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Undersea UFO Bases?

French Government UFO Study

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UFO discussions at the United Nations appear to have fizzled
out largely due to U.S. opposition to tackling the UFO problem. A
report is forthcoming from Peter Tomakawa who attended the
ANN DRUFFEL sessions. Any leadership that the U.S. may have had in the past now
Associate Editor appears to be on the wane, but other developments suggest that
LEN STRINGFIELD international interest may be increasing.
Associate Editor The French government report summarized in this issue gives
hope that a major nation may support new initiatives. There is also
Contributing Editor
an unconfirmed report that the British House of Lords will have a
debate on UFOs on January 118,1979. The recent landings in kuwait
WALTER H. ANDRUS have stirred up interest in the Arab world, and we expect to have a
Director of MUFON first-hand report from a scientist on the scene.
On the home front, the CIA has now released close to a
PAUL CERNY thousand pages of documents, but is withholding more recent
Promotion/Publicity information suggesting a continuing involvement on their part in
studying UFOs well into the 1970's. New developments on the
REV. BARRY DOWNING CAUS-GSW lawsuit will be reported as soon as available.
Religion and UFOs


Extraterrestrial Life

In this issue
By Joseph M. Brill
Landing Trace Cases


UFO Propulsion By Bruce S. Maccabee .
By Walt Andrus
Editor/Publishers Emeriti's By Keith Basterfield
published by the Mutual UFO NEW DATA ON 1954 EUROPEAN WAVE . . . . 16
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By Joseph M. Brill

(My most sincere thanks are extended to the subject six pages and touching on vary according to the species of
to Dr. Willard Armstrong of St. Louis, it in the final part of a chapter "which organisms involved, their concen-
Mo., for his translation from Spanish of treated other topics. In the second t r a t i o n in the sea, and the
the details of the cases presented in this edition, '"The Great Flying Saucer environmental factors that stimulate
article. Likewise, I would like to extend Mystery" (1966), he then dedicated all them to produce luminescence. One of
my gratitude to the Argentine research 18 pages of chapter eleven to it, which the most curious forms is the so-called
group E.D.O.V.N.I, of Rosario, for their he titled "Submarine Bases?" "phosphorescent wheel," charac-
cooperation in providing the needed Other investigators have recently terized by a circular configuration with
cases to document the idea presented collected his suggestions, bringing brilliant rays which are emitted from a
in the title of this article.) together other important, earlier works luminous nucleus. They are animated
on the problem to such a point that it all by rotational and translational motions
For some time, parallel with the leaves pne to" speculate that the that give them an unusual aspect. As
presence of UFOs, particular interest relationship between UFOs and the yet, its true origin is not known for
has been given to multiple aquatic ocean currently offers strong certain. For some individuals, a
manifestations which appear to be indications of having a real basis. combination of bioluminescence,
associated with the UFO phenomenon. Because of this, the marine facet should common waves, and optical illusion is
This singular aspect — as of yet not be included "in the content of the involved, but this is not a satisfactory
greatly examined — merits broader definitions of UFOlogy and of UFO. interpretation. The most accepted
consideration, especially since the The Condon Report did not theory speaks of an interference
proof of its reality would require the analyze any case referring to this aspect generated by the interaction of two or
complete modification of many of the phenomenon nor did it allude in more series of expanding, concentric
hypotheses that seek to explain the any way to the periodic occurrence of waves, derived f r o m seismic
problem, specifically those referring to these manifestations. The lack of phenomena and which would be made
temperature inversions, conventional consideration of the problem perhaps, visible by the stimulation of luminescent
bodies such as airplanes and balloons, may have been motivated by the plants at the points in which the
and meteorites in general. If, in reality, circumstance that the great majority of concentric circles of the two waves
the UFO phenomenon reveals itself existing cases did not have their genesis come into contact with each other. This
also in the water, entering into the sea in the United States coastal regions, would originate the radial effect typical
and emerging therefrom, the possibility but, rather in the Red Sea, the Persian of these wheels.
of accepting those theories is discarded Gulf, and the Indian and Atlantic According to the late author,
completely. The true investigation Oceans (particularly along the coast of Richard Turner, this explanation is
cannot resort to any type of euphemism Argentine Patagonia). In any case, the sufficient to appropriately explain the
in order to avoid a more thorough study advantage of a clarifying pronounce- marine observations of luminous
of this strange and phenomenal ment is clear. "discs" or "wheels," which move along
implication. the surface of the water (or below the
The Spanish UFO researcher, Marine Bioluminescence surface, we could speculate). One
Antonio Ribera — possibly influenced In order to appropriately indicate. could accept Turner's theory to'the
by Charles Fort — was the first the scope of the phenomenon, it is extent that, many famous incidents,
UFOlogist who brought together the obviously important to describe the such as those of the ships "Bulldog,"
majority of earlier studies on the marine characteristics of marine biolum- "Vulture;" and "Patna," correspond
implications of UFOs, suggesting that inescence, the production of light on completely to the characteristics of
— given that they are intelligent or the part of living plants and animals. such "wheels" but, his theory must be
intelligently controlled phenomena — it Thousands of these floating organisms rejected when extended to the totality
would not be unlikely that they make can be combined in the sea so as to of marine observations. ,
use of the ocean depths as operational produce the well-known effect of In 1967, when Richard Turner
bases. In his first book, "Unknown "phosphorescence," a term which wrote his notable article for a British
Objects in the Sky" (1961), Ribera entails, an appreciable number of publication .(Flying Saucer Review,
presented this hypothesis, dedicating different, luminous manifestations that Sept.-Oct. 1967) he ignored numerous
(continued on next page) 3
(Argentina, continued)
events, among them, several from the direction of Argentine terrority. the presumed shipwrecked sailors in a
South America, which reduced Some 15 days later, also at night 5-mile circle, being assisted in their
considerably the scope of application of and when he was between Rio Gallegos mission by another tanker-ship, the
his theories. Proof of this is that in the and the city of Santa Cruz (in the "San Antonio".
list of incidents which he provided none neighborhood of Puerto Coyle, in the In the afternoon of the following
of the Atlantic observations of recent province of Santa Cruz) a similar day the Norwegian ship "Sumber"
years were included, when it was these phenomenon occurred. This time, arrived at the port, whose captain sent
— among others — which would refute although he could not determine the to the Subprefecture a report as
his own theories. Some of those events exact distance from the coast, four follows: "Yesterday — at approxi-
are included in this article and they small luminous objects came up out of mately 9:00 PM — while we were
prove — to my understanding — that the waters of the Atlantic. They sailing toward your port, we observed
the UFO phenomenon seems to be repeated the same maneuver as the the fall of what appeared to be a
curiously linked to aquatic media. From previous object; that is, they gained meteorite or small comet. It was
its study, I can draw no other, more altitude vertically arid then in perfect travelling in a northeasterly direction,
valid conclusion. formation approached the coastline HORIZONTALLY toward the earth. It
and moved off towards the west, in the was emitting a luminosity which — at
Atlantic Manifestations direction of the Andes Mountains. times — became intense." The position
The oldest Argentine case is that These observations of veritable of the ship was close to that of the
concerning Sr. Romeo Ernesto Suarez luminous fleets seem to constitute a "Cazador" so that one could assume
which occurred in June 1950. This quite frequent event in the Patagonian that from the "Sumber" the presumed
individual was employed as a driver in region of 'Argentina (approximately signal flare was sighted as was indicated
the fire department at Ushiiaia, Capital from the 40th parallel on to the south). by the former ship (the signal flare lights
of Tierra del Fuego, when he decided to In August 1962, for example, Sr. describe a parabola and their trajectory
undertake a long journey, on foot from Vincente A. Bordoli, a truck driver is never horizontal).
this city to Buenos Aires, which he based in Mar del Plata .(province of Several small boats from the
succeeded in completing in 5 months Buenos Aires), reported 'to the police Subprefecture and other boats
and 14 days, after travelling practically that in the south along National Route conducted an extensive search in order
4,000 kilometers. 3, which follows the Atlantic coast of to determine the position of the fishing
The majority of Argentine Argentina, he together with his son boats which operate in that zone since
newspapers carried accounts of this Hugo had observed a strange, brilliant it was feared that one of them had been
journey, including the various troubles formation which —.periodically — shipwrecked, but the search did not
and problems which he had to entered the Gulf of San Matias uncover any sign of such a mishap. Two
overcome but, what he did not relate at' (province of Rio Negro) and afterward months later this same Gulf of San
that time, through fear of ridicule, he emerged climbing up into the sky and Jorge was the scene of yet another
revealed in 1968 due to growing interest disappeared. phenomenon of similar outline. An
shown by offical Argentine groups in individual known and respected for his
the consideration of the UFO The Phenomenon In honesty, who requested that his name
phenomenon. According to Suarez, 4 The Gulf of San Jorge not be revealed, reported that on
or 5 days after his departure from A bit more disconcerting was an September 30, 1964, while he was
Ushuaia, he was between San episode of singular charateristics which driving at night to the city of Comodora
Sebastian and Rio Grande (still within occurred on July 28,1964, in the Gulf of Rivadavia coming from Caleta Oliva, he
the territory of Tierra del Fuego) and San Jorge (between the provinces of saw appear at the edge of the city some
was walking through a coastal region Chubut and Santa Criz), At 9:24 PM strange objects (3 or 4) that described
about 600 meters from the Atlantic the Subprefecture of Puerto Madryn .parabolas and descended one after
Ocean. It was approximately 11:00 PM. received a radio-telegraph message another into the sea. The unusual
Suddenly and breaking the nocturnal from the tanker-ship of Argentine flag spectacle caused the witness to stop his
silence, he heard something similar to a "Cazador". The captain reported the vehicle sp as to carefully observe the
loud noise of water violently disturbed. following: flames which the objects were leaving
Several sheep, who were sleeping in a "At 9:10 PM a signal flare light was as they passed.
field, jumped up alarmed and hurriedly sighted. It began to circle around the After resuming his journey and
ran away. There was no wind, storm, or area, while voices around the ship were having travelled some distance from the
thunderstorm that might have heard. We are at 45 degrees 56 minutes initial point of observation, he noticed
explained the event. Immediately a 6 seconds south latitude and 64 degrees other luminous objects — or perhaps
luminous object of oval form appeared 0 minutes 0 seconds west longitude. the same objects — emerge from the
emerging from the sea about 500 The voices are not localized. My ship surface of the water and then circle
meters from the shore. It rose up does ^not have radar". Shortly around at a dizzy speed, and within an
vertically to a certain altitude and then afterward, the tanker-ship "Cazador" outline of shining light again climb up
made a turn of ninety degrees and again confirmed its position and and finally disappear into the sky.
disappeared towards the northeast in communicated that it was searching for
More Recent Cases Quequen (Necochea), about 120 , these sort of manifestations around the
One of the most recent cases of kilometers to the south of the point of world, it is important to bear in mind
UFO observations with marine observation by the Benitez men. Also, that this region has been an area of
implications occurred July 11,1968. On four neighbors driving along Costanera continuing observations of this sort
that day, Sr. Raul L. Benitez and his son Avenue sighted the phenomenon. First throughout the years.
Ricardo were driving at 15 minutes past seen opposite the bathing beach
midnight, after having stopped to eat approximately 800 meters on a straight ; Conclusions ^
supper at a downtown restaurant in line from the municipal promenade, the These events consitute real
Mar del Plata. As they were driving object moved off 750 meters to the evidence for a little-known aquatic
along on Maritimo Boulevard on starboard side and stopped at 100 aspect of the UFO phenomenon. The
arriving at Duro Avenue, Ricardo — meters altitude. Its shape was oval and scientific theories that attempt to
who was looking at the ocean — it was extremely luminous. From its interpret the UFO phenomenon in
noticed a luminosity approaching at a underside, it gave off a strong cone- normal terms suffer a rude reversal
high rate of speed from the sky. He shaped beam of light of green and viojet when confronted with such significant
pointed it out to his father, who stopped color, which illuminated the sea in a events, many of which have by chance
the auto in order to observe the diameter of about 40 meters. Then, this involved experienced men of the sea.
phenomenon in greater detail but, since light cone was retracted back to the The speculation of Richard Turner,
it was hidden by the pier and the object and it moved off at terrific speed. a t t e m p t i n g to e x p l a i n these
Altamar pastry shop, they returned to The entire incident took place within a m a n i f e s t a t i o n s in t e r m s of
their vehicle and drove back toward matter of a couple of minutes. "phosphorescent wheels" produced by
Belgrano street, where they again Although there was no submersion bibluminescence, are inapplicable in
observed it. It remained stationary, of this phenomenon, several of its the totality of the cases presented here.
emitting a brilliant luminosity. At that characteristics presumably were It would be ridiculous to presume that
point they observed a second luminous related with the sighting of the Benitez those "wheels" might arise from the
object approach from the south arriving men. Among them should be noted the ocean surface and be lost in space.
rapidly at the place where the first short distance between Mar" del Plata Only a certain degree of optical illusion
object was located. There it remained and Necochea (120 kilometers), the wpuld be acceptable, characterized by
stationary for a few minutes. Then, short distance in time between the two an aerial displacement of a few
together, both objects began an observations (less than one hour), as centimeters above the surface of the
extremely rapid flight away to the north well as the curious projection of a water, but never.ascents that could be
and were lost from sight. The Benitez luminous beam of light toward the sea measured in meters.
men left immediately toward La Perla (a "as though searching for something," The question of whether there are
little farther to the north) then stopped according to the statement of Captain underwater bases off the Argentine
100 meters beyond the monument to Boveda. coast remains a very strong possibility
Alfonsina Storni, where the two. lights Another incident recorded in and one which I believe should be
were observed making strange Argentina regarding this aspect of the examined and researched in much
evolutions. They stopped, then moved UFO problem occurred on May 31, greater depth. I would hope that serious
on, retracing the route from the north 1971, and had for its principal witness UFOlogists would undertake such a
and then approached the coast. There, the psychologist Zulema Bruno,, who project to determine if in fact such ideas
they could clearly see that the lights had stated to the press that on that day as underwater bases for UFOs are. a
a disc shape with a diameter while driving along the Pinamar coast fact and not just a theory.
comparable to a full moon. These (Buenos Aires province), he observed
objects appeared to be rotating around coming out of the Atlantic Ocean a
an axis while emitting reddish and blue- strange object with the form of a
violet light. Their speeds were at times flattened top that was rotating around a MUFON AMATEUR-
greater than that of a jet airplane. axis and emitting orange-colored rays
One of the objects descended and of light. It accompanied his auto for RADIO NETS
submerged into the sea, while the other about 300 meters and then at a dizzy
object remained in the air at a low speed made a turn and climbed up
altitude, after which it suddenly quickly until it was lost from sight. '
disappeared as if it had extinguished its There are other similar cases many SATURDAY: 40 meters, 7237 KHZ.
lights. of which have occurred off the coast • ' . ' " 0700 (COST)
Less than one hour after that near and around Bahia Blarica Net Control-N1JS
incident, at 1:05 AM, another UFO was throughout recent years. Some serious
observed by Captain Jorge Alberto UFO organizations in Argentina have 75 meters, 3975 KHZ,
Boveda, radio operator Manuel Jorge stated the possibility of underwater . 0800(CbST)
Fontini and helmsman Manuel Silva, of UFO bases off the coast of their Net Control~WA9ARG
the Argentine ship "Rio Grande" which country. Although this is not the only
was anchored in the outer bay at Puerto coastal region that has experienced

