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Seguin, Texas 78155 The New Zealand radar-visual UFO sightings reported in this
RICHARD HALL issue appear to be some of the most significant cases in some time.
Editor To our knowledge, the December 31 case is the only simultaneous
ANN DRUFFEL radar-visual-movie film report on record. Apparently some sightings
Associate Editor of the planet Venus were mixed in during December to confuse the
issue, but the radar and multiple-object reports obviously cannot be
Associate Editor
explained in astronomical terms and Venus had not risen when the
movie film was taken. The glib, long-distance explanations advanced
MILDRED BIESELE by alleged scientists nowhere near the scene do no credit to science.
Contributing Editor Clearly these were the knee-jerk reflexes of skeptics who can't be
bothered with facts.
Director of MUFON
Journal No. 130 was accidentally labelled "September 1979" on
the cover; although we are catching up to schedule, we haven't
advanced that fast! It was, of course, the September 1978 issue. This
issue is labelled "November-December" and the next issue will be
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Extraterrestrial Life (Photos from The Dominion, New Zealand)

In this Issue
By Keith Basterfield
TED PHILLIPS By Jun-Ichi Takanashi
Landing Trace Cases WEST VIRGINIA FLAP: Part 1 .9
By Ted Spickler
UFO Propulsion By David Bodner & Ted Spickler
By Bruce S. Maccabee
Editor/Publishers Emeritus By Ann Druffel
By John F. Schuessler
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By Keith Basterfield
(MUFON - South Australia)

(This article is a summary of the events these lights, and the echoes were said
recently reported in New Zealand to be very strong. They watched them
during December 1978 and January
1979, during which UFOs were tracked
for a time then called radar controllers
at Christchurch airport. Christchurch
Australian TV Crew
by radar, observed from several
aircraft on different dates, and filmed
also picked up the echoes. The targets
apparently travelled off the coast and
Gets First VFO Film
by an Australian TV crew from one MELBOURNE, Australia,. Dec. 31 (AP>—
were moving about in a 16 km quadrant An Australian television station claimed to-
aircraft. The details have been derived over the sea. day it has the world's first film footage of
from newspapers and tapes of radio At 3 a.m. Wellington radar picked an unidentified flying object.
and television interviews with pilots, air A spokesman for the Melbourne station
up a large echo 48 km southeast of the said the UFO was filmed flying over New
traffic controllers and the TV crew, and city. Mr. Cordy said: "It appeared to Zealand yesterday. He said the British
a personal viewing of the film. As this hover there for some time. Abruptly it Broadcasting Co. and the CBS television
report is compiled on January 4, 1979, moved at 120 knots to a point 80 km network have purchased the footage for an
Jinflisclosed amount.
the following is the story which has southeast and stayed there at least 30 CBS said it would show the film Monday
unfolded so far. Further details will minutes." fluting its nightly news show.
follow as available. It is hoped that Meanwhile the five others were still *«An oval-shaped object with three bands
around it can be seen clearly. At one stage
investigators in New Zealand itself will moving around in the same area. the film crew saw 25 of these objects/'
be able to document the incidents in Suddenly another showed up inland. spokesman George Wilson said here.
more depth.) About 3:30 a.m. a second Argosy He said the film showed blobs of light
dancing about in front or and alongside the
It was Friday morning December plane took off from Blenheim headed aircraft carrying the camera crew.
221 when the action began. An Argosy for Christchurch, flying roughly the The film was made at the .direction of sta-
freight plane took off from Blenheim same course. Mr: Cordy radioed tion reporter Quentin Fogarty, who was
checking out a UFO report by a New Zea-
about midnight 21/22 December and Captain Vern Powell and First Officer land Airline pilot, Wilson said. The pilot
headed south, which would take it out Ian Pirie, 21, when they were 2000 m up said Dec. 21 he saw strange objects while
to sea and on its way to Christchurch. It and climbing to their ceiling of 3200 m. flying over Cook Strait, a narrow body of
water that separates the two islands of New
was still over land moving toward the Wellington asked them if they could get Zealand.
coast when the first UFO appeared, the a visual sighting of a radar target they Wilson said flight control at Wellington
plane's speed at this point being 220 had at 20 km starboard of the plane. Airport confirmed that objects other than
airplanes had appeared on radar screens
knots. The crew looked but couldn't see a at the time the seven-minute sequence was
Captain John Handle, 45, and First thing. Within a matter of seconds they filmed.
Officer Keith Heine, 32, saw an object were asked to check for a sighting 40 POST
"giving off an intense'white light, too km to port as the radar echo had they had to turn 60° to starboard to
powerful to be a vehicle's headlamps", apparently moved to that position. keep on track. The object then seemed
said Captain Handle, "Besides, it was Pirie spotted a bright white light to lag behind and vanished. Wellington
airborne. Its light was very intense and I with an intermittent reddish tinge, radar shortly afterwards lost their
could see land features lit up which seemed to change hue back and target. However, as the plane reached
underneath it as it passed." forth noticeably. They approached to Christchurch its weather radar
Handle and Heine were only mildly within several kilometers as indicated detected an object streaking across
curious and did not make a radio by the plane's weather radar and their path. Captain Powell got a view of
report. levelled off at 3200 m remaining on a bright, flashing white light which shot
Soon after, senior radar controller course. As they picked up speed the past at speed. He estimated 24 km in 5
John Cordy, 45; and precision light remained in the same position seconds making a speed of 17,000
talkdown controller Andy Herd, 25, relative to them. At times it disappeared km/h. The object turned sharp right
were awaiting the arrival of an Air New into bits of cloud but would then and disappeared. Christchurch's radar
Zealand DC-8 at Wellington airport on emerge again as bright as before. sweep has a blind spot 40 km seaward
the North Island, when they were Mr. Cordy said that these radar from the city at that point and they were
advised of the sighting of five lights in targets were at least as big and as solid unable to confirm this object.
the Clarence River area on the South as the Argosy plane. The crew watched Meanwhile, the first Argosy plane
Island. Wellington got a radar fix on the light for some 10-12 minutes before (continued on next page)
(New Zealand, Continued) the east coast of the South. Island "We were at 4,000m and flying over the
had taken off from Christchurch and various lights were seen at different sea. Suddenly there was this bright,
was heading for Auckland at the top of times. The exact sequence and very bright light. It was like a sphere all
the North Island, on a direct route descriptions are very difficult to obtain, lit up. It wasn't shining in our face like a
which took it up the South Island's east from the media reports which tend to searchlight, but the light was reflected
coast. It had already passed the second confuse details and times, failing to on the sea."
plane when Wellington radar asked mention directions and elevations Subsequent Developments
Captain Handle to watch for any of the almost entirely. On Monday, January 1, 1979, a
UFOs. At first they saw nothing, then However, it is apparent that — New Zealand Defence spolesman said
they spotted the five objects still that one or two Skyhawk fighter
offshore from the Clarence river area. (a) At one stage a bright light suddenly bombers would be "scrambled" if the
Mr. Cordy said: "Captain Randle appeared off the starboard wing and Wellington radar picked up any more
radioed that he was turning around for was filmed. The film, shot from the co- positive targets. The spokesman said:
a better look. He reported, 'Yes, we can pilot's seat using a 250 mm lens shows a "We do not consider there is a defence
see them...they're white tinged with white light which quickly assumes the threat. But its all very interesting." .
amber...passing 16 km south of shape of a sphere. Several times it Wellington airport's chief
u s . . . t h e y ' r e r e f l e c t i n g on the flattens out somewhat. This light was controller said: "It's got us guessing.
w a t e r . . . d e f i n i t e l y not distress also apparently picked up by We have all been skeptical about flying
flares...estimate 150 meters above the Wellington radar, and on the plane's 40 saucers, but there must be something
water.'" km radius radar. up there."
The first plane completed an orbit (b) Wellington control called the plane Wellington radar apparently
around the objects before it resumed its and informed them that they had a picked up more mystery blips on their
northerly course. Captain Randle said: target behind the plane. Mr. Causer of screens early on January 1. One officer
"As we flew on we saw on our own control declared that: "As the plane said they lasted only seconds, "But
radar what appeared to be three large turned, I advised him his target now despite this brief appearance and
surface vessels moving down the South appeared to be in formation with him. faintness, they registered as something
Island coast, very close inshore. Then The plane's return blip had doubled its travelling at speed."
we got a visual sighting on them. Two size on the screen. This persisted for The Australian Air Force asked for
carried lights the other didn't. One of about five sweeps of the radar then the a copy of the film, and later the New
them appeared to be in shoaling waters. plane signal suddenly returned to Zealand Air Force adivsed that an
The whole thing was strange because normal. "Captain Startup said: "Air Orion patrol plane crammed with
you couldn't consider that stretch of Traffic Control told us there was an sophisticated radar equipment would
coast safe for any kind of shipping in object about one mile behind us, and I circle the area from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. This
any circumstances." turned the plane around to have a look. it apparently did on the following two
December.30-31, 1978 We spotted something which kept nights.
This was all the activity until accelerating to get close to us and The film was immediately released
Saturday, December 30, when a similar would then fall back. I know of no plane to the UK, U.S.A., Australia, and New
event occurred. A Safeair four-engined which could carry out such a Zealand and was viewed personally by
turbo-prop Argosy, piloted by Captain maneuver. We made a two-minute me in a 20 minute special on January 2.
Bill Startup, -*vith co-pilot Bob Guard, orbit, then continued the run because The actual film taken lasted about 6
took off from Wellington at 11:20 p.m. we didn't want to push our luck." minutes, and shows mainly one light
and headed towards Christchurch. On The plane landed at Christchurch which the camerman zooms in and out
board were a TV crew consisting of and Mrs. Crockett left the plane as she from, interspersed with which they
reporter Quentin Fogarty, freelance was "frightened" according to her showed some frozen frame shots, and
cameraman David Crockett and his husband. A local TV reporter Mr. enlargements of these. The source
wife Ngaire, who were taking the flight Dennis Grant flew with them in lieu, for appears as a whiteish bright light
to recreate the incident of the previous the return trip to Blenheim. against a dark background.
week for a documentary. Capt. Startup relates that: "As we Occasionally the light would pulse and
The first contact came 10 minutes were climbing out of Christchurch at once or twice it faded almost to nothing
after takeoff when the plane was some 3,000 feet I spotted a light travelling then came back as bright as ever. My
40 km south of Wellington. Capt. parallel to us. We turned 90 degrees initial impression was that I was viewing
Startup said: "We saw five or six lights and got within 10 miles of it. It overtook an astronomical source at low elevation
at different angles", which were visible us, stayed above us, came in front and with the naked eye, with some
to their front. They contacted then shot away." atmospheric scintillation and looming
Wellington and asked control if they Mr. Grant was quoted as saying effects evident.
had any targets, and were advised in the that he saw a great spherical light with Mr. D. Mabin, the head of the Mt.
affirmative. From then on the plane and varying intensity. John observatory, 300 km from the
control kept up a mutual conversation. After gaining height and when at area of sightings, said that the UFOs
During the 400 km journey along 4,000m, Capt. Startup commented: almost certainly were the planet Venus,
Eric McNae, Air Traffic Service Controller: "At one stage our radar controllers had five very strong radar targets
(echoes) where nothing should have been — if anything should have been there we would have known about it."

