialize five had a real and frightening experience.
in a low hovering (touch landing) UFO close encounter stories selected While she was describing the details of
position. Both Judy and Rick estimated from the text, asked that I divulge the the incident, she broke down. Mrs.
the soundless ovoid object to be names of the witnesses. I declined and Frey cried for a full 3. minutes,
approximately 10-15 feet in diameter; SITUATION RED was dropped. emotionally unable to describe the
that its equator was encircled by a solid behavior of the light beam. I called Mrs.
row of green flickering lights which had Still another case in point, with a Frey again in the evening. More
cast a greenish glow on its entire request for anonymity, surfaced to me composed, she related the story in full.
surface. . privately, following the green fireball She felt relieved.
The object was in view for about incident. This incident also occurred in When I inquired about physical
3 minutes. As Judy and Rick watched, Kentucky in the residential area of effects, Mrs. Frey said she experienced
the object rose slowly, vertically, picked Bellevue, across the Ohio River from nothing extraordinary during the event
up acceleration, then leveled off and Cincinnati. or during the days that followed.
disappeared into the wooded horizon. On July .15, 1977, at 10:45 PM, However, she admitted almost
The UFO left no traces and caused no while Mrs. Fem Frey (name changed) reluctantly that when the light beam
physical or electromagnetic effects. was lying in bed with her 11-year-old struck her on the bed, her fear
daughter who was asleep, she was completely vanished. "It was a strange
Before I had knowledge of the shocked to see her bed light up in a feeling," she said, "I just felt no fear
Judy and Rick G. experience, I was bright green glow. Thinking that her whatever. Then when the light
called by one of the local newspapers home was being burglarized, Mrs. Frey withdrew, I suddenly was seized with
and asked to make a statement relative jumped out of bed. The glow, she fear. I can't explain it:"
to a 5-year-old Kentucky boy's observed, was coming through one of
mysterious disappearance on two windows in the bedroom. Moving As I write this, February 7,1978,
December 21, 1977. The boy, Keith cautiously, she peeked through the I have received two additional UFO
Holliday, was last seen near a curtain, and to her bewilderment the reports from the Tri-State area. These
construction site. There were no clues, green light beam retreated, "just like were nocturnal lights. I am also aware of
no suspects. A reporter asked if I liquid being drawn up through a straw". another alleged landing occurring in
thought a UFO had been the culprit. Of In a matter of seconds the light was Danville, Kentucky, about 2 months
course I refused to make a statement "siphoned" up into a low hovering ago, but the two women who shared the
for many reasons. Apart from the moral object that was shaped like an inverted close encounter are reluctant to relate
and other sensitive issues, I had no data saucer, which Mrs. Frey estimated was their experience. I am told they are too
to suggest that a UFO had been a couple of hundred feet away. She was terrified to talk, and fear ridicule.
reported in the suspect area—Erlanger, certain .that the object, which she
Kentucky—during the time frame of guessed was about 30 ft. in diameter,
By Paul Cerny
MUFON Western Regional Director,
Part 2
This is a continuation of the
somewhat bizarre series of UFO-
related incidents that were reported to
us by various local participants in
Happy Camp. Again we wish to remind
the reader of the difficult situation and
problems involved in obtaining these
details as to verification and credibility.
The distance to the area (420 miles)
limited the time to investigate on a
weekend basis, let alone the personal
expense involved on many weekend
trips to this location. One remote
sighting area was impossible to hike
into and out again on a given weekend.
In the abduction case, we carefully
weighed the value and expense of
bringing a qualified hypnotist that
distance. Discussing this value with
several prominent top scientists in the
UFO field, we came to the conclusion
that under the uncertain circum-
stances, it may not be wise to possibly
jeopardize the mental health of
witnesses. We were informed by those
Steve Harris, witness to "creature" sightings,
that have made studies in this area that with his Ford Bronco.
it is possible, perhaps in some cases, to
inflict permanent damage as a result of gravel. Driving back to town, the three appeared to be about five feet high,
such an attempt, particularly by told their, story to Helen White who vaguely in the form of a human but a
amateur or unqualified hypnotists. As insisted they take her back to the spot. dark non-reflecting form with a glow
an example, one such attempt was Returning to the exact location about around the edges or outline. No eyes
made recently on one of the witnesses an hour later and accompanied by were seen. These objects were casually
by a self-proclaimed hypnotist from Helen and a young friend by the name moving around but staying relatively in
another organization and ended up in of Rick Pool, the five disembarked from a small area. They came no closer nor
failure and an emotionally upset witness Steve Harris* Bronco and proceeded to did they retreat. With all that bright light
as a result. Pros and cons will be argued shine their lights around the same area on these weird forms, a bare glowing
by various individuals as to the safe or where they had seen the creature. outline was all that could be seen. It was
dangerous results obtained in using Nothing could be seen. Helen had as if the moving forms were absorbing
hypnosis for the purpose of extracting brought a Polaroid camera and flash the illumination. Occasionally as the
subconscious information: but it is felt attachments along and was holding it. group observed, the whole form would
this should be decided and dealt with by Thinking there was nothing there to slightly glow. No details were
qualified medical professionals trained see, the five decided to leave. "If there is discernible.
in the subject. anything around here, this should wake Steve began to yell at Helen to
The second Happy Camp them up," commented Steve, and shot take a picture, repeating it several
encounter came the same night after off his rifle several times. Immediately times, but Helen just stood there
the first "creature" sighting and the there was a loud "wow-wow-wow" staring, wide-eyed and apparently
Ford Bronco was practically suspended sound behind them. The group turned unable to react. Questioned thoroughly
with its four wheels spinning, throwing quickly around in the direction of the about why she did not snap a picture,
eerie sound to observe three forms she could not explain why. She just
10 about 30 to 35 feet away. These seemed frozen with awe and fright.
Steve even shook her once attempting
to get her to respond. The question of
mind manipulation came up as a result
of this, but how does one determine
such a possibility under such bizarre
conditions with a complete unknown!

