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Chapter 23: The last bonfire


“…What?” I asked nervously as my forehead became stickier.

“Don’t play stupid with me, I heard you and… and him, talking in the cottage.”
Edward said and looked at me with a meaningful expression. Oh shit….

“So, is it true?? Please, just answer it Bella!” He said again when I didn’t answer
and just stood there and stared at him stupidly, still in shock of his words. Heard
us talk in the cottage?? What did he mean? What did he hear?? If he heard that
he loved me, does that mean that he hear that he’s a vampire too??

“Well…” I started, fumbling with my words. What was I going to tell him?? That
my math teacher has a crush on me and follows my every step and erases my
friends’ memories??? Oh… Smith…If I tell Eddie, he’s going to hear it, and then
he’ll erase Edward’s memories too!! Damn! I wanted to tell Edward the truth, the
whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It may sound weird that I trust a guy that I
had known in almost a week, but there’s a feeling deep inside of me, telling me I
should. But how could I expose such a good friend of mine to such a horrible
thing as getting their memories erased, or as “he” said, exchanging them to
other memories?

I suddenly felt wet moisture falling down my cheeks, making me come back to
reality. Edward was standing in front of me, looking extremely worried, almost
panicked. But as he saw that I looked up at him, some of his panic disappeared,
and he hugged me to his chest, stroking my hair.

“Shhh…it’s okay, it’s okay…This must be really hard for you, I understand, but
I’m here for you. You can tell me anything, you know that.” He said in a soothing
voice, and that was it for me too burst into tears. All the stress, the worry, the
concern…everything that’s happened this week, suddenly became
overwhelming, and my tears developed into small sobs. I just had to get it out of
my system. Being told by your math teacher that he’s a 451 year old vampire
and he’s having a crush on you (or, his version, being madly in love with you)
plus, discovering that your ex/ex-best friend is a werewolf and he’s still not over
you, kind of wears you out.

I don’t know how long we just stood there, him comforting me, whispering
soothing words in my ear as I cried into his chest, destroying his shirt. But
eventually, I had no more tears to cry. But it didn’t matter; we still stood in the
cold air, holding each other. My breaths were finally becoming even, when a
sudden tap on my shoulder, made me go all stiff. Edward, who had buried his
head in my hair, looked up, and I could feel how his body stiffened as well.

“Greetings.” A strained, but still polite voice called from behind me. I
mechanically turned around, already knowing what I was going to meet and knew
I wouldn’t be able to run away from it, and looked into those yellow eyes, staring
at me, but there was no emotion in them. He had a small smile on his lips, but it
was as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

“I just wanted to tell you kids that the bonfire starts in 7 minutes. Please tell your
friends. And remember; don’t be late.” Smith said and started to walk to the road
leading to the bonfire.

“Are you okay??” Edward asked me as Smithy had disappeared around the
corner of some trees. I wiped my face with my sleeve and took a few deep

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry for ruining your shirt.” I said apologetically and pointed at
his tear drenched shirt.

“Bella, my shirt is just fine, don’t worry about It.” he said irritated and took a hold
of my shoulders. “Bella, I’m asking you if you’re okay, and you’re worrying about
my shirt.”

“I’m serious, I’m fine. Just…just please don’t tell the others.” I pleaded in a small
voice. I wasn’t really sure what he wasn’t supposed to tell the others, but he
seemed to get the picture, and nodded slightly at me as an answer.

“Alright, I won’t. But just so you know, this conversation isn’t over.” He said in a
warning tone. I groaned mentally and nodded at him. Then we started to walk
back inside to tell the other about the last bonfire.

As we walked in, everyone, and I mean everyone, became quiet. I looked around
nervously, but thankfully, Edward did the talking.

“Mr. Smith has decided that there’s a bonfire to night. It will start in…5 minutes.
We better hurry up if we don’t want to be late.” He stated and looked around at
everyone. It took a small moment for them to get the information in, but once it
was in there they started moving.

“Alright, we’ll see you at the bonfire.” Victoria said as she and James exited
through the door, waving goodbye to us.

“Yeah, we should probably go too, we have to go by our cottage for a moment to

change into warmer clothes.” Ben said as he grabbed Angela’s hand and started
to walk towards the door, Eric following him.

“Yeah, bye. See you in a moment.” Angela said quietly and smiled slightly as she
disappeared through the door. Just before Eric disappeared as well, he stopped,
turned around to look at me, and then winked at me. I started at him in confusion
as he as well walked out.

“…okay, what was that??” Mike said which surprised me. I turned to look at him,
and he was staring at me, looking…pissed actually.