Capt. John Randle, Argosy co-pilot, on the December 22 Clarence River radar-visual sightings: "They were close to
shore and unusually bright. In one case the light appeared to be lighting up both ground and sea surfaces."
while in Sydney, Australia, Dr. D. Cole,
an atmospheric physicist, said false
radar echoes were a natural feature of
the ionosphere in summer and said that
the light could have been caused by
refraction in the pre-dawn sky.
Sir Bernard Lovell, British
astronomer, was quoted as saying the
UFOs were most probably meteors,
while Patrick Moore believed they
could have been some kind, of
reflection, a balloon or an unscheduled
Elsewhere both the planets
Jupiter, visible in the evening sky in the
northeast, and the planet Venus, visible
in the morning sky in the east, were
cited as causes for the observations.
Jupiter2 was said to be the culprit on the
film. However, Capt. Startup was
adamant that the object filmed was hot
a reflection or a shot of Venus, as he
said: "We could see Venus at the same
time. At one stage Venus was behind
the object, and we could see both at the
same time. Then later the UFO was on
our starboard side and Venus was on
the left-hand side of the aircraft and
quite high up."
. Overall, we have several seperate ; Appro*. Argosy. H '
sequences of events on two completely
different occasions but all in the same
general area. Visual observations, as
well as radar targets were evident, plus This film shows a round, glowing ball SOURCES
a film was taken. Suggestions have with a bright light, which faded and "Australian" newspaper, 12/23/78, 12/27/78,
been made that the radar images were brightened. It was not picked up on 1/1/79, 1/2/79, 1/3/79.
Melbourne "The Sun," 1/2/79, 1/3/79.
anomalous propagation effects, that radar by the Wellington, Christchurch Adelaide "Advertiser," 1/2/79,. 1/3/79.
the visual objects were astronomical in airports nor by the RNZAF Orion Adelaide "News," 1/1/79, 1/3/79.
origin, and that the film was of Jupiter. which was patrolling the area. Doubts "The Daily Telegraph ," Sydney 1/2/79.
There are points for and against these have therefore been expressed that the Channel 10 TV news Adelaide, 1/1/79.
suggestions, and much more detailed film shows little more than the planet Channel 10 special, 1/2/79.
Radio stations SAD, 5AA, 5CL, 5DN, SAN.
investigation needs to be undertaken Venus. AAP Press.
by someone on the spot. The most Squadron leader Ray Carran, who
essential details so far missing are the was flying the Orion at the time, said
azimuth and elevations of both visual that a large Japanese fishing fleet was
and radar targets, and the positions of operating 160 km off the coast and NOTES
Venus and Jupiter at the time. "Was putting up an awful lot of light-." 1. This date varies according to which source is
He also stated that he and his crew inspected. However, the one used is the correct
LATE NEWS checked 14 unexplained radar one according to the majority of sources.
2. Jupiter rose at 2230 hrs. Central Standard
A second film has been taken by a observations, some of which were Summer Time (GMT + 10% hrs) on 1/3/79 at
New Zealand film crew from the ground found upon inspection to be pockets of latitude 35°S and longitude 138°E. The Moon was
in the early hours of January 3, 1979. turbulence. at first quarter on 1/5/79.

Capt. Vern Powell, Argosy pilot, to Air Traffic Control: "Something is coming toward us at a tremendous speed on
our radar....It has now abruptly veered off." The object was visible as a "flashing white light."

Capt. Bill Startup, Safcair pilot on flight that filmed UFO: "We could see Venus at the same time. At one stage Venus
was behind the object, and we could see both at the same time."

December 22, 1978 enroute back up the east coast of South January 1,1979
Island and had passed the second
About midnight of Dec. 21/22--Argosy aircraft when the crew saw the 5 objects More radar targets of fast-moving
freighter plane (Capt. Handle & F/O still moving around offshore of the objects. A New Zealand Air Force
Heine) took off from Blenheim enroute Clarence River area, their light Orion patrol plane, equipped with
south to Christchurch. While still over reflecting off the water. The aircraft sophisticated radar, circled the area for
land moving toward coast, saw brilliant radar showed what appeared to be 3 the next two nights.
light illuminating ground beneath. large surface vessels close offshore and
the crew spotted some lights visually
About 1:20 AM--Wellington airport that corresponded; however, the January 3,1979
radar (Cordy & Herd) detected 5 objects were in an area considered
objects (also sighted visually and on unsafe for shipping of any king. In the early morning, a second film was
Christchurch radar) moving around off taken by a New Zealand film crew on
coast near Clarence River area. the ground. There were no radar
December 30-31, 1978 targets, and the film probably shows the
About 3:00 AM--Wellington radar UFO Film from Aircraft planet Venus.
detected a "large echo" hovering about
48 km southeast of city, then moving 11:20 PM--Safeair Argosy (Capt.
abruptly to 80 km southeast Startup & co-pilot Guard) left (Credit: Harold Fulton, MUFON
(meanwhile, the 5 objects continued Wellington enroute to Christchurch Director for New Zealand, for extensive
moving around off coast and a sixth carrying a TV crew (Fogarty & Mr. & newspaper coverage of the sightings
showed up inland). Mrs. Crockett) to recreate the sightings from the Sunday News, The Dominion,
of the previous week. the Euening Post, and the Euening
About 3:30 AM--A second Argosy Standard.)
aircraft (Capt. Powell & F/O Pirie) took 11:30 PM--40 km south of Wellington 5
off from Blenheim enroute to or 6 lights appeared ahead of the
Christchurch on approximately same aircraft in different locations, confirmed INFORMATION WANTED
course as first. Asked by ground radar by ground radar.
to investigate a radar target, they first In recent years a number of
saw nothing; then the "blip" moved to a - A bright light appeared off the colleges have offered courses entirely
new position and the crew saw a bright starboard wing and was filmed through or partially about UFOs, some for
white light tinged with red, also showing a 250 mm lens; object confirmed by credit and some not. For example, Tom
on their weather radar. Ground radar ground and airborne radar. Gates of MUFON-Northem California
showed a "blip" as large and solid as has taught "Social Science 302E--
that of the aircraft that kept pace with -- Later, an object was detected by E x t r a t e r r e s t r i a l Sociological
the plane for about 19 km. The plane ground radar following the aircraft; Considerations: Interaction With
approached within several kilometers Capt. Startup turned the plane around Aliens," at Foothill College where he is
as measured on radar. to look and saw an object that kept the Director of the Space Science
accelerating closer to the plane and Center. We would like to publish a list
-- Later near Christchurch, the aircraft then falling back. of such courses including name of
weather radar detected an object college or university, course title, and
moving rapidly across their path and -- Mrs. Crockett, said by her husband to brief description of content, indicating
Capt. Powell saw a bright, flashing be "frightened," left the plane in the department offering the course,
white light shoot past and make a sharp Christchurch. On the return flight, a whether or not it is for credit, and name
right turn before disappearing. He large spherical light paced the plane, of teacher. If you know of any UFO
estimated its speed as 17,000 km/h. hovering above it, then pulled in front courses being taught in your area,
and shot away. Its light was reflected off please submit the information to
The first Argosy, meanwhile, was the sea. MUFON UFO Journal.
By Jun-Ichi Takanashi
(MUFON Director for Japan)