Steve continued to persuade

Helen to use her camera, but she finally
blurted out, "Do you feel weight on
you?" She said, "I feel like something is
choking me!" Suddenly all three began
to feel a choking sensation. Carl and
Stan were back farther and did not
notice this unusual effect right away.
Steve remarked later that it felt as if his
clothes were getting heavy on him and it
was getting very difficult to breathe as if
the oxygen was being depleted from the
air. There was no odor detected of any
kind. (This brings to mind a similar
situation of the 1964 Cisco Grove "Bow
and Arrow" case in California where a
deer hunter had climbed a 30-foot pine
tree to escape his humanoid alien OBSERVERS
pursuers and claimed to have been
gassed from the ground under him by
several creatures. He described a
similar effect as if he were breathing
mostly nitrogen. He eventually passed
out, awakening periodically with the
I Diagram of UFO sighting area with sketch of the U.F.O.
Steve later assumed it could
have been a directed mass
haullucination, but was uncertain. He thought the whole situation could have The credibility and justification
still felt he was having extreme difficulty been mental. of the many sightings that were
in breathing. The forms appeared to As their vehicle climbed to the reported going on in the Happy Camp
remain in an approximate 30-foot area top of the hill where they began the area by the local enthusiasts,
as they moved slowly around, never descent down the mountain, they sometimes numbering from five to ten
approaching or retreating.He thought looked back to the spot and saw a persons to a sighting, finally hit home to
they possibly kept their distance glowing orange-reddish disc-shaped us. Confirmation of the activity was
because Stan Gayer was standing back object rise up from near where they bestowed on us in a rather startling
farther near the Bronco with a loaded were and follow them all the way down manner. On the night of February 17th,
30-06 rifle. This particular sequence the curved road to the highway where it 1976, Tom Gates, MUFON Astonomy
lasted for three to four minutes. The took off and left them. The glowing Consultant and head of the Foothill
group then decided that under the orange disc sometimes appeared to College Space Science Center and
peculiar circumstances, they had better look like a ball of fire, stayed within myself were on the mountain top along
leave. They all piled hastily into the about 150 feet over them and off to the with Helen White. Helen, who probably
Ford Bronco and left the area heading right above the trees. It appeared to be is the most devoted and constant
back down the mountain to town. about 40 feet in diameter. Needless to observer in the area, and the oldest
When they got into the car, the say, their speed down the mountain adult (63) was in her small pickup truck,
breathing problem disappeared for all road in the Bronco was considerable! Tom and I in my small station wagon.
involved. There was no apparent vapor, This all took place on October 26,1975. Part of the time we all three sat in
smoke, or other gaseous material All agreed at the time, they would tell no Helen's truck watching all around and
noticeable except low clouds overhead, one what they had seen that night, as no
which are common to that area. Steve one would believe them! (continued on next page) 11
(Happy.Camp, continued)
trying to keep warm as it was around
freezing temperature and there was
some snow on the g r o u n d .
Occasionally, we would split off, Tom
and I in my car, and move off a short
distance from Helen, keeping in touch
by C.B. radio.
After frequenting the mountain
top saddle area from 8:00 to 12:00 PM
on that dark moonless night and seeing
absolutely nothing, we decided we had
"had it" for that night. We were cold
and had to frequently start and run the
car engines and heaters to keep warm.
Observation had mainly been directed
to an approximate ten degree upward
angle toward the lookout tower where
the only spot of light in the sky, except
for the many stars, was a 60 watt light
bulb glowing routinely on top of the
distant fire lookout tower about a half
mile from us (see sketch). Thoroughly
disappointed in our 4-hour futile
surveillance for that cold night, we
decided to go back down the mountain Helen C. White at the fire Lookout Tower on the
to our warm motel room. Before leaving mountain top.
we decided to stop at one turnout area
near one of the winding curves about a before it first appeared. It then rose up a comparable to anything that I had ever
quarter of a mile down the mountain second time, repeating the first observed before. The orange was so
