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Pilot Reports UFO, Disappears (See story, p.3)

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group coalition talks have taken place among U.S. groups and
RICHARD HALL something good may come out of them for UFOlogy. NICAP—
Editor rumored to be at rock bottom—denies these reports, and in fact has
ANN DRUFFEL rebuilding plans underway with a new president and some new
Associate Editor Board Members. Reliable informants have told me that some time in
the not-too-distant future NICAP will participate in a move toward
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coalition activities. Exactly where all of this is leading remains
obscure, but there is at least some hope for a closer working
MILDRED BIESELE relationship among major U.S. UFO organizations. That would be a
Contributing Editor worthwhile development, and MUFON is prepared to cooperate if a
satisfactory coalition structure can be negotiated. MUFON Board
Director of MUFON Members have participated in these preliminary talks and are closely
informed on the situation. News developments will be reported in
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Extraterrestrial Life

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TED PHILLIPS By Keith Basterfield & Bill Chalker
Landing Trace Cases PILOT/RADAR SIGHTING 5
By Raymond E. Fowler
JOHN F. SCHUESSLER By Leonard H. Stringficld
By Ann Druffel
NORMA E. SHORT By W. Todd Zechel
DENNIS HAUCK By Lucius Parish
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The widely reported disappear- told there was no Air Force traffic. report no trace has been found of the
ance case is being investigated for At 7:08 PM Mr. Valentich said: "It aircraft or pilot-Keith • Basterfield,
MUFON by Australian representatives is approaching from due East towards 10/24/78 .
Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker. Here me. It seems to be playing some sort of Sources: Adelaide Advertiser, 10/23/78
are their preliminary reports,. slightly game. Flying at speed I cannot and 10/24/78; Adelaide News, 10/23/78
edited to avoid. duplication.-Editor) estimate." and 10/24/78; Melbourne Sun,
The following summary has been 7:09 PM: "It is not an aircraft. 10/23/78 and 10/24/78; Australian,
prepared from details carried in the It's...", radio contact was briefly 10/23/78 and 10/24/78; and radio
local media, press, TV and radio. broken. Mr. Valentich was then asked stations 5DN and 5AA news services
On October 21, 1978, at 6:19 PM to describe the object: "It is flying past. both days. .
Frederick Valentich, 20, of Melbourne, It has a long shape. I cannot identify King a large island to the
Victoria, took off in a single engine more than that. It's coming for me right northwest of Tasmania. The pilot and
Cessna 182 aircraft and headed now." plane were missing early on Saturday
towards King Island, some 160 km SSW 7:10 PM: "It seems to be night, October 21, 1978, and initial
of Melbourne. The flight was scheduled stationary. I'm orbiting and the thing is reports made no mention of any
to add to his night flying hours as he orbiting on top of me also. It has a green possible UFO connection. The
worked towards obtaining a light and a sort of metallic light on the proverbial "cat got out of the bag" late
commercial pilot's license. Mr. outside." A few seconds later he on the following day, when news of a
Valentich had spent 3 years as a cadet reported that the object had vanished; UFO event being involved first leaked
with the air training corp and was then Asked about the -possibility of military out, which is unprecedented in terms of
an instructor with them. He had aircraft, ground control, reported that official statements in other spectacular
undergone acrobatic training, and in there was no military traffic in the area. cases. With Monday morning, the
fact overall, most of his flying time had 7:12 PM: "The engine is rough, media throughout Australia were not
been in the same Southern Air Services idling and coughing." He was then only carrying accounts of the incident,
Cessna which he was flying at the time. asked what his intentions were and but were quoting from actual
Weather conditions in the area were commented: "I'm proceeding to King transcr.ipts from the taped
described as perfect and there should Island. Unknown aircraft is hovering on conversation between the pilot and
have been almost unlimited visibility. top of me. It is not an aircraft." Melbourne Flight Service.
At 7 PM he called air traffic control . After the Melbourne flight service Valentich intended to fly to King
and advised that he was over Cape had acknowledged that call, there was a Island for two reasons: To pick up
Otway. This meant that he would then long metallic noise . on the radio. crayfish for the officers of the Air
have been about to fly over the waters Nothing more was heard from the pilot, Training Corps, where he was an
of the Bass Straight towards King and the plane was declared missing. An instructor, and to log up more night
Island. A call from him at 7:06 PM asked intensive search began on Sunday the flying time. He was an inexperienced
if there were any known aircraft in his 22nd. An RAAF Orion long-range night flier and although this was the first
area below 5000 feet (he was at 4500 reconnaissance aircraft was dispatched time he had flown the trip at night, he
feet). He was advised that there was no from Edinburgh, SA, to check the area had gone'several times before. He
traffic and replied that, "There seems to and fishing boats from King Island also intended to get back to Melbourne at 10
be a large aircraft below 5000 feet." joined in. PM, to join his family in a reunion with
Asked what kind of aircraft he said, "I On Monday the 23rd, there was a friends. The young pilot had flown with
cannot confirm. It has four bright lights reported, sighting of debris but upon an unrestricted license since February
which appear to be landing lights. The checking this was found to be nothing this year and had an instrument rating.
aircraft has just passed me about 1000 to do with the plane. An oil slick .was He flew over Cape Otway (which
feet above." also found and samples taken to see if has a light house) at about 7:00 PM. At
Control asked if he were sure it they were plane fuel. A Nomad aircraft 7:06 PM the first hint of something
was a large aircraft? "Affirmative, at the .conducted a search on the 24th untoward came when Valentich
speed it was travelling. Are there any accompanied by several other light contacted Melbourne Flight Service
RAAF aircraft in the vicinity?" He was aircraft, but at the date of writing this inquiring about other traffic in the area.
(confirmed on next page) 3
(Pilot, continued)
When the Cessna failed to arrive become disoriented and somehow Postscript (10/24/78)
on King Island on schedule at 7:28 PM inverted his plane and what he saw was
light aircraft began a visual and radio either reflections of his own lights or 1. The Australian 10/24/78
research, but nothing was found. those of the light houses at Cape Otway mentions a report of a light plane
Conditions at the time were clear, a and King Island! However the 6-minute making a mysterious late-night landing
mild northwesterly breeze accompani- conversation on record gives no such in the western district, not far from the
ed by unlimited visibility. The Cessna indication and the type of plane would Cape Otway area, at about the time of
was equipped with a life jacket and a only operate for some 30 seconds the alleged UFO encounter.
radio survival beacon. Nothing has upside down before the motor would 2. Other facts mentioned in my
been heard from the beacon. stop from fuel starvation. Experienced preliminary report on this affair must be
An RAAF Orion (a long range pilots publicly stated they found this taken into consideration if the missing
maritime reconnaissance aircraft) from explanation almost as extraordinary as pilot turns up. Officials are generally
Edinburgh, South Australia, conducted the events themselves. Meteor activity pessimistic about finding the pilot alive.
a "tracking crawl" following the course was also suggested as a stimulus. Apart 3. The possibility of a genuine UFO
taken by Valentich's Cessna and from the UFO hypothesis, the enounter or a remarkable hoax looms
continued searching all day Sunday. possibility of a hoax cannot be entirely large in this case.
The only thing found during Sunday ruled out, however the matter is far 4. Further reports will follow as
was an oil slick lying some 18 miles from resolved. they come to hand.
north of King Island. On Monday,
October 23rd, the search continued Postscript (10/26/78)
and shipping was sent to sample the oil DISCUSSION
slick to determine whether this was oil Further to my preliminary report, I
or aviation fuel. What was first thought The obvious similarities with the have enclosed a series of clippings
to be debris in the area turned out to be Kinross and Mantell cases looms large, which speak for themselves.
packing cases and plastic bags floating however, the object described also 1. The search for the plane in Bass
in the sea. reminds us of the Coyne Ohio Strait was called off as of yesterday,
helicopter case of 1973. Another single- Wednesday, 10/25/78. The pilot and
engine plane disappeared without trace plane have been missing since Saturday
THE WITNESS in Bass Strait on December 24, 1969. night, October 21, 1978. No trace has
The plane crashed into the sea 8 km off been found. An oil slick found near the
Frederick Valentich was considered Cape Otway on a flight from King presumed site of the last conversation
to be a competent pilot and was highly Island. No trace of wreckage was ever with Frederick Valentich, had been
thought of. He was the son of Mr. & found. King Island itself has had a sampled on Monday, 23rd October, but
Mrs. Guido Valentich and one of four number of reports in past years as yet no word has been forthcoming on
children. Mr. Valentich during including a spectacular report in 1976. If whether it was aviation fuel.
interviews on October 23rd, was the pilot remains missing, the case 2. Subsequent developments have
quoted as saying that his son was "a could esculate into a classic mystery; made the suggestion of acute
believer" in UFOs, and apparently however, if the pilot is found alive and disorientation unlikely, and cannot be
undertook an interest in the subject well, speculation will center on three considered as a reasonable explanation
which may or may not have eventuated hypotheses. Either he experienced the for the UFO report.
from a previous UFO sighting. Eight to UFO sighting as described, he 3. Therefore we have 2 probable
ten months ago, about January or underwent a severe disorientation, or options:
March, 1978, he apparently claimed he the event was a hoax of some sort. If he (a) The UFO report was apparently
saw "a brightly lit object" in the western is found dead and his wreckage is genuine; Valentich was described as
sky flying at a tremendous speed from found, the matter may or may not be somebody who "lived for flying" and it is
south to north. His father also stated satisfactorily resolved. Only time will unlikely that under the circumstances
that his son had read a lot on the subject tell. he would have done anything to affect
and was quoted as saying he had -his chances in improving his flying
purportedly seen "secret UFO files." status. In fact he was flying to King
Just what this does to a percipient's NOTE: This preliminary report is based Island to log up more night flying hours
credibility in the post "CE3K" days on details determined by our enquiries, and to pick up crayfish. If the UFO
cannot be assessed in this case because from press reports and the many radio encounter is factual, then suggestions
of Valentich's disappearance. But and TV reports carried on October of an "abduction" are unfounded. Less
certainly it will figure^heavily in further 22nd and 23rd. Further postscripts will critically-minded "UFOlogists" have
enquiries into this extraordinary case. advise you of subsequent develops as already suggested the possibility in the
Inevitably, the incident has come in they happen and a more detailed report media. Valentich's father has been
for its share of speculation as to what will follow in a few weeks time once quoted as speculating about this, but it
happened. Transport department matters are resolved one way or seems likely that to suspect this, is
officials suggested the pilot may have another. (continued on next page)
more acceptable to him then
confronting the possibility that his son's
plane went down into the straits. It is
not the first time a plane may have gone SIGHTING ACCOUNT:
Subject: Massachusett 78-8 /
down in that area without trace. The witnesses had taken off in
Fowler 78-33
Although Valentich's voice throughout Silva's Cessna .150 from Beverly
Type: General DD (Pro-
the alleged "UFO transmission" was
bable R/V) (Sighted Airport, MA, shortly after 1:00 PM on
apparently calm, the final 27 August 1978. The Cessna was
from Aircraft)
circumstances could have precipitated
Date of Report; 16 September 1978 placed on a SSE heading out over the
either the plane crashing into the sea or ocean and headed toward the