"Presentation to the Scientific Poher. Poher has now resigned, feeling (The folowing story appeared in the
Counsel of G.E.P.A.N. of Studies that he has done everything he could do Buenos Aires, Argentina Herald,
Undertaken During the First with the methods at hand. Nonetheless, September 24,1978. Submitted by Jane
Semester of 1978," (June 1978, 5 the organization has not been Thomas.)
volumes, approximately 500 pages). disbanded but. continues its work.
During 1977, it was largely concerned UFO "Gives Rally Car a Lift."
This report of the .French with checking Poher's statistics, which Bahia Blanca.-Two Chilean stragglers
governmental UFO study group it approved.2 During 1978, it has in the international "Round South
GEPAN1 documents the studies expanded, its operation into the America" motor rally claim they had an
carried out by the group during the first investigation of actual cases. It is encounter with an unidentified flying
part of 1978. Three special groups alerted to actual cases by teletype by object (UFO) on their way here. Carlos
(rapid intervention, physical traces, the Gendarmerie, the French national Acevedo, who was accompanied by
radar alert) were created as part of the police force. The above report has Angel Moya, said that some 30
study group's functions, but they were reportedly been approved by GEPAN's kilometers from Viedma he saw in his
tittle used during 1978. Instead, the bulk supervisory scientific counsel. rear mirror a bright light he at first
of work was devoted to 11 cases of high Note: the original report was thought was from a lorry, but he judged
credibility and high strangeness. Eleven limited to 120 or 140 copies and was it was travelling at about 300 kilometers
such cases were studied in great detail; secret. It is not available for general an hour.
only one proved to have a conventional dissemination, and in any case is in The light completely enveloped his
explanation. In the other 10, it appeared French. There is extensive coverage in car, whose lights went out and motor
that the distance between the witnesses the report of the Teheran case, but stopped. Acevedo said the vehicle was
and the objects was less than 250 nothing beyond what is known to then lifted off the ground. Both he and
meters. Of the five volumes of the American researchers; it was not one of his companion were unable to make
report, three were entirely devoted to the eleven cases studied, all of which any movements while in this bubble of
analysis of these 11 cases, all except were in France. light. The car went through the air for
one of which was pre-1978. The earliest about 15 kilometers after which it was
was 1966. Two of the cases were deposited gently by the side of the road.
humanoid sightings. 'Group d'Etudes Des Phenomenes Aero On examining the tank of their car,
The analysis and investigation was spatiaux Non-Identifiees Acevedo found it almost empty
carried out by a four-person team in Although it did study two nocturnal light cases, although it had nearly 400 liters of petrol
both of which ended up labelled "unidentified".
each case; the team included a (Submitted by Ron Westrurh.) : when it met the UFO. The two drivers
psychologist, who separately carried insisted on having a policeman as
out a psychological examination passenger the rest of the way to Bahia
relevant to the evaluation of the Blanca (NA).
testimony of the witnesses. The care CHINA NOTES UFOs
with which distances, angles, and November 15, 1978. The Mcanichi
psychological factors were evaluated Shinbun, Tokyo, Japan,
makes the bulk of the Condon Report
seem very poor by comparison. In
many cases, the investigations were (Peking, Nov. 14, AFP^JIJI) Is
textbook models of how such China going to have a UFO boom in the NEW CAUSE ADDRESS
investigations should be carried out. near future? The Jenmin Jih Pao, the
In 10 of the 11 cases, the official Communist Party newspaper, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy has
conclusion was that the witnesses had had the first UFO article in Chinese established a new Washington, D.C.,
witnessed a material phenomenon that history on November 14 entitled "UFO, area address to pursue the CIA lawsuit
could not be explained as a natural the unsolved mystery," with a UFO and is laying the groundwork for a
phenomenon or a human device. One photo and various UFO sighting follow-up lawsuit against the Air Force,
of the conclusions of the total report is reports. In this article, the reporter in its continuing effort to pry loose
that behind the overall phenomenon wrote that UFO studies have 30 years' significant government documents on
there is a "flying machine. . . whose history since 1948 when the U.S. Air UFOs. Contributions may be sent to:
modes of sustenance and propulsion Force started the special UFO Center
are beyond our knowledge." (sic), and now UFO studies are done CAUS
GEPAN was created in 1977, earnestly in Japan and the USSR also. P.O. Box 4743
under the direction of Dr. Claude (Submitted by Peter Tomakawa) Arlington, VA 22204
. , .. By Bruce S. Maccabee
(Copyright Bruce S. Maccabee, 1978)