road. This we did. I left my car out of performance, as if taking a second look deep that it was almost red, yet there
sight around the curve and Tom and I at us. was no red color apparent, just deep
. walked back about 100 feet where After it disappeared the second brilliant orange. The object was more or
Helen had stopped with her pickup time, we excitedly waited for it to show less sharply outlined against the dark
headed away from theJooko,ut tower..^ . again, but after a 2&minute wait in the starlit sky. in its rectangular shape with
She remained in her truck listening to cold, we decided it was gone for the rounded corners. What impressed me
the C.B. radio while Tom and I stood night. Helen did not see the spectacle as the most was its brilliance. The rays of
about 30 feet away looking once more she was busy tuning her radio. Tom and brilliant orange illumination were
in the obvious direction of the lookout I were both so fascinated in what we emanating and streaking out in every
light, as if it was something magnetic to were observing that we even failed to direction from the object as bright light
us. For about 5 minutes, we saw yell at Helen to look. Taking into would shimmer off of crystal. Tom had
nothing, then suddenly we both noticed account that the whole event took only quickly lifted his binoculars to his eyes
an orange glow behind the dip in the a matter of seconds may have had and remained glued on target as I was
ridge down to the right of the tower. something to do with our reaction or with just my eyes. He got the
The glow almost reminded one of a negligence thereof. impression of a slight yellow area in the
forest fire behind a hill, only there was The object was completely silent center. Our estimated distance from
no smoke. A few seconds later with and in that still cold night air any definite the object was three-quarters of a mile.
increased glow intensity, a large noise could surely have been heard. The next morning we returned to the
rectangular shaped object rose slowly Later we were both kicking ourselves saddle area. By taking in the area the
up from behind the ridge, exposing as we had packed away our telephoto object had occupied in the dip of the
itself in its apparent entirety, then after cameras in the car about 100 feet away. ridge against the skyline and counting
a couple of seconds, slowly lowered the tree stumps of the logged-off
itself back down out of sight where it The object itself was the most section beneath the dip, we estimated
had come from; the glow remaining as brilliant, deep vivid orange color of the object was approximately 35 to 40
glowing substance I have ever seen. It feet across. One other interesting
12 was almost indescribable. It was not aspect of our sighting was why we
simply stood there for another 20 present itself, I hope that we may have
minutes waiting, then drove back down the ability and incentive to overcome
to our motel in Happy Camp. We talked any such effect.
about that for some time the next day. In a subsequent issue of the SYMPOSIUM
What we should have done immediately JOURNAL, we will cover the abduction
was to get back into the car and race case and other unusual sightings at PROCEEDINGS
back up to the saddle area, then on Happy Camp as parts 3 and 4. Special (166 pages)
around and behind the mountain to see thanks go to Eleanor Sanini and Mary
if we could have caught sight of the Flores for clerical assistance.
Thomas M. Gates, Sunnyvale. CAIIf. MUFON
object at close range. Consultant In Astronomy

The road did go behind the FURTHER EVIDENCE OF UFO RADIATION

mountain. We would have been within BY James M. McCampbell, Belmont, Calif.,
about 200 yards of where it was. Why (Editor's Note: As a means of MUFON Director of Research and Author of
didn't we have the presence of mind to identifying the rugged mountainous UFOLOGY.

do this? It was exactly what we should terrain and locale for these events,
have done! Were we "mind- Happy Camp, California, is a small UFO INVESTIGATIONS 'by Bill Pitts, Fort

manipulated" at the time not to take fishing resort town (population 700) on Smith, Ark. MUFON State Director for

State highway 96 in Siskiyou County. It Arkansas

this action? It is a speculative guess, of
course, but we now wonder if this was is nestled in the Salmon Mountains on
WHY THE COVER-UP? by Richard Gottlieb,
the situation, without our realizing it at the Klamath River in northern
Phoenix, Arizona Member of Ground Saucer
the time. Should a similar situation ever California near the Oregon State line.)
Watch (GSW, I nc.) Research Board


