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Fruits Export by India for 2012-13

As per Indian Horticulture database 2012 published by the National Horticulture Board, the production of fruits in 2011 was 76.42 million tonnes whereas the export of fruits in 2011-12 was only 0.44 million tonnes amounting to only 0.57 % of production. The low share in exports vis-a-vis production is because of high domestic consumption, fragmented supply chain, small land holdings, lack of appropriate infrastructure, high cost of logistics, difficulties in meeting global standards, high international transportation costs, etc.

Government has been providing various incentives for augmenting export of fruits. The Government through APEDA provides financial assistance to exporters for following activities under its plan scheme: (i) For brand publicity through advertisement, packaging, participation in international trade fairs, opening of new markets etc under Market Development Scheme.

( i) For setting up sorting/grading facilities, pack houses, effluent treatment plants, water softening plants, intermediate storage sheds etc. Financial assistance to State Government agencies for setting up of integrated post harvest facilities such as Centres for Perishable Cargo (CPCs), integrated post harvest facilities etc. under Infrastructure Development scheme.

( i) For purchase of laboratory testing equipment, implementation of quality management systems like ISO/HACCP/TNC/BRC/TQM/GAP, reimbursement of testing charges for analysis of water, soil, residues of pesticides etc, up gradation of laboratories for export testing, export oriented need based research under Quality Development Scheme.

(iv)To mitigate the disadvantage of the high air/sea freight and for increasing competitiveness in international market for the identified horticulture products and destinations under Transport Assistance Scheme.

In addition to the above, incentives are also available under Focus Market and Focus Product schemes and VKGUY schemes of the Department of Commerce.

The details of export of fruits from India during the last three years and current year are as under:

Year 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14*

Quantity-MTs 417656 448305 497595 243315

Val-Rs lakhs 127118 179912 250374 137683

Val-$ m 279 375 463 241

Source: DGCI&S, * April-October

It is evident from the above table that through the efforts of the Government there has been persistent growth in terms of both quantity and value of export from the country. Encouraging exports is a continuous process. The Government is taking steps to encourage exports of agro products including fruits through measures and incentives under Plan schemes of the Commodity Boards and Export Promotion Councils & Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). During 12th Five Year Plan, the Government has a located Rs.1100 crore under various plan schemes for encouraging export of agricultural products including fresh fruits.

The information was given by the :

Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Dr. E.M. SudarsanaNatchiappan in Rajya Sabha today. 05-February-2014 16:14 IST