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 Attend AIG school orientation meeting

 Meet with counselor to review courses for year. Get to know your counselor

 Open or Update your account with accomplishments, classes, personal ID data

 Carve out time for READING….Read any genre that interest you. This will help your
writing and critical reading scores on the ACT and SAT

 Fall Sports begin… make certain that you carve out time for your classes .

 USE YOUR AJENDA to keep track of what you have completed, due dates, YOUR LIFE!


 Begin to use BRIDGES CHOICES and BRIDGES EXPLORER from the CFNC website.
This is an amazing tool that you will use for the rest of high school. Take several assessments
to see what careers might interest you. Do the interest profiler, the work place assessment, the
ability profile Learn a great deal about yourself and your choices in life.

 If you are working, keep accurate work hour records.

 Volunteer at school or in the community if possible. Keep accurate records.

 Join a club and work towards being an officer next year

 Arts Candidates for NC Governor’s School after 10th grade may want to begin private lessons.

 Meet with your AIG teacher to discuss your progress and update your plan

 Meet at ECHS with the Representative from North Carolina School of Math and Science if you
are interested. Research this option on the internet. This could be perfect for a few students.


 Attend the Freshman Breakfast Club meetings for updates

 Continue to do VERY WELL in all your classes. Establish rapport with your teachers. They
will be evaluating you for scholarships and college admissions. Attend study sessions if needed.

 Touch base with your counselor and the AIG Specialist

 Time to think about the Musical at ECHS????


 Work on Bridges Choices more. Check out some college options out there!
Familiarize yourself with all the North Carolina University System Schools. Can you name all 16?
 Continue to use your planner to organize your tests dates, assignments, paper due dates and
naturally your social life. You will use this in college to survive!

 Begin a routine SAT Prep time on CFNC Also look at the ACT Prep

 READ SOMETHING FUN!… Mystery, best sellers, …… ENJOY!

 Use the holidays to do reading for Hon. Eng Classes, complete papers, getting a head
start on study schedule for your final exams.


 Memorize your Social Security number if you haven’t already… You’ll need it often.

 Calculate what you need on your final exam to bring grade up to next level. Do not cram.
Make a plan for studying. This is 25% of your grade. Only the final grade goes on the

 Begin looking for a summer enrichment option.

 Begin your new semester with a GREAT ATTITUDE and get to know these teachers well.

 Use the Planner from the beginning.

 Attend Freshman Breakfast Club/ make an appointment with the AIG specialist


 Review the high school curriculum needed to satisfy the requirements of the colleges you are
interested in attending. Find out about Advanced Placement courses: What courses are available

to sophomores? Are you eligible for the classes that you want to take?

 Make a preliminary list of colleges which interest you. Look at the profiles of these colleges on
BRIDGES or College Board websites. Take virtual tours of colleges.

 Meet with your counselor. Get to know her/him. Discuss your sophomore schedules.

 Sign up for Sophomore Classes. Remember that RIGOR is the first piece of information that
colleges examine. Tenth grade should not be easy. Think about your QPA, your strengths and
your records. Try an AP class if you are mature, dedicated and ready to kick it up a notch.
( only for a few!)

 Continue with your extra curricular…. However SCHOOL must be your first priority…. Learn
time management strategies.


 Register for the AIG Freshman Breakfast Club trip to ECU

 Finalize summer opportunities. If you are traveling, make sure you stop at colleges along the way.
Register for Admission Sessions before you go for times, place details. (APRIL CONTINUED)
 Continue READING… READING. Evaluate your progress in current classes. You have nine
weeks to determine your grade, class rank, ability to take advanced classes next year…. STUDY!
Continue working on SAT PREP on the CFNC website…( Practice reading, writing, geometry,
algebra practices. ..


 Work on Bridges Choices to help you with your future.

 Study hard for the exams. This 25% makes a difference! Transcripts only have the final grade on
them…. So you can make up for earlier slack performances.

 Work, volunteer, attend a camp, take classes, travel…. These experiences will give you
something to write about on your college essays and help you mature .


 Read your honors English materials. Read any AP assignments. Take time to discuss them with
other students who have enrolled in the class. Make it a cool thing to do on the beach. BE ready
so there is no panic.

 Do more work on Bridges Choices

 Work on SAT Prep for at least two hours per week…. 20 minutes at a time .. You will increase
your scores by 100 points each.


 Plan to take the PSAT in October…. You must listen for the announcement when school starts

 Check your schedule to be sure you got the correct classes. See your counselor on the
determined corrections date for your grade level

 Begin practices for sports teams, band…

 Get to know your new teachers/ you are ready to begin again….

 Make sure that your CFNC profile is up to date with this year’s classes, former years
honors and activities. This can be a skeleton resume for future use. Work on Bridges.