TING UFOs by John L. Warren, Ph.D. Los
Alamos, New Mexico. MUFON Consultant
In Physics and State Director for New Mexico


William F. Hassel, Ph.D., Woodland Hills,
Calif., MUFON Consultant and State Section


H. Spauldlng. Phoenix, An;.. Director of GSW,
Inc.. MUFON State Director for Arizona and
Photographic Consultant


H. Lawson. Ph.D. Garden Grove. CAM.
MUFON State Section Director for Orange


Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist, UFO
Lecturer, and MUFON Consultant In Nuclear
Tom Gates photographing mountain and area where he Physic*

and Paul Cerny observed UFO.

Price: $5.00 Post Paid From:

By Dave Oldham,
Some researchers feel there is a MUFON, Field Investigator istration. They are available for about
direct connection between UFO repeat and $2.00 each at most airports.
s i g h t i n g , areas and magnetic Wayne Laporte, We studied all the sectionals for
disturbances on the surface of the MUFON State Section Director the U.S. The U.S. magnetic faults are
Earth. These magnetic disturbances or for North Carolina listed in Table II. The CUFOS "top ten
faults result from concentrations of UFO sighting states" are listed in Table
minerals with magnetic properties. California, Missouri, North Carolina, I. This survey is based on UFO cases
These fault areas are intense enough to Ohio, and Georgia show up repeatedly handled by CUFOS between April 1972
cause a compass needle to deviate from in all three lists. Four of these six states to 1977. Both the magnetic faults and
its normal magnetic north orientation. have magnetic faults. However, not all CUFOS 48 state frequency counts
The amount of deviation varies the states have magnetic faults. So, were plotted on a map of the U.S.
depending on the intensity of the fault. again nothing is 100% consistent. What We also overlayed a UFO sighting
This variance may vary from a few does this mean? density map, (on the map with the
degrees to forty-seven degrees. Pilots The phenomena may re-enter or plotted fault areas). Our density map is
must be aware of these faults if they are materialize at the faults and then move based on a UFO sighting density map in
to navigate by non-radio means. outward of a limited radius of operation. Brad Steiger's Gods of Aquarius.
Consequently, these faults are marked Or we may be dealing with two different Steiger's map reflects UFO reports for
on pilot sectional maps. types of UFO phenomena. One may be the past 100 years. The fit between the
CUFOS has recently compiled a able to operate independently of faults. CUFOS survey on a state-by-state
list of sightings in total, close encounter, The other may have an affinity for the basis and the Steiger map is good.
and occupant state-by-state. These magnetic faults and has to remain in the The distribution of magnetic
sightings span a five year period ending fault areas. faults in the U.S. is generally in line with
April 1977. We reviewed sectional maps We discussed the fact that some the sighting density of UFO's. The
to see if high frequency states have researchers, particularly John Keel, faults concentrate: on the West Coast;
magnetic faults in them. Our findings believe that there is a direct connection mid-Western states; lower mid-central
are presented in table I. The number in between magnetic fault areas and states; Eastern coast. UFO sighting
parenthesis on the left represents the repeat sighting areas. In North density is heaviest on the Western and
number of UFO cases. The underlined Carolina, the repeat areas are in the Eastern coasts. The sighting density
states are those states which have eastern part of the state and along the follows the magnetic fault distribution
intense magnetic faults. The number in North Carolina/South Carolina border with the following exceptions.
parenthesis on the right represents the near Charlotte. There is also a There are several faults in the
number of fault areas in the state. magnetic fault in each area. How about mid-Western state area. This area
We found that of the 10 top listing the U.S. as a whole? includes Utah, Wyoming, Montana,
for total sightings, close encounters, Major magnetic disturbance areas Colorado. Neither the CUFOS or
and occupant sightings, about one-half are indicated on pilot sectional maps. Steiger map indicate a heavy sighting
of the states were states which had These maps are put out by the National density in this area. However, there
magnetic faults. Pennsylvania, Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin- were many sightings in Utah in 1966 to


Total Sightings Close Encounters Occupants

(554) Pennsylvania (89) California (2) (33) Pennsylvania

(384) California (2) (88) Pennsylvania (15) California (2)
(252) Missouri (1) (43) North Carolina (1) (14) Ohio
(184) North Carolina (1) (42) Illinois (11) Indiana
(181) Ohio (42) Missouri (1) (10) North Carolina (1)
(169) Illinois (37) Ohio (8) New Hampshire
(138) Georgia (1) (32) Texas (8) New Jersey
(120) Wisconsin (30) Georgia (1) (8) Georgia (1)
(111) New York (26) South Carolina (1) (8) Missouri (1)
14 (102) Texas (25) Alabama (7) Wisconsin