“Eh, what are you talking about Mike??” I asked carefully, not really knowing
what he was talking about.
“They way he looked at you! It was disgusting! No one should look like that at my
girl!!” Mike yelled and threw his arms in the air dramatically, but wasn’t really
noticed by me. I was too struck by his words.

“Your girl?? Your girl?? Let me tell you something Mike,” I said, getting sick and
tired of him already. Some part of my brain told me to hold out, that we’re going
back tomorrow. But even if we did, I couldn’t wait to kick his little stupid as into
the nearest mental hospital. ”I’m not your girl; I’m not someone’s object. I’m me,
I’m Bella. And I will never, ever, be your girl Mike. So back off.” I said and glared
at him. He looked at me with confidence at first, like he was waiting at the ‘I’m
kidding’ part. But as the seconds passed, he seemed to understand that I was
serious. His eyes began to fill with tears, and became big and puppy like. Then he
started to run out the door, crying and screaming.


YOU DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed as he ran into the woods. The three of us
stood still and watched as his silhouette disappeared behind some tears and his
scream was just a faint murmur in the distance.

“…Alright, that was normal.” I muttered to myself, but not quite enough, because
Tyler answered me with a big sigh.

“Yeah, for Mike it is. Now come on, we don’t want to be late. I recommend that
you take on a jacket, it’s rather cold outside.” He said as he went to his bag to
get his jacket. I went to my bag as well, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

“Bella come on we got to go! Smith will freak if we’re late!” Tyler said after a few
minutes and I still hadn’t found my jacket.

“I can’t find it! It must of ha-“I started to say, but got interrupted by a sudden
weight on my shoulders. I looked behind me to see Edward, putting a leather
jacket around my shoulder. No wait, not a leather jacket, his leather jacket.

“Don’t be ridicules, then you’ll freeze!” I said, turning around. But as I had
turned, I saw that he had another jacket on.

“I think I’ll manage.” He said and smiled his crooked smile. I blushed slightly at
my stupid comment and smiled back at him.

“Okay, I’m ready to go.” I said and started to go to the door.

On our way to the bonfire, paranoia had started to get me, and I searched the
darkness with my weak, human eyes, to see if I saw anything that didn’t belong
there, let’s say a vampire. But every time I looked, there was nothing to see,
except trees and bushes. Edward and Tyler probably though I was going crazy,
but I was worried. I mean, they didn’t have to worry about a vampire jumping out
of a bush, screaming: ‘I LOVE YOU!!’ and then kidnap you with vampire speed.
Okay, that is a sick thing to worry about, but it’s true. Well, it could happen, I’m
not saying it will, but you get the point. I’m worried about my friends, that smith
will hurt them or something like that. Me getting kidnapped is better in a weird
way, because then my friends won’t get involved in this. But putting them
through this…it’s wrong. Before this trip, nobody ever talked to me, not even
noticing me. But now…now I have people I can call friends. And I won’t get them
hurt or brain washed because some stupid vampire.

“Bella??” Someone suddenly asked, making me come out of my thoughts. I

looked up, and found me staring into his emerald green eyes.

“Eh, what??” I asked, disorientated. At that moment, I didn’t know if I was in

space or at Disney land.

“Bella, we’re here.” He said and took my hand, leading me into the small
meadow we’re the bonfire was, already burning. Jessica’s gang, and of course
Jessica herself, glared at me with so much hate and anger I almost felt how my
skin got drilled of it. I sat down on a log and looked around; trying to see the
person that I knew was hiding in the woods at the moment…or something like

“Hi kids.” A gentle and if you didn’t know him like I did, you would probably
mistake it for friendliness. But I knew better…now. I turned my head to see that
he was looking at me. He smiled as our eyes met, and it made me shiver of
disgust. Edward, who sat next to me, put his hand around me and hugged me to
him, thinking I was freezing. But that didn’t really make the situation better… The
girls glared with even more force, and I think some of them gasped. Smith hissed
lowly, glaring at Edward with as much force as the girls. I gulped quietly, which
made Smithy stop glaring, and turned to look at me. As he saw my probably
frightened face, he took one deep breath, and then turned to look at the other
students. Edward, who had missed the whole terrifying moment by looking into
the flames of the bonfire, now looked up to see what Mr. Smith was going to say.

“Alright everyone, as you know, this is the last day of our trip, and we’ll be
leaving tomorrow. You’ll get a late morning, and you should be ready at 11. We’ll
eat breakfast 11:05, and at 11:30, breakfast will end. You have to be at the
parking lot 11:50, or we’ll leave without you,” He said, looking strict as he did.
But that didn’t keep people from laughing at the last part. “Remember that. We
won’t come back for you.” He said and looked at me. I stiffened a little in my
seat, but since Edward was holding his arm around me, I tried my hardest to be
as calm and relaxed as ever.