On the night of November 6,1978,

one of the most. popular TV night
programs, called "11 PM" (pro-
nounced literally "ELEVEN PM" in
English) being presented each night
Monday through Friday, from 11:15
p.m. to 12:25 a.m., which quite
frequently features both UFO and
occult subjects, came out with a very
strange, eerie encounter with a weird
humanoid on the top of a mountain in
Sayama City in Saitama Prefecture, in
Japan by an amateur wireless operator
("ham") on the night of October 3,
The unfortunate witness is Mr.
Hideichi Amano (29) who operates a
snack bar called "Juri" after the name
of his baby daughter. On that night,
having stationed his mobile unit car on Hideichi Amano, humanoid witness
the top of a mountain nearby to get an
unobstructed reception of wireless year-old daughter, Juri, who had been a eyes, they were very small and
waves, he indulged in communicating short while before standing on the motionless and appeared to be glowing
with his younger brother in another driver's seat beside him, was lying there in bluish white, like two miniature
part of Japan, far in Yamanashi with foam at her mouth. Then he found lamps. Its mouth, which was either
Prefecture, beginning around 8:30 p.m. a strange, round orange-colored light projecting into a pipe or holding a pipe
After finishing his communication with illuminating his stomach area. as mentioned above, was quite
his brother, he chatted with his local Mystified, he traced back the light ambiguous to him, as it was quite
ham friends for some time and then through the windscreen outside of the difficult for him to spy the mouth
wanted to go down the mountain, when car and found it originated at a point in sideways in such position. He was
he found that the inside of the car the dark night sky. At that very shocked and frightened and wanted to
suddenly became very bright. He moment, he sensed a metallic object flee from the place, and he tried to start
turned around toward the back seat pressed tight to his right temple and the car, but the engine did not respond
and found the inside of the car having looked sideways with fear, he properly and he could not put on the
illuminated ten times more brighty than found a very weird, unearthly creature headlights either.
the usual fluorescent lamp fixed on the standing there! It was projecting a In the meantime, the strange noise
ceiling there. (He had fixed a metallic pipe-like device from its mouth like a crazy "space message" continued
fluorescent lamp on the ceiling of the and pressing its front edge tightly to his to flow into his brain. He was terrified
back seat of his car, instead of the usual temple and communicating something and could not move, and sensed that
room lamp.) Highly surprised, he stuck incessantly through it to his brain by his brain became gradually vaguer and
his neck out of the side window of his strange, voiceless, high-pitched noises, vaguer. After about 4-5 minutes in this
driver's seat and tried to locate the which sounded somewhat like a high- state, the figure of the strange creature
source of the light. Not only he could speed play back of a recorded tape. faded out gradually and the strange
I not locate the source of the light, but he The eerie creature's face was round orange light on his stomach also
was flabbergasted to find that the ultra round, with no neck, and depressed in disappeared, and the dazzling bright
bright light was restricted inside the car his forehead to form a triangle there. Its light inside the car returned to the
only and no light was leaking out of the ears were rather big and sharp in their normal brightness, too. Then, the
, car windows. upper edges, and he could not locate headlights came to life and suddenly the
He found at this time that his 2- the nose in its face. Although it had two (Continued on next page)
(Japanese Humanoid, Continued)
car radio and car stereo began to sound
loudly. (Later his watch was found to
have stopped at 9:37 p.m.)
Realizing that the fearful situation
had returned to normal, he tried the
engine and having found that it worked,
he ran away from the spot at once and
descended the mountain road
frantically. In retrospect, he remembers
that he ran away from the place at full
speed, without even caring about the
condition of his little daughter until he
reached the foothill of the mountain,
when his daughter woke up and stood
up, saying "I want water, papa!"
On his way back, he worried about
whether he should report this incident
to the police or not, as he may not be Amano's sketch of humanoid creature
believed, but he decided to report it and
dropped in at the police station. But, as
he had expected, they did not believe
his story and made fun of him. So, he uttered a word, which could be designated by the being (I know the
returned home, arid having handed his interpreted to mean "rosary", from date, as he confided to me about it
daughter, who was already sleeping, to which the experimenters inferred that when ultimately I interviewed him in his
his wife, as she was still keeping the bar although he did not remember it house, but I would not reveal it now. -
(which is open up to 2:00 a.m. every consciously, he was given a glass rosary JIT), the humanoid would return again
day), and crept into his bed, by the being during the encounter and to him to reveal further information to
complaining that he had a very severe although it was still kept hidden by him him. The crew is planning to attend the
headache. unconsciously somewhere around him, meeting secretly and to catch the scene
The TV crew, who had when the day comes when he would on video to show to the viewers.
investigated this affair, obtained meet the being again, if he "rings" the Although I doubt its success very
Amano's permission to have him rosary, the being would return in front much, I believe this encounter is one of
hypnotized by a professional hypnotist, of him. Although this is very interesting the most outstanding UFO incidents —
by the name of Mr. Akio Moribe, to information, I doubt its authenticity in fact, the strangest — in this country.
ascertain the validity of the occurrence very much, because the hypnotist's After the above TV show, I met the
and to delve into his memory further. insistence for more information was too witness in his house, after repeated
During the first hypnotic session, which severe and I presume that the witness long-distance calls to him, and
was videotaped and shown on a screen, may have been impelled to create such interviewed him with one of our able
many things hidden in his memory were a story unconsciously, and I do not investigators on November 15, 1978,
said to have been recovered. The most believe that the creature would return and many interesting details were
sensational thing among them was that again on the designated date, as I am revealed in the conversation. Based on
he remembered having been asked by afraid that this may also be an such details, this incident appears more
the creature to come back again on a unconscious concoction of the authentic to me, but poses more
certain day to the same spot to meet witness's romantic mind. mysteries, and I will discuss the
him again. This part was deleted from Anyway, the witness said after the possibilities (at least four hyptheses)
the video tape and the exact day was hypnotic session that although he did with full details of the incident revealed
not mentioned in the program, in order not remember what he said during the during my interview of him in my follow-
to avoid many curious persons flocking session, he saw a "bracelet" instead of a up report. I believe this is the most
to the spot on that day to share the "rosary" during the half-conscious authentic and interesting humanoid
meeting and to spoil the meeting, but period after the termination of the encounter case in Japan since two 7-
the program assured the viewers that if hypnotic introgation. So, the TV crew year-bld boy's encounter in Kofu City
the meeting proved to be successful, it decided that the item he was given was on February 23, 1975.
will be shown on TV in the same a kind of crystalline bracelet and it was
program. still hidden somewhere around him Jun-Ichi Takanashi is Chairman of the
Toward the end of the hypnotic without his remembering it, but Modem Space Flight Association,
session, another seemingly important ultimately he would remember it and C.P.O. Box No. 910, Osaka, 530-91,
fact came to light. Pressed hard for when he "rings" it, or vibrates it on the Japan.
more information by the hypnotist, he top of the same mountain on the day
By Ted Spickler
(MUFON State Director for
West Virginia)

Throughout the last few weeks of On Monday October 23,

October 1978 newspapers in West newspapers all over the state were
Virginia were buzzing with UFO stories carrying UFO articles and the rash of
involving many state police and sheriffs sightings moved north to the
deputies. The fuss began Friday night Parkersburg area where a repeat of the
October 20 when trooper Gary Charleston experience seemed to
Williams of the state police went to the engulf many law enforcement officers
home of Mr. Romeo Miller to look at who reported multicolored lights in the
two mysterious lights in the clear, black night sky.
sky. Eventually 13 witnesses gathered As if by design the reports moved
for several hours to marvel at the further north and finished up in the
objects described as, "brighter than the northern panhandle of West Virginia
brightest star." As seen through when, again, police officers reported
binoculars and a telescope, the objects seeing a huge craft the size of a football
appeared to change color over a wide field Friday night November 3.
range of hues and held their position
among the stars. MUFON Investigation
By Saturday the story was out in David Bodner, M U F O N ' s
the Charleston Gazette and that night investigator in southern West Virginia,
UFOs were reported from the drove to Charleston to talk with the
Huntington area to the west, all around personnel at the airport. Bill Givens
Charleston, and as far east as Morgan described in detail his observation of
county. The Kanawha County sheriffs three unidentified returns from
office alone received over 30 calls from Saturday night. A correlation of his
excited residents. An informal group account with thosetof the eyewitnesses
gathered again at Miller's residence disclosed such glaring discrepancies
along with the photographer for the that a radar-visual designation for this
police, Sydney Boggs. He managed to case had to be ruled out. At no time did Area of W. Virginia "flap"
acquire some black and white pictures the unknown returns behave in a showing location of Spencer
with the help of a 500mm telephoto lens manner beyond the normal with respect to Charleston.
and Tri-X film. Meanwhile the police performance of helicopters. Although
had alerted the flight control the radar returns remain formally reason for this difficulty may be the
supervisor, William Givens, at the unidentified, they cannot be linked with crashing fall of a laughter curtain on
Charleston airport. He to find the many visual reports and should not Wednesday October 25 when
three unidentified returns from a sector be considered significant. Mr. Bodner's newspapers around the state cited
near the home of Mr. Miller but at a high detailed data on the radar reports is on "authorities" as having identified the
altitude. Checks with Air Route Traffic file and serves to illustrate Philip Klass's UFO sightings. Robert Brown of the
Control and the military failed to turn "UFOlogical principle number nine"; it National Radio Astronomy Observ-
up an identification for the returns. states: If a sighted UFO is reported to a atory glibly proposed an explanation
The Sunday Charleston Gazette radar operator, almost invariably an based upon the rapid change in
carried the dramatic account of UFOs unknown target will be found. (Of temperature that had just occurred as a
over the state capital as tracked on course we investigators know not to result of a cold front. Oddly, he
radar and witnessed visually by many carry that principle to its debunking discounted the extraterrestrial
police officers and "solid citizens of the extreme, a practice unfortunately hot hypothesis because there were radar
county." That night additional sightings observed by its originator!) returns and any alien craft would be
poured in from south of Charleston and A series of attempts to secure able to disguise itself from radar
two additional photographers had photographs taken by the various detection!
some success in capturing images on photographers for analysis have failed The broadcaster of a weekly space
film. i as of the time of writing. The principal (Continued on next page)
By David Bodner (State Section Director) and Ted Spickler (State Director)

