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1.0 Heresy Legion Rules: 1.

1 Space Marine Legion Transports

The Space Marines are a highly mobile army. Because of this, the points cost of a detachment usually includes enough Rhino transport vehicles to transport it and any upgrades that have been taken. Determine the number of Rhinos needed after all upgrades have been purchased. The number of Rhinos will always be the minimum needed to carry the formation, you cant take extras along to cover any losses! Note that many formations dont receive Rhinos, usually because they cant fit into them. Detachments that come with Rhinos will be noted as having plus transport in the units section of the army list below. Also note that you dont have to take Rhinos if you dont want to. If youd rather field the formation on foot instead, so it can act as a garrison for example, or be transported in a Thunderhawk Gunship, or upgrade to a different mode of transport, then you may do so. In addition, you may choose to replace a detachments Rhinos with Drop Pods, or select the drop pods detachment upgrade. If you do this, then the detachment will enter play in a Drop Pod using the rules for planetfall (see Epic Armageddon rulebook section 4.4). Note that if you choose to do this, The entire detachment must be allowed to deploy via drop pod, and you will also require at least one Space Marine Strike Cruiser or Battle Barge to deploy the drop pods from. Choosing transport options is part of the army selection process. Portions of a formation may be left behind during deployment (to garrison, for example) the decision to exchange options, even free ones, must be determined when the army list is determined.

1.3 Imperial Void Shields

Imperial Titans are protected by void shield generators. The number of void shields each Titan has is noted on the Titans datasheet. Each void shield will automatically stop one point of damage and then go down. Do not make armour saves for damage stopped by void shields, nor allocate Blast markers. Once all of the shields have been knocked down, the Titan may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are scored. Hits from close combat ignore void shields but units using their firefight values must first knock down any shields before they can damage the Titan. Void shields that have been knocked down can be repaired. Each Titan can repair one downed void shield in the end phase of each turn. In addition, if a Titan regroups it can use the dice roll to either repair the void shield or remove Blast markers (eg, if you rolled a 2 you could repair 2 shields, remove 2 Blast markers or repair 1 shield and remove 1 Blast marker).

1.4 Feedback
If a unit with Feedback fails to cause damage when hitting an enemy unit, roll a dice for every successful armour save the enemy made. The firing unit takes a blast marker for each 1 rolled.

1.2 Exploratory Augury Web:

Enemy detachments entering play via planetfall within 15cm of a unit with Exploratory Augury Web must roll a d6 for each unit in in the detachment, taking a blast marker for each 1 rolled. Friendly units entering play via Teleport within 15cm of a friendly unit with Exploratory Augury Web do not need to roll for blast markers.

2.0 Space Marine Legion armies

Space Marine Legion armies have a Strategy Rating of 5. All Space Marine and Titan Legion formations have an Initiative rating of 1+. Imperial Navy and Adeptus Mechanicus formations have an Inititative rating of 2+. Two Space Marine Legion Support Detachments may be chosen for each Space Marine Legion Company detachment. Detachments may choose up to three Legion Upgrades. Up to 1/3 of the armys points value may be spent on Allies and Lords Of War.

2.1 Space Marine Legion Companies

Legion Tactical Company Legion Terminator Company

2.3 Legion Upgrades

250 pts, +1-4 Tactical units + 30 pts ea 250 pts, +1-2 Terminator units + 65 pts ea Centurion Dreadnought Drop Pods Heavy Transport Hyperios Praetor Add one Librarian, Chaplain or Champion to a unit Add up to two Dreadnought or Contemptor Dreadnought units Transport the whole detachment in Drop Pods Add enough Land Raider Phobos or Spartan Assault Tanks to transport the entire detachment Add one Whirlwind Hyperios units Add one Lieutenant Commander, or 0-1 Lord Commander to a unit. Lord Commander may not be selected if a Legion Primarch has been taken in the army. Add enough Land Raider Proteus to transport the entire detachment Add 1-4 Rapier Laser Destroyer or 1-4 Thudd Gun units Add enough Storm Eagles to transport the entire detachment Add 1-4 Legion Tactical Support or Legion Heavy Support units Add two Vindicators or two Predators of any configuration Add the teleport ability to Terminator units +50 pts Dreadnoughts +50pts ea, or Contemptor +65 pts ea +25 pts Land Raider Phobos +75 pts ea or Spartan +125 pts ea +60 pts Praetor Commander +50 pts or Praetor supreme commander + 100 pts +75 pts ea +25 pts ea +100 pts ea +50 pts ea Vindicators +35 pts ea, Predators +50 pts ea +25 pts

8 Tactical Marines (bolters) or Tactical Marines (assault weapons) units 4 Terminator units

Praetor, Centurion, Dreadnought, Heavy Transport, Tank, Rapier Battery, Support Squad, Hyperios Praetor, Centurion, Heavy Transport, Storm Eagle, Teleport

2.2 Space Marine Legion Support

0-1 Artillery Tank Squadron Legion Assault Marine Squad Dreadnought Talon

3 Whirlwind, 3 Medusa or 3 Basilisk units 4 Assault Marine units

Hyperios Praetor, Centurion, Storm Eagle Dreadnought, Drop Pods Hyperios

Medusa 150pts, Whirlwinds 200 pts, Basilisks 250 pts 175 pts, +1-4 Assault units + 40 pts ea Dreadnoughts 200 pts or Contemptor Dreadnoughts 275 pts 300 pts, Achilles upgrade +25 pts 175 pts

Proteus Rapier Battery Storm Eagle Support Squads Tank Teleport

Land Raider Battle Squadron Land Speeder Squadron Malcador Assault Tank Squadron Outrider Squadron Legion Predator Strike Armour Squadron Legion Rapier Weapons Battery Reconnaissance Squad Sky Hunter Squadron Legion Thunderhawk 0-1 Space Craft

4 Dreadnought units or 4 Contemptor Dreadnought units of any configuration 4 Land raider Phobos units, may upgrade one unit to Land Raider Achilles 5 Land Speeder units of any configuration 3 Malcador, Malcador Defender or Malcador Annihilator units 5 Outrider Bike units or 5 Attack Bike units 4 Predator units of any configuration 4 Rapier Laser Destroyer units or 4 Thudd Gun units 4 Reconnaissance Marine units 6 Legion Jetbike units 1 Thunderhawk Gunship unit or 1-4 Thunderhawk Transporter units 1 Strike Cruiser or Battle Barge

2.4 Allies and Lords Of War

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer Cerberus Squadron Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Fellblade Squadron Imperial Navy Avenger wing 0-1 Legion Primarch Typhon Battery Warhound Titan Warhound Titan pack Reaver Titan

1 Cerberus unit 3 Cerberus units 1 Fellblade unit 3 Fellblade units 2 Avenger Strike Fighter units 1 Legion Primarch unit, may add 1-4 Terminator Bodyguard units 3 Typhon Heavy Siege Tank units 1 Warhound Titan unit 2 Warhound Titan units 1 Reaver Titan unit

Praetor Praetor Heavy Transport, Storm Eagles

150 pts 400 pts 200 pts 500 pts 250 pts 150 pts, Bodyguard units +75 pts ea 400 275 pts 500 pts 650 pts


175 pts 175 pts


200 100


100 250 Thunderhawk Gunship 175 pts, Transporter 100 pts ea Strike Cruiser 175 pts or Battle Barge 300 pts