“Alright then, time for some hot dogs, eh??” he said, and pulled up some
packages behind him with hot dogs and breads. Just as he had said it, and all the
others started to rush forward, he tensed, like he just had heard something from
a far distance. Edward patted my lap softly to get my attention. I turned to see
what he wanted.

“I’ll go grab us a hot dog, okay??” he asked. I nodded and he smiled a dazzling

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” He said and stood up from his seat next to me and
walked away to the crowd where Mr. Smith was like everyone else. In fact, I was
the only one else left sitting…Man, I was hungry. I really wish for a hot dog right

Just as I had thought that, something lofted me up from behind and started to
run, throwing me over his shoulder. I was about to scream to the others, but then
speed of his running surprised me. He wasn’t fast as a vampire, but not as slow
as a human. We were far in the forest now, when the mysterious person stopped
and put me down. As I saw his face, I really wanted to punch it.

“Jake?? What are you doing?!?”

“Well, he said hot dog, didn’t he??” he said and smiled at his hilarious joke.

“Yeah, well, you’re a wolf, so I don’t think he meant you. Besides, you’re not that
hot, actually you’re no-“I said, but got interrupted by him gasping.

“Ouch! That hurt my feeling Bells!” he said and touched his chest like his heart
was broken. I laughed at his little charade, but suddenly, a thought came into my

“Jake, you have to take me back.” I said in a serious tone and looked at him. He
stooped fooling around, hearing I was serious.

“What? Back to creep mc. Creepy?? You seriously want to go back to him?? You
like that leech?” he said, and I saw he was starting to vibrate.

“NO! of course not!! I hate him!!” I said, and with those words, he instantly
started to calm down, like you just clicked on a switch button. As he stopped to
vibrate, he started to smile. I frowned in wonder at his weird behavior, but soon
got my answer anyway, because on my back, I felt a hard, cold hand.


“I’ll go grab us a hot dog, okay??” I asked her. She nodded at me and I smiled
back at her. She was so cute when she was thinking about other things…

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” I said and started to go over to the giant crowd where
all the students were to get their hot dogs to grill. It took me a while, but finally, I
managed to get 2 hot dogs and 2 breads. I started to go back to our seat on the
log, but when I got there, there was no one there. Panic began to wash through
me and I wearily looked around to see if she stood anywhere near. She wasn’t. I
left out hot dogs on the log, and walked over to James and Victoria, who sat a bit
away, laughing and talking.

“Hey, have anyone of you seen Bella?? I can’t seem to find her.” I said, praying
that someone had seen her. What if it had something to do with…?

“I think she went to talk with Mr. Smith. I saw him disappear in the forest over
there.” James said and pointed at the forest. Oh no…
I started to run towards the forest without a second word. Even if I didn’t know
where I was going, even if I didn’t know where she was, if she was safe, I kept
running. What ever happened, I wouldn’t stop, not until I found her.


“Take me back!!” I yelled, but they didn’t listen, neither of them did. Smith had
walked to stand in front of me protectively and now he and Jake were just yelling
stuff at each other. Things like; “it’s your fault she’s here! And “she hates you,
you freaking annoying leech/puppy!!”

“HEY!! BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!!” I yelled as loud as I could, but nobody noticed.
This felt like one of those a bad dream that you couldn’t seem to wake up. I
sighed as they just continued to argue. Fine, I thought. I turned my back the
overprotective vampire that had placed him in front of me, and started to walk
away from both of them. If neither of them listened, I’ll just go.

“Where do you think you’re going??” An irritated, but rather calm voice
whispered in my ear, the cold air of his voice making me chill.

“I’m going back to the bonfire, I’m hungry.” I said which was true. I never got my
hot dog…All I got was an annoying vampire and an ex. That isn’t really high on
my list.

“Wait, please don’t go! Besides, you don’t know where to go. You’ll just get lost.”
Smith pleaded and turned me around, but as he did, I saw something that made
me stiffen and stumble back, away from him.

“What is it?” He asked and moved closer, but I just moved further away. Jake
chuckled in the background.

“Your eyes…their coal black…” I said slowly, finding it hard to get my words out.
Smith’s eyes was as I had said, black as the night, but they we’re also worried.

“Oh. Well, I better go hunting then. Mutt, take her back to the bonfire.” He said
and then, he was gone. Jake snorted at Smiths words, but started to walk over to

“You’re really that scared, are you??” he asked as he lifted me up into his arms. I
didn’t protest this time, because now I knew, well, I knew where he should be
supposed to go, not like last time when he just lifted me up and ran.