Date of Sighting: 27 August 1978
a collision. An overt act of hostility has
Time of Sighting: 1340 EOT Provincetown, MA, airport located on
no foundation on evidence so far
, (estimated) the tip of Cape Cod, MA. The purpose
available. , of the flight was sightseeing and
Place of Sighting: 10 miles NNW
Provincetown, Mass. amateur aerial photography by Silva.
(b) The possibility of a hoax cannot be
Barnstable County The Cessna 150 (N5907G) carried a
ruled out entirely and must be a
Local Evaluation: Significant transponder and was under
consideration, if Valentich turns up
: To: CUFQS/MUFON surveillance/control of. the FAA ATC
alive and well. While this possibility is
cc: SAFOI Tower, Logan International Airport,
becoming increasingly less likely,.as
From: _ Raymond E. Fowler Boston, MA. Communication by radio
time goes by it must still be regarded. was maintained by radio frequency,
Valentich has been quoted as having an 120.6 MHz. National Weather Service
interest in the subject, perhaps records read that visibility was 15 miles
On Sunday evening, 27 August
stimulated by an earlier sighting he
1978,1 received a telephone call from a with thin scattered clouds at. 25,000
apparently had, but with the advent of
witness to a UFO sighting — Private feet. The wind was from the ESE (130
"CE3K" etc., such material cannot be
aircraft pilot, Arthur Silva (55), Pinetree degrees) at 10 knots.
reasonably held against any apparent
Drive, S. Hamilton, MA. Silva told me Shortly after takeoff, ATC warned
validity of the Bass Strait incident.
that he and companion Harold Johnson Silva of traffic near him at his 8 o'clock
The lack of radar confirmation,
(62), 85 Perkins Ave., S. Hamilton, MA, position. Silva replied that he had no
while intially being bandied about as
had sighted a strange, whitish-silver traffic in sight. The ATC advised Silva
evidence for the plane being elsewhere,
wingless oval object from an aircraft that the traffic was not responding to
other than where the plane was thought
flying near Cap^e Cod, MA, several their radio calls. The ATC surveillance
to be, has been eliminated, since,
hours ago. Silva was aware of my radar did not record altitude so it was
officials have stated he was not- being
interest because of local media publicity •assumed the traffic was at a different
tracked. However a report of a light
afforded me from time-to-time re: altitude and posed no danger. Silva
plane landing under "mysterious
UFOs. Interestingly enough, I had also continued on a dead SSE heading.
circumstances" just after the alleged
received word of another daylight UFO ... At approximately 1340 EDT, Silva
UFO encounter, has yet to be
sighting from Cape Ann, MA, which and Johnson noticed a bright reflective
confirmed. .
had taken place 3 hours later. object about an estimated 4 miles
Unless we have an "interrupted
(Reference MUFON MASS 78- directly ahead of them. It appeared to
journey" on our hands (and there is no
9/Fowler 78-34). I arranged an interview be at their same altitude of 2,500 feet.
evidence for such a speculation at this
with both witnesses on the evening of They assumed it to be another airplane
point), the continuing absence of
29 October 1978, at the "Family reflecting sunlight. As it drew closer, it
Valentich and the Cessna plane will
Lounge," 374 Rantoul Street, Beverly, became darker in color and a vague
continue to make the scenario of a hoax
MA, a business owned by Silva. outline could be seen. No wings could
(or a bizarre suicide for that matter)
increasingly more unlikely. While there be seen and it was assumed it was a
helicopter. Suddenly, the object picked
are few things in common, this case
reminds me of the Travis Walton affair, up • speed travelling . faster than . a
thus it is only time that will resolve the helicopter. For a moment it appeared
affair. .as if it were heading directly at them and
4. Unless there are further (Editor's Note: Late wire service Silva wondered why ATC was not
dramatic developments in this case, I reports quote the missing pilot's young warning him. The craft shot by the
will forward a detailed report at the end girlfriend as saying the family "knows" Cessna's 3 o'clock position at an
of 2 weeks, a period of time, which will he is alive, and refer to confidential estimated 600 mph. Silva and Johnson
hopefully allow some resolution to the meetings held with the authorities. A turned around to see more of it but
whole affair. -- Bill Chalker, Director follow-up report will appear in the next obstructing ribbing blocked their view.
UFO Research (NSW), 10/26/78 issue.) The object appeared to be a silvery
white metallic-appearing sphere. It
looked as if it were constructed from
burnished aluminum. Its closure angle
(continued on next page) 5
(Radar Case, continued) 29 Aug. 1978 — I interviewed both sighting date/time/
was so slim that Silva felt it missed them witnesses separately in place. I phoned Otis
by about 1,000 feet. At that distance, an apartment above Approach Control, and
Silva estimated its size as being about the "Family Lounge," Hyannis Tower. Noth-
18 feet in diameter. Johnson had the 374 Rantoul Street, ing unusual was noted
impression that it could have been an Beverly, MA. MUFON on their logs for the
upended silver disc, some of which Form 1's were filled out date/time of the UFO
seemed translucent. He also thought he and signed and a tape sighting. I phoned ATC
had seen a light blue color associated recording was made of at Logan again and
with the trailing end of the object. Its my interviews. I asked W.S. Ray
fast approach took them so completely phoned Alan Water- Zazzetti how to obtain
by surprise that Silva did not even think man, 65 Howard a cassette recording of
to reach for a loaded camera located Street, Hamilton, MA, the conversation
behind his seat. Instead, he instinctively who was f o r m e r between ATC and
reached for his mike and queried ATC supervisor to witness Silva. He referred me to
at Boston about what had just streaked Harold Johnson for a FAA District Head-
by him. Boston ATC radio'd back that character reference quarters, Evaluation
radar had shown traffic just passed him. check. Branch, and there I
Both witnesses decided not to tell ATC spoke to Robert
what they had seen. They continued 31 Aug. 1978 — I interviewed pertinent Pinnock. He advised
their flight, took photographs, landed at FAA ATC operator, me to request the data
Provincetown but took right off again Peter Dibsbury, at 1520 from the Dristrict ATC
without leaving the aircraft. They EDT. Dibsbury would Chief via the Freedom
returned to Beverly Airport and landed only acknowledge of Information Act.
about 1430 EDT. working an aircraft in Pinnock then called the
the Cape Cod area and ATC Tower at Logan
SIGHTING INVESTIGATION having some sort of Airport to put a freeze
Activity Log difficulty. He said that on the tapes for me so
27 Aug. 1978 - I phoned FAA ATC he remembered be- that they would not be
Center, Nashua, N.H., cause it was unusual for erased. I requested the
and talked to Watch him to be working cassette tape in writing.
Supervisor, John aircraft that far away
Mullin about the Cape from Boston. Usually, 11 Sept. 1978-— I phoned Beverly
Cod (and Cape Ann) Airport ATC Tower to
aircraft are taken over
UFO sightings. Noth- by Otis AFB ATC. He attempt to get exact
ing unusual was noted could not remember take-off/landing times
on the sector log. any of the conversation of Silva. They did not
Mullin advised me to have such records
he had with Silva as it
talk with the Boston except for IFR flights.
was a real busy time
ATC, Logan Airport, I phoned a former FAA
that Sunday afternoon.
Boston, MA, as they employee/pilot who is
would have been in the position to check
2 Sept. 1978 — I secured a marked-up out Silva's character
tracking the Cessna Sectional Aeronautical
150 on their radar. for me via other pilots
Chart from Silva at Beverly Airport.
denoting the Cessna
28 Aug. 1978 — I phoned FAA ATC ISO's estimated po-
Tower, Logan Airport, 12 Sept. 1978-—I phoned/asked Silva
sition during the UFO for a character refer-
regarding the UFO sighting.
report. Watch Super- ence. He referred me to
visor, Dan Doherty, Ainar Burgby, a
8 Sept. 1978 — I phoned the National
identified the pertinent Weather Service for pilot/fish-spotter.
ATC radar operator as the recorded weather 16 Sept. 1978 _ I c o n d u c t e d a
being a Peter Dibsbury during the sighting character check of
and said he would date/time/place. I Arthur Silva with Mr.
arrange a telephone phoned the Chatham, Ainar Burgby.
interview with him for MA Weather Station
me on Thursday, 31 for weather balloon
October 1978. launch data for the
Interview and Interrogation
I arrived at "Family Lounge" at
1915 EOT. The lounge is a
1978 MUFON
bar/restaurant. It was very noisy so I SYMPOSIUM
conducted my interview in an
apartment over the Lounge which is PROCEEDINGS
occupied by Silva's son. Silva was very (131 Pages)
matter-of-fact and straightforward
about his experience. My impression A SURVEY OF CEIII REPORTS
was that he was giving me a factual FOR 1977 by Ted Bloecher.
account of what had occurred. Witness Background Check New York. NY Co-Chairman of.
Johnson showed up later and I Humanoid Study Group and
(Deleted here. Both Arthur Silva MUFON S t a t e S e c t i o n
interviewed him. Both filled out Form and Harold Johnson were considered
1's. Johnson kept emphasizing that he Director.
competent and reliable by colleagues.--
did not know what he saw but he saw it. Editor.)
He is not a pilot and was hardly a 1 967: THE OVERLOOKED UFO
trained observer as he would offer no WAVE AND THE COLORADO
estimates of size or distance, just the PROJECT by Richard H. Hall.
The only man-made object that
.configuration and appearance of the Brentwood, MD. Editor of THE
would resemble the object reported
object. He did c o n f i r m the MUFON UFO JOURNAL and
would be a silver-colored balloon.
circumstances under which the sighting former International Coordina-
Harold Johnson thought that he noted tor.
occurred as reported by Silva. a translucent portion and a light blue
portion. Arthur felt that the blue was a
Additional Witness Check reflection of the blue sky off the object's
KIND by Leonard H. Stringfield.
shiny surface. The National Weather
ATC Towers at Nashua, N.H., C i n c i n n a t i . OH. MUFON
Service recorded a 10 knot wind out of
Otis, Hyannis and Boston, MA, were Director of Public Relations
contacted. None had unusual activity the ESE (130 degrees) which would
and State Section Director.
noted on their logs. They had received carry a balloon roughly in the direction
no calls concerning UFOs. I received that the object; was seen moving.
no calls from our other sources except However, a check with the only known
TS by Illpbrand von Ludwiger,
for another UFO sighting originating balloon-launching facility in this area at
West Germany. Director of
later in the day from Gloucester (Cape Chatham, MA, indicated that no such Mutual UFO Network Central
Ann), MA. balloon had been launched. A weather
European Section/MUFON-
balloon had been launched at 0700 EOT
and 1800 EOT. The^withesses felt
Natural Phenomena Check certain that it was not a transient
balloon. I thought that perhaps as they UFOs AS A SPACE-TIME
(Not Applicable) SINGULARITY by Dr. J. Allen
approached a slow-moving balloon that
the aircraft's speed would give the Hynek. Evanston, IL. Director of
Man-Made Object Check impression that the balloon was the Center for UFO Studies
The FAA noted no unusual activity streaking by them. However, they felt (CUFOS) and former Astro-
in the area, military or otherwise. The that the object was metallic and in a nomical Consultant to the
Chatham, MA, Weather Station controlled flight. It is interesting that USAF.
informed me that they had launched nothing resembling an instrument
only the two usual weather balloons on package was seen and that radar BEHIND THE UFO SECRECY by
27 August 1978. One was launched at painted what appeared to be an aircraft Major Donald t. . Keyhoe.
0700 and the other at 1900 EOT. These passing them just as the object passed USMC. Ret.. Luray. VA. Author
are standard times. them. It is doubtful that the surveillance and former Director of National
radar which just barely had the aircraft Investigations Committee on
Other Possibilities within its range would paint such a Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).
The possibility is very slim that an target if the object were a small balloon.
airplane or helicopter was mistaken for It is my evaluation that the object Price: $6.00 in U.S.A. and
something unusual because both sighted by Silva and Johnson falls into $7.00 in all other countries
witnesses described essentially the the unknown category with a Post Paid from —
same thing. This would also apply to a "significant" classification due to -the
possible hallucination. There does not involvement of two witnesses (one, a MUFON
seem to be any motive for a hoax. The trained observer); probable radar 103 Oldtowne Road
character reference checks indicate
that both men are reliable.
confirmation and conditions of a 15 mile
visibility. I Seguin. Texas 781 55 U.S.A.
Leonard H. Stringficld
(Copyright Leonard H. Stringficld, 1978)