The October 1976 issue of the found herself idly comparing the scene
MUFON UFO Journal (No. 107, page with the abstract beauty of an accident
3) contains a report by Paul Cemy involving bright lights.
detailing a UFO case involving dangling By now the two witnesses were
conduit-like appendages. This exotic directly under the power lines and the
case is similar to a West Virginia CE-II object had positioned itself directly
that has only now come to light after 5 above the wires. They could make out a
years. silver whitish disc about 20 feet in
Just after dark on a Monday in diameter associated with bright
October of 1973, Mrs. Mary Rose of spotlights. The colors were reported as
Wilcoe and her 11-year-old son Teddy red, purple, and greenish blue. Mrs.
were walking home from a visit to Rose recalls a feeling of considerable
Teddy's grandmother. They recajl fear as two silver metallic prongs sufficiently spooked to run 20 yards for
seeing the full moon and had lowered toward them from below the the protection of a tool shed. For ten
approached some power lines when a craft. She sensed that the disc was from minutes they hid under the shed on the
low flying object with bright lights came outer space and had plans to capture ground. Mrs. Rose buried her face in
up from behind. At first Teddy thought them; the lowering prongs were giving her arms. During this time the object
he was seeing a helicopter but the quiet off a sensation described as heat-like left and the witnesses took half an hour
humming noise given off by the thing (or possibly electrostatic). to compose themselves after the
quickly killed that idea. Mrs. Rose The two witnesses were experience.

(West Virginia "Flap", Continued)

report over station WOAY confidently REPORT magazine. It bears a location of the objects which indeed
stated that he has been unable to resemblance to an over-enlarged star correspond to the brightest stars out
uncover a single shred of evidence to trail that would be expected from a time at that time: Capella in the constellation
indicate alien visitation and he should exposure. At the time that MUFON Auriga, Vega in the constellation Lyra,
know because he is in contact with investigator Wayne Laporte wrote the and for a while Arcturus in the
experts at the astrophysical laboratory article, it was not yet certain in our constellation Bootes. When looking at
in Cambridge. They pointed out that a minds whether the objects were these stars for a period of time one can
meteor shower had just occurred which actually stars. His accurate and see that scintillations of the atmosphere
explains everything. Finally the cautious report was rather heavily appear to change their color as if
chairman of the physics department at hyped up by the editor of UFO different lights were flashing on and off.
Marshall University in Huntington, REPORT so that we could read about The West Virginia flap is a
West Virginia, declared that the objects the "UFO Siege" of one of the "most fascinating example of just how a group
could have been the result of optical intense flaps in UFO history" which this of sober and experienced witnesses can
looming. (We can rule that one out on one certainly was not. become caught up in a UFO fever
many grounds including the inadequate A principal witness, Romeo Miller, watching stars. It is likely that they
temperature inversion reported by the was finally located and he rather understand this now and do not wish
weather bureau in Huntington for hurriedly dismissed the whole affair as any further publicity. Miller has no
Saturday night.) Some of the witnesses being much ado about stars. For 2 "debunkers block" when it comes to
have become quite sullen about all of weeks after that first Friday night he UFOs, and in fact apparently really saw
this armchair theorizing by experts and watched those same objects night after a cigar-shaped thing about 10 years ago
do not wish to say any more about their night following the motion of the which brings up the second half of the
experiences. Once again ridicule has heavens until it was quite clear in his West Virginia flap; investigation
buried data. own mind that his group had in fact uncovered a few cases that were
One of the photographs taken by been taken in for a while by particularly definitely not stars, or anything else
Sydney Boggs can be seen in an article bright stars on two unusually clear identifiable for that matter! These
covering the West Virginia flap for UFO nights. Sydney Boggs recalled the reports will be discussed in Part 2.
By Bruce S. Maccabee
MUFON State Director for Maryland
(Copyright Bruce S. Maccabee, 1978)