“Well, yes Jake, I am. Now take me back, I’m starving.” I said, and as to prove my
point, my stomach growled loudly on cue. He laughed at that, but started to run.

“Bells,” he said after a small moment of silence. “I just wanted to know one
thing…well, you don’t like him, do you??” he asked. I turned my head to look at
him, confused by his question.

“Like who exactly??” I asked. He sighed, but answered anyway.

“Smith, do you like him??” He asked again, and this time he looked away from
me, into the black forest.

“Well no Jake, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I like you either.” I said, not wanting
to give him some false hope.

“Okay…But, even if we can’t be like we used to, you know, couple, can we be
friends then??” he asked, and this time, he lowered his gaze to look at me.

“Just friends??” I asked.

“Jus friends.” He said, and looked at me with his dark eyes with a pleading look.

“Alright, just friends, nothing else.” I said. He smiled at me, the ‘old’ Jake smile
that I loved, but unfortunately, it disappeared as fast as it appeared. His features
stiffened, and he became ‘new’ Jake, the Jake I hated. Suddenly, he stopped in
the middle of the forest, no bonfire in sight.

“What is it??” I asked, worried.

“I’ll leave you here, okay? You’ll find your way back, I promise. Bye Bells.” He
said, not really asking the first, just informing me. I looked at him confused.

“You’re leaving me here? You can’t!! I can’t even find my way at the cottages!!” I
said, but he was already running with inhuman speed towards the forest, and
soon became one with the shadows. I was just about to run after him, when I
heard an angel’s voice calling for me, and I suddenly knew why Jake had left so

“BELLA!!!” Edwards voice called, not far away from me, and it made my heart
jump in joy.

“EDWARD!!!!!!” I called back to him, and started to run into the direction of his
voice, still screaming his name as I did. He called my name again, and he was
closer this time. This only made my legs to run faster. This still felt like a bad
dream, and in bad dreams if someone calls you and you run for them, they
disappear in thin air. I’m not letting that happen, bad dream or not. I suddenly
saw something in front of me, running towards me. I had stopped screaming now,
and only concentrated on the running. When only a few meters separated us, I
suddenly tripped on a root. I gasped as I started to fall, but luckily, he caught me.
I looked up, and sighed in relief when I saw his emerald green eyes look at me
with worry. He was drenched with sweat, and he was looking like he was at the
edge of panicking.

“Bella!” he said as I threw myself into his arms, not caring if he wanted a hug or
not. I needed one right now.

“Shhh…it’s okay, it’s okay…Oh Bella I’m so sorry!” he sobbed as he held me to

his chest, stroking my hair. I deeply breathed in and out, loving that he didn’t
smell ‘special’ like Jake and Smith. He was just Edward, and right now I loved
that, I loved that he was just Edward, and nothing else…
Flashback *swoosh*

I trembled as another shiver rocked my body. I didn’t know how long I had lies
there. The rain was worse now, and so was the wind. My teeth were trebling like
crazy, and every part of my body was numb. I couldn’t call for help, I couldn’t
move, I couldn’t do anything… And I felt sleepy too… Now that I thought about it,
I was really sleepy. A little nap wouldn’t hurt, would it?? I closed my eyes and
started to slowly slip away into a deep sleep. But something was bothering me…
something disturbed my sleep. I slowly tried to re-open my eyes again, but it felt
like they we’re glued shut. But even if I couldn’t see, I slightly felt how something
happened to my body; I slightly heard how someone was calling my name…

End of flashback *swoosh*

“…Bella…Bella…Bella.” Someone called, the voice coming closer and closer it

seemed. I blinked twice, and saw that Edward was holding me on both of my
shoulders and looking me in the eyes.

“Yes??” I asked, coming back from the strange movie once again. Wow… too bad
I can’t remember the title; it seems good, lots of drama.

“Oh good, you’re back. It’s starting to get quite dark. Maybe we should get back.
You haven’t eaten yet.” He said, and as he reminded me, I suddenly realized how
hungry I was.

“Oh yeah, good idea.” I said, not wanting to waste more time in the forest when I
could get back and…well maybe not eat hot dog, but eat something at least.

“Let’s go.” He said and took my hand and started to walk into some direction
which I hoped was the way back to the bonfire.

*After a moment of walking*

“Eh, Bella??” he asked, and I looked at him.

“Yes, what is it??” I asked him.

“Well…what happened tonight?? How and why did you end up so far away in the
forest??” he asked, and was suddenly all serious. We had been talking and
laughing just a minute ago, but it had gotten all tensed now.