• Recapitulation. About two dum Number 4" which was specifically copies, the State department received
weeks after Kenneth Arnold's sighting directed toward obtaining information 5, and the Air Force Director of
on June 24,1947 (a day that will live in on flying discs for the AF. In March 1949 Intelligence got 5. There are a few
infamy?), a top man in the Army Air the FBI issued a restatement of its scrawled initials on the FBI copy which
Force Intelligence, General G. F. policy toward UFOs with the added suggest that someone might have read
Schulgen, contacted the FBI and suggestion that if anyone should it, but the report probably did not make
requested that the FBI interview many volunteer information, the FBI agent much of an impact on the FBI, even
of the first people who reported flying involved should try to obtain the though it was at least one of the most
discs to determine whether or not any information requested by the AF in credible, if not the most credible report
of the reports could have been results "Memorandum Number 4". During which the FBI had received up to that
of attempts at subversion. Gen. 1949 the FBI received (and passed on to time. The report outlined three
Schulgen said the AF was doing all it the AF) some UFO cases: The FBI also sightings of unidentified objects by
could to discover the cause of flying obtained some information about the enlisted and commissioned Navy
discs and didn't want to leave any green fireball investigation that was personnel in the vicinity of Kodiak,
possibilities unexplored. J. Edgar carried on under the name Project Alaska.
Hoover agreed to investigate under Grudge. . The sightings took place during the
certain restrictions, so from August 1 to The FBI-UFO Connection in mornings of 22 and 23 January, 1950.
October 1, 1947, the agents were 1950. If the 1948-49 time period was the The report referred to enclosures
authorized to investigate flying disc "dark ages" for FBI involvement with which contained verbatim accounts,
reports. During this period of time the UFOs, then 1950 was a year of airplane track data, and weather and
AF concluded that UFOs were real "renaissance". The year started with a balloon data. A p p a r e n t l y the
objects, as indicated by papers found in "bang" in January when the Navy sent enclosures were not sent to the FBI.
the FBI file and by a letter written by the FBI a report of several sightings Since the copy I received from the FBI
Gen. N.F. Twining, and the FBI including a radar-visual from Alaska, was partially illegible, and since I did not
concluded that UFO reports were not and continued with "green fireball" (and receive copies of the enclosures, I
connected in any way with subversion, "disklike variation") sightings, ending attempted to locate an original copy by
although some reports were hoaxes or with a small concentration over Oak appealing directly to the Navy. After a
pranks. Ridge, Tennessee, in December. Also "paper chase" lasting about 3 months I
The FBI ended its formal during 1950 Hoover asked the Air obtained a completely legible copy of
investigation in October 1947 for Force what it thought flying saucers the report, less the enclosures, but
reasons which have been described in were and got the standard non-answer including the comments of official Navy
earlier installments of this series. After (i.e., most of the reports can be investigators who tried to explain the
October 1947 the agents were explained and the Air Force is not sightings! I have been informed that the
supposed to avoid UFO investigations investigating). Somewhat later in 1950 enclosures, if they exist, are probably in
and to pass any information that they the FBI received another request for the uncatalogued records of a no-
might receive to the nearest Air Force Flying Disk information from the Air longer-existing research group known
Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) Force. All of this information for 1950 as "Op322F2". However, even without
office. The FBI received little and 1951 will be presented in this and the enclosures the summaries within
information on UFOs during 1948, but the following installments of this series. the report are sufficiently detailed to
in 1949 the interest in flying objects I will begin with the Alaska sightings, indicate that something unusual was in
increased sharply with the onset of which I will describe completely since the Alaska skies in February
"green fireball" incidents in the they have never before been published 1950.64 '
southwestern U.S.A. Also early in 1949 (to my knowledge) and since they are CONFIDENTIAL INTELLI-
a "confidential source" told the FBI that not in the Blue Book file. GENCE REPORT ISSUED BY
the AF thought UFOs were manmade On April 24,1950, the FBI received THE INTELLIGENCE DIV-
objects, perhaps utilizing nuclear from the ONI (Office of Naval ISION OFFICE OF CHIEF OF
propulsion. Investigation - now the Naval NAVAL OPERATIONS NAVY
In February 1949 the FBI received Investigative Service) a copy of a report DEPARTMENT
a prototype sighting form entitled "Air on flying discs. The FBI was not alone in DATE OF REPORT: 10 Feb. 1950
Intelligence Requirements Memoran- receiving copies — the CIA got 8 (continued on next page)
(FBI, Continued) 2. b) At some time between 0200 and Squadron One .were conducting the
'PLACE: Kodiak, Alaska 0300W, Morgan, .BMC, USN, was Kodiak Security Patrol and sighted an
SOURCE: Official U.S. Navy standing watch on board the USS unidentified object. At the time of the
SUBJECT: UNIDENTIFIED Tillamock (ATA 192), which was sighting the aircraft in which those
PHENOMENON IN VICINITY anchored in the vicinity of buoy 19 in o f f i c e r s were embarked was
OF KODIAK, ALASKA the main ship channel. Morgan approximately 62 miles south of
EVALUATION: A-2 reported sighting a "very fast moving Kodiak. The object appeared to be on
BRIEF: A report of sighting of red glow light, which appeared to be of an ascending westerly course, and was
unidentified airborne objects, by exhaust nature, seemed to come from in sight for ten minutes. During this
various nala personnel, on 22 and 23 the southeast, moved clockwise in a period the object was observed by
January 1950, in the vicinity of Kodiak, large circle in the. direction of and Lieutenants Causer and Barco, and
Alaska, is contained herein. around Kodiak and returned but in a Paulson, ADI, plane captain. At no
ENCLOSURES: (these were not generally southeast direction."Morgan time was radar contact made on the
obtained with the copies I received — called Carver, QM1, USN, also on object. Lt. Causer was unable to close
BSM) 1. Enclosures (1), (2), and (4) are watch, to observe this object, and they the object at 170 knots (about 196 mph;
completed forms suggested by both witnessed the return flight. No during 10 minutes the plane could travel
Commander in Chief, Alaskan odor or sound was detected, and the about 32 statute miles).
Command, Fort Richardson, Alaska object was described to have the
for the reporting of sighting of appearance of a ball of fire about one 2. e) The objects sighted have been
unidentified objects. (These enclosures foot in diameter. described as follows:
were filled out by Smith, Morgan, 1) To Lt. Smith and crew it
Carver, and Barco.) Enclosure (3) is a 2. c) At 220440W (4:40 A.M.), appeared as two orange lights
sketch of radar interference conducting routine Kodiak security rotating about a common center,
experienced in aircraft piloted by Lt. patrol, Lt. Smith reported a visual "like two jet aircraft making slow
Smith. Enclosure (5) is a track chart of sighting of an unidentified airborne rolls in tight formation". It had a
aircraft in which Lt. Barco was object at a radar range of 5 miles, on the wide speed range.
embarked when he sighted unidentified starboard bow (i.e., simultaneous 2) To Morgan and Carver it
object. Enclosure (6) contains radar-visual observation!), This object appeared as a reddish orange ball
statements by Morgan and Carver showed indications of great speed on of fire about one foot in diameter,
relative to their sighting. Enclosure (7) the radar scope. The trailing edge of the travelling at a high rate of speed.
is a copy of Lt. Barco's statement and blip gave a tail like indication, (i.e., the 3) To Causer, Barco, and Paulson
enclosure (8) is a summary of weather blip was smeared because the object it appeared to be a pulsating
and balloon release information. was moving noticeably during the time orange yellow projectile shaped
that the radar beam swept by it). At this flame, with regular period of
2.. A summary of the information time Lt. Smith called attention of all pulsation on 3 to 5 seconds, off 3 to
contained in enclosure (1) through (8) crew members to the object. An 5 seconds. Later, as the object
follows: estimated ten seconds later, the object increased the range the pulsation
was directly overhead, indicating a appeared to increase to on 7 to 8
, a) At 220240W (Jan 22. at 2:40 speed of 1800 mph. Lt. Smith climbed seconds and off 7 to 8 seconds.
A-M.) Lt. Smith, USN, patrol plane to intercept and attempted to circle to
commander of P2V3 No. 4 of Patrol keep the object in sight. He was unable 3. A check with the Navy Weather
Squadron One reported an unidentified to do this, as the object was too highly Central, Kodiak, Alaska revealed that
radar contact 20 miles north of the maneuverable. Subsequently the balloons were released at the following
Naval Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska. object, appeared to be opening the times:
When this contact was first made, Lt. range, and Smith attempted to close 22 January - 0445W and 2200 W,
Smith was flying the Kodiak Security the range. The object was observed to approximately (i.e.,
Patrol. At 0248W (2:48 A.M.), 8 minutes open out somewhat, then to turn to the 4:45 A.M. and 10:00
later a radar contact was made on an left and come up on Smith's quarter. P.M.)
object 10 miles southeast of NAS, Smith considered this to be a highly 23 January-0400 W, approximately
Kodiak. Lt. Smith checked with the threatening gesture, and turned out all
control tower to determine known the lights in the aircraft. (Perhaps Smith 4. On 23 January winds aloft at 1000
traffic in the area, and was informed thought the object couldn't see in the feet were reported at 0400W as from
that there was none. During this period dark and had no radar?) Four minutes 310° (i.e., from northwest) at 36 knots
the radar operator, Gaskey, ALC, USN later the object disappeared from view (41 mph), and at 2000 feet, from 240°
reported i n t e r m i t t e n t radar in a southeasterly direction. (west-southwest) at 37 knots, while the
interference of a type he had never object was reported to be on an
before experienced (See enclosure (3)). 2. d) At 230435W (Jan. 23 at 4:35 A.M.), ascending, westerly course (i.e., into
Contact was lost at this time, but the day following Lt. Smith's sighting, the wind).
intermittent interference continued. Lt. Causer and Lt. Barco of Patrol