In his letter to Col. Rees, dated the ordinary visual meteors, but shorter time for disks was around 1600 (4:00
May 23, 1950, Dr. La Paz1 reiterated than the duration estimates invariably PM).
arguments that he had presented as reported in the case of a genuine After listing all these differences
early as December 1948 which led him meteorite fall (5 to 30 seconds or even between normal meteors/meteorites
to believe that the green fireballs were longer)"; and (10) "For none of the and green fireballs, Dr. La Paz once
not natural meteors. Briefly, these green fireballs has a train of sparks or a more brought up his Russian missile
arguments are the following: (1) the dust cloud been reported. This theory (which he had initially stated in
paths of many of the fireballs were contrasts sharply with the behavior early 1949). He pointed out that most of
apparently horizontal; (2) the fireballs noted in case of meteoric fireballs — the green fireballs had been seen
appeared to be travelling at unusually particularly those that penetrate to very between 5 PM and 11 PM, "which
low altitudes (i.e., far below 40 miles low levels were the green fireball of extends from about 7AM to 1 PM in the
above the earth's surface, which is the December 12 (1948) was observed." Ural region of the USSR." "Since
minimum altitude that is "normally Following this list of differences missiles moving with velocities of the
observed"); (3) the velocity of green between the green fireballs and order of those found for the green
fireballs seemed to be lower than ordinary meteors, Dr. La Paz pointed fireballs for which real path
normal; (4) there were usually no noises out that since the list had been made, determinations have been possible
associated with the fireballs, but on December 20, 1948, many more would travel from the Southern Urals to
"normal meteorites that penetrate to as observations had supplied information New Mexico in less than 15 minutes, a
low levels. . . are always accompanied on the green fireballs. As a result of the possible interpretation of the
by very violent noises"; (5) the green new information he wanted to modify concentration of sightings referred to...
fireballs had an almost constant only one of his early statements of the is that the green fireballs result from
brilliance as long as they were seen, differences. In particular, some guided missiles launched from bases in
unlike normal fireballs that show observations in late 1949 and early 1950 the Urals in the morning hours before
considerable brightness fluctuations; described the fireballs as appearing to cloudiness due to convection or
(6) whereas normal meteors travel on fall straight down. Thus he wanted to blinding afternoon storms can interfere
paths that are "directed towards all modify the previously listed reason (1) with non-radar tracking, such as has
points of the compass," with the green to include the fact that "a strictly been used by the Optical Trajectory
fireballs "there is a very pronounced vertical infall is also very rarely Section at White Sands Proving
tendency for the paths to come in from observed in the case of genuine meteor Ground." Dr. La Paz also mentioned
the north half of the sky"; (7) "The three falls." Also as a result of the new the interesting fact that most of the
groups of anomalous greenish information, Dr. La Paz wanted to add green fireballs were seen during the
luminous phenomena show a curious an eleventh item to his list. The eleventh four, days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
association with well known meteor item concerned the time distribution of and Monday, with Saturday and
showers, although none of these green fireballs as compared with Sunday being the peak days. Dr. La Paz
meteor showers normally produce meteors and meteorites. "The graphs then made his only direct reference to
extremely bright green fireballs... This of frequency versus local time which "disks" in the following paragraph:
relationship might indicate an attempt accompanies the present report shows
to render the green fireballs less that the maximum frequency of sighting It is a curious and fairly well-established fact
conspicuous by causing them to appear of green fireballs (occurring at that there has been a distinct decline in the
only when there is considerable approximately 2030) coincides in time number of green fireball sightings during the last
two months, within which the number of so-called
meteoric activity." (8) The green color with neither the frequency maximum "flying saucer" incidents in this region has
itself was anomalous. It was the color of for ordinary meteors (occurring at attained an all-time high.
flame-excited copper salts, "a color approximately 0300) nor the frequency
rarely observed in the case of genuine maximum for meteorite falls (occurring In closing his letter, Dr. La Paz
meteors." (9) 'The duration estimates at approximately 1600)." Not referred made a series of recommendations for
of between 2 and 3 seconds reported to by Dr. La Paz, but shown in his investigations that should be
for the green fireballs are considerably graph, was the time distribution for the undertaken if the military was sure that
longer than those (0.4-0.5 seconds) for objects referred to as "disk or none of the green fireballs/disks were
1. Dr. Lincoln La Paz is an expert on meteorites.
variation." The maximum frequency U.S. government experimental
(Continued on next page) _ _
(FBI Files, Continued)
devices. Of course, as diligent readers Air Force has not advised us of any new any pertinent'information of interest coming to
of the FBI file information are aware, developments in connection with this project. his attention will be furnished to the Bureau.
Mr. , Project Engineer of Project Twinkle,
the Air Force had no experimental has been contacted by the Albuquerque Office
missiles that resembled either green Pity the poor Air Force. Despite
and arrangments have been made in order that
fireballs or flying disks. Apparently the the Bureau will be advised in the event any all public pronouncements about their
Air Force accepted Dr. La Paz's information relative to these phenomena explanations of UFOs as mundane
recommendation and contracted with indicates any jurisdiction on the part of the objects or misidentifications, UFOs
Bureau. According to Bureau files, an average of would not go away. First the Air Force
Land-Air, Inc. to do research which approximately three or four complaints have
would supplement the Air Force's been received per month from June through
set up Project Sign and found that most
Project Twinkle, which had begun September .(note by present author: the FBI of the reports could be explained, even
about a year before.68 referred to UFO reports as "complaints" about though there was sufficient reason to
As part of the new effort to obtain flying discs, flying saucers, green fireballs, etc.). continue the study. Then the Air Force
These complaints were brought to the attention ended Project Sign and set up Project
data on unconventional aircraft the Air of OSI. A review of Bureau files does not indicate
Force sent out another official request that there has been any increase in the sightings
Grudge, which was to continue the
for information on September 8,1950. It of these phenomena during or as a result of the evaluation of UFO reports. Project
was e n t i t l e d " R e p o r t i n g of war in Korea.2 Grudge, along with Dr. J. Allen Hynek,
Unconventional Aircraft" and was concluded that some reports were too
signed by Major General C.P. Cabell, You will recall the investigation to. obtain bizarre to be explained astronomically,
Director of Intelligence, USAF. The information concerning these aerial phenomena but that most could be explained in
is the jurisdiction of the Department of the Air some way or another and that therefore
document began with the following Force. The Department of the Air Force is aware
paragraph69: probably all reports could be explained.
of our jurisdiction in matters relating to
espionage, sabotage and internal security, and Project Grudge issued a long report in
The United State Air Force has a continuing we have contacted OSI and requested them to. the summer of 1949, and then Grudge
requirement for the reporting and technical advise us of any developments in connection with was officially "killed" and its death was
analysis of observations of unconventional these phenomena which would be of interest to us announced publicly in December of
as a result of our jurisdiction. The Bureau has
aircraft which might indicate an advance in 1949, shortly after Major Keyhoe's
technological progress of a foreign power. An been advised in the past by OSI that many of the
sightings reported to them were determined by famous article in True Magazine was
unconventional aircraft, within the meaning of
this directive, is defined as any aircraft or airborne investigation to have been of weather balloons, published. The Air Force told the FBI in
object which by performance, aerodynamic falling stars, meteorological phenomena and March 1950 that the special project to
characteristics, or unusual features, does not other air-borne objects.. Bureau liasion study flying saucers had been
conform to any presently known aircraft type. determined on the morning of October 9, 1950, terminated in late 1949 because "after
from OSI headquarters that investigations of
these aerial phenomena are being handled by two years of investigation over three-
The request then listed the manner OSI, Wright Field, Ohio. Their investigation of fourths of the invidents . . . . proved to
in which information was to be reported these phenomena fails to indicate that the be misidentifications . . . ,"K
and the types of information required. sightings involved space ships or missiles from In May 1950, the FBI received from
Basically the reporting method and the any other planet or country. According to OSI, the Air Force a sort of summary of
the complaints received by them liave failed to
desired information were the same as indicate any definite pattern of activity. OSI research on flying saucers (probably a
given in the previously issued further advised they are closely following the press release)72. This document
Intelligence Memorandum Number 4 of investigation of the captioned matters, and they mentioned Ezekiel's "wheel," Sweden's
February 15, 1949. The request ended will advise this Bureau of any matters of interest. ghost rockets, and the 1947 flap. With
with the statement, "It is desired that no regard to the reports since 1947, the
publicity be given this reporting or With regard to the continuing Air document states that: "The USAF for a
analysis activity." Thus even though the Force interest in UFOs, only ten days long time conducted a thorough
Air Force, often claimed that nothing later Mr. Ladd received a memordum investigation of each of hundreds of
was "hidden," it is clear that it didn't from another agent which read as incidents involved. It found that
want its interest in UFO activity openly follows": approximately 75% of the reports could
admitted. definitely be related to known causes
About a month later Mr. Ladd The matter of flying saucers was discussed such as meteorological balloons,
wrote a memorandum to update the by Special Agent —— with Major General Joseph aircraft, meteors, and other
green fireball situation for the FBI. F. Carroll of OSI on October 16,1950, at which phenomena. A public statement was
time General Carroll advised that insofar as he
Dated October 9, 1950, the has been able to determine the Air Force is not
issued debunking the entire existence
memorandum read as follows:70 working on any type of "flying saucer" or "flying of flying disks or saucers. This did little
disk." General Carroll stated that the Air Force is to cut down the flood of reports. It only
You wiU recall that on August 23, 1950, I working on high altitude rockets and jet aircraft. resulted in convincing a large number of
furnished to you a memorandum regarding He stated these experiments may account for people that the National Military
Project Twinkle set up by the Department of the some of the reports concerning flying saucers but
that the Air Force is not apparently working on
Establishment was trying to cover up
Air Force, with the assistance of Land-Air, Inc. at
Vaughn, New Mexico, for the purpose of obtain- anything which is the cause of many flying saucers
ing data regarding these unusual aerial reports. He stated that the Air Force program for 2. Note: On June 25, 1950, the North Korean
phenomena which had been seen in the vicinity of investigating reports concerning flying saucers, Armies crossed the 38th parallel into South
sensitive installations in New Mexico. To date the etc., has been reinstated at Wright Field and that Korea.
our own experiments with new the FBI only three days later and Observations of Aerial Phenomena in
weapons." The document then lists the because it ended with a direct reference the New Mexico Area"67 in which he
"popular" theories: spaceships, atomic to Rickenbacker's statement as follows: included reports by observers "whose
powered Soviet missiles, U.S. "Such statements of the type attributed reliability is not questioned." Many of
experiments, natural phenomena, and to Rickenbacker, often solicited in the these reports involved "flying discs."
mass hysteria or other psychological most sensational form by news Col. Rees also referred to the setting up
causes. The document ruled out the reporters in order to make a good of a research program involving the
spaceship explanation "on reasonable story, make people watch the sky and Land-Air Corp. This was part of
grounds" by pointing out that the any object they cannot immediately "Project Twinkle" which, according to
existence of life "on other planets is recognize is called a 'flying object.' This an FBI memorandum66, was set up "for
extremely tenuous and debatable." helps to maintain the 'chain reaction' of the purpose of photographing and
Moreover, "The level of technical such reports." determining the speed, height and
achievement required to launch piloted Pity the poor Air Force. Mass nature of the unusual phenomena
or pilotless missiles from one planet to hysteria caused by the "present referred to as green fireballs and discs."
another and return is several orders of tenseness in the international (Emphasis by present author.)
magnitude beyond that existing on situation," referring to the Korean War, Pity the poor Air Force;
earth today and probably would have was not a sufficient explanation. Mr. "unconventional aircraft" would not go
resulted in firm contact prior to this, Ladd of the FBI pointed out in a memo away. Therefore General Cabell issued
either through deliberate landings or dated October 9, 1950, that "A review a document requesting information on
unscheduled crashes." In other words, of Bureau files does not indicate that such aircraft from all the major
spaceships are ruled out because if there has been any increase in sightings intelligence agencies of the U.S.
"they" do not do what we would expect of these phenomena during or as a Government. He also requested that
"them" to, then "they" do not exist. result of the war in Korea." In fact, the "no publicity be given this reporting or
After throwing out spaceships, the Air Force files, according to Special analysis activity"69. Does this sound like
article proceeded to throw out Soviet Report #1473, showed the number of a cover-up?
weapons because the Soviets could not reports per month decreasing from Pity the poor Air Force. It was
have been that far ahead of "us" (e.g., March through May 1950. (The total a house divided within itself. One
atomic powered planes), and even if number of reports for 1950 was 306, as portion of the Air Force (public
they were, there would be no reason to compared with 395 for 1949. Many relations) was trying hard to convince
design planes that look different from reports for these two years were "green ("brainwash'?) the public and the other
conventional planes (i.e., atomic fireball" reports.73 portions of the Air force that "flying