AR Fordyce 15° 34° 20' 92° 10'
CA San Clemente Is. 5° 32° 20' 118° 20'
CA San Clemente Is. 5° 32° 50' 118° 30'
CO Manitou Springs NS 38° 50' 105° 30'
CO Elk Mountain 47° 40° 20' 106° 10'
DE Chesapeake Bay 8° 39° 20' 76° 20'
GA Stone Mountain 10° 33° 30' 83° 50'
ID Idaho Falls 6° 43° 10' 111° 50'
MS Springfield 5° 37° 40' 93° 20'
MT Broadus NS 45° 20' 105° 20'
NV Reno NS 39° 50' 119° 120'
NC Kenansville 6° 34° 40' 81° 20'
NJ Camderi 5° 39° 50' 75° 20;
NY Lake Ontario 7° 43° 60' 78° 30'
OR Fields 14° 42° 10' 118° 20'
OR Cape Sebastian 6° 42° 20' 124° 30'
OR Andrews 13° 42° 40' 118° 40'
OR Frenchgien . 8° 42° 50' 119° 10'
OR No towns around 11° 43° 10' 119° 20'
OR Riley 8° 43° 30' 119° 20'
OR Bridal Veil . 8° 45° 30' 121° 40'
OR Hood River 6° 45° 50' 121° 40'
OR St. Helens 6° 45° 50' 122° 50'
OR Quincy 8° 46° 20' 123°'20'
SC Chester 6° 34° 40' 81° 20'
UT Salt Lake City 6° 41° 20' 111° 10'
WA Maple Valley 6° 47° 40' 121° 40'
WY Rawlins 6° 41° 50' 106° 50'
WY Mayoworth 8° 43° 40' 106° 50'
WV Brandywine 5° 38° 50' 79° 20'
NS — Not Specified

This research report was prepared for the Tarhell UFO Study Group, Winston Salem, NC, by David M. Oldham and P. Wayne
Laporte, 315 Cedarwood Lane, Matthess, NC 28105. Permission has been granted to publish in THEMUFON UFO JOURNAL.

1967. Frank Salisbury investigated density of UFO sightings in the fault fields have been reportedly generated
many of them, and wrote a book about zones. by seance materializations. Uri Geller
it - The Utah UFO Display. These factors could be: geological can affect magnetometers. Then again
These states are low population fault lines; concentrations of psychic as Schmirer was told (by UFO
density states. So, there may be a lot of people in the area; missile bases; air occupants) UFOs may use "reversible
UFO activity there, but no one to bases; power stations; nuclear plants; electromagnetism". If so, then
witness it. Then again the UFO entities etc. Then, within each major "window" magnetic faults may play an important
may prefer the East and West coast there are minor "windows". So, there part in their navigation and operation in
rather than the mid-central states. must be additional factors which our atmosphere.
The magnetic faults are not determine local concentrations. Regardless of what their origin,
centrally located within the high density This magnetic fault study doesn't UFOs in the United States appear to
areas. This implies both a radius of indicate whether the UFO phenomena have some affinity for magnetic
operation and selectivity of direction is an extraterrestrial or paraphysical disturbances. There also appears to be
on the part of the UFO intelligences. manifestation. Although we are not some directional selectivity of
They don't "work out" equally in 360° students of the occult, we've been told operation by the UFO occupants
from the magnetic faults. There appear that magnetism plays an important part around the magnetic fault areas.
to be other factors which determine the in entity materializations. Magnetic (continued on next page) 15

This research report was prepared for the Tarheel UFO Study Group, Winston Salem, NC, by David M. Oldham and P. Wayne
Laporte, 315 Cedarwood Lane, Matthews, NC 28105. Permission has been granted to publish in THE MUFON UFO

In November 1977 (as reported in MUFON UFO Journal No. 120), Len Stringfield played an advisory role at the United
Nations on behalf of Grenada. Len has provided these photographs of the historic occasion.

Prime Minister Gairy 0) and Len Stringfield (r) Prime Minister Gairy talks with unidentified
following press conference, November 30, at Park ambassador on UN assembly floor following Dr.
Plaza Hotel, New York City. Friday's major, Hour-long address on UFOs.
Contrary to press reports, Gairy and Friday
received many congratulatory handshakes.