“He wanted to talk, so we walked out into the forest, talking as we went. Then, I
told him I didn’t like him, and he told me he would leave me alone for the
moment, and disappeared in the forest.” I lied. I waited tensely to see if he had
noticed my lie, but he seemed to buy it.

“Well…are you okay?? What are you going to do??” he asked, and as he did, I
saw a light in the distance.

“I’m okay, don’t worry about me. And should I be honest, I don’t really know…I’ll
just avoid all math lessons in the future. If he starts to stalk me around my house,
I’ll call and tell you.” I said in a jokingly tone. But his answer was deadly serious.
“Please do. Otherwise, I’ll be the one sitting outside your house to see if he

As he said, the lights up ahead were getting stronger and stronger, and now I
could even see the fire.

“look!” I exclaimed happily and pointed at the bonfire ahead. “We’re almost
there!!!” And, as a 5 year old kid, seeing the carnival ahead, I began to run
urgently towards my goal.

“Bella, wait!” Edward called behind me. Being stupid me, I did the thing that
other peoples probably don’t do because they have common sense. I looked back
as I ran. As I did, I saw how he was looking at something in front of me, and he
was looking terrified, panicked and worried, all at the same time. I looked ahead,
and …what was there?? It’s not so hard. What do you find in a forest?? What do
you do paper of?? What does Bella run into?? Yes, that’s right, I ran into a tree. It
didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, and as I fell to the ground, I was
painless. Edward, on the other hand, seemed to have a heart attack of worry, and
screamed my name as he ran over to me. When he reached me, he immediately
tried to see if I was damaged. That’s when I started to laugh. He probably
thought I was crazy, and I probably looked very crazy at that moment, but I was
hungry. When I got hungry, I either got really cranky, or, very rare, I began to
laugh…to everything. And I mean everything.

“Bella, are you hurt?!” he asked as I continued to laugh. I nodded and began to
stand up.

“Are you sure??” he asked again as I was on my feet and was chuckling as I
brushed away dirt from my clothes.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m sorry, I’m just very hungry right now.” I said, and (thankfully)
my chuckling stopped. We began to walk over to the bonfire again, and finally,
we we’re out of the woods. It felt so good to walk around in the small meadow on
our way to the bonfire, because bonfire meant food…

When we reached the bonfire, our friends were the only people left. They greeted
us friendly, and luckily, nobody commented my absence.

“There you are!” James said as we sat down with a grilling stick each to grill our
meat with. We sat there several hours, talking about things that didn’t matter.
But even if they didn’t matter, we still had a good time. I didn’t really know the
time when we walked back. All I know was that I was happy and that I was tired.
Somehow, I got back to the cottage (probably by the help of Edward), and went
to bed. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. But, I didn’t really have the nicest

In my dream, I was running in a dark forest. I was scared and tired, but
something kept me from stopping to catch my breath. All I knew was that if I
stopped, I would die. I heard footsteps behind me, closing in. in the darkness of
the forest around me I saw yellow eyes appear, watching me as I ran for my life.
Far away, I heard a wolf howling. I suddenly came to a meadow. As I entered the
meadow, the footsteps behind me disappeared, and I somehow knew that the
thing that had chased me now was gone. I walked out in the meadow and looked
around. I suddenly saw a person walk over to me. It was Edward. I ran over to
him and told him everything about the eyes and the person that had followed
me. He was just about to answer me, to comfort me, when Smith appeared out of
nowhere. Edward looked at him, and was just about to say something, when he
stopped, blinked a few times, and then looked around him.

“Where am I??” he asked and looked so confused and afraid it broke my heart.
Then, he turned to me, and this is the part where my heart was crushed.

“Who are you?? You are the one who did this to me, aren’t you?? I hate you! I
hate you so much!!” he said and the anger that sparkled in his eyes made me
gasp. Smith stood on the side and laughed, and suddenly, all my friends and
family stood all around me in the meadow, saying the same thing. How they
didn’t remember, how they accused me of being the one who did it…and saying
that they hated me. Everything began to spin, and their voices became louder
and louder. I covered my ears and began to scream in agony, in sorrow, and in
guilt. Tears began to roll down my cheeks and, suddenly, an earthquake began to
shake the world, making the voices fade away, all except one.




“Bella, Bella wake up!” a voice whispered into my ear. As I slowly began to
realize that it had been a dream, and that I was lying here in my bed with
someone waking me up, I also noticed that I had covered my ears, and I was
sobbing quietly. I removed my hands from my ears and wiped my face before I
looked who had woken me up.

“Bella, we have to leave. Now.” Mr. Smith said.

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