powered planes would still have wings Pity the poor Air Force. Mass saucers" didn't exist. Another portion
and a fuselage). The article also stated hysteria would not explain the incidents (OSI) was handling day-to-day UFO
that the U.S. Government was not of "green fireballs and discs" over the reports and indicating that there was
working on any aircraft that even southwestern military installations in definitely cause for concern, especially
remotely resembled a "flying saucer." 1949 and 1950. Mass hysteria would not with regard to the incidents in the
Thus this document concluded that have been an acceptable explanation southwest. This portion of the OSI had
"The continued reporting of aerial for Dr. La Paz," who pointed out the more than enough UFO reports to
phenomena must then be attributed to interesting fact that a "distinct decline keep it busy. Yet another portion of the
a mass hysteria caused by the present in the number of green fireball sightings Air Force (the top men in the OSI, as
tenseness in the international situation; during the last two months" was compared with the lower level OSI that
the public belief in the ability of science accompanied by an increase in the was handling the green fireball/disc
to accomplish miracles; and to number of flying saucer sightings to an reports from the southwest) was
statements in the press by "name" "all-time high" in the southwest.67 sending requests to government
individuals hinting at the existence of Pity the poor Air Force; UFOs intelligence agencies for more
some new weapon." (On May 16,1950, would not go away despite repeated information. From the point of view of
Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker made the attempts at "debunking" them. Every the other investigative agencies the Air
following public statement:, "There time the Air Force ended a UFO study Force approach to UFOs (flying discs)
must be something to them, for too project it had to start a new one. And, may have appeared as either an
many reliable persons have made during the periods when there was no uncoordinated research effort or else
reports on them. I am duty bound not to special UFO study group, UFO reports as a deliberate attempt to cover up
say what I know about them — or what I were studied by members of the OSI as something (otherwise, why state
don't know about them. However, if a "routine intelligence function". Thus, publicly that flying saucers don't exist
they do exist, you can rest assured that at the same time that the Air Force was and imply that the Air Force is not
they are ours.") publicly chastising Capt. Rickenbacker interested in such reports, while stating
This document was probably for asserting that "there must be privately — to other covert intelligence
issued by the Air Force to counteract something to them," Col. Doyle Rees, agencies — that the Air Force is in need
the publicity given to Rickenbacker's the Commander of the 24th OSI of all the information it can get on
statement because it was received by district, was compiling a "Summary of "unconventional aircraft".) We all know
(continued on next page)
(FBI Files, Continued)
that the "house divided cannot stand." highly skeptical attitude toward flying the northwest to the southeast at 1:00
(The Air Force investigation of UFOs saucers was that "the powers-that-be AM on the morning of July 1. The
finally "crashed" in 1969, after a long are anti-flying saucer, and to stay in informant, who was in a watchman's
and "checkered" history. favor it behooves one to follow suit."76 tower in North Chicago, said that "the
The public appearance of the Air By comparing the information in object did not appear like any falling
Force UFO investigation versus the the FBI file with that given by Ruppelt I star or meteor he had evem seen." The
"private" appearance was probably have gained the impression that the "front two-thirds of the object had a
what caused Hoover to write his March "powers-that-be" weren't exactly anti- constant glow about the color of a
1950 memo asking for the Air Force flying saucer because they repeatedly burning kerosene lamp, and the rear
opinion on flying saucers. A diligent asked for more information. However, third was dark. . . . The object left a
reader of Ruppelt's book will notice that the public impression of flying saucer bluish-white trail which was three times
soon after the Grudge report was made reports that resulted from the negative the length of the object.... there was
public (following Keyhoe's widely-read conclusions of the Sign and Grudge no sound discernible." The informant
article in True magazine) late in reports made it seem that the "official" knew of no other witnesses.79 At 9:54
December 1949, Project Grudge was Air Force attitude, i.e., the attitude of PM, July 4,1950, the SAC for Chicago
"junked"74. This explains the answer the top generals, etc. (the so-called received a phone call from a
that Hoover got from the Air Force "powers-that-be") was that there was meteorologist who worked with United
("The Air Force discountinued their nothing to UFO reports. This public Air Lines. The meteorologist said that
intelligence project ")K. However, impression also affected the lower about 16 minutes earlier he had seen a
as Ruppelt points out, the top men in echelon of the Air Force intelligence. large, bright silvery object moving in a
Air Force Intelligence did not request Therefore, the lower echelon assumed north, northwesterly directly at an
the end of Project Grudge; it was the that the "powers-that-be" didn't believe approximate altitude of 10,000 feet and
lower echelon OSI officers who decided in flying saucers and that therefore they an approximate speed (if at that
to stop the activities of Project Grudge (the lower echelon) had better explain altitude) of 700 to 800 m.p.h. The
since "most UFO reports were trash," all UFO reports. Naturally, the more meteorologist advised the Special
according to the Grudge Report. When UFO reports that were "explained," the Agent that the "object he observed was
the top AF intelligence officers inquired more it appeared that there was not a plane nor was it a fireworks
about the status of Project Grudge they nothing to UFO reports. This self- display."*1
were told that UFO investigative reinforcing cycle caused the interest in About the first of September the
activity was now carried out in normal UFO reports to drop to virtually zero, FBI received a letter from a "gentleman
intelligence channels (i.e., by the OSI) which was the level of interest when farmer" near Toronto, Ontario. The
along with other intelligence reports74. Ruppelt arrived at ATIC. farmer reported that he and his
Air Force Project Reinstituted. UFO Reports for 1950. I have "houseman" watched a strange "hazy
Apparently the green fireball/disc already presented the Kodiak, Alaska object of light" through thin clouds from
situation in the midwest combined with radar-visual report and others from about 10:30 to 11:05 PM on July 19,
the continuance of good UFO reports Kodiak. These are probably the most 1950. The object circled in opposite
from reliable individuals despite a lack interesting of 1950, but there are some directions at various times after a rapid
of public Air Force interest75 forced the others worthy of mention. In June 1950, approach toward his farm. At about
lower echelons of the Air Force a Washington, D.C., man reported 11:05 PM it disappeared in a westerly
intelligence into rethinking their, seeing a silvery object resembling a direction. The farmer closed his letter
positions on the need for UFO tilted cigar over Washington at 9:25 AM as follows: "I am passing this along to
investigations, because by October on the 25th of the month77. On the 29th you for what it is worth. If you are not
1950 the special project for the of June, FBI personnel and citizens of interested throw it in the waste paper
investigation of flying saucers had been Pheonix, Arizona, reported seeing an basket." There is no indication that the
"reinstituted at Wright Field"71. object at 5:45 PM that was high in the FBI was interested in this case, but it
Moreover, the need for continued sky. It was picked up on radar, and a was not thrown in the wastebasket.81
reporting of UFO incidents had been plane traveling at 290 m.p.h. was able to In late September the FBI office in
expressed in September by General circle under the object, which appeared Philadelphia reported an incicent which
Cabell in his document (previously to be at an altitude of about 35,000 ft. took place on September 26 and which
discussed) entitled "Reporting of From the description, the object may involved police officers. The report
Unconventional Aircraft"69. Thus, have been a balloon, although it was read as follows: "... yesterday evening
when Ruppelt arrived at ATIC (Air described as travelling westward in .the while two officers of the Philadelphia
Technical Intelligence Center) in absence of wind. It travelled at an Police Department were cruising in
January 1951, there was a UFO project, estimated average speed of about 50 their scout car they saw through the
although it didn't involve many people. m.p.h.78. windshield an object descending slowly
Moreover, the attitude toward UFO On July 18 the Special Agent in to the earth which appeared at first
reports was generally one of amused Charge (SAC) for Chicago reported glance to be a parachute. When the
tolerance rather than scientific interest. that a Chicago man had seen a cigar- officers first noticed the object, it was at
According to Ruppelt the reason for the shaped object travelling rapidly from tree-top level and was described as
being six feet in diameter. It landed in a object." He detected no sound. This surrounding small smoke cloud."
field nearby and the officers, upon report was turned over to the OSI.84 Assuming the radar set was sufficiently
examining it, noted that it gave out a In December the FBI was informed sensitive to detect a cloud of smoke,
purplish glow which was almost a mist. of one visual and two radar sightings of then it would appear that this UFO was
The officers summoned two other unknown objects over Oak Ridge, merely the exhaust from some furnace
police officers. After looking at the Tennessee. The Army attachment or engine. On the other hand, perhaps
object for some time they attempted to protecting Oak Ridge reported there was a solid UFO which vanished
pick it up. The object broke, leaving a contacts for about three hours starting between radar sweeps leaving a cloud
slight odorless residue. Over a period of at 4:05 PM on December 14. According of smoke (e.g., Heflin case, Aug.
about 25 minutes which the officers to the Army report, which was in the 1965.)8'
spent watching the object it completely FBI file, "A group of targets blanketed On the fifth of December, Hoover
disintegrated. The officers further the radar scopes in the area directly himself took an interest in radar signals
commented that the object was so light over the government Atomic Energy picked up at Oak Ridge. In a teletype to
that when it hit the field, it did not even Commission projects at Oak Ridge, the SAC at Knoxville, Tennessee,
bend the weeds or the grass it fell on." Tennessee. These objects could not be Hoover wrote, "Arrangements should
The FBI letter says that the local OSI identified from radar image and a be made to obtain all facts concerning
office was notified.82 . perfect fighter interception met with possible radar jamming by ionization of
On October 13 the FBI received a negative results." Photographs of the particles in atmosphere. Conduct
teletype message from Knoxville, radar screen were made. On December appropriate investigation to determine
Tennessee, which reported the radar 18th the Army fowarded another report whether incident occurring northeast
detection of eleven or more objects at. to the FBI. This one concerned a visual of Oliver Springs, Tennessee, could
11:25 PM on October 12. The objects sighting by eight witnesses who worked have had any connection with alleged
appeared to be travelling across a on the Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of radar jamming." There is no reference
controlled area of the atomic energy Aircraft project (Project NEPA) then at to an "incident occurring northeast of
installation at Oak Ridge. The altitudes Oak Ridge. The sighting was made from Oliver Springs" in the selection of FBI
varied from 1,000 to 5,000 feet, and the two vehicles travelling to work at about papers which I now have, so I don't
densities of the targets were 8:30 AM. Signed statements from the know what this teletype refers to.88
comparable to those made by "light witnesses were obtained by the FBI The final item of interest for 1950 is
aircraft to aircraft equal in size to C-47. Special Agent at Knoxville. The Army a teletype message from the SAC at
The apparent speeds were about 100- summary stated: "A light . . . in the Richmond, Virginia. It reads as follows:
125 m.p.h. A fighter plane attempted an shape of a circle, of an intensity much "This office (has been) very
intercept but could not detect anything greater than that of a bright moon, confidentially advised by Army
visually or on its radar.83 giving the impression of form in intelligence, Richmond, that they have
A letter reporting an interview with connection with the light (was seen). been put on immediate high alert for
a man who worked for the Chemical The light was white in appearance and any data whatsoever concerning flying
and Physical Laboratories of the did not show any signs of refraction into saucers. CIC (Counter Intelligence
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of a band or continuous spectrum. This Corps) here states background of
New Haven, Connecticut, was received object was travelling in a northwesterly instructions not available from Air
by the FBI headquarters in November. direction, 15 to 30 degrees elevation Force Intelligence, who are not aware
The man advised that on October 20 at above the horizon, and appeared to of reason for alert locally, but any
about 6:15 PM he and his wife and diminish considerably in size during the information whatsoever must be
daughter, while in the back yard of their 30 seconds of observation (by one of telephoned by them immediately to Air
home, saw a golden-orange sphere-like the groups of men). To another group Force intelligence. CIC advises data
object in the sky directly overhead. The the object appeared only as a bright strictly confidential and should not be
glow given off by the object was steady reflection of the sun from an apparently disseminated."89 I do not know the
and the whole sphere glowed with metal surface. No accurate estimate of reason for this "high alert," but further
about equal brightness. The object was the object's size or range could be made investigation may uncover the reason.
seen for about 20 seconds while it from the observation." The radar log of Thus ends the UFO history of
travelled toward New York City and the McGhee Tyson Air Force Radar 1950, as far as the FBI is concerned.
then changed direction. He lost sight of Station which was nearby showed a The information contained in the FBI
it when it got so low on the horizon that contact at 8:39 AM lasting until 8:45 file shows that the Air Force interest in
trees blocked his view. He said the AM. "A fighter interception was UFO reports was picking up again in
object was about "ten times the attempted with negative results."85,86 1950 despite attempts to downplay the
diameter of Venus, which was shining The third radar contact occurred importance of such reports. This
very brightly that night/'The witness on December 20 at 12:47 PM. The increased interest, caused mainly by
further stated that ". . . it was a very Army report states, "small paint in area the improvement in quality of the
clear night and that all the stars in the (Oak Ridge Controlled Area). Very, reports, ultimately resulted in the
sky were twinkling as compared to the very slow. Made perfect intercept (with complete revitalization of Project
steadiness of the glow given off by this F-82 Fighter aircraft) and orbit Grudge in late 1951 under Ruppelt. The
(continued on next page)
By Richard Hall