' COMMENT: In view of the fact notations which give us some idea of two years of investigation over three-
that no weather balloons were known the way V2C approached these fourths of the incidents regarding flying
to have been released within a reports. Next to paragraphs 2.a,b, & d saucers proved to be misidentifications
reasonable time before the sightings, it are the notations "A/C?" which stand of a wide variety of conventional items
appears that the object or objects were for "Aircraft?" However, next to such as- lighted weather balloons and
not balloons (bravo! — BSM). If not paragraph 2.c there is simply the other air-bome objects.
balloons the objects must be regarded notation "?", which suggests that the Colonel pointed out that the
as phenomena, possibly meteorites radar-visual sighting that included a Commanders of the various areas are
(sic), the exact nature of which could chase by the aircraft involved (Lt. charged with the security of those
not be determined by this office. Smith) completely stumped the areas. Reports concerning flying
"experts". Perhaps within the inner saucers received at this time will be
This concludes the report of the souls of the persons who viewed this investigated by the Area Commander
Alaska sightings as received from the report there was a glimmer of the truth and his report submitted to the Air
FBI. Parenthetical statements and — "flying saucers exist." But who Force Intelligence Division as an
emphasis in the above sentences have would dare make such a statement in intelligence item.
been added by myself. From the Naval an official document at a time when the Major and Lieutenant
Historical Center I received the above Air Force had "proven" that flying Colonel made the observation
summary and also the official Navy saucer reports, or at least most of that many of the reported sightings of
analysis. The analysis was carried out them, can be explained away? Perhaps flying saucers at this time appear to be
by two groups, apparently OP322F2 had something besides Navy an outgrowth of recent magazine
independently. Neither group had very radar interference problems in mind articles. They reiterate that the Air
enlightening things to say. The official when he (they) wrote at the end of the Force is conducting no active
opinion of OP322F2 was: statement, "These reports are always investigation to determine whether
of interest." flying saucers exist or what they might
"Many of the previous reports of No Active Investigation. At least be.
radar interference tend to indicate local that's what the Air Force told Mr. You will recall that the
interference (generated within the Hoover according to a memorandum investigation of flying saucers was
aircraft). This looks more like external that was wirtten about a month before discontinued by the Bureau in October
interference from sources outside the the Alaska report reached FBI 1947, in order that the Air Force could
aircraft than previous reports, though it headquarters. In the latter part of take over such investigations."
is far from conclusive. These reports March 1950, Mr. Hoover decided to
are always of interest." find out what the Air Force opinion on The student of ufology will
"flying saucers" was. The answer to his recognize the standard Air Force
The official opinion of OP322V2C was: request is contained in a memorandum technique'for reducing the importance
"The possibi'/i'fy exists that from Mr. Ladd to Mr. Hoover, dated of UFO reports in the mind of the
incidents covered by para. 2. a,b, & d March 28, 1950:65 reader: first point out that most reports
might be jet aircraft; however, there is can be explained, and then point out
insufficient intelligence to definitely "Reference is made to your inquiry that the Air Force is not sufficiently
identify the unidentified objects as on the attached routing slip: interested to carry out a research
aircraft. Several reports of similar radar 'Just what are the facts re 'flying project to study UFOs ("flying
interference have been received from saucers'? A short memo as to saucers"). The Major and the
DIO/17ND. It is possible that this is whether or not it is true or just Lieutenant Colonel did not directly
interference from another radar in the what Air Force, etc. think of them' answer Hoover's questions about the
vicinity, malfunctioning of components In response to your inquiry, "facts re flying saucers" and what the
within the radar set or both." Special Agent obtained the Air Force was thinking about them.
following information today (3/28/50) They merely stated their answers in
(Note: DIO/17ND is'the intelligence from Major and Lieutenant such a way that would lead Hoover to
unit of the 17th Naval District which Colonel of Air Force Intelligence. believe that the Air Force was taking no
included Alaska.) The Air Force discontinued their further interest in flying saucers
intelligence project to determine what because most reports (with the
Notice that the explanations flying saucers are the latter part of last implication that all reports) could be
offered by F2 ignored the visual year. They publically announced to the explained. One notes in this document
sightings completely. V2C tried to offer press in December 1949, that the some of the first evidence of the effects
explanations for the visual and radar project had been discontinued. They of "self-brainwashing" that the Air
sightings for paragraphs 2. a,b, and d advised that the press release had been Force had been carrying out ever since
above. However, V2C "choked" when concurred in by the Army and Navy. late 1948: Flying Saucers couldn't exist,
it came to 2.c. In the margin of the copy The reason for the discontinuance, and therefore they don't. All reports
of the report which I received from the according to Major arid must be misidentifications, hoaxes,
Naval Historical Center there are Lieutenant Colonel was that after (continued on next page)
(FBI, Continued) resembling meteoric material moving at 1950, that the unexplained green
publicity stunts, etc. By 1950 the high velocity and varying in color. fireballs and discs are still observed in
"underlings" in the Air Force The above phenomena have been the vicinity of sensitive military and
apparently believed that their reported to vary in color from brilliant Government installations."
predecessors in 1947, 1948, and" 1949 white to amber, red, and green.
had solved the UFO mystery by Since 1948, approximately 150 "Results of Air Force Investigation:
proving, that all UFO reports could be observations of aerial phenomena The Air Force together with Land-
explained. In following years (and even referred to above have been recorded Air, Incorporated, have established a
to today in 1978) the effects of Air Force in the vicinity of installations in New number of observation posts in the
self-brainwashing are evident: the Air Mexico. A number of observations vicinity of Vaughn, New Mexico, for the
Force still does not admit the possibility have been reported by different purpose of photographing and
that UFOs are anything unusual individuals at approximatey the same determining the speed, height, and
despite "mountains" of evidence, much time." nature of the unusual phenomena
of which is within the Air Force Blue referred to as green fireballs and discs.
Book file, which point to new "Results of an Inquiry by Professor On May 24, 1950, personnel of Land
phenomena. Lincoln La Paz: Air, Incorporated, sighted 8 to 10
Continued Appearance of Lincoln La Paz, Institute of objects of aerial phenomena (emphasis
Unexplained Phenomena. Consider- Meteorics, University of New Mexico, by present author). A 24-hour day
ing the apparent lack of interest in UFO submitted an analysis of the various watch is being maintained and has been
reports by the Air Force, as expressed observations on May 23, 1950. He designated "Project Twinkle".
in Mr. Ladd's memorandum to Hoover, concluded, as a result of his
Mr. Ladd was probably surprised to investigation, that approximately half of "Conclusions:
receive in August 1950 the following the phenomena recorded were of The Albuquerque office, in a letter
memorandum (see also reference 66): meteoric origin. The other phenomena dated August 10, 1950, advised that
"Subject: Summary of Aerial commonly referred to as green fireballs there have been no new developments
Phenomena in New Mexico or discs he believed to be U.S. guided in connection with the efforts to
Purpose: To advise that: (1) OSI missiles being tested in the ascertain the identity of the strange
has expressed concern in connection neighborhood of the installations. aerial pehomena referred to as green
with the continued appearance of (Note by present author: the report fireballs and discs. The Albuquerque
unexplained phenomena described as referred to here is in the FBI file. It lists Office advised that, , Project
green fireballs, discs and meteors 209 observations from January 19, Engineer, had been informed of the
(emphasis by present author) in the 1948, through May 1,1950. About 45 of Bureau jurisdiction relative to
vicinity of sensitive installations in New these are identified as "disc or espionage and sabotage and
Mexico. (2) Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, Meteor variation".) La Paz pointed out that if he arrangements have been made so that
Expert of the University of New were wrong in interpreting the the Bureau will be promptly advised in
Mexico, reported that the phenomena phenomena as originating with U.S. the event additional information
does not appear to be of meteoric guided missiles that a systematic relative to this project indicates any
origin. (3) OSI has contracted with investigation of the observations should jurisdiction on the part of the Bureau.
Land-Air Inc., of Alamogdrdo, New be made immediately. La Paz pointed Action: None. The above is for your
Mexico, to make scientific study of the out that missiles moving with velocities information."
unexplained phenomena. of the order of those found for the green
Nature of Phenomena: Observa- fireballs and discs could travel from the The above FBI document indicates
tions of aerial phenomena occurring Ural region of the USSR to New Mexico that the Air Force was indeed very
within the vicinity of sensitive in less than 15 minutes. He suggested worried about "fireballs and discs"
installations have been recorded by the that the observations might be of despite the public pronouncements of
Air Force since December 1948. The guided missiles launched from bases in non-interest. It is interesting to note
phenomena have been classified into 3 the Urals. that "Project Twinkle" was set up to
general types which are identified as On the basis of the investigations study discs as well as fireballs. The
follows: made by La Paz and the Air Force, it document which contained Dr. La
1) Green fireballs, objects moving was concluded that the occurrence of Paz's summary of May 23,1950, is itself
at high speed in shapes resembling half the unexplained phenomena in the quite interesting, as are the comments
moons, circles, and discs emitting vicinity of sensitive installations was a by Dr. La Paz. The document begins
green light. cause for concern. The Air Force with a letter from Lt. Col. Doyle Rees to
2) Discs (emphasis by present entered into a contract with Land-Air, Brig. Gen. Joseph Carroll, Director of
author), round, flat shaped objects or Incorporated, Alamogordo, New Special Investigations in Washington,
phenomena moving at fast velocity and Mexico, for the purpose of making D.C. Following Col. Rees' letter is a
emitting a brilliant white light or scientific studies of the green fireballs table containing a list of 209 sightings,
reflected light. and discs. It was pointed out in the mostly from the New Mexico area. Of
3) Meteors, aerial phenomena summary furnished by OSI on July 19, these about 45 are categorized as "disk
or variation," and as many as 97 may be District Office subsequent to concluded that the phenomena existed
missing from the Blue Book microfilm December 1948. This compilation of and that they should be studied
file (I haven't been able to check all sightings is not a complete record of all scientifically until these occurrences
cases listed). These cases would, reported observations, but includes have been satisfactorily explained.
presumably, be in the OSI section of the only those in which sufficient Further, that the continued occurrence
microfilm record, however. In order to information was available to justify their of unexplained phenomena of this
present a rather high level Air Force inclusion. The observers of these nature in the vicinity of sensitive
Intelligence opinion of the green fireball- phenomena include scientists, Special installations is cause for concern."
disk phenomena in the southwest,! will Agents of the Office of Special "5. The Geophysical Research
now present the letter by Col. Rees and Investigations (IG) USAF, airline pilots, Division, Air Material Command,
parts of the letter by Dr. La Paz.67 military pilots, Los Alamos Security Cambridge, Massachusetts, has
Observers Whose Reliabilities Inspectors, military personnel, and recently let a contract to Land-Air, Inc.,
are Not Questioned. Col. Rees many other persons of various Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New
entitled his letter "Summary of occupations whose reliability is not Mexico, for a limited scientific study of
Observations of Aerial Phenomena in questioned . (emphasis by present green fireballs. The results of this
the New Mexico Area, December 1948- author). This compilation sets forth the scientific approach to the problem will
May 1950" and then continued as most important characteristics with undoubtedly be of great valye in
follows: respect to each observation and determining the origin of these
evaluated each sighting into one of phenomena."
"1. In a liason meeting with other three classifications, (1) green fireball "6. This summary of observations
military and government intelligence phenomenon, (2) disc or variation, and of aerial phenomena has been prepared
and investigative agencies in December (3) probably meteoric." for the purpose of re-emphasizing and
1948, it was determined that the "3. There is also attached an reiterating the fact that phenomena
frequency of unexplained aerial analysis of the green fireball have continuously occurred in the New
phenomena in the New Mexico Area occurrences in this area made by Dr. Mexico skies during the past 113 months
was such that an organized plan of Lincoln La Paz. Dr. La Paz is the and are continuing to occur, and,
reporting these observations should be Director of the Institute of Meteorics secondly, that these phenomena are
undertaken. The organization and and Head of the Department of occurring in the vicinity of sensitive
physical location of units of this District Mathematics and Astronomy at the military and government installations."
were most suitable for collecting these University of New Mexico. He was (signed: Doyle Rees, Lt. Col. USAF)
data, therefore, since December 1948, Research Mathematician at the New
this District has assumed responsibility Mexico Proving Grounds under an Following this letter by Col. Rees is
for collecting and reporting basic OSRD appointment in 1943 and 1944, the list of 209 observations, to which I
information with respect to aerial and Director of the Operations have previously referred. One of the
phenomena occurring in this general Analysis Section, Headquarters, cases in this list involved about 100 very
area. These reports have been Second Air Force, 1944-45. Since 1948, reliable observers. Listed as case
distributed to . the Air Material Dr. La Paz has served on a voluntary number 24, it took place February 17,
Command, USAF, in accordance with basis as consultant for this District in 1949, near Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Air Intelligence Requirements No. 4, connection with the green fireball An object described as brilliant white
and to other interested military and investigations." shifting to peach color was observed for
government agencies." (Note by "4. On 17 February 194966 and about 6 minutes. There was no sound.
present author: this refers to the again on 14 October 1949, conferences It was described as round, shifting to an
Intelligence Memorandum No. 4 which were held at Los Alamos, New Mexico, elliptical shape. Its angular size was
the FBI and other agencies received in for the purpose of discussing the green comparable to the moon (i.e'., "one
February 1949 from the Director of fireball phenomena. Representatives of lunar diameter"). The object travelled
Intelligence of the Air Force. It the following organizations were west to east and then "disappeared." In
contained a request for information on present at these meetings: Fourth the Blue Book files the object is listed as
"flying discs" and other unidentified Army, Armed Forces Special Weapons an "aircraft" (which it undoubtedly was
aerial phenomena, described reporting Project, University of New Mexico, — an "aircraft" of some sort. But
procedures and channels, and Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. anyone who can't distinguish the wings
contained a prototype sighting form. Atomic E n e r g y C o m m i s s i o n , and fuselage of a terrestrial aircraft
This document has been discussed in a University of California, U.S. Air Force when it is. close enough to have an
previous "installment" of these FBI Scientific Advisory Board, Geophysical angular size cpmparable to that of the
papers.) Research Division Air Materiel moon had better have his eyes
"2. There is attached, as a part of Command USAF, and the Office of examined). Appended to the list of 209
this summary, a compilation of aerial Special Investigations (IG) USAF. A observations is an analysis of the
phenomena sightings that have logical explanation was not proffered sighting listed as number 175 which
occurred mostly in the New Mexico with respect to the origin of the green took place during the night of 24-25
area and have been reported by this fireballs. It was, however, generally (continued on next page)
MUFON-CES (German Speaking Section of MUFON)
Conducts Fifth Annual Symposium
By Walt Andrus
On the weekend of September 29 Light Objects During .the Mederer, Biffiger, Dr. Rhu,
through October 1, 1978, MUFON- Second World War" by Dr. Muller
CES held its fifth annual UFO Dipl. Ing. Adolph Schneider 11:30 AM "Ideas and Propositions
symposium at NaturwissenschaftHche 2:00 PM "Solid Light - Phenomenon For Further Evaluation" by
Institute der Universitat (Nature and About UFOs" by Dipl. Illobrand von Ludwiger
Science Institute of the University,) Phys. Dr. A. Rhu
7400 Tubingen, Germany. The 3:00 PM "UFOs Out of Parallel The program was published in
program of speakers and the titles of Worlds - An Alternative to German, so apologies are offered if the
their speeches should be of interest to ETH" by Professor D.H. translation has some discrepancies. We
all readers of the Journal due to the high Malthaner are very proud of the accomplishments
caliber of talent in their section. 4:30 PM "The Projector — Theory of MUFON-CES under their Director
Program for UFOs" by Dipl. Phys. Illobrand von Ludwiger, who also
Friday, September 29, 1978 Dlobrand von Ludwiger presented a published paper in the 1978
8:00 PM "UFOs - Science Fiction or 7:30 PM "UFO Film Material from MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-
Reality" (35mm slide the U.S. Air Force" by ings. Part 2 of the paper was a review of
lecture) by Dipl. Ing. Charles A. Huffer the work performed by Burkhard Heim
Adolph Schneider 8:15 PM "Air and Universe in Old in mathematically explaining the theory
India" — Old Sanskrit of UFO propulsion. Part 2 is available to
Saturday, September 30, 1978 Writings and Construction MUFON Consultants who are skilled in
9:30 AM General reception with of Aircraft Parts, b y ' the mathematics of physics by
introduction of workers by philosophy student L. requesting a copy from MUFON, 103
Dipl-Phys. Dlobrand von Gentes Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155
Liidwiger U.S.A.
Sale of 1976 Brochures and .Sunday, October 1, 1978 Charles A. Huffer, MUFON's
Inhalt des Tagnugsbandes 9:30 AM "Actual UFO Observa- Liaison Representative to MUFON-
1977 tions" by Illobrand von CES, attended the 1977 MUFON UFO
10:00 AM "Radar Observations and Ludwiger, Biffiger, and Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona, and
Observation Mistakes" by Adolph Schneider the First International UFO Congress
Dipl. Phys. K. Brauser 10:30 AM "Descriptions and Discus- in Acapulco, Mexico, where he was a
11:00 AM "Foo F i g h t e r s and sion to date in Evaluating speaker.
Krautballs — Mysterious Blue Book Files" by