Part 1 appeared in the July issue, including Abstracts I-VII. This is Len Stringfield's paper as presented at the MUFON
Symposium in Dayton, Ohio. Changes from the version that appeared in the symposium proceedings are noted herein. The
cases are presented in order to stimulate further investigation, not as final proof. Comments and criticisms are invited.--Editor

Abstract Vm
"I'm almost positive it happened in 1973," alive aboard the craft when the U.S. military team state highway patrolman who also saw the UFO
said my informant, a man with a long career as a arrived. Attempts were made to save its life with in distress stopped in the saloon, and was given
pilot in the military who held the rank of Warrant oxygen, but were unsuccessful. Another Tcnncy's name as a witness.
Officer in the army during the early 1950's. Now question, an important one, was promptly That same evening, according to Tenney, he
serving in the Air National Guard, he stood by answered by my informant. How did the military got a phone call from a colonel at the Great Falls
me, facing a large wall map of the United States in know about the crash and where to go? He said AFB, about 30 miles away. In a gruff voice,
a back room of the Administration Building at he heard from a crew member that the UFO was Tenney was told, not asked, "I want to see yuh!"
Lunken Airport in Cincinnati. Earlier, in a large picked up by special tracking equipment at Mt. He was instructed to report to the Air Base at a
front room, before about 25 pilots, I had just Pafomar in California. They provided the certain time the next morning. When Tenney
spoken on the subject of UFOs. It was now the coordinates to the military to determine the crash arrived at the base, he was escorted by two men
late summer of 1977 as he tried to recall the exact area. The retrieved craft found intact, he later into a jail-like, cinder block building and was led to
time when he stood as a witness, at a distance of heard, was sent to Wright-Patterson. He had no the colonel's office. He was grilled with questions
about 12 feet, peering at five crates on a fork lift more details as to when or by what means. for 30 minutes, then he signed a 5-copy statement
inside a hangar at Wright-Patterson AFB. In each which was also signed by a notary public.
of three crates, he said, were the recovered dead Following interrogation, Tenney was
bodies of small humanoids; the contents of the Comment: There were other details escorted downstairs and near the entrance door
other two crates were not discernible. As he furnished by my informant concerning his he encountered two military men arriving, each
related this astonishing information in a matter-of- encounter at Wright-Patterson and on other carrying a large blue bag over his shoulder. He
fact manner, he pointed vaguely to an area in sensitive UFO issues, that might be identifiable or guessed they were laundry bags, but the bulges in
Arizona on the map. "Here's where it traceable to him. On his request, I have avoided the bag did not, according to Tenney, appear to
approximately happened," he said. "It was in a using these data. For certain, there are a lot of be laundry. As Tenney moved toward the door,
desert area but I don't have the name of the things connected with the UFO that the public one of the men dropped his bag to the floor and it
location." does not know about. was then that Tenney could recognize the bulges
There was no one else in the map room when to be shaped more like the protruding limbs of
he told me about the incident. He made certain of (Abstracts IX and X deleted in revision.) bodies. At this point, he was rudely pushed out of
that. "It's still a secret and at the time I had to the door and told, "Get the hell out of here!"
swear to it." he said. "I was in the right place at the Abstract XI Tenney told me he returned to his flower
right time when the crates arrived at night by DC- With the help of Lou Parish of MUFON I got shop in Conrad wondering about the harsh
7." As we stood at the map, my informant 'the phone number of Cecil Tenney, age 78, in treatment he got at the base and wondering about
described what appeared to be hastily prepared Delta, Colorado, and called him March 7,1978.1 the contents of the laundry bags. Said Tenney, "I
wooden crates. In these, little humanoids, wanted to hear for myself his testimony relative to can't swear they were bodies, but the bags
appearing to be 4 feet tall were lying unshrouded his alleged observation in 1953 near Dutton, contained something they didn't want me to see."
on a fabric, which he explained prevented freeze Montana, of a low-level UFO in distress, or a Later, Tenney heard of another witness, a
bum from the dry ice packed beneath. As a malfunctioning condition, and, what he brakeman on a passing train, who was knocked to
number of Air Police stood silent guard nearby experienced during Air Force interrogation, and, the ground by the UFO's explosion.
the crates, he managed to get a reasonably good what he saw at the Great Falls AFB, which he
but brief glimpse of the humanoid features. He believed were the recovered dead alien bodies. In Comment: Tenney is the only known witness
recalls that their heads were disproportionately the Fall of that year, near dusk, Tenney driving to the event with no other names to check for
larger than the bodies, with skin that looked alone from Great Falls to his home in Conrad in back-up. However, by phone, he sounded
brown under the hangar lights above. The head his pick-up, watched near the town of Dutton, the convincing and made no hard claims to know the
appeared to be hairless and narrow.-The eyes troubled performance of a large cigar-shaped answers to the UFO's erratic or troubled
seemed to be open, the mouth small, and nose, if object. Appearing to be about one-third the size behavior, its noisy disgorging of flame and smoke,
any, was indistinct. The humanoids' arms were of a football field, and about 200 feet away, the why tongues of fire shot out of automobile
positioned down alongside their bodies, but the silvery object pulsated and belched out fire and exhaust pipes, what the highway patrolman
hands and feet, he said, were indistinct. When smoke for about 7 or 8 minutes. reported to the Air Force, or why the colonel was
asked about their attire, he said they appeared to "It seemed to be trying to pull itself up, but it so demanding and the escorts so rude, and what
be wearing tight-fitting dark suits, and, because of couldn't," said Tenney. Then he described an was inside the laundry bags that was so secret.
the tight-fitting suit, there was one revealing explosion and a swooshing sound that was Tenney's guess was that the UFO he had seen in
feature — a surprising feature. One of the followed by balls of fire hitting the road and as far distress had crashed and the bags contained its
humanoids appeared to him to be female. He said, as he could see. Two or three cars from the dead occupants.
"Either one of the aliens had an exceedingly opposite direction on the road, he said, had their
muscular chest or the bumps were a female's exhausts shooting out flames. Tenney admitted Abstract XD
breasts." Later, he learned from one of the crew that he was stunned and frightened by the Mrs. G. worked in the Foreign Materials
members, with whom he bunked at the barracks, spectable. "I got out of there in a hurry," he said, Division with a top security clearance rating at
that the body of one of the aliens was, indeed, that "and stopped at the nearest place with a toilet, a Wright-Patterson AFB in the I94ffs and 1950's,
of a female. beer haD, which is about 5 miles beyond Dutton." before her retirement in 1959 for health reasons.
My informant also heard from the crew There, Tenney was told by the bartender that he Charles Wilhelm, who has provided me with
member that one of the little humanoids was still "smelled like lightning." Later, he learned that a some first-hand reports from people with
information about UFO retrieval or related underestimated.. I firmly believe in Charles other in a lab coat, holding up a dead body about
incidents, got this one from Mrs. G. in 1959. She Wilhelm, and he, in turn, believed Mrs. G. 3% feet tall. The photo was taken at a fair distance
had known Charles very well as a teenager on two Wilhelm told me he saw Mrs. G's Wright- on a clear day in a panorama of desert showing
counts: he was a good, honest worker in Patterson AFB ID badge prior to her death. patchy scrub vegetation. Most of the details were
performing yardwork for her, and for his intense by now hazy to Mike, but he recalls that the alien's
interest in UFOs. When she developed cancer, Abstract Xm head was pear-shaped and oversized for its body,
and knew of her impending death, she decided to The late James Mitchell was formerly a Navy with slits for eyes and mouth. He also remembers
relate to him some startling information about her specialist who served at an air station in Dallas, that the humanoid was wearing a dull, wrinkled,
secret duties at Wright-Patterson and what she Texas, where his duties included the handling of metallic suit. Mike, in recalling the actions of his
saw in the performances of these duties. confidential film. After retirement from the Navy father, said that he had come home from work
In 1955, according to Wilhelm, she was in 1966; he became a civil service electrician at and seemed excited as he flashed the photo at
assigned to a post to catalogue all incoming UFO Wright-Patterson AFB, holding Top Secret him, made a sly glance, and then put it away under
material, during which time approximately 1,000 clearance allowing.him to work in high security some papers in his dresser drawer. He also recalls
items were processed. These included items from areas on the base: In 1977, in association with my that he said, "I can't keep it. I must take it back."
the interior of a recovered UFO brought to the air regular employment, I met one of the sons of Later in the evening, according to Mike, his
base. All items were photographed and tagged. In James Mitchell. Knowing of my research, he father confided that he knew the story connected
her cataloguing duties, Mrs. G. also was witness came to my office to relate an incident involving with the photo. He said that during early morning
to the conveyance, by cart, of two dead humanoid his father with base security for having possession military exercises in a desert area of Arizona, a
bodies from one room to another. The bodies, of a photograph which showed a small alien unit encountered a group of aliens near a landed
preserved in chemicals, were 4 to 5 feet tall, had humanoid allegedly killed following a skirmish craft. There was probably a skirmish and one
generally human features except that the heads with U.S. military, forces in Arizona. According to alien put up quite a fight. Subdued, the small
were large relative to their bodies, and their eyes my informant, he was away from home at college creature was given a sedative, by injection, which
were slanted. There was no word as to whether or at the time his father brought the photo home caused its death. The story goes that the other
not the bodies were brought in from a recent from .Wright-Patterson in 1966. However, his members of the "Third Kind", escaped into their
crash or had been at the base morgue from an brother, Mike, who now lives in California, was at craft and flew away. The one dead body
incident occurring in previous years. After telling home at that time and was shown the photo by his supposedly was shipped to Wright-Patterson,
Charles Wilhelm some' of the barest facts.she father. preserved in dry ice. The next day, Mike said, his
knew, she commented, "Uncle Sam can't do In due course, my business associate father seemed greatly disturbed. Something had
anything to me once I'm in my grave." Six months reached his brother, Mike, by phone and asked happened at the base concerning the photo. He
later Mrs. G. passed away. him to describe the photo and also to comment remembers that he had to return it and from that
on his father's actions at that time. Mike obligingly day' on, James Mitchell refused to discuss the
Comment: The brief, but vital facts bared in described the photo as an 8 x 10, black and white photo again with anyone.
the testimony of Mrs. G. are not to be glossy, showing two men, one wearing khaki, the (continued on next page)