Dr. Wellington Friday, Ambassador-At-Large, Franklin Dolland, Ambassador to the United

prepares his address for the UN assembly, States, answers one of dozens of phone calls
November 28, 1977. (including the U.S. delegation) during preparation
of Dr. Friday's address.
REPORT FROM SWEDEN By Bertil Soderquist
(Mufon Representative
for Sweden)

The following reports I have taken UFO-Sweden alerted its observers in able to go back to his truck. The UFO
from "UFO Information" No.2, 1977, areas likely to be overflown by the made a pass over his truck, rose and
the largest UFO magazine with a flotilla of UFOs. No observation was disappeared. The period of observation
regular issue in Sweden. made of the UFOs, however. Following was about five minutes. Following the
this i n c i d e n t , local m i l i t a r y incident, the two men talked it over,
Nykoping, Province of Soderman- headquarters requested access to the and agreed not to report it to the police.
land, Jan. 8, 1977, 3:35-3:55 PM—This investigations carried out by personnel (I find some similarity between this case
series of incidents was witnessed by from UFO-Sweden. It seems that part and the one reported in MUFON UFO
about 30 persons, living in Nykoping of the interest from the side of the Journal, No. 115 of June 1977, p. 14).
and surrounding towns. The following military authorities stems from the
description of the event was given by reported sighting of a military jet Kiruna, northern Sweden,
Mrs. Bakkalas, as seen from her flat on aircraft, although as far as is known to Dec. 28, 1976, 4:30 A.M. - Mrs. K.
Brandkarrsvagen in Nykoping. "We UFO-Sweden, no military aircraft was Burlin observed an unusually shaped
(she and her family) discovered a bright reported to be airborne at the time of light phenomenon when she awoke
object over the water tower. It the incident. (This case has, I think, its early in the morning, for reasons
resembled an inverted (?) light bulb, greatest implications in the fact that it unknown. She then saw a large object,
and shone with a steady white light. might precede a change in attitude shaped like a light bulb, moving
Shortly afterward, the light changed to toward the activities of UFO groups on irregularly across the morning sky. The
yellow, the shape of the UFO was the part of the military. It will be very UFO seemed to emit a white light,
altered, and then it disappeared interesting to see if it is a permanent which however, stopped short just
immediately. Suddenly, a red, oval change.) outside what seemed to be the physical
UFO appeared. It approached the boundaries of the UFO. Inside this
chimney of the hospital where it Nysater, Province of Varmland, "boxed-in" light shone another, yellow
stopped. Jan. 5, 1977, 1:15 P.M. — Truck driver light. She observed this UFO for a total
Helge Olsen was on his way from Oslo time of about 10 minutes, when the
"A few minutes passed, and then to Stockholm on route E18 when he UFO disappeared, still moving in its
yet another UFO joined the first one at observed a shining object which irregular pattern. (I think this
the chimney. For three minutes, both seemed to hover just above the road "contained light" effect is very
UFOs hovered around the chimney, surface at a distance of 1,000 meters. interesting, and seem to remember that
moving jerkily about. Then, a third He stopped his truck, jumped out and similar reports have appeared in
UFO appeared. All three UFOs then approached the UFO on foot. The SKYLOOK some time back. What do
circled just south of the hospital. All UFO turned out to be resting on the physicists say about the possibility of
three were red in color, the appearance road, supported by five legs. It was creating such an effect?)
being that of molten iron, and emitted a shaped like a discus, had a diameter of
strong, pulsating light. A couple of about seven meters and emitted a
minutes passed, and then two huge steady red-green-yellow light. The legs ********************
Memphis Press—Scimitar - Tenn.
discus-shaped UFOs joined up with the were glass-like and shining. Four of
three smaller ones (their size was, November 29, 1977
them were placed around the perimeter
UFO Fans Unite
somewhat diffusely, described as that and one leg was placed in the middle. At
While other world leaders grapple with
of "airplanes", my comment). The a distance of about 150 meters from the the Middle East and the arms race, the
latest arrivals had a cupola on top. No UFO, Olsen suddenly found himself tiny Caribbean nation of Grenada worries
sound was heard. A couple of minutes about flying saucers. Yesterday, Ambassa-
immobilized. Standing there, he also dor-at-terge Wellington Friday took the
passed, and then a propeller-driven heard a faint sound as from an idling car matter to the United Nations where he
aircraft, followed by what appeared to engine. He then saw another truck urged establishment of a UFO research
center. Friday said, "UFOs have been
be an airforce jet, approached the five approaching the UFO from the other frightening experiences for thousands of
UFOs. The UFOs then disappeared side. The truck stopped, and he people around the world. . . . We see in
the UFO a vast new hinterland with sig-
toward the SW." recognized the truck as one driven by nificance for all mankind." Sir Eric dairy,
his colleague from Stockholm, on his the prime minister, backed him up, charg-
The airforce base in Nykoping way to Oslo. The UFO then lifted ing the superpowers have concealed evi-
dence of UFO sightings for years. Their
contacted UFO-Sweden, whereupon vertically in a whirl of snow, and he was presentation was greeted with silence.
Lucius Parish