Reports of UFOs that wobble or roll but not apparently at the same time.
oscillate in flight are of special interest It was when the object first tilted around
because of what they may tell us about its pitch axis at the initial point of
the propulsion and flight methods of observation that Mr. Torrey observed a
unidentified craft-like objects. Such a dome. He also noticed pitch and roll at
case occurred in Medway, Mass., on the second observation point." The
June 25,1978, and was investigated for color was described as silvery-gray, or ^
MUFON by Edwin Fogg and Joseph "like pewter" (Mrs. Willinski).
Nyman, who filed a 20-page report After witness interviews and
complete with photographs, maps, and character checks, as well as checks
witness statements. with local authorities for possible
Samuel S. Torrey, Jr., 32, a welder, explanations, the investigators Pitch and yaw during hovering;
Judy Willinski, and Michael Koczwara concluded that the identity of the object Medway, Mass., June 25,1978.
were gathered in the Torrey's back was "unknown".
yard watching the children play
baseball about 8:00 PM. "As Mr. Torrey (FBI Files, Continued)
lifted his head to follow the flight of a JMarkR. Herbstritt
batted ball, he noticed through a gap in FBI file has. provided us with some
the tall pines. . .what looked like a
balloon in the distance. As he continued
Astronomy background information which was not
previously available and which helps us
to look the object moved rapidly closer
until, in a matter of seconds, it had
Notes to understand the reasons behind the
increased Air Force interest.
reached a point that the witness
estimated as 200-300 feet from them at THE SKY FOR DECEMBER 1978 REFERENCES
an elevation of 15°: Mrs. Willinski had 68. Ruppelt, op. cif., page 73. Ruppelt presents a
good summary of UFO/green fireball history in
now also noticed the object as it Mercury - Early in the month it is too chapters 4, 5, and 6.
hovered, bobbed and wobbled for close to the sun for observation, but by 69. Air Force Document AFOIC-CC-1, dated
about 5 seconds before beginning to the 24th it is at greatest elongation west September 8, 1950.
move slowly to the observers' left and (22°) at which time it stands about 14 70. FBI Memorandum dated October 9, 1950.
being lost to view behind the nearest degrees above the horizon at sunrise. 71. FBI Memorandum dated October 19, 1950.
72. Air Force Document entitled "Unidentified
pines. ..." Aerial Phenomena (Flying Saucers)"; undated,
The three walked quickly to the Venus — at mid-month it is at greatest but received by the FBI on May 19, 1950.
front of the house to fry to continue the brilliancy again, rising about 3% hours 73. Project Blue Book Special Report #14,
observation, where Michael Koczwara before the sun, and standing about 28 published by the Air Technical Intelligence
now also saw the object through a gap degrees above the horizon at sunrise. Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, May
5, 1950.
in the pines. "Koczwara and Torrey On the 26th Venus is occulted by the 74. Ruppelt, op. at., pg. %•
saw the object hover and wobble again moon. 75. Ibid., pg. 96-121.
for a few seconds before it receded into 76. /bid., pg. 118.
the distance and was lost to sight below Mars — It is too low in the sky for easy 77. FBI document dated June 29,1950.
the tree line." The total time of observation. 78. FBI teletype dated June. 30, 1950.
79. FBI document dated July 18, 1950.
appearance of the object was estimated 80. FBI document dated July 11, 1950.
to be about 1 minute. Phone calls to the Jupiter — In Cancer, it rises about 3 81. FBI document dated August 29, 1950.
police and the airport turned up no hours after sunset and is about 30 82. FBI document dated September 27, 1950.
explanation for the sighting. degrees above the western horizon at 83. FBI document dated October 13,1950.
"The bobbing at the points of the sunrise. 84. FBI document dated November 9, 1950.
85. Army document dated January 20,1951.
object's hover were described by Mrs. 86.-Army document dated January 2, 1951.
Willinski as similar to a 'ball on water.' Saturn — In Leo, it rises before 87. Army document dated January 20,1951.
Mr. Torrey noticed wobbling around midnight and is past the meridian at 88. FBI teletype dated December 5,1950.
two axes; that is, he saw both pitch and sunrise. 90. FBI teletype dated December 8,1950.