Front view of alleged crashed "saucer" December 10, 1964, at Fort Riley, Kansas, drawn by
witness "A.K."
(Retrievals, continued)
Comment: From my sources 1 have been the craft in an attempt to discover its power of night to stand guard in a Secret area where he
unable to establish the vintage of the photo or the propulsion. On this particular case, a total of witnessed three dead alien bodies that had just
story of the skirmish. On the other hand, the twenty individuals were involved in the arrived. I was tipped off about this information by
photo may be genuine, but the story not. investigation and research. Since that time, three Wilhelm, so on August 3rd I was prepared to ask
Nonetheless, the borrowed photo, according to of them have died...of natural causes...leaving a some careful questions.
Mike's recollection, had caused some concern at total of 17 familiar with the incident and follow-up During our first chat I was able to extract
Wright-Patterson and may have resulted in some research." , some strong data. She explained that she
form of reprimand for his father. Such actions believed that it was the year 1973 when Carl was
would not have occurred 'had the Comment: There is more and stronger data called to duty during the night. He was driven to a
misappropriated photo been a fake. Now, we may concerning the 1962 New Mexico crash which are certain location, then was blindfolded. She said he
ask what about the skirmish? not publishable at this writing. Barry also has data recalled that he was led across a field of wet grass,
relative to other UFO crashes in the continental then was helped down a flight of stairs and
Abstract XIV United States from a reliable Intelligence source escorted through a long corridor. At a certain
Robert D. Barry, fellow researcher and that I have been asked not to divulge. The 1962 point, he was halted and his blindfold was
lecturer, was contacted early in March, 1978, on crash site was near Holloman AFB in New removed. There he was issued instructions about
the basis of his interest in and knowledge of Mexico. The incident is known by an astronaut. his mission and where to stand guard. To his
crashed UFOs and the retrievals of craft and their shock, he was in a room with other ranking
occupants. Barry, a dedicated researcher since Abstract XV officers and a few scientists who were viewing
1957, is director of the 20th Century UFO My information comes second-hand from a three small humanoid bodies. They were dead
Bureau. When I informed him that I could use his person who requests that his name not be used in and were stretched out on a refrigerated table.
help in supplying some data for a paper I was any way concerning his knowledge of retrieved She remembers Carl telling her that the bodies
preparing for the MUFON Symposium, he asked UFOs, and the preserved alien bodies maintained were about 3 feet tall, their heads were
that I submit a letter to further identify myself and in secret storage at Wright-Patterson AFB. This abnormally large and they seemed to have a short
my objectives in this sensitive area. I did so person, who has read by book, SITUATION fuzz on the top of their heads. The skin, she said,
promptly, and it produced positive results. RED, is aware of my position in research but was an off-white or cream. She could recall no
Barry's first letter, dated March 14, 1978, . refuses to discuss what he knows with me by other facial features described by Carl, admitting
concerns a UFO crash, with occupants, phone or in person. My first-hand informant is his that the only time Carl had talked about his
occurring in 1962. I quote from it, in part, as son with whom he had shared some general experience was while they were courting. That
follows: information about UFOs a couple of years ealier was in 1975. At that time, she said, he seemed
.. ."My sources of information on the crashed To elaborate further, the young man's father got shaken by it.
UFO subject involve quite a few but my his UFO input from his .cousin, an Air Force "I believe he was dramatically effected," she
major sources number four, including one Major who was specifically assigned to a UFO said, adding, "One time he told his sister about it
within intelligence circles as well as a project for about 5 years at Wright-Patterson. and she just laughed. Since then, he refuses to
scientist. As it relates to the crashed UFO of The major was formerly a pilot and had also discuss the matter with anyone, even me." On
1962, it occurred in the state of New Mexico. served at a missile site overseas and presently is several later occasions when I called Mrs. S.I., I
The craft experienced flight difficulty at a assigned to a new technical duty. I do have these asked to speak to Carl. One night he was present,
time it was being tracked on military radar. It latter details, but was asked not to be specific. sitting at a table drinking coffee, when I called. I
was tracked across two southwestern states So significant was the information received remember she asked him if he would be willing to
before coming in over New Mexico. Military by the father from the Major that .he felt talk with me about his experience but he declined.
jets were sent up for intercept. As the craft compelled to write down some specific details ' Said S.I. when she returned to the phone, "He
moved in over the state of New Mexico, it about the retrieved UFOs and the humanoids said he's not allowed to talk about it, and that he
lost altitude and continued to experience which he sealed in an envelope and placed in his will tell everything he knows after President
flight difficulty. It impacted on desert sands at safety deposit box. His instructions were that the Carter makes an announcement."
an estimated 90 m.p.h. Its underside hit the envelope was not to be opened until after his In the Fall of 1977, Mrs. S.I. became so
sand as a plane coming in for a landing. Its death. Some of the general information known to obsessed in her UFO pursuits that she became ill,
landing gear was not down and its flight my informant concerns Wright-Patterson's followed by a long period when she did not
pattern at impact gave the indication that the storage of an intact UFO, and parts of damaged communicate. Then one evening she called and
two occupants in the craft were evidently UFOs, and the preservation of dead alien bodies politely announced that she had abandoned her
dead at the time of the crash...hence the under glass in special refrigerated conditions. The interest in UFOs. She thanked me for my offers to
flight difficulty experienced by the craft. Major also reportedly said, "We have the proof help during her period of stress and again
"The craft was 68 feet in diameter and 13 feet that UFOs are extraterrestrial." reminded me that Carl would not talk about his
in height...typically circular. The two.beings affair at Wright-Patterson.
discovered inside the craft were 42 inches each in Comment: My informant is not kidding
height. Each being was donned in a one-piece about his father's UFO notes being stored in a Comment: No one can blame Carl for
space suit that contained no buttons or zippers. safety deposit box. He also is not kidding about upholding his swom oath to secrecy, but a slip of
The occupants were removed the following day his father's staunch reluctance to discuss with me his tongue with his loved one let the proverbial cat
after impact to a major medical university hospital the contents of his notes. Personally, I must agree out of the bag. I believe that the information
in the U.S. where skin tests and other scientific with the father's position of keeping a trust when recounted by his wife is fairly accurate. Of special
analyses were performed. Skin color was gray- it concerns the status and welfare of a close interest in this incident of retrieval is the year 1973
gray pink. Head slightly larger for the size of the relative. which suggests that the recovery of alien
body; eyes somewhat larger than norm but the occupants from crashed UFOs are still being sent
nose was small with little ear Abstract XVI to Wright-Patterson for analysis and
lobes, but a hole at each side of the head where we Mrs, S.I. called me August 3,1977, to relate preservation. ,
have ears...then, of course, inside the hole area her growing interest in the UFO. She had read my
was the inner ear portion. Mouth very small and book, SITUATION RED, and expressed a desire (Abstract XVII deleted in revision. Abstracts
thin lips. to attend the future meetings of the local XVin — XXII added in revision.)
"The circular-shaped space craft was OUFOtt. research group. To its director, Charles
described as exploratory and was removed to a Wilhelm, she confided that her husband, Carl, Abstract XVHI
major military base in the southwest where while in the Air Force as a member of the Air On April 7, 1978, Steve Tom, NBC radio
scientists and engineers were assigned to work on Police at Wright-Patterson, was called to duty one newsman, Chicago, and I were linked up by
(Retrievals, continued)
phone for an interview with a former Air Force Intelligence source relative to the retrieval of an waiting for a sign of intent, a humanoid was
Intelligence Officer, Major J.M. residing in alien craft and humanoid occupants maintained observed to disembark from the craft, which was
Houma, Louisiana. Major J.M., I learned, shared at Wright-Patterson AFB. He also related a described as "short and.stocky". Then a beam of
some common grounds with me. He had also sobering story about a landing on an air force light was directed at the Colonel. The Colonel
served in the 5th Air Force in the Pacific Theatre base, also.from the same high source. was instantly paralyzed, according to the report.
during World War D, and had been'in several M.S., while serving-at Wright-Patterson in Orders, then came from the officer next in
combat areas such as Leyte, Phillipine Island, 1977, made close acquaintance with a Major command for his troops of the security
where I had been assigned. The purpose of our- General whose last name begins with the letter detachment to fire, but their weapons were
call was to obtain first hand, the major's role in the "T", who was assigned at Wright-Patterson for mysteriously jammed. The Colonel was
retrieval of an alleged crashed UFO northwest of top security work in the Logistics Command. His recovered and hospitalized. The only recall by the
Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. rank and the nature of his work entitled Kim to a Colonel, as M.S. remembers from the report, was
The debris of an apparent metallic aerial plane at his disposal at all times. The General's that he could rationalize the event only in terms of
device, or craft, that had exploded in the air or daughter (name known to me) and M.S. were mathematics as though an attempt at
crashed, was first made known by a sheep seriously lovelorn, and on that basis were communication was conducted in this manner.
rancher who found fragments of metal and other frequently together. This allowed M.S. to be the The UFO was observed to retreat to its parent
material on his 8,000 acre property. When he guest at the General's home where he and the craft and then departed.
informed the Air Force base in Roswell of his general had private chats. Both being endowed
discovery, Major J.M. and aides were dispatched with the highest security ratings, they discussed Commenf: I made a check on General "T" at
to the area for investigation. There he found many UFOs. From General "T", my informant related, Wright-Patterson. They had no entry on his
metal fragments and what appeared to be details were disclosed concerning a UFO that had secret assignment there, however, a check at
"parchment" strewn in a 1 square mile area. "The crashed in the southwest region of the United another base through the Accounting and
metal fragments," said the Major, "varied in size States in 1957. At that time, General "T" was Lt. Finance Section, confirmed his existence. No
up to 6 inches in length, but were of the thickness Colonel "T". According to the General, radar had address was released on grounds of the Privacy
of tinfoil. The fragments were unusual," he confirmed that an alien craft had crossed the Act. However, M.S. knows where the General
continued, "because they were of great strength. skies over the United States at great speed. It was was to make his residence after retirement.
They could not be bent or broken, no matter what tracked to the point of its crash. The area, as in Making a further check on the authenticity of the
pressure we applied'by hand." most cases', was'"roped off" and the National General and his knowledge of secret UFO
The area was thoroughly checked, he said, Guard summoned (with canines) for maximum reports, I .checked with another Intelligence
but no fresh impact depressions in the sand were security. source and obtained additional corroborative
found. The -area was not radioactive. The From the damaged craft, four humanoid information concerning the Nellis AFB incident.
fragments, he added, were transported by a bodies were recovered with great difficulty
military carry-all to the air base in Roswell and because of the inability to penetrate the craft's Abstract XX
from that point he was instructed by General metal structure. The bodies were found badly "Your book, SITUATION RED, The UFO