In Others'Words
The December 20 issue of For those wanting to keep up with the are not familiar with STARLOG, you
NATIONAL ENQUIRER tells of British UFO activity (and they have had are missing some outstanding reading
"occult" happenings during the filming plenty of it in recent months), I would material. STARLOG is published eight
of Columbia Pictures' "Close rank the JOURNAL in the top five times per year and should be available
Encounters of the Third Kind". Real publications from that part of the world on your local newsstands. The March
UFOs supposedly were seen, along (FLYING SAUCER REVEIW, issue contains an article by James
with "eerie cloud formations." Well, AWARENESS, THE UFO REGISTER, Oberg on "real and 'reel'" UFOs; that
maybe so, but considering the and BUFORA JOURNAL being the is, UFOs as depicted in s-f films and as
ENQUIRER'S reputation, you might other four). U.S. subscription rates reported in real life. Unfortunately, it is
want to keep your salt shaker handy would be approximately $7.00 per year a typically super-skeptical Oberg
when reading it. The January 10 issue and inquiries may be addressed to the article, but it is highly appropriate that it
reported on UFO sightings in General Secretary of EUFOSG, Mrs. should be published in a magazine
Southwestern Missouri during the Gloria Seville (16 Raydons Road, dealing with science-fiction.
Spring of 1977. Dagenham, Essex RM95JR, England).
THE STAR for December 20
reports that a "massive new The Winter 1977-78 issue of
investigation" of UFOs is in the works. ARGOSY UFO is now on the stands. UFO NEWSCLIPPING
However, since NASA has now This magazine is now being published SERVICE
rejected such an idea (thankfully), it on a semi-annual basis at $1.50 per
remains to be seen whether any other issue. Robert Barrow's three articles The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
organization or agency will want to are perhaps the most interesting items will keep you informed of all the latest
tackle the UFO subject. The December in the current issue. United States and World-Wide UFO
activity, as it happens! Our service was
27 issue of THE STAR contained started in 1969, at which time we
material on UFO occupant cases, Jerome Clark's two articles in contracted with a reputable
taken from THE HYNEK. UFO the February issue of FATE should be international newspaper-clipping
REPORT. The much-publicized Iranian of interest to all Ufologists. The first bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
find UFO reports (i.e., little known
UFO incident of September 19, 1976, article deals with the famous case of photographic cases, close encounter
was written up in the January 3 issue of Father Gill's sighting (along with several and landing reports, occupant cases)
THE STAR This report was based on a other witnesses) of humanoids on and all other UFO reports, many of
recently-released Defense Department board a hovering UFO at Papua, New which are carried only in small town or
foreign newspapers.
document. Guinea, in 1959. The inadequacies of
"Our UFO Newsclipping Service
Readers interested in the the "explanations" for this case by issues are 20-page monthly reports,
i continuing reports of cattle mutilations skeptics Menzel and Klass are clearly reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,
(and mutilations of other animals, as pointed out. The second Clark article is containing the latest United States and
actually an interview with Jacques Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
well) are advised to send a large (#10)
our foreign section carrying the latest
envelope with 13C postage to Project Vallee, in which the French British, Australian, New Zealand and
_ Stigma (P. O. Box 1094, Paris, TX astrophysicist gives his thoughts on the other foreign press reports. Also
75460) for a copy of STIGMATA. This theoretical UFO "control system". included is a 3-5 page section of
new publication is to be published "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
other "monster" reports). Let us keep
approximately bimonthly and will The March issue of UFO REPORT you informed of the latest happenings
report the latest mutilation cases, as has material on ancient astronauts, in the UFO and Fortean fields."
well as other information pertaining to Atlantis, the UFO medical evidence For subscription information and
this mystery. Highly recommended. and other Ufological topics. One of the sample pages from our service, write
today to:
better contributions is an article on an
The EUFOSG JOURNAL is a African landing/occupants case, UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
bimonthly publication of the Essex written by Cynthia Hind and Joe Brill. Route 1 — Box 220
UFO Study Group. It is very nicely Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
done, with some quite interesting If you are interested in science-
reports in the two issues I have seen. fiction films and TV programs and you