"a. The angular diameter of the identify it as a normal sky phenomenon.

; (FBI, Continued) perfectly round luminous object Is this, then, some long-awaited
February, 1950. This case deserves Stanfield observed was approxi- photographic evidence that has been
special mention because it involved a mately Yn of a degree, "hidden" in Air Force files for years?
photograph. This object was seen and b. The angular velocity of the
photographed by a reliable observer object in the sky was greater than (FBI data on the "green fireball"
who described the object as being white half a degree per minute." mystery will continue in the next
and changing to red and green. It was These characteristics of the sighting led issue.)
seen travelling toward the northwest La Paz to conclude "that on the basis of
from Datil, New Mexico, the location of the results (a) and (b) above, the object NOTES
the observer. It had a train or trail, seen by Stanfield was not the moon (for 64. Navy Intelligence Document dated Feb. 10,
1950. This document contains what may be the
covered about. 1° every two minutes, the angular diameter was too small), it first report of a multiple-witness (pilot and crew)
and was observed for about 2l/2 hours was not Venus or any other planet (for radar-visual sighting of a UFO. The radar-visual
before it "disappeared." Although this the angular diameter was too large), it case is reminiscent of the Iranian fur Force jet
sounds like the typical misidentification was not a bright fixed star slightly out of case of September 1976.
of a bright star or planet, the focus (for the observed rate of motion is 65. FBI Memorandum dated March 28, 1950
66. FBI Memorandum dated Aug. 23, 1950; I
p h o t o g r a p h m a k e s such an double that due to the diurnal rotation suggest the reader review a previous section of
identification impossible. According to of the earth)." Dr. La Paz did not this series entitled "Green Fireballs" which
Dr. Lincoln La Paz, who analyzed the speculate upon what the round, presents the FBI summaries of January and
photograph, luminous object might have been. February 1949 conferences on green fireballs.
However, he was apparently not able to 67. Air Force OSI Document dated May 25,1950

In Memory of Bobbie Ann

By Ann Druffcl

August 15, 1978: Today, shortly battered the Southland. The wind and secondhand evidence. But her careful
after noon, Bobbie Ann Slate—writer, rain opened holes in heir roof, spreading research during those years convinced
researcher, and friend—died in a Los damage and havoc into rooms below. her of his existence.
Angeles hospital. She had been struck The final storm left several little She was puzzled, too, by his
down with a massive cerebral casualties in her attic—a nest of baby seeming connection at times with the
hemorrhage the afternoon of August 'possums, deserted by their mother. UFO phenomenon and the possibility
11, 1978. Unprotected, they fell between the that he was of intradimensional origin.
Bobbie's life seemed dramatic and walls and landed next to the wall heater. She was always open and accepting of
quick-paced. She clashed through it Realizing what had happened, Bobbie him, for to her he was but another
with style and verve, her red, hair promptly tore a hole through the wall to example of the abundance of life. She
capping her lively face and her nimble rescue them. She was acting as left behind a fascinating book,
mind blazing through her written surrogate mother to these foundlings BIGFOOT, co-authored with Alan
words. Her personality was generous when she found another pack of Berry. In it, we see her love of the
and open. If she called herself your deserted baby 'possums in her unknown and her insatiable curiosity.
friend, you were treasured indeed. woodpile. Undaunted—for Bobbie Ann Her desire was to extend man's
She was far too young to die, was dauntless—she raised both knowledge beyond the limits of this too- „
especially in the manner in which death broods, parceling some out to a zoo small world.
came. But she had been living with and keeping the rest. Many Southland researchers were
stressful situations—too many, for too If the reader is wondering what this Bobbie's friends, as well as numerous
long. There is a limit to human has to do with UFOs, it should be others around the country. For she
endurance—even Bobbie Ann's. explained that Bobbie lived in a heavily included people in her love of life's
Those acquainted with SAGA and settled, though wooded suburb of Los abundance. With her human friends, as
UFO REPORT knew her as a talented Angeles. In many of the hill with' the creatures of the wild and the
writer, B. Ann Slate. Those of more communities of this sprawling mysterious Bigfoot, she was accepting
intimate acquaintance knew her as metropolis, wildlife teems in the midst and non-judgmental. Such friends are
Barbara Ann Gironda. No matter of the city. Therefore, opossums in precious treasures. There are so very
which name she was known by, she was Bobbie's attic and woodpile were not few to whom one can talk, and be
appreciated for her talent and her surprising. It is an example of the listened to, understood and sustained.
humanity, abundance of creation. Bobbie Ann was that kind of friend, and
When a young person dies, we try Life is spread thickly over this I shall miss her sorely.
to seek comfort by relating their planet from the bottom of the oceans to So we say a temporary farewell to
passage to some precious aspect of life. the furthest reach of Antarctic rocks. you, Bobbie. You are doubtless
Now our tears, strained through grief, Therefore, why is it incredible to some engaged in some fantastic adventure on
form into a crystal model. It is the people that UFOs exist? It is reasonable another plane, perhaps studying the
abundance of life. Bobbie loved the to assume that life exists in abundance UFO, or tracking the Bigfoot, and
abundance of nature, especially the lost throughout the universe. It is not learning more about these mysteries
creatures of God's creation. She was limited to our physical universe, if than you ever were able to learn about
one of those rare individuals who can metaphysics has anything to teach us. It them here. We will see you again—in a
not bear to see a nomad dog pass lives as well in planes of existence better place, in a happier time—or
forlornly by, or to hear a ragged cat besides our own. perhaps in a timeless place where all
begging at the door. She took in strays Bobbie Ann was accepting of all knowledge is available to those who
of all shapes, forms, and color of fur. kinds of life. For three years she seek, in an eternal Now.
Her backyard was a veritable zoo in' tracked the ephemeral California
which homeless animals—domesti- Bigfoot, which in recent years appeared
cated and wild alike—found a inexplicably in the desert Palmdale area
temporary or permanent home. ' and the adjacent Angeles Crest
Bobbie Ann's home was torn by Mountains. She never found her
the recent violent rainstorms which Bigfoot, except for footprints and other
By Keith Basterfield