"ETHEREAN INVASION" (A Key to the UFO Door?)

In September 1978 a new book, objective style, making the book Having had prior experience with "ball
important to ufology, was published by absorbing reading. I know from close of fire" manifestations, he was not
Hwong Publishing Company. Its title is association with persons concerned discouraged by the bizarre turn the
The Etherean Invasion and its author is with the investigation that every word is Scott case had taken. Within him, he
John de Herrera, widely known in true, even the parts which seem had an instinctive curiosity that spurred
Southern California and elsewhere for incredible. him on.
his careful, open-minded research of 2. It is a carefully documented Human minds are limited. They
the UFO phenomenon. account of the metamorphosis of an cannot, unlike the "universal geniuses"
John is an APRO investigator, but ordinary, suspected abductee into a of centuries past, comprehend all
he moves freely among the ranks of full-blown ultramontane prophet, sciences a n d a l l k n o w l e d g e .
other organizations' investigators, complete with a direct link between Consequently, we have specialists in
sharing information generously and Brian Scott himself and the physical sciences, in psychology, in
cooperating wholeheartedly in joint "extraterrestrial entity" which imparts parapsychology, for instance. Trained
research projects. One of the tragedies direction to Brian's followers. scientific minds, however, tend to
of UFO research at present is its ignore or scorn what they have not
tendency to sectionalize studies — to The Scott case was first learned. Therefore, our paradox in the
differentiate between "MUFON cases," investigated by Dr. Alvin Lawson, Dr. Brian Scott case. A trained
"APRO cases," "CUFOS cases," etc. W. C. McCall, and Idabel Epperson on parapsychologist can see implications
Our human tools of detection and behalf of MUFON, with Al Lawson as of paranormal aspects in UFO cases
perception are too limited to permit us the primary investigator. Hypnotic and tends to ignore a physicist's theory
to fully understand the UFO problem. regression sessions unfolded a full- that UFOs are nuts and bolts craft, and
Cooperation between organizations fledged abduction experience. Each so on down the line.
and individuals must be the key, with successive session uncovered more But in rare cases, such as de
open communication whenever fantastic detail. Herrera's, a researcher can extend his
possible. The case took a frightening turn knowledge beyond his specialty and
John's book sprang from such when poltergeist activity broke out in apply this new knowledge toward a
cooperation between researchers of the Scott home. These manifestations greater understanding of the UFO
differing organizational ties. It tells the seemed associated with the entities phenomenon. When this happens, it
full fascinating, and sometimes Scott had met aboard the UFO, and generally can be explained thus; that
frightening, story of UFO abductee indeed the chief entity, known as "The the researcher in his own life has
Brian Scott. It is the first book, to my Host," was himself a frequent visitor in encountered some weird experience,
knowledge, to give full details of the the home! entirely alien to him but which has
transformation of a human being from At this point, when "balls of fire" intrigued him and captured his
obscure witness to evangelistic were seen by different witnesses imagination.
contactee. floating around and inside the Scott John de Herrera from childhood
The Etherean Invasion is residence, Brian began falling into was interested in the "ball of light"
especially remarkable in two ways: spontaneous trances, allowing the phenomenon, for among his own
voice of "The Host" — and other alien relatives were persons who had
1. It is essentially a researcher's voices — to be transmitted through witnessed these objects. In his book is
manuscript, combining narrative, him. C o n c u r r e n t w i t h these information about the phenomenon
documented description, and tape phenomena, Scott was caught in the gleaned from many sources. De
transcripts of the case as it unfolded act of perpetrating an apparent hoax, Herrera has attempted to show
from beginning to end. There is <no and Lawson and McCall, understand- correlations between other cases
sensationalism in de Herrera's writing. ably, dropped the case. worldwide and Brian Scott's "balls of
He maintains for the most part the style DeHerrera, however, had been light." He also attempts explanations
of an investigator's report. The interested in the case from the for the phenomenon and presents the
fantastic nature of the case itself, beginning. He continued on with it, surprising hypothesis that "balls of fire"
however, comes through John's taking over as primary investigator. (continued on next page)
UFO TECH NOTE (California Report, Continued)
are intradimensional .entities
themselves! There is some evidence
IDENTIFICATION OF CRASH SITES that these entities can change form and
shape at will.
The book is an intriguing account
By John F. Schuessler of the terrifying milieu which can
emerge from a seemingly harmless
abduction experience. Even to one
familiar with the tapes and transcripts
On June 30, 1908, at approxi- coverage of the globe. The data is of the Scott hypnotic sessions, it is
mately 7 AM, a cataclysmic explosion available to anyone willing to pay a absorbing reading. For those
scarred a vast area of the Tungus taiga nominal fee. researchers and other interested
in Siberia. Although arguments The third Landsat was launched persons who are not familiar with the
continue to the present as to whether into near-polar orbit on March 5,1978, Brian Scott case, prepare yourselves
the explosion was caused by a UFO, and now orbits bur globe at 570 miles for a journey into the Twilight Zone.
black hole, meteor, or some crazy high every 103 minutes. This type of The book, for all its intelligent
nuclear explosion, the date and time, as orbit allows surface coverage of the preparation, is flawed, however, as de
well as the location of the incident is well Earth to proceed westward, with a Herrera is the first to admit. His
established. Eyewitness testimony is slight overlap, so that the globe will be manuscript was rushed into publication
accepted at least for that much. covered once every 18 days. This over his protests that it needed editing
Sometimes, however, the permits a systematic study of the or, indeed, rewriting. He considered his
evidence contains missing parts and the Earth's resources and environment. manuscript as a first draft, but the
situation is less clear. For example, Bob The Landsat is used for remotely publishers were so excited by the
Pratt of the National Enquirer sensing features on the Earth's surface, totally new aspect it threw onto the
investigated the report of a UFO over a potential tool for determining whether subject of UFOs that they went ahead
Bolivia and northern Argentina. The or not a particular UFO caused a crash and typeset it over John's objections.
object was observed by hundreds at site. The publishers, to their credit,
4:15 PM, on May 6,1978, as it traversed The Landsat carries two sensor however, u;ere aware of the popular
a south by southeasterly course, subsystems to view the Earth directly interest the book will probably create.
finally turning southwest over Tarija beneath the spacecraft. The systems It is easy to overlook the flaws,
towards the mountains in the border are the return beam vidicon (RBV) and however, for they are mere
area. An explosion was heard and the the multispectral scanner. Details may imperfections in construction and not
object seemed to crash in that remote be found in the August 1978 issue of the in content. The entire story of Brian
mountainous part of the country. After Journal of the British Interplanetary Scott is there, together with a great
an: extensive period of on-the-spot Society. amount of peripheral research related
investigation, Mr. Pratt concluded that It is doubtful that a Landsat pass to various psychic aspects of the UFO
if a crash site existed it would probably over a given site would coincide exactly phenomenon, as displayed in this
be on the side of Bravo Mountain, a 5- with the UFO sighting time because of bizarre case.
hour horseback ride west of Mecoya. the 18 days required by the satellite to In summation, read The Etherean
He searched the area from the air arid cover the globe. However, a set of data Invasion, available at selected
from the ground and found a huge may be available that is near the correct bookstores or from the Hwong
rockslide, possible evidence of a crash. date. For instance, if Landsat photos Publishing Company, 10353 Los
Even though the rockslide was the only taken days or even weeks to months Alamitos Blvd., Los Alamitos,
one anywhere throughout those rugged before May 6, 1978, indicated a large California 90720, priced at $2.95.
mountains, and was in the approximate area of rock landslide at the alleged Author de Herrera has written the
line of flight of the cylindrical UFO, it crash site, it would be fairly obvious that ultimate report, a complete case study
could not be proven that the slide the UFO was not the cause. On the of a "contactee," and of his
actually occurred on the day of the other hand, if no rockslide is evident transformation from normal man to full-
UFO sighting. More evidence was then the two anomalies may really fledged prophet.
needed. coincide. Further, if the Landsat data
It is not often that large geographic were available for the date of the fill out a form to request a geographic
disturbances appear to coincide with sighting or very soon thereafter, the search by computer for imagery over a
UFO sightings, but when it does thermal band sensors could clearly point or area of interest. The results of
happen a space-age tool is now indicate a "hot" spot, suggesting that it the search will be returned on a
available to the investigator. The might be worth digging into the computer listing and instructions for
Landsat satellite program, supple- rockslide for a closer look. ordering. Forms may be obtained from
mented by Skylab and NASA aircraft The process for ordering Landsat NCIC Headquarters, U.S. Geological
data, provides fairly good geographic photographs is fairly simple. One must Survey, 507 National Center, Reston,
VA 22092.
Lucius Parish

In Others' Words

The November 21 NATIONAL Dimensions Foundation is a collection has been helped by both Tom Gates
ENQUIRER reports on UFO sightings of articles on various aspects of space. and Jim McCampbell via radio,
over western Scotland during the The contributors include former television, and public speaking events
Spring of 1978. This issue also contains astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Russell in northern California. 233 copies of the
actor Clint Walker's account of a UFO Schweikhart, Buckminster Fuller, MUFON UFO Journal to one state is a
which he saw in the late 1940's. The California's Governor Brown, Gerald challenge to be taken up by the State
ENQUIRER for December 12 presents K. O'Neill, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, J. Directors for other large populated
a UFO cafe from Rocha, Uruguay, in Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Tom states.
which a farmhand was allegedly burned Gates, James Harder, Stanton T. Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.,
by a green "fireball." A September 14, Friedman, Timothy Leary and various MUFON State Director for Maryland
1978, sighting from Italy is summarized others. The book is divided into five and UFO photo analyst, is presently
in the ENQUIRER'S December 19 "Phases": . "Reaching Outward," evaluating the original copy of the
issue. "Space Industries," "Extraterrestrial motion picture film made of purported
The December 10 issue of the Life," "The UFO Phenomenon," and UFOs by a film crew from an airliner in
Sunday newspaper supplement, "Space Age Myths." Of the UFO New Zealand on December 31, 1978.
PARADE, has a good article on some material presented, Friedman's is The motion picture filmed on January
1975 UFO reports from military perhaps the most interesting and 1, 1979, by another crew from the
installations in Maine, Michigan, North reasonable. A "Resource Directory" ground was definitely the planet Venus
Dakota, Montana, and Ontario, gives information on space-oriented based upon the time of filming, and
Canada. As this article clearly points organizations, publications, lecturers, description.
out, military encounters with UFOs are etc. Some of the addresses given are The NICAP Board of Governors
continuing. out-of-date, but most will be helpful for has voted to place Jack Acuff on the
Articles by Larry Arnold, Hugh anyone wanting to learn more about Board of Governors and hired Allen
Cochrane, Wayne Laporte, the late B. any of the topics covered in the book. Hall to become President of NICAP in
Ann Slate and others are found in the WORLDS BEYOND is a large an attempt to revitalize this
January issue of UFO REPORT. One of paperback of 302 pages, selling for organization. NICAP, while under the
the more interesting recent issues. $6.95. The publisher is: And/Or Press, leadership of Major Donald Keyhoe,
Most of the UFO material formerly Box 2246, Berkeley, CA 94702. Director, and Richard H. Hall,
presented in BEYOND REALITY has Assistant Director, was once the
apparently been channelled into the w o r l d ' s largest p r i v a t e UFO
publisher's other magazine, UFO organization, but is now struggling for
UPDATE. However, the January/ (Director's Message, Continued survival. The fine people who formerly
February issue of B.R. has an article by from back cover) provided the leadership for NICAP now
Jereome Eden on the late Dr. Wilhelm February 1979 issue of the Journal. occupy key leadership roles in the
Reich's UFO research and his meetings San Francisco as a location for our Mutual UFO Network. Both MUFON
with Air Force personnel concerning 1979 symposium and Los Angeles in and CUFOS have come on the UFO
his experiments. 1981 are ideal areas when one organization scene since the demise of
The January issue of FATE has an considers the number of members and NICAP as a viable group.
article by David Stupple on the highly subscribers to the Journal living near
controversial claims of the late these metropolitan cities. 79
contactee, George Adamski. subscriptions are "bagged" for the post
office in Los Angeles and 154 for the
As I have mentioned in previous
columns, the material presented in Oakland, California mail distribution MUFON
issues of IDEAL'S UFO MAGAZINE is, center. This may be attributed to the
at best, highly suspect. Therefore, I will two State Directors for California, Mrs. 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
only mention that the #5 issue is now Idabel E. Epperson and Paul C. Cerny, SEGUIN,TX 78155
available. Caveat ernptor! for their fine public relations activities.
WORLDS BEYOND: The Paul also serves on the staff of the
Everlasting Frontier edited by The New Journal for promotion and publicity/He
Walt Andm.

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