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Please provide brief answers. This form is intended to provide summative information for use by RIOHE/RIBGHE.
RIOHE may include this information on its Web site. Institutions may also choose to include this information on their Web sites.
More detailed information may be required by your institution’s academic administrators.


Academic Year: 200     /200      (Addressing Outcome # or Outcomes #     )

Evidence of Intentional
Commitment to Address and Program-Level Assessment
Student Learning Outcomes Performance Criteria
Assess Outcome(s) across the Method(s) and Timing
Upon completion of program, List specific attributes— Identify the collaborative means Identify the direct and indirect
students are expected to (know knowledge, skills, behaviors, you used to ascertain that methods you chose or will choose
and be able to do): etc.) you expect students to students have multiple and to gather evidence of students'
exhibit that reveal achievement varied opportunities to learn a attainment of the program-level
1.       of specific outcome(s) assessed program-level outcome or outcomes.
during this cycle. outcomes, such as through      
2.             curricular mapping, an audit or
review of syllabi, or an inventory
3.       of teaching, learning and
assessment practices.




(Or attach specialized or

accreditors' standards)
Expected Level of Actual Level of Analysis and Timetable for
Actions Taken
Achievement Achievement Interpretation of Data Reassessment
Identify the level of norm- Identify students' actual Identify the Describe the actions you Identify when you have
based or criteria-based level of achievement recommendations that have taken (or will take) reassessed or will
performance you expect against the expected emerged from your with particular focus on reassess specific
graduating students to performance level. interpretation of data improving teaching and outcomes to ascertain the
achieve.       (such as through learning. efficacy of actions you
      aggregating and       have taken or will take. If
disaggregating data or you have already
triangulating multiple reassessed, what did you
sources of data). find?