Through the years there have been was an arm visible to the left. Finally the story sounded very authentic when told
something close to 100 reported object went behind trees and passed by the prospector but lacked one iota of
observations of unusual entities which from their vision.3 physical proof. However, that's another
the observers have linked to the UFO Several months went by before the story in itself.
phenomenon. The Australian Entity next encounter — a rather exotic and It wasn't until October during a
Study Group1 has collected these quite out of the ordinary entity report number of West Australian close
accounts and published them both as describing a prolonged visit by alien encounters that another possible entity
summaries, and in a few cases, as beings to a Queensland prospector on report emerged. On the 16th of that
ih-depth investigated "Case docu- June 22.4 The prospector saw three month a disc-shaped object had been
ments."2 lights in the sky at about 11 PM. The seen at close range in broad daylight
Last year there were five such lights landed near his camp near Bultoo near Meekatharra, by a group of 12
observations which came to the River, in southwest Queensland. The people, and although investigated by
attention of Australian UFO research man said that this was his fourth the RAAF, even they put an "unknown"
organizations, and these provide a very experience with such phenomena in 5 tag on it. The following day a group of
good insight into the type of reports years, all in the same area. In 1973 a people, eight in all, drove out to the
which have been received and group of 16 objects hovered over him, Mount Magnet rubbish dump, after two
investigated, going back in some cases before moving away, while in May 1974 people claimed they had seen lights
to the 19th century. a "cigar" hovered near the ground and descending to the ground in that
The first report for 1977 came from he saw a "woman" in a window in it, and vicinity. The group saw "round,
Tasmania on February 3, when some a "man" in the object's cockpit. Later, pulsating green and red objects" landed
children reported that they had in 1976, a brilliantly lit object was seen in a paddock about 3 km from the town.
observed a very unusual object in the and many things occurred which he did A Mr. Freestone reported, "There
sky at about 9:30 PM. The children not wish to relate. seemed to be a mist around them...
were at a youth camp, when one of Family Group? there appeared to be objects on the
them heard a noise, and upon looking On this latest occasion (1977), he ground around them. You could
up saw a stationary "something", which described how after the object landed, distinguish them with the naked eye,
then moved behind some nearby trees. figures emerged, played games with but as soon as you put a spotlight on
It appeared dome shaped and on it lightning balls, and he watched as they them they disappeared. They would be
there were a row of "windows," about materialized and dematerialized. They something like human size, they
its middle. An area of disc-shaped light told him they came from "Begua," weren't animals."5
was seen spinning below it. There were although didn't elaborate where this Dog-napping
also flashing white-yellow lights on the was relative to the Earth. There were The last two entity reports for the
edge of the disc, and a red light on the women dressed in summer type clothes year came from the Waimata Valley
dome top. One side of the center and men dressed in grey business style area, near Gisborne, New Zealand.
window revealed something which suits. Both sexes appeared human About 3 AM on the. morning of
looked like a thin figure with a bump or though their skin was a blue-grey color. December 2, a farmer was awakened
rounded head. It seemed to be moving The objects they arrived in were slim by the barking of his dogs. He grabbed a
back and forth in this window. cylinders some 50 meters tall, with each torch (flashlight) and went to
Another child also noted the same one of the three supporting itself on five investigate. Opening the back door he
object about the trees, and described it legs. After two days of stopping with saw a landed object nearby. He picked
as being like "two saucers stuck him, the visitors left in their ships up a rifle and walked towards it. The
together." It was spinning fast as she leaving no physical trace of their stay. object had a metallic outer shell which
first saw it, then slowed down. A figure This account from a lonely glowed bright blue, and doors which
was visible in what appeared to be prospector in the middle of nowhere opened into an intensely bright red
windows before the object moved reminded me of a gold prospector who interior.
southwards emitting a faint whining lived near Tully, North Queensland, Looking toward the dog kennels
noise. The figure seemed to be thin with who in 1974 made some remarkable he saw two humanoid figures carrying
a largish rounded head above what the claims about finding a crashed one of the dogs between them and
girl described as a high collar. There spaceship and a cat-like entity. The heading for the object. These entities

(The following reports are recounted as San Miguel de Tucuman, face or lower limbs could be seen.
a matter of public interest. They must Argentina—Investigating noises in a When Freitas tried to flee, the being
be considered unverified until subject store in this sugar and citrus town, an pushed a button on its chest and Freitas
to some first-hand investigation. employee and friends found two short was paralyzed.
Submitted by Jane Thomas.) humanoids dressed in brilliant blue Inside the craft a grayish substance
tight-fitting suits. They were holding a was smeared on his mouth and needles
Santiago, Chile—Alejandro "weapon" resembling a hair drier. were stuck in his arm. The nature of the
Hernandez Perez reported that on Telepathic messages allegedly were "questioning" was not described. Near
September 24 he and his son were received that the beings wanted to take dusk, Freitas was released in a remote
abducted on board a craft manned by one of them aboard their craft. The spot about 35 or 40 km from where he
beings who he believed were from an beings had pockmarked, "unpleasant" worked, carrying off several objects
advanced terrestrial civilization. They faces and they "wore a kind of brilliant including "a box from which the beings'
spoke in Spanish in a "firm and steady object" at ear level, and appeared and voices came out." This he abandoned
voice, although with a metallic sound disappeared from one spot to another on the spot, but the other' objects
like that of a speaker talking through a inside the store. The witnesses became .reportedly were given to the San Luis
microphone." He was asked not to frightened and fled! (Cronica; Buenos police. Freitas underwent psycho-
reveal what was discussed pending a Aires, 9/29/78.)' logical and medical tests, with normal
new predicted encounter. (La Razon, San Luis Province, Argentina— results except that he proved to have a
Buenos Aires, 9/28/78.) The President of a UFO group brought very low IQ. A handkerchief he had
Jujuy Province, Argentina—Two to Mendoza a young man, Miguel used to wipe his mouth was analyzed
young girls, 6 and 10, reported seeing Freitas, 23, a wood cutter, who told and found to contain a dye resembling a
through a window the humanoid form police he had been forcibly taken on powerful bactericide, but the species"
of a strange being with a ray of light board an unknown vehicle where" its could not be determined. (Cronica,
from its chest as it advanced toward crew conducted tests, questioned him, Buenos Aires, 9/27/78.)
them. "It had ugly eyes, the face as with and then gave him several "presents." In a round-up article on UFOs,
scratches, the neck the color of fire with Freitas said that on August 30 at about Cronica (Sept. 30) noted something
hair that seemed white and was very 1630 hours; while taking a break from that will be familiar to students of past
tall." At the same time, neighbors saw a work, he saw a vehicle approach to "contactee" cases: "The most
flying object "the color of which within 2 meters. A humanoid figure fascinating events are those of more
changed when it changed position." bathed in bluish light emerged and direct contacts, which in some cases
(Cronica, Buenos Aires, 10/7/78.) approached him, hands forward. No (continued on nexf pagej

were about 1.4 m tall and wore close- The farmer said he later found stop!8 .
fitting metallic silver overalls and white, markings and "ripple sole shoe" So, that was 1977, the year of the
opaque helmets. The overalls were, he footprints at the site.6 humanoids. What's, in store for 1978?
noticed, gathered at the ankles with This attempted kidnapping brings We shall have to wait until, the final
elastic cuffs which extended over red back memories of the October 1957 score is in, early in 1979.
glowing boots. On their hands were American wave of occupant cases
large, silver gauntlets with flared arm where dogs were involved; arid a case ' NOTES
coverings extending halfway up to their from near Clarei South Australia, in 1. The Australian Entity Study Group, c/o Keith
forearms. The white helmets were about 1971 where an object reportedly Basterfield, 3 Park Lake Drive, Wynn Vale, South
rounded with large motorbike helmet shone a beam of light onto a dog, and Australia, 5127. :.. .
2. Copies available from the AESG at the above
features, and rose, from shoulder to beamed it up into the object which left, address.
shoulder without markings or right in front of a farmer's nose.7 3. Details taken from the 1978 annual report of the
openings. The same area of New Zealand Tasmanian UFO investigation Center, GPO Box
Alarmed, the farmer fired at one of was also involved in our last case which 1310, Hobart, Tasmania 7001. '
the humanoids and apparently occurred on December 8, when a 4. See "Psychic Australian," Vol. 3 no. 2, p. 4, Feb.
78. . . -. .
"winged" him. The entities dropped the smallish "man" was encountered on a 5. "Daily News" Perth, 17, 19, 20 Oct 77, and
dog, with the one injured entity running road. The entity was wearing a silver "West Australian" 19, 20, 21 Oct. Also UFOR
off into some nearby bushes, while the suit, bright red boots, no helmet, and (NSW) newsletter no. 53, Mar 78.
other one ran into the object. The doors tried to flag down a car. Appearing 6. Details from "Xenolog," 33 Dee Street, Timaru,
were seen to fold shut and the entire some 1.45 m tall, the entity waved NZ. ' .:
7. Personal discussions with a friend, of the
thing left at great speed. The dog, which frantically, and jumped up and down to farmer, who said that the farmer would deny the
had appeared unconscious stood up attract the driver's attention. However, whole thing if approached directly, as he was
groggily, then jumped around barking. the car driver deemed it wiser not to afraid for the safety of his children.
8. Would you? i
New Data on 1954 European Wave
And More Recent Foreign Cases

(Jean-Luc Rivera is the source of these items submitted by Ted Bloecher: Translations by Lex Mebane.
Summarized by Mildred Biesele.)