Ramey to deliver the "hardware" to Ft. Worth, to burned, some parts so severely, that certain Siege, really did it," said A.K., calling me from
be forwarded to Wright-Patterson Field for features were indistinguishable. However, the California on June 19,1978. "It convinced me that
analysis. When the press learned of this retrieval suits they wore — appearing silver — were not I should tell my story to you about a UFO that
operation, and wanted a story, Major J.M. stated, . damaged by the obvious intense heat endured landed or had maybe crashed at Ft. Riley,
"To get them off my back I told them we were inside the craft. Said the General, "The suits were Kansas." Needless to say, I was receptive to hear
recovering a downed weather balloon." When the fused to the flesh." M.S. said, according to the A.K.'s story. He, of course, asked to keep his
major was asked for his opinion as to the General, the four bodies, approximately 5 feet in name confidential because he recalled a general's
identification of the fragments he was certain height, were sent to Wright-Patterson AFB where warning, who was on the scene of the landing,
they were not from a balloon, aircraft, or rocket. General "T" had seen them in a. deep freeze that he would have his "expletives" shot off if he
He said because of his technical background he morgue, kept at approximately 120 degrees talked.
was certain that the metal and "parchment" were below zero for preservation. The only other The incident occurred on a crisp, cold night
not a part of any military aerial device known at anatomical feature described by General "T" was in November 1964. (Later documentation pinned
that time. that the heads of the aliens were, by human down the date as December 10,1964,-Editor) At
standards, larger proportionately -than the 2:00 AM, A.K., a Pfc on guard duty at the Motor
Comment: The retrieval of "unusual" bodies. Facial features were erased by the heat Pool, and three other Army personnel of the 1st
fragments in secrecy suggests they were a part of factor. •Division on regular guard duty, were summoned
an unknown aerial device or craft. Manned, or The craft? The General related that by the officer of the day, Lt. H., to join him by
not, the major did not know. If there were entities scientists assigned to the task of dismantling it ran vehicle to a remote area on the base described as
aboard no evidence was found. Had there been into difficulty. To get inside they concentrated in a training area in Camp Forsyte, which is part of
any bodies aboard they would have been ah area where a fissure or crack had resulted, the Ft. Riley complex On departure to this area,
destroyed in what appeared to be an aerial probably from impact. Shipment to Wright- he was issued an extra clip for his M14 rifle. "I was
explosion. It is significant to note in this instance, Patterson, said the General, "Was by rail, using scared," admitted A.K. "In fact, I'm trembling
the year 1947 — the year of the first great wave of two military conveyance rocket cars, properly right now as I'm telling you this." I told A.K. that I
UFO reports. Also the area of this retrieval was in camouflaged and classified as 'rockets'." was aware of a number of UFO landings and
the path of some of the green fireball phenomena On another: occasion, M.S. as a guest of crashes on or near military installations and that
observed from 1947 to 1948. General "T" at his home, while alone, was shown he.could trust me regarding the confidentiality of
a Top Secret document concerning a landed his name.
Abstract XDC UFO. The incident occurred at Nellis AFB, After driving a good distance, Lt. H. parked
Following my lecture April 6,1978, before the Nevada, in 1968, and M.S. expressed disbelief his vehicle alongside the road. He, A.K. and the
World Wings Association, a gathering of 50 or when he read the report. -Stamped TOP other guards were ordered to hike about a half
more pilots, I was approached by a highly SECRET, it read, in part: Large UFO hovered mile across an open flat field. Before him, A.K.
reputable member of the association who knew of over Nellis AFB for 3 days. Three small alien craft watched the searchlite beam from an overhead
a "person at work" who, in turn, knew about were observed separating (or being ejected) from Huey helicopter playing down on the field. It was
crashed UFOs and occupants. I promptly got in parent craft. One landed on the air base grounds. focused on a large round object resting on the
touch. On April 18,1978,1 talked with former Air Sent to greet the landed craft was a Colonel with ground. Pfc A.K. and his comrades stood in
Force Sergeant M.S. of the 97th Bomber Wing. security detachment properly armed. There was shock. He remembers he shouted, "God damn, a
He was prepared to relate the data from a high no mention of attempt to assault the craft. While (continued on next page)
(Retrievals, continued) C) is available for public hearing during the involving the U.S. military has been
Flying Saucer!" Already on the scene were about MUFON Symposium today. (The tape was contained in a computer center at Wright-
10 Army personnel of various ranks, including a played for the audience.-Editor) Patterson. At this base, a master file, written
Major General. Promptly, A.K. was asked for his in computer language, is maintained, with
ID and given a direct order by the General to Abstract XXI duplicate support backup files secreted at
patrol the grounded craft by circling around it and On June 29, 1978, my son-in-law Jeffrey other military installations." Said J.K.: "Get
to "shoot anyone if they tried to force their way to Sparks, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts at St. the complete 'file dump', both the master and
the craft." At this time Pfc A.K. was sharply Leo's College, Dade City, Florida, informed me the support backup files, and you've got all
admonished about keeping the incident secret. that he had talked with a person who.had the hidden UFO data."
Comments A.K., "When I was in the Army, when witnessed the alien humanoids at Wright-
a General told you something, you obeyed!" Patterson AFB in 1966. According to my son-in- Comment: Obviously, the UFO files
The lone Huey chopper continously flew law, his contact holds a responsible position in a available to the public at the National Archives in
overhead while certain personnel on hand financial capacity with a private firm in Tampa, Washington, D.C., do not reveal the hard facts
checked the object with instruments, and and had formerly served in Military Intelligence. regarding UFO military cases. Concerning J.K.'s
maintained communication by field radio with He gave me the individual's name and where he disclosure relative to military units subject to
head phones. Nearby a 5-ton truck was parked could be reached. dispatch to UFO retrieval areas, I have been
with lights off. On two occasions the Huey On July 5, 1978, I talked with Mr. J.K. at aware from other military sources that special
chopper flew over parts of the field, said A.K., as length concerning his functions in military forces have been maintained for emergency
though looking for other evidence. When the Intelligence, what he had observed at Wright- situations such as UFO retrievals or other
Huey was away, a "deathly quiet" prevailed, he Patterson, and many other aspects of crashed conditions, including riots, etc. These special
said, "It was eerie!" A.K. said that on several alien craft. He also made reference to the forces, known as "Blue Berets," can operate
occasions during his 2% hours of guard duty, he computer bank, or "dump file," which contains secretly and effectively by using "diversionary
got close to the metallic craft. "The air was much secret information about UFOs dating back to tactics" to prevent public interference. Such
warmer when I got close," he said. The grounded 1948. J.K., who served in Nike Missile Air diversions include creating power blackouts.
UFO, which had impacted into the soil and stood Intelligence (ADCAP), related to me, the
at a tilt, was approximately 35 to 48 feet in following data: Abstract XXII
diameter and 12 to 18 feet in height. It was This abstract concerns limited biological
perfectly round, shaped like a hamburger bun. In (1) He observed nine deceased alien data, with Exhibits A & B, describing the alien
the middle, or at the equator, of its smooth bodies preserved in deep freeze conditions humanoids, according to reliable informants, held
aluminum-like surface, was a black band made up' under well-lighted, thick glass enclosures. in cryogenic preservation at Wright-Patterson
of squares, each jutting out about 10 inches. A.K. The bodies were short in stature, about 4 feet AFB and at certain medical institutions in the
could not determine if the squares were windows in height. They appeared, under the lighting, U.S.A. where special examinations were
or what purpose they served. The only protruding to be of grayish color in skintone. The conducted. Because this information treats a
part on the UFO, said A.K., was a fin-like device .research area, where the bodies were sensitive area within the framework of secrecy,
and beneath it an aperture which may have been . preserved, was under heavy guard, inside names of the medical centers, the identity of the
an exhaust unit. and out. He was told while viewing the informants will not be disclosed at this time. Data
A.K. said the UFO was not lighted; he sensed subjects that 30 bodies were held in mentioned in a number of the previous abstracts
no vibrations from its power system and smelled preservation at that time at the air base. have been correlated by me to establish only a
no odors. "It was dead," he said. Asked about (2) He did not see, firsthand, alien craft general anatomical configuration of the alien
recovery of occupants from the craft, he replied, stored at Wright-Patterson, but was told that beings. Needless to say, the general features of
"Sorry to disappoint you, but I was not aware of such craft were on the base. He was also told the alien are akin to Earth's Homo sapiens; that is
any life inside the craft, or if any bodies were taken that an alien craft was held at Langley AFB to say, the alien has a head, torso, arms, hands,
out of it later." The next morning, said A.K., "I and another at McDill AFB in Florida. and it is bipedal. There, the likeness ends. From
had a headache, but this was probably caused by (3) He knew of three key areas in the anonymous medical and military sources the
the excitement and fatigue. 1%0's where certain secret UFO operations following composite or general data were
A.K. said he heard from other sources on the were conducted other than at Wright- obtained:
Army base that UFOs were sighted in the area Patterson AFB. Bases cited were Langley,
prior to the landing. He recalls no details. On my Avon Bombing Range — a part of the McDill (1) The approximate height of the alien
request, he sent me two drawings of the grounded AFB complex near Sebring, Florida, and at humanoid is 3% to 4% feet tall. One source
UFO showing rear and front views. The drawings Seymour-Johnson, a Navy Training Center approximated 5 feet.
also show the Huey helicopter hovering over the in Norfolk, Virginia. (2) The head, by human standards, is
UFO, which are used as Exhibits A and B of this (4) At certain military bases, highly large, when compared with the size of the
abstract. trained mobilized units were in a constant torso and limbs. (See drawing of head,
"ready" state for dispatch to any area in the Exhibit A.)
Comments: Pfc A.K. was unable to U.S.A. to recover downed or crashed UFOs. (3) The facial features show a pair of
determine if the UFO had crashed or landed, but (5) During the Vietnam crisis, during eyes described variously as large, sunken or
from his observation of the craft for 2% hours, he J.K.'s tenure of service (1966-1968), five deep set, far apart or distended more than
believed that it had probably malfunctioned and. crashes of UFOs occurred in the Tri-State human: and, slightly slanted, appearing
was immobilized. He was unable to learn more area of Ohio, Indiana; and Kentucky. There "Oriental" or Mongoloid."
details about the incident from the local military was one known incident of a retrieval of three (4) No earlobes or flesh extending
base and too frightened by the General's threats alien bodies. During this latter incident there beyond apertures on each side of the head.
to bring the matter up. With the presence of a occurred an alleged shooting of the alien (5) Nose is vague. Aperture or nares are
helicopter and a large truck, it is my belief that the forces by our military units. This was indicated with slight protuberance. One and
craft was hauled away in secrecy and perhaps triggered by the uncertainty of the aliens' two nares have been mentioned.
with it, the occupants. I checked further with an intent. Hostility was presumed, said J.K. The (6) Mouth indicated as a small "slit" or
Intelligence source who was "aware" of this location or time of these incidents were not fissure. In some instances, no mouth
incident. Since my phone conversation with A.K. disclosed. described. Mouth appears not to function as
I have received a tape from him recording his (6) Said J.K.: "Since 1948, secret a means for communication or as orifice for
experience, and a signed letter. The tape (Exhibit information concerning UFO activity food ingestion.