Plans for the upcoming "Ninth members only. UFO reports will be given to the Mutual
Annual MUFON UFO Symposium" on Roserta Holmes would like to UFO Network for investigation. To
July 29 and 30 at the Dayton remind everyone about the "10th simplify remembering the telephone
Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio, Annual UFO Picnic" to be held Sunday, number, Southwest Bell provided the
will be reviewed briefly in subsequent June 25, 1978, at the Fish Hatchery number 226-UFOS. A model 70 Code-
editions of the JOURNAL as more Park in Carlyle, Illinois, starting with a A-Phone, connected to this number,
details become available. The theme for fabulous picnic dinner at noon. automatically answers each telephone
1978 will be "UFOs: A Historical Leonard Stringfield, MUFON Director call with a short explanatory message
Perspective on Close Encounters". A of Public Relations and author of the then records the sighting report as
clue to the contents of the program is recent book "Situation Red: The UFO related for follow-up purposes and
evident from the title of Leonard Siege", will be the featured speaker. subsequent investigation by MUFON
Stringfield's paper "Retrievals of the UFO abductees Betty Hill, Charles Field Investigators. Bill Dante,
Third Kind — A case Study of Alleged Hickson, and Elaine Thomas will attend Operations Manager for KONO, has
UFOs and Occupants in Military this big event. spearheaded this new public service
Custody" and Ted Bloecher's We are extremely proud to and has become MUFON's State
humanoid study group report analyzing announce that Willard P. Armstrong, Section Director for Bexar County. Lee
1,500 cases. We have found it Ph.D., MUFON State Director for Woods, an announcer and producer for
financially wise to not schedule a Missouri and a Consultant in Chemical the station, recorded nearly 2 hours of
banquet for Saturday evening and Engineering, has been selected to taped interviews with your
instead to allow participants to eat replace Frank R. Salisbury, Ph.D., on International Director to be used on
wherever they choose. However, there the National Enquirer's UFO Blue special weekend programs. Bill and Lee
will be a private dinner for the speakers Ribbon Panel, joining John L. Warren, may be contacted by writing to Radio
and the host committee. All speakers Ph.D., MUFON State Director for New Station KONO, P.O. Box 2338, San
will be staying at Stouffer's Dayton Mexico and Consultant in Physics. Antonio, Texas 78298, or by telephone
Plaza Hotel, 5th and Jefferson Streets, John R. Schuessler, Deputy Director of at 512/225-5111.
where rooms have been "blocked" for A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , is M U F O N ' s George Fawcett, State Director
symposium attendees. representative on the National for North Carolina, has appointed
Enquirer Mini-panel. William K. Smith, 622 North 7th Street,
Ticket prices for individual Smithfield, NC 27577, as the new State
sessions will be the following: morning - Stan Ferguson, State Section Section Director for Johnston County.
$3, afternoon - $4, Saturday evening - $4 Director in the Dallas, Texas, area is Bill has had 10 years of law enforcement
and Sunday afternoon - $3, with a also acknowledging new members by investigative experience. As previously
package price of $12.00 for all sessions. welcoming them to MUFON upon noted in the JOURNAL, the "1981
Reservations may be made in advance receipt of their processed membership MUFON UFO Symposium" is
by making a check payable to OUFOIL applications in a similar manner to that scheduled to be held in Los Angeles,
and sending it to the Symposium of Leonard Sturm in Illinois. Your hosted by MUFON of Southern
Treasurer, George Pelizzari, P.O. Box Director will meet with William A. California, with Mrs. Idabel E.
544 Forest Park Branch, Dayton, Ohio Dexter, State Director for Texas, on Epperson, State Director. The host for
45405. Hotel reservations should be April 12th in Dallas, along with other the 1980 Symposium has not been
made directly with the hotel of your MUFON members in the immediate committed, however it is now being
choice. If you select Stouffer's Dayton area to plan for expanded operations taken into serious consideration by a
Plaza Hotel, please advise them that and improved communications. large city in the Central Region.
you are attending the UFO Symposium
so they will assign one of the "blocked A new and unique UFO HOT
rooms" for you. The February issue of LINE has been placed in operation by
the JOURNAL will list other speakers' Radio Station KONO in San Antonio,
subjects. The Sunday afternoon
program promises to be a surprise. On
Texas, a 5000 watt AM station,
broadcasting on a 24 hour schedule.
Sunday morning from 9 to 12 noon, the Hourly announcements are being made 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
Mutual UFO Network, Inc. will conduct to not only publicize the new service for SEGUIN, TX 78155
it's annual corporate meeting for south Texas, but to explain how the