Lumieres dans la Nuit (LDLN) #98, La Charente Libre (edition of and landed in a field near the road. Out
February 2, 1969. Investigation by B. Angouleme) October 11, 1954: About of it came two human-like beings
Eraud: M. DLV tells of an event that eleven o'clock on the night of October wearing helmets with antennas. He
occurred on a summer afternoon in 8-9, 1954, M. Puygelier saw overhead tried to accelerate, but he had the
1954 or 1956(sic). He was with a group near the town of Bel-Air a luminous feeling that he was pedaling in a
of children on the slopes of the Chateau elongated object, resembling a gigantic vacuum. A peasant in the area also
de Baron, Puy-de-Dome, when they egg, which descended close to the claimed to have seen strange
came upon two "personages" dressed ground, oscillated a few seconds, then individuals in the countryside.
in shiny silvery diving suits, their heads landed behind a hedge near the, road.
covered with enormous, helmets with He drove on to St. Claud in fright, but Depeche du Midi, June 3, 1977; also
wide circular visors. The two were then returned with another witness. Midi Libre, June 4, 1977, Toulouse: In
taking stones from a broken drystone Where the craft had been seen, they March, 1974, a man who now lives in
wall and putting them into a rectangular could make out in the darkness a Toulouse relates that he was driving
box that seemed to be made of the human silhouette standing motionless back to Fleurance-du-Gers from
same material as their suits and on the roadside. At this place the next Laujuzen (near Nogaro) at about 3:00
helmets. They moved slowly and stiffly, morning a strip of burned vegetation 3 AM when, rounding a curve on the
"like a slow motion film," carrying the 1 meters long was found, surrounded by road, his car stopped for no apparent
or 2 kg hunks of native basalt in front of an area where the grass was trampled. reason. Ahead of him he saw a creature
them with both hands. M. DLV and the about 90 cm in height,' a biped with very
children watched unobserved for about La Charente Libre (edition of large feet and with arms so long that he
2 minutes then turned and fled. They Angouleme), October 12, 1954: About "could not tell whether it had any
saw no machine in the air or on the four o'clock in the afternoon M. Jean hands." When first seen the creature
ground, although one could have been Bertrand, a mechanic of Carcasonne, was standing with its back towards the
hidden behind the bushes that saw a spherical object flying at low car, but it immediately moved down
surrounded the field. altitude. Its lower part seemed to be - into a ditch beside the road so that only
made of shining metal and the upper the upper half of the body was visible.
Sud-Quest, October 9,1954: M. Manes part of plastic. He said that he could see "He was all green," said the witness,
Guesurtia of Mendionde (Basses- two human forms inside the machine "had pointed ears on the top of his
Pyrenees) was on his way to work on before it disappeared at high speed head, and very black eyes." Soon the
the morning of October 7, 1954, when toward the east. motor started and the witness drove
he noticed at a distance a strange object on. He saw no UFO, no strange lights.
that seemed to be shaped like a El Universal, Caracas, December 9,
mushroom. Walking across the field 1954: In Chacao, a suburb of Caracas, (continued on next page)
towards it, he saw on the grass two red witnesses said that they were able to get
engins about 2 m in diameter. Beside close to "interplanetary" craft that
them stood two little men about 80 cm landed at various parts of town and
(Humanoids, continued)
tall. The two little men gestured to him, even to touch the crew members. One
indicating that he should enter one of witness, Tomas Betancourt, claimed to ended up in a dialogue with presumed
the machines. They entered the other have . grappled with one of the extraterrestrials. In the latter case,
one, and it rose into the air without a "Martians." "He was gelatinous and unfortunately, the content of the
sound. Looking through the open door very slippery," said Betancourt, "and message is generally so poor
of the other object, M. Guesurtia saw a got out of my hands." intellectually that the presumed crew of
third little man. Suddenly the door was the galactic civilizations would seem to
closed and the second object also took LDLN #130, December 12,1973: In the possess a brain which does not surpass
off, displacing a slight current of air. summer of 1954 at Bette, Creuse, a that of a poorly trained domestic dog,
Neighbors said that they saw nothing, worker was returning home .on a and content themselves with charming
but they found the grass on the prairie bicycle at about 11PM when suddenly a vulgarities."
crushed and yellow. circle of light descended from the sky
(Foreign Cases, Continued) "SAID OF SAUCERS" iMarkR. Herbstritt
The next day, still disturbed by what he
had seen, the witness went to his doctor
for a neuro-opthalmological
examination and an electro-
encephalogram. He was found to be
REQUESTED: Assistance in pre-
paration of a catalogue of UFO litera- Notes
normal, although nervous. ture and thought. The catalogue to date
has over 2,000 bibliography listings with THE SKY FOR NOVEMBER 1978
LDLN #175, May 1978: M. Masseron, over 7,100 excerpts catalogued, a
sleeping in his trailer at Franceville- product of over a year's work thus far, Mercury — It is at greatest elongation
Camping (Calvados) on January 10, and far from complete. The assistance east (23°) on the 15th, but this is an.
1976, was awakened by blows against requested is as follows: donation, loan, unfavorable elongation. The planet
the wall and a scratching sound, sale or Xerox of hard-to-obtain (i.e., old stands only 10 degrees above the
followed by a violent shaking of the and/or small-circulated) UFO literature horizon at sunset.
vehicle. Looking out of the window, he for inclusion in the catalogue. Some
saw a few meters away a luminous egg- items of specific interest are a fairly Venus,— During the month it moves
shaped object, the upper part glowing complete set of Flying Saucer Review rapidly through inferior conjunction (on
green and the lower part, red. About a and back issues of Fate magazine. Also, the 7th) into the morning sky. By the
yard high, it seemed to be resting on the requesting people from foreign end of the month, it rises about 2l/z
ground. While he watched, the object countries to put together a collection of hours before the sun and stands about
lifted in a spiral trajectory, emitting a English-language UFO literature from 25 degrees above the southeastern'
strident whine that grew louder as it their countries for inclusion; such horizon at sunset.
ascended to about 15 rh. There it material, long dominated by American
stopped, hovered, and suddenly literature, should be recognized and Mars — It is only about 7 degrees
disappeared. included. above the southwestern horizon at ,
As he went out the door to sunset. • • ;
investigate, M. Masseron heard a Tom Lind
scratchy voice, "like a Walkie-Talkie," Box 711 Jupiter — In Cancer, it rises about 2
that seemed to be giving him a message, Hobe Sound; Florida 33455 hours before midnight and is past the
but all he could remember later was meridian at sunrise.
"L.P.X...L.P.X." Attracted by a
movement off to the left, he turned to Saturn — In Leo, it rises about
see the silhouette of a man-like creature midnight and is on the meridian at
quickly crossing the road, moving, he sunrise.
said, "crosswise" on the axis of the
prolongation of the right leg. MUFON
Two trailers away, a Mrs. Zamora 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
was awakened by a voice asking, "What
shall I do?" Another voice answered/ SEGUIN,TX 78155
"Do as I do." She went to her window
where she heard the same sort of
garbled message that Masseron
described. At apparently the same spot
where he had seen the egg-shaped
object, she saw a luminous circle, the winding road from Esparrpn to Sillans- phospherescent white," which they
top green and the bottom red, rising, la-Cascade, became aware of an compared to a religious statuette. It had
falling, and "pitching." By the time her intermittent light in the hills above them no visible arms, legs, or facial features,
husband went to the door and turned which seemed to be growing larger and and no thickness. Of about average
on the outside light, the luminous circle brighter. Finally it stopped above the human height, it seemed to be unstable,
was gone, but the "message" was still old Roman town of Fox. They pulled off advancing and retreating "like a TV
audible. Investigation later that night onto the shoulder, turned off their image." The disc of light, not part of the
found strange footprints in the area headlights, and watched it for about 15 apparition, did not illurninate them or
toward which the figure Masseron saw minutes. the ground.
had been moving. Suddenly another light appeared Terrified, they hurried on to their
on the road behind them, this one a destination, but when they arrived at
La Revue des Soucoupes Volantes #3, point similar to a flashlight, but moving Sillans-la-Cascade about 15 minutes
Investigation by Alain Prigent: On a just above the ground. They turned and later, they could still see the pulsating
clear Sunday night, November 13, drove back a short distance. They light behind them.
1977, M. and Mme. XX, driving the found a "quasi-human silhouette of a
(Director's Message, Continued Buffington, Ph.D., Walker Route Box behind the construction of the float and
from back cover) 64, Coleville, CA 96107. Dr. Buffington the people responsible. We hope to
Beyond" may be ordered from is a retired astrophysicist and has been publish a photograph of the float in a
AND/OR PRESS, P.O. Box 2246, an amateur radio operator for 53 years subsequent issue of the Journal as an
Berkeley, CA 94702. with the present call letters of W6AJH. example of the enthusiasm and fine
Stanton Friedman will be speaking He plans to participate in MUFON's public relations for MUFON that
at. the following locations in amateur radio nets on Saturday Marvin Taylor and his people have
forthcoming months where MUFON mornings. It is conceivable that he and generated.
people are active: January 17,1979,10 others may start a UFO net for
AM, at North Hennepin Community California "hams." Lt. Col. Robert F.
College, Minneapolis, Minn.; April 19,7 Bowker, USAF Retired, State Section
PM, Magnavox, Management Club, Director for Ventura and Santa
Fort Wayne, Ind., and April 24, 2 PM, Barbara Counties and a consultant in
University of Wisconsin in River Falls, radar has proposed such a net for
Wise. One of Stan's speeches at the several years, because of the skip GSW Annual Lecture
University of Louisville was indirectly distance inconsistencies on the 20
responsible for having Burt L. Monroe, meter band to the midwest and east
Jr., Ph.D., join MUFON as a coast. Bob's call letters are K6QT. He GSW's annual lecture will be held
Consultant in Biology. Many of us had resides at 889 Camino El Carrizo, at the Adams Hotel, intersections of
an opportunity to meet Dr. Monroe in Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Central Ave. and Adams in downtown
person at our recent Dayton UFO Richard B. Caudell, 14312 Stalgren Phoenix, on January 12, 1979. This
Symposium. He was invited and has Court N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87123, year's lecture will start at 7:30 PM. The
accepted the position of State Director telephone (505) 299-6157 has accepted subject will be part two of the "UFO
for Kentucky replacing Glenn O. the position of State Section Director Cover-Up, Proof of the First, Second
Rutherford. Burt's home address is for Bemalillo and Sandoval Counties in and Third Kinds", with the featured
P.O. Box 23447, Anchorage, KY 40223. New Mexico. He is employed in speaker being William H. Spaulding,
He is a professor and Chairman of the computer system analysis and was Director of GSW's operations.
Department of Biology at the formerly a member of our UFO group Spaulding will update the media and
University of Louisville in Louisville, Ky. in Houston, Texas. Dick has visited our public on the latest information
George Koch, State Section MUFON administrative offices while obtained from GSW's legal action
Director in southwest Missouri, has living in Texas. against the CIA. The startling data will
appointed MUFON member Donald L. Roses and accolades to Marvin E. be supported by government
Seneker, 434 East College, Mt. Vemon, Taylor, Jr., State Section Director for documents and papers. The lecture will
MO 65712, to be his Assistant State Tuolumme and Calaveras Counties in detail, in a serious, yet technically light
Section Director for the counties of California, and his fantastic MUFON tone, UFO cases previously not
Jasper, Barton, Newton, McDonald, members for their prize winning float in reported to the public.
Lawrence, and Barry. Don is a Sonora, Calif., during their annual two The second portion of the lecture
professor and department head at day "Mother Lode Roundup" parade. A will include a graphic visual slide show
Missouri Southern State College in photograph of this fabulous float, of UFO photographs and other
Joplin, Mo., where he heads up the depicting the Devils Tower in pertinent information. This way GSW
crime laboratory. George and Don are Wyoming, inspired by the film "Close believes the organization can supply a
presently very involved in UFO landing Encounters of the Third Kind," and a full spectrum of UFO information to a
cases in Barry County. These will be rotating model of a UFO 65 feet in diversified audience and satisfy all
published in the Journal as the circumference graced the float built interests. The facilities of the Adams
investigated reports are received and upon a flat bed semi-trailer rig, Hotel are very appropriate for the slide
the lab analysis completed.. appeared on the front page of The Daily presentation, with a wide angle
One of MUFON's original Union Democrat for May 15,1978. The projection screen and a high ceiling for
members, David J. Gras in Buffalo, float required 30 days and nights to optimum viewing. Tickets will be $3.00
N.Y., has reluctantly submitted his build and has been used in several other for adults and $2.00 for all students with
resignation as State Section Director parades, however, its immense size was proper ID's and will be available at the
for Erie and Niagara Counties due to a handicap in transporting it to adjacent door the evening of the lecture. Special
other added responsibilities. He will cities. The project grew in such seating and reserve tickets are available
continue as a field investigator and will proportions that it was entered in the through GSW's office and may be
make recommendations for his Commercial Division as a cooperative obtained by calling (602) 942-7216 after
replacement. venture by the Mutual UFO Network, 5:00 PM. Proceeds of the lecture will go
Paul Cerny takes pleasure in Taylor Reality, and Brookside Crafts, to the costs of GSW's continuing legal
announcing a new State Section where it won first prize. Another article action against the CIA and other
Director for Mono and Alpine Counties appeared in the July 17,1978, edition of governmental organizations that are
in California. He is Donald B. the same newspaper relating the details suppressing UFO information.
Lucius Farish