July 18, 1978

I hereby certify that I was shown a sketch of a hand stated to be

that of a retrieved humanoid on July 13, 1978 in New York City. The
sketch was in the possession of Leonard Stringfield and was the
result of descriptions given him by various confidential sources.
I had not seen nor discussed the sketch (or the humanoid material
in general) with Len prior to our meeting on July 13-lU, 1978. Based
on other sources known to me and not to Len, the sketch appears
identical to material I have been familiar with for quite some time.
I had described the hands to my wife and two close friends in late
1977 and they can confirm the accuracy of the sketch as compared
with my description at that time. Based on my somewhat limited
knowledge, I must conclude that the sketch is accurate.

Exhibit A - Absirjer2SIL

(7) Neck. Described as being thin; and hi humanoids appear to be "formed out of a
some instances, not being visible because of ' mold," or sharing identical biological
garment in that section of body. characteristics.
(8) Hair. Some observers describe the (17) Brain capacity. Unknown.
humanoids as hairless, some say that the (18) Blood. Liquid is prevalent, but not
pate shows a slight fuzz. Bodies are blood as we know it.
described as hairless. (19)! Susten ance for existence. No food
(9) Torso. Small and thin fits the general or water intake is known. No food found on
description. In many instances the body was craft in one known retrieval. No alimentary
observed wearing a garment. From medical canal or rectal area described.
authorities, no comment. No abdominal (20) Humanoid types. Unknown.
navel indicated. Descriptive variations of anatomy may be no
(10) Arms are described as long and thin more diverse than those known among Earth
and reaching down to the knee section. Homo sapiens. Other alien types, reportedly
(11) Hands. Four fingers, no thumb. varying in range from human to more
Two fingers appear longer than others. grotesque configurations, are unknown to
Some observers had seen finger nails; others . me. Speculatively, if these types exist, they
- without. A webbing effect between fingers may have their origins in other solar systems
was noted by three authoritative observers. or have roots on different planets within one
(See drawing of hand, Exhibit B, and, solar system.
testimonial letter from Mr. Ted Phillips, (21) I know of the names of two major
Exhibit C.) medical centers in the Eastern United States
(12) No description available of legs or where continuing specialized intensive
feet. research is conducted on deceased alien
(13) Skin description is NOT green, bodies. Other hospitals where research
thank you! It is gray according to most reportedly has been conducted are in
observers. Some claim beige, tan, brown, or Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Southeastern and
tannish or pinkish gray and one said it looked Western U.SA.
almost "bluish gray" under deep freeze
lights. In one instance, -the bodies were
charred to a dark brown. Summary
(14) Teeth unknown. No data from It is beyond the scope of this paper to treat all
dental authorities. the stories and rumors of stories still emerging to
(15) Reproductive organs. This this writer, each alleging the occurrence of a UFO
biological region is "sensitive," that is, to crash, with or without occupants, and its
qualify a point, "secret". One observer subsequent hush-hush military retrieval. As of ALIEN HUMANOID HAND DRAWN
claims no male or female organs were July 20,1978, for the record, I am aware of more
identified. No genitalia. In my than 50 sources who bear information relative to BY L.H. STRINGFIELD BASED ON
nonprofessional judgment, the absence of the subject of retrievals or storage of alien craft,
sexual organs suggest some of the aliens, and/or the deceased alien humanoids recovered DESCRIPTION OF WITNESS
and perhaps all, do not reproduce as do from the craft. From this number I have selected
Homo sapiens, or, that some of the bodies 22 of these sources whose testimony is reviewed
studied are produced perhaps by a system of in this paper, Most others lack sufficient data and JULY, 197 8
cloning or other unknown means. a few have "dried up" so to speak, out of fear of ExK b i
(16) In some incidents of retrieval, the (continued on next page)
(Retrievals, continued) There was no word of alien casualties. The story sitting atop a real Pandora's Box with some
military reprisal or public ridicule. is traceable through a handful of qualified righteous cause.
Stories of long ago and as recently as 1977 researchers, then it stops at a dead end. I am not condoning our InteDigence forces
clearly show that the U.S.A. is not the only Unreachable is a medical specialist supposedly for their harsh and tricky actions or methods in
territory in the world where UFOs and crews err called in by the military authorities to perform his suppressing the hidden facts for so many years,
in their tactical mission and crash to meet their expertise.- _ - but I can now appreciate the problem they may
doom. On foreign soil we have a number of Ir. the Fall of 1977, I was approached by a have had in trying to find a reasonable way out of a
reported crashes. One allegedly occurred on the Cincinnati researcher and told that he had dilemma to relate all the sobering data to a
island of Spitzbergen in 1952 which was secretly learned from a source who worked at Wright- benighted world public. How, for instance, would
recovered by Norwegian military authorities. Patterson that in the Spring of 1977 military the public react to a sudden official disclosure of
Another UFO crash and retrieval report was personnel had carried into a certain area on the even the scantiest details relevant to the
contained in a special dispatch from the late base several litters with little alien bodies from an humanoid which I have released in this paper?
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, datelined May 23, undisclosed location. Perhaps in time, new data And, the humanoid factor is just a small segment
1955, London, England, INS, as follows: "British may appear to give credence to one or both of in the overall sobering UFO data. And, there is
scientists and airmen, after examining the these possibly connected stories. Indeed, a still another sensitive aspect to consider: The
wreckage of one mysterious flying ship, are pitched land battle between U.S. military and intent of the UFO! It is my belief that our
convinced that these strange aerial objects are alien forces seems more like fantasy, but if true, Intelligence community does not know the intent
flying saucers from another planet. The source of then it would be reasonable to assume that the of the UFO. For our government to suddenly
my information is a British official of Cabinet rank. secrecy lid would come down hard on it! The release only the known data in a major
He told me: 'We believe, on the basis of our effects from such a disclosure would certainly pronouncement could pose some new societal
inquiries thus far, that the saucers were staffed by create more than a "cultural shock." risks. In my opinion, to release part of the UFO
small men — probably under 4 feet. It's Still another factor that has raised some story, and be unable to define the UFO's intent
frightening, but there's no denying that flying questions concerns the geographical location of could create an even greater concern in the
saucers are from another planet.' This official UFO crashes. In the U.S.A., especially in the unpredictable public mind. Perhaps the human
quoted scientists as saying a flying ship of this 1950's, they have mainly occurred in the Western mind is ready to hear the truth. Our minds have
type could not have been constructed on Earth. or Southwestern desert regions where military survived in many hot wars and a long cold war
The British government, I learned, is withholding experimental installations abound. Logically, one with the threat of nuclear destruction, plus all the
an official report on the flying saucer examination may ask, is the flying saucer a super-secret U.S. social upheavals of the 1960s and 1970s. I believe
at this time, possibly because it does not want to weapon? But the negative answers are we are ready for the truth.
frighten the public." overwhelming. As pointed out earlier, UFO Who are these mortals whose imperfect craft
Still other foreign reports in the past and of crashes have occurred on foreign soil beyond the have crashed into the foreign soil of Earth? From
recent times tell of objects falling to Earth looking range of the U.S. experimental aircraft. And, as what star system do they come where
like fireballs, of objects exploding on impact. known to all research, UFOs have repeatedly evolutionary life is not too different than our
Many crashes have conventional explanations, reconnoitered U.S. and foreign military Earth's? Is there a missing link in our primeval
but others do not, such as the circular craft that installations and other sensitive areas where they past, or lost in our archeological wonders which
allegedly crashed in Nauta, Peru, on November sometimes act in a menacing manner. may reveal a human kinship? I do not profess to
11,1975. This object, according to Robert Barry, On the premise that humanoid aliens have know the !ocked-away secrets, or the final answer
measured 12 feet, 8 inches in diameter, which been preserved in deep freeze conditions at to the UFO mystery, nor do I know what other
featured a strange metallic coating. Other Wright-Patterson AFB and at several medical great secrets may be hidden with the retrieved
reported crashes have occurred in Australia, May centers for research, I believe it is safe to craft and deceased aliens. Perhaps President
1976, in Mexico, August 1977, and in Bolivia, May postulate that these entities associated with the Jimmy Carter knows these secrets, or some of
.1978. One report of a UFO crash with recovered UFO are physical and are not an apparition from them. Thus, my plea, here and how, is addressed
humanoid occupants stands out above the another dimension. My point here is not to to the President of the United States to seriously
others. Occurring in 1953, 100 miles outside of derogate the extradimensional entity, for there is review the testimony I have recorded in this
Johannesburg, South Africa, the incident much evidence to suggest that it, too, plays a part paper. With his conscience as his guide, I trust
prompted investigation by a U.S. Air Force in the UFO mystery. It is beyond the scope of this that the President of the United States will tell this
General. Larry Movers, MUFON State Director paper to rationalize each and every kind of alien great nation and the world the truth about the
for Ohio, uncovered the case; I recently had it intruder during a live encounter. This subject greatest story of our time.
confirmed from an Intelligence source. Perhaps
the most significant of the reported foreign UFO
belongs to my colleague, Ted Bloecher, who has
made a scholarly study of this phase of research.
In summary, the information treated in this
Sunday's People |
crashes are those in the Communist world. My Bv Snm Heftier •
informant, Robert Barry, has learned from a paper, while it may seem provocative to the
reliable InteUifence source that Red China has media and to the average researcher, does not,
two "downed" UFOs, one of which landed in admittedly, constitute the final proof that UFOs
water without occupants; and, two, possibly are of extraterrestrial origin. But, indeed, if my
three, crashes and retrievals in Russia. data from reliable and diverse sources are
In the U.S.A., reports of UFO crash and received with an objective and unbiased mind,
retrievals continue through the 1970's. One then the hypothesis surely is strengthened. It
recent incident, for example, not yet seems no matter how hard we may want to
substantiated, came to light from reliable sources disbelieve the data presented in the foregoing
not to be named at this time as our search for data abstracts, it will be difficult to explain away the
continues. This incident allegedly occurring in the correlative physical similarities of the recovered
Spring of 1977 in a rural area of Southwestern humanoids. Despite my long experience in UFO
Ohio, involves a landed craft, perhaps disabled, research, I must admit that I feel a sense of human
and a number of its occupants who engaged a uneasiness as vital data continues to reach me A rumor U floating around Melbourne, Australia, to
from responsible sources. As the pieces of the the effect that Fred VlkaUfh, a young man who van-
military unit dispatched to the scene. Whatever ished after be uid a UFO wu punuing bin, actually U
happened during this Encounter of the Third puzzle suddenly fall into place for me, each a alive and well and hiding in a motel in Apollo Bay, a
Kind, the sketchy data we have thus far suggest corroborative clue, I realize — like a smack in the roaital town along the route Valentichwai Hying when
. face — that our giant Intelligence community, hit radio trantmiuion ended abruptly. Valentich, 20.
violence. Reportedly, 11 members of the U.S. wai heading down the tout and acrau a unall itrait
military detachment were either injured or killed. both military and covert agencies, have been toward King* bland when lait heard from. Hu girl
friend. Ihonda Ruhtm, U. uid he ii alive "but it fe
14 •till all top tecret now."
Entities and Their Carriages
By Ann Druffcl

