Globalisation: Play the game or be outplayed!
Is the warning Gavin Wheeldon gives to those British businesses who continue to hide from globalisation. AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE USE Date of issue: 02/11/06
In a business society where competition is intensifying and globalisation is the trend that dictates the working practices of most of those companies around the globe with a competitive edge, Gavin Wheeldon, Managing Director of Applied Language Solutions, identifies that British businesses must be prepared to change to achieve economic growth. He believes that they are slow in responding to the opportunities offered by globalisation, and the decisions we take in the next few years will be critical to the survival of British business as a whole. As latest figures show that Europe is on the move with regards to employment and GDP growth, and Europe will soon represent almost half a billion people with the accession of Bulgaria and Romania into the EU (Economist Business Roundtable, 10th October), Gavin warns that more British businesses must step up to the challenge of globalisation, or risk being stepped on by these emerging countries. Gavin says “The competitive pressures created by a world in which global markets operate for 24 hours a day makes it essential for businesses in Britain to embrace globalisation. If we are to have strong dynamic British businesses capable of trading in this global arena it is essential we strive for innovation, otherwise exclusion is inevitable. British businesses need to reduce the barriers and begin looking beyond our border, or risk suffering as a nation left behind as emerging countries become key players in the global playing field.” “What businesses in Britain fail to recognise is that by outsourcing around the globe whilst also selling products and services outside of the UK, we can all benefit from a far bigger choice of quality resources and access the best people available.” Competition and globalisation are the driving forces behind Gavin’s innovative approach to business, and Applied language’s success is a reflection of what can be achieved by taking advantage of the opportunities offered. Outsourcing operations internationally combined with the use of technology is essentially what enables Applied Language to provide high quality translation services around the world. This has seen the Huddersfield-based translation agency expand at a phenomenal rate in less than three years from a one-man translation operation into a company that now boasts six international offices located in Huddersfield, California, Paris, Barcelona, Sofia and Guatemala City. Gavin explains “Our company has the front-end quality processes of the business, such as customer services and process design, in offices in the UK and US. These are supported by back end processes, such as project management and programme operations, that are performed in Bulgaria and Guatemala. This makes the company extremely price-competitive and means we can go up against emergent nations almost on an equal footing. Winning prestigious business awards, such as HSBC Start-Up Star Award and National Business Award, proves that people are beginning to recognise that our way to do business is the right way to do business.” Plans are also in place to open two offices in China in January, a country Gavin identifies as a place that businesses in Britain remain fearful of. "British businesses are still reluctant to work with countries such as India and China. They must realise that globalisation isn’t a threat; rather the threat lies with them continuing to protect their companies from international competition. Protectionism is the wrong attitude,

especially as trade with third countries is increasing and China is now one of Europe’s most important external trade partners.” Applied Language Solutions translate all kinds of documents from simple letters to large technical documents, including whole websites and printed catalogues, for specialist Medical, Legal, Financial and Marketing organisations. The company is committed to using only professional in-country translators and interpreters, of whom they have over 6,000 on their books. These translators work in over 140 languages including all the major European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and American languages. Applied Language Solutions is proud to be awarded the winner of the HSBC Start-Up Stars Award 2006. For a FREE quote visit or call +44 (0)870 172 0000 in the UK or +1 (800) 579 5010 in the US to talk to a one of the team. END
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