In Others' Words

The September 26 issue of super-skeptic position) the implications Die UFO NEWSCUPPING SERVICE
NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported that of, and controversy surrounding, will keep you informed of all the latest
various NASA engineers and scientists Robert K.G. Temple's book, THE United States and World-Wide UFO
activity, as it happens! Our service was
have formed an "underground SIRIUS MYSTERY.
started in 1969, at which time we
network" to study UFO reports. UFO The November issue of UFO contracted w i t h a r e p u t a b l e
reports from an area southwest of REPORT features a report on cattle international newspaper-clipping
London, England are detailed in the mutilations, an interview with British bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
October 3 issue. Brazilian reports of UFOlogist, Gordon Creighton, and find UFO reports (i.e., little known
huge cylindrical objects and formations other items of interest, including photographic cases, close encounter
of smaller UFOs are featured in the excerpts from the Lorenzens' book, and landing reports, occupant cases)
ABDUCTED!, and Erich von and all other UFO reports, many of
October 17 ENQUIRER issue.
which are carried only in small town or
The September 19 issue of THE Daniken's latest work, VON foreign newspapers.
STAR speculates on the possible role of DANIKEN'S PROOF. UFO REPORT "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
space shuttle astronauts in tracking now will be published only 9 times per issues are 20-page monthly reports,
UFOs in space. Sightings of UFOs by year, beginning with the January 1979 reproduced by photo-offset,
Coast Guard personnel in the Lake issue. containing the latest United States and
Michigan area on July 28, 1978, are OMNI is a new monthly magazine Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
containing both science-fiction and our foreign section carrying the latest
outlined in the September 16 issue.
British, Australian, New Zealand and
As I have mentioned in previous science-fact material. If the first other foreign press reports. Also
columns, NATIONAL ENQUIRER and (October) issue is an example of what included is a 3-5 page section of
THE STAR are usually the more may be expected in the future, the "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
reliable of the various weekly tabloid cover price of $2.00 per issue is hardly other "monster" reports). Let us keep
newspapers. For this reason, they are justified. James Oberg is contributing you informed of the latest happenings
the only ones whose articles I mention. the "UFO Update" column for each in the UFO and Fortean fields."
Another tabloid, MODERN PEOPLE, For subscription information and
issue, so we need not expect those
sample pages from our service, write
has recently been carrying UFO reports to be unbiased and objective. today to:
material which, in some cases, is highly All in all, if you're a fan of such
suspect. For instance, the October 8 publications, your money will probably UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
issue contains an article alleging that be better spent if you stick with Route 1 — Box 220
the crew of the balloon Double Eagle II STARLOG and FUTURE. Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
was harrassed by UFOs on their PLAYGROUND NEWS, Force spokesman related,.
record-setting trans-Atlantic flight. The The DaVisons, Kevin, Phyllis
crew, members were "ordered by Ft, Walton Beach, FL and Alicia, and Vicki Williams
agents of the U.S. government not to Aug. 6, 1978 told Air Force personnel man-
discuss the strange occurrence," ning the Eglin Command Post,
according to the article. This has all the One of Those that an object followed their
car after it turned east onto
earmarks of being absolute fiction, yet it State Road 20 had two lights,
is apparently being taken seriously by dose Encounters one red and one white.
some UFO researchers. Attempts "They said the lights
always should be made to check out Four Freeport residents told followed them, went up and
such stories in any of the tabloids Eglin officers Saturday night down and then spread apart,"
they had experienced a "close §gt. Candace Ballmer said..
before accepting them as valid reports. encounter" when a bright red They also told the Command
An article by Alex Evans in the and white lighted object Post that at first it looked like
November issue of FATE contains hovered over their car and a plane, but then the white
some very interesting humanoid . followed them for nearly an light went out of sight*
reports from 1913 and 1919 that have hour. Eglin officials say their
The Kevin Davison family radar screens "picked up
been reported to the Center for UFO and a companion were heading nothing" during the time the
Studies. This issue also has an article by east on State Road 77 in Walton UFO reportedly was seen,
James Oberg discussing (from his Geunty when they said a Eglin said there were no
"bright object" began hover- military aircraft in that area
ing over their car, an Eglin Air at the time. 19

The small West Indies nation of opportunity to see it on television, a On November 5, 1978, AND OR
Granada is keeping the subject of synopsis follows. PRESS in Berkeley, Calif., is releasing a
UFOs alive at the United Nations in the This film was produced with the new book titled Worlds Beyond: The
hope that the UN will take official action cooperation of the U.S. Department of- Everlasting Frontier edited by The New
in conducting a world wide cooperative Defense and NASA. It is based on Dimension Foundation. Actually it is
study. On November 27, 1978, a actual CIA and Air Force reports never edited by Larry Geis and Fabrice Florin
meeting of the Special Political before made public and is presented by with Peter Beren and Aidan Kelly.
Committee is scheduled to hear and Pentagon personnel with firsthand "Worlds Beyond" is the first
see presentations on the UFO subject experience in the field of UFOs. It comprehensive survey of the space
for their education and consideration. investigates historic and contemporary field by the people behind our space
This committee is composed of one evidence of UFOs. . .including official effort. To briefly summarize this 302-
representative from each nation or a photographs from Gemini, Apollo, and page paperback selling for $6.95, it is a
total of 150 people, making it a Skylab II missions. It recreates a practical guide to understanding the
significant and influential body. reported landing of extraterrestrials on future events of our lives. It is science
Dr. Wellington Friday, Ambassa- a U.S. Air Force Base, and concludes fact, enlivened by the imagination.
dor at Large from Granada,,will present . witfra thought:provoking discussion by First-hand "accounts by astronauts
an opening paper to set the stage for - several social. psychologists of the Edgar Mitchell and Russell Schweikhart
their nation's proposals. During the ^ _ possible public reaction to the are contrasted with future scenarios by
morning session, he will introduce Dr. - confirmation of this landing. *' Governor Brown (California), Stewart
J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee, and Allan Sandier predicts that with Brand, Jacques Costeau, J. Allen
Gordon Cooper, who will each make "the continuing growth of interest in Hynek, and Buckminster Fuller.
presentations. (Cooper later, was UFOs, this definitive and entertaining Designs for space industries,
unable to attend.) Following the film will remain a classic in demand for colonies, -and the commercial
luncheon, a series of motion picture years to come. It is hosted by Rod possibilities of space are explored with
UFO films will be shown for the Serling and has a running time of 52 Gerald O'Neill and NASA and JPL
edification of the Political Committee. minutes. Dr. David M. Jacobs, of scientists. "Worlds Beyond" tackles the
The noted French scientist, Dr. Claude Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa., UFO question with Jacques Vallee and
Poher will then address this served as the historical technical the leading experts. A resource
distinguished assemblage. advisor for the film. He was eminently directory shows how the reader may
A press conference is scheduled qualified for this, important role due to participate. (Both Skylook and the
after Dr. Poher's presentation. The his fine work as author of the book The MUFON UFO Journal "with our
Special Political Committee will then UFO Controversy in America (Indiana address is listed as the official
convene to discuss this important issue University Press, 1975). publication of the Mutual UFO
with the goal of determining what action Speaking of books, two have Network, Inc.)
they should take at this time or planning recently been published either In addition to the prolog by J. Allen
for the future. Peter Tomakawa, one of authored, by or chapters written by Hynek on "Phase Four the UFO
our very active members, will attend as MUFON members and consultants, Phenomenon — The. Enigma of Our
an observer, reporting the progress to and are recommended reading. The Time," the following MUFON
the MUFON UFO Journal. first is published in Spanish and Consultants have published chapters:
The Allan Sandier motion picture authored by one of our research "A College Course in UFOlogy" by
"UFOs, Past, Present and Future" is specialists Vicente-Juan Ballester Tom Gates; and "Flying Saucers are
available as of October 2, 1978 for 10- Olmos, Guardia Civil, 9, D-16, Valencia Real" by Stanton J. Friedman. Jacques
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(continued on page 18)