Contrary to what the title might chariots. Instead, the entities and philosophical questions. Topics
suggest, this column is not about Von "carriages" discussed here are little covered in the booklet range from the
Daniken's astronauts in their flaming known, but ufologically interesting purpose of creation to the reality of
nevertheless. reincarnation.
Some UFOs reported by rational Mr. de John states that his
witnesses seem to be simple globes or knowledge comes from an infusion
shells, with no protuberances. They process.akin to "grace." Whether his
give no hint of any propulsion capacity, philosophical opinions do, in actuality,
and the entities reported riding within contain "truth", the basic facts of his
them are not concerned with any CE HI experience seem to be as "real"
consoles, dials, or instruments as the as any other single witness case. The
globe or "bubble" maneuvers interesting difference is the description
intelligently above and near the earth. of the entities encased within the UFO.
The three cases discussed below will Mr. de John stated that the UFO
attempt to correlate these objects, and was about the size of a tennis ball. It was
what possible significance the entities crystal clear and spherical, with the
borne within them might have as far as appearance of a soap bubble, but
the human race is concerned. without accompanying rainbow colors.
On August 30,1976, between 6:30 It floated with evident purpose toward
and 7:00 PM, Mr. Francis de John of him and made complicated maneuvers
Figure A. Pasadena, California, was strolling in as it avoided obstacles in his yard. It
his back yard enjoying a good cigar. As seemed intelligently controlled,
Sketch by Francis deJohn although nothing which could be
he wrote to the Center for UFO Studies
(CUFOS) later, he saw a small, clear assumed to be a propulsive unit was
bubble floating toward him very slowly visible. (See figure A.)
from the direction of his neighbor's The three "lives" or entities he
yard. described are unique in my experience
"It moved in my direction very as a UFO researcher. He stated that as
slowly," Mr. de John wrote. "When it he approached the object with the idea
was about 5 feet past me, I walked up of capturing it, he saw three specks of
to it... . As I looked inside, I see three darkened matter, from which identical
lives side by side (sic)... My thought at red auras of varying shades emanated
that time was to capture the object, but outward. They were within the object.
that was before I knew it was from As Mr. de John reached out toward the
another world and that anyone was object, he was imeediately stopped by a
inside.... The last I saw of it was when it mental communication cautioning,
made a left-hand turn between my "Would you harm entities from another
neighbor's house and the house next to world?" Deciding not to harm the
it. This to me is a pleasant, happy and object, he was immediately stopped by
an enjoyable experience and one that I a mental communication cautioning,
will never forget for as long as I live." watched it slowly glide into a neighbor's
Investigating the case for CUFOS, yard. Then it negotiated a tight left turn
I found Mr. de John to be intelligent, around the house and was out of sight.
well-read and articulate. He is a retired In spite of the unusual nature of
businessman, metaphysically inclined, Mr. de John's experience, it can be
and the author of a 30-page, privately accepted as coming from an honest and
Figure B. published booklet about man's rational man. The fact that it does not fit
Sketch by Shirley McBride relationship to his Creator and other into the idea of material craft with
(Continued on next page) 15
had more communication with the to share even under dire threats from
(California Report, continued) shadowed "entities" within the bubble various authorities. Some in time
humanoid occupants is not the witness' than she is willing to reveal. The turned out to be accurate predictions
problem. It is ours. transcript of the tape-recorded concerning World War I and II and
Consider now the May 10, 1957, hypnotic session is heart-rending and Communist Russia's rise to world
experience of Shirley McBride. almost frightening. It shows deep stress power. A final secret, now in the hands
Presently a resident of Tujunga, as Ms. McBride sought to keep parts of of the Vatican, has not yet been
California, she is an intellectual and the contract secret, particularly those revealed.
searching individual who is deeply concerned with a "secret" shared by It seems apparent that the Lady
involved in metaphysical studies. Ms. the entities and which she promised chose those witnesses to whom she
McBride, on the above date, was them that she would not reveal. It was appeared. Even though crowds of
driving her car along a deserted section only the expert skill of Dr. McCall that people were present during the last four
of Kern County near Lake Isabella, allowed us to gather the facts as clearly appearances, she was visible only to the
California. At the end of a dead end as we did. She staunchly resisted the three children. However, the globe in
country road, she felt compelled to suggestion that she sould reveal the which she traveled was viewed by many
. leave her automobile to enjoy the secret, even when the hypnotist as it made its passages toward Aljustrel
scenic view. She idly watched as a reminded her that her loyalty belonged on the 13th of each month from June to
round,' glowing bubble came into view to the human race, not aliens. The word October, 1917. Numerous witnesses
above the tops of adjacent trees. It was "aliens" as applied to the visitors in the saw the lighted ball hover near the
small in size, not more than a few inches bubble incensed her. She repeatedly children, viewed rainbow colors on the
in diameter, but as it floated toward her contended under hypnosis that they landscape and the crowd, noticed a
it rapidly expanded to an oval shape, were not alien, but "that it was all the dimming of the sun's light and an odd
approximately 6 feet across and 9 feet same". Later she explained that in her transparency of portions of the sky.
high. Behind the radiant, self- opinion, "all life is One". Also, many heard a'noise like a very
contained white glow were two vague The third case is well known to faint voice, similar to the buzzing of a
shadows which Ms. McBride stated most ufologists as "the miracle at bee, at the times when the Lady was
must have been living entities. They Fatima". Actually, it concerns a series apparently conversing with the child
gave her a message, "Do not be afraid." of events which took place near the witnesses.
(See figure B.) small village of Aljustrel, Portugal, It is interesting, in the sketchy
The message was telepathic, but between 1915-1917. The incidents outlines above, to see the contrast
superfluous, for Ms. McBride was which correlate with the two cases between globe-like UFOs with their
fascinated and excited. The "bubble" discussed above — and with other peaceful occupants, as contrasted to
floated very close to the ground just a similar cases which I have not space to other UFOs which appear as
few feet from her. She noticed "fins" on include — were the repeated complicated, structured craft complete
its surface which seemed composed of appearance of a beautiful "Lady" who with landing gear, antennae, control
the same glowing light. The fins stood five times communicated with three panels, and a vast variety of frightening
out 4 to 6 inches from the object's small peasant children. The Lady, who and/or intimidating occupants.
perimeter, but these gave no hint how introduced herself as being "from The simple globes with their
the object was propelled. Though the Heaven", each time journeyed into entities seem to have the following
object's path down from the sky had sight from the east in a luminous globe aspects in common: 1. They are visible
been seemingly propelled, its of light. Hovering each time just a few only to single or selected witnesses,
movement at all times was tranquil and feet from the three witnesses, the presumably at the will of the entities
silent. human-size entity was at all times themselves; 2. They are silent in transit,
Ms. McBride watched the object enclosed within the globe, which and their movements tranquil though
with curiosity and awe for some though glowing was also transparent. seemingly controlled; 3. There are no
minutes. Presently, she felt within The entity's features, form, and evidences of propulsive units or
herself that she was "intruding." She garments were extraordinarily radiant, guidance systems; 4. They are typically
returned to her car and backed out of and all seemed entirely composed of crystal clear or composed of pure white
the dead end road. As she drove away, light. : light; 5. The entities are of unclear form,
she saw the object still hovering near The three children were simple not recognizable as normal, material
the ground. The experience was peasants but possessed a metaphysical beings; 6. Messages are given the
somehow wiped from Ms. McBride"s view of creation and man's duties witnesses, some as "secrets," but all
consciousness. It was only when she toward a superior Being. The Lady communications are considered by the
was hypnotically regressed by Dr. W. reatedly urged them to "pray for the witnesses to be of vast importance to
C. McCall on March 24, 1976, in conversion of sinners". We might the human race; 6. In all cases, the
connection with another two-witness loosely interpret this as a philosophical witnesses were interested in
CE III encounter that the incident exhortation that all life should be metaphysical knowledge and shared
above was revealed. in accord. In addition, "secrets" were the general philosophy that "all life is
Oddly, Ms. McBride seems to have given the witnesses, which they refused One".
By W. Todd Zechel (Director of CAUS)

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy witnesses and/or participants in the Although the attorneys would not take
(CAUS), a nonpartisan, nonprofit incident. One officer is a retired USAF the suit on a pro bono basis (without
organization devoted to gaining the Colonel who reportedly was in charge charge), they did offer to handle it as a
release of all government-held UFO of securing the area during the recovery public interest action with reduced fees.
records and d i s t r i b u t i n g the operation. The Air Force has confirmed However, a retainer fee of $2,000 is
information to the UFOlogical that this individual was at the time of the required before the action can
community, plans to file a Freedom of incident serving as Provost Marshall commence, and additional funds will be
Information Act lawsuit against the (equivalent to Chief of Police) at required as the suit progresses.
U.S. Air Force. The suit will attempt to Carswell AFB, Texas. The other officer Considering the overwhelming
establish that the USAF (or elements is a retired Lt. Colonel who was success of the GSW suit against the
thereof) recovered a crashed extra- airborne at the time and was alerted to CIA (I initiated the suit in behalf of
t e r r e s t r i a l s p a c e c r a f t in the the object's intrusion of U.S. airspace GSW and CAUS Director of Research
Texas/Mexico border area in the late by radio reports over his plane's Brad Sparks drafted the discovery
1940's. scramble frequency. Subsequently, the motion and stipulation), CAUS now
Intent on striking while the iron is officer and a fellow pilot flew down over asks that the members of all UFO
hot, CAUS hopes to file the suit before the Texas/Mexico border in a light organizations join together and
December, when the Central plane, searching for the impact area contribute to this unprecedented effort
Intelligence Agency is scheduled to which had been plotted by radar to settle the UFO issue in court. Both
release a large number of documents operators who tracked the object's CAUS and the D.C. law firm feel there
related to UFOs as a result of the sudden disappearance off their scopes. is enough evidence to warrant a lawsuit
Ground Saucer Watch (GSW) FOIA In August, the Air Force made a to force disclosure of records related to
lawsuit against the CIA. CAUS took pro forma denial of the existence of the recovery of an extraterrestrial
over management of the GSW suit records related to the recovery of any vehicle with occupant. By compelling
earlier this year and, through discovery extraterrestrial device. An appeal was military officers and government
motion procedure and face-to-face filed to the Air Force denial, in officials to testify under oath about their
negotiations, succeeded in having the accordance with FOIA procedural knowledge of such an incident, CAUS
CIA search all of its components for guidelines, expressing our willingness submits that the reality of UFOs will be
UFO-related material under a to file an FOIA lawsuit should the denial irrefutably established. In using the
stipulation ordered by the U.S. District of records be the Air Force's official FOIA lawsuit procedure, the necessity
Court, Washington, D.C. position. .More recently, the Air Force of having advocacy hearings-such as
In August, the CIA notified me that stated it would not accept the appeal, those in the past is circumvented.
it had located "1,000 pages of additional since, according to USAF inter- Instead, there will be direct testimony
material related to UFOs," and was in pretation of the FOIA, it had not denied about specific events, and no amount of
the process of reviewing the documents us access to records, but had instead Air Force lobbying behind the scenes
for releasibility. Since then, the U.S. denied existence of such records, will have any effect on the outcome.
Attorney, speaking in behalf of the CIA, inferring that its response did not The GSW suit against the CIA,
has indicated upward of 10,000 UFO- require or make possible a suit to be about to realize almost total success,
related documents have been located in filed.. was brought about by the hard work
Agency files. At the same time, Since CAUS legal consultant Peter and sacrifices of a very small group of
however, the CIA, responding to an Gersten, an attorney with the concerned individuals. Charles Tucker
FOIA request asking specifically for prestigious New York law firm of helped get the suit off the ground with a
crashed saucer data, indicated that Rothblatt, Rothblatt, Seijas and Peskin, generous contribution of $1,000, and
such data would fall under Air Force is expected to be totally occupied with UFOlogy is forever indebted to him. Bill
purview and such data would have to be litigation against the CIA in December Spaulding has supplied funds in the
obtained from the USAF. and January, and perhaps beyond that, area of $2,000, ensuring the suit would
CAUS, in fact, had already filed an CAUS has contacted a highly continue. Peter Gersten has worked
FOIA request for crashed saucer respected Washington, D.C., law firm hundreds of hours, often at his own
records with theAir Force in July, listing whose attorneys have agreed to handle expense, drafting motions and
two retired Air Force officers as the Air Force/crashed saucer suit. complaints, and conducting research.
(continued on next page) \"J
(CAUS Lawsuit, continued) (Director's Message, Continued) Starlight International in Austin, Texas,
Yet UFOlogy in general has not Thomas, Liberty, Ky., who was one of the Center for UFO Studies in
responded, even though the outcome the ladies abducted in the Stanford, Ky. Evanston, Illinois, and GSW in
of the suit will have benefits for all case, as reported in the January 1977 Phoenix, Arizona. Peter Tomikawa was
groups and i n d i v i d u a l s . UFO issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. an advisor to the film crew and
researchers and buffs have been Plans are continuing for the UFO accompanied them to Austin.
content to sit back and allow a few men presentation to the Political Committee In addition to the outstanding news
to make all the effort and all the of the United Nations in New York City coverage of the 1978 MUFON UFO
sacrifices. on November 27, 1978, under the Symposium, an ad produced in both
While there are many theories auspices of the Honorable Eric Gairy, Japanese and English appears in the
regarding UFOs being espoused, and Prime Minister of Grenada. October issue of "UFOs and Space."
there are obvious ideological Even though we now have a The cover page is a replica of the cover
differences between some UFO- vacancy for State Director for New of the 1978 Symposium Proceedings
advocate groups, CAUS submits there Mexico, we are announcing the designed by Donald Tucker, MUFON
is a common thread which weaves appointment of Thad G. Fisher, 825 Staff Artist from Houston, Texas.
between us all and gives us a purpose to Calle Mejia #1134, Sante Fe, N.M. Incidentally, Mr. Tucker will be the
unite. That thread is the force which 82501 as State Section Director for Chairman for the 1980 MUFON
brought each of us to become Sante Fe County. Thad is an ardent Symposium to be held in Houston,
interested and involved with the photographer and field investigator. He Texas (actually near the NASA Space
subject: the overwhelming desire and is presently developing a good rapport Center in Clear Lake, Texas).
need to know the truth, tp search out with police and news agencies in his I would like to take this
the answers to a mystery which has area so that they will refer UFO sighting opportunity to thank Peter Tomikawa
such relevancy and significance to our reports to him for investigation. His for his outstanding writing and public
basic existence that it occludes any goal is to be called with adequate time relations on behalf of MUFON in
other problem. Simply filing lawsuits to photograph the UFO being Japan. Between the magazine "UFOs
against the government, or even reported. and Space" and the TV documentary,
winning these suits, won't necessarily The July issue of The MUFON MUFON is going to be well known not
solve the entire UFO mystery. Even if UFO Journal contained a brief synopsis only in Japanese UFO circles, but by
the existence of a crashed saucer is of the 1978 MUFON UFO Symposium the general public.
proved, much work will remain, in Dayton, Ohio on July 29 and 30,
including the continued investigation of 1978, at the Dayton Convention
UFO incidents. But, hopefully, our Center. Thanks to the beautiful and
immediate goal will soon be reached: timely reporting by Peter Tomikawa, 88
that goal is scientific recognition that Shoreview Drive, Apt. 2, Yonkers, N. Y. I Mark R. Herbstritt
UFOs exist and have serious 10710, the October 1978 edition of the
implications for mankind. If CAUS,
with the support and assistance of the
Japanese newsstand magazine, "UFOs
and Space" features the MUFON
UFOlogical community, can bring
about that recognition by forcing all
symposium and speakers in gorgeous
full color plus black and white Notes
evidence to be released, then it will photographs. A color photograph of
consider its mission accomplished. Major Donald Keyhoe and Peter THE SKY FOR OCTOBER 1978
At the moment it can be said, as Tomikawa graces the front cover with
Winston Churchill might say it, "Never "MUFON" spelled out in English. This Mercury — It is very poorly placed for
before have so few accomplished so featured article covers six pages. Peter observation.
much with so little." Your contributions has reviewed each of the speakers
and support can change that to: "Never presentations with photographs taken Venus — Early in the month it is visible
before have so many done so much to from the Proceedings plus his own very low in the southwest at sunset.
help the CAUS." superb photography. Two additional
Contributions may be sent c/o pages in the magazine contain a story Mars — In Libra, it is only about 10
MUFON Journal, 4418 39th St., about Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Another degrees above the southwestern
Brentwood, MD 20722, specifying the independent article by Shozo horizon at sunset.
funds are to be used for the FOIA Nakamura is a full page spread about
crashed saucer lawsuit. Make checks the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., and its Jupiter — In Cancer, it rises about
payable to CAUS/W. Todd Zechel. worldwide organization. midnight and is near the meridian at
During the month of October, a sunrise.
Japanese TV Network will show a UFO
documentary made in the United Saturn — In Leo, it rises about 3%
States when a film crew visited hours before the sun and is well up in
MUFON in Seguin, Texas, Project the east at sunrise.
Lucius Farish

