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Hosted by the intriguing archeologist, Arizona Smith, and his young detective-in-training, the program

includes a teacher's guide featuring additional information on the topic, vocabulary words, discussion
questions, follow-up activities and lists of recommended books and Internet resources.

Primary Grades (K-3), Junior Grades (4-6), Intermediate Grades (7-8) (PJI)
Ancient Aegean- Are Homer's incredible stories in The Iliad and The Odyssey true? Did the lost
continent of Atlantis exist? This program explores the "prehistory" of Europe's first civilizations that
developed around the Aegean Sea, on the islands and mainland that now make up Greece. The artifacts
of the ancient culture of the Mycenaeans reveal a civilization of warriors and craftsmen. By contrast,
the ancient Minoans, named for King Minos, were artists, engineers, merchants and traders. By
following the work of archeologists, students will learn of the people and places of the Aegean that laid
the groundwork for ancient stories — and ancient history.
Ancient Africa- Focuses on two great civilizations of ancient Africa - Great Zimbabwe in southern
Africa and the Swahili civilization on the eastern coast.
Ancient China- Reveals the history behind the building of the Great Wall, Emperor Qin's tomb of clay
soldiers, the "Silk Road" trade route and many Chinese inventions.
Ancient Egypt- Unravels the mysteries of the pharaohs, the pyramids and hieroglyphs, the importance
of the Nile in daily life, and the legacy of Egyptian art and architecture.
Ancient Greece- Presents an array of ancient Greek culture, from democracy, theatre and philosophy to
the Olympic Games and the grandeur of the Parthenon.
Ancient Inca- Visit the ruins of the lost city of Machu Picchu and other remains of the Inca culture to
explore the daily life, religion, farming and food of the Inca.
Ancient Maya- Describes ancient Mayan life - the people, food and culture - as well as religious
beliefs, inventions and hieroglyphs.
Ancient Mesopotamia- Examines the history of the Sumerians, the Babylonians and the Assyrians to
find clues to their lives and customs, much of which has been learned from the Bible.
Ancient Rome- Surveys the expansion of the vast Roman Empire, its leaders, developing systems of
government, art, architecture and trade.