In Others'Words

The August 22 issue of article on UFOs in its August issue. It SAUCERS: A MODERN MYTH OF
NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported on includes a recap of the Coyne THINGS SEEN IN THE SKIES by C.G.
the UFO flap which took place in the helicopter case from 1973, pro and con Jung (Princeton University Press,
Syracuse, N.Y., area during March and statements by John Acuff of NICAP, December); MESSENGERS OF
April of this year. The UFO and cattle Jennie Zeidman, Phillip Klass, and DECEPTION by Jacques Vallee
mutilation cases from the Elsberry, others. (And/Or Press, March 1979). The Jung
Mo., area are detailed in the August 29 PENTHOUSE for October has book is a paperback reprint of the
ENQUIRER. NASA official Charles another summary of the UFO subject, original edition which has been out of
Kubokawa is quoted as saying that presenting very little new material. print for some time.
UFOs represent a highly-advanced Other articles in this issue deal with
technology in the September 19 space and science-fiction themes.
ENQUIRER issue. This issue also tells The October issue of UFO
. of actor Edward Winter's UFO sighting REPORT has articles by Jerome Clark
while a . member of the Air Force. on a North Dakota abduction case, UFO NEWSCUPPING
Winter will have the leading role in the Larry Arnold on a Pennsylvania SERVICE
new episodes of TV's "Project U.F.6." "triangle," and other features on
series. "subterranean saucers," ancient
A report on the radar tracking of a monuments, etc. The usual mixture of The UFO NEWSCUPPING SERVICE
will keep you informed of all the latest
UFO at Florida's Pinecastle Electronic good, m e d i o c r e , a n d h i g h l y 'United States and World Wide UFO
Warfare Range is featured in the questionable material. . activity, as it happens! Our service was
August 22 issue of THE STAR. New Jerome Clark's update on the started in 1969, at which time we
UFO reports from the vicinity of Fort Travis Walton case in October FATE contracted with a reputable
Stewart, Georgia, are presented in the introduces the results of Psychological international newspaper-clipping
August 29 issue. The September 5 issue Stress Evaluator (PSE) tests which bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
reports on author Zecharia Sitchin's have been administered to Walton. If find UFO reports (i.e., little known
photographic cases, close encounter
theory that humans are hybrids of the PSE data can be believed (and that and landing reports, occupant cases)
extraterrestrials and terrestrial is still a topic of some controversy in and all other UFO reports, many of
apemen. Sitchin's theory is presented itself), no deception is indicated in which are carried only in small town or
in detail'"in his book, THE 12TH Walton's story. foreign newspapers.
PLANET. Those interested in possible UFO "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
The #11 issue of TRUE FLYING propulsion systems might like to obtain issues are 20page monthly reports,
SAUCERS & UFOs contains little of a booklet (in photocopy form) by K.W. r e p r o d u c e d by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,
interest, with most of the contents containing the latest United States and
Behrendt, UFO PROPULSION Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
being either rehash or material having SYSTEMS, O R I G I N S , AND our foreign section carrying the latest
no direct connection with the UFO PURPOSES. This is a technical analysis British, Australian, New Zealand and
subject. of UFO flight methods and includes other foreign press . reports. Also
The #4 IDEAL'S UFO MAGA- some quite interesting material on the included is a 3-5 page section of
ZINE is also a loser, as I strongly possibility of faster-than-light travel. "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
suspect that virtually all of its articles Copies may be obtained for $3.00 each other "monster" reports). Let us keep
are written by the same person using you informed of the latest happenings
from: Nova Enterprises, P.O. Box 890,
in the UFO and Fortean fields."
various pseudonymns. I would also be Elizabeth, NJ 07207. For subscription information and
willing to bet that 98% of the material in Forthcoming books of possible sample pages from our service, write
each issue is total fiction. I'd suggest interest include: WORLDS BEFORE today to:
you let it remain on the stands, OUR OWN by Brad Steiger (Putnam's,
ASTRONAUTS, and other insults to SIGHTINGS by Carl Sifakis (Drake, Route 1 — Box 220
the intelligence. October); THE UFO GUIDEBOOK by Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
The official Army magazine, Norman J. Briazack & Simon Mennick
SOLDIERS, has a fairly well-balanced (Citadel Press, Fall); FLYING

The May 1978 issue of THE areas of responsibility: Africa, Europe, father who was very well read on the
MUFON UFO Journal carried an Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Middle phenomenon. Bill and his wife will be
article titled "MUFON Information. East, Central America, South America, visiting in Argentina, leaving Los
Centers" and identified six of these and the Far East. The nations within Angeles on December 14,1978. He will
Centers where newspaper clippings, each of these areas is listed in this issue contact MUFON people in both
magazine articles, and other pertinent' of the Journal under a separate Buenos Aires and Rosario during his 2-
UFO information could be sent for heading. week vacation.
reproduction and distribution to At this time we are extremely During the 1978 MUFON UFO
MUFON Foreign Representatives. proud to announce the names of the Symposium, Jerold R. Johnson
Richard H. Hall, former International people who will start filling these reiterated his interest in becoming a
Coordinator and now Editor of the important posts. Our new International Continental Coordinator, where his
Journal, established the following Coordinator (a member of the MUFON Spanish language would be beneficial.
information centers: Africa: Mrs. Board of Directors) is Michael Sinclair, After November 15,1978, Mr. Johnson
Cynthia Hind; Australia: Keith 108 Isabella St., Apt. 1010, Toronto, will be residing at 3524 Greystone #194,
Basterfield; England: J.B. Delair; Ontario M4Y 1N6, Canada. Mike is one Austin, Texas 78731. Jerry or "Ron'? as
Germany: Illobrand von Ludwiger; of MUFON's early members, and has he likes to be called by his amateur
Japan: Jun-lchi Takanashi; and attended over half of our annual UFO radio friends, due to his call letters
Belgium and France: Jacques Bonabot." symposiums, since 1970. Educationally WA5RON, has been the MUFON State
Since Richard Hall became Editor speaking Mr. Sinclair has an M.A. in Amateur Radio Director for Texas and
of the Journal, his former position of Public Administration and will soon a Field Investigator since June 23,1973.
International Coordinator has been receive his Ph.D. in Educational He has a B.A. in Archeology from the
vacant. Dick was quick to recognize' Planning. Mike is presently employed University of Texas and is presently a
that one person could not properly.. as an economist. He is chairman and communications technician. Ron is
correspond with all of our Foreign^ editor of the UFO newsletter filling the post of Continental
Representatives, Consultants, and v "UFORUM" published by the U.F.O. Coordinator for Central America,
Research Specialists and provide the - Research Center in Toronto. which also includes Mexico and the
service and communications essential f . The ability to communicate in the islands in the West Indies. He has done
for these fine people to become an^ predominant languages is an essential several translations of UFO reports
integral part of the worldwide UFO asset for the Continental Coordinator from Spanish for Journal articles in the
n e t w o r k . He suggested and positions. Mr. William G. Hinrichsen, past.
recommended that competent people 25401 Via De Anza, Laguna Niguel, Additional Continental Coordina-
should be selected on each continent to^ California 92667 has volunteered to tors, working with Michael Sinclair, will
deal directly with our foreign ' serve as Continental Coordinator for be announced in the September issue
representatives. Mrs. Cynthia Hind South America. He was born and raised of the Journal. Anyone interested in
emphasized this important aspect (L in Argentina where he spent the first 20 volunteering for one of the open
during MUFON's Annual Corporate > years of his life. For the past 13 years, positions listed in this issue of the
Meeting in Dayton, Ohio on July 30, ;- Bill has been a resident and a U.S. Journal should state their credentials
1978: We have gone one step further citizen living in the United States. He and interest by writing to Michael
than to divide the world up into was formerly a pilot at the Argentine Air Sinclair, the International Coordinator,
continents, by extending our coverage Force Academy and still is a licensed or to Walter H. Andrus, Jr., the
to eight Continental Coordinators, pilot. Professionally, he is self International Director.
working under the guidance of our employed, providing accounting, taxes, John L. Warren, Consultant in
International Coordinator. This and management services to the Physics and former State Director for
distribution is not only geographically medical profession under the business New Mexico has moved from Los
a r r a n g e d , but it takes into name of Medicorp. He has been a Alamos, N.M. to 21723 Peachtree
consideration the language and cultural member of MUFON for 3 years. He first Road, Dickerson, Md. 20753.
aspects of the nations grouped became interested in the study of UFOs It is with regret that we
together. The Continental Coordin- when he was 14 years of age having acknowledge the passing of Mrs. Elaine
ators will have the following individual been introduced to the subject by his (continued on page 18)